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Right, left. Right, left.
Right, left. Eight more. Right, left.
Seven, left. Six, left.
Right, left. Four, left.
Three, left. Keep going. Two, left.
And last time, left. Now sit up just a little more.
And last time, left. Now sit up just a little more.
Hands behind your head.
Exhale and bring the right elbow to the left knee. Inhale. Straighten.
Exhale. Left elbow to right knee.
Inhale. Straighten. Right, up.
Left, up. Right, up.
Never in the history of the world has there been a boy as slow as you are.
Now, come on, Brad, move your dead ass. Let's go.
I don't feel like it.
Go ahead without me.
I'm not going without you. Come on, let's go. Get your bike.
Brad, you're gonna be a terrific rider. You just gotta wake up.
Get your bike, and let's go.
I just don't feel like it. Not today.
You always say you just don't feel like it.
Then when you get out there, you have a terrific time. Come on.
- Not always. - Brad.
Left, up. Right, up. Left, up.
Right, up. Left...
Hi, Bob.
- All right now, huh? - Yeah.
- I just gotta wake up. - You just gotta wake up.
- Think you'll be able to keep up? - I might.
Sure, you will.
You wait and see,
you'll turn around a couple years, I won't even be able to keep up with you.
You'll be blowing right by me.
But I'll still be able to beat your brother.
We're gonna be going up that hill.
- Right? - Right.
Charging up that hill.
Let's do it!
Come on, you're doing great.
Come on.
You can do it!
You can do it!
Come on.
You can do it.
Come on.
Come on, pump!
You can do it.
Come on.
Morning, Henry.
I'm gonna get started. I'll see you back there.
Hi, Mr. Abhart.
Mary Liz.
Mary Elizabeth.
Speak to me.
Mom, I'm not hungry, and I don't have the time to eat.
Breakfast, now.
- What goes on here? - I'm coming, Mom.
Yes, I can see that.
- Here. Here. Here. - I hate them.
Those are your favorite pants. That's your sweater that your grandmother
sent you from Chicago. What...?
- What is all this? - Some stuff.
Some dirty stuff.
- Oh, Scottie. - Don't open that!
- Why not? - There's treasure in there.
Excuse me.
Listen, young man. I'm gonna count to five. You better get dressed.
- No. - One. Two.
Three. Four. Five.
There's rehearsal today.
- Hi, Tom. - What do you say, Lar?
Love the robe, Cynthia.
- Good ride? - Not so good.
- Make the hill? - Dad did.
Mary Liz, come on.
Scottie, stop fooling around.
What time is it?
Oh, that can't be right. I'm late. Why didn't anybody call me?
- Where's Daddy? - You must eat something. Come on.
Give me a break, Mother.
- Eighteen minutes flat, Mike. - Is that good?
That's fantastic.
It's 30 seconds better than my best time.
- What do you say, Hiroshi? - Hiroshi, Tom can't go fishing now.
- He has to go to work. - Some other time, huh, pal?
- Okay. - How about Sunday?
- Yeah. - Catch a fish as big as your old man.
- This big? - Bigger.
- Bigger. - Bigger.
- This big! - That's a minnow.
It's all right, Mike. I don't mind.
Hell, he gets along great with my kids.
- I'll see you Sunday, huh, Hiroshi? - Yeah.
All right. See you later. Take care, Mike.
- See you tomorrow. - See you this morning.
Come on, kids, you're gonna be late.
- Bye. - Bye-bye. Have a good day.
- Bye, Daddy. - Hey, don't I get a kiss?
- I made it in 18 minutes. - Really?
- Yeah. - Bye.
Hey, we'll do it again in the morning. You'll do better.
Come on, let's get going.
I made it in 18 minutes.
- You smell. - I smell? That stinks.
- Thanks for telling me. - Eighteen minutes.
Well, that's great. How about...? Where did you go?
Shower, shave and clean up. Remember, I smell.
- How about a little help? - No.
No time. I'll do it tonight, leave it.
They come this morning.
Come on, sweetie pie, let's go.
