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Texas Rangers

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( two loud guushots )
( men shouting and whooping )
( battlefield gunfire )
NARRATOR: During the Civil War, the only lawmen in Southern Texas--
the Texas Rangers-- disbanded to fight for the Confederacy.
Ranger Captain LeanderMcNelly was also the local preacher.
He left his family and ministry to fight alongside his men.
After the war, McNelly returned to a defeated Texas
and found his wife and three sous gone--
taken by bandits.
In the ten years since the war's end
bandits have overrun southern Texas.
Now, the governor is looking for McNelly.
They say he wants to recommission the Texas Rangers.
( thunder rumbling in the distance )
( man coughs )
( grunting with effort )
( thunder rumbling )
( horse neighing )
( horse whinnies )
you know, that's a right pretty spot
for a resting place.
Who's the grave for?
The grave's for me.
Wait too long
ground'll be froze.
Leander, come spend the winter at my ranch.
You rode down, we'd have a place for you.
Be like old times.
I don't reckon I'll last the winter.
Governor said he sent some of his men.
you wouldn't show at the door.
Said maybe you'd auswer for me.
The governor just wants to talk with you.
you don't got to say
yes or no or it's a cold September.
All you got to do is see him, Leander.
( stagecoach rattling )
Hyah! Hyah!
And never underestimate the importance of the name
that you choose for a product.
"The Dunnison and Sous
"Automatic Drawer
for the Tabulation of Financial Trausactious."
That just about tells the story, doesn't it?
Every shopkeeper in the country will want one
( chuckling ) --before they even see it.
Well, that's good, because the prototype doesn't work.
It's a prototype, son, it's not supposed to work.
That's why they call it a prototype.
Look at this.
I've already come np with a solution
to the prob...
It's for your mother.
Why didn't you mail it while we were in Austin?
you'll see.
( men hollering and whistling )
( mooing )
Past 4:00, Marshall.
We should get started
before these buyers get even more nervous.
I got a bad feeling.
you just got to border country today, Marshall.
you'll get used to it.
Coming down.
There you go.
Mother? Jake?
Oh, thank goodness.
( chuckling )
Look how tall you've gotten.
--Nice hat. --Little brother.
What? you're going to be a lawyer?
--I just might. --How beautiful.
Oh, you still quick?
Come on, boy.
( quiet laugh )
( clanging )
I'd like to thank
all of you for coming here today for the first
of what we hope
will be many cattle auctious
here in Las Coli...
King Fisher.
( horse neighs )
( slow hoofbeats )
What's your business here, Fisher?
Come for my beeves.
This here's an auction.
you're welcome to bid when the time comes.
I bid 50.
50 what?
50 of them.
( hoofbeats thundering )
( horses neighing )
( horses whinny and burr )
( guus cocking )
FISHER: Marshall, I don't think you understand.
around here, I'm the law.
Now, I'm taking my beeves home.
I can't let you take these cattle.
( shouting and screaming )
( gunfire )
( screaming coutinues )
( towusfolk clamoring )
( men speaking indistinctly in Spanish )
( chuckling quietly )
( woman screams )
( men yelling indistinctly in Spanish )
( guushot )
( woman shrieks )
MAN: All right, all of you, fan out!
Come on! Come on!
( whistling and shouting )
Come on, let's get out of here!
( crying quietly )
( iusects chirring )
( bird keening )
( fire crackling )
( bird cawing )
( man groaus )
( floorplanks squeaking )
Is anyone here?
Don't move and I'll shoot!
Don't move and you'll shoot?
What does that mean?
If I don't move, you're going to shoot me?
Who are you? What are you doing here?
My name is Lincoln Rogers Dunnison.
you understand, I'm not one of the men who did this...
so I'll be on my way.
( whimpering softly )
I can't lift it free.
I can help you.
Put down the gun.
( hammer uncocks )
I'm from Missouri.
We was on a cattle drive
and stopped for supplies, and we got ambushed.
They stole all the cattle and killed everybody.
Didn't kill you.
I was trapped...
and they didn't see me
and I'm damn lucky that was the case
otherwise, I'd be dead too.
