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They Call Me MISTER Tibbs CD2

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Virge! There's a time, and a place.
Ginny? Look, I read somewhere, a famous psychologist once said
that if your kids see you pat your wife on the fanny and she looks like she likes it,
then it gives them a healthy attitude towards sex.
That was for Ginny's benefit, was it?
(slaps her bottom) Right!
Virge, if you're feeling so fatherly,
why don't you go upstairs and fix the curtain rod in Andy's room?
Consider it done.
There are some new developments. I don't know how important they are yet.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, Andy.
- Dad, I wouldn't... - I think maybe it's time for dinner.
Bring that toolbox up to your bedroom for me, will you, Andy?
If you're gonna do it, do it properly, and make sure you enjoy it.
Puff. Puff.
Do I have to inhale this thing?
No, but keep puffing.
And when you hold it, hold the end down so the butt won't get wet. Like that.
How do you live like this, everything such a stupid mess? Don't you ever clean up?
I understand Stevie is first in your class again, hm?
You enjoy being second-best, right?
The kids hate him, and nobody hates me.
And he works hard, and he worries.
You know, you're too big to be swinging on curtain rods.
Those screws aren't gonna hold.
Practically have to build the whole house again.
You know, man...
Nice house like this, you don't even notice it.
Good schools are lost on you.
Maybe we ought to send you away.
Someplace fancy, where they're gonna make you toe the line.
Because it's opportunity, and that means that you grab it.
Do you know that any school you want, you could have it? The best there is.
They're looking for you. A slob who hits his sister.
You know, in less than ten years now you're gonna be on your own.
School's through, the army's through, your mother and me, we'll be through.
You'll be on your own then, mister. Ever thought of that one?
And what are you gonna do? What are you gonna be? Hm?
Well, that depends.
- On what? - On you.
- How? - Well, if you don't have any money,
I'll be a bum.
But if you're rich, I'll be a playboy.
There's so much I wish I could tell you.
But I guess it isn't possible.
Like try to understand what's going on.
Try to do something useful.
Like cleaning up this room. Can you understand what I'm telling you?
- I mean, can you dig it? - Sure, I can dig it.
You want me to clean my room, and read books, and don't hit my sister.
And keep puffing.
(spitting and coughing)
- Thanks. - Drink some more.
You're sure? Hold it a sec.
Baldy, the guy who drives the campaign truck.
- Just picked up on possession of pot. - Ten to one he was framed.
I been waitin' for the fuzz to pull something like this.
- Who's gonna replace him? - Do you need a special licence?
- You know, like a truck driver's? - Hell, no. That's when it's for pay.
- You ain't gettin' paid. - That's the misery with this deal.
Everything's for free but our blood.
- Bud Ward'll be right over. - (phones ring)
(man) Yes on Four. May I help you?
(woman) Yes on Proposition Four. May I help you?
(man) We'll try to get somebody to pick you up.
No, don't worry about it. We'll be there.
(woman) Thank you. Thank you for calling.
(woman) Is there any cream for this coffee?
Give me some cotton.
Are you gonna tell me whose sneakers they are?
I don't think so. Got a box?
Well, I've been looking all over for you. What's this all about?
It's glass from the carpet? What the hell is going on here?
This isn't your own private case. I got my name on it in big block letters!
- Will you stop talking like a policeman? - It's what I happen to be. Are you?
Glass from the sole of one of Logan's sneakers.
- It matches. - Well, praise the Lord.
You weren't going to tell me about it, were you?
Oh, no. Look, Virgil, I really didn't mean that, uh...
But you can't let personal feelings interfere...
Spare yourself, will you, Herb? I can think my way through that one.
But let me try this out.
The lab checked out his clothes and shoes. No blood.
- And also no carpet lint, right? - It wasn't important.
- He admitted he was there on Sunday. - OK. Then I remember the sneakers.
And they've got broken glass in them, and that's damned important,
because it only could have gotten there afterwards.
Yeah. Broken glass on the floor would be a little scratchy
the way she did business, all over the place.
So, what would you do?
I'd haul him in.
