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Thought Crimes (2003)

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(woman) Ryan... Ryan.
- How come I've never heard of him? - Maybe because you've been at college.
- I mentioned him. We dated all semester. - So what's he like?
What do you want me to say, June? He's a boy, he's 18,
and, despite the raging hormones, he actually manages to be quite sweet.
Just don't do anything you'll regret.
Too late. I already own a pair of acid-wash jeans.
Jokes. I'm trying to protect you, and you're making jokes.
You act like I've never been on a date before.
This isn't a date. This is prom. 65% of prom dates end in sex.
- OK, you just made that up. - OK. Maybe I did.
( pop music)
Get on the dance floor! Dance with me.
Get on the floor. Come on.
(DJ) We're gonna slow it down a bit.
This is for the graduating seniors at Chester Arthur High School, class of 1994.
- Dance with me, please. - OK.
It's not a fast song any more. You'll be OK. Please?
You see? It's not so bad.
Having fun, right?
I told you.
(boy) Eight bucks an hour, four-hour minimum. Clock's ticking. Stupid limo!
(girl) What are you using for cologne? Mustard gas?
- (boy) Staring. - (girl) This is like the perfect night.
So glad he asked me.
(boy) I hate this place. Worst night. It sucks.
Can't wait for this to be over. I just wanna go home.
(boy) I love you so much.
- (girl) Maybe tonight's the night. - (boy) If you step on my foot again...
(girl) We should've danced to the other song.
(boy) Three more weeks. Three more weeks and I'm outta here.
(garbled voices)
(man) Two weeks, and still no diagnosis.
Without clear physiological signs it's a little more difficult.
- We're working on her. - I want her put on suicide watch.
- We don't think Freya's gonna kill herself. - That's what they said about my wife.
They were working on her, too.
(garbled voices)
(man) McAllister, Freya E. Committed July 6 1994.
One of our more interesting cases.
Initial diagnosis was schizophrenic catalepsy,
though opinions were sharply divided amongst the staff.
It's just that no one had ever seen such extreme symptoms.
Most cases of schizophrenia first manifest at puberty,
but rarely does it strike with such intensity.
In the three years following her committal, she showed no progress.
But then one day Freya became a full-blown controversy.
(garbled voices)
"He looked up at me."
"'What did I look like when I was born?'
he asked for the twentieth time this month,
for the hundredth time this year,
for the past few years."
(voices stop)
"And did Papa sing too?"
"Yes, Papa sang too."
The nurses began to bring in books.
She wasn't just turning pages, but beyond that we didn't know what to make of it.
Post-pubescent expression of autism? A new mental anomaly?
I mean, schizophrenic cataleptics don't read Dickens.
Nor do they engage in strenuous exercise on a regular basis.
Freya, it's June.
Look at me.
There's been an accident.
Freya, look at me.
Dad is dead, Freya.
Can you...? Would you look at me?
(garbled voices)
(voices subside)
(June) What's going on? Why is this happening?
Ms McAIlister became a ward of the state, October 2nd 2000.
We've flown in experts, done every test. We're still at square one.
If you'd called, I could have saved you the trip.
She's hopeless.
Look at her, Doctor. She's the most important person you'll ever meet.
- Excuse me? - You're excused. Get her tranked,
- and make sure her books are tagged. - Dr Welles, is this some kind of joke?
Now works for me.
(garbled voices)
(faint voices)
Blocking... now.
Hello, Freya.
You can hear me. Good.
How are you feeling?
The drugs from the hospital should be wearing off pretty quick.
You know, we have, uh...
we have some non-hospital food if you're hungry.
Don't be afraid. We're here to help you.
Where am I?
You're upstate New York, just 30 miles outside of a little town called Lincroft.
My name's Michael, and I know all about you.
I know about the voices, all about 'em.
How they changed when they put you in Brookridge, right?
They screamed and mumbled, even laughed at you.
I even know things about you you don't know yourself. Like to hear one?
You're not crazy.
Those voices in your head, they're not in your imagination.
They come from outside of you.
They're real.
Look at me.
- Look at me. - No!
(garbled voices)
(voices subside)
(Michael, distorted) Freya. Freya, look at me.
No one's gonna hurt you. Come on. Look at me.
The voices in your head are the thoughts of everyone here, everyone in this room.
Come on, Freya. No one's gonna hurt you. Look at me.
Look at me!
You can read minds.
Freya, you're a telepath.
I still don't understand.
So you haven't cured me?
Well, you were never really sick to begin with, just gifted.