So, where you headed?
Browusville? What's there?
Texas Rangers are recruiting.
Texas Rangers?!
I'm going with you.
We'll get them bandits.
It's a long way to Browusville.
I got a horse.
Name's George Durham.
( coyote howls )
( bird hooting )
Not so used
to sleeping under the stars, are you?
( howling and barking )
Well... there's nothing to it, really.
just, uh, dig yourself a little hip hole
and then you fill a bandanna
full of saw grass
and stick that underneath your head.
It's the Lord's country, Lincoln.
Yeah... Lord's country.
Land this beautiful...
ain't no wonder
everybody's killing over her.
( coyote howling )
She's been here a long time before us.
She'll be here
a long time to come.
you are a philosopher, George Durham.
( horses whinnying )
MAN: We're going to protect
you people, least you can do
is contribute supplies.
you want a starving army?
Who's going to keep the crops safe then?
you fellas there
grab all the grub you can carry.
Get your irons and fall in.
We're riding south to kill bandits!
( townsfolk murmuring )
Afternoon, Rangers.
What's your business here?
By order of the community
I've got a vigilance committee formed.
Nary a Yankee, nigger or Mexican among us.
unless you have the authority of the state
disband and disarm these men.
They won't have it.
We aim to protect our land.
Men who want to protect their land
they can apply to hire from me.
Governor's commissioned the Rangers
to do the protecting, mister.
Now, you disband these men.
you from San Antone?
'Cause you sure as hell
remind me of this preacher there.
It was some years ago...
some preacher man.
I don't recall no time in San Antone.
No, I suppose you don't.
Men, you can keep your guns to guard your homes
but that means go home.
( crowd murmuring )
I'll give you one minute to take a vote.
Hey, Preacher...
vote's in.
( gasping )
say me last rites, Preacher
before he takes me.
I ain't no preacher.
Company's making camp, two nights in Brownsville.
Any of you men interested in taking on the star?
West end of town's where you'll find us.
you look for me, Leander McNelly
or my associates
Sergeant John Armstrong
or Frank Bones.
( snarling )
DRIVER: Hyah, hyah!
( wagon squeaking and rattling )
Whoa-whoa. Whoa.
?Habla ingles?
The big villas are north, yes?
you asking or telling?
That is what we want.
I thought the cattles, you drive them north, too.
With many peoples.
With iron trains.
That is what we want.
These beeves don't speak ingles.
They speak, uh... espanol.
( chuckling )
What do you want for her?
The tigre is not for sale, senor.
What about her?
She is my wife, senor.
What's she do?
What's she do?!
She acrobat, senor.
She spins and balances and juggles.
Well, if she can juggle three balls in the air
without dropping one of them, you can keep your tomcat.
( chuckles )
Perdita, andele.
Mas alto.
Mas alto, Perdita.
( screams )
Catch it!
( screams )
( gunshot )
( chuckles )
Lincoln Rogers Dunnison.
Where you from, Mr. Dunnison?
From Philadelphia, sir, as a boy
but I spent the last three years traveling with my father
a salesman and inventor.
Where's he now?
He's dead, sir.
He was shot down by bandits.
Ain't no revenge riding, Mr. Dunnison.
Yes, sir.
Saddle up.
When Frank here says draw, you draw.
Takes longer than a half a second
means you're dead.
That Ranger badge is your target.
Most boys draw on sarsaparilla.
Draw, damn it.
The gun doesn't seem to be loaded, sirs.
Son, you might want to cock the hammer.
How'd he do?
Nine seconds.
Seen worse.
Gentlemen, you've been gracious to grant me your time.
I wish you the best in your endeavors.
Give my best to Philadelphia.
just so there are no hard feelings either way
I didn't come here for a mouth's pay
or to execute some bandits
like they did my family.
I came here because you sent out for men
who wanted to protect their land.
I have no land but the patch
my own two feet stand on
but I would want that land to be lawful, sir.
you put that down in writing, Mr. Dunnison?
That high-minded talk.
you write like that, too?
In English, French or Latin?
Well, shit, Mr. Dunnison.
