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Texas Chainsaw Massacre The

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...this inditement is only one of a series to be handed down...
as result of the respectful rangery investigation.
Ray Robbin, in Texas, is this hour top news story...
and informant led officers at Marto County sheriff...
department, to a cemetery, just outside the small rude Texas...
community of Newt, early this morning. Officers there...
discovered what appeared to be a grizzly work of art...
The remains of a badly decomposed body, wired to a...
large monument. A second body was found in the ditch near...
the perimeter of the cemetery, subsequent investigation has...
revealed at least a dozen empty crypts, and it's clear more...
will turn up as the probe continues deputies report...
that in some instances, only parts of the corpses have been...
removed. The head, or in some cases...
the extremities removed, and...
the remainder of the corpse left intact. Evidence indicates the...
robberies have occurred over a period of time.
Sheriff Rhesus Maldonado refuses to give details...
in this case and said only...
that he did have a strong evidence linking the crime to...
elements outside the state. Area residents have reportedly...
converged on the cemetery claiming the remains of relatives
have been removed.
No suspects are in custody, as investigation at the scene...
...mental hospital and released. A 16-story-building downtown...
Atlanta, collapsed today, killing at least 29 persons.
The engineering firm responsible could offer no explanation for...
the collapse although the construction firm say there's...
no logical reason for the collapse is suspected sabotage.
Police in Gary, Indiana, have been unable to identify the...
bodies of a young man...
and four children who had...
their features carved away, the man's dimples had been...
removed. Police first identified the victims as 2 women...
continuing the program of the government to overwhelm reaches...
beyond the Amazon today are ruptured into violence...
forces of at least three South America governments already...
have been involved.
...this territory it tells it's sketchy and yet none of...
the governments is involved as its knowledge to a war.
...Police in Dallas arrested a young couple today...
complaints by neighbors led them to discover a 18-month-old
daughter the couple...
chained in the attic of a dilapidated house...
Are you ok?
This heat is just driving me crazy. I don't know if I can take...
- much more of this. - The condition of retro gradation...
is contrary or inharmonious to the regular direction of actual...
movement in the zodiac, and is, in that respect, evil.
Hint: When malefic planets are in retrograde, and Saturn is malefic...
their maleficies are increased.
Have you been doing that Reader's Digest worth our...
Jerry, it just means Saturn's a bad influence. It's just particularly...
bad influence now, because it's in retrograde.
Hey, man, do you believe all that stuff your old lady is talking me?
My granddaddy is buried here. Can we find out if anything happened?
- What's your granddaddy's name? - See that big heavy fella...
standing with that big flashlight, isn't that the sheriff?
You go tell him your granddaddy is buried in there. He'll let you in.
Ok. Thank you.
Hey, fella, I'm gonna run off to...
- meet him if you don't mind, do you? - Not at all.
- Hey, folks. Let us go see where...
her granddaddy's buried.
Things happen here about they don't tell about.
I see things.
You see, they say it's just an old man talking.
You laugh at an old man...
this thing that laughs knows better.
Yes, they're sure. The man said the Tallman's grave had been dug up.
Mama, don't worry. I saw it myself!
It didn't look dug up to me.
What's that? What smell?
What is that stench?
Hey. That's the old slaughterhouse. That's where Grandpa used...
to sell his cattle! We got an uncle that works in one of those places...
outside of Fortworth. See those buildings there? That's where...
they kill him. They bash'em in the head with a big sledgehammer!
- That's awful. - It usually wouldn't kill him.
It'd start squealing and freaking out, they'd have to...
come up and bash'em 2 or 3 times.
They'd scatter them before they were even dead.
That's horrible! People shouldn't kill animals for food.
They don't do it like that anymore. Now they get this big air gun...
that shoots a bullet into the skull and then retracts it.
Franklin, I like me, please change the subject.
That smell's still going on.
Oh, man! It's hot in here.
- Hitchhiker! - Should we take him up?
Yeah man, pick him up. He'll asphyxiate out there!
- What does he look like? - The son of a bitch 's gonna...
- smell like the slaughterhouse. - Give the guy a break. He can...
- sit by Franklin. - What do you wanna do?
- He's weird looking, no.
- I think we just picked up Dracula. - Where're you heading, man?
- You work at that place? - Don't.
- How did you get stuck out here?
- I was at the slaughterhouse. - I got an uncle that works...
- at a slaughterhouse. - My brother worked there.
My grandfather, too.
My family's always been in beef.
The whole family are cracked. Hey man, did you go into that...
slaughter room or whatever they call it?
Where they shoot the cattle with that air gun thing?
- That gun is no good. - I was in there once with my uncle.
