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Temps Du Loup Le

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== English Subs By Adje en Johan ==
The Time of the Wolf
Put the cage in the vehicle, the noodle is too hot
How to do if it's hungry?
Let's look after it after moving in 5 minutes
Look, how do you put
It's all wet, take care not to paste dirty things
Where to put?
As you will, everywhere is wet
But... Stand still
Close the door, stand
What are you doing here?
And how do you come in?
What do you want?
Put down the gun first
Gallback, or I will shot!
Do you think you have the right to be here?
Or point to us iwth a gun like that?
How long will you refuse to budge? Shut up!
Hold him in
Listen, shall we sit down and discuss it?
There is always a way
Then let them go
According to you, where shall we stay?
But when will you leave?
You have repertory, why not give it us?
Why give to you?
Can give you if you want
Where are you from? What's your hometown?
Your business?
Why go out?
Lack of water
No matter how
Let children out
Come into the vehicle, come in
Or go out for a walk
What on earth do you want to do?
See what's inside of their bags
I suggest: go back first...
How come you kill him...
You kill him!
Enough! Shut up! Go in!
Trash! Dog!
Let's go!
Now leave me! Go to your place
When we go to hometown on vacation, my husband was murdered
Do you understand clearly?
Our house in rural is occupied by others My husband was killed
They robbed our vehicle and repertory
I'm very sorry, very sorry
You should help us
You know the current situation
We can do any silly thing freely
Why come here to bother me since you know?
Only here...Take children to leave
Go, must go
Mrs. Moldova
I know you heard us
I will be right back
You two stay here
I go to find some food and other things You have a good sleep
Be alert, do you understand?
Go back quickly
You've grown up, understand?
I'll be back soon
Sleep here
Don't come to my place Madam, husband will know
Usually he keeps those things
He will find missing something
Good luck to you
Wait, I have a try
Stop it quickly
Then you tell me how to do it! Try
I don't want it to flee!
Right now!
Attention, it's fleeing!
I know, be careful
Don't go!
You catch it quickly! !
You shut up!
You will scare it
Ok, hold the breath, Damn it!
What's up?
Lay down, don't move, 说话
It's new hankerchief
Cover the mouth
Vover gently, open the mouth
Look, catch it
Trust me
Come here
You must dislike us, Béa
Look, getly, get it
Now can sleep
Be careful get off the car
Mother! mom, wake up!
Mother! What's up? Béa's gone!
What! He run away! What are you saying?
Sorry, I don't take care of him I thought he was sleeping
Go back to find, there, be careful
Take care not to burn I know
Béa! Where!
He must run outside
It's dark here
Put the fire on the ground
Add some grass, search again
It's no use search this way
You take care of fire here Ok
You stay here So when I come back I can find you, ok?
Or we can't find him nor he can find us, understand?
Understand? Ben!
Don't worry, we can find him!
Mother, I'm scared
I'm scared, too, but don't worry
I will find him, take him back
You must stay here
I go, be right back
I love you, don't go away
Béa! Can you hear?
Come here if you see the light!
Béa! Can yo hear? Reply me if you do!
Anyone? Anyone?
The house is going to fall!
I've told you not to light the fire! Why don't you pay attention?
Why did you go away!
I don't know why it turned bigger! OK!
Eva! Eva! Don't run! Stop!
It's all my fault! Shouldn't let you take care of fire
Should be me
I should wet the around
Don't come here! I do nothing
Don't come closer! Ok, ok
Please let him go, 们什么坏事也没做
Strange, why somebody is here so late
Where are you from? Please let him go
Why you catch him?
Thanks! Come here quickly! Where to go?
What are you doing? Where did you go?
You won't go without a word before
You promised to me
Don't you want to stay here?
Come here
Where did you see him, Béa?
Don't you want to talk to me?
What's wrong with you? Sick?
Can I have a look? I can help you
Are you sheep? Say
Where did you live tonight? Waiting for you not far away
Cold? Murrain? He doesn't catch cold, mother
Where do you feel uncomfortable? What on earth happened?
What's up?
Don't ask him, mom, he's tired
Have you drink?