I only know Spanish, Cherokee and Comanche.
$40 a mouth in a state scrip and found.
you'll get your pay from Sergeant Armstrong.
you'll get your orders from me.
We'll sell you the boots, sell you a gun
sell you a steed.
but it'll run you $40, Mr. Dunnison
so you better last a mouth...
'cause you're in debt to me already.
Here you are.
Wear it proud, son.
( stnttering ): Name's Sam from S-S-San Antone.
I never been to S-S-San Antone.
Randolph Douglas Scipio
from around the Texarkana way.
My daddy staked some land out there.
Turned out to find himself a copper mine
so they killed my daddy.
you shouldn't be able to just shoot a man
and claim his land.
Yeah, I aim to change that.
So, uh, Sergeant say
whether he'll use you as a rifleman or a scout?
A rifleman or a scout?
Well, every white boy I met yet
says Sergeant made him a rifleman.
Every colored, like me
Sergeant made a scout.
Well, every war I ever heard of
scouts get killed before the shooters
'cause they're the stupid son of a bitches sent out front.
And if I don't meet some white boy scouts soon
President Grant's going to be hearing from me.
A strongly worded letter's always best.
They say I'm a scout?
you see this star here?
I'm gonna show them I'm a shooter.
What do you think, huh?
( snorts )
Lincoln! Lincoln!
We're Rangers!
We made it!
( laughing )
We're not sleeping under the stars.
We got a tent.
Oh, it's nice, too.
you got to see it.
( laughing )
It's a tent!
I got my be... I'm on the left!
BONES: Fisher's been splitting
his men into several bands.
They've been raiding ranches
all along this trail on the way to Mexico.
GnARD: Captain? Mr. Dunnison's reporting, sir.
Send him in.
Sergeant said you wanted to see me.
Thanks, Frank.
Take a seat, Mr. Dunnison.
Notebook and pen are yours.
Every word I say, you write it down.
Something slips by, slow me down.
Understood, sir.
October 26.
Company now fully outfitted
with 30 men, orphans mostly.
youngest 15.
We'll leave tomorrow and train on the trail.
Fisher split his men into smaller raiding parties.
Lord hope that we're not attacked directly.
( McNelly coughing )
Scant trail experience
weakness with weapons...
Expect desertions along the way.
Expect... expect most of these boys will not survive.
( coughing )
I'm capable of writing
my reports to the government, Mr. Dunnison.
but there will come a time when I am not.
I'd rather have you in the habit.
( coughing )
( gasping )
The Lord is coming for me, Mr. Dunnison.
Sir, then why ride?
I figure it's better I walk to meet Him...
...than sit and wait.
What'd the captain want?
He's dying.
Our captain is dying.
Our mission is to stop
the outlaw John King Fisher.
Fisher and his men have been burning ranches
thieving cattle and driving them into Mexico
where he sells them to the Mexican army.
More than a million beeves stolen.
More than 400 men murdered.
We'll be patrolling border country
to find these animals, bring them to justice.
U.S. Cavalry's got a mandate
to settle Indian matters.
Leaves us to protect the Texan way.
It's our home, Rangers
and we got right on our side.
Ain't no outlaw stands a fighting chance!
( gunshots )
( cheering and whooping )
( crowd cheering )
( cheering coutinues )
( bridle clanking )
( horse burring )
Back up, recruit!
This ain't no goddamn pony ride.
Who you calling recruit?
you're a Browusville sign-up.
I seen you. I been a Ranger since Franklin.
That's a week and two days.
I know about life on the trail.
One more week, you'll be eligible for retirement.
Watch it, recruit.
I'll shoot that lip off at 40 paces.
Name's Berry. Berry Smith.
Berry? Like blueberry?
Like elderberry to you.
Sergeant sent me to fill out the dab.
Dab's a usual three or four Rangers.
We eat together, scout together.
It's us three and Sandoval.
He's dab leader.
Means we care for his horse
care for his weapons.
( gunshots )
( whooping and cheering )
( gunshot )
Boy rides a horse like he's riding his sister.
He knows he's doing something wrong.
Ten cents says he's saddle sore.
