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Tell Me Something

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Produced by Koo & C film
Funded by Cinema Service & Kookmin Venture Capital
Produced by Bon-han Koo, Youn-hyun Chang
Suk-kyu Han, Eun-ha Shim
Hang-sun Chang, Jung-ah Yum
Executive Producer Gwi-duk Choi
Cinematography Sung-bok Kim
Lighting Jae-myung Lim
Art Ku-ho Chung
Recording Dong-eui Kim
Editing Sang-bum Kim Music Young-ook Cho
Joon-suk Bang Sound Suk-won Kim
Screenplay Youn-hyun Chang, Eun-ah In
Eun-jung Kim, Soo-chang Kong Hae-won Shim
Directed by Youn-hyun Chang
All right, let's start again.
You really didn't know Park was paying the hospital bills?
Then how were they paid?
Your mother was in the hospital over a year.
I told you before.
Come on.
How could you pay 10 million won a month?
Even if the payments were overdue, you had to be relying on someone!
All right.
Then why would Park pay an 85-million-won bill...
for a detective who was trying to arrest him?
I don't know.
Excuse me.
Already back on a case?
What's the rush, eh?
You know, looking good on a case now...
would sure go a long way towards clearing your name.
Then what was he doing up there?
My brother wouldn't steal anything.
Are you sure that thief is even your brother?
He never did stuff like that.
This time even your connections in the department can't bail you out.
Want me to help you find a witness?
"I didn't know Park was paying my bills?"
That just won't cut it.
You son of a bitch!
- Sir, please calm down! - Let go of me!
I'll kill you, you idiot!
What the hell are you doing? Come on, you son of a bitch!
You know you took the money. Just shut up about it.
Son of a bitch!
Sir, people are watching.
I'll cuff you myself, you son of a bitch!
What's with you?
Isn't he supposed to be in custody?
How the fuck did he get out so fast?
Damn it!
That's enough.
Hey, you guys. Come over here!
Sir, what's going on? The chief just showed up.
What's going on?
Get to work.
Lieutenant Cho! How was the funeral?
Looks like it's a couple of days old.
- Who reported it? - A truck driver found it.
Nothing to go on. He's got no arms, no fingerprints.
Great, an autopsy in the middle of the night.
The medical examiner is here.
Hello, Professor Gu.
What are you doing?
Isolate the scene! No wonder people call you pigs.
Set up a police line and stop fucking around.
Okay, sorry.
Hey, you got a light?
I got busted speeding by a surveillance camera.
- Take care of it. - Yes, sir.
And don't screw it up like you did last time, either.
All right, I'll take care of it myself.
Professor, you're late.
- Did the funeral go well? - Yes. Thank you.
Must've been tough all alone.
Let's see what we've got here.
ID team!
Lose the sheet.
These two legs...
don't belong to this body.
Then there's another victim?
The criminal knows about anatomy and dissection.
A perfect six-part amputation.
Looks like surgical tools were used.
Anesthesia too.
The cuts show expert precision and technique.
- Cause of death? - Massive blood loss.
The victim was unconscious...
but he was alive when they amputated.
Any other injuries?
The ankles were tied up...
but he didn't struggle much.
Hey! What are you doing?
Cut it out!
Stop it! I told you to cut it out!
Come on!
- Stop shaking the cart! - You wish!
Anybody out there? Somebody help!
Open the door, damn it! Somebody help!
Hey! Anybody hear me? Open the goddamn door!
It looks like the same MO as in the bridge murder.
It's definitely a serial killer.
Impressive way to display corpses.
You'll need to be discreet on this one.
Set up your own team and work in secret.
The longer you take, the harder it'll be to crack.
Is this redemption?
It's a tough case to crack.
There will be compensation if you do.
Shut up!
You thought we'd be setting up in a hotel?
Get to work.
- What about the VCR? - Yes, sir. It's almost ready.
Where are you?
Are you at school?
Me? I'm at the office, of course.
Hey, pumpkin...
did you smoke today or not?
I didn't smoke today.
You didn't smoke either?
That's my girl!
Go straight home after school or...
I'll send out the cops.
We don't have a single lead yet.
Where the hell should we start, anyway?
Thanks for the peanuts.
You want some coffee?
Is that from the kid who died a few days ago?
That button, I mean.