With the sledge! That was better.
- They died better that way. - How come? I thought the gun...
- was better. - Oh no. With the new way...
- people were put out of jobs.
- You do that? - Look!
- I was the killer! - Let me see them.
- They don't seem to head your way. - You took these, huh?
- Yeah! - Franklin.
- Let me see. - They make hitches...
They take the head and they boil, except for the tongue, and scrape...
all the flesh away from the bone.
They use everything, they throw nothing away.
They use jaws, muscles, and the eyes, and the ligaments...
- and everything! - Look at this.
- They boil the nose and the gums down to a big jelly of fat.
I don't know it was in that stuff.
It's really good. Do you like it?
- Yeah, I like it. It's good! - It sounds horrible. Can't we...
- talk about something else? - You'd probably like it if you...
didn't know what was in it.
I wouldn't and I wish you'd stop talking about it.
Take it before everybody's sick.
What are you doing?
Look. I think that might hurt.
Oh, come on!
What are you doing to yourself?
Oh, what are you doing?
Nice, man!
I have this knife.
Put that away, too.
- It's a good knife. - I'm sure it is, man. Put it back.
You took my picture!
You can take me to my house. I live right off this road.
I don't know, man. We're in much of a hurry.
- How close is it? - It's real close.
Couldn't you just walk? I mean... If it's so close.
You could have dinner with us. You like head cheese. My brother...
- makes it real good. You'll like it. - I think we'd better push on, man.
Don't we, Jerry? Yeah, I'm sorry...
- It didn't turn out so good. - It's a nice picture.
- You can pay me now. - Huh?
- 2 dollars. It's a good picture. - No, man. Franklin...
give him back that picture.
I'm about to freak. Call a cop.
That's the last damn hitchhiker I ever take.
- Listen to Franklin's horoscope: - I'm sorry.
Travel in the countryside.
Long range plans, upsetting persons...
around you, could make this a disturbing and unpredictable day.
The events in the world are not doing much, to cheer one up.
- That's just perfect! - Franklin, I think you'll be alright.
Hey, Kat, read Alex's. He's Capricorn.
Oh, no.
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. There are moments where we...
cannot believe that what's happening is really true...
pinch yourself and you may find out that it is.
Hurry up.
Here comes somebody.
How are you?
Would you fill her up, please?
I got no gas.
- You're out of gas? - My tank's empty. Transport won't...
be here until this afternoon.
Maybe not even until tomorrow morning.
Hey, you know where "The Old Franklin Place" is?
- "The Old Franklin Place"? - It's an old 2-story house and...
it's sitting up on the hill. I think you have to turn on the road...
back there, but I'm not real sure.
Maybe I've seen something like that up there. But look, you boys...
don't wanna go messing around an old house.
Those things are dangerous, you're bound to get hurt!
- We'll be careful. - Don't wanna go fooling around...
other folk's property. Some folks don't like it.
They don't mind showing you.
- My father owns it. - That's your daddy's place, huh?
- Yeah. - Look...
I got barbecue here. Why don't you stay a while?
The transport will be by in a little while...
I can go and get some barbecue.
Them girls, they don't wanna go messing around an old house.
Best you stick around here.
We should've asked him if there's another gas station around here.
Don't you think he would have told us if there was?
- It wouldn't hurt to ask. - I'll go ask.
What the hell, we should have stopped back there for gas.
Go, damn it. There.
You think this place has room service?
Franklin, you're cutting the van!
Yeah, I just started doing that.
I bet this is some of that guy's blood. Look at that.
- Think it's his blood? - I guess so.
That's blood, alright. And I got cut the hell out of him, chef.
You think you could do that to yourself?
It takes something, though, I mean, do that to yourself, like he did.
You think I said something that made him mad?
- What? - Franklin, you're crazy as he was.
Hey, I got us some barbecue. Newt's the closest place to get gas.
We're going to that Granpa's place. There's a creek, you can go swimming.
Come on, Sally, we're going to that Granpa's place!
- Let's go. - Hey, that guy smeared blood...
- all over the van. - Let's not waste time to wipe this up.
What? What did you do? You're in someone's van?
Let me see your knife.
Thank you.
Franklin, if we run out of gas before we get back to that service...
station, you're towing us back in that chair.
You think that guy was just trying to scare us by blowing out...
my picture like that?
Oh, look, they let the place fall apart.
Put it over there.
- Wanna go over there? - Let's go.
Oh, Kirk, come on!
What's wrong? What's wrong?
I want to see the smear the guy made.
This is weird. I wonder if that means something.
It's the mark of Zorro. He's gonna get you.
- Why don't you wash it off, ok? - I want to see inside.