Where's the toilet paper? I couldn't find any.
- Have you seen my keys? - I can't see anything.
- Have you seen my wallet? - Where's Scottie? Scott!
- Where's my breakfast? - Try your other pants.
Right over here, on the table.
- Boo! I'm a rat from Europe. - A what from where?
- You are not a rat, Scottie. - I wanna be a rat.
- Looks like a rat to me. - No, he's a child.
I don't know about that, except for this banana.
Well, in the school play. A child, a very important part.
- I'd rather be the rat. - Does that mean I can be a rat?
- Thanks a lot, pal. - It's only a school play.
Yes, one I happen to be the director of.
- An act of suicide, if I ever saw. - What's suicide?
- I didn't say anything. - You certainly did.
- Stop, you're making my ears hurt. - I gotta go.
- What about breakfast? - Don't waste it.
Give us a kiss, rat.
My God, look at the size of that dandruff, huh? Here's a kiss.
Bye, rat.
Bye, madam director.
Ah, my wallet.
Did you hear that? Was that Scottie?
Go to sleep.
We have to talk.
Some other time.
There is no other time.
Go to sleep.
I'm serious.
So am I. Turn off the light.
This is the only time we have time.
What are we gonna get Brad for his birthday?
He wants that computer game.
Get him a good bike. Lygee.
A solid Peugeot.
Get him out of toys and into the real world. That's what he needs.
That's what you think he needs.
Why are we talking about this?
Brad's birthday is two months away. Why are we talking?
Go to sleep. Turn out the light.
Ronnie Peebler didn't register for the draft. He's been indicted.
I don't know what's gonna happen.
- Brad will be 18 in... - Carol.
In five years and two months.
- Then wake me. Now? - Go to sleep?
- Now what are you doing? - Looking for my journal.
- Carol, it's the middle of the night. - So what?
- There isn't anything in that journal. - Well, I'm gonna start right now.
I've heard that before.
Sometimes you're such a...
I've heard that before.
Talk to me.
I've heard that before. I've tried that before.
What are you doing? Get out of there.
- Get out of there. - Get out of where?
Cut it out.
Give you something to write in your journal.
Okay, you asked for it.
This is from...
And this is from...
Who did you say that was from?
It's time, honey.
- I don't wanna do that. - Fellas, what's happening?
You can have the straw too.
Come on, gang, let's move it.
- Bye, Mom. - Bye, darling.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, Mom.
Let me out of here.
And they'll pop out from behind.
- Like, they'll all pop out. - Now, let's get down to work.
Rats, over there.
Children, over here.
- The mayor. Where's the mayor? - Right here.
Here's the mayor.
And the Pied Piper also.
Lisa, come beside me. And the little crippled boy.
Come on, Scottie, yes.
- Now, you'll do fine. - Here, darling, I'll take it.
...piano, please.
Thank you. Now, I want you all to listen to Mrs. Wetherly.
All right. Let's begin.
All the rats go over here. Crouch down low.
Crouch down low for the beginning.
Townspeople, just push back. Give Lisa some space.
That's right. Remember how we did it before? Good.
Okay, Lisa? Lisa, come on, darling.
- Do you know your opening lines? - Yeah.
Now, remember that there's gonna be people
way in the back of that room, and they need to hear you too.
So you wanna speak up a little more. All right?
Welcome. We wanted to do this play because we live in Hamlin, California.
So did this story happen a long time ago, in a town called Hamelin.
Thank you.
Wonderful. Okay, Lisa goes off.
Now, all of you run to your town places. The rats go into the mountain.
While fishing for dinner, a boy caught a big letter A.
He then caught a B,
a C, D, an E and an F, G, H, I, J...
Hi, dear, won't be home until late. Don't wait dinner.
In fact, forget dinner. Sorry.
- How's it now? - Funny.
That's a big help. What's that supposed to mean?
- Mary Liz, will you turn that down? - Wrinkles.
What? I can't hear you.
Mary Lizard, would you shut that thing off.
Hi, dear. How's everybody?
Dad and I thought we might drop in on you guys around Easter.
