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Subtitles for Thirteen Ghosts.

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Thirteen Ghosts

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Is it bad tonight?
Bad. That's one way to describe it.
Insane seems a IittIe more|appropriate.
It feeIs Iike he's breathing down my|neck.
It is my professionaI opinion|we shouId get the heII out of here. Now.
CIean this pIace up, then Iocate our guests.
I just need to take the edge off.
You know the routine.|I need you cIear-headed.
First things first.
Now, where is he?
Show me where he's hiding.
Son of a bitch!|You said he onIy kiIIed nine peopIe.
There are 40 victims here.
Nine when he was aIive.|He's added a few since then.
Now where is he, Dennis?
AII teams go to aIpha. Bring in the cube!
How did this guy get the name|''The Breaker''? Is he a truck driver?
SimpIe foIkIore.|The IocaI coIor exorcising its demons.
Maybe it's because he broke his victims|into as many pieces as possibIe.
I hate being rushed.
This one isn't Iike the others.
-I'II give you a bonus.|-You don't have that kind of money.
After tonight you'II be surprised.|Now, get to work.
CarefuI, Dennis.
Don't get too curious.
Son of a bitch!
How can you justify what you're doing,|Cyrus? It's out and out sIavery!
You are persistent, Damon.|And what about you, KaIina?
StiII carrying around|those ridicuIous quicksiIver fIares?
You stiII have that quaint magicaI book?
These aren't animaIs you're capturing,|they're human beings.
They are dead human beings.
Maybe you shouId join Greenpeace.|Throw bIood on oId women's furs.
Who are you to pIay God?
-PIaying is for chiIdren.|-You'II never puII it off.
Not without the right speIIs.|That, and the thirteenth ghost.
Thirteenth ghost?
Get them out of my sight!|We've wasted too much time aIready.
Why did he say thirteenth?
Move the cube into position.
What's he taIking about, 13 ghosts?
You contracted me for 12 ghosts!|The Breaker is 12!
I'm done after tonight, Cyrus.
Yes. TweIve and then one more.|I thought you were psychic!
That's not how it works, and you know it!
There's no time to argue.
ReIease the bait!
What bait? We never needed bait before!
A truck fuII of bIood?|You've got to be shitting me.
Oh, boy.
...power up the cube.
Start transmitting.
HeIp me! HeIp me!
Oh, shit!
Put him down!
Cyrus, I hope you're happy.|You've got your tweIve now.
HeIp me! He's dying!
Hang on, Damon. Somebody heIp!|Damn you, Cyrus!
Somebody heIp me, pIease!
HeIp me. Do something!
Oh, Cyrus.
Oh, God.
-Swing me!|-Come on, Bobby.
Faster, Kathy.
Let me get your arms.
Try to drag me.
You're the best little brother.|l love you. Let's go!
l'm going to get you! l'm going to get you!
Look at those two. She's got him|on the run now, but pretty soon...
...he's going to be picking her up|and throwing her over his shoulder.
They're perfect.
Watch them. Watch them.
They really love this place.
l love you.
My heart! My heart!
Happy birthday, Dad!
Happy birthday, Arthur.
Here's my present, Dad.
We love you. Make a wish.|Blow out the candles.
What did you wish for?
-l love you.|-l love you, too.
What's that? Why is the smoke alarm on?
l'll get the kids. Call the fire department.
Dad! Help, Mom!
Get the kids. Get the kids!
Mom! Dad! Help me!
Where's your mom? Where is she?
l don't know where Mom is.
Bobby, we have to get out. Oh, my God!
Jean! Jean!
Mom's still in the house.|We can't leave her there.
Bobby, go outside. Go wait outside.
You can't go back in there, sir.
l'm sorry, sir. She didn't make it.
l should have gone back in.
We are gathered here today,|to honor the memory...
...and life's work ofJean Kriticos...
...a devoted mother and loving wife...
...who was too quickly taken from this life.
Jean, you will be forever missed,|but never forgotten.
l miss you, Mom.
Why did you have to leave us?
l can't do this without you.
l don't want you to go.
Mom, l love you so much.
Please watch over us.
l'll love you always.
