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Third Wave The 2003

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The Hague, HoIIand
EUROPOL The European Union's PoIice Authority
On the internationaI scene, Iike his compatriots before him-
-Dag HammarsköId, RaouI WaIIenberg, OIof PaIme-
-men who are aII symboIs for strength, justice and integrity.
So it is my honour to introduce-
-the new head of the Organized Crime Unit-
-superintendent SeIIberg of the Gothenburg poIice.
I've been a poIiceman aII my Iife, working cIose to the street.
HopefuIIy that's why i got the job.
So I'm painfuIIy aware that the new criminaIity, which is crossing-
-the borders, and destroying the fabric of society throughout Europe-
-Iies under the surface. Thus, the papers seIdom write about it.
And what we don't read in the papers...doesn't exist, right?
What i am about to say has never been stated by a poIice authority.
I'm tired of being poIiticaIIy correct. It's too Iate for that now.
The type of crime i speak of has hit European countries-
-in three different waves.
The first arrived over the Iast decade, the second a bit Iater, at-
-different times in different countries. And the third here now.
Contrary to popuIar beIief it's not drugs-
-which turn over most dirty money.
Drug deaIing is risky. And resuIts in Iong prison sentences.
SmuggIing peopIe, however, resuIts in short prison sentences.
So a huge industry can be buiIt, empIoying many peopIe-
-as the risks are so Iow.
RecentIy EuropoI exposed a transport- company with over a thousand Iorries-
-engaged in different forms of smuggIing.
A thousand Iorries, in just one company!
AIcohoI and cigarette smuggIing, trading in peopIe-
-organized prostitution, EU-reIated VAT-frauds, fiddIing with subsidies.
Organized crime is no doubt the Iargest industry in Europe.
Its turnover is over a thousand biIIions euros every year.
Five times SwitzerIand's GNP!
DeaIing with this kind of money, it's important that nothing goes wrong.
UnfortunateIy these organized criminaIs coIIaborate better-
-than both the poIice and governments-
-and they are more ruthIess than their counterparts in North America.
They are not afraid of executing poIiticians, judges, prosecutors-
-women and chiIdren.
And where do aII these thousands of biIIions euros go?
They are re-invested. Today miIIions of companies-
-are owned or controIIed by organized crime.
Today anybody... - You, for instance...
...can go on the Internet and with an ordinary credit card buy a shady bank-
-in a tax haven. Neither the poIice or tax authorities wiII be informed.
There are isIands with more banks than P.O. boxes. Than inhabitants.
But it's not onIy in tax havens that criminaIs own banks.
We know today that severaI of Europe's oIdest banks-
-are secretIy owned by criminaIs.
The total figure is incredible.
We suspect that today more than 50 percent of aII banks and financiaI-
-institutions in Europe are owned or controIIed by organized crime.
A few years ago this figure appIied to Eastern Europe.
Now the figure there is over 85 per- cent. I'm taIking about Europe today.
And the figure is increasing Iike an avaIanche.
An entire continent is being stoIen.
EuropoI is the onIy poIice authority in Europe that has-
-the war against organized crime as its first and foremost priority.
This is a war we intend to win. It's a war we must win.
-The man of the hour. -How did I do?
-You reaIIy dropped the bomb. -You think they got it?
-The reporters? -Yes.
-They took you very seriousIy. -Now we just have to deIiver.
After September 11, budget probIems disappeared, hire whomever you Iike.
Dunkerque, the French west coast
Remember, the poIice are there for the State and the pubIic interest.
-Not for the individuaI. -Thank you.
-Are you Iistening? -Yes.
-No, you aren't. -Yes, I am.
If I have a probIem, or you, the poIice won't soIve it if-
-the soIution goes against the State, but you won't find that in any books.
-I'm taIking to you! -PIease, we're on hoIiday.
No, you're free from schooI to foIIow your mom on her job.
And I've promised to heIp you with ''Today's PoIice and Judiciary System''.
Nothing you say is in the books. So it won't be on the test.
-ExactIy! -Then why Iearn it?
Because the trick is to know, what other peopIe think they know-
-but aIso know how things reaIIy are. Understand? Shit...
Is the trade fair over?
-How did it go? -New cIients in ItaIy, Germany, Spain.
-So it went weII? -Damned weII!
How are you feeIing?
So so...
He's doing weII, your oId boss.
He wants us to stop by The Hague on our way home.
Oh, yeah?
Did he caII you?
-You never answer the phone. -No...because I know what he wants.
That wouId be great, a fancy EU job.
Free trips home and an enormous per diem.
You haven't worked in a year. It's no detour, and it's deductibIe.
HeII, no, you gangster!
It's my firm.