- It's snowing in Chicago. - Yes.
- Call us collect. - Yes, what?
No more wrinkles.
Stupid antenna.
When are we gonna get cable like everybody else?
It's me again, honey. Scratch that last stuff.
Gonna get out of here by 3:30, and with luck, I'll be home by 5.
Your dad will be home for dinner.
Carol, Cynthia. This costume for the play is driving me crazy.
Call me.
What's a alphabet?
You don't know what the alphabet is?
Oh, yeah. A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
- Do you know what it's for? - Yes.
Better try again.
That's not the antenna, Mom.
Hands off, banana man.
This is San Francisco. We have lost our New York signal.
Radar sources confirm the explosion of nuclear devices
there, in New York, and up and down the East Coast.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is real. This is...
We interrupt this program at the request of the White House.
This is a national emergency.
This is an emergency action notification.
I repeat, we interrupt this program at the request of the White House.
Do not use your telephone.
Telephone lines should be kept open for official use.
Important instructions will follow.
- Ladies and gentlemen, - Hello?
- the president of the United States. - Tom?
- Hello? - Mom!
- Mom! - Get away from that window!
- Mommy? - Get down on the floor. Get down.
- Was that Dad? - Is he in San Francisco?
- I'm scared. - I don't know.
Put your heads down, cover your eyes.
Oh, my God. My God.
Mommy! Mama!
- Kenny! - Mommy.
- Carol. - There's Phil and Cathy.
- They're safe. - What happened?
I don't know. No one does yet.
- We just got home. - We just got back. We're so lucky.
Thank God we're all here.
- Have you seen Kenny? - No.
Where's Tom?
He'll be here any minute.
I'm sure he will be.
we're at Henry Abhart's.
We're all okay.
Come. We'll wait.
CQ, CQ, CQ. This is W6DN,
Whiskey Six Delta November calling.
Three generators.
He built it specially.
It's still working.
No, there's no damage here, except all transistors are knocked out.
- Who else have you talked to, Hal? - Rosemary, dear. You both all right?
Yeah, I been trying to raise them myself, without success.
He's raised Yuba City and Eureka,
and we got a place somewhere near Omaha, Nebraska.
Maybe there's an electromagnetic radiation effect there.
You keep trying, Hal.
Well, folks... far I can't raise Seattle, Portland, Sacramento or Southern California.
San Francisco is silent.
The entire Bay Area.
Visalia and a chunk of Montana. West Texas.
North of us, now, they're okay.
What about Chicago?
So far, I can't raise anything east of Keokuk, lowa.
A fellow in Twain Harte thinks they hit Yosemite.
The sky is black with splinters,
and trees and rocks coming down like rain.
Must have been a mistake. There's nothing strategic there.
We keep waiting for word from Washington,
or where they've evacuated to.
And it'll come.
We may be crippled, but we're not cut off and we're not dead.
If you want news,
if you want food and water, and whatever we got, we can spare.
Rosemary and I, we'll be here.
Day or night, we'll be here.
...where's Daddy?
He'll be here, honey, as soon as he can.
- But I want Daddy. - Mary Liz, it's all right.
Come on in.
I'm okay, Mom.
What are you doing?
Keeping watch?
Dad would.
February 24th.
I'm so afraid.
Nothing seems real.
Everything looks the same.
Maybe if I write it will help.
I ache to talk to my mother.
If I could only hear her voice.
I hate breakfast.
- Since when? - I can't know.
My dish has dirt on it.
- So does mine. - Let me see.
Well, we'll wipe them off.
- There are others. - Thanks.
Thank you, darling.
The milk tastes funny.
- It's warm. - When's our refrigerator gonna work?
Doesn't radiation get into cows?
We'll use powdered milk.
Your dad has all that stuff from your camping trips.
That stuff tastes funny too.
Doesn't radiation get into water?
Well, it can. Maybe it won't be so bad here.
But we'd better be careful.
What's "radation"?
- Here, have a banana. - You never gave me one before.
I did now.
There may not be any more for a while.
