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Subtitles for Teenage Caveman.

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Teenage Caveman

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If you move before my signal, hit what you're aiming at.
I need my other spear.
I'll chase it to you. Try and fucking hit it.
Get it! Get it!
How's that for hitting what l aim at?
You little shit-ass.
Holy shit!
It was an accident. The sun got in my eyes. Besides, he was an asshole.
-What do we tell the tribe? -It was an accident.
Let's leave the body. We'll see what my father says.
-I feel a storm coming. -Shit. Let's go. I hate outside.
Come on. Let's go.
The outside is beautiful.
My brother was like you. They found his bones picked clean.
Did you catch something? ls it meat?
I haven't had meat in months.
David, l heard someone was killed. I thought....
It was Nathaniel. He fell off a cliff. I need to see my father.
So he's dead and we still don't have any food to give to the tribe?
Send children to do a man's job.
-Where's the body? -We hid it.
-You told them he fell off a cliff? -Yes.
Okay, fuck it. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
God blesses us with this meat.
As we enjoy it, let us remember our brother Nathaniel...
...who died to bring it to us.
Bow your fucking heads.
And let his death also remind us that God rules this world, not us.
The storm he sent to destroy the ancients still casts its shadow on us.
Striking without warning, killing without mercy.
Do you know God speaks to me?
He does. He speaks to me.
He says as long as we know our place and don't increase our numbers... beyond that which the caves can hold, we will survive! We will.
He tells me other things too. He tells me about the sin in your hearts.
He tells me about your fucking desires to fornicate.
Though it'll bring more children than he allows.
He tells me of young people wanting to give in to their filthy...
...sexual curiosity.
Look outside! Look at what that curiosity did to the ancients.
Remember the Lord's words. Let me hear you.
-God is coming and he's pissed. -Louder!
-God is coming and he's pissed. -Again!
-God is coming and he's pissed! -That's right! He's coming.
And don't ever forget it.
As you know, l've had to serve God on my own since he took my wife.
But in his infinite wisdom...
...he has chosen a handmaiden to assist me.
Now our leader has led us well, wouldn't you agree? Right? He has.
God has chosen to recognize and reward your service.
He's chosen your daughter, Sarah.
I will tutor Sarah in the service of our Lord.
She'll be as a daughter to me.
Enjoy your meat.
And may the mercy of God be with you all.
It's a good day.
I just found out a few minutes ago.
-Is this what you want? -It's a great honour.
"See him grow worried when he blows a clinker."
Give me that. You learned to read... fill your head with this shit?
This is the old world!
God destroyed them for their sins. Is that what you want?
You want to die like that?
We need books that will teach us to survive. Useful books!
-Books on weather, biology-- -Useful?
Like these?
You love to talk about sin.
Is this research? Like when you fucked Elizabeth?
Oh, no, God selected her. The same way that he selected Sarah.
God is another name for your dick.
-Shut up and listen. -No, you listen. Lay a hand on Sarah--
-Don't give me orders, boy. -No, it's a warning.
You touch her and l will tell everyone. About Joshua too.
Look, this is not about him.
I see how you look at Sarah. Don't worry, l'll share her with you.
When l saw you'd taught yourself how to read, l had high hopes for you.
I really did. So l showed you my secrets.
And you shared my knowledge with your sinner friends?
I know that you've been teaching them to read. I know everything!
I am loved! The people obey me without question.
I have everything l need without risking my neck on the hunt.
I'm more powerful than the leader. You can have this.
Shove it up your ass!
Go ahead! Go ahead.
You ready? Go ahead.
I didn't think so.
Vincent, was it really an accident with Nathaniel?
He was an asshole. I'm not gonna miss him.
-But l didn't do it on purpose. -He was a bad leader.
-If l had led the hunt-- -Heather, women can't lead.
-They're weak and delicate. -I'll show you.
-You want to mess? Let's go! -Bring it on, motherfucker!
-Come on! -Get off! Don't make me hurt you!
I'd like to see you try.
Where's David? lf we get caught-- The rules!
Fuck the rules!
Rules were made up by the elders to keep us scared and stupid.
They don't want us to know how the old world was. But l know.
I've read the books.
People lived in huge cities that stretched up to the sky.
They had heat and cool air when they wanted.
-So they never went outside? -They did. Always.
They weren't nature's slaves, but its masters.
They could do anything imagined.