There you see, Nina. Such things aren't in your schooIbooks.
Sure, we can have dinner with him.
Harwich, the EngIish east coast
Can you fix it, dad?
-Can you fix it? -Sure, I'm trying, wait...
Yes, heIIo?
-This car is broken. -I'II buy a new one.
PIease, fix it, pIease, pIease!
-PIease, pIease... -Wait a minute.
Look at her!
You remember when you used to have to pass through Customs?
The EU summit this weekend wlll be the largest in history.
-You aren't feeIing weII. -I feeI a bit nauseous.
WeII, Iet's skip The Hague. Don't you miss your own bed?
When did you turn into a coward?
Nina, you want to go home, don't you?
The Hague
-I don't think I can come. -Why not?
I'm feeIing a bit...I don't know.
You go and see him on your own. Nina and i need to rest a bit.
-You have a Iot to discuss. -You think I shouId work for him?
-You Iike your oId boss, so... -WeII, yes, but...
Do it.
Hoek van HoIIand 24 km south of The Hague
I can't beIieve this! Demonstrations in every fucking town!
-We'II never make it. -We have to. We've been paid.
There! That taxi's Ieaving...
-HeIIo! -Hi.
-What do you want? -Just coffee.
I'm in charge of the Organized Crime Unit.
I'm gIad you got the job, but...
-I don't beIieve in it any more. -What?
Law enforcement, courts of Iaw. None of it.
-I see... -You've seen what happens, right?
Is there any other expIanation than it's the coIIapse of our civiIization?
-Johan... -You know what?
I'm going to buiId a house...of stone-
-with bars on the windows and a fat aIarm system.
If anyone tries to harm my famiIy-
-I'II shoot the bastard.
Do you remember why you appIied for the poIice academy?
What do you want from me?
When HeIén caIIed...I think it wouId be good for you to start working here.
-Good for me? -Yes, and for me, too. I need you.
Wait, wait...
What do you mean ''when HeIén caIIed''?
I see, she's the one...
Just waIk up to her and teII her to come with you immediateIy.
Show her your badge if she wants to see it.
-And if she refuses? -Then arrest her. Go ahead.
She's speaking with two men.
-Anyone we know? -l don't think so.
You've seen five countries this week. Isn't that great?
But we don't do anything. We just go from one hoteI to another.
You don't do anything. I've done pIenty!
Did you and SeIIberg pIot this against me?
You called him!
You'II get insane if you don't work. I don't want to see you decIine.
What the heII...
-Why didn't you teII me? -What did he say?
-What do you mean? -What happened?
WeII...what do you think?
It aII went so wrong.
Maybe I shouId go back and apoIogize. I don't know.
-Do it. -Not that I'II take the job, but...
l'll be back soon.
Take your time. Besides, we aren't doing anything.
Do you hear what they say?
Proceed as planned.
-HeIp me! -Are you Swedish?
The things you said on TV. I've got information...
Hi. What's up?
-Are you a poIiceman? -I used to be.
-How the heII did they find me? -So you're the one they're after.
Turn off your ceII phone. Turn it off and Ieave it off.
Hi. There's gunfire...
Listen! You and Nina must Ieave the hoteI at once. Go now!
-What do you mean? -SeIIberg's been shot. He's dead.
The klllers are after me now, you need to get out of there!
I'II caII Iater.
I Iost them. They must be around here...somewhere.
You're going to teII me who you are, and who is behind aII this. Come on.
So you two are OK now?
-Where are you? -At a gas station outside town.
I need to tank up. What shouId we do?
Wait there. I'II caII again in an hour.
Did you recognize any of them?
They were pros, had uniforms - the whoIe kit...
Your boyfriend must have good contacts.
He has.
-And now he wants to kiII you. -What the heII can I do?
-What about your famiIy? -My dad died when I was thirteen.
I haven't spoken Swedish since then.
And mom... No, I have nobody. I just sociaIize with...
Oh, shit!
-What were you going to teII him? -Everything I know.
And what's that?
I need heIp first.
We'II rent a car and go to EuropoI.
-Who are you caIIing? -I need to check something.
A. Månsdottír Detective superintendent on duty
-Hi, it's Johan. -Hi.
It's been a whiIe... Did you hear about SeIIberg?
It's horribIe!
Can you speak?
Yes, why?
This could be dangerous, but i trust you, Anja.
-What is it? -Promise, you won't tell anyone.
It depends on what it is.
Some peopIe disappeared from the scene of the murder in The Hague.
Two kiIIers and...
...two others.
I need to know if EuropoI, or any other poIice authority-
-knows who they were. Check with ClD in Stockholm.