Dad, it's....
It's aImost 8:30.|Shake a Ieg or you'II miss your first cIass.
Today on Death in America:|''Cancer rates are down...
''...but suicide is sky-high.
''We have a speciaI treat for you today.
''A body was found this morning,|decoIopoIated.''
Bobby, find a heaIthier hobby.
Leave me aIone, you guys, I'm recording.
Good morning, everybody.
Something smeIIs interesting.
Dad, they found a guy without a head|behind Dunkin' Donuts.
I Iove Dunkin' Donuts.
Let Maggie make breakfast for once.|That's why we hired her.
Dad, have you tasted Maggie's cooking?
Just that one time.
I heard that. HeII, I cook better than you.
We have to try to get aIong here.
Dad, teII Kathy that keeping|a record of death is heaIthy.
Kathy, ''Keeping a record of death|is heaIthy.''
Because she's being a reaI sIut about it.
Bobby. Don't caII your sister a sIut.
Thank you, Maggie.
I prefer the term ''bitch.''
SIuts are girIs with Ioose--
Mr. Edgar AIIan Poe,|did you do your homework?
Because Mr. Peterson--
Damn it! Bobby, that's the third time|I've tripped on that stupid scooter!
-Sorry.|-If we had a bigger pIace, we wouIdn't--
We don't have a big pIace anymore, do we?
It's the best I can do for now... Iet's aII try and keep our shit|off the fIoor.
AII right? Now, Bobby,|put away the damn tape recorder.
Can you do that for me?|And get ready for schooI.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Must be the Iawyer. I forgot.
Lawyer? I thought our credit|was aII cIeaned up.
No, I don't think it's about that.
They won't make us move again, wiII they?
It's gonna be aII right.|Whatever it is, we'II deaI with it.
Mr. Kriticos?
That's right. You are?
Ben Moss. How do you do?
PIease, come in.
Is now a good time, or...?
As good a time as any.|PIease, just give me one minute.
Sorry. I'm ready.
I represent the estate of your uncIe|Cyrus Kriticos.
We have an UncIe Cyrus?
Had. I onIy met him a coupIe of times|as a kid.
He wasn't too popuIar.
My dad said|he squandered the famiIy fortune.
We have a famiIy fortune?
No. Cyrus squandered it.
Bobby, isn't that great?|You have a Iate uncIe.
-What is he Iate for?|-His next birthday.
You mean, he's dead?
-Now we get his attention.|-Pipe down.
Cyrus recorded this message|six weeks ago.
He asked that it be pIayed for you|in the event of his death.
Arthur...'s good to talk to you.
Sadly, if you're watching this now,|it means l am no longer among the living.
Happily, that makes you and your family|my sole beneficiaries.
l've instructed my lawyer, Mr. Moss... deliver the essential elements|in my last will and testament.
Give it to them, Ben.
A key?
A key to what?
A key to your new house.
This house is the fruit of my life's work.
Bathrooms.|Everyone gets their own bathroom.
Is this for reaI?
lt is a one-of-a-kind home.|lt's my home, actually.
My home.
l have no complaints.|l've led an interesting life.
l have seen some amazing things.
But the only regret l have, is that|l never got to know my nephew Arthur...
...nor appreciate the love of a family,|like you have.
This house is my attempt|to make up for that.
Perhaps we'll meet again... another life.
-Wow!|-When can we see it?
The house is yours whenever you Iike.|I'm heading up there after work.
If you want, you, your wife and kids--
Time-out. I am not the missus here.
My wife....
My wife is....
Our mom got burned to death in a fire.
What? It's true.
That's enough, Robert.
Mr. Moss, exactIy where is this pIace?
A couple hours drive from here,|a town called Willow Grove...
...just up the parkway.
lt's in a gorgeous area. But l warn you,|your uncle liked his privacy.
There isn't a neighbor for miles.
Come on. Hurry up.
Suffocate. I got it. I win.
So what? You think you're so sIick.
Come on, you guys. We're aImost there.
-Excited?|-Yeah. Mom wouId have freaked over this.
Looks Iike things are|starting to get better, right?
That's strange.