If we keep studying them, one day we'll re-create that world.
-Not if your father is leading. -He won't live forever.
We're the future of this tribe. Come on, let's start your lesson.
" Dear Penthouse Forum:
I never believed those articles you printed were true until my con--
--conservative wife asked me to ream her bunghole...
...with a 'veebrating daldo."'
Vibrating dildo. How many times have we been over the " l"'s?
I've never heard these words. I don't know what a bunghole is.
But l bet your father does.
That's why you're mad. Your dad's gonna fill up your girl with "God."
Damn right l'm angry!
I'm sick and tired of his lies. Tell them what he did to you, Elizabeth.
Come on. We're friends.
-It's okay. Tell us. -What is it?
He asked me to his room to show me something.
-It was his spear. -I'll give you a spear.
Shut up!
He said God wanted it inside me, but l didn't want it inside me.
He said if l didn't, God would be mad and l'd get worse than a whipping.
Bastard! But what can we do about it?
Give him a vibrating dildo and shove it up his bunghole.
-Do you like the cave? -It's nice.
This is where God appeared to me and said, "Sarah!"
He chose you. Isn't that an honour, to be chosen to serve God?
You're not like the others. They're dirty. You're clean.
God chose you. A great honour to serve God, isn't it?
You'll get to serve God. You've been chosen.
You've been chosen. My body is the temple. My seed is the sacrament.
-Prepare to accept the Lord. -No, please. No, please. No!
-Please, no! -It's okay.
God said this is how it should be.
-Now don't make a sound. -No!
-You little fucker! -No! Please don't!
-Don't hurt him! -I'm gonna kill you!
-Don't hurt him! -I will kill you!
-I'll kill you! -Don't hurt him!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
-Time to die, pretty boy. -Get off me, man!
Get in there!
Kill him before God destroys us all.
Kill him!
You killed your father. You fucked up, pretty boy.
We'll take care of that princess for you. How's that?
Stop following me.
What the fuck was he thinking?
Was he supposed to let him rape her?
That spoiled bitch? l would have.
She followed me.
God damn it, Sarah. Turn around and walk out of here.
It's your fault he's gonna die.
Unless we do something.
Come on!
What are you doing? They'll kill you. Get out of here!
-This is crazy. -Hurry up.
-Get out of here! -Let's get the fuck out of here.
Hold me up.
You shouldn't have done this. Go back.
-You know what they'll do to us? -I'm never going back.
You're the closest thing to a family l have, David.
We always talked about starting over.
We have no choice.
We find shelter, there's no food. We find food, there's no shelter.
Think of something else besides how tired you are.
That's hard to do when your legs are falling off.
I'm sick of walking!
Did l tell you? ln the old cities, no one ever went hungry.
Any food you wanted, you didn't have to hunt.
-Just go to a store. -Bet they never had to walk this much.
-I'm tired! -They never had to walk.
They had cars that moved faster than the wind.
-And things like this never happened? -Never.
No one told you what to do. You could do what you wanted.
-Are we there yet? -I'm tired.
-Holy fuck! -Wow!
It's beautiful!
-What the fuck's that? -It's so big.
Is this real?
It's a city. We're going there.
-Let's go. -I feel a storm coming.
-My God, where are we? -Are we in hell?
-It hurts! -It's over there.
-No, in there. -I don't care where. Make it stop!
I kind of like it.
Who the hell is that?
What are you doing? You trying to scare them to death?
-I'm making an entrance, darling. -Oh, really?
I'm Neil. And this ravishing creature... Judith.
Welcome to our home.
Oh, my God, they're so beautiful.
Now l understand. All of these things are ancient.
But they work. You have power. How?
Solar, baby. The tree-huggers were right. That is the way to go.
Check it out.
-That's great! -What's in here?
Some of these things l recognize. But what are these?
What we have here are important relics of the past that we've rescued.
-Come here, Josh. Try this. -Check out the chair. It's spinning.
Art from a fertile period in human creativity known as the '80s.
The baseball Mark McGwire hit for his 70th home run.
Stay behind the velvet ropes.
-I know what that is! lt's a TV. -Watch this.
-Look at that! -There are people in there.
No, it's just a picture. A moving picture.
My God, look at it!
What is this place?
It was a biotech research complex. Now it's home.
-It can be yours. -It's our dream.
You said we'd find it. You were right, it's all real.
This is just the beginning. We have a whole world to show you.
