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Tess CD3

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Good night my pretty.
Good night sir.
It is late for a maid to be roaming around the mane by herself.
Have you lost your way then?
Step up here beside me and I'll take you a part of the road.
for you scarce put one foot in front of the other.
Ride with me I say.
Ah? But I know you.
You are that Mr Stokes- D'Uberville's fancy woman.
You weren't too proud to cock-a-leg for Groby.
If it isn't my little Tess.
Oh poor poppet. What a state you are in.
You are so cold!
Here. Get that inside you
This will warm your bones
Go on my love. Drink it.
Get it out
You mustn't let yourself go.
Even bad luck runs out in the end.
Take my word for it.
I can't go on.
You'll feel better tomorrow.
OH no. I can't go on. My life...
If I had the courage, I'd like to die.
Don't talk such flubbery.
Why didn't you come and see me sooner?
Eh? I could have taken you in here, my girl.
Is there still some work here.
In this wretched place?
There's always work here.
Come... have some of my nice soup.
After that, we must take off those slum,
mirky clothes and prettify yourself. Eh?
Just to make me jealous again, hey?
WEll, Tessy.
Are you the new hand?
T'was you was it?
Is that all you've done?
T'is a mighty poor show.
She's not accustomed to it.
I don't keep useless hands here.
I'm not payed for what we do.
So where's the difference?
No arguing.
I want the whole lot cleared.
Well, it's too late.
You'd better.
Now, you not mind Groby.
T'is just as well.
Ah... I know lord loves us.
but it's not like it was at the dairy.
Dairyman on the deck all the week,
On Sundays he's the Mr Richard Crick!
It don't do to pray here missy.
There's been a curse on this place.
This is the Cross-in-hand, isn't it?
Aye. So it is.
On the count of a malefactor they tortured here, in ancient times
they did nail his hand onto the post and then they hangged him.
The bones are down there to this day I'm told.
What have you found?
An old pair of boots.
STill in good condition.
Could be of use to the poor.
There! Have a look.
I knew nothing of your circumstances.
Nothing at all until your mother wrote to me.
My mother?
She wrote what you should have told me a long time ago.
I came at once.
Why did you never say anything?
I had nothing to ask of you.
That isn't so.
You wear your ridiculous pride like a h
And you put me even more in the wrong than I was!
Against my will
I have done my duty for my child.
On my honour i did it.
I want to take you away from this wretched place.
Somewhere you're worthy of.
What is this strange temptation that misery holds for you?
Come to your senses.
Come away with me.
your father's ill.
Did you know?
they fear the worst.
your family will be evicted if he dies.
I'm offering you my help sincerely.
Noone else seems to care.
Who is this husband of yours?
How can he abandon you like this?
There's a point beyond which obstinity becomes stupedity.
Are you in love with this drudgery?
I may be a sham-D'Urberville
but my little finger can do more for you than
your blue-blooded ancestors.
I'm right. You know I am.
Forget about all this
and forget about that mule
that you call your husband.
Go on. Hit me. I shall not cry out.
Once beckon... always beckon again.
That's law.
I was your master once
and so shall be again.
If you are any man's wife, you are mine.
My own dear husband.
I shall die soon unless I get a word from you.
All my letter have remained unanswered.
Have you even received them?
I long for one thing only. And that is to see you again.
Come back to me Angel.
Come back to me and save me from the thing that threatens me.
Any reasonable person would call this a ludicrous situation.
I offered to help you. You wanned all of that.
You prefer to turnyourself into gypsies.
Please go.
In other words, Mrs. Clare, you are asking me to let
you starve in peace.
Go away!
You'll be civil yet.
What's to become of me and my poor little mites?
WE be the D'Urberville family.
It's written there isn't it?
Oh yeah... it's written there fine enough. I grant you.
But the rooms have been taken.
You never sent in your deposits.
He means the money to pay for the account, mother.
There's more to life than money sir!
You can not leave these poor, fatherless children in the streets.
It would be a crime!
Hospitality is sacred, even among the Pagan Turks!
Please Missus... tis your own fault.
We'll see about that.
We are a true descendents of the knightly D'Urbervilles.
Nobody leaves us in the streets like raw apples.
Not in the home of our ancestors. Our boards are in the
crip there laid out there in their carpets.
what's with you...
No, my dear. What's true is true. Your poor father's eyes
are on us. We mustn't shame him.
Oh lord protect his own. On the weekly champ he punished.
Ladies stopping here then?
no my good man. we are going on.
Good man... good man...
I ought to get by to Marlott.
Unload Darrell.
