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Thinner (Stephen Kings)

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Gypsy caravan.
Honest-to-God Gypsies.
## [Whistling]
Do I?
- Do I have to?|- Oh, yes.
Billy, you were 297 last week.
It takes some time|for these diets to work.
Heidi, what are you doing to me?
- Good morning.|- What you wanted me to do to you...
in the backseat|of your father's car.
I'm proving my love.
- You gonna get Mr. Mafia off today?|- Please don't call him that.
It's bad enough your father's|defending him. Jokes I can do without.
[Lmitating Brando In The Godfather]|You'll say this is justice.|This is not justice.
Keep it up,|I'll take your video card away.
You would not.
[Lmitating Brando]|Try me, sweetheart.
- I'm glad you two think this is funny.|- Come on.
I wouldn't have taken Ginelli's case|unless I was convinced of his innocence.
Maybe. This time.
[Car Horn Honking]
[Lmitating Brando]|There's my ride.
I go to wipe out|Tataglia's inert science.
Bye. Love you.
The defense calls Max Duggenfield|to the stand.
Your Honor, I object.
Considering the fact|that the defendant...
is accused of ordering|Mr. Duggenfield's death...
Mr. Halleck, are you sure|you want this witness to testify?
If Max Duggenfield feels...
my client paid $40,000|to have him killed...
I want to hear him state it|in open court.
Call Max Duggenfield to the stand.
Mr. Max Duggenfield, please.
- What the hell are you doing?|- Remember about that detective agency?
- So this is really about...|- Pulling your ass out of the fire.
Please raise your right hand.
Do you swear to the tell the truth,|so help you God?
- I do.|- State your name for the record.
Max Duggenfield.
Mr. Duggenfield.
Anybody else out there...
who might want to see you dead?
- Maybe. Possibly.|- To your knowledge...
has there ever been|a price on your head before?
- Three years ago...|- Who was it?
Who took a contract out on your life|three years ago?
- Objection!|- Overruled.
Well, it was my wife.
She got feisty this one time.|The P.M.S. Thing maybe.
You know how they get.
Then there was this money matter...
[Prosecutor]|Your Honor...
Now that she's gone through|the change...
everything is beautiful.
Grazie, Mama.
- Just doing my job.|- Fuck that.
I owe you a big one, William.
I know you had to lobby|Mr. Lily-White-Collar-Partner...
to take this case, so...
What this is really all about is...
Even after I'm done paying your firm|a fucking fortune...
I'm still gonna owe you,|big time.
## [Gypsy Music Playing]
Play with fire?
You got it, mister.|You tried the rest, now try the best.
What you think?|Come on, everybody! It's fun!
[Labored Breathing]
They're coming this afternoon|to fix the elevator.
And congratulations.|You made the noon news.
Hey, Billy, you pulled it off.|I never would have believed it possible.
Kirk Penschley proves once again...
without faith,|good deeds are dead.
Hey, kiddo, you gotta take|a few pounds off there.
Come on.|I want to show you something.
Have you looked across the street|this morning?
Check this out.
Do you see that Gypsy|piece of ass down there?
How can I miss her?
All right. Give her this quarter,|tell her to raise her skirt.
- Didn't your prick escape sixth grade?|- I hope not.
What's the matter?
Afraid she heard you?
I'm taking the afternoon off.
- Say "Good afternoon, Billy."|- Good afternoon, Billy.
Don't forget tonight at the club.|We'll celebrate.
[Siren Wailing]
What's taking Hopley so long?
- They should have been out hours ago.|- Hi, Judge.
I want to thank you for turning me on|to that detective agency.
- It won me a big case this morning.|- Forget that.
We've been invaded by a bunch|of filthy, thieving Gypsies.
I don't know, Judge.|They bring a little fun.
They bring disease, crime|and prostitution.
- What fun is that?|- Who's the old guy?
Their chief. Named Lempke.
- At last. Good riddance.|- Not yet.
They've rented some land|at Lars Ancaster's farm.
You can't drive them off|private property.