Let's start with a hot bath.
Oh, shit.
-Well, do you want a bath or not? -I want a bath.
There's a brave boy.
It scared me.
I'm going in.
-What's the matter? -You're naked.
You're naked too.
This water feels good.
-Won't you join us? -There's not enough room.
We'll squeeze together.
We cleaned you up and put those clothes on you. This is your new home.
We've already seen everything so there's no need to be shy.
It's what we always dreamed of. Come on.
-Are you all right? -I was taught your body is private.
My guess is, all of your lives, others have been telling you what to do.
And what not to do.
Imagine the whipping we'd get back in the caves.
You have no hair.
-It's like in the magazines. -Penthouse!
-You noticed. -Oh, yeah!
It's called shaving. We're glad that we found you.
We thought there was no one left alive.
There were some a long time ago, but they died.
Diseases spread like wildfire.
-How did you survive? -We didn't get sick.
-How many people are in your tribe? -About 35, 40.
You know about the ancients. David says in the old times... one could tell you what to do.
Not exactly. But if you had the balls--
They couldn't stop you from living how you want.
Where you come from isn't like that?
-No. And no one like you either. -I'll have to visit.
This conversation is scintillating, but l'm hungry.
And l bet you are too.
-I never played dress-up. -Want clothes like ours?
Is this for girls?
-All right, who's first? -Me.
-Sure, anyone else? -Untie this.
I've the perfect outfit for you.
-David, what's wrong? -It's just everything.
-Guys, check this out. -Turn around.
-Hell, they're cool. -Okay, check it out!
Oh, yeah!
I really like that. It looks like Bianca Jagger's suit.
-Neat! -Who's that?
I don't know.
For a minute, l forgot about what happened at the cave. What l did.
-You had no choice. -I think you should take those off.
-It's your butt! -Those are weird-looking.
I don't want her telling me what to wear.
I think that'll look nice on you.
Look at me!
-What do you think? -Looks good.
How do you put this on?
-Turn around. -That's so cute!
Look at you! Where have you been, beautiful?
You shouldn't wander around alone.
Some predators have survived. Cougars, wolves, whatever.
-Something wrong? -You're not like us.
-Give the boy a gold star. -Yes!
It's getting dark out. The predators come out at night.
Let's get you some clothes. Tight ones. Nice ass.
We were students.
The scientists knew the weather was gonna change forever.
They recruited kids for medical experiments.
Sleep deprivation, ESP studies. This time it was genetic engineering.
They were trying to find a way to improve people... they'd be able to survive.
-How old do you think l am? -About 21 , 22?
I was born 1 20 years ago.
They changed us. At first, l was afraid to die.
-Then l prayed l would. -That doesn't sound good.
Those scientists saved our lives.
They made us better. I can hear your heart beating.
When you're old, l'll be like this. So shut the fuck up!
Neil, calm down. Calm down.
You shouldn't pass judgment upon things you don't understand.
What we are can be frightening. That's why we didn't tell you sooner.
Your friends respect you. So, could we count on you... let them know in a way that won't scare them?
Of course. We won't do that.
You said there were others that were experimented on. What happened?
Well, the process, the change... rough on the body.
We came through okay.
I'm talking about the grass, right?
This is the finest stuff available, right, Judith? l make it myself.
The cocaine's evolution begins in my hydroponic garden...
...where the coca plant grows.
And then l synthesize it in my lab until it's like...
Chill out. You don't want to try to keep up with me!
Have a drink. Try some of this, Sarah.
-No, thanks. -I'm sorry. I forgot you're royalty.
-To royalty! -Royalty!
Heather's always been like one of the boys, huh?
How was it?
Say, "Yeah!" Say, " Line!" You want a fucking line? You say, " Hey!"
There's no rules here.
I got dopes.
That was a quick demonstration to get you started.
Think of Judith and l as...
There's a lot more for us to teach you than...
...turning on the TV or taking a bath, et cetera, et cetera.
Easy. If you overdo it, you'll be useless to me.
-I'm getting stripped. -Oh, no.
-You see she's not one of the boys? -Shut up.
David, why don't you kiss Sarah's neck?
-Bye-bye! -No, l'll go with you.
David, come on!
You think you're too good for us?
Judith, relax. It's all new to them. They're scared.
You're right. You can do anything here.
It's okay to be scared. You get to do what you want, or not. All right?
-All right. -Have a good time!