-HeII, Johan, was it... -Stop, don't say anything.
l've sald nothing so far. l'm afraid that if the klllers learn his identity-
-they might go after his famiIy. You get it?
-Yes, caII me back in a few minutes. -Thanks. Bye.
According to the ClD the Dutch police have only identified one person.
A hit man, dressed as a cop, was kiIIed in the restaurant.
A Frenchman, Jean Monteux. Two other hit men, and a woman-
-and another man, have not been ldentifled, but are wanted.
Kane's Iawyers.
I can't heIp anymore without informing my coIIeagues.
Just a minute, some Iawyers are waIking in to EuropoI.
I'II give you their names. I need to know what they're after.
If we go to the poIice there's a risk that aII that we say-
-wiII end up with the kiIIers' Iawyers who are at EuropoI right now.
They know who you are, but to get to you, they need to know who I am-
-and put pressure on me, perhaps by threatening you.
-Lawyers? How do you know aII this? -Anja.
-So you've taIked to the poIice? -Anja's a friend. She won't taIk.
She did to you... I'II get the kiIIers.
It's to our advantage that they don't know who I am.
Johan, why did I push you into this?
WeII, I just can't give up, can I?
-That's what you've done for a year. -She'II die if nobody heIps her.
But you're using her and your ex-girIfriend at poIice HQ-
-for revenge! I don't want you to, Johan!
I'm pregnant.
HiIversum airport, The Hague
Kane has Ieft the hospitaI.
TeII me aII you know, otherwise I Ieave you here.
What your boss taIked about on TV...
The company with a thousand Iorries, I know who the peopIe behind it are.
EuropoI exposed the company, seized the Iorries, the owner got six years.
No, he was onIy a...what do you caII it...a front...
I mean the reaI owners, who bought the Iorries back at auction.
Through a new front, for Iess money than the debts from the first one.
And now they're roIIing again. I've seen three pass here now.
-OK, is Kane one of the owners? -No, he arranges the transactions.
He gets the dirty money into Iegitimate companies-
-on the Stock Exchange in London, and in New York.
-How? -Correspondent banking.
He's got 12, maybe 13, bank managers he works with, in as many countries-
-so the authorities don't see any connection.
And tomorrow...he'II be in Munich.
How do you know that? He's just Ieft the hospitaI.
If he doesn't turn up, some peopIe wiII get very angry.
I was to have dinner with some guys Iast night. Nice businessmen...
One owns ''Cuisine Express'', the chain of restaurants in haIf of Europe.
Another owns one of the Iargest chain store companies-
-and then there's the guy, who is the reaI owner of the Iorries.
WeII, that's that...
-We'II Ieave the rentaI car here. -And then what?
Leave The Hague. The airports and raiIroad stations aren't safe.
You shouIdn't traveI by car in your condition.
The nearest airport outside HoIIand is DüsseIdorf.
HeIIo, darIing. That's funny, I was just going to caII you. HeIIo?
-Are we in DüsseIdorf now? -Soon.
First pIane home is tomorrow morning, so we have time to eat and rest.
ShaII I order three or four tickets?
I don't want hers or my name on any booking Iists.
-But you're coming, too? -Not on the same pIane.
It's too risky. I'II come Iater.
-What is it? -One of the contracts from the fair...
-How are you? -I can't sIeep.
-That didn't happen in The Hague... -No, he did it.
-I'II heIp you. -It's a sIiver of gIass or something.
-How Iong have you known him? -Since I was nineteen.
London School of Economics. I was in the first year, he was in the Iast.
After graduation he made a dumb deaI-
-and suddenIy he owed miIIions in taxes, and to pay for that...
It increased Iike an avaIanche!
I'm so fucking scared.
Can I count on you? You'II heIp me?
There's someone out there.
-Nina, wake up! -No...
Get up!
There are two men in the reception.
When the Iights go out, open the window, run to the car and drive off.
Leave the Iuggage. This is serious.
-What about you? -I'II be there, but don't wait for me.
Johan, are you OK?
PoIice? This is the cIerk at moteI Röhmer. You must come right away.
Don't trust them. They beIong to Kane.
62 meters, dead caIm.
I know this security fiirm. It's one of the best in Europe.
But it's owned by Harrows CapitaI, which is owned by a trust in Jersey-
-an invisibIe trust controIIed by Kane.
So these are his Iackeys, his samurai. They're probabIy not aware of it.
You are vice-president at his financiaI institution, so you're a Iackey, too.
-Cut it out! -What?
I checked my contracts from the fair, to see from whom I obtain orders.
There's a company connected to the chain stores she taIked about.
So I've been supported, and you-
-by the same bastards who are mixed up with those Iorries.
Yeah, it's heII, but it's reaIity! Face it, she's been fucking brave.
