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Tess CD2

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I should like to ask you something sir.
WEll speak girl, I'm listening.
Each of us share in your sad affliction, my child.
We are all members of the suffering body of christ.
My son was baptised.
Baptised? By whom?
By me... last night.
What procedure did you follow?
I woke my little brothers and sisters. Made them kneel down to
pray. Lazaru, hold a prayer book open, I lit a candle.
And then?
And I hold my child like this, over the basin.
Poured some water over his forehead. And I said,
Ibaptise thee, in the name of the Father,
the Son and Holy Ghost.
Did you make the sign of the cross?
Yes, I did that too.
It was allthe just the same as if you'd baptised him.
In the sight of god, I mean.
Yes, my dear girl. It will be the same.
Can you give him a christian burial?
That's another matter.
Another matter? Why?
That would concern village as a home,
not just the two of us, you understand.
Would you do it sir? Just this once?
I'm sorry.
I beg you! Please.
I told you. It's out of question.
Then I don't like you.
I shall never come to your church again
Never! Never!
Mr Crick!
You here already?
We didn't expect you till before tomorrow.
Just a step away from here to Weatherbury.
Marlott sir. I come from Marlott.
That's even further.
Quite sure that you can stand it here?
T'is comfortable enough for rough folks.
But we don't live in a co-cumber frame.
I'm accustomed to that.
I used to know your part of the country when I were a lad.
Good... right char...
Well you'll want a rest and a muscle of food.
I'd rather begin now. To get my hand in.
Ohh... come on... you must be famished.
No, Thank you. A little milk will suffice.
Oh well. If you prefer that... so be it.
Just what I hate. Haven't touched it for years.
Lies in my inwards like lead.
My thinking, we aren't getting all we should.
That's because there's a new hand come among us.
I know it's happened before.
They do say that the milk, goes up into their horns at such times.
Anyone would think we were back in the Middle Ages.
I don't think we are making any progress.
Keep it gentle. keep it gentle, sir.
It's the skill that does it, not your strength.
So my aching fingers tell me...
Mrs. Crick is far too proud to come a-milking with us and that's a fact.
Still, there's little enough worried about.WE eat like game carts.
Know you'll like it here. Mr Crick, he's a very kindly man.
Just fancy. he has his own family pew in church.
Dairyman on the deck all the weeks and on Sundays - Mr Richard Crick.
Who's that playing?
Mr. Clare?
Mr Clare.
Him that's learning to milk.
Angel Clare, he's called. Angel, t'is no common name.
He never says much to us. For is the pity.
Why? Does he scorn on common folk?
Quite the opposite.
He often makes mock of the old families.
It's quite simple.
He's a parson's son with a mind to be a farmer.
He's already tried his hand at the sheep-farming
and now he's learning dairy work with Mr Crick.
What does he hold against the old families?
He says that they are... they are war....
war mutants.
It's half of your soul trying to escape.
it's bread that's all.
No! Helping you sneeze, you are like the role you
throw away.
As I see it, no soul can be mortally shared before he dies.
What if a man falls down in a faint.?
Well that's a different matter.
The spirit lives on there inside you but you can not feel it.
We can sometimes make our souls leave our bodies.
How's that then Mickey?
Only have to lie by some grass at night and
stare up at some great stars.
And stare at it with all your might.
And by and by you feel you are falling into the sky.
Miles and miles from your body which you con't seem to need at all.
Tess! Why run away like that?
Are you afraid?
No sir.
Not of outdoor things. No.
But you have your indoor fears. Aye?
But I couldn't really say.
But the milk turning sour?
Fear of life in general.
So have I. Very often. Life's a puzzle. Don't you think?
Perhaps. now you put it that way.
It takes no use. It won't take it.
Visit the I shall have to call on conjuror Trentle.
I don't say I believe in my
but if nothing else works I shall have to try at chance.
Somebody here's in love, i'll be bound.
That can cause its white curd.
Conjuror Paul.
He didn't have the knack of it when I was a lad.
It's a pity. He must be feeding the worms by now.
My grandpa used to go to Conjuror Minturm
Hunted owls for him.There's no folk like him these days.
Somebody's in love I tell you.
What's the matter?
The blasted butter won't come.
Why's that?
To my mind...
How warm it is today.
I think... I better be out of doors.
Don't push.
He looks so sad.
