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Thirteen Days

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"Today every inhabitant of this planet|must contemplate that day when this...
planet may no longer be habitable...
Every man, woman and child lives under a|nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the...
slenderest of threads, capable of being cut|at any moment by accident or miscalculation...
or madness. The weapons of war must be abolished|before they abolish us." - JFK 1961
"The release of atom power has changed|everything except our way of thinking.
The solution to this problem|lies in the heart of mankind.
If I had only known, I should have|become a watchmaker." -Albert Einstein
The operational control of the Cuban|reconnaissance flights was officially changed...
from the CIA to the Joints Chiefs|on Oct. 12, 1962. The U-2 took off from...
McCoy AFB in Orlando, FL.|The mission was code-named "Victor."
The U-2 flew over western Cuba from south to north.|Piloted by Major Richard Heyser...
this was the first Strategic Air Command|(SAC) controlled reconnaissance mission.
Kenny and Helen O'Donnell had 5 children:|Kenny Jr., twins Kathy and Kevin, Mark and Helen.
Kenneth O'Donnell and Robert Kennedy met|when they were freshmen at Harvard in 1946.
The red phone was a link from the White House|into the residence of presidential advisors.
The Assistant Secretary of State|for Latin America was Edward Martin.
The O'Donnell's home|was in Bethesda, Maryland.
The National Photographic Interpretation Center|was located at 5th and K streets in D.C.
At 4:00 PM on Oct. 15, the SS-4 missile was|identified by CIA photographic interpreters.
O'Donnell's office was just outside the oval office.|Known as Kenny "the Cobra" O'Donnell...
a visitor would encounter the Cobra|before seeing the president.
President Kennedy's secretary|was Evelyn Lincoln.
Jackie Kennedy was born in Southampton N.Y.|She studied at Vassar, the Sorbonne...
and George Washington Univ. She worked|as a reporter before marrying JFK in 1953.
Homer Capehart was a Republican Senator|from Indiana who used the possibility...
of the Soviets using Cuba as a missile base|as a campaigning tactic.
JFK backed the young Democratic Candidate,|Birch Bayh, for the seat held by Capehart.
RFK referred to Capehart|as the "Indiana Clodhopper".
The actor paging through the photos|is Kevin O'Donnell, son of Kenny O'Donnell.
1960 presidential candidate Richard Nixon|believed that training the Cuban exiles...
to take back Cuba and triumph over communism|would secure his victory at the polls.
O'Donnell was a first lieutenant in the Army|Air Force based in Britain in World War II.
He flew over thirty bombing missions,|and was awarded numerous citations.
National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy|was told about the evidence of Cuban missiles...
on the night of October 14th. He decided|to wait until morning to alert the President.
Later he explained his desire to prepare|a proper briefing for the President...
before action could be taken, the elements|of which would not be ready before morning.
Though updated in 1973 and 1984, the White House|"cord" switchboard was in use until 1992.
Bobby Kennedy first established himself|as a successful attorney...
investigating organized crime figures.
Bolshakov was a military attache at the Soviet|embassy in Washington before Dobrynin's posting.
The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii|on December 7, 1941 from air and by sea.
John Jr., was the first baby to be born|while his father was President since 1893.
Principles on JFK's right were State Dept.|On his left, the Defense team.
Photo reconnaissance interpreter|Arthur Lundahl joined the CIA in 1953.
Between 1957 and 1964, the US spent $14 billion|on ICBM launch pads, silos and support facilities.
Joint Chiefs are comprised of the heads of the|Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.
General Maxwell Taylor commanded|the 101st Airborne Division during WW II.
He was the first commanding general|to land in Normandy on D-Day.
After serving in the Far East during WW II,|Dean Rusk joined the State Dept. in 1945.
Robert McNamara became|Secretary of Defense in 1961.
He became president of Ford Motor Company in 1960,|after serving in the Airforce during WW II.
JFK's press secretary, Pierre Salinger went on|to be head of the ABC News bureau in Paris.
After studying law at Harvard, Dean Acheson|served in the Navy in WW I.
OPLAN is an abbreviation|of Operations Plan.