But you know what? Sarah!
You're missing something quite special...
...because sex with us is like nothing you've ever fucking imagined.
And our....
Our heightened senses will....
Ta-ta, darling!
Okay, guys.
Heather, you should lay down.
Get comfortable. Yeah, take your clothes off.
There are no rules here! No rules allowed.
He's a mess, isn't he, Judith?
-Yes, there we go! -Whatever you call these things.
Whoa! The legend is true.
Pound for pound, it's the biggest dick l've seen in years!
Thank you. Yeah, that's it.
Take her down. Lay her down gently.
That's it, Joshua.
Take it slow, fellas. Ladies like to be touched softly.
Wake up, man. Be gentle to the lady.
-You hit me. -I'll fucking hit you.
It's your fault. I'm not doing nothing. Just stay still.
I don't think you're doing it right!
-Give me the bottle. I don't want you. -Your bottle?
What is wrong with you? You don't know what you're fucking doing!
-She's fucking a child. -It ain't over yet.
What are you doing?
Why don't you lay down?
-I'm gonna tell my mom. -We'll talk to your mom later.
There you go!
Open the cap, motherfucker.
You ain't doing anything to make me jealous.
-It's falling out. -Let me show you.
-All right. -He's not doing it right.
You want me to show you what it's like?
Okay, spread your legs, darling.
I'll just do what Vincent wanted to do. I'll show you how.
-Tell me if it hurts. -What you looking at?
Back up a bit, Vincent. And stay quiet and fucking learn something.
-Man, l ain't gotta learn. -Yeah, man!
-Okay, you ready? -Yeah.
-You want a drink, Joshua? -No.
-What's happening to him? -Oh, my God!
-How do l take it off? -You just push it together.
What are you doing?
Oh, God. That was fantastic. Thanks.
Oh, God.
Take a load off, sweetheart.
Oh, honey, what's the matter?
I'm.... I'm sick.
My whole body hurts. What's wrong with me?
I'm surprised it's happening so soon. I took two days, you took a week.
It'll be a lot easier if you--
Oh, God.
Joshua, wake up.
Oh, God, please don't hurt me.
We won't. We just like to watch.
Holy shit!
-Goddamn it. -Oops.
We can't find Elizabeth anywhere.
Maybe she went with Neil and Judith.
She's around somewhere.
This is serious. She could be hurt or sick.
Or asleep.
With Neil and Judith.
Would you stop arguing and help us go look?
Stop telling us what to do. You sound like your father.
They said not to wander around when she isn't here.
They'll help us find her.
Man, you missed out last night.
-I didn't know about that stuff. -I did. I read Penthouse.
-Where's Elizabeth? -Elizabeth's sick. Measles.
She'll be fine. We have medicine. But she had to be isolated.
See? lf we would've been at the caves, she'd die.
But she'll be fine.
-I wanna see her. -You want to get sick?
I'd like to see her too.
All right. But only one of you.
Neil, take Sarah.
And l'll get the medicine ready.
Did you hear the lady, David?
Why don't you follow me?
And we'll get a mask so you don't get sick.
Come on.
Did you get anything from Sarah? l got some from all the girls.
He's a man now too.
She's in here. This is for your safety.
-What are you doing here? -We were worried about you.
That's sweet. They say l'll be here a while.
But they're taking good care of me.
-Are you all right? -I feel dizzy.
We better get you out of here.
-Tell everyone l say hello. -I will.
I'm going to the bedroom.
-How is she? -I'm not sure.
What do you mean?
Well, she's sick, but she doesn't seem that bad. She was smiling.
-She said to say hi. -Told you.
Sorry we scared you.
-I know how you can make it up to us. -Maybe this afternoon.
But just for you.
You idiot!
Why'd you let her turn around? She saw me.
She didn't. She saw what you wanted her to.
What did l say, motherfucker? She saw me.
Even if she did, it was for, what, two seconds?
-She'll think she imagined it. -She's already sketchy.
-We planned this out so carefully. -Fuck our plans!
I'm tired of walking around on eggshells.
If she gets too suspicious, l'll kill her.
-How do you do that? -It's easy for me.
I was a better hunter than any of those bungholes.
-So, how was it with David? -How was what?
I thought you were gonna fuck.
We're not in the caves. No one will stop us here.
-It was great. Ask Elizabeth. -We can't get near her.
-What are you afraid of? -I don't want to.