Yes, you can. Unless you want the high|school football team down with the clap.
They make their money on dog fights!
Hey, Judge, no problem.
To Dell Barton|Investigative Services...
the best in New England.
And to winning.|May it ever be so sweet.
Here, here.
Easy, boy.|Down, boy.
No, no, no. No, no.
No way, my hero.|We're out of here before you explode.
- The party is over. Let's go.|- Can you get the cars?
I'll get the car. We'll pick up|a pound cake on the way out.
No, no, no.
- You've got to stop eating like that.|- I know.
Billy, I want you|to stop digging your grave...
with a spoon and fork.
I love you.
I love you.
Otherwise, I'd keep my mouth shut.
I can't help it, Heidi.
All I think about is food.
Maybe I ought to help you|try to think about something else.
Still thinking about food?
[Door Bell Jingling]
I want you fill this...
for my nose.
- What you look at?|- Nothing. Nothing.
Go ahead.
There's so much more to life|than food.
- Just...|- What?
Just don't stop.
Don't stop what?
- Please.|- Please what?
Please, please, please.
Papa, it is cold.
I'll go get my coat.
- How come you get a trial so quick?|- It isn't a trial.
It's a coroner's inquest,|a much simpler proceeding.
But it was an accident.
So what's the worst|that could happen?
Nothing will happen|to your father, Linda.
- He didn't do anything wrong.|- So you'll totally get off?
There's nothing to "get off" from.|I didn't do anything wrong.
An accident is not a crime.
You saw the old woman|leave the store, Mr. Bangor.
- She was running?|- I guess so. They were stealing.
Yes, but she was running?|That's what I want to establish.
I can't say for sure.|I was in the back of the pharmacy...
That will be all, Mr. Bangor.|You may step down.
Chief Hopley.
Chief, perhaps you can help us.
Was Mr. Halleck traveling|within the legal speed limit?
Yes, sir.|We have witnesses...
and his skid marks confirmed that.
Was he Breathalyzed?
Yes, sir.
Well, sir, Mr. Halleck was|as sober as a judge, Judge.
Under the circumstances,|I'll let that go.
You are dismissed, Chief.
This court finds no grounds|on which to charge William Halleck...
in the death of Suzanne Lempke,|which is hereby ruled accidental.
This hearing is closed.
[Billy Exhales]
- You drive.|- Mm-hmm.
[Heidi]|Get in the car.
283. Somebody call Richard Simmons.
- Did you weigh yourself?|- 283.
283. No fooling?
No fooling.
That is 14 pounds in seven days.
- Congratulations.|- Yeah, not bad, huh?
You look slimmer.
I haven't seen you stop eating.
- Maybe it's guilt.|- That's stupid.
It hasn't affected my diet|any more than it's affected yours.
- Why did I come out here today?|- For the exercise.
From the looks of you,|it's finally doing some good.
There's nothing like avoiding|a manslaughter charge...
to turn a man's life around.
That's witty, Kirk,|and compassionate too.
- What did he say?|- Foot-in-mouth disease.
That kind of attitude|could cost you court cases...
especially in my court.
You leave me alone, or I'll get Billy|to run you over in that golf cart.
- Kirk.|- What?
Give me a little kiss, sweetheart.|Right here.
Billy, have you lost your mind?
That's surprisingly easy to do|once you've lost a few pounds.
Come on.
Mike, look at this, would you?
- Your psoriasis is coming back.|- Why?
"Why ask why?"|As they say on TV.
Stress probably.|Use that ointment from last time.
- Hey!|- For horses. Better for cows.
I've lost two pounds since this morning?|Is that possible?
Relax. Soon you'll be able to see|your balls without using a mirror.
Listen, Cary...
I never really thanked you|for taking care of me.
Never told you what happened|right after that, did I?
Leda and I went to lunch.
When we came out,|that old gyp was waiting for me.
- The one with the...|- Yeah, him.
He walked up and touched me,|right here.
Did he say anything?
How the hell should I know?