20 cents says he's dead by Sunday.
Ain't taking that bet.
Anybody see the way this scout killed those bandits?
Anybody see the way this scout
killed those bandits?
( rapid gunfire )
Sam, I'll bet you I can draw
faster than you can say "peppercorn."
just say it.
( gunshots )
I'm fast, I'm fast
--I'm fast! --So fast you're six feet under.
Missed that target every time, Mr. Durham.
gun's no good unless you got smarts with it.
Yes, sir, Captain.
Frank, from now on
Mr. Durham pays for his ammunition.
A penny a miss.
Yes, sir, Captain.
( gunshots )
( tin can falling )
FISHER: I'm telling you, General Cortinas
the Republic of Texas is there for the taking.
What you're suggesting is full-scale war.
The union Army's up north, fighting the Indians.
Hell, there ain't no law south of Austin.
We heard McNelly's been commissioned
to start up the Rangers.
McNelly's got 30 men, General, 30.
We'd have an army.
For the next shipment, senor...
we will meet you.
--Shit! --Damn, Dunnison.
Ain't there anything you're good at?
I'd love to show you, Scipio, but I don't think
we'll be meeting any women along the way.
Dunnison, you rope yourself a woman
I'll drink the Rio Grande.
( laughing )
( chuckling )
you want something, Sam?
( stuttering ): When you're wri-wri-writing
for the Captain in his tent
you see any ma-ma-maps in there?
I seen the ma-maps he s-studies with the s-sergeant
and they're pretty b-b-b...
Bad, Sam?
My pa-pa-papa taught me
how to blaze t-t-trails and k-k-keep maps.
Might be wo-wo-worthwhile
having somebody to ma-ma-make maps
of the t-t-territory
while we ride.
Dunnison: Captain, Mr. Walters was speaking to me
about the charts and maps you're working with
and he wanted to present you
with what we think is a preferable scenario.
Captain, I w-w-wanted
to s-s-see...
I w-wanted to s-see
if you're the kind of man
who'd beg for his life like a dog
or swallow the bullet like a sorry soldier.
( grunts and groans )
Stay down! Stay down, you son of a bitch.
Captain Cutthroat McNelly--
the man the whole union Army conldn't kill.
Shot down by Sam Walters
of San Antone.
Fisher knows
you're riding the Rangers, Captain.
He's put a sweet price on your sad hide.
( pained groaning )
Suck my spurs, you secretary!
I brought a bullet for you, too.
Turn around, McNelly.
And stop your shifting or I'll shoot.
Brave Sam Walters-- shot McNelly in the back.
( groaning )
How's that for a storybook?
Turn around, McNelly.
Right in the back, Sam shot him.
Right in the back.
I said
turn around!
( gasps )

( sighs quietly )
( clicks tongne )
( horse whinnies )
you riding somewheres, Mr. Dunnison?
Riding out of Ranger Company, sir.
Company's captain
was nearly killed due to my conduct.
I don't presume myself welcome to wear this anymore.
Were you set to ride off with that horse, Mr. Dunnison?
That's a Ranger's horse.
I was hoping I would not be sent away without a horse, sir.
but hoping to be sent away?
you were nearly killed, and I was the reason.
I hired Sam Walters on, Mr. Dunnison.
He stood my scrutiny.
He could've taken his shot at me at any time.
He had 30 Rangers shined on, not just you.
Rangers' horse, Mr. Dunnison.
you ride out, that horse is stolen.
My men will hunt you down.
Rangers' boots, Rangers' clothes, Rangers' weapons.
you walk out, makes them stolen, too.
So it seems to me, Mr. Dunnison
the only way you escape a warrant
is to remain a Ranger.
( hooves thundering )
Fisher keeps an outpost around this mesa.
Freshwater spring on the other side.
Water for the horses when they come from raids.
but do we know how many?
shouldn't we know how many?
Round that mesa
they'll spot us well too soon.
Need to send a patrol.
Berry, Durham, Dunnison
ride with Sandoval and me.
Taking a scout, Captain?
Get yourself shot.
Scipio, go get yourself shot.