What can he be thinking of?
Not of us. You can rely on that.
You are fine one to talk, lzz.
I saw you.
What did you see?
Just the other day.I saw you kissing his shadow.
O... Here he comes again.
Dear eyes.Dear his face. Dear Mr Clare.
It's terrible that he doesn't want to wed any one of us.
Or likely that he'll ask us to milk his cows for so much in years.
What are we going to do?
We shall have to take the Stonebridge road.
WE'll be late.
Do he go to church?
No no... never.
Wish he would.
You look like cats afraid of water.
Only on account of our Sunday bests sir.
Very well. I'll carry you just as you are.
No, no, I'm far too heavy.
Nonsense, I could carry all four of you at once.
Hold on to me. That's it.
I should put my arms around his neck and look into his eyes.
There's nothing in that.
There's time for everything under heaven.
Time to kiss and a time to cuddle.
Shame on you lzz.It's a scripture!
I always read the prettiest verses in church.
If you help me, perhaps I could climb along the bank.
Oh Tess. I've gone to three courses of this trouble Only for your sake alone.
She's angry.
She doesn't understand and she'll kick away her bucket.
Forgive me my darling Tess.
I don't know what came over me.
There's only one excuse for it.
I love you.
I love you.
Hello Mercy!
Forgive me I didn't see you.
Forgive me.
Welcome home.
How are you?
Very well.God be praised.
You look radiant with health I see.
The open air probably.
Have you come to spend the holidays with your brothers?
Are they here? I had no idea.
No. I'm only paying my parents a brief visit to settle some urgent business.
Oh. Then I won't detain you.
I have my bible class to take in any case.
Au revoir Angel.
Au revoir.
Angel! My boy.
I'm apologise father. I had no time to warn you of my arrival.
Actually forgotten how to write?
With a pen. Remember?
I brought you some common house delicadies.
Black Puddings and a bottle of mead.
Black Pudding...
It's true. Your mother and I have regretted hearing so little
of your news.
Why fare with him father?
If anyone wants time with sheep and cattle,
if we are closer to nature... Father, notsworth.
I'd like to remind you, Felix, that university education
means nothing. Unless it goes down to the glory of god.
It could also go down to the glory of land.
It can be in the second place.
Howfar have you got with your apprenticeship?
It's drawing to a close.
What counts is spiritual cleaness. Isn't that true, Father?
Too good together, my boy.
Father tell us that you intend setting up your own account.
In what part of the world?
I don't know yet. In the colonnist perhaps?
Heaven preserve us.
It could suit the type of forming I have in mind.
what colony?
The choice is wide. Or I may settle in a foreign country.
Some places offer lands to immigrants on very
favourable terms. Brazil for example.
One knows you will never see us.
Nothings settled yet. I came here to discuss it.
That among the other things. Shall we take a drop of good
Mrs Crick's delicious mead?
Oh forgive me . I forgot.
Strong drink is the root of all evil.
Take us into your confidence.
Is it something serious?
Not serious, but something important. The truth is
son't you think it's time i considered marrying?
Yes indeed my boy, yes indeed.
Your mother and I have sometimes debated the same question.
And what sort of wife would you favour
for a budding farmer like myself?
Truly christian, god-fearing woman.
One who will be of help and a comfort to you in all things.
The rest matters little.
You musn't hesitate, dear son.
Why hesitate?
To marry your heart's desire. Mercy Chant.
She may be fond of over- decorating the church and
flipparies and flowers, scraps of lacys and so forth but
It's merely a girl's fancies. It will pass.
Mercy's a pure and virtuous girl.
Oh yes I know she's pure and virtuous.
But honesty compels me to inform you that I have other plans.
Other plans?
Very much sir.
Mercy Chant appeals more to you than she does to me.
I'm not disputing her merits I'm only speaking of my own inclinations.
My dearest boy.
Angel.Please remember that you are addressing your parents.
I'm aware of that.
I already know the woman I intend to marry.
Her name is Teresa Durbeyfield.
Father, Mother. I respect you both.
I also respect Mercy Chant. And have no doubt
she'll find worthier husband with or
without your help. As for me, my mind is made up.
Oh it's you...
Tess, I want to ask you this now.
Will you be my wife?
I love you with all my heart and soul.
I can not be your wife.
Don't you love me?
Oh yes yes...