I was worried I might catch|impetigo from him.
Or lice!
- I want you to go off this diet.|- Does it look like I'm on a diet?
When did you stop?
About a week ago.
That's another 25 pounds.
That's over 40 pounds|in two weeks?
Make up your mind.|Do you want me fat or thin?
I just...
I was thinking that sudden weight loss|is an early warning sign of...
- Of what?|- You know what.
Christ! If I gain weight,|I have a heart attack.
If I lose weight,|I have cancer.
I can't win.
I ran into Mike Houston|yesterday.
He wants you|to take a few tests.
All right.
If you don't want to do it for yourself,|and you don't want to do it for me...
will you do it for Linda?
Everything's fine.
- "Fine"?|- Yeah.
Your blood work is five by five.
That's better than mine, in fact.
Let's see, cholesterol|and triglycerides are both down.
You haven't been this healthy since you|banged Mary Lou Singer in high school.
Sangster,|and I never got into her pants.
Mike, are you sure about this?
I weigh 240 pounds. I've lost|the equivalent of a fucking suitcase.
Look, Billy...
the important thing here|is for you to relax.
Just stop thinking about this.
Your weight will stabilize,|and you'll gain some back.
Believe me,|everything is gonna be all right.
Mr. Halleck!
I see you finally found|a diet that works.
You look wonderful.
Right, and I...
want a whole new wardrobe to go with|my new look, so you might want to...
Well, let's do it!
You're down to a pant 40.|Maybe even 38.
That can't be right.
Do you have a scale?
This diet you're on...
what is it?
I've tried all the others.|I might as well try this one.
I don't think you'd like it, Henry.
In fact,|I don't think you'd like it at all.
- [Billy Grunting]|- [Groaning]
Can I ask you a question?
Is there such a thing|as, like, male menopause?
- I mean, hormones that, like...|- What are you trying to say?
I'm worried about you.
What's there to worry about?|I found a diet that works.
Eat all you want|and still lose the weight.
- What happened?|- I don't know. I must've said something.
Don't. You'll only upset her more.|There.
Billy, will you please slow down?
Why are you eating like that?
I don't know|if it's all in my head.
- Dr. Mikey thinks it is.|- I hate when you call him that.
I do know one thing: I've lost three|pounds a day every day until today.
You're putting weight back on?|That's wonderful.
Today, I skipped lunch.|Instead of being three pounds lighter...
when I got home from the office,|I'm six pounds lighter.
You see, I have to eat like this.
It's a race,|and I'm losing.
- You sound mean, as if it's my fault.|- I'm sorry.
Was I giving myself a blow job|just then?
That is a horrible thing to say.
I don't remember you complaining|about it at the time.
Linda should go visit her Aunt Rhoda|for a few weeks.
- What?|- She can't watch you go through this.
It's tearing her apart.|Look at what just happened.
I'll drive her there tomorrow.
Billy. Finally got through|to that specialist.
Good news. Based on your test results|and what I've told him...
it's definitely not a parasite.
Not a tapeworm.
- What does he recommend?|- The Glassman Clinic.
They're expecting you tomorrow.
And, Billy, even if|you don't want to go...
you have to,|for Heidi's sake.
She's upset.
Leda was eating alone|again last night.
Is the judge sick?
Out of town.
His sister was|in a pretty bad car accident.
Cary Rossington|doesn't have a sister.
Then it was Leda's sister.|You have to relax.
See you tomorrow.
Is Cary in?
He's in Minnesota|visiting relatives.
What's wrong with him?|Has he lost weight?
What are you talking about?
I've lost 100 pounds.
That's spelled|with a one and two zeroes.
It was the Gypsies, wasn't it?
What do you mean, "Gypsies"?
Did the old man touch you?
What does that have to do with...
[Laughing]|Come on in, Billy.
Here. You'll need this.
He is in Minnesota...
but he's not visiting relatives.
He's at the Mayo Clinic.
there's no such thing|as Gypsy curses.
You trying to convince me|or yourself?
