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Subtitles for The Hire - Season 2x2 - Ticker.

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The Hire - Season 2x2 - Ticker

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[techno music]
[machine gun fire]
[blades thrumming]
[engine revving]
(Airport Guru) What is the life of one man worth?
Millions more?
The forces arrayed against you are significant.
To be chosen for such a thing...
(Passenger) As long as the case is delivered,
it's worth the risk.
[engine roaring]
[machine gun fire]
(Driver) Who are they? Why are they doing this?
Drive or we're dead.
Tell me what's inside the case or I'll stop this car.
I can't tell you what's in the case. Just drive!
[Tires screeching]
All right, you tell me what's inside that case,
or this ride ends right here, right now.
You pull that, and I'll break your f...
Are you shot?
(Airport Guru) Some might say that this was nothing more than suicide.
What would you fall on your sword for?
If not this, then what?
To remind you.
(Driver) What is that?
Oh, shit.
[blades thrumming]
It's been hit.
What the hell does that mean?
[machine gun fire]
Drive! Drive!
Drive! Drive! Godamit!
[tires squealing]
(Airport Guru) In the event things should complicate,
we have contingency standing by.
You are to disregard our original drop point and reroute.
If you lose your transportation for any reason,
use your cell phone, and a driver will locate you.
[machine gun fire]
(Driver) What the hell is that?
What is it?
Is it chemical!
(Passenger) Go! Go! Go!
Is it biological?
It's neither.
So what is it, then?
We're being followed.
[gun cocks]
We didn't file a flight plan.
If they picked us up, it must have happened after we...
Watch it! Watch it!
[crunch! pieces of metal falling]
[chopper blades thrumming]
[speaking foreign language]
[bullets whizzing]
[engine revving]
[man screaming]
(Passenger) What are you doing?
(Driver) All right, two options, both non-negotiable.
First one: You tell me what's inside that case;
I make the decision whether to keep driving it.
The second one: I put you and the case outside the car; you take your chances.
It's 27 miles to the destination.
I'll just make it on the gas that I've got.
You call it or you're out.
[tires screeching]
This man's wounded. He's been shot.
(Airport Guru) What is the life of one man worth?
Millions more?
The forces arrayed against you are significant.
Back off.
(Passenger) What would you fall on your sword for?
If not this, then what?
(Airport Guru) To be chosen for such a thing.
(Passenger) As long as the case is delivered, it's worth the risk.
You wanna know what's in this case?
Human life.
To save a great man,
who's kept peace in his country for half a century.
And if I fail, if we fail
and he dies...
then a country dies with him.
Tyranny takes its place.
Now drive.
(Man) The situation is blown.
You've lost. Have your men stand down.
[speaking foreign language]
[sighs heavily]
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