I'd rather belong to you than anyone in the world.
Forgive me. I can't marry you.
It was the good lord who put this nice young person's in your way.
You must believe that.
But with respects to your question, I tell you quite private but
very strong. On no accounts, say a word about your bygone trouble.
Never a word, my girl. Least of all to him.
Tess. Why does the idea of becoming my wife displease you?
I never said that. It would please me so much.
It's simply that I can not.
Why? Is there someone else?
Don't i deserve to know the truth?
Not now
When then?
But why?
I'll tell you when we get home.
You'll stop loving me when you know.
Let me wait till then.
Londoners will drink it at their breakfast tomorrow, won't they?
Yes but watered down, in case it goes to their heads.
Strangers that we have never seen.
You saw me once before. you know that?
I did?
You wouldn't dance with me.
It was at Marlott.
Of course!
That's incredible!
You remember now?
Now my girl.
Yes. I may never again be brave enough to tell my story.
Then get on with your precious story.
I was born at such and such place and in such and such a year...
I was born at Marlott and i grew up there.
I was in the Sixth Form when I left school.
They said that I would make a geed teacher.
But there was trouble in my family.
Father was no great worker.
He drank. Anyway, my parents, they...
it was then that something happened.
Something which changed my life like.
They discovered that we were not Durbeyfields
but D'Urbervilles.
WEll, go on.
WEll, that's it.
WEll the D'Urbervilles are an old family.
I know
On account of being of that name my mother thought that...
I was sent...
-I had a... -A what?
I was told that you hated old families.
Is that all the trouble?
None of that matters, Tess. Say you'll be my wife.
Say it, Tess. SAy it, my dear love!
Yes yes yes...
my health, my simplicity.
I'm a strangeness of my situation.
I perhaps lessen my fault.
But since I've committed it I am guilty.
I must be guilty.
Because the lord sawfit to take my child.
If what I have just written, failed to pass my lips,
in your presence, then I have repeated it a thousand times
in my heart. For it was the fear of losing you forever.
For love of you,
Is hall conquer that fear and bring you this letter
Once you are savoured Angel
you'll hold the rest of my life in your hands.
I hope and I tremble. I love you.
Oh darling!
I've been assumed to put an edge on my appetite.
I'm starving.
Angel please. I must speak to you.
What's the matter?
I want to confess all my past faults, all of it!
Later Sweetheart.Once we are married,
we'll tell each other everything.
I have some failings of my own to confess!
I required and charge you both
as you all have to answer at that dreadful day of judgement.
Let the secrets of all hearts should be disclosed.
If either of you know any impediments
why you may not be lawfully joined in matrimony,
Ye do now confess.
Will thou have this woman for thou wedded wife
To live together after god's just ordinance
In the holiest state of matrimony,
will thou love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness
and in health and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her,
so long as ye both shall live?
I will.
Welcome sir, welcome ma'am.
Mr Plunkit told me to make ye at home.
The rooms, they are ready. They are on the first floor.
Mr Plunkit had to leave for Manchester so you'll have the whole house
to yourselves. I hope you are very comfortable here.
The house is inclined to be damp but I put a good fire
in the drawing room and leave it the afternoon.
As for food, look, I've prepared you a cold supper and maybe
there's a nice bottle of wine to go with it!
Tomorrow, if you wish, I'll bring you some of my husband's
excellent cider. He makes it himself.
Oh... oh... to use your ups...
The... bedroom!
A bit of surprise, love.
I've totally prepared...
my son picked it in the bush.
Oh... it's a good bed.
I think you'll find that you like it.
now i'll leave you to yourselves.
Which are my hands and which are yours?
They are all yours.
Open it. It's for you.
Family jewels.
Is this for me?
Of course.
Put them on. Put them on now.
Oh god, how beautiful you are.
Come and see.
I have a confession to make my love.
You have something to confess?
Why not? You think far too highly of me.
Now listen. I want you to forgive me.
And not be angry with me for failing to tell you earlier.
This is nothing for fear of losing you.
I shall be brief.
Not long before we met, I lived in London for a time.
There, I met a woman older than myself. Ours was a flase
relationship. A sad one. It was all over in a few weeks.
That's all there is to tell.
Do you forgive me?
Angel, oh, Angel.
You are so utterly good and gentle
I was mad to fear you'll hate me.
