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They Call Me MISTER Tibbs CD1

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Will you get away from me?!
Get away from me! Get the hell away from me.
I can't even fake it any more!
Well, what are you waiting for?
I had it better this afternoon over there on the rug!
Much better! Now get outta here!
I'm sick of you and your lousy hang-ups!
Just get the hell outta here, and take this thing with you!
You lousy son of a bi...
It's Mealie.
(KnocKs) Miss Joy?
Comin' in, Miss Joy. Comin' in for the trash.
Miss Joy?
Miss Joy?!
Mr Weedon. Mr Weedon!
Mr Weedon! Mr Weedon!
Mr Weedon!
I told you to keep away from here.
That girl down in 3A, Joy Sturges...
She... she's dead!
- She's what? - She's dead.
There's a lot of blood down there. Somebody's done a terrible thing.
Shut up! You want 'em to hear you clear across the bridge?
The poor girl's laying down there in the...
Now, Mealie, just take it easy. Now, take it easy.
Now, what the hell are you talking about?
I... I went in there, just like I always do
when she forgets to put the trash out.
And there...
..on the floor, right there...
I think it happened just now.
- Did you see anybody? - No.
People come in and out of there all the time. You saw somebody.
No. No, not a soul.
I... I didn't see any...
Think, Mealie, think.
Nobody. I...
- Yes. Yes. - Who?
Mr Sharpe.
Logan Sharpe?
- Yes. - When?
About a half-hour ago, maybe a little more.
But he went to see... went to see her often.
He'd... you know, he'd...
Man just, uh... spreadin' the Word.
- Did he see you? - No.
Now, don't you go suspicionin' Mr Sharpe.
I've never had any trouble in this building. Now I'll have police all over the place.
I... I don't want anything to do with no police neither.
You don't tell them nothin'.
- Don't even tell 'em I saw Mr Sharpe? - Nothin', I said!
You understand? All you know is the inside of a trash can.
Now, look, uh... Mealie.
I take care of you, right? Huh?
Take it. Don't you want it?
Now, you have a good time.
But remember, don't you say nothin' to nobody. Get it? Nothin' to nobody.
Mighty nice of ya, Mr...
It's OK.
Remember what I said.
(phone rings)
Marden here.
Mm-hm. OK, put him through.
- (Weedon) Logan did it. - Who?
Logan Sharpe Killed a girl.
He did what? Who is this?
110 St James Street, apartment 3A.
She was his girl. We saw him running out of the apartment. Got that?
Uh, hold on. I want to get a pencil.
Don't get cute!
- Captain, about this report... - What is it?
Uh, I'll initial that later.
- You ever been arrested? - Once.
- What was the charge? - Hooker.
How are ya?
I'm fine.
Not long. In a little while.
It is Sunday. And you have a family.
A family? What's that?
- Would you like anything special to eat? - No. Something light. A beer, that's all.
Hey, uh... can we go and hear Logan tonight?
I can get a sitter. OK?
Not tonight, honey. I'm... I'm beat.
- Did you hear me? - Yeah, I heard you. You're beat.
- You're mad. - No, I'm not.
- Don't be too Iate, OK? - OK.
Virge, uh... Something's up.
I think you'd better go with Herb and have a look. Do you mind?
What would you say if I said yes?
It's your pal, Logan Sharpe. He may be in a jam.
- Anything? - Too good to be true.
OK, hurry it up.
Stanley? What have you got?
- Nobody in or out since we got here, sir. - Who's been questioned?
Everybody on the first two floors. Carter and Levy are covering the upper floors.
- Lady at the switchboard saw nothing. - What about the fire escapes?
I haven't looked.
- Now is a good time to start. - Yes, sir.
Eddie? George, I want in the living room, and I want that glass sent down to the lab,
and John, in the kitchen. Come on.
Oh, too much. She's been strangled, too.
- lt'll take the autopsy to clear things up. - What about a time?
You know me. I never guess except in a court of law.
The lights weren't on. Would you put it before dark?
You heard me the first time.
Deutsch? Deutsch, come in, please. Over.