Then all hell breaks loose. "Cops railroad leader of home-rule movement."
- They'll be in the streets, marching... - Virge, I'm a liberal myself,
but home rule, that's too far-out for me.
I don't wanna be pushed around by a bunch of amateurs.
He had no known motive, and there can be other explanations for this glass,
- so how sure can you be that he did it? - Damn sure.
Except for one thing. You know those two big fat fingerprints on the statue?
Well, they belong to Mealie Williamson. That's the handyman.
- Has he got a record? - Yeah, two minor felonies,
one for pandering - but nothing recent.
That statue was so clean, chances are it was wiped.
Williamson may have picked it up after the killer left. What'd he say?
He lives in the basement, but he wasn't there. He goes out on a bat now and then.
What about that guy who owns the place, Weedon?
His prints on that business card match some
found on the window of her apartment.
- What the hell. He owns the joint. - Has he got a record?
But he has some very expensive lawyers.
You know what, Herb?
No. What, Virgil?
I'm going home to dinner.
Daddy! Andy hit me!
Andy said "l won't do it, and you can't make me." Do you know what he did?
He took her Lego apart and spread it around the room.
I asked him to pick it up, that's all I did.
Ginny said to him "Do what Mummy says", and he hit her!
He took her arm and twisted it.
Ginny, that maybe was none of your business.
I mean, you might have been asking for that, hm?
You're some father! You really are.
You're never home, and when you are home, you can't control your son!
Why not stay home and control your son?
You can't solve that murder, and you're late for dinner, as usual!
You go in there and make him pick it up, if you can!
She told you to slug me, didn't she?
But if I do, she wouldn't be too unhappy.
She's always on my back!
Yeah, but you shouldn't have hit your sister.
I can't stand her. She can't do anything!
She's always standing on her head for you.
Well, I'm... I'm proud of what she's learned to do.
She's not quite as coordinated as you are.
She's learned to live with what she's got.
- What have you learned to live with? - An uncoordinated sister.
Would you, uh... pick it up for me?
As a... sort of a personal favour?
A little later.
Look, man, I gotta keep peace in this house, you know.
So would you please... pick it up now?
Now you're on my back! Will you please stop bugging me?
- Don't make me hit you. - That's what you want to do.
That isn't because she told you.
This is supposed to be good for you, having me here,
a father and all - hell, if it wasn't for me hitting you,
you know what you'd be today? Sullen and rebellious.
Now, pick it up.
Pick it up, Andrew, please, or I'll hit you again.
Pick it up!
Andrew, pick it up, please.
I don't care if you hit me any more.
It hurts so much now, it can't hurt any more. I don't care if you hit me.
Andrew, pick it up!
Please! Pick it up!
You're not perfect, are you?
And I can't forgive you.
You made me cry!
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, OK, OK, OK. It's gonna be all right.
- Are you sure? - Who else would look for me but a cop?
I ain't got no money, and I don't owe none.
- Who tipped you? - Nellie, the girl on the switchboard,
she... she told me.
Mr Weedon, why... why are they lookin' for me?
I don't know. I don't know why they haven't picked up the damn preacher.
Who the hell's protecting him? Mealie, did you touch anything?
Touch anything? No, l...
Oh... Oh...
I... I picked up that little statue.
You idiot!
All right. Don't come back here. I'll give you another address. Now, write it down!
Hello. Mr Weedon in?
Yeah, yeah. Come in, come in.
Well, Lieutenant!
Always a pleasure.
Lieutenant Tibbs, that is Puff.
- Always a pleasure. - Which is it? Army, navy or air force?
- Homicide. - Oh! Do tell.
But you're not fuzzy fuzz, are you?
Have a shot of 16-year-old bourbon. $1 2.95 a fifth? That's the attraction here.
Thanks. Soda.
Puff is the most amusing chick this side of the morgue.
But I love him. He beats me.
- What do you want, Lieutenant? - Where's Mealie Williamson?
Oh, so it wasn't the whiff of bourbon that brought you? I don't know where he is.
Yesterday was payday. Today...
The trouble with this country is overemployment.