He came up to us as we were coming out|of La Zuppas, that place over in Milton.
Cary was hunting for his keys.
He never saw the old man coming.
I did. I tried to warn him,|but I was too late.
He touched him.
Then he whispered something|in his ear.
Cary claims he didn't hear|what it was.
I heard.
What did he say?
One word.
His skin was plating,|turning into scales.
It's evolution in reverse.
A sideshow freak.|Lord Jesus.
He chartered a plane|to take him to the Mayo.
Did I tell you that? He can't bear|to have people look at him.
At the end, before he left,|his hands were like claws!
His eyes were just two bright little|specks inside these deep hollows.
Like pieces of tin foil!|And his nose...
I have to go|to the Glassman Clinic.
I have a metabolic disorder.
Why did you come here?
Why are you looking|for my husband?
I just wanted|to compare notes.
God. What did he say to you?
- What did the old gyp say to you?|- Nothing!
I don't believe that.
I believe it's all your fault.|You hit that old lady!
You were the one that hit her!|You! Not Cary!
I wrote on the fence, but your husband|slapped on the whitewash.
He was too happy to do it.
Have a nice stay|at the Glassman, Billy.
I hear the food's good.
There's no such thing|as a Gypsy curse.
You come back in another|couple of weeks...
after you've lost|another 40 or 50 pounds!
Tell me what you believe then!
Yes, you tell me|what you believe then!
You hear me?
You tell me what you believe then!
You tell me!
- You gave me that.|- I did?
Mr. Ginelli,|it's Billy Halleck for you.
- What can I do for you?|- I got a crazy question for you.
Go ahead, Counselor.
Do you believe Gypsies|can curse people?
I tend to believe what my friends|tell me and what I can see.
My mother is a different story.|Hold on.
[Speaking Italian]
[Speaking Italian]
[Speaking Italian,|Pretends To Spit]
She says she believes.|She knew Gypsies in the old country.
She says whoever puts it on|has to take it off. No one else can.
No one else.
What's this all about?
I'll get back to you. Thank you.
What happened|at the Rossington's last night?
Leda Rossington thinks that old Gypsy,|Tadzu Lempke, put a curse on Cary and I.
I know how it sounds,|but that's what she thinks.
You see...
Cary has this skin cancer...
Billy, there is no such thing|as a Gypsy curse.
Even if there were, it wouldn't just|be you and Cary that Lempke would curse.
It would be the entire town.
The whole town didn't kill his wife|and then try and cover it up.
It was me and Cary and...
It would be Hopley too.
He was in on the cover-up.
all you have to do right now...
is to think about checking yourself|into the clinic and getting better.
That's all.
Look out!
We're here.
Hopley, answer, damn it.
- Good morning, Mr. Halleck.|- Morning.
We've used the computer|to synthesize your test results.
Over 12,000 calories a day,|and you continue to lose weight.
Here you are.
Extra whipped cream,|just as you specified.
We have some good protocols.|They'll take a week or two to work out.
What if that|doesn't tell you anything?
We'll keep running tests.|We won't give up.
Rest assured of that.
- Where are you going?|- To get some takeout.
Duncan, it's Billy Halleck.
The guy at the station house|said you were home sick.
You okay?
Come on, Duncan.|I know about the judge.
What's happened to you?
I don't really think|you want to know...
but come on in.
[Lock Clicking]
now Rossington looks like|what he was all along.
That's funny.
And look at you.|You finally found a diet that works.
Whatever we did,|we don't deserve this.
No? You ran the old lady down.
Rossington fixed it so points weren't|even taken off your driving record.
And I just ran the whole pack|of them out of the county.
Come on. I'm not a criminal.|I wasn't drunk.
How would I know?
I didn't give you a Breathalyzer test.|I said I did.
That's just the way we do things|here in Fairview, isn't it?
What the hell.
- Old lady was jaywalking.|- I wasn't drunk.
Maybe there was|something else going on, though.
- Like what?|- Never mind.
I want to find the old guy|and tell him we don't deserve this.
You think he put a curse on you?