As Secretary of State(1947-53), Dean Acheson|was instrumental in the creation of NATO...
the rebuilding and rearming of Germany,|formulation of atomic policy...
and the construction|of the Truman Doctrine.
JFK suffered with severe back pain. In the|White House if the President was described...
as "hurting", he was in more pain than usual.|At Harvard he injured his back playing football.
In 1943, the PT109 he commanded in the Navy, was|rammed and sunk, further aggravating his back problems.
After a back operation he was|discharged from the Navy early in 1945.
As Undersecretary of State, Dean Acheson helped|formulate America's Cold War containment policy.
Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles,|was the CIA's first civilian director.
At least eight attempts on Fidel Castro's|life were made between 1959 and 1965.
" In the councils of government,|we must guard against the acquisition...
of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought,|by the military-industrial complex." - Eisenhower
General LeMay was commissioned in 1928|from the Reserve Officers Training Corps...
at Ohio State University, known as an excellent|pilot, he commanded the heavy bomber force...
that carried out long-range attacks|on the Japanese home islands.
Some popular metaphors for the Soviet threat|during the Cold War were:
red tide, the domino theory|and red scare.
Robert Kennedy named his sixth son,|Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy.
SAC is Strategic Air Command.
" Nothing so comforts the military mind...
as the maxim of a great but dead general."|- Barbara W. Tuchman, author of The Guns of August.
Over 1 million Soviet soldiers were lost|in the WW II Battle of Stalingrad.
" Brass hat" is military slang|for a high-ranking army or navy officer.
The two-week long PHI BRIGLEX-62 (Amphibious|Brigade Landing Exercise) was to have employed...
20,000 Navy personnel, and 4,000 Marines in an|amphibious assault on Puerto Rico's Vieques Island...
to overthrow its imaginary tyrant, ORTSAC.|Due to the impending crisis...
the exercise was used as cover troop movements|aimed at increasing military readiness.
The amphibious force flagship, the USS McKinley,|was to take on reporters in Puerto Rico...
to let them observe the ORTSAC exercise.|High seas kept the press on shore.
In 1939 Gromyko joined the Russian Embassy staff|in Washington. He became ambassador in 1943...
and a permanent delegate|to the U.N. Security Council in 1946.
At this meeting Gromyko indicated|that Khrushchev planned to visit the US...
following the November elections. JFK agreed to|meet with him. Later, the President directed...
Llewellyn Thompson to inform Dobrynin that|a summit would not be appropriate at that time.
At the time of this meeting between JFK,|Gromyko, and Dobrynin...
eight of the Soviet SS-4 missiles|were operational.
In 1960, the Democratic Party nominated JFK|for president at the Los Angeles convention.
Chicago's Mayor Daley helped deliver the|election. A vote advantage in Chicago...
enabled JFK to win the swing state of Illinois|by 8,900 votes, over GOP nominee Nixon.
The victory put the Democrats|over the top in the Electoral College.
JFK went to Chicago in 1962 to support his party|before the November mid-term elections.
Under the guise of "an upper|respiratory infection," JFK returned to D.C.
No stranger to physical ailments, last rites were|performed four times before his death in 1963.
The pre-arranged military exercise came|on the heels of Hurricane Ella.
John Galbraith pursued a diverse career that led him|through academic and government positions...
including teaching at Harvard, serving as|ambassador to India and advisor to JFK.
Quarantine can mean: Social or political|isolation imposed as a punishment...
as in ostracizing an individual, or|enforcing sanctions against a foreign state.
John McCone was the president of Consolidated|Steel before heading the Atomic Energy Commission.
Adlai Stevenson's grandfather was US Vice|President during Grover Cleveland's 2nd term.
U. Thant was a Burmese diplomat and teacher,|who became Burma's U.N. representative in 1957.
As Secretary General of the U.N. from 1962-71,|he played a major role during the Cuban Crisis.
This party takes place at Jim Rowe's home|in Washington.
Rowe came to D.C. via Harvard Law School.|One of FDR's "New Dealers," he was considered...
the "most brilliant political thinker|in Washington" in his day.
Scotty Reston joined the New York Times in 1939,|eventually becoming executive editor.