Dad, it's beautifuI.
My God. I've never seen anything Iike it.
So futuroic.
It's about time somebody showed up.|Is this your pIace?
-Who are you?|-I'm the power guy.
Don't touch.
Your house is knocking out the power|of the whoIe tri-quad area.
I need to get inside|and check the breakers.
CouId you come back tomorrow?|Is that a possibiIity?
Tomorrow? Let me see.
There are about 5,570 houses right now|without power.
My bosses kind of frown on that, so....
WeII, that's not reaIIy our probIem, is it?
Look, buddy, I've been doing this job|for about three weeks.
Is there any way|you can give me a break here?
No probIem.
Thank you.
Kriticos. Arthur Kriticos.
It's quite a pIace you've got.
Yeah. We're moving in.
One step at a time.
-That's odd.|-Dad, you broke it.
Bobby, give it a rest.
Wow! You can see right through it.
You guys couIdn't afford any waIIs?
How weird.
Guess UncIe Cyrus wasn't too keen|on privacy.
I hope the bathroom's in the basement.
It's Iike a funhouse.
It's Latin.
Everything's so beautifuI.
FamiIy, just so we're aII cIear,|Miss Maggie does not do windows.
What an incredibIe weaIth of knowIedge.
A samurai sword.
In your dreams, paI.
Dad, this stuff must be worth a fortune.
Yeah, that occurred to me, too.
Oh, Cyrus.
You crazy son of a bitch, what did you do?
It's Iike a cathedraI.
AII right, first ruIe: No throwing stones.
It's marveIous, though, isn't it?
A Iiving work of art.
The sooner you show me|where you hid the basement...
...the sooner I can get my ass out of here.
I beIieve it's down the haII.|It's two doors on the right.
Excuse me.
The construction is amazing.
I'm getting dizzy.
Don't touch anything. Okay?
At Ieast untiI we get property insurance.
Arthur, we've got some papers to sign|in the Iibrary.
After that, I'd Iove to give you|and your famiIy a tour of the house.
Great. I don't want you guys to move|from this spot.
We'II be right back.
You're being paranoid and overprotective.
Yeah, of aII this stuff.
I know you guys too weII. Stay...
...right here. I mean it.
What the...?
Where'd you hide your money, oId man?
What the heII was that?
Oh, no.
Oh, Cyrus.
Now I know I'm dreaming.
Was Cyrus a hunter?
You couId say that.
Your uncIe was quite a coIIector|of many things.
I've marked where|you're supposed to sign, Arthur.
Okay, Iook.
I didn't want to bring this up|in front of the kids...
...but this pIace is beyond amazing.
I'm just a math teacher.
The taxes aIone must be....
I have nothing set aside.
To be honest, a fire took away everything.
Arthur, you don't need to worry.
Cyrus was a genius|when it came to finances.
BasicaIIy, you and your famiIy|never have to worry about money again.
Son of a bitch.
Lookee here. Look, y'aII.
Look, Iook!
Arthur, we've got to....
We have to taIk.
What is the deaI with the breakers?
Nothing. I'm not a power guy.|My name is Dennis Rafkin.
-You're Dennis Rafkin?|-Who's Dennis Rafkin?
My office warned me about this guy.
I know this wiII sound|compIeteIy whacked, but stay with me.
I used to hunt dispIaced spirituaI energies|with your uncIe.
I'm sorry?
PK agents. Revenants. Wraiths.
Do you have any idea|what I'm taIking about?
Okay. I'II do this the easy way: ghosts.
Arthur, I used to....
I used to hunt ghosts|with your UncIe Cyrus.
Ghosts! Ghosts, goddamn it!|Listen to me!
Race you to the end of the haII.
No, Bobby, I don't think this is the pIace--
Come on, sIowpoke!|Is that the best you got?
My grandma scoots better than that.
Ghosts. As in disgruntIed spirits|trapped on earth. Ghosts.
As in HaIIoween? Boo?
As in Demi Moore|and Unchained Melody. Ghosts.
Ghosts. Okay, I get it. I'm scared.
Don't Iaugh at me. Don't Iaugh.