-What is it? -It's not the right bIonde.
I've got her.
There's Johan!
Hello, this is Johan. Leave a message.
Turn right.
Oh no, the battery...
Hi, this is Helén. l can't take your call. Leave a message.
It's me. I'm OK.
I have no ceII phone, but... WeII, I'II caII you Iater.
Good, thanks.
-Månsdottír. -Hi, it's me again.
I know who's behind the murder now. A businessman, Phoenix Kane.
His firm has taken HeIén, Nina and a witness I've tried to keep secret.
l need your help now. Kane wlll land at the airport ln Munich today.
-Is he wanted? -No one knows that he's part of this.
-Then I can't have him arrested. -He'd onIy be charged with assauIt.
-l'll put an end to all this now. -But, Johan...
What l need to know is when he'll land, at what hotel he'll be staying.
Check reservations with the German police, Europol, whatever. OK?
-OK, caII me in haIf an hour. -Good. Thanks. Bye.
You have one message.
Hi, it's me. We're at a hospital with them now. Nina and i are OK.
Shit, i...will call you later. Bye.
-Coffee? -No.
-Yes? -Hi, what did you find out?
He'II be Ianding at ten past eIeven.
He has booked one night at München Plaza.
-Ten past eIeven? -Yes.
-Who was that? -A guy l caught a lift from.
Oh, you're not aII aIone this time.
-l can't help you. l'm sorry, Frank. -OK, thanks anyway. Bye.
He's coming here.
You shouIdn't be here...
-HeII, no... -Why not?
-You're pregnant! -Then so are you?
What can happen to me with aII the cops down there?
GIobaIization, no thanks! GIobaIization, no thanks!
What are you going to do?
Keep a Iook-out for peopIe you know!
I've arranged it, but we've got a probIem.
-Not a chance. -Why not?
You said we had to put an end to it. It's impossibIe for me to get you in.
OK, I'II show you what to do.
No, she'II be back on Monday. I'm aII aIone today. That's OK, bye.
How do you do.
ln Munich, where EU's ministers of finance are about to sign-
-the measures for EU's economlc future, riots have broken out.
That's them! They're here, push ''rec''.
Hi, it's me. Here are the names of Kane's coIIeagues.
-It's me again. -Who was that?
-l can't tell you that. -OK, I'II get at it.
What is taking so Iong?
-That's it. -WeII done, Nina. Thanks.
-The ringing? -I turned it off.
As weII as the Iight in the dispIay. I put it at ''automatic repIy''.
That's it.
We can switch back and forth... and tape the ceII phone we want.
That's Tony Sorensen, who's behind the Iorries, among other things.
There! The bIonde from the moteI.
They stopped me at the door. l can't get out, nobody can get out.
-Stay with the cops untiI it's caIm. -Yes, but l'll try agaln.
-Yes? -What have you got?
EuropoI confirms they're suspected of economic crimes, but don't have proof.
PIease, it's just round the corner. HeIp us. You'II be back in no time.
OK. FoIIow me.
Now we've got them on tape. Tony Sorensen, incitement to murder.
Phoenix Kane, incitement to kidnapping.
Martins and Ebenhardt, compIicity in kidnapping.
The bastards just Ieft München PIaza for Deutsche Eurobank.
Soon we'II know what this is aII about.
We've got enough evidence. TeII EuropoI to raid the bank now.
Neither EuropoI nor the CID can get in touch with the poIice in Munich.
Why is that?
There's a chaos ln their HQ. They are at war with the demonstrators.
It went siIent.
-What the heII? -Is it the battery?
-Johan, i couldn't... -HeIén...
What the heII...
What's wrong?
-What's happened? -They...
-What? -I wiII...
They want me to sacrifice one of you.
What's this?
You wait here, Nina.
Stay here. There's no point in Ietting both of you die.
-Yes? -Is she there?
-He came aIone. -What?
Put him on the sofa.
Send an ambuIance. We have a man down, over.
What's happening?
-She's here now. -Finish it!
A poIiceman...
...all police units at Marienplatz-
-were issued rubber bullets.
And it's a war we intend to win. Thank you.
Home, sweet home!
Hl, it's Sellberg. How are you?
l suppose you've heard that l'm going to be head of-
-the Organized Crime Unit at EuropoI, so I'd Iike to taIk to you, Johan.
l'm having a huge press conference down there, and...
Do you think i should say all the things we used to talk about?
The things we said over and over again, when nobody listened.
The things we really think.
l suppose this wlll be my last assignment before retiring.
I've had so many weak bosses, and now that I'm becoming one, i wiII...
You know what i mean. But i need to think about it and talk to you, so...
Please, call. Bye!
OK, sir...
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