- Jerry! - Ok!
Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
- Get it. You wash it up. - You don't think that guy...
- is trying to follow us, do you? - What for?
Where's my knife? Kirk?
Looks like it must have been a nursery room.
This was my room. I got to stay here until I was 8 years old.
- Until my grandmother died. - What happened?
- To my grandmother? - Yeah, she died.
- What do you think of the wallpaper? - I think it's seen better days...
These animals would to put me to sleep when I was a little girl.
Look at the zebra. I had this fascination for the zebras...
Come on, Franklin! It's gonna be a fun trip.
If I have any more fun today, I don't think I'll take it!
- Hey, Franklin! - What's wrong?
Didn't you say there was a swimming well out here?
Pam and I would like to go swimming in there.
There used to be a trail down between those two old sheds.
Come on.
- Are Jerry and Sally going? - We'll see them in an hour or so.
Yeah. See them down in about an hour or so.
Sally! Sally...
Seed growing in the world...
I don't want to miss it.
Man, a scorpion, there's a scorpion!
This must be it!
Are you ok?
What the hell, Franklin would never get down here anyway.
I bet he must have when he was little.
Franklin never was little.
I can leave my guitar, you know, I'd give him a couple of bucks...
We gotta come back by here anyway, I can pick up my guitar and...
give him a couple more dollars and we get more gas...
He won't want your guitar, he's not gonna sell us some gas...
let's just go back now.
Hey, come here! Come here, look at this.
- A generator! - What?
A generator! For electricity!
Hey, hello! Is there anybody in the house?
Hello! Is anybody home?
I got something for you.
Let's go!
- Come look at this! - Let's go!
Anybody home?
Hey, Pam!
He's gonna get you, Franklin. He's coming to get you!
You don't think it means anything?
We'll protect you if he tries to get you.
- Maybe it's about me. - He's gonna kill you, Franklin.
- It probably doesn't mean anything. - You worry too much.
He couldn't find us, anyway. He doesn't even know our names.
I gave him your name, Franklin. And I told him where you lived.
I even gave him your ZIP code. He's gonna kill you.
- What are you doing? - I can't find my knife.
That knife won't do you any good. He likes that knife, remember?
When did you have it last?
I didn't have it last. You had it last.
I gave it to you, remember? What did you do with it?
I don't know. Didn't I give it back to you?
No, I didn't have it when I got out of the van.
- You just never gave it back to me. - All right. I'll look for it.
Listen, I think I'll walk down to the creek before it gets too dark.
How do I get there, Frank?
Well, there's a trail down there. Between the two old sheds.
- Can I go too? - I think you'd better stay here.
All right.
I can't find it.
- Are you mad at me? - No, I'm not mad at you.
You really are mad, huh?
I don't blame you.
You really didn't want me to come, did you?
Oh, Franklin, I'm just tired. It's been a long day.
Did you believe all that stuff Pam was telling about?
Saturn, and retrograde, and all that?
I don't know. Everything means something, I guess.
You don't think that guy is trying to follow us, do you?
I mean, there's no way that he could follow us.
He'd probably find Kirk and kill him.
- Sally... - What now?
Is anybody home?
Excuse me, I'm looking for some friends. Hello?
Is anybody here?
Kirk! Are you guys in there?
Hey, guys! Quit playing games. Quit goofing on me.
Pam, is that you?
Okay, you guys!
Come on out. Come on!
They must be lost. They don't have a flashlight or anything.
If they 're not back in a minute, we'd better go look for them
What if we get lost, too?
Sally, we ought to go to that gas station and get help.
I'm not leaving here without Jerry.
- Jerry! - Jerry!
They'll probably be back in a minute or so.
Sally, we ought to go to that gas station.
I think we ought to go.
Are the keys in the van?
Could I see the flashlight for a minute?
What for?
Let me see the flashlight. I'm gonna go look for them.
You don't have to go.
Sally, no, I don't think that's a good idea, Sally.
I don't think you ought to go.
Look, I'm gonna honk the horn one more time.
- Just give me the flashlight. - No, I'm gonna honk the horn...
and we will wait a minute, and they will come and we will go.
All right?
Sally, they took the keys! We don't have any keys!
They took the keys!
Stop it! Stop it!
- Now give me the flashlight! - No, Sally! You can't go!
What if they came back and we weren't here?
- Franklin, give me that flashlight! - I'll keep the flashlight!
- I'm gonna go look for them. - All right! All right!
I'll go with you. I'll go with you, all right?
I'll go with you, but I'll keep the flashlight.
- Give me the flashlight! - Look, I'll go with you.
I can't push you down the hill!