We can give you a little What do you give to me?
What's your name
I'm not good, it's no use to be nice to me
Because it's nothing to be worthy proud
You always think so?
What you said...
I have difficulty in understanding
Where are you from?
Why do you want to know it?
For fair, I help you, you should tell me something
Did you owe? Coming here not for the reason of owe?
Why ask this way?
A bike is not enough What?
You went here by bike? Yes
Far away? 3 hours
Seems you havn't a stable place
No one want to let you stay
It's not clean Who cares
There must be fly on the dead, it's already rotten
Seems sheepman can't himself
A dog What dog?
What dog! Waht dog! Dog!
NOthing to eat, then die, it's normal
You can see everywhere I never heard it before
Damn it!
It's been 3 days, poor guy
Let' go away quickly
What are you doing? COme here, Eva
Such thick clothes can be quilt
It's hard to get Do you think you can make quilt yourselves?
There are also short thin clothes
Come here
Don't you need?
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Please!
Please stop!
Hello! Wait for us!
Please take me!
Come, go, no matter whether there is person inside
I'm Anna Loren They are my children Eva and Ben
We come from city
Any other people? Don't understand
Where are we? No other people?
There should be no others I don't understand, too
I know, shut up!
It's so cold here
Can I light a fire?
Did you ever see train here?
Train ! Outside
Did you see train stop by here?
Where are you from?
I'm Anna Loren They are my children Eva and Ben
Excuse em, my wife and daughter
What do you want to be here?
He tried,
Good, thanks
What are the guy with wrapped hand doing here?
Did you steal something from me?
Not my hypotheses, I have evidence
If you stole our food Better return immediately
Actually, what can be stolen from you?
Nothing at all and occupy here
Just because you have a musket?
You impress others by this, ain't you?
Don't say that
Abhorrent life
Some more people here
Give children some quiet You's better shut up
Before you and your family came here respected by others
In this bad situation, you and family can live together happily
It's not civilized saying this
You let us lose the nature of civilization once you came,understand?
If you don't like, take your wife and children, disappear
Would you please help to let the child quiet?
Could you let us shun it here?
Who are you teaching? You thought you are thw owner of here?
You bastard
Eva, 住...Eva
Please, mom, I'd go
Come back! Guy! Better all go away!
Sir, I tell him, please
Mother, please, , Not going
Really you didn't take anything? NO!
Then I tell them Let them die
You will be back, right? I go now
Don't come here! But your hand hurts
Still pain?
You don't tell me how did you get hurt
Who do you think you are?
You fought with others? With whom?
Don't want to say? No
Don't go, please
I've used to be alone The same feeling. No
Forget it, , see you later
Do you know what is it?
Things inside That is to say...
This can be used to light fire
Otherwise, can you light yourself?
Give it to me? Give them
You should come back
I have nothing to say
Maybe you must decide whether stay
I live nearby
It's silly to stay
You let him go, what shall we do?
How? Gone already
You should ask him back Should obey, right?
Don't you want to beat me again?
I shouldn't say to you in that way
Do you have cigar?
Of course yes
But not too much, too
Except me, there is nobody here smoking No one will fight for cigar with you
Are you come from city? Ain't you?
Which district? 12th
How long have you been here? No, just 6, days
Others? Nobody says, nor know
I don't like these people They said there is a train passed by 10 days ago
Stopped yet?
If stopped, I won't stay here
You can call me Belbena I'm Anna. I know
Have it? Thanks
Do you have things to exchange? What?
It depends, don't know what they want
I have several necklaces
Anything is ok, not broken Watch?
Keep for yourself
You? I?
This one? Ah, no problem
Can sell to others coming here
Do you think justice is locally?
What's local?
I know it's hard to totally understand a person even having sex relationship
But can see some more or less
Maybe it's justice's locally property
At least, it goes without saying, doesn't it?
But...what do you think justice,, ?
I know one
Fred, my leman, is locally
His most strange part is not known by others at least besides me
He is 36,
From the Earth was born, he was36, till now
He is support of my existence
God's hand will fall on us if he's here
If he want to break one of us...hum, all finished
Really? Yes
We are not ensured each other so other ways
We just in a locally relationship
It's not the time you get angry
How much is it? Not sure
Eva, what happened?