- May I have the butter, Mary Liz? - Yeah.
Would you see who that is, dear?
When's the television gonna work?
What are we gonna do today?
- No more questions, okay? - Hi, Larry.
- Here, darling. - Okay.
Hello, Larry.
Can I stay here until my mother and father get back from San Francisco?
Were you alone all night?
Are they with Dad, Mommy?
Of course you can.
- Like some bread? - Yes.
- Mary Liz? - Yes, please.
- Brad? - Okay.
If you... If you could just quiet down.
Just, could...? Could you, please, just be quiet?
Just one moment,
and then we will tell you exactly what we know.
- All right, now, listen! - Which isn't very much.
- Please listen! - Quiet!
All of you, listen.
When are you gonna do something?
We just don't have all the answers. That's all there is to it.
- But we are trying to find out. - Tell us anything you know.
Henry Abhart is talking with other communities, some even in Canada.
- There may be answers outside. - You can't depend on that old man.
Who else knows how to run that radio?
I mean, he's gonna have to have some relief.
We're hoping to get our communications network
restored shortly. That should give us a fair picture
- of what's happening out there. - I'm not worried about
what's happening out there. I'm worried about right here, Darryl.
I got a plate-glass window broken, $500.
My pharmacy's looted, 2,000, 3,000 dollars.
- I want my goods back now. - We all know that the supermarket
- was broken into last night, Darryl. - There has been some looting,
but right now the markets are under guard and it's quiet out there.
Look, if there's any further trouble, we'll invoke martial law.
- At least for a while. - Someone comes by my place,
they try to do something, I am gonna protect myself. I don't care who it is!
You don't take the law in your own hands.
Hey, calm down. Don't create panic here.
This isn't getting us anywhere.
The reason why we've come here today is to work together,
to make this community work.
We called off school today.
The teachers and the administration, we thought,
"What's the point?" Now, that was wrong.
I remember after the president was assassinated,
we bowed our heads, we mourned...
...we went on.
Look, maybe... Maybe we should start a community force.
- What, like the Red Cross? - Yes, like the Red Cross.
To help those people who need it.
I don't think it's reasonable to expect we're gonna get help from the outside.
- We have civil defense. - What civil defense?
Are you people crazy? You're talking like this is an earthquake
or a hurricane. Well, it's not! Bernie, you're a doctor,
why don't you tell these good people what they've got
to look forward to here.
We don't know yet.
Well, we really have no equipment available for accurately measuring
radiation fallout.
If the rads dosage reaches...
...40 or 50 per hour, and remains there long,
there will be illness.
And that can lead to dizziness...
...gastroenteritis, fever,
skin sores, hair loss.
- Doctor? - Bernie.
My baby wouldn't take my milk this morning.
She threw it up.
Maybe that's nothing, maybe she'll be fine in the morning,
but how do I know?
Is there...? Is there something I can do?
The best sources we have recommend using only bottled water
and eating canned food.
Oh, you make me laugh.
Bombs, hundreds of bombs, are leveling cities.
It's throwing debris miles into the sky.
And you're telling me it's gonna have trouble
finding its way into my canned apricots.
Hey! You don't understand.
Hey, you! You! I want you out of that line.
There are other people waiting for gas. You got some nerve cutting in front.
No. No, no, no.
No! Come on! Out! Out!
Come on! Come on, move!
Oh, no, no, no. No credit card. No. No, no.
I don't have time for you, come on.
Good morning, missus.
Your husband get home last night?
He was on his way.
We thought we'd come by, in case we hear from him.
- What are you charging? - It's free to my regular customers.
I thought last night, Hiroshi and I, we don't need much.
Food and roof.
Store some canned goods.
When the gas is gone, we'll plant a garden.
Go fishing. Hey, Hiroshi.
- You wanna go fishing? - Go fishing? Yeah.
Can I go fishing too?
How come the gun, Mike?
Just because I'm giving away gas, I'm no fool.
You too.
Ones that never been here,
ones that never had time for us, for Hiroshi.
Well, I'll accept the gas, Mike,
but only if you and Hiroshi come over for a meal.