Why? You were there, you saw. You weren't curious?
-No. I don't like them. -Not even Judith?
Judith's every fantasy you can imagine. Even the ones you can't.
-What's wrong? -Something wrong with it?
-There's something wrong with you. -I see the boys have found their toys.
You've worked up a sweat.
I hope you haven't tired yourselves out.
Like the song, " Looking forward to a little afternoon delight."
-I want some delight. -They don't understand.
That's one good thing about the end of the world.
-Are you coming? -Sure. Bye.
You know where to find us if you change your mind.
-Do you wanna go? -I wanna be with you.
Oh, how cute.
-Not like that. -When?
We do everything else. I suck your dick.
You act like it's gonna fucking kill you.
I want meat. I'm going hunting.
-I'm a hunter. Can l come? -Yeah.
God, it's beautiful.
All the parts fit together perfectly. Like a woman.
Like a beautiful woman.
If you want me to leave you alone, say the word.
You know what l mean. It's just, everything's so perfect here.
In the caves everything was about surviving. Here it's about living.
I feel....
I've only been here a few days, but l feel like l'm home.
I haven't felt that way since my family died.
-You've been better to me than anyone. -Listen, kid. Stop, okay?
And Judith! God, sex with her is like nothing else in the world.
When we were stuck in the storms, l thought l'd die a virgin.
Now, l'm in love with her. She says l have a big cock.
And God, man, l didn't know a woman could get so wet.
She tells me she wants it harder or faster. Her sweat's--
Oh, no, no. No!
-Is he dead? -Whoa.
-What happened? -I told him about the predators.
I told him not to go off on his own. I told all of you!
Why don't you listen? Huh? Why don't you fucking listen?
-What animal did that? -Shut up!
I told you all. Why don't you fucking listen to me, motherfuckers?!
Or look what happens to your friend.
He wore these goddamn things everywhere.
You don't believe that predator story any more than l do.
I can't believe it.
After my father used to hit me, he'd always yell at me.
Blame it on me. "Why did you make me do that?"
"Why don't you listen to me?"
He made it my fault.
That's what Neil sounded like in there. My father.
What l don't understand is why didn't they just let us die?
Why take us in and be so nice to us? Why not just let us die in the storm?
I don't know. We need to figure it out before Neil makes it our fault.
The worst thing you could do is give me that predator bullshit.
I can smell. The funny thing is the only smell was yours.
Baby, he was talking about fucking you.
I see. I'm supposed to sit there and not react?
After 90 years l'm supposed to just sit there?
You fucking bitch! And listen to some caveboy talk about fucking you?
Are you jealous? ls that what this is?
You disgust me!
For the past 20 years, touching you has turned my stomach.
-I thought of killing myself. -Me too.
I tried it more than once. There was no reason to go on!
-You disgust me! -I heard that already.
You may think you were happy here...
...but all l know is, l've seen you turn into a hollow, empty shell.
And living with you is like sleeping next to a corpse!
-When those kids came along-- -I haven't seen the real Judith since!
The first time l saw her was when you bitched about Sarah.
You've been putting on this little act.
Fucking look at you, like a bad " B" movie.
-You know that boy you killed? -Yeah. I fucking enjoyed it.
It's good you enjoyed it because he reminded me of you.
Before you died inside!
Before you fucked me and infected me with this virus!
You volunteered for those experiments.
Or have you forgotten that part?
-You wanna say something? -I swear, l'll kill myself!
Well, call it then, lady.
I love you, for chrissakes.
Leave me alone!
Baby, baby. Come on....
Do you understand me?
Now you leave me alone! Do you understand?!
Yeah, l understand.
It's not that it doesn't hurt, David.
With my heightened senses... hurts me worse than it would hurt you.
Then, why are you doing it?
Oh, trying to remember...
...what it was like...
...when pain meant something.
Where are the others?
They wanted to be alone, but l was in the mood for a drink.
Well, yea! Come, come. Come play. Over here.
Time to get drunk.
Getting drunk with the boys.
-Oh, Cutty! -I found it down in the warehouse.
-It's good. -My favourite.
-Is it? You can have some if you want. -I know.
To Joshua.
Some fucking women.
Oh, let's not talk about women.
I haven't had sex with Judith in 20 years.
20 years?
-20 years. -Sarah's kind of been a bitch too.
I noticed. What do you see in that girl?
Come on, man.
