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Tesis 1996

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Attention, ladies and gentlemen
This train stops here due to an accident
We're half way into the station
The doors will now be opened to let you out
Please do as you're told
Ladies and gentlemen, let's go
Through the carriages, to the platform
What's happened
A man threw himself under the train
Leave the platform as fast as you can
Don't look at the track
He's been cut in half
Right, let's go!
Out you go, keep to one line, please
Keep going, eyes off the track
There's nothing to see, keep moving
A man threw himself on the track...
No looking, please!.
Don't touch anything!
Move on, there's nothing to see
Keep moving, don't be so morbid
Keep going, go on! Move along!
School of Mass Communication
November, 1955
It's just an outline
Well, I like your approach
It's a very sensitive subject
And just what the ghouls will lap up
But you're treating it objectively
See in you class
Just one more thing...
On section No. 7...
"Audiovisual Violence"
I need more material
What kind?
Footage never shown on TV because of its violent nature
You have access to the library
You could get me interesting material
You find this stuff interesting?
Not personally, only for my project
- Violent footage... - As violent as possible
It would a bit awkward asking for films of such nature
They'd think I'm a freak
I can't promise anything
- Come back tomorrow - Thanks
Right, see you next week
And keep going to the cinema
Are you Chema?
I'm Angela
Listen, I hear you like violent films and have quite a collection
Of what?
You know, gore, porn...
It's false and you can't have them anyway
Go to a sex shop if you want a turn-on
It's for my thesis: Audiovisual Violence
Try Mickey Mouse
So you want to see the tapes?
So you do have them?
Yes or no?
You, students, like shooting off your mouth about film-making
But you know zilch about movies
What do you know about it?
What I've got in here
You two-faced sods say my films are crap, but you're all dying to see them
It's for my thesis... I'm not interested in your -
Come on in
Do you want some?
No, thanks
Right to the point, then - very well
Don't say I didn't warn you
Do you live with burglars?
I live alone
- No parents? - They don't live in Madrid
This was my grandmother's. She died last year
Don't touch anything
No one's allowed here. You're lucky
Why me?
You're gorgeous
- Thanks - You were born that way
Sit down, I don't charge for it
What do you want to see?
What have you got?
All types of porn
Soft, hard, violent, Eastern, you name it - all hot stuff
I'm not interested in this kind of porn, if that's all you have to offer...
You want action, then? Very well...
I need the really violent stuff
Really violent? How nice. You'll get off on this then
What is it?
"Fresh Blood" - a very beautiful and educational film
What are they doing?
What do you think? Removing his brain
That's what you wanted, so don't get squeamish
It's all real:
executions, beatings, lynchings... great stuff
- Hello... - Hello, Mr Figueroa
I need a favour
I'm looking for a Czech film but I don't remember the title
Can I check the tapes?
- You mean, in the storeroom? - I know it's irregular, but...
Come with me...
You know, it's odd... no one ever asks to go in
But you're the second one today
Is that so?
He came in a moment ago...
He can't hear me
Right, it's arranged by genres. I'll leave you to it
Shouldn't we wait for him to finish?
No, I don't think you'll bother him
- Unless it bothers you... - No, of course not
It's so large, you won't bump into him
See you
"Pornography etc., Shelf 5H"
It's horrible!
Do people really watch such films?
You do, for one
That's different, I don't enjoy them
It's loathsome
Ever seen anyone killed?
What do you think?
Not TV killing, real life killing
This is real. What more do you want?
You don't get me
I've never seen anyone killed
Mr Figueroa, we have to close now
Well, that's it
- Hi, bookworm - Have you seen Figueroa?
So you go for older men, do you?
Did you find him?
He didn't come to class, nor did you. Where were you?
Never mind... I'm off
Can a film kill someone?
A heart attack or something like that...
...caused by what they see
Not again! Wasn't yesterday enough?
You're a real sadist, aren't you?
If so, you'd even fuck a freak like me
I've got money
We're off...
- Sena? - Coming!
Sure you won't come?
No, I must work on my thesis
Then you'll want to borrow my clothes!
Don't work too hard...
- Mum? - What?