Max Frankel joined the New York Times in 1949.|He was NYT foreign correspondent in 1962.
Orville Dryfoos, publisher of the NY Times,|wed Marian Sulzberger, heiress of NYT fortune.
St. Stephens Catholic Church is located at|25th and Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. in D.C.
Democrat for Louisiana, Thomas Hale Boggs,|practiced law before going to the House of Reps.
After WW II he returned to Congress|and became Majority Whip in 1961.
Boggs was Majority Leader of the Democratic Party|when his plane disappeared over Alaska.
DEFCON 3 is defense condition 3:|an increased state of alert.
The three networks in 1962|were ABC, CBS and NBC.
"The only way to win World War III is to|prevent it." - Eisenhower
JFK summoned congressional leaders to D.C.|from far and wide, as they campaigned...
for November elections. One Senator wore a|pressurized flying suit to fly back in a jet fighter.
When JFK was President-elect, he was|invited to LBJ's Texas ranch. Hunting deer...
was not a Kennedy pastime, which he and|RFK pursued for most of the day in Texas.
O'Donnell dubbed the relationship between|JFK and LBJ as the "Boston to Austin" axis.
Kenny O'Donnell, RFK and JFK all played|football at Harvard. O'Donnell's father...
was a famous football coach,|Cleo O'Donnell Sr.
In 1948 O'Donnell and RFK left Harvard.|RFK to the University of VA law school...
O'Donnell to Yale.|They remained close throughout Bobby's life.
The White House was designed|by Irish-American architect James Hoban.
His inspiration for the house came|from an Irish villa in Dublin, Leinster House.
JFK understood the power of the television|medium. It is widely agreed that his...
physical aesthetic in the televised debate against|Nixon in 1960 worked in his favor at the polls.
The Washington Press Corps is the group|of journalists covering political issues...
in the nation's capitol. They represent|television, radio and printed news.
Fifteen minutes prior to the President's address,|the nation's railroads were also put on alert.
The American Association of Railroads|was asked for flat cars...
to carry defense equipment to Florida.
Ted Sorensen served as strategist and wrote|speeches during JFK's presidential campaign.
As Special Counsel to the President,|he participated in writing major addresses.
Admiral George W. Anderson,|shown here...
became famous as Commander|of the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean.
NYT headline on Oct., 23, 1962: U.S. IMPOSES|ARMS BLOCKADE ON CUBA...
Definition of Rules of Engagement: A directive|issued by competent military authority...
that delineates the limitations and circumstances|under which forces will initiate and prosecute...
combat engagement|with other forces encountered.
The White House Situation Room is a 24 hour|watch and alert center which provides...
the President and NSC staff with current|world intelligence. During the crisis...
the Situation Room was located next to|Bundy's office, in the basement of the West Wing.
The State Dept., DOD, and some CIA channels|were directly linked to the Situation Room.
This allowed these departments to interface|regarding international activities...
and became known as|"a little State Department."
"Washington is like|a self-sealing tank on a military aircraft.
When a bullet passes through, it closes up."|- Dean Acheson
"Commander in Chief" is the military title of|the officer who has supreme command...
of the land or naval forces or the united forces|of a nation or state; a Generalissimo.
In the year 2001, the chief White House Operator|has been on staff since JFK was in office.
This actor, Christopher Lawford,|playing Commander Ecker...
is the son of Peter Lawford and|Patricia Kennedy, sister of JFK and RFK.
At 7:00 AM pilots Ecker and Wilhemy manned their|aircraft, and conducted the low-level fly by.
The low-level Crusader reconnaissance plane,|was developed in 1958.
Maximum speed was 1976 km/h.
Each Crusader had 5 mounted cameras.|Each camera contained 100 feet of film.
High-speed low-level reconnaissance proved|most effective when two aircraft flew together.
As the lead aircraft maneuvered to collect|photographic information, the second aircraft...
would move as necessary to capture anything|the lead pilot might have missed.
The hand signal used here means|"go to military throttle."
The SS-4 missile was considered to be|easily maneuverable. They were moved...
to the launch site by 67 foot trailers. A single|SS-4 missile represented 1 million tons of TNT.
The film was processed at the Fleet Air photo lab|in FL before being taken to Washington.