Good old-fashioned Gypsy curse,|like in Shock Theater?
Does it matter?|I have some things to say to him.
Maybe you want to come with me?
Christ, Hopley.
- I'm sorry.|- Don't be.
Yours is just a little slower.
You'll get there eventually.
I am not going anywhere.
You find him, Billy.
You find him.
When you do...
I want you to kill that old bastard|and say it's from me.
I can't.
I can't kill him.
I need him to take the curse off.|He's the only one who can, I think.
You think he'll take it off?
Are you gonna snivel up to him|and say, "I'm so sorry"?
Look how sorry I am!
Don't be stupid!
Take the gun! Go on.
Take it.
Take the gun.|Take the gun.
Take the goddamn gun!
Take the gun!|Shoot him!
It's the only satisfaction you'll get,|'cause he'll never take the curse off!
Mike Houston was here.|Why did you leave the clinic?
Are you all right?
We care about you, sweetheart.|I care about you.
The doctors at the Glassman Clinic|can't help me.
If they can't help you,|who do you think can?
I saw Duncan Hopley|before I came home.
He offered to give me his gun.|I didn't take it.
- Thank God!|- I probably should have, though.
I heard a gunshot after I left.
Maybe Duncan saw a rat and decided|to do a little brain surgery on it...
but I don't think so.
Lempke cursed him too.|His face...
Please. Please! Please don't go|through that curse thing again!
What else can it be?
I'm not on a diet!
It's not anorexia!|I don't have a tapeworm!
I've been eating like mad for six weeks!|12,000 calories a day, at least!
And I'm still losing weight!
I'm being erased.
What about the Glassman?|They keep calling me about you.
Forget the Glassman.
Heidi told me what you said|about this curse thing.
Tells you a lot, doesn't she?|Whispers little secrets in your ear.
- What's that supposed to mean?|- Forget it.
All you need to remember|is it's not "a thing."
It's a fact, a curse.
If you don't believe me,|ask Rossington.
Heidi told me what you said about him,|so I called Leda.
He's got skin cancer.|He's being treated.
Skin cancer, my ass.
You are running out of time.
No shit. In two weeks, I won't be able|to go to the bathroom by myself.
- You have to go back to the clinic.|- Wrong.
I have to find those Gypsies.
- Do you see what I'm talking about?|- Yeah, I think he's in trouble.
He's very irrational.|If I were you...
[Engine Starts]
[Heidi] Oh, Mike.
[Tires Squealing]
Tadzu Lempke.
Their king. Also, father of the woman|you struck with your car.
That's impossible.
That woman was old: 75, 80.
Lempke is 106.
This is his great-granddaughter|and her husband.
He claimed to be 29 when he entered|the country from Europe in 1917.
You figure it out.
You want to talk|about where they're going?
I tracked them to Raintree.|Then Milford.
Then Greenough,|which I had never heard of.
Where do you think|they're headed now?
Headed up the Maine coast.
They're always in Bar Harbor at the end|of the season. Pick them up there.
I don't have that much time.
[Mike] I have the order.|All you have to do is sign it.
[Heidi] To sign it?|I don't know.
Maybe you're right.
[Mike] I know you don't want to,|but it's best for both of us.
[Heidi] If we take legal action,|what will he do when he finds out?
What kind of legal action?
The kind that forces you back to the|Glassman Clinic before it's too late.
I'll go back.
Oh, Billy!
I am so happy.
Dear Heidi,|I'm going after Lempke.
The old guy knows what I did,|but not what you did.
That frees you up to believe|the curse is in my head.
Unfortunately, that's a luxury|I no longer have. I'll work it out.
In the meantime, if there's anything|going on between you and Dr. Mikey...
end it, immediately.
[Man]|Biff Quigley.
Call me Biff. Mind telling me|why you want to know where they went?
- Yes, Biff, I mind.|- Fine.
A man's reasons ought to be his own.
Good. Now, since we agree|on all that...
But it's still going to cost you $800.
- What?|- The info is a freebie.