I saw them fight for water
We don't discuss water problem in detail
Listen to me, everyone, actually it's simple
If you want to leave, you must wait for the train with available seats
If you leave at your will can get a portion
Listen, everyone! Listen carefully!
Carriage may have space, but first have to choose route
What do you want to do? We have 14, including me
The train outside can't go without an engine
I just try to serve everyone
But only you know the value of the current materials
It's public affairs
You decide, better not put all problems on me
We need a person stand out Don't gabble
Miss, why do you always make troubles?
No one invite you and your husband to come here, no one welcome you
Do you think we want to come? Just because the train outside!
Put us into a place full of barbarians
Don't touch me!
Don't you think I know you like to control others?
Like to order others all days Others will welcome you?
It's just country, not city Don't like it just go back
I don't want to control you... Quiet!
Sorry... Listen something about recruit
The current recruits is out of control
Little...Because the source of recruit is the south
The recruits is less and less
Because the infield are more hungry And man-made destroy
Numerous reasons lead to the lack of food and crops
Lead to the worse of hungriness
Seems that my saving habit is no use
Just these?
Ain't you joking?
It's so every time. How can it have no report about current situation!
I'm disappointed by your report every time!
I've tried to help you repeat the most importand reports
If you don't get what you want Don't scold me
Shut up! Quarrel all says!
Don't think in others situation?
My husband tries his best to report what you want to know
What he gets is your laughing at him!
Don't you decide your stay or leave?
Look how irritated she is, my husband will take one more seat
You want to listen to her complains or decide right now
I just care when shall we go Don't want to wasting time here
Don't you have any sympathy? sympathy?
How come it's you who are talking about sympathy! Great!
Your sympathy is peeing under sun and making it smell good?
What you talk about is this sympathy? Better give the woman sympathy
Shut up! Gabbing all say Why the hell pray!
Enough, miss!
Sorry, I'm too irritated
That's alright, understand you
Her husband looks on that radio as cowry laughing at her all the time
Mme Azoulay has such a husband
Then do you want to stop the laughing?
What's more, when fighting and riding bike, he looks like woman
You wake me up, thanks, thank you very much
Really? Notice it?
Your slap is enough for me to meditate
But why don't you slap her, Mr. Xinsky?
Such a idiot callet shouldn't be published?
If you don't wake her up, just let her do those things again?
Why are you so sure?
It's all experience
Alright! Please don't say again
Don't say any more, please
Just for children, everyone doesn't say any more
You should have gone
The result is perfect Evryone's comment is pertinent
But I am still shame of you
Come...We go
Do you notice he didn't bark?
They went to town to steal cows some times They were too hungry to bark
And nobody noticed
So all the town are stolen
Anyway can't live on farm
deserted everywhere
Hard to find back the confidence
Except me
Why you... Because I'm fool
My behavior betrayed customs
So only me left
Those children always followed me
Laughing at me, look on me as object of playing
Why? Why? Because they are mad
Because only I who is antique I'm nothing in their eyes
I've no true friend Because I just their buffoon
Then, together with you, afraid too
They will say, your friend is just a buffoon with dogs all day
Where is it now? Driven away by me
So that not let it be the jokes on me by others
What's are you doing? No, it's rung
Are you looking for something? Yes, some small things
Can really light? Yes
Let's go Not going?
Goodbye! I'll go back
Ain't you cold here? I'm used to
I don't know if I can come here tomorrow
If I come, try to get some food for you
My mother has necklace and watch She should get the food
Those are valuable in the city As you ill
25 Litres, Big amount
Could you give me a little water? Please
You don't save me, no one others can save me
My husband I are arab, are not familiar with here
We have no place to live, and son is ill again
I beg you
Please, we have nothing to give you
We have nothing to exchange with you,except clothes, please
Don't waste time, Necklace, can give to you
Nothing else, son is ill, hurry
I beg youi, I can do whatever you want to do, you can do whatever you want
Madam, forget it, don't make trouble
we will help you, right?
talk about it later, No use
No use!