I don't know. She just doesn't want to have any fun.
-Yeah, what's up with that? -I don't know.
-So, you're getting drunk? -Yeah. I don't know what to do.
I just wanted to have a drink, to kill the pain.
Been there, done that. Plan on doing a hell of a lot more of it.
Oh, look, look. I made this myself, right?
It's guaranteed to kill any pain.
But first l used to play this game with my brother.
Oh, okay, so you go, you make your throat, like, small and you go....
You clamp the top of your throat.
Like you're restricting your breath.
Oh, a natural.
So now, take a big breath in and do it as long as you can.
-I got big lungs, so pace yourself. -All right.
I can't do it.
You won.
-Oh, drugs. -Drugs.
Looking to kill the pain. Look...
...since l'm such a nice guy, l'll share this with you.
You're the only one l'd do this for. There you go. Bye, pain.
You know what? lt's okay.
Get the fuck out of here.
-Judith, could l talk to you? -Let me finish and l'll find you.
I shouldn't have bothered you. I don't know what l was thinking.
I can finish this later. What's on your mind?
I don't wanna talk here, Neil could walk in on us.
-Your heart's beating fast. You okay? -I'm nervous.
The best method to pass the virus is through intercourse...
...but oral sex is just as effective.
Elizabeth changed six hours after infection.
The process killed her.
Studying her body and comparing it to ours...
... will help us understand why Neil and myself survive...
...and why others don't.
I can't wake Neil.
You're scaring the kids.
-Dinosaurs. -What?
We're dinosaurs...
...from a world that's dead and gone.
Watch this.
A priest and a rabbi are outside a church...
...and a boy walks by and the priest says " Let's fuck him" ...
...and the rabbi says "Out of what?"
They'll never be like us no matter what--
That's enough! Go pass out.
Good night.
We'll finish later.
-Elizabeth's dead because of sex? -They make you see things.
They're trying to make us like them.
-They live forever. Sounds good. -If you make it. Elizabeth didn't.
Her ribs burst out, her spine snapped!
-I had sex with one. I'm gonna die! -No, Vincent did too.
If you had it, you'd already be dead.
All l know is that we have to get the fuck out of here. Fuck!
Here's what we'll do.
I'll wreck the trucks so they can't follow. Then we'll go.
Sarah, you and Heather stay here.
Vincent, if they come out of their room, you gotta tell us.
-He said to stay. -How long do we wait?
-I don't know. -I'm freaking out. I'm scared.
You're okay. We're gonna get out of here. You're not infected.
-Thank you, Sarah. -Heather, you're hurting me!
-I'm sorry. -You scared me.
-Heather's dead, just like Elizabeth. -Shit!
Okay, we have to get out of here.
Let's wait a bit, then we'll get out of here, okay?
They're all dead, David. We could die too.
-Baby, don't say that. -Why not? lt's true.
Even if l die today, at least l'd be with you.
There'd only be one thing l'd regret.
-You sure? -I can't die without making love to you.
Okay, look.
-You were Sarah. -No, l made you think l was.
Think that little virgin can fuck you like me?
How could you?
Let me get up.
Come out. Although you've missed the best part.
Sarah, it's not what it looks like.
-Welcome to the group. -How could you tell them?
-You're one of them. -You've been initiated.
-How long? -Earlier today.
I was scared, just like you. But you'll see.
Nathaniel called me a runt. Now l'm more powerful than him.
I can crush stones with my hands. I will live forever.
I'm God!
Humanity's day is done.
If you're not like us, there's no point. You'll find out.
-Or l'll die. -If you do, what a way to go, huh?
-Fuck you! -Don't fight. It's already in you.
Sit down, brother.
Waiting's hard, so we thought we'd help you out.
Good news: We made an injection to help you tolerate the change.
Fuck you!
Bad news: Live or die, you're in a world of hurt, brother.
Enjoy the ride, David.
You're hurting!
You're hurting!
Oh, my God!
Is this what the world looks like to you?
-It worked. -The smell.
What is that smell?
What smell?
There are so many smells. What is it?
Can l hear your heart beating?
-I bet you can even hear Sarah's. -Amazing, isn't it? Try this one.
-That was Mark McGwire's ball! -David! David, go.
Go rescue her, David.
Save the little princess.
You can't imagine. I was deaf, dumb and blind before.
My God, the power! l feel like l could tear this place apart.