The $800 is for the info...
I don't give your wife and doctor.
Do you take travelers' checks?
[Woman] Come let the Gypsy king|guess your weight and tell your fate.
Don't be shy.
The old man, he knows everything.
He can see everything.
Don't bother|to step on the scale.
I can tell your weight|from right here.
159, right?
And next week...
gonna be 143.
And the week after that...|Ooh!
We don't like to think|about that, do we, mister?
[Laughing, Wheezing]
Sorry, mister, but you lose.
But let's see.
Ah, yes.
You can have a prize anyway.
[Tires Screeching]
Billy, get in, you idiot!
You ready, Billy? You and I|are gonna get that Gypsy bastard!
[Billy]|What are you doing?
I'm saving you, Billy.|Isn't that what you want?
[Cary Laughs]
[Cary Laughing]
[Cary]|Hold on, partner!
Leda, this is Billy Halleck.|Can I speak with Cary, please?
Sorry, Billy. Cary can't come|to the phone right now.
Yesterday he drove his Lincoln|into a gas truck.
A happy ending of sorts.
He always did want to be cremated.
[Phone Clicking,|Dial Tone Humming]
I'm sorry, Leda.
Excuse me.|You seen this man?
His name's Tadzu Lempke.
Taddy Lempke?
I knew he was around.
- You know Lempke?|- How could you forget him?
Big, black cancer|in the middle of his face.
I hadn't seen him|since I worked the Ferris wheel...
ten, maybe twenty years ago.
But it was him last night.|You know what he said to me?
"Hey, Flash.
Where that pretty|little wife of yours?
Well, don't matter.
You'll see her soon."
Mister, my wife has been dead|for five years...
and he knew it.
Did you see which way the Gypsies went|when they left here?
No, but I heard them.
You can't miss the sound|of those old beaters they drive.
Out 27, then north on 1.
Listen. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Mister, be careful.
That Taddy will chew you up|and swallow you down.
[Linda] Yes?
Daddy, where are you?|I've been so worried.
It's good to hear your voice.|When did you get home?
Yesterday.|Mom's really upset.
Where is she now?
She's in the kitchen|with Dr. Houston.
[Billy]|What's Dr. Mikey doing there?
- He's been here a lot. Why?|- Billy, is that you?
Sweetheart, I've been talking to Mike,|and he's been saying that...
Bitch! Bitch!
This is all your fault, you bitch!
For shame! My mama!
I say you killed my own mama!
I say you are a demon,|and we should kill you!
Is that what I am to you?|A demon?
Look at me.
[Speaking Foreign Language]
She call you|the white man from town.
You got no business with us...
and we got no business with you.
- Go away.|- [Speaking Foreign Language]
I'm not through with you.
Your daughter ran out|between two parked cars.
I couldn't see her.
Why wasn't you watching,|white man from town?
Why wasn't you watching?
You never see us!
- Cha!|- Fa!
Doing this to me|won't bring your daughter back.
Duncan Hopley is dead.
So is Cary Rossington.
Neither of them|brought your daughter back.
Justice ain't about bringing|back the dead, white man.
Justice is about justice!
Your friends,|the policeman and the judge...
make sure nothing happen to you,|they keep you safe.
But I make sure|something happen to them.
That justice, white man.|Gypsy justice.
You know as much about justice|as I know about turbine engines.
Now take your fucking curse|off of me!
I never take it off.
I die with it in me mouth.
I'm sorry.|It was my fault.
Please.|I'm asking you nicely.
Take it off|before this goes any further.
Get out or I make it worse.
I make it so much worse,|you think I bless you the first time.
Like this.
Okay, I'll go...
but not before I curse you...
and everybody I see|by the light of this fire!
The curse|of the white man from town!
[Laughing, Wheezing]
That's right, laugh.
Laugh now, cry later...
when this all is at your feet!
You want to see what|the white man from town can do...
when he puts his mind to it?
Don't make me start, old man!
Don't make me start!
Take it off while you still can!