- What's on this tape? - What tape?
In the VCR. Did you watch it last night?
See what it is
- It's mine - Can't I watch it?
- It's for my thesis... it'll bore you! - How do you know?
I bet it's not just a reportage
Please quiet down
Hello everyone
I suppose you've all heard the sad news
Prof. Figueroa died on Tuesday
He was found in the screening room
Apparently he had an asthma attack while watching a film
I bet it was a Spanish film
You saw the film?
Did you take it?
My name is Castro
Jorge Castro
I'm a professor of Audiovisual Psychology, as some of you know
I'll be replacing Prof. Figueroa for the time being
I know the programme quite well... we should be able to carry on as normal
Which reminds me...
Angela Marquez?
I believe Prof. Figueroa supervised your thesis
I'd be happy to take it on
We can discuss it whenever you like
You're losing it
I'm not. You found him dead and took the tape
I didn't!
She did it! She took the tape!
- Why should I show it to you? - Because I showed you mine
- Why do you want it? - Why do you?
- It's for my thesis... - Bullshit! What the fuck's on it?
I don't know
I haven't seen it yet
You're stupid or what?
Your place or mine?
Give me the tape
Let the fun begin
I can't!
Your loss
Switch it off!
It's real!
A girl, tied to a chair, being beaten by a guy wearing a balaclava
Why are you doing this to me?
Shit, this is horrible!
I can't...
What's he going to do to her?
Don't watch!
I don't want to
Don't look!
Don't look!
I know her
She was at the university
She disappeared two years ago
Is she dead?
What else? They blew her brains out
What are they doing now?
- Cutting her up - Jesus!
Switch it off!
I knew it! The bastard's a butcher
Her name was Vanessa
Why did they do it to her?
It looks like a garage, doesn't it?
Yes, it's a garage
- It is a garage! - So what?
- She was tortured and killed - You don't say!
How can you watch this filth?
- You stole that filth! - I didn't know what it was
No, but you had an idea... deep down you like it
- What did you say? - You heard me
That's really stupid!
- Wait, what the hell's this? - I'm not watching!
I'm talking of the texture
The horizontal lines...
I only see intestines...
You've learnt nothing in 5 years. The texture's different
It's a digital zoom!
The bugger used digital zoom
So what?
We can find the camera he used
How many cameras have digital zoom? 5000? 1 0,000?
How many were there two years ago?
Not many
Very few
Autofocus, light control, stabilizer, stereo mike...
Here: "Digital zoom - the centre of the picture gets..."
B-2000 - it only came out this year
Let's see...
Stroboscopic effect, solar effects...
I'm sure that was the one
The XT-500?
Fuck, that's it! The XT-500
Here it is, I'm sure
Autofocus, audio dubbing... digital zoom
"This feature offers...
"...a significant enlargement of the original." There you go...
He used a XT-500
- It's the Hl-8 system, I think - Fascinating...
- Well, I'm going home for dinner - You're hungry?
No, scared
Don't take it with you
I want to see it again
Her parents haven't heard from her
Sena, come here
Did you search my room?
Why? Of course not
I hate people snooping around
It wasn't me
Well, someone's been looking around
It wasn't me
You were after that tape, right?
Leave me alone
It's Chema. I've got something
I'm not interested, got it?
- Someone's been in my room - What?
Calm down, will you?
- No one knows, don't panic! - Of course not
You'd better check your room as well
No one's been in here
But I must show you something
- I can't... - Yes, you can!
- I don't want to! - Yes, you do!
It didn't seem important at first
No, please, don't... please!
" Please..."
It's a cut
Look again
No, please, don't... please!
Why are you doing this to me?
It's been edited
Not just here, it's full of cuts
All done in the same way - very subtle
He's almost in the same position
So why the cut?
You want to see everything in films like these
The more you see, the better
So why cut it?
So we won't see something
Why me? Please -
She was going to say something
Something he doesn't want us to hear
His name
- She knew who he was - So what?
So now we know something about him
You sound like the police
Hey, don't insult me
We must find who were her friends
He might be one of them
I've had enough of this
You're scared
Of course I am, this isn't a game. It's real killing
Piss off, then. I'll do this on my own
You don't get it - I said it's over!