I'II expIain everything... soon as you get|you and your chiIdren outside.
-What's taking you so Iong?|-Out of my way.
-I don't think scooting is your game.|-Come on.
-I won.|-You cheated. I didn't get a start.
Got to be on your toes, man.
This has to be my room.|There are toys everywhere.
-I wonder what my room's Iike.|-This is the cooIest room in the house.
I'II be in here.
This pIace is awesome!
Cyrus has containment cubes|aII over the basement.
I don't know why they're here...
...and I am not staying around to find out.
-So, if I were you--|-WeII, he isn't you.
This guy has been harassing my office|since your uncIe died.
I see this aII the time.
Some rich guy passes away|and aII the nuts come out!
Next thing, he'II be cIaiming|Cyrus owned him money or--
He did owe me money.|He owed me a shitIoad of money!
These are some funky-Iooking specs.
-What do you think? Do I Iook cooI?|-Let me see.
Not so fast. Cater to my ego first:
''Maggie's the best babysitter|you ever had.''
-Come on!|-AII right.
I'm getting my ass|out of the big gIass house!
Grab your chiIdren! Do the same.
Are you aII right?
Jean! Jean!
We'II go get you some heIp. Okay?
Don't touch me.
Oh, my God!
We have struck goId.
How's your head?
Not good.
Where's the suit?
Power guy. Idiot.
Better have a pair of those in my room.
Bobby, where are you going?
What are you staring at?
Hey, kiddo.
He thinks I'm going to duck.
Nice tits.
What's the matter, honey?|Bad representation?
Not bad for an hourIy wage.
It's time to Ieave.
I'II take your word for it.
Come on. This way.
Shit! What the heII? Kathy!
Maggie? Bobby!
I was just kidding before.
A IittIe Iawyer humor.
I don't beIieve it.
BeIieve what?
-I toId them not to Ieave this spot.|-They're kids, what do you expect?
Thank you, Dr. PhiI. You check downstairs.|I'II Iook up.
Bobby, come on! It's time to go!
Kathy? Where are you guys?
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
What are you doing up here?|I toId you to wait downstairs.
Dad, come on.|This bathroom is unbeIievabIe.
Great house. BeautifuI bathroom.|Now, where is your brother?
He's with Maggie.
Was with Maggie. We were racing|and we saw aII the gIass--
You're supposed to watch him.|That's what I pay you for.
Down here.
Come on down and play.
Is that you?
Stop pIaying games.
Bobby? l have something for you.|We'll have lots of fun.
Don't come down, Bobby.
Stay upstairs.
Don't follow her.
Down here, Bobby.
Bobby, don't come down.
Bobby? Around the corner.
Don't come down here!
That's it.
You guys, I'm gonna teII Dad!
I'II find Bobby.|But I want you both out of here.
-But, Dad--|-No ''buts''!
I want you both to wait in the car.|I'II be out as soon as I find the kid.
-Why are you freaking out?|-Just this once, don't argue with me.
What happened to the door?
Son of a bitch!
I cannot beIieve this.
I'm going to have to break it down.|Back away!
It's quite dramatic...
...but you're wasting your time.|It's aII seaIed up.
-Weren't you in an orange jumpsuit?|-Don't go there.
What do you mean, ''aII seaIed up''?
What part of that code|are you having troubIe cracking?
The entire house is seaIed up.
-There must be another way out.|-I've Iooked.
We'II Iook again, right after I find my son.|Now get up.
That's aII right, I'II wait right here.
I don't know what is going on here,|or who the heII you are.
And my son is missing.
So, untiI those questions are answered,|you're not Ieaving my sight.
Now, get up!
AII right. Breathe.
Did the Iawyer spIit?
Come on, guys! Stop hiding!
-Bobby.|-Come on out now, paI!
Stop screwing around.
GIass famiIy Robinson,|you're wasting your breath.
This is ectobar gIass. He won't hear you.
This is shatterproof and soundproof.
What are these?
That's a IittIe harder to expIain.|They're containment speIIs.
Ghosts can't cross those.
-Ghosts?|-Yes, ghosts.
The supernaturaI reaIm has its own Iaws.|For ghosts, it's speIIs.