[Speaking Foreign Language]
Get out of here!|Leave this camp, murdering bastard!
Look at this!
The curse|of the white man from town...
is on you, pal.
They don't write about it in books,|but it is on you.
This is Billy Halleck.
- Can I speak to Richie Ginelli?|- Hold on.
William.|How you doing, Counselor?
Not so good, Richie.|I need a doctor.
I'll have someone to you by morning.|Not a doctor, but he's pretty close.
Ball bearing, huh?
First for me.
This kind of pain|is a first for me.
There's a reason for that.
I've worked with cadavers|that looked better than you do.
These are mine,|but you need them more than I do.
Potassium tablets.
Will they do anything|for the pain?
They'll prevent you|from going into cardiac arrest.
Look, if it's a diet,|you can come off it now.
You have my permission.
Expect a visitor tomorrow.
Take the Bufferin|and get some rest.
[Knock At Door]
You should have called me earlier,|Billy. A lot earlier.
I didn't expect you|to come yourself.
Hey, I wouldn't have missed it|for the world.
Okay, I got it.
Who was I kidding?
You ever hear of something|called "committal in absentia"?
It means somebody's committed to a|mental hospital without being examined.
It's usually invoked when some guy|goes loony and runs off.
Houston couldn't have done it|without Heidi.
Damn them.
Damn them both.
Her and this doctor,|you don't think...
Yeah. Sure.
I didn't want to believe it...
until one night I saw his car|pulling out of the driveway.
She said he just dropped by.
Hey, relax.|You got nothing to worry about.
By the time the order goes through,|this will either be over...
or you'll be dead.
If you make it, you can|deal with them at your leisure.
I'm gonna get you for this, Heidi.
I swear I am.
You're not actually|gonna hurt anybody, are you?
But, Billy, if I'm gonna help you...
you can't ask that question again.
[Dogs Barking]
Hey, hey, hey.|What do you say, fellas?
Do I smell like a gyp?
Who wants a little strychnine?
Here you go.|Here you go.
Hey, kid, wake up.|It's a visit from the money fairy.
What's your name?
Spurton. Frank Spurton.
Okay, Frank Spurton.|Check it out.
I don't do nothing|that goes on video.
That's a good plan, Stan.
Listen. There's some Gypsies|camped out up the road.
They light, you call me.
Who do I ask for|in case someone else answers?
Don't worry.|I'll answer.
- You like this, don't you?|- Like it? Are you kidding?
I fuckin' love it!
[Telephone Ringing]
- Yeah.|- They're at a small farm off Route 92.
I think they made me.
If I were you, friend,|I'd get out of there as soon as I could.
And lose my number.
Well, well, well.
Hey, Billy.
I think it's time|for us to move on.
- This is getting out of hand.|- Wrong.
This has been out of hand...
ever since that old gyp|touched you.
I'm just the guy|to put it back "in hand."
I gotta show them|they can't get away with that stuff...
they pulled on that kid.
He was a mook,|but he was my mook.
Richie the Hammer.
Please don't.
## [Violin Playing]
There! Over there!
No, Gabe!
No! [Crying]
- Yes?|- F.B.I.
Special Agent Stoner.|I have a few questions, Mrs. Grimani.
Can you identify...
That pig killed my old mama!
- He killed my husband.|- Mr. William Halleck?
Was it him|at this camp last night?
No, but we believe he hired someone|to make the attack.
We have him in custody.
Would you mind accompanying me|to identify him personally?
[Car Doors Slamming]
My God.
Not again.
He's waiting in the car.
There is no car here.
I almost forgot.
I have a photo of the man we suspect|attacked your camp.
It was you!
Acid, bitch.
You scream again,|and I'll kill you.
You just got a face full|of soda pop and baking soda.
Billy, get out!
- [Gun Cocking]|- Richie, no!
This time you live|because my friend asks.
Next time,|you're one dead little whore.
Fuck you.|And fuck him!
here's the real deal.
Now here's what I want you to do.
Unless you want|to wear a Gypsy scarf...
over your face|for the rest of your life...
hold very still!