For you as well
I don't want any trouble
- I won't get you into trouble - So what will you do?
Go after anyone with a camera like that?
And if you find him? Or he finds you?
That's my problem
Too right it is
I've never been here, I don't know you and I've never seen that tape
What is cinema?
Cinema is an industry, it's money
It's millions invested in films and then retrieved at the box office
We have no cinema because it's not seen as industry
There's no communication between the makers and their public
We've reached a critical stage
Spanish cinema can only be saved if it's accepted as an industrial factor
You, as students of cinema, are the future of Spanish cinema
Save it!
The American industry... strangling you and there's only one way to fight it:
Give the public what it wants
Don't forget that
Angela, right?
How do you do...
- A drink? - No, thanks
Here's my project
Don't be so formal, I'm not that old
I've neglected it lately
Never mind, I just want to get an idea
Anything else I need to know?
"University Student Disappears"
"Where is Our Daughter?
"Court Blocks New lnquiry in Vanessa Romero's Case"
That's all for today... see you tomorrow
Don't forget to bring in your work
What do you want?
What do you want of me?
This is yours!
Are you doing Journalism?
No, cinema and TV
- One of us? - Give it to me, please
Is this a project you're working on?
No... well, yes, it's a project
- You're in luck then - Why?
I knew her
A friend of my girl. I know what happened
That's alright, thanks... I've got all I need
There are things you don't know
Where were you?
Yolanda, this is...
She's doing a project on Vanessa
Can I have a word?
Hi, roadrunner
Is it really a project or are you kidding me?
No, it's true
And the camera?
For the project?
Oh, of course
- Well, the truth is... - You're confused
No, the thing is... we still haven't got it
We've got to get authorization
Will this do?
I've had enough! It's bullshit
You've got to help me!
To interview him?
He pushed me
Pushed you?
What does one ask a killer?
Was Vanessa a normal girl?
I'm glad you asked: she was a wonderful girl, full of life...
...until I killed her, of course
Did she mix with wierd types?
No, she was a saint
Did Vanessa seem odd prior to her disappearance?
What do I know?
- Do you think she was killed? - You can't ask that!
- It's fundamental - You'll fuck up if you ask that
If I don't, he'll think I'm avoiding the issue
Who care what he might think. This isn't your thesis
What is it?
I'm leaving
Alright, I'm sorry
Where are my keys?
So what's his name?
Where are my keys?
- What's this? - These are my sister's
- I never lose my keys - Welcome to the club
This is Bosco and this is Chema
How's it going?
- Is that the camera? - Chema's the cameraman
- You know how it works? - I think so
When you're ready
Bosco was in class with Vanessa
Can you tell us what happened?
Well, Vanessa didn't come to class for several days
When we phoned her, they said she's disappeared
The police looked for her for months but we never heard from her again
You think she was kidnapped?
Some say so, but it's absurd
She sent one letter in which she wrote....
...that she was in love with some guy and ran off with him
There was no ransom demand
Didn't you think it strange that you knew nothing about her private life?
I don't spy on people... do you?
Any idea who she'd run away with?
No, but knowing Vanessa, it had to be someone...
...very special
- In what way? - In every way
Two years have gone by and I'm sure you've made a new life for yourself
But wherever you are...
...your friends won't forget you
Please, Vanessa...
Come back, I love you
- He was crying... - Bullshit!
- Suppose he's honest - Don't fall for it
You look at his angelic face and believe every word he says
- Do you fancy him? - Don't be silly
Don't you be silly
But that letter...
The letter just says she fell in love
- Who with? - Who do you think?
How can you so sure? And besides...
...Bosco has a girl
Get this into your head
Apart from being a stuck-up little turd, he is a psychopath...
That's all he is
Can't you see how he looks at you?
He's dying to blow your brains out while he buggers you
- He's mad! - Sounds like you know him
Right, go for him. He'll come round with a camera and a knife
- So what now? - Nothing
We know who he is, now let's go home
We must tell the police
Like hell we do! Not me, anyway...