I wanna repay you somehow.
The gas has been paid for, missus, many times.
I just hope you get to have a use for it.
February 25th.
I stopped sleeping.
Afraid to close my eyes.
I find myself staring at the children.
How did this happen?
- Hi, darling. - Hi.
There's no saving places in line.
He's my son.
I don't care, I've been waiting for hours.
Well, so has he. More than four hours.
This is our place.
You got a lot of nerve.
- Hi, Brad. - Hi.
H- E-A-V-E-N.
You win.
I saw that, Billdocker.
So what, Wetherly?
- Put them back. - So what?
A couple of batteries.
- Hello, Brad. - Hi, Mrs. Abhart.
- How's your family? - Okay.
Well, I heard that too. You know what happened?
Nova Scotia heard the Russians pulled a preemptive strike.
West Texas heard it was the Chinese,
South America heard it was some radical liberation organization.
Glad to hear from you, November Six Hotel Lima.
Catch you soon again, Harvey.
Hi, laddie.
That was Santa Rosa, they got it worse than we do.
Some actual blast damage.
Lot of concern about contamination. Good spirit, though.
Can I stay, Mr. Abhart?
I'll tell you what. You can... these down to Dr. Jenson and that lady mayor.
They want these rad numbers.
Why, what they're gonna do with them, I don't know.
- Have you got your bike? - Yeah.
You rode up the hill?
I knew you would.
I keep hoping to reach Mischa Usoff in the U.S.S.R.
Can I come back, Mr. Abhart?
I'll tell you what. You do that.
Eleven days.
I wear your sweater.
It smells like you, my love.
I thought we'd go on a picnic today.
Up by the trees.
See the one we planted when you were born.
Mary Liz's, Scottie's.
Some people are leaving.
The Peeblers, the Hoffers, Dr. Jenson.
Think we should leave?
Talking about Northern Canada.
Survival camps.
- How are they gonna get there? - I don't know.
What do you think we should do?
Mr. Abhart, he lets me watch.
I run errands. I ride my bike.
Mary Liz has her piano lessons, and Dad could still come.
And this is our home.
Go on, you two run on ahead.
Scottie's tree.
I can't write today.
Dance, pipe and skip.
Dance fast into the mountains. Dance.
They're gone.
He's done it, by gadfry! Come out, citizens.
Come out.
I'll accept thou promised payment of 1,000 guilders,
for I have saved your town from the plague of rats.
You play wonderful music.
But what rats? I see no rats.
I will pay you 1 guilder out of the kindness of my heart.
Thou made a promise. Thou now is forgetting.
You're not going to be difficult, now, are you, Piper?
Thou is gonna be sorry. Next time I'll play a different tune.
Play away, I love music.
Lisa, who was supposed to be our narrator, is sick.
Nancy is going to take her place.
From schoolrooms and playgrounds, from kitchens and nurseries,
the children came.
And their parents could not stop them.
The music of the Piper led them.
Wait! I want to see islands! I want to be strong
and tall and powerful.
I want ice cream.
Piper! Piper! Piper!
Oh, my son. He's gone. He's dead. Oh, what have we done?
Your children are not dead.
They will return.
They are just waiting until the world deserves them.
Hi, Phil.
Oh, they said we should conserve wood.
We had a tiny box, but it wasn't big enough.
We didn't have a bureau the right size,
so Henry gave this to me.
It's got tongue and groove.
It's a real antique.
And she'll fit in.
She'll fit in here.
We thought we were so lucky.
It didn't seem like there'd be any more bombs.
Then Suzie had to get sick.
Of course, I tried to tell Cathy that we're young.
We could have another baby.
You were so helpful to Cathy, nursing.
Cathy was so proud she had plenty of milk.
We gave her water, but we boiled it.
Tell Cathy...
Tell Cathy we love her.
March 8th.
I write this to try and keep my sanity.
What's left.
What if the baby is the lucky one?
I want it back.
- Give it to me. - Mary Liz!
He can't have it and you can't have it!