Written or spoken, the ghosts|have to obey whatever the speIIs say.
The entire basement is fiIIed with ghosts.
In this basement?
Of course, in this basement.|If it was next door, I wouIdn't give a shit!
-I can prove it.|-I gave a pair of those to Bobby.
SpectraI viewers.|You can see ghosts with these.
Bobby, come on.
-I don't see any ghosts.|-Because they're Iocked downstairs.
There's more of this crazy speII shit|on the fIoor.
Let me see those.
Bobby! Come on out, paI!
Hidden barrier speIIs.|Why wouId he need more protection?
AII right, that's enough.|This is not heIping.
Do me a favor and stop|with aII the haunted house nonsense... Ieast untiI we find the kid|and figure a way out of here.
Bobby, come on.
I don't know where he couId be.
No, no!
What did I just say,|that there was a petting zoo downstairs?
There are ghosts downstairs, Arthur.
Right, right. But you aIso said...
...that they're aII Iocked up. Right?
-No. No way.|-Wait.
I'II make a deaI with you.
I'II pay you whatever Cyrus owed you...
...if you just heIp me...
...find my son.
UnbeIievabIe. Get out of my way.
Get out of the basement.|You need to go upstairs.
You need to put on those glasses.
Leave me alone!
That's it. That's a good boy.
Go upstairs and find your father.
Go on.
Go upstairs!
Go find Kathy.
Watch out.
Watch out.
Bobby! Come on!
You don't have to scream, aII right? Just...
-This way.|-HoId on. Listen to me.
This wiII take forever.|This pIace is just too big.
Kathy and I wiII head up this way.|You two check down there.
-No, I don't think we shouId spIit up.|-It's okay.
Go in a straight Iine, turn around.|We'II meet back here in five.
Five. Back here.
Don't touch anything.
-I don't want to go with him!|-Go ahead.
Let's go back to the ghost thingy.
There are ghosts down here.|If you don't beIieve me, Iook for yourseIf.
I toId you, I can't see any ghosts.
What the heII? Give me those.|Let me see. Why are these open?
I was down here before.|They weren't open.
-God! I hate it when they do that!|-Do what?
They wait for you to put your face|up to the gIass, then give you...
...a big, fat ''boo''!
Don't do that!
See it?
-It's, it's....|-A ghost.
Just Iike I've been saying aII night!|FinaIIy, a beIiever!
Ghosts are around us aII the time.|Most of them can't hurt us.
Most don't want to.|Ghosts here, ghosts there, no one cares.
But there are exceptions,|Iike this bad-ass behind me.
Those who die vioIentIy stay in|a tortured reaIm, so that's aII they know.
What is he doing?
I don't know. I can't see.|I don't have the gIasses.
I've had it with this. It's time to go.
-Now! PIease!|-Don't touch me.
WiII you come on?
Come on, ghost boy! Move your ass!|It's time to go.
Dad, sIow down. We're going to get Iost.
Listen to me.
He's going to be okay.
We're going to find him.
I am so ready to Ieave this pIace.
-Oh, boy.|-What?
-That's the symboI of The JackaI.|-What's The JackaI?
The JackaI is the CharIie Manson of ghosts.|If he's out, screw the kid.
We've got to get out of this basement.
Maybe Rafkin was right, and maybe there--
Think about what you're saying.
There is no such thing as ghosts.
What is it? I can't see it!|TeII me where it is!
Get off!
HoId on! Stay with me!
Come on, puII!
-Who are you?|-Never mind, just puII.
Shit! Don't speak. Don't move.
...we got behind enemy Iines.
PIease, hurry!
Hey, IittIe guy.
-How.|-Don't tease the ghosts.
-WiII you shut up?|-You shut up. You keep pissing them off.
Where?|I can't see without the gIasses, idiot!
WeII, I can see.|And I think you shouId go this way!
Go, go!
It's aII right. I've got you.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Who the heII are you?
And what the heII was that?
My name is KaIina Oretzia.|I'm in the spirit recIamation business.
I free trapped souIs. Cyrus--
Forget Cyrus, who traps souIs,|for a damn second.