We've no proof. We don't even know where the old man got the tape
From the library
No way
Anyone home?
A friend of your's here. He's gorgeous
Is Angela home?
- She is, come on in - Thanks
A bit on edge, aren't you?
You know where I live?
I do my own investigations
So what do you want?
I brought you the interview
Thank you, there was no need
That's not why I came
Why then?
I want to shoot you
There are no shots of you interviewing me
We need them for the editing
Sure, I forgot
Right, when you're ready
It's in close-up. You can't tell where we are
You'll see
Where's your room?
I don't like being taped
I don't believe that
A pretty girl like you?
Don't worry, it won't take long
Had this camera long?
Around... four months
It's no longer on the market
God, you do know everything
I got it second-hand
Why do you ask?
No special reason
You like asking questions, don't you?
Can I ask you one?
Go ahead
What colour are my eyes?
I don't know... I haven't really looked
I see... so you're a liar as well
How much longer?
You're in a hurry?
It's almost lunch
You'll stay for lunch, Bosco?
Love to
Great, I'm nipping out for a few things
Be good
What are you doing?
The light's bad for this camera. Sit on the bed
I can't get a good focus from here. Sit on the bed
That's it
Ready when you are
We're talking to Bosco, a classmate of Vanessa...
...who was close to her prior to -
Aren't you checking?
It's one straight shot
Look at me when you ask the questions
Did she mix with wierd types? Do you think she was kidnapped?
Any idea who she ran away with?
That's it
Hang on
You need some nods as reaction to my answers
For intercuts
- We were closer yesterday - I don't think so
Does it bother you?
Say when it starts bothering you
Every word brings me an inch closer
It's not funny
Don't speak
- Of course not - Not a word!
The mouth can kill
I'm not going to die
Five inches
What colour are my eyes?
Are you going to kill me?
Six more inches for saying that
Just one more word...
...and we collide
I thought you wanted this
Next time I'll punch your face
There won't be a next time
Angela, don't let Bosco set the table
- Who switched channels? - I did, the news is boring
How would you know? Where's the remote?
So you work as well as study?
I do some filming
What kind?
Whatever I get: weddings...
- Baptisms... - Does it pay?
Angela never does such things
She works hard on her thesis
You're doing your thesis?
I've just started
On what?
I'm not sure yet
Audiovisual violence and the family
You're into violence?
Not really
She loves it. She's warped. She spends hours analysing violent films
Shut up, Sena
Is this project part of your thesis?
No, why?
The last film she brought home was really something
You're doing a project?
What is it about?
Shall we eat? We've talked enough
What do you study?
- I started law this year - Law?
What do you know... I wanted to do law
Really? So why didn't you?
Don't know, I'm not cut out for it
You've got to be very...
Very tenacious... and very intelligent
- I'm neither and I'm studying it - Your meat's getting cold
You look it
How's Yolanda?
Who's Yolanda?
His girlfriend
We've broken up
More or less... the meat is excellent
He's been to your house? Bloody hell!
Why did you let him in?
I can't help it, he charmed my family
It's you he's charmed. With me, not even coffee, but him you invite home!
Stop being silly!
He says he bought it 4 months ago, second-hand
That snotty sod using second-hand?
He bought it new, with guarantee. He's got you again
We can check
You either believe him or me
That's rubbish!
Look, I've lost the receipt and the shop doesn't have it either but...
- They said you'd have it - What was it?
A XT-500 camera
You must have bought it...
Two years ago
The guarantee's expired
I know, but I need to keep the receipts
1 993...
- You live in Madrid? - Yes
Your name?
It's my brother's - Bosco Herranz
He must come himself
They said it's not necessary on the phone
Who told you?
Some girl, I think
One moment, please
"Customer unknown"
I knew it!
Freddy Kruger himself
Haven't seen you for a while
I've been busy
- Jerking off? - Less than you
Can I look at the closed-circuit tapes?
You want me to get the sack?
The 1 2th, the library
Slow down
What do I get?
My body
No, thanks
High-class porn
How did you get in?
What do you want?
Don't you know?