- You can't do it! - I'll do what I want!
- Not that! - She's hungry.
- I'm hungry, you're hungry, - I don't care!
- Scott's hungry! - We're feeding him, aren't we?
I won't have fighting!
She was feeding a cat. A stray cat.
- Mary Liz. - I don't care.
- I've always wanted a cat. - We have to ration food.
I don't care.
And Larry is a part of our family now.
What's the matter anyway? Why are we bothering?
Mary Liz, I won't have you talk like that.
I knew it. I knew you'd side with Brad.
You always side with Brad.
He's not so great.
- Mary Liz. - Don't come in.
Don't come in.
Don't come near me.
- Sweetie. - I just wanna die.
Don't you do it.
I want my daddy.
I miss him too.
- Have you seen Scottie? - No.
...I think you'd better come with me. - What's the matter?
He said he was running away.
I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't let me.
Hey, there, little man.
Where did you come from?
Oh, I don't know.
What are you doing?
- My treasure. - Your bottom drawer?
There's not enough food for them anymore.
I'm running away. I hate fighting.
You've been known to get in a few yourself, stubborn man.
- No more. - Where will you go?
Maybe I'll find Dad.
If you did...
...what would you do?
I can't know.
You tell me.
Well, you could see the mountains and rivers.
You could see the cities.
You could come back here.
Would I be scared there too?
We're all scared a little now and then.
I don't like it.
I don't either.
- At all. - I know.
- Tell it to go away. - I can't.
Where are you going?
We can't stay here anymore.
We'll write to you.
There's nothing left for us here.
- Ever since the baby... - Our parents, we...
We have to get away.
We'll find a safe place.
We won't stop until we do.
We'll come back, just as soon as we can.
Good luck.
Bye, Carol.
Bye, Carol.
this is Whiskey Six Delta November calling.
Henry Abhart here in Hamlin, California.
This is Hamlin calling and carefully tuning.
Can you hear me?
Looking for calls.
Yes, sir?
I told the police chief you were talking to Greenland.
He says his radio will be working again soon.
He always says that.
Do you want me to deliver any other messages?
...Rosemary's been walking the neighborhood, doing things.
Going from house to house, checking on people,
seeing if there's anything to do.
Right now she's not feeling as good as she should.
And maybe for the next couple of days, what you could do
would be to take your bike and stand in for her.
I'll do it.
- Yes, sir. - There's one other thing.
I can't raise Santa Rosa.
March 23rd.
Mary Liz is practicing a new piece.
Larry has stopped talking, and Brad...
Brad never rests.
At least 1,300 have died.
The hospital is still open for emergency services.
There's a minimal staff on duty 24 hours.
I noticed we lost our garbage pickup this week.
Well, there won't be any more. It can't be managed.
One more thing.
any burials.
I want you to do them carefully.
Darryl, how about the police?
My men are on duty and they'll remain there.
...manpower has been depleted.
The communications system will be repaired.
...will be maintained.
- Darryl. - Please sit down.
Sit down. It's all right.
It's all right.
Remember that skunk in Yosemite?
Grandma's house?
- Yes. - The smell.
Remember the bathtub with clawed feet?
The morning I walked in on you and Dad?
What's it like?
What's what like?
Making love.
Don't play mother with me.
That's what I am.
What's it like?
I was so ignorant as a girl.
Worried about it. So full of fantasy.
I thought some man would come along and sweep me off my feet.
And your father...
...he wasn't at all what I was looking for.
Not the size or shape,
or what he did exactly, I still don't know.
When you love someone,
you wanna be as close to them as you can get.
You make love...
...and you feel almost like the same body.
Like it was intended.
You have a space, and that person fills it up.
We would fight. We wouldn't listen to each other.
We'd miss...
We'd miss goodbyes.
But sometimes...
...most times,
there was this feeling,
and I couldn't wait for him to be here with me.
Everyone's always alone.
And yet...
...there can be this gift.
This making of miracles.
Not for me.
You're going in the water.
There we go.
That's a boy.
Just rest your head against here, all right, darling? That's a boy.
