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Tess CD1

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Good night t'ee
Good night Sir John
Begging your pardon, sir.
We met on this so same road to the day
and I said goodnight and you replied
"good night Sir john"
I may have
Did so again today.
So I did
Now, why call me Sir John
when I be plain Jack Durbeyfield, the haggler?
Just a whim of mind.
I'm Parson Tringham, by the way.
I've made a discovery about you.
I was tracing some family trees
for our new county history.
I'm an antiquarian, you know.
You Durbeyfield are directly descended from the
knightly house of the d'Urbervilles.
Did you really not know that?
Really really... falsely
There's your head a little
so I can see your face from the side
Yes... that's the D'Urberville nose and chin
trifle crosser and bold but still
in case my eyes
According to the Battle Abbey Rolls,
your line goes back to Sir Pagan who came from
Normandy with William the Conqueror.
Living away in rough all these year?
Well I thought that you might
already know something about it
But t'is true
I've got myself an old silver spoon at home and
graven seal which i don't take much heed.
where do we D'Urbervilles live today?
You don't live anywhere
you lie buried in your family vaults of Kingsbere-
sub-Greenhill, laid out in lead coffins, with you effigies
under marble canopies.
do we have any family mansions?
Oh, you haven't any
no land neither?
none at all?
you had an abundance of land in the old days
what can i do about it sir?
Well, as to that.....
can I do nothing?
nothing whatever
except possibly chasten yourself by thinking
'how are the mighty fallen'.
Good night, Sir John.
what do you say to a quart of beer with me sir?
There's a grand brew in at The Pure Drop.
though not so good as in Rolliver's.
Sir John D'Urberville.
that's who I am.
What is this?
T'is our club dance, sir.
But where are your partners?
They've not finished work, yet.
They'll be here by and by.
Will you join us till then sir?
with pleasure. But one partner won't go far amongst so many.
One is better than none
it's sad working here when there's noone to give you a squeeze.
what are you doing?
I've a mind to enjoy myself Come on you two
what if someone sees us?
All rightyou go on. I'll catch you up in five minutes
The nobliest in the county!
Oh lord... if it isn't your father
riding home in a carriage?
Hey! hey! The grandiest man in the whole of Wessex!
Father's tired, that's all.
he only sent for the cart because our horse died.
You know that very well.
Ah! I'm glad you've come.
Where are you off to?
I thought I'd change and help you.
We want to tell you what happened.
We've been found to be the greatest gentle folk in the county
Rooting back long before Oliver Grumble's time
Back to the days of Pagen Turks
With monuments and vaults
and crests and coated arms
and lord knows what all!
Is that why father made a mommet of himself on that cart?
Our true name is D'Urberville
that's why he came home in style
not because he's been drinking.
where is he now?
T' was a Parson who told him
the pedigree of the matter.
Well where is he now?
Well to tell you the truth
he was that upset. He's gone off
to the Rolliver's to get up his strength.
not much strength he'll find in the bottom of a pint pot.
Well, I'll go and get him
We'll be back before you know it.
now look be a good girl and put the little ones to bed for me.
Now there's!
The spoon may be small but my family was great.
Jack, they've got a project.
We have a carriage, state, mansions routing on...
Listen, listen to me.
Is there any money in it?
T'is well to be kin to a coach even if we don't ride in one.
I've been a-thinking since you brought me the news.
I've got a project.
Which reminds me, woman,
you better find that damn seal of ours
or i'll do you a mischief
Listen, there's a great lady by the name of D'Urberville,
living out by Trantridge
Yeah, at least nothing compares with us.
younger branch of our family no doubt.
I'll wager that they don't go back to king Norman's day.
That as may be but she's rich.
not a lot of good money will do us.
It could do. We must send up our Tess to claim kin.
Claim kin?
Why should two branches of the same family be
unvisiting too?
Certainly put her in the way of grand marriage.
sure to go there tomorrow morning.
Let's drink to that.
Mrs. Rolliver!
Ah there you are my poppet.
We was just on our way.
You are asking me to go up begging.
Begging? what are you saying?
T'is all in the family
If they was in need, I should take them in, we all would.
WE all have to take the ups with the downs, Tess.
now you must go and see her and ask her for some help in our trouble.
If the lady were to receive me at all.
It would be enough if she were friendly.
you must not expect for her to help us.
oh come come my dear
your pretty face, you could coax her into anything!
I'd rather try to get work.
You decide. Now if you say she must go, she'll go.
Now girl, do you want to go to visit kins?
Grandkins, Women-rows?
I'd much sooner not father.
There! she don't want to.
I don't like my children making themselves spineless kids.
I am the head of the nobliest branch.
And I've got my pride to think of.
All this grobbling about your ancestors.
It isn't them who'll buy us a new horse.
It's all new
WEll my beauty? What can I do for you?
I... I came to see Mrs. D'Urberville.
I'm afraid that'snot possible.
She's an invalid.
what was your business with her?
I'm her son.
It wasn't business, it was...
I can hardly say what... not business, sir, no.
Pleasure, then?
No, sir.
T'is all foolish. I...
I fear I can't tell you.
no, no. I like foolish things.