Tell the old gyp to meet me|at the lighthouse in two hours.
Your friend is a pig!|He will die thin!
But you will die first,|you bastard!
He'll meet you there in about an hour,|over by that bench.
Thanks, Richie.
You want to thank me?|Get that old bastard.
[Car Engine Starts]
Wake up.
Wake up.
Your dreams smell bad to me.|They stink.
Maybe you think|you're still dreaming, huh?
Does this look like dream to you,|white man from town?
You kill my daughter,|and you get off.
For that you deserve to die,|so I curse you!
But now, I got to do this|so your crazy friend...
don't hurt my Galina.
Already he kill her husband.|You want your little girl hurt?
I didn't want any of this.
You want to get rid of the curse?
First, you've got to give it...
to this pie.
Then you give this pie...
With the curse inside,|to somebody else.
[Lempke Chanting]
You gain weight quick now.
So quick, you don't know|what's going on.
But somebody...
got to eat this pie soon.
Everyone who eat pie|die quick and bad.
You got somebody?
Yeah, you got somebody.
But why you don't do right?|Eat your own pie.
You die thin,|but you die clean.
Get away from me.
Our business is done.
Die clean, white man from town.
Die clean.
- Daddy, are you okay?|- I'm still thin, but I'll be fine.
Listen.|Daddy's coming home tonight...
but I want it to be a surprise, okay?
Yeah. Sure.
- I want you to stay at Georgia's.|- Daddy, no!
There are some things...
I need to talk|to your mother about.
Promise you'll stay at Georgia's.
- All right.|- Thanks, honey.
Let me talk with your mother.
Billy, is that you?
There are some things I have to do|before I come home.
I'll see you|in a couple of days.
Wake up...
white woman from town.
[Gasps]|Oh, Billy.
Oh, Billy! Oh!
Whoa. At least wait|until I get up to 140.
I didn't expect you home|until the end of the week.
I couldn't wait to see you.|I even brought you a present.
It's on the kitchen counter.
I know why you came home early.|I know what you've been thinking.
I swear there's never been anything|between Mike Houston and me.
We can talk about it|in the morning.
I'm gonna go upstairs.|I'm exhausted.
All right.
- I'm going with you.|- No, no.
It's early.
Why don't you check out|what I brought you?
You're gonna like it.
You sound like|your old silly self.
I'm starting to feel|like my old silly self again.
- Take a look.|- It's in there?
Go. Go.
Is it strawberry?
Oh, Billy,|that's my favorite.
I know.
Getting even is also|what it's all about, you bitch.
[In Singsong Voice]|Heidi.
You awake?
Did you try it?
Yep. You tried it.
Strawberry pie.
I wouldn't want to eat too much|of it myself, though.
It's diet food.
Look at you.
Size six again.|Maybe even a size four.
You look so thin,|but I'm glad to see you anyway.
I'm sorry I didn't stay|at Georgia's...
but I needed to talk to Mom|before I saw you.
Things haven't been great|between us...
because of what|you've been going through.
So I came back|after you went to sleep.
We worked things out.
And I just had a piece of your pie|for breakfast.
- You had...|- Yes, Dad. It was delicious.
And things are cool|between Mom and I.
I have to play soccer with Lisa,|but I'll catch you later.
Bye. Love you.
My God, what have I done?
[Doorbell Ringing]
Billy, you're home.
Dr. Mikey.
Early for a house call, isn't it?
It's not what you think.
Heidi was upset.
I just stopped by|to see how she was doing.
Don't sweat it. I might have done|the same thing in your shoes.
After all,|I was acting like a jerk.
But I'm fine now.|Even put a little weight back on.
I was just digging into a slice|of this breakfast pie.
- Care to join me?|- I really shouldn't.
Come on, Mike.|I've settled everything with Heidi.
Now it's your turn.|The pie's delicious.
You sure I'm not intruding?
white doctor from town.
Subtitles By|Captions, Inc. Los Angeles
Ripped by Gurabli|
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