It's still bothering you, isn't it?
It keeps making me think.
About what?
About the past.
Don't dwell on your mother.
I still don't know if I did the right thing.
I'm sure you didn't want to go like that...
but a decision had to be made.
The two arms belong to the victim from under the bridge.
But this time the heart is missing.
Any fingerprints?
Of course not. They were cut off. Give me a cigarette.
I quit smoking.
You quit? Who are you kidding?
You mean we can't identify this one either?
Maybe this time.
On this one...
the crowns were left in his teeth.
Crowns all have different traits, depending on the manufacturer.
You can find out where they were put in, and which dentist.
I'm guessing these were done...
at Seoul General Hospital.
There should be a chart on him.
So, Lieutenant Cho...
why do you think the killer is playing with the corpses?
The elevator corpse's legs were with the bridge corpse.
But the body is still missing.
The bridge corpse's legs are missing.
But the arms were with the Riverside Park corpse.
And the park corpse's arms and heart are missing.
According to this pattern...
the missing arms and the heart will go to the next victim.
The missing parts for the next combination...
are being kept somewhere.
"Patient Chart"
We've identified the park corpse.
Hospital records have Suyeon Chae listed as next of kin instead of a relative.
- Suyeon Chae? - Yes, sir.
- Hello. - Hello.
This is a restricted area. Please wait here a moment.
Pull back the sheet.
Did you know Joonghyun Kwon had listed you as next of kin?
He didn't say anything about it.
His whole family had emigrated.
Maybe he thought of me that way.
This is the suspect.
It's hard to see his face.
If the clothes or movements remind you of anyone, tell me.
Can I see it again?
Miss Chae?
I know them all.
We'll be in touch.
Didn't she say she lives alone?
The elevator victim was Woojin Suh, 27, an artist.
Even though he was married...
it never stopped him from seeing other women.
- Was the elevator victim first? - Yes, he was reported missing first.
Then they were killed in the order she was involved with them.
What about Joonghyun Kwon?
He was seeing her before he died. He was 34, a philosophy professor.
Most of his friends thought he was going to marry her.
But she was avoiding him.
Those are some impressive boyfriends.
Her father is an artist?
Yes, Yonghoon Chae, a very famous artist.
He's working abroad somewhere.
Korean galleries lost touch with him about five years ago.
Who is this woman, really?
- Were you up all night? - Yes.
- Here. - Thank you.
- Did you get anything? - Yes.
She's not very talkative.
Two calls from a man who seems like a museum colleague.
At 8:00 and 9:00.
And two from a woman named Seungmin.
The calls were ordinary, all less than a minute long.
Who was the man?
He called himself Kiyon. They spoke in familiar terms.
Small talk.
Anything going on?
Nothing special yet, sir.
- Any visitors? - None.
Detective Oh, Lieutenant Cho is coming.
Are you here to see Suyeon?
You're police, aren't you?
Suyeon said detectives would be coming today.
And in the convenience store, he's a detective too, right?
How did you know?
You shouldn't know that.
I saw him watching the place when I walked by.
Do you live around here?
Yes, just down the street.
I'm Seungmin Oh.
It's been almost two years since you met Joonghyun Kwon.
Was he seeing any other women?
I mean, such as his ex-girlfriends.
Do you know any of his friends who might know about that?
I met some of his friends at school, but I don't know them well.
So, you said you met Mr. Park...
in Paris, right?
Since all of his family is in Paris...
why was he alone in Seoul?
Probably because of his work. But he wanted to go back to Paris.
By any chance, were you the reason he came back to Seoul?
I don't know.
Did you know he was married?
I knew it when we met.
Did you see him recently?
He came to the museum a while back.
- Did you see him often? - No.
Who usually called whom?
I didn't even know how to contact him.
Did Mr. Kwon know about your relationship?
So, did you continue seeing Mr. Suh, the artist?
Even after he was engaged?
We talked briefly on the phone from time to time.
There were no hard feelings when we broke up.
Why did you break up?
With whom? The artist or the violinist?
The artist.
I moved to France, and we grew apart after that.
Did you love all three of them?
We know this is hard for you.
But you're the only link between the victims.
We think the killer knows everything about you.
We have to know at least as much to continue the investigation.
I understand.
Any strange mail or calls recently?
How many people knew about you and the victims?