Try again my dear.
I came sir, to tell you that... we are of the same family as you.
Ah... poor relations?
No... D'Urbervilles, sir.
Now tell me. Do you like strawberries?
Yes, sir. They are in season?
Here they already are.
Our name has become Durbeyfield but we have several
proofs that we are D'Urbervilles.
That's what the antiquarians hold that we are.
So our mother said that we should make ourselves be known to you
say we've lost our horse and we are the oldest branch of the family.
I see... so
you've gone to pay me a courtesy call, really, as one relation to another?
Yes, I have.
Yes, well. There's no harm in that.
I would rather take it from my own hand.
Don't be so coy, my pretty cousin.
Look up.
This one too.
It's the perfect place.
Believe me.
You'll look a regular bosie.
what's this?
A thorn.
Ah... is it? Beauty has its price...
I'm not very hungry
truly I'm not.
You must eat something before you go.
It's no near ride from here to your village.
I shall see what i can do for you.
But listen, Tess, no more of this D'Urberville nonsense.
Plain Durbeyfield. Understand?
It's quite a different name.
I wish for no better, sir.
In reference to your daughter, and further to a visit,
we write to inform you of our willingness to considering
engaging her services in the managing of a poultry farm
of a modern character.
If after a certain suitable period your daughter proves
satisfactory we should guarantee you suitable accomodation and
a good wage. Your earliest reply would be greatly appreciated.
So, you charmed them after all, did you?
Let me see, the letter.
Who wrote it?
Who? Mrs. D'Urberville, of course.
below the signature.
Me? Manage a poultry farm?
I truly don't think I shall go.
T'is just her own way of getting you there without
getting your hopes up too much.
She's going to own you as kin.
Ah! You see? This is it!
It's the same as ours.
Look at it lad.
A ramping great big lion with a castle on top.
There's no denying it girl.
Mrs. D'Urberville recognised her own flesh and blood.
she never even saw me.
Well you couldn't expect her to throw her arms around your neck,
her being an invalid.
But her son made you welcome?
He called you cousin, didn't he?
I'd rather stay here with you.
Bye, father.
You are off then?
Yes. Goodbye, father.
Goodbye girl.
You are a comely site.
This young cousin of yours.
Tell him, being so come down in the world.
I would sell him the title.
Yes, I'll sell it. At a fair price.
Not less than a thousand pounds.
That's right tell him that I'll take the thousand pounds.
WEll now I come to think of it,
He can have it for a hundred. I won't stand on trifles.
Fifty. Twenty pounds, tell him and not a penny less.
Family honour.It's family honour.
Now it's time to go.
I want to walk a little way with Tess.
So do i, now she's leaving to marry our gentlemen cousin.
I'll hear no more of that.
Mother.How could you have put such nonsense into their heads?
she's going to work for a rich relation, my dears.
And help us earn enough money to get us a new horse.
Oh mother.
I wish our Tess isn't going to be a lady.
Don't hold my arm. Grab me around the waist.
Ungrateful little minx.
Why abandon me as soon as you feel safe?
The danger came from your foolishness.
I say what a temper.
When people are on top of the hill,
they have to get down somehow.
But never a gallop, surely.
Fancy being asked that by a brave little beauty like you.
I always go downhill at a gallop.
You can't beat it for stirring the blood.
But perhaps you needn't feel so, again.
Perhaps not.
All depends. One little kiss on those ruby lips
or even on that satin cheek and I'd drive at a snail's pace.
Either one.
But they don't want to be kissed, sir.
Stop, stop. Wait. I beg you.
Very well. Do as you wish.I don't mind.
But I thought you'd protect me being a kinsman.
Kinsman be hanged.
You are mighty sensitive for a village lass.
Oh my hat.
You look even prettier without it.
Come along now. Up you go.
No sir.
You mind my driving?
No sir. I shall walk.
But it's four miles to Trantridge, at least.
Well I wouldn't care if it were twenty.
You watch out for Dollop, the bailiff.
He's a devil.Not Mr Alec.
Spends half the time on horseback and rest of it chasing the nights with us.
Heard his mother's a queer old soul but no real trouble.
T'is mercy for us she's blind.
Mrs. D'Urberville's blind?
Stone blind.
Their real name is Stokes.
Who's that?
Mr Alec's father had the notion.
He bought the name of an old extinguished family
to make himself look important.
Whatever are you doing?
Missus is waiting for her birds?
Oh quick, quick, it's slipped my mind entirely.
Now you catch the Phena there.
And that one!
It's that one there and the white one.
So you are the new young woman?
Well? How are my birds?
This is Strut.
Doesn't seem so lively today, does he?
He's alarmed being handled by strangers I suppose.
And Phena? Ah... yes yes...
They are a little too frightened, aren't you, my poor dears?
Never mind.They'll soon get used to you.
Can you whistle?
Whistle Ma'am?
Yes. Whistle tunes!
A little.
Then you will have to practice every day.
I think a lot of my fowls but there are also my bullfinches which you have to consider.
I had a young lad who whistled to them very well but he left.
They've been neglected for days.
Master Alec whistled to them this morning Ma'am.
Oh... him...