Joan of Arc, Rasputin, Nostradamus - they all heard voices, just like you.
If they were like me, how come they weren't locked up in a mental ward?
Because you're more gifted than they were.
Hooray for me.
I wanna see my dad.
Your dad?
Well, it's been a while, Freya, and, uh...
I don't think you're ready for the world.
And I know the world's not quite ready for you yet.
But, more importantly, if you were... to leave right now,
the, uh, voices would come back.
Can't you just take it away? Cut out some brain cells or something?
I can help you turn the corner, help you get control of them,
but there's no cure.
And even if I could cure you, I wouldn't. You're one of a kind.
I don't care.
I wanna go home.
Well... one challenge at a time.
It's called a cheiroscope.
Come on. Let's go.
Right now your mind is like an open tent. Anyone could sneak in.
If we were to drop you in a heavily populated area...
- Well, you know what would happen. - Brookridge.
Uh-huh. Or worse. In Brookridge you found a way to shut the tent.
- You're talking about my books. - Right.
Books helped you focus your mind and shut out the voices.
Now you have to learn to do the same thing with the minds, but the key...
is to do it one mind at a time.
(Michael) All right.
It's OK. It's OK. Come on.
Let's go.
Put this on you...
OK. Your mind will only hear what your eyes see, so look at me.
Keep them on me. Now...
All right. Blocks down.
(garbled voices)
You're hearing other voices. Let them go.
Don't give them power. Concentrate.
Come on. Come on, listen only to my thoughts. Focus on my voice.
Let all the rest go.
Find the silence. Find it.
- (voices stop) - That's it.
OK. Come back.
You're doing great.
Very good. Now let's try it again.
Wavy lines.
OK, this time I want you to close your eyes.
Close my eyes? Why?
You'll see.
(garbled voices)
So I can never close my eyes again?
Well, with practice, there's nothing you can't do.
Your eyes select what you're gonna read. It's called active telepathy.
- With your eyes closed, it's passive. - You mean insanity.
No. I mean power.
With passive telepathy, you can read minds whether you see people or not.
Look, if you can control the voices with your eyes closed,
you can read thoughts behind you, through walls... just about anywhere.
What about when I sleep? My eyes are closed then.
Do I dream other people's dreams, or nightmares?
See, there you go. That's very creative.
- I didn't think about that. - What else didn't you think about?
I don't know. I have to think about it.
Why can I only read your thoughts when you want me to?
Because then we'd have nothing to talk about, and I enjoy our little chats.
All right. It's called "blocking".
A little mental discipline I developed over the years. It quiets my thoughts.
What are you thinking about right now?
Circle... square... star... square... wavy lines.
- I don't know about this. - That's the point.
Till now you've read minds because you wanted to.
In the world, it's gonna be because you have to. It's gonna become instinctual.
Elizabeth is gonna approach and attack you.
Try and listen for her intentions. But also try and see them.
All right? Like you did the note cards.
OK, let's go.
All right, hands up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Come on. Try again.
Try again. Listen to me. Listen to me.
Sometimes we think faster than you can hear,
so don't try and just hear what she's gonna do.
Loosen your control, and try and see it.
All right?
Which way am I gonna go, Freya? Left, right, left, right, left?
Right, right, left, left, right, left, right.
Better watch out.
I don't like this game.
- OK, game over. - You're not listening.
- Wait. What do you want? - I want to get out of here.
- Elizabeth, could you...? - I don't wanna do this. I'm leaving.
- Where are you gonna go? - I'll call my dad. He'll come.
You know that's not possible. You know.
- Know what? - You've known for three years.
- Wait. - Let go of me!
- She's not ready. - Upstairs wants her... now.
- I thought you were upstairs. - We have a, uh, full-blown situation.
And if she's as good as you say she is, then she's an asset.
- You don't own her, Jon. She's a citizen. - I know, but we paid for her.
Yes. And you pay me to advise you on this project. My advice is, she's not ready.
Be smart, Mike. The decision's been made.
What are you thinking about?
Just... big city, all the people.
This is not gonna be an easy adjustment,
but I will be with you whenever you need me. OK?
- It's just a lot of people. - I know.
If you're worried about your active telepathy,
just look at your shoes.
You'll fit right in.
Blah-blah-blah. Does this woman ever stop talking? God, she's pathetic!
What's she looking at? Great! Now she's crying.
OK, Mom. Ten more minutes. Mom!
For I am a pirate king!
And it is it is a glorious thing to be a pirate king!