What are you doing here?
Looks to me Iike I'm saving your ass.
Oh, my God!|It's over there! It's over there!
Give him your gIasses.
Come on!
Oh, my God.
Another one of Cyrus's victims.
I hope to God the barrier speIIs hoId.
Cyrus had a nasty habit of ensIaving souIs.
That's why I'm here.|I intend to set them aII free.
Listen to me.
I need to know... you got in here.
I sIipped through an opening in the house|when it shifted.
-An opening where?|-It's cIosed now. It won't happen again.
Let me show you. This is the Arcanum.
Many peopIe died|in the quest for this book.
It was written in the 15th century|by an astroIoger named BasiIeus.
In it, he describes|the making of a certain machine.
One that can see into the future.
He wrote it whiIe he was under|demonic possession.
I can't beIieve Cyrus buiIt it.
BuiIt what? What are you taIking about?
BasiIeus's device.
We're in the middIe of a machine, designed|by the deviI and powered by the dead.
Listen to me.
I don't give a shit about any machine...
...or deviI or BasiIeus or anything...
...except getting my famiIy|the heII out of this pIace.
I came here|to set the souIs in this house free.
You want heIp, you have to heIp me first.
Kathy, can you waIk?
Kathy! Oh, no. This can't be happening!
-We have to get out of here.|-I'm not going anywhere without my kids.
Try teIIing him that.
Come on.
This way. Come on.
Stairs. Let's go.
Go. You go!
Don't touch me!
Wait! The gIasses!
You'II need these! Catch!
-Good job.|-Sorry.
Perfect. Another dead end.
Okay, genius, we found the stairs.|How do we get to them?
-Get away.|-What? What do we do now?
Get away from the gIass.
-Why?|-Just do it.
Move! Go Ieft!
Do something, for Christ's sake!|We're running out of corridors!
Duck! Go Ieft! Go right! Move!
Get down!
Here. We've got to get to the Iibrary.|It has speII protection aII around it.
Where is that from here?
Can I reIy on you not to get me kiIIed?
I guarantee nothing.
See anything?
Come on.
I think they're just downstairs.
If we get out of this aIive,|I've got to get a pay raise.
That's a big ''if.''
Give me the fIare.
What's wrong?|Don't start freaking out now. Come on.
-Okay. What?|-Shut up.
Give me the book.
Just back up.
Go. SIow.
-I'm going sIow.|-SIow.
Go! Go!
-What the heII?|-Who the heII?
What the heII are you doing here?
Remember me?
Thanks for taking your time.
Go down the haII. Turn Ieft, then right.
-Where are we going?|-Trust me, okay?
-Arthur?|-Trust her.
Okay, Iet's go!
-Who the heII is she?|-I'II expIain her Iater.
What happened to Kathy?
I don't know, she disappeared.
How do you Iose an entire famiIy|in a gIass house?
KaIina, give me a fIare!
Get him! Go! Get up!
This is not the time to be a girI! Run!
Stop dragging your ass, man! Go!
Oh, my God! Go! Run!
Now is not the time|to sit around, Arthur! Run!
Get the door. CIose the door!
Arthur, are you aII right?
God, what's going on here?|Fucking ghosts.
I hate this job.
They don't Iike you, either. I wonder why.
You got something to say, say it.
AII right. Let's start with:|This is aII your goddamn fauIt!
If you hadn't caught them,|we wouIdn't be running from them.
It was his uncIe that buiIt the house!
You heIped him. How couId you heIp him|without knowing what he was doing?
-I had my reasons.|-Money, you parasite.
You stoIe peopIe's souIs for money!|How depraved is that?
If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a freak!
I come within 10 feet of anything dead,|I go into seizures.
I touch somebody, a whoIe Iife fuII of shit|fIashes in front of my eyes.
So, yeah, I'm depraved.
But Cyrus was my friend,|and he accepted me.
He didn't accept you. You're so pathetic!
-He used you.|-Shut up, both of you.
Cut him some sIack.|What difference does it make?
You didn't teII him, did you?
TeII me what? What now?
About the fourth ghost.
Don't do this. I didn't teII him.
He has a right to know.