General LeMay directed the US airlift|of supplies to East Berlin in 1948.
"Cake walk" is Air Force jargon indicating "no|enemy aircraft spotted, no anti-aircraft reaction."
Cuba remains a member of OAS,|but since its exclusion in 1962...
the Cuban government may not vote|or participate in Organization activities.
Uruguay abstained due to lack of instructions|and reserved the right to vote later.
Launched from Johnston Island in 1962 were five|high-altitude detonations. Yield: 3.8 megatons.
In 1975 the Atomic Energy Commission's functions|transferred to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Author Barbara Tuchman|wrote The Guns of August.
Published in 1962, the book reveals|why World War I started...
and why it could have been stopped, but wasn't.|She won a Pulitzer prize for it.
The shock wave blast from a nuclear explosion|travels at 900 miles an hour.
Total destruction occurs within a five mile radius of|ground zero, eighty square miles. Fallout...
occurs after detonation, as millions of tons of|pulverized earth is pulled 15 miles into the air...
by the fireball of a large nuclear explosion.|Fine radioactive dust, fallout, fills the atmosphere.
Mount Weather is in Berryville, VA, 47 miles|from Washington. It is an unacknowledged...
government facility by the Federal Emergency|Management Agency. Although designed...
to accommodate several thousand people, only|the President, the Cabinet and the Supreme Court...
are provided private sleeping quarters.|Officials are not allowed to bring their families.
Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860,|JFK in 1960.
The Catholic Church believes the first step|in the process of preparation for death...
is confession and the conferring|of sacramental absolution.
At a cost of $83 million to build, the Pentagon|returned its investment within seven years.
The "Gagarin" was named for Yuri Gagarin,|the Russian cosmonaut...
who was the first man to travel in space.
The Soviet hero was killed|in an air crash while training.
Radar: an acronym standing for|" radio detecting and ranging."
As of 2001, there are six nuclear submarines|on the ocean floor...
as a result of accidents or extensive damage.|Four are Russian, two are American.
During the crisis there were forty|U.S. Navy ships in position for battle.
Under the command of Commander J.W. Foust,|the Pierce investigated 13 ships during the crisis.
McNamara asked Vice-Admiral Griffith|to suggest some means by which a Soviet sub...
could be given a signal to surface.|It was decided a practice depth charge...
would be the most practical|and effective means of transmitting a signal.
The John R. Pierce was constructed by|the Bethlehem Steel Co., Staten Island N.Y.
The Pierce received one battle star|for service during the Korean War.
During the crisis, strike and cover aircraft|were located at their deployment bases...
in the southeastern U.S. The force was composed of|448 fighter/attack aircraft and 67 support aircraft.
In signifying his intent to stop a ship,|the Commander of the destroyer was to use...
all available communications, including international|code signals, flag hoists, blinking lights, etc.
Once the ship had stopped, a party including|Russian linguists, were to board the ship.
Coast Guard officers would conduct|search-and-visit procedures.
US Air Force's Strategic Air Command (SAC)|was established in 1946. Its bomber force...
symbolized the cornerstone of strategic policy:|deterrence against the USSR's nuclear arsenal.
DEFCON 2: Maximum alert|with optimum posture to strike.
Constitutionally, ultimate authority and|responsibility for national defense...
rests with the President.
Deputy Sec. of Defense Paul Nitze advised every|President since FDR except Carter and Clinton.
Coup d'etat:|A sudden and decisive action in politics...
especially one effecting a change|of government illegally or by force.
Walter Lippmann was perhaps the most|influential political commentator of his time...
sought after by world leaders|and followed by millions of loyal readers.
McGeorge Bundy was Asst. to the President|for National Security Affairs from 1961-66.
The Attorney General is the head of the Dept.|of Justice (DOJ) and chief law enforcement officer.
Judas was the disciple who betrayed Jesus.|His second name was Iscariot.
Sun Tzu's Art of War was written 2,500 years ago|by Sun Wu, a Chinese militarist and strategist.
The term "stick it to them" was code|for "show the U-2 evidence."
Cuban ambassador to the U.N.|was Mario Garcia-Inchaustegui.