You all right, darling?
Larry, thank you. There. There's your bear.
All right, darling.
Okay. That's my boy.
That's my big boy.
I had a little nut tree
Nothing would it bear
- But a silver nutmeg - But a silver nutmeg
- And a golden pear - And a golden pear
- The king of Spain's daughter - The king of Spain's daughter
- Came to visit me - Came to visit me
- And all for the sake of - And all for the sake of
- My little nut tree - My little nut tree
I still can't find it.
- Mom! - I can't find it! I want that bear!
It's time, Mom. Don't you think we should get it done?
- I'm sorry I'm late. Let's begin. - Not yet.
- God said... - Forget God.
No one is touching him. No one is burying him until I find his bear!
Do you hear me? You understand?
Whosoever believeth in me...
...shall never die.
It's me again. Can you believe it? Double scratch.
I'm gonna have to stay in San Francisco after all.
All these false alarms.
I'll make it up to you, I promise. Give the kids a kiss, and love to you.
Well, what is it, young man?
Are you all right?
I'm perfectly well, thank you.
Just resting.
- Next time, knock. Thank you. - I did.
Where is Mary Elizabeth? She's late for her lesson.
My grandchildren were the same way.
They loved to watch me.
- Here. - No, thank you, I can do it myself.
- Why were you late? - I wasn't.
Don't be again. Shall we begin?
You have been practicing?
- Yes. - Good. Now,
let me show you
the width of the fingers
and the strength of the chord,
I want in that left hand.
Sunday, I think.
Watching Brad,
the man he's become.
The man he'll not live to be.
Larry left us today.
He just crawled into a ball and died.
His mother was my friend.
Hey, what are you doing?
That's our food, Billdocker!
Let go!
Oh, no! No, no!
Not my bike!
... home every day
- And I'll send all my loving to you - Come on.
Never in the history of the world has there been a boy
as slow as you are.
Now, come on, Brad, move your dead ass. Let's go.
- What are you doing in my chair? - Henry!
Oh, it's "Henry" now, is it?
Mr. Abhart.
What you do is...
Call me what you want.
What you do is get me a new voice.
How is it out there?
That's what I thought. Same as in here, you know.
I keep losing things, and I can't find them.
They go away and they don't come back.
Come here.
Well, I'm not giving up on this old world yet.
So Rosemary's gone...
...but I'll be here.
I don't know what day it is.
I've lost track.
Henry thinks some miracle may save us yet.
He's foolish.
The cemetery's full.
They're burning the bodies.
My first-born.
My daughter.
Is that Mike?
Hi, Brad.
- Hiroshi. - How are you, Brad?
- Pretty good. - What are you doing, Brad?
I came to take you to my house.
- I go to your house? - Yeah.
- Okay. - We're gonna go for a ride.
- Let's go on a ride. - Wanna get the stuff in the bike?
- Nope... - Yeah. Let's go.
So done much fishing?
All right. Put this right in here.
- Hey, your fishing pole. - Oh, my fishing pole?
- Okay. - Wanna go fishing?
- Go fishing? Yeah. - Okay.
- Fishing? - Fishing.
I'm taking you home
because I don't think your dad's gonna be coming back.
Oh, my God.
This is pretty good, huh?
You pedaling? All right!
Here we go. This is good.
We got your fishing pole, we'll go fishing.
We'll have a party with all this food, huh?
Here we go.
You're doing the job. All right!
Delta Six...
This is Whiskeys Delta November calling.
Henry Abhart for Hamlin, California.
This is Brad... Brad Wetherly for Henry Abhart, Hamlin.
This is Hamlin looking for a call.
Looking for a call.
Hamlin, looking for a call.
Henry's dead.
Who did this? Goddamn you.
I'm ready.
Battery still works.
I know, Mom.
Brad, l...
I can't do it.
We forgot presents.
Where did you find it?
What do we do now?
Make a wish.
What do we wish for, Mom?
That we remember it all.
The good and the awful.
The way we finally lived.
That we never gave up.
That we will last, to be here... deserve the children.
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