Heather's dead! She went through the same thing as you...
...except her body twisted inside out.
We'll take the human species to a new level. Normal people can't survive.
For the human race to continue, it must evolve.
You'll all understand. Tell them, Neil.
We reproduce by passing on the virus.
We didn't think there was anyone to pass it to until we found your tribe.
Some we'll make like us. Others we'll leave... they can repopulate the world.
At worst, they'll live in greater comfort than ever.
At best, they'll be immortal.
-And if they don't want to? -You're fucking stupid!
I'm talking about starting civilization over again.
We can make a world that's paradise because we'll always rule it.
Sarah, just trust me. Everything's gonna be fine.
-Baby, it's gonna be fine. -And what happens to me now?
-I fucked all the girls, except you. -Oh, don't hurt us, we're monsters.
First, clamp down on this. Pull the pin and toss it.
And gas is gonna come out.
-I can smell that from here. -Flush your buddies out.
Give them a chance to surrender. If they put up a fight....
-Put the gun down. -When can l shoot?
-I don't want anyone hurt. -Put it down.
They'll see reason.
-What if there's a storm? -Mine's loaded.
-I want my own gun. -We can detect storms before they hit.
-Plenty of time to find shelter. -Relax, David.
-We're not out to hurt anyone. -When do l get a gun?
When l say! Now get the fuck off my ass!
I ain't finished. Get here!
-When can l shoot? -When l say so!
We leave tomorrow. Dismissed.
I got that, beautiful. Thank you.
-When can l shoot? -Hey, get off my ass!
-Fuck. -Fuck what?
Boys, boys.
I know that you feel like l betrayed you...
...but you don't understand. This is incredible.
-Unless l die. -There's no chance of that now.
You really believe that?
I don't want to. Does that matter?
-I'm making you immortal. -No! You're forcing your will on me...
...because you think you know better. Your father would be proud.
Judith wants to see you.
Both of you.
It's your time.
-You're gonna be hurting, girl. -It's time.
-I'm doing this for you. -Then kill me.
Hurry up, David. I want my turn.
We all want our turn.
What's the matter?
Now that l'm like you, she doesn't do anything for me.
Poor boy. I've spoiled you.
You son of a bitch! Go get her!
Oh, now you want me.
Now what am l gonna do with you?
Where's she at? l want her.
I smell pussy.
Come here.
Let me go. Let me go!
Time for what David couldn't do.
-Fuck you! -Shut up, bitch!
Fuck you!
What's that? You want a kiss? Of course, sweetheart.
Don't tell anyone l give good head.
Did you see David?
Did your boyfriend run out on you? Men are pigs.
Maybe Vincent saw him. Goddamn it, where is Vincent?
-Right here. -No.
He was attacking Sarah. You gave me no choice. Tell them, you little bitch.
He's lying. He didn't have to kill him.
I did it for us, baby. He was getting in the way.
-You killed my baby. -I did it for us.
He was no good for you. All right?
Let me kill them so it can be just you and me, baby.
I'll change. I promise. I'll make you happy.
You fuck, you fucked me up. You stop it!
You fucked my family. I fucking hate you!
You killed my baby. Why did you have to do that?
-I fucking hate you! l hate you! -Stop! Stop, baby--
I'm so sorry, baby. Wake up.
Wake up, baby, please! Come on.
Don't leave me here, baby.
Wake up.
Baby, l would have changed.
I would have changed, baby.
This is their fault.
This is their fault.
Ah, shit!
What are we gonna do?
Get out of here, Sarah.
Get out!
It's all right.
Whatever's in him is in me too.
Give her a monster fuck.
Not easy to control, is it?
I was hoping we could have fun with Sarah, but you want to stay human.
Humans are no longer relevant.
I guess Sarah and l will have to party without you.
You okay there?
Rule number one:
We may be bad-asses...
...but we still need to breathe.
You're a looner.
Just a minute.
How's it hanging, David?
Sarah, where are you going?
I see you.
And even if l didn't, l'd smell your--
You fuck!
Love makes you stupid!
Hey, freak!
Old world dead.
You killed her.
You killed Judith!
You fuck, Sarah.
You slut!
You fucking cunt!
It's over.
They're dead. All the monsters are dead.
You should go back to the tribe.
What are you talking about? l want to stay with you.
I'm not like you.
We can't be together.
If we ever made love, you could die.
I'm taking the kids.
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
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