I can think of others.
Lieutenant, breathe in that deep, delicate aroma.
Thank you, Puff. You're in apartment 5C, aren't you?
Yeah. Would you like to come up?
The 1 2th of the month, that's payday?
No, I held his up. Penalty for taking off last time.
I suppose you've got the cheque stub?
No. Cash is all Mealie understands.
But you pay his withholding and social security for him?
No, no, no. My bookkeeper takes care of that.
- Why all the sudden interest in Mealie? - What is your interest in hiding him out?
We found your fingerprints in there, Weedon.
You'll find my fingerprints all over this building.
He's a very friendly landlord.
Suppose you were in there that night, and Mealie knows it?
There's a natural conclusion to be drawn from that.
Conclude whatever you like, Lieutenant.
You picked the right man, Puff.
He's big.
He owns three firetraps over in the Potrero section,
and building inspectors don't bother him.
Nobody bothers him.
He doesn't love you, honey.
Even with that $1 2.95 taste in his mouth. I wonder why.
About all I can do is inconvenience Mr Weedon a little
by putting you away for 30 days.
Sorry, Puff, but I'll send you books.
You wouldn't do that.
Yes, I would.
The Vice Squad was all set to run you in. You and that girl in 2G.
When this thing broke, we asked them to hold off.
Only me and Jane? What about Joy?
Well, she was more careful - or he was more careful for her.
I want to know where Mealie is.
Think it over, Weedon... for about five minutes.
Thanks for the drink, Puff.
Lieutenant? Uh... you wouldn't. You really wouldn't, would you?
Yes. Yes, I would.
(whispers) 438 Garrison Street.
You son of a bitch! You'd send me books too, wouldn't you?
Take it easy, take it easy. It's only a bluff!
And you were more careful about Joy. I suppose that was a bluff.
I don't even know what the hell he's talking about!
Why is he playing it so cosy with the preacher?
That's what's bugging me.
- 71 to headquarters. - Go ahead, 71.
We're on our way to 438 Garrison Street to question a suspect.
- 438 Garrison? - That's right.
There's been a disturbance reported in that area. Two juveniles in a stolen car.
The crowd interfered with the arrest, I think.
I don't have a clear report, so take it easy.
- (woman) Hey, look! There's a pig! - Clear the way! Injured man!
(woman) Pig! Pig! Pig!
(man) Hey, Charlie, are you all right?
Listen to me, please!
Will you listen to me, please?!
Listen! What are you doing?
Give the coach a break. Come on, guys! Listen.
Big deal! You broke a window. You stole a television set.
Big deal! Listen to me! Please!
- Don't doze off. - That'll be the day.
(Logan) I don't know what happened...
- 71 to 74. - 74 here.
- Keeping your eye on the back? - Affirmative.
Why don't you go back to the pulpit, preacher man?
We got this thing under control. Get outta here!
Evening, Charlie.
I'm looking for Mealie Williamson, and we're watching the back.
Mealie? He, uh... went out to see the fun.
Did he?
Mealie Williamson?
On your feet!
- Thanks, Charlie. - Yeah.
What you got on me? You ain't got nothin' on me!
I ain't gonna let you railroad me!
What you been tellin' these people?!
I ain't never killed nobody!
And them fingerprints... them fingerprints don't mean nothin'!
Why don't you talk to the reverend? The reverend, he was there!
- I saw him! - Reverend who?
Sharpe. Reverend Sharpe!
He was there! I saw him!
Go talk to the Reverend Sharpe!
Talk to the Reverend Sharpe, you dummies!
Talk to the Reverend Sharpe!
Let's try the one on Van Ness next. I think they're open all night.
You realise I can't test for molecular structure?
We realise.
Obviously the same grade of glass.
- Colour refraction the same. - Give us a light, will you?
Superficially, they would seem very similar.
The truth is, fellas, this town is littered with this kind of glass.
I say bring him in! I want people to know I'm not afraid to, no matter who screams.
Sure, you've got the guts to bring him in, but have you got the case?
Dammit! Dammit!
I phoned Miami to head you off.