John McCloy was disarmament advisor to JFK in 1961|and awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a Bostonian banker|and movie financier.
He was appointed ambassador to England in 1938|and supported the controversial "Munich Pact."
During WW II Adlai Stevenson was an attorney|for the Secretary of the Navy.
The Security Council of the U.N. has primary|responsibility of international peace and security.
U.N. translators must be proficient|in at least three official languages.
"There is no evil in the atom;|only in men's souls." - Adlai Stevenson
As of Oct. 26, 1962,|all 34 missile launchers were ready.
As Dem. Governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson|doubled funding for public education...
ended political appointments to the State Police|Dept. and vetoed a state "anti-subversive" squad.
Stevenson accepted the U.N. post only after|JFK appointed Rusk as Secretary of State.
All three networks covered the U.N. proceedings,|the footage was shown on later newscasts.
At this UN session Dr. Mario Garcia-Inchaustegui,|the Cuban UN Security council representative...
denied that the weapons in Cuba presented|a threat to the Western hemisphere.
Security Council members were shown a picture|of the Cuban landscape marked off in the design...
of a six pointed star. This is the signature of|a Soviet SAM surface-to-air missile site.
The members of the Soviet Foreign Ministry must|study international relations, diplomatic...
and consular service, world economics, international|law, and peacemaking prior to their posting.
The Grozny was commissioned in May 1962,|and decommissioned in June 1991.
Intelligence information indicated the Soviet|oil tanker, Grozny, was carrying 7,200 tons...
of crude oil, and 566 tons of liquid NH3 in 22|pressurized tubes. She was bound from Odessa.
If a hailed ship refused to stop, warning shots|were to be fired across the bow. If this failed...
to halt the intercepted ship, minimum force was|authorized to damage non-vital parts of the ship.
Naval officer and revolutionary hero John Paul|Jones, was born in Scotland in 1747 and went to...
sea at 12. During a battle in 1779, Jones uttered|the famous words, "I have not yet begun to fight!"
The term National Command Authorities|is used to signify constitutional authority...
to direct the Armed Forces|in their execution of military action.
"The atomic bomb changed everything about war|except the way men think about it."-Albert Einstein
The Atlas rocket was developed by the|US Air Force as America's first ICBM.
The Marcula flew a Lebanese flag. Her cargo|contained sulphur, asbestos, news-print...
emery paper, lathes and automotive parts.|Also included was "electro-measuring instruments."
Walter Cronkite was hired by Columbia|Broadcasting System in 1950...
to develop the news department|for its television station in Washington D.C.
From 1952 to 1980, Cronkite covered|all but one presidential convention and campaign.
Cronkite's nightly send off, "And that's the way|it is" was said at the end of every broadcast.
For ten months prior to the CMC, Scali and Fomin|(aka Alexandr Felisov) met on a regular basis.
Scali was the moderator of|ABC News program "Issues and Answers."
Fomin mistakenly assumed that since Scali was|from Boston, he must be a friend of the Kennedys.
Scali met Fomin at the Occidental next to the|Willard hotel in D.C. Lunch was set for 1:30 PM.
The basic organizational structure of the KGB|(Komiter Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti)...
was created in 1954, when the reorganization|of the police was carried out.
Career patterns indicate that the KGB|was a highly professional bureaucratic group...
with distinct characteristics|that set it off from other Soviet elite groups.
In the 1950s Kenny O'Donnell was an administrative|assistant to RFK at the McClellan Committee at DOJ.
The Committee investigated the Teamsters.
Because of a rift between RFK and J. Edgar Hoover,|Hoover often tried to bypass his boss...
the Attorney General, by sending FBI reports|directly to Kenny O'Donnell for President Kennedy.
After fighting in WW I, Nikita Khrushchev|joined the Communist party.
During WW II he gained favor with Stalin.|At Stalin's death Khrushchev...
was Secretary of the Central Committee|of the Communist Party.
Within six months he became head|of the party, and became Premier in 1958.
Russia 1941: Nazi Germany attacks USSR in Operation|Barbarossa, Soviet and British troops enter I ran.