As long as you give me some water, I can do anything for you
Leave some water, please!
I beg you! It's ok to have sex with me right now!
How much a litre water?
Seems rich man, what do you have?
We have nothing, just waiting for the train
Then shut up!
I beg you, go!
I can give you bike
I needn't bike right now
Then watch?
Pretty. Why not give it to your friend just now?
You can be lord, thanks
That's it, still many customers, goodbye!
Dear father
I just find the paper and pen
Apparently, I must write to you
So many things happened here Someone can be confided
I don't know from now on if you can read or hear these
If you can feel how much we love you
I deeply believe, so I try, it's simply
My dearest father
It's so hard to find people who love each other
To find someone to confide is impossible
I almost asphyxiate
Maybe you will say why not say to mother and Ben?
It's impossible If you were here, you will know it's impossible
As father, scared all day
Because I don't know how to do
I can't bear, hope the situation is changed
Little Ben hasn't been the Ben you understanded
I knew a boy
Only with him I can have something to say
Although what we talked about isn't funny
I think it's not important
If mother knows about it, it's hard to deal with
I sometimes think all are mixed up
It's real, that's why I write to you
Because all the fussy turned to paper, they will be clear
But I can only tell you my situations in summary
And to my current situations, you have to imagine
We get up early every morning
Just because somebody here gets up early
Wakes others up
Then repeat the same work
Arina! ! Child is going to die! !
Where are you from? Seems none of your business
Be careful my things!
Whose barrel is it?? Take care
Times up,everyone sleep on cement floor temporarily
Because the town is too old Cement floor...
Helo, excuse me, is it yours?
If yes, please take away for a while It's our place
How? Don't be too loud, Take away,ok?
No one will study whose place is it
The number of horses is limited this time we have only 33
You can eat meat tomorrow afternoon
Sorry, excuse me, Waht's the matter?
I want to know what are they doing Why don't you know?
Ain't they waiting for the train? What train?
What on earth are they doing? Observe for a while, then you know
water fo 37 dollars a barrel, you take away like this?
I know it's yours, how? What's up?
Nothing, they just take a barrel of water from him
You are in charge of here? Everyone is in charge here
Do you think it's incredible?
Close the door, it's serious...
These people are not kind, ain't they? Yes
You are right
Do you have the news about that boy?
Did you see him? Excuse me
Sorry, I think better get the fire closer Train maybe come
I mean the carriage is in the orbit of the train
It's dangerous
We light a larger fire on the orbit
So the train will stop earlier once see it
Er, fire...
How is it? How is it?
A big fuss
It's very sharp
Come, you, , try
Right you! !
Deaf? It's your name?
Oh, ! Let me eat!
I would rather look!
Don't tell me you are not ready
Young man should be prepared with any gusty things
Come on, , Ok?
I said, your bike
Or will fall people to death
Are you alright
Please, produce milk
can you help?
What! Daydreaming!
Oh, who?
Whomo to help? Is it happy to help others?
The bitch said all day: she is sick, won't give us mild
Would rather give it to an old guy
Damn it! After drink, out by a pee!
Do you think we needn't eat getting up early and go home late
Do you know how much is the milk? How could you spill
Don't go
Son of bitch!
Hold, Thanks
Why can't people do good things
Manman, don't put it in mind
Where did you go? Leave me alone
Together with these people, can you bear?
If I, it's simply living death
Look at those sheep, they are dying
They won't if there is water
Don't be so cold-blooded
Children here are still young
They need water very much, do you know where is the water
If you...
Move over a bit
I sear, never see the woman
No, it's true! Murder!
Ask children! They won't lie!
Not real! I never see them
If you don't believe, ask my wife If you don't believe me
Give my husband to me! Stop!
Murder! Son of bitch!
Go away! Stop!
Madam! Calm down!
Listen, never see the woman all my life
Obviously, why kill her husband!
All the people know I'm kind person
What happened? The madam said This person killed her husband
Yours? Nonsense!
What happened?
She said it happened when they go back on vacation on weekend
Which weekend? Some days before
Ask the son of bitch
Ask what did he do
Impossible! They were in the twon
My wife and I are far away from here
Do you have any evidence? My husband is dead, dead
You know it's not evidence, But, this...