What about the fourth ghost?
St. Luke's HospitaI. Six months ago.
You're saying my wife's spirit... trapped in this house?
I didn't know you.
I didn't know her.|I didn't know she had a husband.
Why? In God's name, why?|TeII me, why her?
I don't know. Cyrus handpicked them,|incIuding your wife.
I figured out who you were|and I've been trying to heIp you.
You caII this heIp? She's right!|This is aII your goddamn fauIt!
Son of a bitch!
You can save her. And your kids, too.
Just Iisten to me and beIieve me.
This house is not a house.
It is a machine.
A compIete and faithfuI re-creation|of BasiIeus's design.
According to this, there shouId be|12 earth-bound spirits trapped inside.
See these?|They represent the bIack zodiac.
They represent the ghosts that|Cyrus needed to catch: The First-Born Son.
l don't want to play.
The Torso.
The Bound Woman.
The Withered Lover.
Bobby. l love you.
The Torn Prince.
The Angry Princess.
l'm sorry.
The PiIgrimess.
The Great ChiId and the Dire Mother.
The Hammer.
And here, the sign of HeII's Winter:|The JackaI.
And The Juggernaut.
The machine required the energy...
...of these specific spirits|in order to bring it to Iife.
Once it engages,|the spirits are reIeased one by one.
The house then draws them to its center.
Each one adds its energy to the machine,|powering it up.
Powering it up for what?
To open the Ocularis lnfernum.
What's that?
It's Latin.
Ocularis lnfernum. The Eye of HeII?
Very good.
The Eye of HeII. I'm stuck in a gIass house|with crazy white peopIe....
Go on.
In heII, there is an eye|that sees everything, the past, the future...
...heaven and earth,|the bIessed, the damned.
If knowIedge is power,|then the man who controIs the Ocularis...
...wouId be the most powerfuI|man on earth.
Your uncIe.
So... many ghosts have been set free?
EIeven. And the house needs tweIve.
No. Damon said something about thirteen.
That there are thirteen ghosts.
The thirteenth ghost is a faiI-safe.
To stop the process, the house needs|a sacrifice of Iife instead of death.
A wiIIing, human sacrifice.
A sacrifice of the broken heart.
The onIy ghost to be created|out of an act of pure Iove.
You're the thirteenth ghost.
The thirteenth spirit stands before the eye|at the finaI configuration.
As the eye opens,|the spirit uses the power of Iife... short-circuit the system.
Uses the power of Iife how?
By Ieaping into the eye.
And Arthur's supposed to take this Ieap?|No fucking way, Iady.
That's suicide. I won't Iet you do it.
You need to come up with something eIse.|That's not working.
Love is the most powerfuI energy.
In order for you to save your chiIdren,|you must trade your Iife for theirs.
Let me see this.
There's got to be a better way.
I don't read Latin.
WeII, we can try it the oId-fashioned way,|my personaI favorite.
Nobody wiII be here|to brag about it afterwards.
We need to come up with|a game pIan soon. Time's running out.
Are you going to bIow the pIace up?
The Iast ghost is about to be reIeased.
-I know why you feeI you have to do this.|-Get away from me.
Psychics caII it a ''Iinking.''|We Iinked earIier. I saw everything...
...about Jean, about you.
Shut up.|I'm not going to Iisten to this from you.
KaIina is taIking about suicide.
Anything to save my kids.
It doesn't add up.|It doesn't make any sense.
There's got to be a better way.
''Doesn't add up''?|What does add up here, Dennis?
How much of this equation|makes any sense at aII?
Goddamn it. Goddamn it.
AII I can think about are my kids.
I don't even know if they're aIive.
Then Iet's go out there and find out.
One Iast time,|whiIe there's stiII time, you and me.
KaIina... matter what I decide to do,|or what happens to any of us...
...are you sure|you can you stop that machine?
I've got enough expIosives|to bIow us back to the 15th century.
-How many fIares do you have Ieft?|-One, why?
We're going out again.
No fucking way, Arthur.|You're going to get yourseIf kiIIed.
Not if we take that.
Ten minutes|untiI the ectopIasmic shit hits the fan.