- Yeah? - This is Kenner.
What about Logan Sharpe?
He's home. He's been there since 7.15. There are witnesses.
OK. Out.
Who made that phone call?
That's the question.
Don't you and Sharpe sit in the same pew?
Maybe you oughta pass this one.
Lieutenant, this looks like a new carpet. A lot of this loose stuff's lying around.
- Take some down to the lab. - And here, I think, some semen.
Scrape it.
Oh, Lieutenant?
There's some more on the couch.
There's semen on the spread, Lieutenant.
- Book it. And run an acid phosphatase. - Looks like Joy's had a very busy day.
- This room's been dusted? - Yes, sir.
Check out the hallway and the roof.
- Eddie, take Joe with you. - Got it.
The Church in the Modern World. Ha! This broad?
Belongs to Logan Sharpe.
"For what is man, that thou art mindful of him?"
"Thou hast put all things under his feet."
"Sheep and oxen, all of them."
"The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea."
But man has polluted the air,
and rotted the cities.
And what are we doing about it?
Where are we spending our money?
So what, if all of our children go to brand-new, five-million-dollar schools?
What can they learn from teachers who do not speak their language?
From teachers who would rather be somewhere else,
teachers who are responsible to someone else?
They say that I'm a political preacher. They warn you against listening to me.
But what is the word "politics"? What does it mean?
Let's look to the dictionary. It's Greek.
It means "of the citizen".
And what is a citizen? A citizen is a human being.
And if a human being and his welfare
are not in the domain of one of God's ministers, then I ask you, what is?
We're down to the wire. The next few days
will determine the success or failure of Proposition Four.
Now, I'm not going to delude myself. If it's successful, it is not the end.
It is the beginning, it is a start, it's a foot in the door.
I eventually would IiKe to see home rule
in all areas other than schools.
If we do not do things for ourselves,
no one will do them for us.
Anger will not do it.
Votes will.
- Let us pray. - (* organ plays softly)
Lord, teach us to love ourselves, so we can love.
Teach us to respect ourselves so others will respect us.
And, dear Lord,
give us this, our first victory.
- Amen. - (all) Amen.
- Looks like you're in for an easy night. - So far, so good.
I hope it stays this quiet after the votes are counted.
(woman) Yes on Proposition Four. May I help you?
How long have you known this man?
18 years.
If it's relief money, we don't want it. How's about putting up a few posters?
It'll help take the kinks out of your rheumatism.
No, don't waste a stamp. We'll send over our armoured truck to pick it up. Angelo!
Uh-oh. I was afraid I was becoming too controversial. How are you?
- So-so. Nice sermon, Logan. - Thank you. Where's Valerie?
This is Lieutenant Kenner, Homicide. Inspector Deutsch, Homicide.
The Reverend Logan Sharpe.
- What's the occasion? - Joy.
- Joy Sturges? - Yeah.
- Is there someplace better we can talk? - Sure. This way.
We can't afford TV spots. You gotta do something to get the coverage for free,
Iike maybe stand on your head on top of a cable car or something.
(phone ringing)
- Hello? - (man) I've got it down here, Reverend.
Joy... Has something happened to Joy?
She was found dead tonight. She was killed.
Oh! How... how... how'd it happen?
I think you'd better call a lawyer, Logan.
- Now. - What... what for?
I think it would be a good idea to check his shoes.
Do you mind?
No, of course not.
There's another couple of pairs in the bedroom closet.
I'll get 'em.
Get everything out of the closet. Lay it on the bed.
Someone said he saw you. He phoned us.
- Who? - We don't know.
I think someone's trying to discredit the campaign.
That's possible.
Logan, tell me.
What was Joy to you?
She had no job. Those apartments rent for $300 a month. And the furnishings.
Have you seen her new carpet? Must have cost $20 a yard.
- Yes, I've seen it. - Then you must have been there today.
- Why do you say that? - It was only put down yesterday.
- Then I could have seen it yesterday. - Did you?
No, l...
I was there today, Virgil.
What time?
About 4.30 or so.
Just making your parish rounds, huh?