In Nov. '41 Lend-lease law applied to the USSR.|(An act in which the US supplied material aid...
to Europe & Russia|without officially entering WW II)
The Soviet counter-offensive|against Germany began.
The three-point plan Scali proposed|to Fomin was as follows:
1) Soviet missile bases were|to be dismantled under U.N. supervision.
2) Castro would promise never to accept|offensive weapons of any kind.
3) In return the US would pledge|never to invade Cuba.
On Oct. 30, 1962, U.Thant met with Castro|in Havana. Castro rejected proposals...
that the U.N. conduct aerial reconnaissance|during the dismantling of the missiles...
saying it|" intended to humiliate the Cuban state."
The Occidental restaurant is located at|1475 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington D.C.
At the end of the meeting, Fomin threw down|five dollars for a 35 cent check.
The inner circle of the Communist Party Committee|is the political bureau or Politbureau.
The Soviet leader is the one whose influence|is secured by the support of the Politbureau.
Kenny O'Donnell's sister Justine introduced him|to his wife Helen Sullivan...
early in the summer of 1947.|By the end of the summer they were married.
Helen O'Donnell had difficulty adjusting|to Kenny's long absences due to political work.
Khrushchev's second letter came over the|Foreign Broadcast Information Service at 11:03 AM.
JFK said, "going to war...instead of accepting|a trade, would be an insupportable position."
Tactical nuclear weapons are those under|a limit of one megaton of explosive power.
They can be launched from a battlefield.
The number of nuclear bombs built|between 1945-1990 was more than 70,000.
Major Anderson and Major Heyser were the only|SAC U-2 pilots. They flew two missions per day.
The U-2 is a single-seat, single-engine,|high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft.
Because of its high altitude missions,|the pilot must wear a full pressure suit.
The U-2 can prove difficult to fly|due to its unusual landing characteristics.
On the ill-fated flight, Anderson was not supported|by radar or optical tracking coverage.
He left McCoy AFB at 8:10 AM. The flight was|to be an estimated three and one half hours.
The stratosphere starts 15 miles above the earth.
Developed in 1953, the SA-2 is a medium to|high-altitude surface-to-air missile system.
Deployed in 1957,|it is a two-stage weapon...
with a solid propellant booster stage|fitted with four delta fins.
It measures 10.9 meters in length,|has a 30 km range and carries a 195kg warhead.
As of 2001 over 5,000 have been manufactured.|No retirement date has been set.
At Banes, Cuba,|an anti-aircraft unit received word...
that an American U-2 was spotted|near Guantanamo.
Once the U-2 was in Cuban airspace,|orders were given to launch the SA-2 rockets.
Fidel Castro's close collaborator, Carlos Franqui,|later described how Castro's recklessness...
and Khrushchev's brinkmanship|nearly started a nuclear war.
According to Franqui, Fidel actually pulled|the trigger of the ground-to-air missile...
that shot down Anderson's U-2,|to the horror of the Soviet officer in charge.
Castro allegedly said,|" Now we'll see whether there's a war or not."
In 1987, a Soviet General claimed|responsibility for firing the U-2.
Other sources have suggested that two Soviet|officers in Cuba authorized the attack.
At 10:00 AM, contact was lost|with Major Anderson.
The Soviets called the installation of offensive|missiles in Cuba: "Operation Anadyr."
Amount of time it takes to make an ICBM fully|operational: 3.5 hours to attach the warhead...
to the ballistic missile,|and to fuel the missile.
"Victory has 100 fathers and defeat|is an orphan..." - John F. Kennedy 1961
The O'Donnell children spent many weekends at|Robert Kennedy's home, Hickory Hill in Virginia.
"Our deep spiritual confidence that this nation|will survive the perils of today-...
which may well be with us|for decades to come-...
compels us to invest in our nation's future,|to consider and meet our obligations...
to our children and the numberless|generations that will follow." - JFK 1962
Kenneth O'Donnell Jr. was born in 1948.
Walter Lippmann's article|on Oct. 25 stated:
"The only place that is truly compatible|with Cuba is Turkey.
The Soviet missile base in Cuba, like the|NATO base in Turkey, is of little military value.
The two bases could be dismantled|without altering the world balance of power."