Almost none.
Only Seungmin Oh and Kiyon Kim?
Have some fruit.
Thank you.
May I ask what you do?
- Me? Try guessing. - She's a doctor.
A second-year resident. I still have a long way to go.
Look closely.
What is it?
It's a type of preservative chemical.
- A preservative? - Yes.
But they used a rare, high-quality one.
Can we find out the manufacturer and the name of the chemical?
I've already got them.
< Yes. A few times in college too.
<- Why not? <- He's, you know, obsessive.
Is this it?
30,000 won, please.
30,000 won?
You bought the same one.
I told my work I'm taking a leave of absence today.
It's a complicated job and...
I kept making mistakes because I couldn't concentrate.
I try to stay calm, but...
not even music helps.
You need to distance yourself from all of this.
Then maybe you'll remember something.
I don't remember the past.
I don't even have photos.
It's so hard to talk about all that.
You'll probably get to know many things about me.
Is that hard for you?
And it's even harder not to be able to trust anyone.
Ironically, I don't know anything about you...
but you're the only one...
that I can trust right now.
Kiyon Kim purchased the same chemical preservative.
What is your relationship with Suyon Chae, exactly?
We were classmates in college.
Two months after she left for France to study, so did you.
Was it because of her?
I don't have to answer that kind of question.
You studied anatomy in France, didn't you?
It was required for my major.
You purchased a special chemical through the Internet.
What did you use it for?
It's for preserving animals and insects.
< You knew all three Mr. Kim...
don't you think all this is too much of a coincidence?
Good evening, sir!
Good, you're here, sir.
What were you doing? Idiots!
We never left our stations.
Someone must have snuck in earlier.
Where is Miss Chae?
She's been taken to the hospital. Unconscious. No blood loss.
How did the suspect get out?
Looks like the suspect escaped through the window.
Gone before we got here after Miss Oh called us.
Any fingerprints or footprints?
Footprints about size ten. We're searching for fingerprints.
Hello? Yes.
How long do we have?
Is that right?
Then confirm what we need for the record...
and let him go.
Isn't it a little soon to let him go?
Right, Detective Lee, you be responsible for him.
The timing of this could mean he's an accomplice.
We can't keep him forever.
Can you remember the criminal's face?
I want to rest.
I think it's better for her to rest right now.
What? Where?
Give me the address.
We'll talk in person!
Hello? Damn it!
- Start in there! - Yes, sir!
No one is here, sir!
- How about there? - No one, sir!
Really? All right.
It's Joonghyun Kwon's heart.
I knew I shouldn't have let him go.
What's happened? Where is she?
Leave her alone for a while. She's too unstable.
I let her go.
She has to calm down...
if you want her to remember anything.
It must be over there.
We better move you to a safer place.
I want to stay here.
Someone is stalking me.
You have to go somewhere safe that even you don't know about.
I just want to know what the killer wants from me.
Have a seat over there.
Here you go.
Yes, Mr. Kim's a regular customer here.
"Call me if you need anything. There's a gun in the drawer."
"Media Arts Institute - Kiyon Kim"
Detective Oh? Where are you?
This must be the place. Kim's car is here.
How did the killer know about the hidden cameras in Suyeon's place?
If the killer knows that much about her...
shouldn't Suyeon know who the killer is?
Kiyon Kim owns the building.
If we'd arrived earlier, this wouldn't have happened.
The suspect already knew you were unarmed.
Miss Chae!
I told you to call me if you needed anything!
Why didn't you take this?
You might be used to guns, but I'm not.
I don't even know how to use one.
You haven't even told us anything about the victims!
We know nothing about you.
We broke up a long time ago. I don't live in the past.
You're the one who broke up with each of them.
Must've been difficult.
They bothered you, didn't they?
Are you saying they died because they bothered me?
Maybe I should be thankful?
You don't have many friends.
How does the killer know more about you than you do? Is it possible?
Then I must be the killer! Why do you say you're protecting me?
I wouldn't give a gun to a murderer!
You're getting scared now too.
Kiyon can't take no for an answer.
That's probably why he's obsessed with me.
He even changed his major when he followed me to Paris.
So I started avoiding him from then on.
I didn't think he could be involved.
How do you use this gun?
The safety is on now.
Let's remove the cartridge first before I teach you.
First, load the gun by pulling this thing.