I'm reminding you, you don't have to say anything without a lawyer.
No, I want to.
I want to answer, Virgil.
I... did know Joy.
I tried to help her, like so many others.
I lent her books. I tried to get her to go back to her family...
We'll be needing the clothes you're wearing, too.
What time did you leave her apartment?
Uh... I went on other visits.
I'm not sure about the time, but I went to the Bakers.
I, uh, went to the Greens. They weren't home.
But I did see, uh...
- I did see Mrs Battaglia. - What time?
I'm not sure about the time. I, uh...
She was cooking dinner.
Logan, we want to take these clothes to the lab and check them for blood spots.
They'll be returned in the morning.
Fine. I have some work to do on an interview for tomorrow anyway.
- Herb? - All right.
What do you think?
You haven't a real alibi.
We're gonna be doing a lot of poking around.
I... want to tell you the whole truth. I didn't want to in front of them,
because I didn't want them to hear.
Don't ask me to keep secrets, Logan.
My visits with Joy were just like I said in there, but, uh...
the last couple of months I've been sleeping with her.
And this visit today?
Logan, if you were paying the rent or anything, it's gonna come out.
I haven't. No, she would never take anything. Not a cent.
No gifts?
- Loans, books. No gifts. - OK.
I'll sit on it for a while.
Anything else?
No, l... just feel better for having told you.
You should have stuck to visiting old ladies.
(rocK music on TV)
Hi, Andy.
- Hello, Andy! - Hi, Dad.
Boy, this is outasight!
(Iowers volume)
- What did you do that for? - It's too loud.
- What'd you do today? - Nothing. I just fooled around.
Spent the day in your PJs watching TV and playing that guitar, right?
Why don't you ever do anything? Like read a book. Something useful.
Do you hear me talking to you, son?
Get off your butt and listen to me.
What did you say, Dad?
I said "Get off your butt and listen to me when I'm talkin' to ya."
Did you have a nice day at the office?
She's having a problem with her gym class.
Maybe you could help.
- Andy... - He's watching television.
What is it?
Trouble. Logan.
Disturbing the peace, or inciting to riot?
A girl named Joy Sturges was beaten to death tonight.
Logan Sharpe?
Oh, Virge, no.
That's what he says.
Well, you believe him, don't you?
Virge, we've known Logan Sharpe all our lives.
Yes, honey, I know, but...
But what?
He's a man. He's no saint.
Oh, Virge, no. He couldn't have.
Anybody could.
Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Hold your knees together, Ginny. Always hold your knees together.
Again, again. Let's try it again.
OK. There we go.
- This is your case, isn't it, Virge? - OK?
Now hold it. Good girl!
- lsn't it, Virge? - I have to hold it for 30 seconds.
I want my gold star.
- It might be. - Well, what does that mean?
It means yes and no.
(cowboy film on TV)
Turn that off! It's seven o'clock in the morning. And leave it off, dammit!
- Are you in charge of this case? - There are two schools of thought.
- Everybody knows we're friends. - Which is why you should insist.
- OK, OK! - (Andy twangs guitar)
Like hell you will!
And that's definite!
Hank, it's nothing to me who's in charge...
Then why don't you shut up?!
It's not about the personal thing, or whether he did it or not.
We've got 1 2 good years invested in you, and you know damn well what I mean.
The time may come when we need you for more than homicide.
- This city's coming apart. - No argument.
Once word gets out that Logan Sharpe's a suspect,
the lid blows off, and you'll have to book him or clear him fast.
And I can help. I... I know his habits.
All right, Virgil.
But officially, Herb's in charge.
Do you mind if I turn out the light?
Be my guest, Virgil.
(Marden) OK, run it.
- (Kenner) It's positive acid phosphatase. - Half-cell?
No, sir, it's doubtful.
- That was positive and half-cells. - How long before?
- Two or three hours. - OK.
- Mm-hm, she was strangled. - Yeah.
But, Captain, the autopsy's not finished yet.
- That's the weapon? - Mm-hm.
All right.
Yup, that was probably the cause of death.
Go back.
Show me the... the neck.
(Virgil) What's that abrasion?