Yes Here.
We shall camp beside our church
until the town of our ancestors,
Find us our shelters.
Now come on children. Set to work.
Why am I on the wrong side of this door?
It's me Father, Angel!
My boy, my poor boy.
I've been ill but I'm alright now.
Why have you treated me so monstrously Angel?
I do not deserve it. I have thought it over carefully
and I can never, never forgive you.
You are cruel. I shall try to forget you.
All I ever received of your hands is injustice.
Mr Durbeyfield.
Beg your pardon?
You are Mr Durbeyfield?
They don't live here no more.
Since when?
Since John Durbeyfield died.
Do you know where they went?
Durbeyfield... from 1832 to 1888
more properly D'Urberville of once
powerful family of that name
and directly descended through illustrious lines
of Pagan D'Urberville. Likes of a conqueror.
How are the mighty fallen?
Ah yes... how indeed.
May I? for the poor.
I prefer to settle the Mason's account.
You'd think he's never been paid for his work.
They were an odd family.
My collegue Mr Tringham, would have done
better to have kept his mouth shut.
I should like to see Mrs Clare.
Yes I know. She's not here.
You are Mrs. Durbeyfield.
Where is she living?
I don't know.
I'm her husband.
I guessed as much.
Then tell me where she is.
Please, tell me.
Leave her. Leave her in peace.
My poor girl's suffered enough.
She don't care to see you sir. Never.
Mrs Durbeyfield,
take pity on a lonely, wretched man.
Tell me where to find her.
I beg you.
She's at Sandbourne.
Sandbourne? But where?
It's a large town these days.
That's all I know. Sandbourne.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a Mrs. Clare.
Would you by any chance know her address?
Ah, George. You got a Clare around?
No... we've had a lot of visitors here. You know.
Or Durbeyfield. Miss Durbeyfield.
D'Urberville at the Herons.
That's it. D'Urberville.
It's a boarding house sir. Can't miss it.
Where abouts?
Please excuse me for calling at this hour.
But do you have a Teresa D'Urberville staying in your board?
Mrs D'Urberville you mean?
Please come in.
Would be kind enough to tell her that her relative
is anxious to see her?
It's rather early sir. What name shall I give?
Mr Angel?
Angel. It's my christian name. She'll understand.
I'll go and see if she's awake.
Tess. I came to ask your forgiveness.
It's too late.
Too late? My darling wife.
I've come to fetch you. I'm going to...
Don't come near me Angel please.
Too Late. Too Late.
I'm not the man I was. I've suffered too.
I humbly beg you to forgive me.
Yes. yes... But I tell you it's too late.
Don't you know at all? Don't you?
How did you find your way here?
I saw your mother.
I waited and waited for you.
But you didn't come.
I wrote to you. But you didn't come.
He has been good tome. To all of us.
He's won me back to him. He's upstairs.
Go now Angel. Go please.
Never come back anymore.
Good morning my dear
WEll, what's the matter now?
You feeling unwell?
Is that why you have the vapours?
Yes? No?
yes I know. You are moping as usual.
For god's sake, try and make an effort.
Did you have a bad dream?
Brazil perhaps?
These mooning hysterics of yours are in poor taste.
Don't forget we are lunching with the Bennets.
I'd like you to look presentable.
A genuine D'Urberville.
I came to tell you that I killed him.
I've done it.
I don't know how
I don't know.
I tried to rake him with my glove put
the blood in his mouth
I thought I might be capable of it
Yes... yes. It was from that day on
What's mean?
I've killed him
I won't desert you.
I shall protect you by every means in my power.
Whatever you may or may not have done, I love you.
I love you.
Will they hang me?
WE must get out at the next station and head north on foot.
They'll be looking for us at the Wessex ports.
Once we reach the north we'll go abroad.
WE have makings of a mule here.
and a bottle of wine.
Rest at last.
We must leave at once.
WE must leave here as soon as possible.
My life couldn't be a matter of weeks?
Why not wait for them here?
Since they'll catch me in any case.
I'm going to save you.
Do you hear?
I'm going to save you.
Can't we rest here?
I'm afraid not. By day this place is visible from miles around.
There are no stars tonight.
Perhaps we could have made our souls take flight together.
Do they sacrifice to god here?
No . To the sun I believe. It's a Pagan temple.
Older than the ages.
Older than the D'Urbervilles.
Do you think we shall meet again after death?
I'm afraid Angel. I'm afraid.
There's no use sir.
The whole country's roused.
She's sleeping. Just a little longer.
Have they come for me?
I'm ready.
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