I have a confession too Angel. Something of a same kind.
Well, tell me at table. WE'll talk over supper.
I'm hungry, aren't you?
I told you. I have a confession like your own.
What confession?
I shall be just as brief.
His name is D'Urberville like mine.
Alexander D'Urberville.
His family bought the title.
Their real name is Stoke.
It was fate that drove me to work
for false relations as a way of hoping my own folk to live.
Alec, Alexander took advantage of me.
Lioness strengh... my defeat.
I became his mistress and his affaire without love.
Like yours, my sad union ended after a few weeks.
We bore a child which died very young.
My life was a ruins until the day I met you.
I'm going out.
If you don't forgive me......
but I forgive you, Angel.
Yes, I know.
But you.... you don't forgive me?
You were one person, now you are another.
I have mercy.
I have mercy.
Angel, what do you mean by that laugh?
How can you speak to me like this?
It frightens me. How can you?
You are not the woman I loved.
Well, who am I then?
Another woman in her shape.
It is not the woman I love... but
another woman in her shape.
Angel, Angel, please.
I was a child, a child when it happened.
I... I knew nothing of men.
You were sinned against. That I grant you.
So you don't forgive me.
I forgive you, but forgiveness isn't all.
You don't love me.
I can not help associating your lack
of firmness with thedecline of your family.
Decrepid families imply indeficient
will-power and indecadent conduct.
I thought you were a child of nature.
But you are the last in the line
of degenerate aristocrats.
Breakfast is ready.
You can get rid of me.
What did you say?
You can get rid of me.
You won't see me.
Good god.
How can you be so simple?
You are too much of a child. Too immature.
Too ignorant I suppose.
Leave that!
You are my wife, not my servant.
I am your wife but you don't want to live with me.
You are going to go, aren't you?
I couldn't stay without despising myself
which is worse than despising you.
How can we live together while that man exists?
He is your natural husband. Not I.
Can you honestly tell me to stay?
But it's absolutely necessary that one of us remain here
to avoid a scandal.
We must at least keep up appearances.
Oh yes we must.
What will you do?
I can go home.
You sure?
If you leave me, I shall go home.
Cross-in-hands, sir.
Yes I know.
Now let's be clear about this.
There's no anger in our hearts.
Even though something has happened between us
which I cannot endure at present.
I shall let you know where I go
and if I think i can bare it, if I'm capable of it,
I shall come to fetch you.
I shall wait.
Until then, you'd do better not to try and join me.
Until then, I must not join you.
May I write to you?
Oh yes. If you are ill or in need of anything.
Ha¡­ very good day to you Mr Clare.
I've brought you some groceries.
There is some chicken, come sausages and bacon.
Thank you, thank you so much.
I've also brought you some butter, some flour, a dozen eggs
But that's far too much.
Newly-weds are always hungry sir!
From tonight onwards, I shall cook for you myself.
The truth is, you see, for sometime I shall be needing less than
that, because, infact, I shall be alone for a day or two.
My wife has been obliged to rejoin her parents.
Was there any illness in the family?
No no nothing of that kind. It was all arranged beforehand.
So as far as all my meals are concerned during Mrs. Clare's
absence, I'll talk of that later.
Well shall... shall I leave the basket?
Yes, indeed... the basket'll do for the day.
I was passing on my way home sir.
WE wanted to wish you well.
You and Mrs. Clare.
She's not here.
I'm on the point of leaving myself as you see.
I'm leaving England.
I've made up my mind to go to Brazil.
Brazil? I am pleased.Tell Mrs Clare,
I hope the journey agrees with her.
She will not be leaving for the present.
I'm going on ahead to get
the measure of the place and see what life there is like.
How's Retty?
Good. REtty's as strong as ever.
And Marian?
Marianne's taken to drinks sir.
Yes.Mr Crick's got rid of her.
And you lzz. Are you well?
With you gone sir, how could we be?
There... tis said.
Bye sir.
Goodbye lzz.
If I was to ask you to come with me now,
Come to Brazil with me,
would your answer be yes?
To come with you I should leave everything this minute.
You know what it will mean in the eyes of the society.
I wouldn't care.
Do you love me so much?
I've always loved you.
More than Tess.
No. Not more than her.
Nobody could have loved you more than Tess.
She would have given her life for you.
I could do no more.
Oh... it's vanity.
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