To kill you
The phone
Someone called Castro
- I hope I didn't wake you up - Not at all
I'd like to discuss your thesis
How about 1 1 today, in my office
- Fine... - Great
I'll see you later then
Is Angela there?
No, she's out
Come in
- How are you? - Fine...
Have a seat
I don't smoke, thanks
Right, let's see...
It's somewhere here...
I'm hopeless
Here it is
Let's see...
Why are you interested in violence?
We get so much of it in films, on TV, that we're getting too used to it
I'm concerned
Because I don't like violence
You reject it?
Of course
Yet violence is something that is innate in us all
We can't censor every film
But the director must be aware of its impact
The director's only duty is to give the public what it wants
That's the basic principle of all entertainment
Do you reject show-business?
- No, but... - It's a very complex issue
For example...
On what type of violence...
...will you focus?
How do you mean?
Any particular genre?
I got the impression - and correct me if I'm wrong...
I find that your approach is rather...
- Superficial? - Yes
You should get in deeper
This is meant to be a research project
These are just notes, it's not final
So you're investigating?
lnvestigating what?
I don't know... it's for you to tell me
Tell you what?
What you're investigating
I didn't say I was, you did
Since you seem reluctant to collaborate...
I don't get it
I'll tell you... try a different angle
What killed Figueroa?
Why ask me?
He was your supervisor. You must know what killed him
You said it was an asthma attack
He was quite old
What was in the screening room...
What was it he saw that could have killed him
Any idea?
You like theories... don't you have one?
No, I don't
Look, Angela...
I think you're an intelligent girl
I'm sure you'll go far
That's why I don't understand you...
I don't understand you
You don't understand me?
I think you do
Think whatever you like. I think I've heard enough
You know something?
So have l
I hate such situations. It's humiliating to be caught lying...
Like this, especially
Don't you agree?
It makes you wonder:
why do people lie?
Why are you lying?
What's on that tape
You've lost your voice
Very well...
I want that tape in my office, tomorrow
Now tell me
Why did you take it?
- Is Angela there? - No, who is it?
Where is she?
She had a meeting with some professor
Angela, I can't supervise a student who steals, lies...
...and, worst of all...
...who doesn't trust me. So, for the last time, why did you take it?
I don't know
- Where did you get it? - I don't know
Was it yours?
You wanted it back?
- So why take it? - I don't know
I'm getting tired of this
No professor here will take up your thesis if you're not straight with them
It has nothing to do with my thesis
It's far more serious
I'm all ears
No one else knows this
It's for you
You can take in there
Angela, it's Chema. What are you doing there?
- Get out, now! That guy's in it - How do you know?
- He knows about the tape? - He knows I took it
So he knows everything. He'll want it
Find some excuse and get out!
- I've got to go... - Do you?
I'll see you...
Shouldn't we finish...
- It's my thesis, my degree? - It's your life!
- I tried to get you all day yesterday - I called you too
- He'll be after me now - He's one of them
- I thought it was just Bosco - You were wrong
- How many are there? - No idea, but Castro is one of them
- How do you know? - How did he know you had the tape?
Because he saw me on the closed-circuit camera
Yes, and another camera taped him
- That's Figueroa - Wait...
Where was he?
Around the corner
He found out everything, including the tape
What's in that corner?
An underground store-room where they hide things
What things?
I've taken some
Vanessa wasn't the only victim
It's not an isolated incident. It's a business
Torture, murders... It's all down there
The cameras must be there too
What cameras?
13 XT-500, bought by the faculty two years ago, for practice
Do you know what it means?
To begin with, Bosco's not involved
Again? Why do you defend him?
There are 1 3 cameras. Any student could have filmed it
- No student made this film! - How do you know?
Because I - I did projects with those cameras
Before they were scrapped
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm telling you now
It's nothing to do with this
Those cameras are just gathering dust somewhere
They're gone. Nobody knows where they are
- They must be down there - There are only tapes
- We must find them - I was there, there's nothing
- Tonight, Chema! - Shit, no!
Listen to me, just once
You're doing it for him
You're in love with him, idiot
Tonight, idiot!
What do you want?