Out of my way, whore.
- Hey! - Wait.
OK? Let's go. There are some people I want you to meet.
Are these more people who are gonna help me?
Other way around.
And the devil appears. Welcome to 47th Street.
Dr Welles. Always a pleasure.
Holier-than-thou pain in the ass.
Mark Maracek. Pleasure.
Lots of pleasure. Look at the biscuit the doc's been hiding from us.
Lawrence Segel.
Telepath, my ass. The guy's full of crap.
Jon Harper. It's an honour.
Still not sure. Could be a security risk.
Is she reading my mind right now?
We had a rough ride into the city. Do you wanna...?
What is this? Who are they?
A satellite office of the National Security Agency. You have heard of the NSA?
We're the largest intelligence agency in the world.
But we don't exactly like to advertise.
And you work for us. He didn't prep her.
- Freya... - I don't like what they're thinking.
- Calm down, Miss. - Larry!
Get your agents outta here, Jon. Now.
This is why you helped me. The whole time?
I told you that you were important.
- To do tricks, like a trained monkey? - No, this isn't about tricks.
I couldn't tell you, Freya. You wouldn't have come.
Look, I had no choice.
They didn't give me a choice. That's how it works here.
How do I unlock this door?
All right. Just calm down.
There's nowhere to go.
Just take it easy.
(Maracek) Go for the arms.
- (Maracek) Damn elevator! Come on! - (Segel) Head her off at the lobby.
Great! Me and psychochick for another 20 floors.
With my luck I'll end up dating her. And damn, I gotta fart.
(elevator bell)
- Freeze! - She got off on three.
There she is.
Damn it! Stop the train. Call the conductor.
No! Too late. Damn it! Damn it!
(woman) Oh, she tweakin'! Don't look at her. Just wait to get off this train.
Es que el gringo este, que ya me tiene mas cansado que carajo ya.
Ya estoy cansado de trabajar para el gringo, porque el gringo no se...
Crazy, huh? He won't touch me no more.
I'd like to tie her up and have my way with her.
Human filth! This city's a sewer.
(garbled voices)
(voices crescendoing)
(voices fade)
(mobile phone)
- Who is this? - I'm the only one who has this number.
Don't talk to me. You lied to me.
You ran out so fast I didn't have a chance to lie.
You didn't tell me about those people. You tricked me!
"Those people" funded your recovery. "Those people" paid for my project.
Your project? Now I'm your project!
All right, listen to me. Listen to me.
The NSA tracks threats and tries to stop them before people get hurt.
Right now they're tracking a dangerous threat to this country, and need your help.
You're very important, Freya, whether you understand it or not.
- Whether you care or not. - I can't believe anything you say to me.
Fine. Then believe what you see.
You're all alone and you have nothing. Where are you gonna go?
- June. - Freya!
Oh, my God! Freya! She found me!
- Hi. - How did she find me? What do I do?
- No, not here. I didn't expect her so soon. - June, I need to talk to you.
Dangerous. They said she was dangerous.
Did... did you know that I might show up here?
- There may have been a call. - Who called? What'd they say?
I can't tell her. It's so hard seeing her. What's going on? My God, I'm shaking.
June, look at me.
- I'm not crazy. - What do you want, Freya?
I'm your sister. I haven't seen you in five years.
I wanna see you.
Five years! Can't go through this again. Can't lose her again. What do I do?
OK, look. Don't think, OK? Just talk to me like I'm a normal person.
- I am. That's what I'm doing. - Tell me about your job.
You're a lawyer, right?
Yeah. I'm a public defender for the city.
I handle a lot of cakewalks, Miranda problems. Kind of working my way up.
- I can't do this. - June, please! Talk to me.
I wasn't expecting you. I don't know what to say.
I think you should go.
Hey! I'm your sister. You cannot just talk to me like this!
Don't tell me what I can or can't do!
After Dad died, I was on my own.
I sold the house, I worked my way through school. I did it!
Moving here, getting the job - I know what I need and what I don't need.
- How... how did...? - How did he die?
His car went into the ocean.
They said he'd been drinking.
He started drinking a lot after you went into Brookridge.
- You hate me. - What?!
You think it's my fault.
- I know what you're thinking. - You are crazy.
There's something I need to tell you about me.
(man) There she is.
- Freya. Yeah, that's her. - Oh, God. They're here.
- Who? - The NSA. They're...
Oh, God, Freya! Why?
OK, I'm gonna go. I'll leave, OK? Don't get upset.
I'm proud of you, June.