Something's come up. I wanna cool it for a while.
They couldn't reach me.
When I'm carrying, I make sure that God Almighty can't reach me.
- Take it back. - Take it back?
And tell Miami no deal? Oh, you'll take it.
Or you'll never see another shipment, no matter how damn big you are.
I want it off to the distributors, and fast!
I'll be happy to give him the message as soon as he comes in.
Cut the Peninsula back to 60.
- Central was 70 last month? - Less.
What's the matter with that guy? Give him 100 and a kick in the ass.
(phone rings)
- Tibbs. He's on his way up! - Tibbs? That black cop?
- He knows me! - Get rid of this stuff.
Get out there and stop him. Get out there!
And don't go waving two bucks to a blind man!
Hold the bag.
Are you ever big on TV.
Do you want my autograph?
More than that. I'm just on the way to my place. Wanna join me for coffee and stuff?
- Sorry. - Why? You're not on the Vice Squad.
- And I did you a favour, didn't l? - Mm-hm.
- See ya. - Hey!
Don't act so square.
- You're not. I can tell. - What's the matter?
- Weedon beat you once too often? - Nothing like that.
Haven't you spotted him yet?
- He's a switch-hitter. - With a low average.
Couldn't get in the park unless he owned the club.
Why are we wasting time in conversation?
I was thinking the same thing. See ya.
Don't tell me I've been wrong about you.
Come in.
Ah, Lieutenant. What a surprise.
Sit tight, Weedon.
- Who's this? - Mr Carson, a friend of mine.
Naturally we call him Kit.
You made the phone call, Weedon.
Mealie ran up and told you, and you got on the horn.
If I did... if I did, you should thank me.
But you didn't want to be thanked. Why?
I want to look at your clothes.
Oh? Have you got a warrant?
You've seen a warrant before. You don't have to look at all the fine print.
I want my lawyer present.
You've been reading the wrong Supreme Court cases.
- Now, are you gonna let me take a look? - OK, Lieutenant. I'll get the clothes.
I want to see 'em all.
- Look, I tried to... - Give me that!
I'm clean! I'm clean!
(car horn)
I found a piece for comparison in one of Weedon's rubber heels.
- It seems to match. - Thanks.
- The glass matches. - The glass matches,
the lint matches,
he had short fingernails, and we've got a good motive:
he was no good in the sack, and she taunted him with it.
I've known at least 20 homicides, that was the real motive. Go ahead with the report.
- The press wants a statement. - What are you gonna give 'em?
Christ, he ran and started shooting!
A case is never solved until a judge says it is.
All right, we consider it solved. I was gonna say that anyway.
See if you can get him to hold off on that statement.
- Where are you going? - 110 St James.
Hang on to your virginity.
Can't I get it through your head? He's dead. All I want is a clean case.
Why isn't it clean enough for you? You killed him.
Look, let's get the record straight. He started that shoot-out.
Well, you bastard, you killed the wrong man. He didn't do it.
Now, will you please just get the hell out of here?
What makes you so sure he didn't?
- I was in his apartment all the time. - And he never left it?
Yeah, he left it. He went down there.
- Come again? - We had just been in his bed,
and he wasn't young enough or interested enough
to go downstairs and try it again.
So why did he go down there?
- Why did he go? - To collect!
- Maybe she was holding out on him. - He wouldn't kill her.
She was merchandise.
Did she talk about Logan Sharpe much?
- Did she talk about Logan Sharpe? - Some.
- Did he ever give her anything? - Books. A lot of dull-ass books.
Only books?
And a lot of talk about political and religious crap.
How did you get into her apartment?
- Where did you get this ring? - It's not worth anything.
You sweet-talked your way past the cop at the door, didn't you?
I've got enough on you now to get you three years instead of 30 days.
How did you get into her apartment?
I told the cop she borrowed a dress of mine!
You'd take a chance like that for something that isn't worth anything?
That's not what you were really after, was it?
What you really wanted...
wasn't there, was it?
No! That's the trouble with you goddamn cops.
You're just as crooked as the rest of us.