And don't get shot second; get shot first, Scipio.
In fact, shoot yourself, Scipio.
Get it over with.
That's the Rangers' way.
( men talking in distance )
( horse approaching )
Five men. Fisher's men, sir.
Armed, and they got a supply wagon.
--Sandoval. --Yes, sir.
our mission is
to capture these men at all costs.
but I want the cost to be on their side.
When the shooting starts, these targets
will be shooting back-- not like practice, men.
Anyone surrenders, we question them
then send them to Austin for trial.
you hesitate, you're dead.
( neighing )
( neighs )
Where are you wandering off to, huh?
Cheval, huh?
What woman
lost hold of you, huh?
Drop your guns! Stay down!
Texas Rangers!
Say your prayers, sons of bitches!
( neighing )
( yelling )
Someone throw me a cartridge! I'm out!
Someone throw me
a cartridge!
Found one.
Wha... uh...
( yells )
( crying )
( both groaning )
( rapid gunfire ) --Get down!
you said there were five men! Five!
I ain't no scout!
you hear me? I ain't no scout!
I'm a dag-blasted shooter!
Give me that!
We surrender.
We surrender.
( sighs )
So, ladies, where to next?
Say your names.
Anton Marsele, from New Orleans.
Jean-Pierre Marsele. Son frere.
Marsele brothers.
Horse thievery and livestock
extortion of merchants and widows
destruction of property.
you boys should've stayed in New Orleans.
Why don't you give us some more to write in here?
( men gasping, horses neighing )
Attendez! Attendez! Attendez!
We rode for King Fisher.
The saddles were stole
from Sutter Ranch in Austin.
With cattle, 400 head.
Ten ranch hands died at the Sutter Ranch.
We kill no one.
Fisher did.
We work for you now.
--For you. -- Oui.
you work for the Rangers as a spy?
-- Oui. -- Oui. Oni, for the Rangers.
For the Rangers.
Ca va marcher, ca va marcher.
Ils savent pas a propos des antres.
C'etait pas marqne daus le mandat.
Mr. Dunnison?
--Sir? --What'd they say?
They said, "This will work, this will work.
"They don't know about the others.
It wasn't in the warrants."
( men gasping, horses neighing )
( choking and gasping )
These bandits went down shooting.
Surrender never crossed their minds.
Their rules, not mine.
but I'll play by them.
We're Rangers, men.
We got right on our side.
Treat her fine...
Dunnison: you said we would take those men prisoner
take them to Austin, take them to trial.
We did the trial.
That was no trial.
A trial can run a long time, Mr. Dunnison.
Some can run up to a year.
A year is something I do not have.
In the state of Texas, killers hang.
And if they're not killers, but we think they're killers
and we don't even stop to check the warrants?
How long will the war go on...
until the wicked are dead
and the meek shall inherit the earth.
Are we the meek?
The meek will inherit the earth, Mr. Dunnison.
Someone's got to go and get it ready for them.
There are bodies
to be buried.
Bury them.
( coughs and spits )
( retching )
( flies buzzing )
Some kind of work, ain't it?
We done killed six men dead.
We ain't even got our $40 yet.
( hooves thundering )
< <
Cattle come through here.
100, maybe 200.
Whoa, now! Get on back!
Rangers got the Marsele brothers.
What about the gun?
McNelly destroyed it.
30 men and horses.
about a hundred beeves.
you know that's marshland prairie, Captain.
Might want to track them to a little better terrain.
No better terrain for 20 miles.
And better for us means better for them.
Might be better to wait.
Wait till what, they reach reinforcements?
30 of them, 30 of us.
We wait... they may have 300.
We'll ride at full gallop.
They'll see us on the prairie
and take defensive positions.
Shoot at the target forward of you only
and you keep shooting
till you taste that outlaw's blood.
No prisoners, Rangers.
( men shouting )
Get every last one!
( screaming )
Get the others out of hiding.
Let's go, boys!
( all shouting )
( gunshots coutinue )
Jesus Christ.
( horse whinnies )
( grunting )
We don't have the manpower.
They set us up! We're trapped!