To talk to you
Vanessa was killed
We all had nothing but lectures... Vanessa and I joined a directors' workshop, Bosco too
We did some practice with cameras
- What type? - I don't know, I don't remember
One guy took the whole thing very seriously
He was always telling us what to do
Then Bosco and that other guy became friends
They started working together
They asked one girl to act for them
She had to take off her clothes and...
Well, I left them to it
It was awful
And the professor said nothing?
- Who was it? - Jorge Castro
Do you know him?
It got worse
Towards the end of the year...
...Bosco's friend told us about Snuff. Do you know what it is?
They choose some person...
...kidnap, torture, kill them and record it all on tape or film
No editing, no effects, no make-up
All in one sequence shot
That guy was obsessed with Snuff
Vanessa and I got scared...
He said it was very easy to make such stuff
I told Bosco we should pull out
They stopped seeing each other. I don't know why
The workshop closed
And a week later, Vanessa disappeared
They said she ran away from home
But she'd have told me
I'm sure that guy killed her
He used her in a snuff film
And the letter?
They sent it after she disappeared. She was probably forced to write it
And that guy?
Your friend, with the glasses
I've seen you with him
There are more. Do you watch TV?
More cases like Vanessa's
Five girls in two years
"The police suspects...
"...a video Snuff network." No other clear motive
No bodies
Have you told Bosco?
We hardly talk nowaday
Besides, he won't believe me
Chema wouldn't do it
You never know
- I know him - So do l
And I know it's him
- You don't believe me? - You said it
And this?
Is that also a lie?
The best woman in the world found her other half
She wore the trousers, he gave the blows
You had many lovers, none of them are alive today
They died, crushed under, while they were making love
There are times...
We can go
You knew Bosco before
Did you?
Did you know him?
Great! Thanks for telling me now
You told him about Snuff
So? Making snuff movies is something else
Why look for Vanessa's friends?
You know who they are
I hardly knew Vanessa or her friends
I only knew Bosco
Why did you fall out?
- I didn't trust him - Oh, really?
He looks sweet but he's a bastard
So are you, you lied to me... said you weren't involved
So you wouldn't associate me with Bosco!
I didn't want to scare you. I didn't want you to think that l...
And you care what I think?
You're right, think what you like
- Suppose I think that... - What?
Nothing, forget it
What about the cameras?
I know the security guy
Now what?
It's somewhere here
This way
These tunnels lead to the old boilers. No one's been down here in years
This way
See? Only tapes
Figueroa took the first one he saw
How many are there?
About 200
Must be good business
What are you doing?
Looking for the cameras
- What is it? - The masters
- Worth a fortune - You mean, the originals?
- No, but they must be here - Chema, don't waste time
The unedited originals: that's our evidence
They must have destroyed them
What was that?
- It's closed from outside - I don't believe it!
It may be worse
- We've been locked in! - Chema, where are you?
- Beside you, you're choking me! - What's going on?
- God knows. Do you smoke? - No...
- Shit, we need a lighter! - I have matches
- Do you really? - I think so
You're panting... like a dog
Give me the matches
It's half empty... good!
We've got to move, they mustn't find us
There... over there, look!
Someone's watching us
It's our shadows... it's just our shadows!
You disappoint me
- I'm scared - So am l...
...but that won't get us out
- What's happened? - The match's gone out
Chema, hold me
- What? - Someone touched me!
You told me to hold you!
Don't leave me
Why are you so quiet? Why don't you talk?
- What can I say? - I don't know
Tell me who you are, what do you do?
I'm Chema, I'm walking, I'm walking, I'm Chema
Hi, I'm Chema
You're squeezing my arm too tight
I'm sorry
I'll tell you a story...
A children story
Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a palace
This way...
When she was thirteen...
...they gave a great ball for her, with clowns, jugglers, acrobats...
But the princess was bored
Then an ugly dwarf appeared...
He danced, he did pirouettes...
"Please keep dancing", said the princess
But the dwarf was too tired, so the sad princess retired to her chamber
The dwarf was sure she would go and live with him in the wood
"She's not happy here", he thought
"I'll look after her, I'll make her laugh"
So the dwarf searched the palace for the princess' room
But in one of the rooms he saw something terrible
A monster with eyes which were bloody and crossed...