(Kenner) Whatever it is, it's a cinch it didn't kill her.
This is Lieutenant Tibbs. Let me talk to the medical examiner.
All right. What do you wanna do now? There's no blood on Sharpe's clothing,
there's nothing in the hallways, nothing in the fire escapes.
They picked up fresh prints off the bedroom window.
- Which we haven't identified yet. - Doc.
What's that scratch on the back of her neck?
Any way of telling whether it was made during the struggle?
It's recent, that's all.
His wristwatch could have caused it while he was strangling her.
- Maybe. - Virgil!
The money and the jewellery are still there. It couldn't be robbery.
So, what now?
You haven't answered my question!
Ask Herb. He's in charge.
(whistle blows)
Ralph, you're offside again! I'm not gonna tell you again, Ralph.
Mario, referee for a while.
Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
- Hey, you wanna referee? - No.
Well, what brings you down to this neck of the woods?
Being a detective. Ever see this before?
- I suppose it belonged to Joy, right? - Right.
I think it looks familiar.
The clasp is rough, might have scratched her.
Was she wearing it the last time you saw her?
I never pay much attention to jewellery, Virge.
You're wearing some.
This was my mother's. You may remember having seen her wear it.
I don't pay much attention to jewellery either.
"Sturges, Joy."
That's strange.
I know she was payin', or I'd have thrown her out. I've got good tenants.
They're all fine people.
You're a careful man, Mr Weedon.
I can sense that.
I'll look through the apartment file. Let's see. 3A...
3A. Here it is.
I'm sorry, it completely skipped my mind. She wasn't a tenant. She's a sublease.
- Who paid the rent? - Garfield Realty.
They stole one of my tenants, took over his lease. The girl moved in.
She paid them, they paid me. Here's a card.
Woody Garfield Realty.
- Thank you. - Stay for a drink.
- No, thanks. - You sure?
Do you own a lot of buildings, Mr Weedon?
Yeah, here and there.
- You do pretty well. - Well, l... manage to scrape up a living.
From your first-class tenants?
You let me know if I can help you any more.
What is it, Weedon?
Who do I call first about you, the Vice Squad or Narcotics?
You can call the president if you want to, Mr Tibbs.
Why do you want to see him?
Would you mind telling him I'm here?
Well, you see, I am Mr Garfield's wife as well as his partner.
Would you... wait a minute, please?
(Mrs Garfield) Look, will you get off the phone?
I need you now. Get off the phone now!
When I say something, it's important!
- There is a cop out there! - So there's a cop. He can wait!
What do you mean, wait? I'm the one that's out there.
I don't know what he's doing here!
Hang up now!
You can come in.
- Mr Garfield? I'm here about Joy Sturges. - Hi there.
Joy Sturges...
110 St James, apartment 3A.
That doesn't belong to us. That belongs to that pimp, Weedon.
- You lease and sublet that apartment. - Nonsense!
Yes. Yes, we do, dear.
That was all part of a package deal.
We took in one of his tenants in March, assumed responsibility.
Then we must have a file on it somewhere.
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
I'll get it.
- Pardon me. - Mr Garfield?
Well, what's that?
Looks like lint... from a new carpet.
That was 110 St James, hm?
Woody, come back, damn you! Woody!
- Where is he going? - I have no idea.
This is Tibbs. Inspector Deutsch is following suspect.
He is not to arrest unless suspect tries to leave town.
He may lead us to something.
Mrs Garfield, get your coat. You're coming with me.
This is "Be Nice to Police Week".
Paper! Get your paper!
Paper! Paper!
This is lnspector 71 to headquarters.
- Go ahead. - Suspect in rental car, blue Chevy,
Iicence plate 478 Q-Queen, H-Henry, G-George.
He's headed toward Geary Street.
We want to send an officer to your house to pick up his clothes. Do you mind?
- What good would it do if I did? - Not much.
The lint is enough to justify a warrant. Want to give us a key?
Thank you very much.
- lnspector 37 to headquarters. - Go ahead, 37.
Suspect just went past. 71 is right with him. Do you need me? Over.