( screaming )
( neighs )
( screaming )
( screaming )
( yells )
( horse whinnies )
God, not me.
Oh, please God!
Oye, muchacho, por aca.
Stand back!
Stand back!
Don't move!
Oh, God! Oh, God! Get up!
( gun cocking )
( horse whinnies )
Leave them alone!
Their dead alone!
( groans )
I'm getting you out of here.
Help me! I surrender!
Help me!
I surrender!
Help me!
I surren--
Retreat, Rangers!
( gunshot rings out )
Durham: Thank God!
We're retreating!
Come on! We're retreating!
We're retreating!
Giddup! Let's go!
Next time you train your Rangers
train them how to run!
Go with God, McNelly.
If the son of a bitch will have you.
( horse whinnies )
( birds chirping )
( chirping coutinues )
( whispers ): Thank you very much.
Fisher will have ridden on by dusk.
We'll return to Palo Alto...
get our men.
We'll resupply and get new recruits
at the ranch of my old friend
Richard Dukes.
What'd they do with our men?
Cut my men down.
Cut them down.
or favor...
kill me.
Kill me now.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Slow and easy, ?comprende?
Nice and easy, little lady.
your war's over.
Slow and easy.
( men yelling and whistling )
MAN: Riders coming in!
Ready yourselves!
Begging your pardon, Mrs. Dukes.
There's riders, Captain.
Are those the Rangers, Daddy?
Caroline, take your sisters inside.
Come on, girls. There's going to be
a lot of dirty cowboys around.
Got 12 men to bury.
you want to say some words, Leander?
( sniffling )
WOMAN: you're welcome, sir.
( indistinct conversation )
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
No, no.
( belches )
Thank you, ma'am.
wouldn't be so bad to be a ranch hand
around here, would it?
Probably don't get shot at much.
I wouldn't even mind, as long
as it was her doing the shooting.
( laughing )
Durham: up there earlier
she was studying me like an encyclopedia.
I hate to disappoint you, George, but she was eyeing me.
( laughing ): The hell she was!
She was. She was studying me like a Bible.
Well, you study an encyclopedia a lot harder
than you study a Bible, Lincoln.
Get all that buckshot out of your ass yet?
Ten more minutes.
Ten more minutes is about how long
you got to live, unless you give up
that bath to the man who could've killed you
when he met you.
George, you couldn't kill a bottle of mescal
--with a pack of Mexicans. --Give up the bath.
What the hell are you doing?
--Get the hell out of here! --Give up the bath!
Have a seat, sonny. just stay on your side!
Oh, you had to see that.
She was eyeing me.
( horse whinnies )
( knock at door )
Come in.
Mr. Dunnison.
( McNelly coughs )
November 17.
The men fought bravely, but I believe it was my mistake
to lead them into a battle on such arduous terrain.
With no natural defencements, they were unprepared
to withstand such a pitched encounter.
I had believed that the numbers were in our favor.
I had believed that the raiders
would not be as well-disciplined
as they were.
It was a disastrous decision.
would you agree with that, Mr. Dunnison?
Dunnison: It's awfully kind of you, Miss
to be taking care of such wrecks like us.
Awfully kind.
Well, it must've been hard.
Were many young like you?
Rest assured, Miss, we didn't go down without a fight.
I killed two raiders myself at close range.
I may have killed a couple more in the charge.
What were their names?
you had warrants for them, I trust.
Well, the raiders opened fire on us, Miss.
There wasn't time to consult the warrants.
Well, it's just as well.
you know a man's name, makes it harder
to kill him, now, doesn't it?
They're outlaws, Miss.
We're Rangers.
When you kill a man for stealing some cattle
you are saying that his life is worth as much as that steer.
Leaves you a whole state full of men thinking that way
and treating other men the same.
We ride to protect the state of Texas.
you ride to balance the blood on the scales.
but some of you--
like your friend--
I look into his eyes, and I can see it clear.
He's no killer.
George? you looked in his eyes?
( chuckling ): George?!
Durham: Miss.
you talking to her?
I got nowhere, George.
She likes gunslingers.
( horses neighing )
Sergeant, what's going on?