No art, no nature ever created a lovelier thing than you, cousin Tess.
To see that pretty mouth pouting and puffing away without
producing a single note.
T'is all a part of my work, sir.
Well, never mind. I'll teach you.
I won't lay a finger on you.
See? I'll stay exactly where I am.
Now you watch me. Don't scrap your lips too tight.
Do it like this.
Blow gently.... gently.
No... no... try again.
There . You'll manage splendidly now I've started you off.
Tell me Tess. Didn't you find my mother a little... odd?
Why. I hardly know her sir.
WEll I'm not in her good books at the moment.
But you should find her favour if you treat her livestocks well.
So... if you meet to any difficulties... don't go to Dollop, come to me.
Au revoir.
Don't you fancy a dance then?
I'm all tired. When are you all going home?
Soon enough, soon enough.
WEll, my beauty. What are you doing here at this time of the night?
I'm waiting for the others sir.
Not being acquainted with the road home.
I only have a saddle horse, I'm afraid.
Come along to the inn with me. I'll hire a trap for us both.
Thank you but I promised to wait for them.
Very well. Ca m'est egal. Please yourself.
What's that creeping down your back?
WEll I declare... it's treacle.
You dare laugh at me, you hussie.
I can't help it.No more than the others.
Oh, you think you are the queen of Trantridge, dont' you?
Just because your first favourite with him.
She never said anything. Leave her.
I've worked two years for your heirs and graces.
If I'd known what sort you were, I never would have lowered
myself by sticking to your company.
I'll show you.
Hey there, work-folk. What's all the row about?
Quickly, jump up beside me.
Out of the frying pan, into the fire!
Where are we?
Passing through the chase.
Chase? T'is out of our way surely?
This forest is one the oldest and the loveliest in England, Tess.
Don't you think it is asked to be seen on a glorious,
god-given night like this?
Yes ... but
No buts.
There's a good girl.
I'll be honest with you. I'm happy.
I'm trying to prolong the moment.
You were shivering a while back.
Now I can feel your warmth against me.
Are you still cold?
No. Not now.
I'll let my animal walk in a bit further.
He'll make better progress once he's rested.
Tell me. What feels of your parent's horse?
They have no horse.
They have. Since... monday last.
Did you?
Forgive me for having mentioned it.
I thought that they would have written to you.
I don't know what to say.
It's nothing. I knew how important it was for your
father to have a new horse.
Really. It's you, he should thank.
I'm grateful to you, truly I am. But...
I almost wish you hadn't done this.
Yes, I almost do.
Is that a reproach?
Oh no.
T'is very kind of you, I'm sure.
I've been in torment since you came to us.
Then I'll leave tomorrow sir.
That is absurd. I don't want you to leave.
That's the last thing I want.
Is there no hope for me? None at all?
Oh, Tess. I'm dying for you. Can't you see?
Forgive me. Oh please, forgive me.
Are you hurt?
No. It's nothing.
You are bleeding!
Oh my god...
how could I have done such a thing?
It's me...
Don't be so foolish... open the door.
You'll force me to make a noise, Tess.
My mother has sharp ears. She'll hear!
Enough of this nonsense, darling.
Open up!
Why sneak away? Like a thief?
And at this hour in the morning?
nobody would have prevented you from leaving.
At least let me drive you home.
Unless you'd care to come back.
I shan't come back.
What are you crying for?
I was only thinking.
I was born over there.
Well, we all have to be born somewhere.
I... I wish I'd never been born. There or anywhere else.
You are absurdly melancoly, Tess. You can hold your
own for beauty against anyone. Queen or common.
I tell you that as a practical man who wishes you well.
If you are wise, you'll let the world get a clearer site
of that beauty. Before it fades. Why not make the most
of life? WE didn't fare so badly together, did we?
I was blinded for a while, that's all.
That's what all women say.
How dare you talk like that?
Has it never struck you that what all women say,
some women may feel?
All right, all right. I was wrong.I admit it.
Please, please, stop.
I should like to get down here.
I'm a bad lot I suppose. A damn bad lot.
I was born bad and I'll warrant that I'll die bad.
Listen, Tess. If circumstances should arise,
you understand, if you are ever in the least trouble,
least difficulty, just send me one line and you
shall have whatever you need, by return.
You really won't come back?
Goodbye my four months cousin, goodbye.
T'is no use of her pretending she hates it.
And wishes it in the churchyard and herself besides it.
She loves that child of hers.
Poor little mite. He don't look right for this world.
Good evening, Durbeyfield.
What's your business?
My business? Whatelse but the child?
I've to baptise it before lord gathers it to his bosom.
What child are you speaking of?
All my children are baptised. You all know.
Durbeyfield. Don't play games with your mighty.
I don't play sir. I work! I work! Like a beast of a field.
You can tell the almighty that for me!
The baby's dying!
You ought to have been more careful.
Like it or notJack that child was born this year!
Not true.
Come to your senses! For pities sake, let the vicar in!
He shan't set foot in this house! Not over my dead body!
There's enough disgrace on my name as it is!
The works of god have pity. Have pity on him.
Send all your anger on me and put all your mercy on my child.
My child!
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