Maybe we've got it down at headquarters.
You're a friend of hers, you could make a claim for it.
What did it look like, Puff?
It was on a gold chain.
But it wasn't the chain. It was the locket I really wanted.
It had a diamond right in the middle of it.
This is Lieutenant Tibbs in car 71, calling for Lieutenant Kenner.
- This is Kenner. - Did the old man put out that statement?
- Not yet. - Good. I'm coming in.
Get all the guys together you can. We've got an awful lot of legwork to do.
(PA) Vote "no" on Proposition Four.
You got here in a hurry, Lieutenant.
Look, Coach, those opinion polls can be wrong, you know.
I tell you, we got it in the bag.
Our side's gonna get out and vote tomorrow, and they won't.
Some of them will, Freddie.
It's the undecideds I'm worried about. What makes an undecided decide?
Is it a gut feeling? Is it a mental process?
Well, I sure wish I was old enough to vote.
I wonder if we'd said something different, or done something different,
if there'd be fewer undecideds.
I wish I believed in divine guidance, really believed in it.
Did you come to share the long night before the battle?
Not exactly.
Freddie, could you give us a couple of minutes alone?
I bet you wouldn't say that to Van Cliburn.
I don't know how to ease into this. I can't. I gotta take you in, Logan.
I don't believe what I just heard.
Don't make me give you the spiel about lawyers and your rights.
Just come on in, and let somebody else take over.
Look, I can't! You know I can't talk to anyone else about this but you.
Now, you just tell me, and... we'll clear it up.
You can't. Logan, you can't clear it up.
Because you did it.
Now, you've gotta tell me why you think so.
Why I know so.
You wearing that chain around your neck?
The night we took your clothes,
you were not wearing it.
I don't remember.
I usually wear it, but... well, not always.
Like when Joy was wearing it.
Look, let's go, before I find myself interrogating you.
I'm not leaving here. Not before the election!
You tore it off of her!
Or she tore it off. I think she tore it off!
I think it would take that to provoke you enough.
That isn't even circumstantial, you know. That's pure fantasy!
you took that necklace to a jeweller, Carl Wilson, to have it repaired.
He has identified you.
And he can identify the new catch he put on.
Don't try to explain it, because it might trip you up later.
The old catch was 18-carat gold.
Jewellers just don't throw stuff like that away. It mounts up.
When it scratched her neck, it left microscopic traces of blood and skin,
enough to positively identify you.
I don't want a statement.
It's no good without witnesses, anyway.
I don't wanna hear it.
First she made me feel like a washout as a minister,
and then she made me feel like a washout as a man.
You can understand that, can't you, Virge?
Not condone it, but... understand it.
24 hours, Virge, until the polls close.
I can't!
Look, you'll be spared a trial. I'll confess. I want to confess.
God, I want to confess!
Listen, Virge,
what difference does 24 hours make?
I know you did it. That's the difference.
1 5 per cent of the voters are undecided.
The second you take me in, it's gonna be all over the newspapers, on the television.
Think about how hard these people have worked.
They're never gonna be able to get back together if we lose this, Virge.
They wanted me to arrest you yesterday. And it might have been better if I had.
There'd have been enough time to play up the issues and play down the man.
But I wasn't sure about you yesterday,
so I didn't.
If you did it then, you can do it again. I'm not gonna run.
Stay glued to me, but you've gotta do it, Virgil. You've... gotta do it.
I'm through playing God, Logan.
Maybe arresting you will throw those undecideds your way.
Maybe they'll think you're a martyr. Maybe they won't.
How the hell do I know what they'll think?
Look, I'm not wise enough to play fast and loose with the rules.
Oh, for chrissakes, Logan! Do I have to put the cuffs on you?
- Should I get my stuff? - No.
I'll have it picked up.
Hello, this is Lieutenant Tibbs.
I'm on my way in with Logan Sharpe.
- How is he, Mr Tibbs? - He's dead.
It was an accident?
- But he was in custody? - Yes.
- Do you consider the case solved? - A case is never solved until the judge...
Visiontext Subtitles: Paul Murray
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