You can ask children, dead indeed
Sorry, if you have no evidence, we can't help you
Try to calm down, there always a way
Bind the rope, scare the horse
Go inside quickly, or will catch cold
Quick, go
Béa! where is Béa?
Ben! Béa!
Ben! Béa!
Think in my situation
You two are saying yourselves are right
You have no evidence, so do they
Whose idea should I follow?
Ans, I'm not judger
Here, everyone is my partener, it's fair
Er, life itself is unfair
Just for a living
I see such things by myself for several times
In such a small village, almost happens everyday
What you said is not too much
Why do you believe me? Er
I have the complete experience
Everywhere is so You will see the truth at the first sight
People are crazy
No matter day or night
I never see such things with a little sympathy
Rob anywhere, everything is mixed up
Just like the milm "ten warns"
People even sacrifices madman
These should be more unfair than yours
In a word, if you have no evidence
Better calm down and stop
It's good to you
If you understand me, that's better
Those Who are always benefic will be good retribution
That's a kind of fair
From the age of 36, I always think so
Excuse me, What's the matter?
Do you want? No, thanks
Then? I want to know if your recorder can play music?
Of course yes, come
Help me to hold it
I'm very glad that you like music
Give it to me
I'm very glad I always take my music tape
No mater where I go
Do you really like music? Yes, really
But coil tape in this way
If you want to listen, must prepare, right?
Georges, here
What? What are you doing?
What do you want? Shut up!
Go out right now! Want to kill all the people?
What? What happened?
Shut up! You shouldn't be so imprudent Don't you see with your eyes?
Let go! Let go! Don't pull me!
Are you all mad? Can't see?
You must shut up!
Look you and your husband, like bale bringer
You two foreigner don't bring anything
Just illness, gab , thief
Not just begin from today
You don't slander us!
I'm familiar with the country
You two patients have infected several farmers
Not real! I swear, actually they killed farmers
Ok! Elf brings a lawsuit first! Bitch! Come!
Don't put everything on us
Admit it once you do it
What are you quarrel! What do you want to do in the morning?
Tonight, they stole mutton, stole water
Someone saw, swear it's him
I can't bear someone steal our things, Never!
Not real, just beaten by my husband, just a revenge
Or they are too hungry, steal the mutton
In a word, talk about it after this morning
You want to shot him now? Where do you think he is?
I don't care him Put somewhere, or eaten...
It maybe misunderstand You are real not doubtful
I know it's the boy Which boy?
Just the boy with her, he stole the meat
Who teachs you?
How come you have so many thief things
No one teach, Is it?
Flawless, do you want to listen to me now?
Because your two foreigners were almost killed
I hope you can help those children
You have no evidence don't blether
Then I'm madman?
Then others are madmen, too?
Normall are
What's up了?
A girl suicided
I think you can help me, Help what?
I'm wrong
You destroy my hope of living
I'm disappointed
Here, Still can repair
Little girl's clothes, keep for children
The child is buried
Sorry, it's another strike to you
What happened? What are you doing?
What's matter with your head? Mad or other?
What are you doing?
Come here, what are you thinking?
Come here, won't hurt you
Trust me, won't hurt you
Look at the madman, will light
Shut up! Leave me alone! Shut up!
Let me go! Alright! Alright!
Alright! ! ALright! , Alright!
Calm down ! Alright!
Do you have anything unhappy to say to me?
No matther how, do trust me
God needn't you to do that, someone will
Everyone knows your heart
Yes, I guarantee it's true, don't be silly
You are brave
tell me, your parents?
Where are they?
Why do they keep you here alone?
They shouldn't do that
Trust me, don't be silly
You are brave, it's enough
We can stand through it
Maybe start from tomorrow...
There will be large carriage so that everyone can go inside
We don't close the door, seeing the landscape
Open the door and seeing the landscape in the train, it's cute
We never mention things happened here
Forget about stealage,quarrel, forget the death...
Your action just now is enough to prove your sincere desire
In addition, I will tell others your braveness...
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