We'II go down and buy you some time.
After you, Captain America.
Damn. I just got my naiIs done.
Here. Put these on.
Come on, Iet's go!
''There's no pIace Iike home.''
''There's no pIace Iike home.|There's no pIace Iike home.
''There's no pIace Iike home.''
Knock it off, Dennis.|Just keep your eyes open.
I sure hope I don't bIeed to death.
That wouId suck.
Is that haIf the Iawyer?
Here, take this. Move it.
Oh, my God. He definiteIy Iooked better.
Oh, my God. Shit.
GirI, hurry up!
-Ram him!|-He's swinging for the fences!
KaIina, get over here!|This fIare shit ain't working! Hurry up!
Where is it?
Where is it?
Why are you so mad at me?|I did everything you asked me to do.
I kiIIed Damon, I stoIe his speIIs.
I made sure your pathetic nephew|didn't get himseIf kiIIed!
Where are the speIIs?
You're not mad at me, are you?
Of course not.
-What is it?|-Oh, shit.
There's onIy room for one of us.
What are you doing?
Don't worry, I've been Iooking for a reason|to Iike myseIf for a Iong time.
Dennis, don't do this!
Hey, bro. You ain't nothing but a bitch!
Dennis, no!
Oh, my God.
What do we do now?
Your nephew beIieves|that sacrificing himseIf wiII save his kids.
But he won't do it|unIess his kids are in jeopardy.
-WeII, put them in jeopardy.|-What?
-Why not?|-But they're kids.
Greatness requires sacrifice.
Now, I have a job to do.
And so have you.
Do it. Do it!
And now to finish this.
Oh, my God. Jean.
I Ioved you so much.
I miss you.
Miss you.
I'm nothing without you.
Don't go.
Don't go.
Fetch the book.
Cyrus! What are you doing?
You just can't teach some peopIe.
I thought I toId you,|greatness requires sacrifice.
-Kathy!|-Bobby, don't Iook.
I don't want to Iook.
Kathy, I'm scared!
Kathy! Bobby!
Dad, heIp!
Oh, my....
Make it stop, Dad! Make it stop!
This house is not a house. lt's a machine...
...designed by the devil...
...and powered by the dead.
According to Basileus, there should be|12 earth-bound spirits trapped inside.
They represent the black zodiac.
They represent the ghosts|that Cyrus needed to catch:
-The First-Born Son.|-One.
-The Torso.|-Two.
-The Bound Woman.|-Three.
-The Withered Lover.|-Four.
The Torn Prince.
The Angry Princess. The Pilgrimess.
The Great Child and the Dire Mother.
The Hammer. The Jackal.|And The Juggernaut.
You're the thirteenth ghost.
If I'm the thirteenth....
You son of a bitch!
ReIease my kids, you bastard!
Damn you! You're nothing, Arthur!
Do you hear? You Ioser!
I've dedicated my entire Iife to this.
Every waking moment, for years.
Have you ever shown|that kind of dedication? Have you?
The worId has no time|for IittIe peopIe Iike you.
It needs peopIe|who are wiIIing to do anything!
Anything for greatness.
You don't have a choice this time, Arthur.
You wiII make that Ieap.
The machine requires|a ghost to be created...
...out of an act of pure Iove.
That's why I chose you, nephew.|You and your pathetic famiIy.
Make it stop, Dad!
CongratuIations,|you get to become the thirteenth ghost.
Get on your feet.
Come on!
Trust me, Arthur. It's not over yet.
You can finish this.
You stiII have the power in you.
It's just a matter of how you use it.|Go to your kids. They need you.
Dad! HeIp!
Daddy, don't! Don't do it!
Oh, fuck!
Don't move!
Keep your heads down!
HoId on!
Everybody okay?
You okay?
How did you know we'd be safe here?
I didn't.
I just wasn't about to Ieave you guys.
I Iove you both so much.
l love you guys.
l love you.
This is it for me.
I am on the first pIane back to Newark.
I am sorry, famiIy, Kathy,|Bobby, UncIe, ghosts...
...I am sick of this nanny shit.
I've had it.|This was not in the job description. I quit!
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