Stand by, 37. 71, what do you thinK?
(71) He's circling. I thinK he's a scared cooKie,
trying to maKe up his mind what to do. Over.
(headquarters) You may need a Iittle help. 37, you go with him.
- (37) Roger. - I can't stand it! Let me go!
You're treating him like a fish on a hook!
Would you like a cup of coffee?
No. No, thank you.
Inspector 37 to headquarters.
Go ahead, 37.
Suspect proceeding across bridge at normal speed.
(phone rings)
- Tibbs. - This is O'Connor at Woody Garfield's.
Hold on.
- Go ahead. - There's a hamper in the bathroom.
Dirty clothes full of fibre fuzz. We thinK it's IiKe the rug.
- What kind of clothes? - Underwear and socKs.
- Underwear? - Is there any blood?
Not that I can see.
- Bring 'em in anyway. - Yes, sir.
(phone rings)
He is?
I'm going down to Communications. You hang tight here.
Right, 37.
Affirmative. Right.
He's on the bridge, Lieutenant. Shall we pick him up?
- Not yet. - 37, don't move in. Just stay with him.
37 to headquarters. 10-20 is continuing into Marin County.
- Have the Highway Patrol been notified? - Affirmative, 37.
Give me Highway Patrol radio room.
This is 71. I've had it. He's spotted me. Over.
Yeah, south. Our cars can't follow. Can you set up a block?
Only bruises and superficial burns.
He wants to call a lawyer.
It better be a divorce lawyer.
All right, then, Mr Garfield. Your lawyer, Mr Bickel, is present.
Your lawyer, of your own choosing, right?
Let the record show that he nods, meaning "right".
- And you are talking willingly? - Can't you see that my client is in shock?
He belongs in a hospital.
Dr Paul here thinks he's fit to be questioned.
You've been advised of your right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used against you.
Cut the crap!
Ask your questions.
Yes, sir, we'll do that.
You knew Joy - Miss Sturges?
Mr Garfield?
Mr Garfield?
And you were paying the rent on the flat? Right?
Doc, unbandage one of his hands.
(BicKel) What the hell for?
We'd like to see if they're properly bandaged.
You couldn't object to that.
- What's this about? - I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Couldn't be shorter if he bit 'em. - If you're talking about my fingernails,
they cut 'em before they put the bandages on.
He always leaves them long and pearly.
Give me Police Receiving.
Hal. A prisoner, Woody Garfield, with burnt hands, just now.
- Did you cut his fingernails? - I always wear 'em long. Always.
- You can check with my manicurist. - I'll hold.
They were long, and they cut them.
Bandage him. And when he's through, you may leave.
- You're free to go. - Now, look.
- Don't play games with me. - There's no charge.
Except reckless driving.
Thank you.
Six finger marks.
And there was pressure enough to cause deep bruising.
Not a cut, not an abrasion. Not even slight penetration of the skin surface.
Yeah, you're right. It couldn't have been done with long nails.
Then why did that guy run?
Maybe he was more afraid of his wife than he was of us.
How about Logan Sharpe's nails?
They're short.
Always have been.
You must admit the Establishment...
Please don't put that word in my mouth.
It's been used and misused until it's meaningless.
Oh, come on. Do you deny that the opponents of Proposition Four
tend to fall into a certain category:
the privileged, the vested interests, those who have?
Not all of them. Individuals vary. We want a broad base of support.
We're not interested in alienating anybody with loose labels.
You can't call city government friendly.
For one thing, you want control of building codes.
No. No, no. Enforcement of building codes. That's a different thing.
We simply want what we're supposed to have.
Government by consent of the governed. See, we've been swallowed by bigness.
Little city halls, neighbourhood city halls, we feel are the answer.
Privately, I wish you luck.
Four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten,
1 1, 1 2...
- Hi! - Hi, Daddy!
- 1 3, 14... - Where's your mommy?
- In the garden. 1 5, 16... - You're doing real good!
Thank you, Daddy. 17, 18,
19, 20, 22...
Uh-uh. What happened to 21?
I don't know. 23, 24,
25, 26...
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