Training exercises, it looks like.
Who organized this?
Philadelphia did.
about damn time.
State'll pay you $40 a mouth.
Four men to a dab.
Seven dabs to a company.
you get your pay from Sergeant Armstrong.
you get your orders from me.
( whooping )
( indistinct conversation )
La Senora wanted you to have these.
They're yours to keep.
you're safe now.
you're with the Rangers.
Those devils can't hurt you anymore.
Who say they cannot hurt me no more?
John Armstrong says.
Senora is...
very kind.
( sniffing )
Who were those men?
Name to me the devils that hurt you.
We're after those men.
I heard them say they were going to Amargosa
to do a raid at the Logan ranch.
( kissing softly )
Thank you.
ARMSTRONG: Come on, recruits, let's get ready to move out!
Come on, pack it up!
Let's get ready to move out, boys.
Let's pack her up!
Saying good-bye?
We, uh...
shot five bandits over at Palo Alto.
Well, I mean...
I killed.
Judy didn't.
but I was riding Judy.
Hell, they was dead before they even saw me draw. Blam, blam!
George, sell it in the dime stores.
She'd... make a good ranch horse.
I think you'd make a good ranch hand.
Dunnison: Miss Dnkes
hope he hasn't tired you with all his stories:
all the bad men he's killed, the hangings, the shoot-outs.
It's so hard to keep track.
Actually, we were speaking of a horse.
He killed a horse?
( horse burrs )
Miss Dukes.
McNELLY: Amargosa's a 40-mile ride
but we'll make it by nightfall.
Send a man into Shepardton.
Get a telegram to Victor Logan.
Tell him to get his family out of there.
And the Rangers are coming.
( horse neighs )
I made the lady a promise, Captain.
We're taking her to Carmargo.
( cattle lowing )
( lowing in distance )
Another hour
and it's sunup.
Any sign over there?
Dust, Captain.
Dust and sky.
Night... why wouldn't they
raid at night?
She wasn't dead.
I don't follow.
The rest were dead.
And she wasn't.
So why'd they leave her behind?
Hey, Captain!
Captain, wait up!
( gasps )
They let you live! Why?
To say what? What?!
--Stop! you're scaring her! --Amargosa?
Le diije qne no se!
Captain, she told you what she heard them say!
What they wanted her to hear!
What they wanted her to say!
( sobbing )
Men, we are riding back to Dukes.
Dunnison, Donavan, Scipio
stay behind with Sergeant Armstrong.
Take Perdita as our prisoner.
Yeah, but what if they still raid?
We're not at the raid, goddamn it!
The raid can only be at the Dukes Ranch!
Hyah. Hyah!
( horse whinnying )
( creaking in wind )
( horse neighs in distance )
( gunfire, galloping hooves )
( men shouting )
( gunfire coutinues )
you didn't know.
you conldn't have.
Please forgive me.
( groans )
( grunting )
Hyah! Hyah!
Andale, mas rapido!
Ho! Ho!
Rapido, ho!
( groaning )
Hyah! Hyah!
( horse neighs )
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Yo, andale.
Yo, andale.
1Arriba, arriba!
Hyah! Hyah!
( horse whinnies )
( grunts )
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
( whimpers )
Kill me, teijano.
you want to kill me, kill me!
--Or do you want to have me first? --I don't want
to kill you and I don't want to hurt you-- I want to know why.
They know I'm from Carmargo. They are riding to Los Cuevas.
They say if I don't say Amargosa, they kill mi familia.
Tonight? They ride tonight?
I say Amargosa for mi padre, mi madre...
( hoofbeats ) --Where are they?
They're riding for Mexico
crossing at Los Cuevas.
Tell George to get word
to the company.
We're taking to the trail.
Who taking the trail??
you and I-- Mexico.
( horse neighs )
( hammers cocking )
( sighs )
Where's Richard?
( cattle lowing )
( men whistling )
Drive the herd!
These are Mexican beeves now!
And the man is
a Mexican man.
( hooves thundering )
Captain Leander McNelly.
I've been waiting for you.
The young soldier there
has been talking my ear off since dawn
trying to work himself a trade.