On Oct. 16, 1962 Premier Khrushchev received|US Ambassador to the USSR, Foy Kohler...
for a three hour conversation|on a variety of subjects.
Khrushchev assured Kohler|that the Cuban fishing port...
that the Soviets were helping|to build would remain entirely non-military.
At a high level meeting on Aug. 17, 1962,|CIA Director John McCone stated that evidence...
suggested that the USSR is constructing|offensive missile installations in Cuba.
Rusk and McNamara disagreed,|arguing that the build up was defensive.
January 1963: Italy and Turkey announce the Jupiter|ICBM's in their countries will be phased out.
The last Jupiter missile in Turkey|was dismantled on April 24, 1963.
Anatoly Dobrynin headed the American department|of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
until his appointment|as Soviet ambassador in Washington.
JFK had met Dobrynin in Vienna|during the Kennedy-Khrushchev meeting.
According to Dino Brugioni, when asked to comment|on Dobrynin's ambassadorial appointment...
JFK said, "At last they've sent|a son of a bitch to Washington...
that can speak and understand English."
Robert and Ethel Kennedy had eleven children,|seven boys and four girls.
To supporters RFK was charming, brilliant, and|sincere in his concern for the less than fortunate.
Detractors described him as ruthless,|inconsistent and calculating.
On Sat. Oct. 27, FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover|sent RFK a memo saying that Soviet personnel...
in NY were destroying sensitive documents|in anticipation of war.
The location of the Soviet Embassy|in Washington is 2650 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.
The Attorney General's office is on the corner|of 10th and Constitution Ave. in N.W.
From 1957-60 Dobrynin served the Soviet delegation|to the UN as Under Secretary for political affairs.
The hammer and sickle represents|the worker and the peasant.
The five pointed star represents|the five continents and their union.
The Pentagon posts five levels of alert regarding|terrorist threat to the US. The lowest level is...
THREATCON NORMAL: No threat of terrorist|activity is present. The highest level is...
THREATCON DELTA: A terrorist attack has occurred|or new intelligence indicates an attack is likely.
" I know not with what weapons|World War III will be fought...
but World War IV will be fought|with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein.
Caveat: "any warning or caution"
When the Crisis had been resolved, Khrushchev|announced that he would concentrate on Russia's...
economic problems instead of|international military matters.
He asked for solutions from the West|in solving the Berlin dilemma.
In his memoirs Nikita Khrushchev stated,|"Our intention was to install the missiles...
not to wage war against the US, but to prevent|the US from invading Cuba and thus starting a war.
All we wanted was to give the new progressive system|created in Cuba by Fidel Castro a chance to work."
The Soviets realizing that time was of the essence,|made an unprecedented decision to have Radio...
Moscow broadcast their message to JFK stating that|the USSR had decided to dismantle the missiles...
in Cuba and return them to the Soviet Union.|The message came through at 9:04 AM.
" In the next war, the survivors|will envy the dead." - Nikita Khrushchev
DEFCON 2 stayed in effect until Nov. 20, 1962 when|the alert status was returned to DEFCON 4: Peace.
On July 20, 1963, a memorandum was signed by the|US and the USSR to establish a direct "hotline"...
between Washington and Moscow.|The teletype link was to be used to clarify...
the positions of the two governments, and|possibly prevent a "Guns of August" scenario.
Major Rudolph Anderson was buried with military|honors at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Greenville S.C.
During WW II JFK'S boat, PT 109,|was hit by a Japanese destroyer.
Stranded for five days in the Solomon Islands,|JFK and his crew were rescued...
after Kennedy gave two natives a coconut husk|on which he carved the following message:
The husk sat on JFK's desk in the oval office.
"What kind of peace do I mean?|What kind of peace do we seek?
Not a Pax Americana enforced on the|world by American weapons of war.
Not the peace of the grave|or the security of the slave.
I am talking about genuine peace, the kind|of peace that makes life on earth worth living...
the kind that enables men and nations|to grow and to hope...
and to build for a better life|for their children-...
not merely peace for Americans|but peace for all men and women-...
not merely peace in our time|but peace for all time."
-JFK's Commencement Address at American|University Washington D.C., June 10, 1963
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