The red dot means it's ready. If you pull the trigger, it'll fire.
Coming through!
Get out of the way!
Could you explain what happened, and why you kept it secret?
The heart in Kim's freezer...
was the killer's clue to us that he would be the next victim.
We're being told in advance?
Whoever gets Kim's head delivered will be the next victim.
Damn it! I've had it with this job.
Oh, by the way...
there was a foreign substance on Kwon's heart and in the bag.
What was it?
- Traces of carbon. - Carbon?
Carbon. Do you mean coal?
Yeah, coal. That's exactly right.
It seems to be compressed coal powder.
It's drawing charcoal!
There are so many art supply stores. You can't find it with this.
What is it? Let me see.
Looks like Dongjin Art Supply store's.
Excuse me.
Is this from your shop?
Yes, it is.
Suyeon Chae?
I don't think so.
Her father is Yonghoon Chae, the painter.
Why didn't you say so?
I used to make deliveries to them.
But it's been a while since then.
Do you know Dongjin Art Supply store?
When was the last time you saw your father?
Before I left for France.
When was it exactly?
February of 1994.
Did you hear from him after that?
No, nothing.
Aren't you curious after five years?
No. He didn't like anyone interrupting his life.
No need to worry about someone like that.
What was your relationship with him like?
They say in the art district that Master Yonghoon Chae...
really cherished his daughter.
He has nothing to do with these crimes.
Yes, he definitely does.
A bag from Dongjin Art Supply, where he was a regular...
was found at a crime scene.
The bag is from five years ago before he disappeared.
We need to know more about your father.
Miss Chae.
Miss Chae.
Miss Chae.
Please put that in the living room.
Now the killer only needs another victim's head.
Do you still think my father is connected to this?
This is it.
Hello, Detective Oh speaking.
Who is this?
Yes. How are you doing?
To sell a picture?
- Is this the one they brought? - Yes.
What's it worth?
It's almost priceless.
Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.
That's his favorite picture.
I used to have nightmares every night because of it.
There he is.
Are you all right?
He was the only friend.
Suyeon, open the door. Open it!
After that, only my father and I were left.
Isn't this where your brother fell?
Hey, Detective Lee, Where's Oh?
I'm gonna give you an address. Check out who lived there.
It's Joong-gu district in the city of Inchon...
This is it.
I told you it's locked.
Give it here.
This is Detective Oh.
Yes, Detective Oh?
I found Yonghoon Chae's workroom.
Anything special?
His head is here.
What the...
Detective Oh?
Detective Oh!
- Sir! - Get away!
Where? Let go!
Calm down, sir.
Let go! Let go of me!
Cho, you're off this case.
Report to station headquarters tomorrow.
Here, let me feed you.
Oh, hello. We've met once before.
When you were brought to the hospital...
did you really want to die?
You're not the suicidal type.
Hello, sir!
You can't go in there, sir!
"I'm going home. I won't hide anymore. Now I'll be waiting for the killer."
The investigation team has been changed.
They'll question you from the beginning.
Please try to cooperate even if it's hard.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
We checked the Inchon address.
You said there was a son, but they only had six daughters.
The youngest one's name is Seungmin.
What's this?
It's the data Detective Oh requested.
Why did he request this?
"Speeding Ticket"
Seungmin Oh?
June 7.
Okay. 8:00.
Tower Records. See you then.
"Seungmin Oh: Kang-Nam Gu, Seoul"
- Hello. - - Yes. - - - < You have one message.
Don't miss a thing!
What is it?
Did I scare you?
Can you hear it?
She's dead.
Hey, Detective Lee!
You took it off?
The mourning band?
My mourning period ended yesterday.
I'm leaving for France tomorrow.
I guess you'll adapt quickly. You've already been there.
I quit painting there, but I'm going to start again.
Would you like to go with me?
You have a lot here.
I didn't think you could leave.
Have you finished your preparations?
But I'm not selling the house, since I'll be back.
Wait a minute.
I've had them for a long time.
They can hear footsteps.
And this is...
Thank you for surviving.
Welcome aboard.
Welcome aboard. That way, please.
Welcome aboard.
Excuse me.
Would you like a drink?
No, thank you.
- I'll have a glass of water. - One moment, please.
Is this your first time to Paris?
Yes, it's my first time.
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