- Look, I'll go with you... - Never mind, I'll go without it.
All right. Sally, wait a minute. I'm coming with you.
Sally! Hold on a minute now.
All right, let's go.
Let's go, I'll go with you.
Sally, I can't keep up with you!
Sally, wait a minute!
Hold on!
- Jerry! - Jerry!
- Jerry! - Jerry!
I thought I heard something.
There's a light!
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- It looks like a house. - Come on, push!
- It's a house! - I can't see it very well.
- Franklin, this is impossible. - Come on, Sally!
Get back and push, damn!
I heard something over there!
- Hey, Jerry! - Jerry!
Sally, I hear something. Stop! Stop!
Help me!
Help me, please!
- Help! Help! - Whoa! Whoa!
- Help me! Help me! - Come over here!
You're all right, girl. Okay?
Hold on, take it easy, all right?
He killed...
- Take it easy... - He killed Franklin...
Call the police!
I don't know what happened to the others...
There's nobody out there now!
Take it easy! Take it easy!
What happened?
- Call the police... - There's no phone here.
We have to drive to the sheriff's.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
I'll get the truck.
- Take it easy. Take it easy. - Don't go! Don't go!
The weather is expected to continue warm and clear...
and partially cloudy tomorrow...
with no chance of precipitation. Expected high of 90 F.
Our current temperature is 96. Winds blow southeast at 3 ml/h.
Community 98, kilometer 29.9.
Acting on a typical day with some news...
the word is that the sheriff's office began an investigation...
early this morning in the County Cemetery.
Opening crypts and muslins where there was evidence of...
tampering, The Sheriff found a reported dozen coffins were...
robbed a part of its contents. According to the sheriff, Rhesus...
Maldonado, there are ones from which only the head and...
extremities are removed, and others
and others from which only a hand or foot removed, with the...
remainder of the cadaver left intact. Maldonado linked...
What are you doing?
- You will come with me... - No!
- What do you want? - There's no need to do that...
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
I had to lock up and get the lights off.
Because electricity is enough to drive a man out of business.
I hope you're not too uncomfortable down there.
You got nothing to worry about. Just take it easy.
We're gonna get there soon.
No, no, no.
There's no need to do that.
We always do our best.
Hang on.
Half witch.
You little shit!
You knock-head idiot!
- Where have you been? - I've been out on the road.
You damn fool! You almost got caught.
No! They didn't see me. They don't know nothing!
I told you to stay away from that graveyard.
I told you...
I told you never to leave your brother alone!
Get that girl out of the car! Get her out!
I hope your brother didn't let any of those kids get away.
Look at what your brother did to that door!
You let her go!
You goddamn idiot!
I thought you were in a hurry.
Where are the kids? Where are the children?
Did they get away?
Are you sure?
You damn fool! You ruined the door!
Hey, come here! Look! See how nice she looks!
Get upstairs and get your grandpa!
Take it easy there, huh?
You'll stay here for a few minutes.
Get back in there!
To the chamber!
You just take it easy.
We'll have something to eat right away.
Hey, you two!
Give me a hand with grandpa!
Look, grandpa! Look!
Knock it off!
Quiet! You act like a pack of hounds.
- We're just having fun! - You think this is a party?
Please! You can make them stop!
- No shit? - Shut your mouth!
Can't be helped, young lady.
Please! You can't let them kill me!
He likes this face.
He's crazy! You gotta make him stop!
- He's just a cook! - Shut up, you bitch hog!
He always does all the work.
He don't like it. Is that right? You're just a cook!
Shut your mouth!
You don't understand nothing.
I understand you ain't nothing! We do all the work!
I just can take no pleasure in killing.
It's just something we gotta do. It don't mean you have to like it.
I'll do anything you want.
You don't need to torture the girl.
Please, shut up. Remember you're just a cook.
Let me and him handle this.
I won't have this.
You ain't in no hurry. And you ain't going no place.
You don't hear me? I heard you told me much.
No sense in waiting. I gotta go to my room.
I'll take her to grandpa.
Grandpa'll have some fun.
You always said he was the best.
He's the best all right.
Let's let him half leg. Grandpa, we're gonna let you...
have this one!
Have this one!
He won't use you much. He won't hurt none.
Our grandpa was the best killer there ever was.
I never took all the guts to see.
I did in 6 in 5 minutes once.
I could've done more if the hook pulled again could've gotten the...
beaves out of the way faster.
Now don't you cry. Grandpa is the best. It won't hurt a bit.
Please! Don't!
Hit her!
Hit the bitch!
Go ahead!
Give me the hammer!
Give me the hammer! I'll kill her!
Go! Go!
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