...with hairy hands and huge feet
When he realised he was seeing himself in the mirror, he almost died
At that moment, the princess walked in
"You're back, how nice! Will you dance with me again?"
But the dwarf was lying, lifeless, on the floor
The court doctor checked his pulse
"He won't dance with you again, Princess"
"Why?" she asked. "Because his heart is broken"
And the Princess said:
"From now on...
" one with a heart may enter this palace"
Here the story ends and the match bends
There's no way to tell which way to go
- There must be another exit - So what?
We can't see a bloody thing
Chema, bring the matrch here
What is it?
- What now? - Burn it!
Go on!
It's the editing room
Look! I told you
These must be the scrapped ones
Maybe, but Bosco's camera might be one of these
I'm cold
Do you want my coat?
No, thanks
How many matches left?
What now?
I don't know
Take something else off
- Why don't you? - OK, so it was a daft idea
Are they going to kill us?
Oh, yes
What are we going to do?
Shit, it's going out
Never mind
I can't see your face. I can't tell if it's you or someone else
Four, three, two...
- It's not funny - One...
Good-bye, Princess
I'm freezing
You can hug me, if you like
I like
Go on, then
Don't look at the track!
What colour are my eyes?
You've fallen in love with him, idiot!
Why did Figueroa die?
"Because his heart is broken"...
The police knows everything
You've lied to me before
You killed Vanessa and the others
I've never killed anyone
I only edit the films
- Have you seen them? - They're filth
You give the public what it wants
It's just the beginning
Who killed them then?
I'll tell you if you tell me who phoned you this morning
You know what's going to happen now
That person won't be coming
I don't know where he is
You're lucky, because I won't make you suffer
lt'll be painless
Now, please...
For your own good...
Don't move your head
His name is Jorge Castro
He's pointing a gun at me
Very well...
Don't move
My name is Angela, I'm going to be killed
He's dead
You wanted to see a killing, right?
Wanted to see a killing?
I've found a way out
I didn't pull the trigger, he did
I didn't kill him
What are we going to do now?
What do we do?
For a start, shut your mouth!
We mustn't see each other for a while
I'll take the masters with me
Let the bastard come after them
And if it's not him?
The Third Man
- Citizen Kane? - No, The Third Man...
Told you!
What's wrong?
I'm going to bed
I thought you were out with Sena and your friend
Which friend?
Bosco, he phoned a while ago and they went out
Did they say where?
- What are you doing here? - Where is he?
- In the toilet. Want a drink? - No, let's get out!
He left his girl, he fancies me!
Let's go home!
Sena, please, just go!
- Why? - Bosco's with me now
- He's not interested in you - And I'm supposed to believe you?
I'm going to the toilet
It's that way
What's going on?
- Don't hurt me! - How am I going to do that?
What do you want from me?
- Leave my sister alone - It's you I want
What for?
I told you not to come here
Let's go to the police
Sure, right away
- I mean it - Leave me alone!
- Hey, move aside! - You little shit!
- I don't want to go to jail - You won't, it was self-defence
- Who'll believe me? - It's on tape!
- We now know about the cameras... - So what?
The cops don't like me
Nobody does
Last night...
Chema, I can't take any more
You don't say!
Let's go to the police or I'll go mad
Where are you going?
To take a shower. We must look presentable
I won't abandon you
Nor me you
- Chema, where are the masters? - Can't hear you!
Hello? Police...
Why did you bolt the door?
- What's going on? - What do you mean?
- Someone's been calling all day - Who?
Don't know, they thought I was you
What did they say?
That I'm a whore and they're going to kill me
It's him
It was a girl
Bosco, I know you're there
You can't fool me any more
Stop lying... you were seen last night at the disco
How could you?
The bitch doesn't love you, she lies
They all do! Nobody loves you as I do
Bosco, you can't leave me like this
You just can't!
I won't let you do it
You know I'm capable of anything...
Do you hear me?
- Don't let anyone in! - Where are you going?
I won't be long
- What are you doing here? - Can I come in?