One Mexican juggler
for one Texas clown.
you send Captain Dukes across that river
we'll send your girl.
you have my word.
I could use a man like you, Captain--
a man who can shoot, a man of his word.
Man could live like a king in Mexico.
If I was your wife and boys
Mexico's where I would have hightailed it by now
instead of waiting for a killer like you.
Maybe they're here now, McNelly...
living like kings in Mexico.
Captain Dukes for the girl.
He means nothing to you.
Ah, but he means something to you.
Now we send her!
--No! --Stand down, Mr. Dunnison.
Dunnison: What she did was to save her family.
She's a victim, not an outlaw.
Stand down...
or be shot.
This is not what Rangers do.
Captain, show them
the difference between them and us.
Stand down, Dunnison.
The state of Texas commands you
to leave its lands now and forever.
you will be prosecuted and imprisoned
should you ever return.
( gun uncocking )
May God have mercy on your sonl.
PERDITA: I did what you say!
Yeah, and you'll do what I say tonight, and you'll do
what I say tomorrow.
Maybe one day we'll charge admission.
( whips knife )
( guitar musicplaying )
( cattle lowing )
Don't know which I want to do worse:
kill the son of a bitch up there...
or go teach him how to play.
McNELLY: Take up your pen, Mr. Dunnison.
No notebook, sir?
Take up your pen.
November 19.
I, Leander McNelly, being of sound mind
do hereby bequeath my land and property
to the Texas Rangers
to do as they see fit.
The following items excepted:
my Navy Colts, field glasses
and books on military strategy...
to Lincoln Rogers Dunnison--
a soldier fit to lead.
My Bible I would like to be buried with.
That is all.
( writing )
( pen clinks into inkwell )
In that fort will be far more than 30 men.
They'll never expect us to cross
into Mexico.
They'll be well-armed and well-provisioned.
They've been riding for weeks, sir.
It's their first night back.
The women, the liquor... they'll crave sleep.
( McNelly coughing )
( retching )
Bones, start your men at the front gates.
Yes, sir.
Take you men high to the ridge.
Come on.
( water splashing )
( yells )
Armstrong, Durham, take your men low to the back gates.
Dunnison and I
will take the front.
Now let's wake them np.
( all yelling )
Caballeros, the tunnels! Come on!
Let's get in the tunnels! Move!
( screaming )
Vamonos, apurate!
( whooping and cheering )
We're in, Rangers!
Oh, shit!
We're surronnded!
What the hell?? !
( screams )
We're surronnded in the back!
( grunting )
( McNelly cocking gun )
( yelling )
( gun hammer clicks )
I'm out of cartridges!
Someone throw me a cartridge!
( gunshots in distance )
( hammer clicks twice )
( grunts )
( grunts )
Vamos, rapido!
Heard you were fast.
( yells )
Faster than that.
( grunts )
( grunts )
( gun hammer cocks )
This is only gonna hurt
for a second.
Maybe two.
( cocks hammer )
Kill him, Mr. Dunnison.
Kill him.
you kill me, I'll kill him.
( gunshots )
( cocks gun )
( gunshots )
( gunshots )
( grnnts )
Captain, they want to surrender.
They want to surrender.
No surrender, right, Captain?
No prisoners, right?
We take back our cattle.
We take them as prisoners.
We take them to trial.
but, Captain...
Those are the terms.
( cattle mooing )
( Rangers whistling )
( cattle lowing in distance )
( McNelly coughing inside )
He wants to see you boys.
( coughing )
When they remember us, Rangers...
let them remember us not as men of vengeance...
( coughing )
but... as men of law...
and justice.

( approaching footsteps )
( sighing )
Can't help but think that they're watching.
Yeah... I bet they're up there
riding like the old days.
( horse whinnying )
Hey, Caroline!
( laughing )
Rounding up cattle.
We'll see you tonight!
He'll make a good rancher.
And whatever else you've got in mind
he might be all right at that, too.
He's a good man, Mr. Dunnison.
Ride safe, Mr. Dunnison.
Ride out!
( horses whinnying )
( hooves pounding )
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