I called your home, they gave me this address
I come here on weekends
Come on in
- Are you alone? - My parents only come in summer
- Sorry to bother you... - Don't worry
I was trying to study...
I'm glad you came
- Yolanda knows about last nigh - I know
I want you to talk to her
What for?
We've broken up
She's been calling my home
lgnore her
She threatened to kill me
You're not the first
What do you mean?
She can't stand me talking to other girls
She's just too much
She threatened all of them
Vanessa too?
She knew about you and Vanessa?
What are you on about?
There was nothing between me and Vanessa
You're always up to something
Yolanda's right
You are something else
I'm beginning to think so too
Poor Angela
Always tense...
So I should be
What is it?
I don't want to go on
Are you toying with me?
I'd better leave
- You were different last night - I was drunk
Are you ever going to tell me?
- What? - That you fancy me
I fancy you
Let's do it then
It's the lights
Must be a blown fuse
I'll have a look
- I've come to save you again - Don't!
Come on, give me the gun...
Wanted kill me, did you?
Son of a bitch, you tried to kill me!
You little shit!
You always were!
Call an ambulance
Let's tie him up first
Why, Chema?
The garage...
The garage...
Out of the way
I'm going to kill you
Say hello...
Say: "hello"
She went mad this afternoon
I had to kill her
She never understood
In fact, I thought you were cleverer
But you've gone too far
Right, let me tell you what we're going to do
Hello, hello, testing, testing
Look at the camera, please
First I'm going to beat you up
For a while...
Then you'll faint and I'll wait till you come round
Then I'll cut your arms and legs
Then I'll mutilate you
I'm not sure how...
I'll decide as we go along
If I chop off your hand...
...l may put it on your head
Like a coronet
Those camp things are cool
Or I'll make you eat your ear and if I can...
...I'll take out your guts before you die
Terrifying, isn't it?
Look at me!
Terrifying, right?
When you're almost dead...
...I'll shoot you in the mouth
Then I'll chop you up and get rid of you
You did a really bad job on Castro
Right, then
We're ready
Don't move!
Don't move!
It's that hand...
I won't hurt you
That hand...
Tell me one thing
What colour are my eyes?
"Justice and the Law"
Good evening
When love, torture, death and money merge...
...we come across events such as the much publicised recent case
I refer to the case known as the "Snuff Girls"
Bosco was a nice, studious young man
A very normal kid, according to his friends and family
Buried in this ordinary garden...
...are bodies of six girls who've been missing since 1 993...
...including his own girl friend
This week, the police have found a number of snuff movies...
...and documents which incriminate Jorge Castro, professor of cinema...
... who was killed accidentally on the 3rd... he was about to start a Snuff production
The police gives no further information about this case
This, for Spain, is the first occurence...
...of the tragic phenomenon known as "Snuff" movie
I couldn't come, I was hounded by the police
So was l
I saw you on TV
By the way...
I'm switching it off
Hey, this is the best part!
They obey me
How are you?
I'm getting out tomorrow
I've brought you something
"The Princess and the Dwarf"
I've got this edition
This one is dedicated
I don't have my glasses
The day I discovered the tunnels, I also found the cameras
And I took one
You know me, I'm a bastard
Punch me if you like
I don't like... Why don't you look at me
I don't want to
So I'll be off
Go then
Good luck with the thesis
I've abandoned it
Can we watch TV now?
Can you read the dedication for me?
"First Edition, February 1 992..."
Just the dedication
"...popular poetry and prose collection"
"How about coffee?"
"No part of this work...
"...may be reproduced in any form, including..." which reality and fiction combine to produce a horror story...
...beyond the capability of any rational mind
We can only wonder: how can anyone do that?
Is there really a public that demands and consumes...
... this genre of cinema?
Well, the long-awaited moment has arrived
As announced, our team has acquired... of those macabre tapes
What you're about to see... the actual scene of Vanessa being savagely tortured...
...and subjected to all types of atrocities, before being killed
Reluctant as we are to show this footage...
... we believe they're of interest to us all
The savage violence speaks for itself
Here it is:
"Warning :
"The images you are about to see are extremely violent
"Some spectators may find them offensive"
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