(garbled voices)
This mad woman! Out of my way!
Freya. Don't run. Freya!
Try to concentrate. Now, listen only to my thoughts. Focus.
Focus on my voice.
That's it. Find the silence. Find it.
(voices fade)
No one's gonna hurt you, I promise.
We need each other, Freya.
I'm glad you decided to grace us with your presence, Ms McAIlister. Shall we?
His name is Gabriel Perez. He's from Argentina, a Muslim.
He contacted us, said he had information about an assassination plot
against a political target here in the States, soon.
- What's he talking about? - Our field agents made contact.
They met in a crowded cafe, hadn't even enough time to sit down
when someone pumped three rounds from a grenade launcher through the door.
Two of my agents were killed, along with 16 civilians.
There were three survivors. Guess who was one of them.
We had him airlifted up here. He's in full coma and fading fast.
So, what, you want me to read his mind?
The doctor says he can still hear us,
so I'll prompt him and you just focus on his thoughts.
All right?
If you can hear me...
I want you to remember who it was you were selling information about.
Who did this to you, Gabriel?
Que dolor! Donde estoy? No veo nada.
Me duele. Me duele mucho. Las manos. Todo. Te quiero Gazal. Gazal!
Who's Gazal?
- God help us. - You were right.
What's Gazal's location?
Gabriel... where is Gazal?
He's jumbled and scared.
You're safe, I promise.
Just think "Where is Gazal?"
Nueva York.
Suzie, Jon Harper. Yeah, tell him it's urgent.
She's good.
- Have you seen any other images? - No. Just... colours.
Just fear.
That's OK. You're gonna see more visions. It's a progression, a leap in your...
I don't know if I wanna see them. Not that close.
Who is this Gazal, anyway?
Gazal's the name they've given to one of the world's most dangerous assassins,
only no one's identified him, so we've no idea where he's from, what he looks like.
In fact, we don't even know his real name.
What do they want me to do?
To work with the field agent in charge of the Gazal task force. Brendan Dean.
But you'd only be there as an observer. I wouldn't want to risk you getting hurt.
Well, what about this agent? I can't tell him?
No. He won't know about your telepathy.
As far as he's concerned, you're an agency observer.
I can't believe this. Is there anyone you don't keep secrets from?
- Come on. It's for your own protection. - Why? Is Agent Dean gonna hurt me?
I wanna kill someone. If Terri isn't here in five minutes, something's gonna die.
Takes time to process a requisition like that, Brendan.
When you ask for a resource out in the field, you should be able to produce it,
otherwise the NSA shouldn't have a field office.
That's perfect.
That's perfect. Where's Terri?
We've got phone taps on every major radical in the city. Get some sleep.
Phone taps? Phone taps?
Where are we? This is the NSA.
We should have satellites tracking the East River.
I want, um, GPS LoJacks on every one of those crackpots.
OK, guys. Guys!
We have no target, no time frame, and no idea who contracted Gazal.
So what do we have?
(Freya clears throat)
I'm Freya McAIlister.
The observer.
Hi. Hello.
I, uh...
Brendan Dean. Oh, great!
Real articulate. You're staring at her body. Stop staring at her body!
It's nice to have you on board. "On board"? Who talks like that?
Pull it together! She'll probably get you fired.
- Look, I don't wanna get in your hair... - Don't even worry about that.
- Great hair. This cough syrup's strong. - Brendan.
- You have to sign for that. - Forge me.
Uh, shall we... go?
Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?
We've got some work to do now
Scooby-Dooby-Doo, doo-doo-doo
A-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo
So, how do you like your job?
Scooby-Dooby-Doo... Uh-huh. There it is.
They're framing me. Replacing me before I've proven myself. Screw you.
It's great. Math nerds with guns.
Yeah, lots of, uh... challenges.
When the NSA created a field office, they blurred the line
between a criminal agency and an intelligence agency.
Sometimes a grey area can facilitate movement between a black area and a...
white area.
Damn! You started good. What happened?
- You were with the Bureau, right? - Uh-oh. Knows my file. Turn it around.
What about you? What's your area of expertise? Counterespionage? Intel?
No. Um... I'm an observer. I'm here to find Gazal and let you do your job.
An observer. She'll find Gazal? Great! She probably couldn't find Waldo.
Sounds like a plan.
All right. I've got an informant inside and he's a little jumpy,
so... let me do the talking, OK?
Extra Special Agent Dean. How's it goin'?
What's the matter? You don't visit me no more.
Wow! Who's your friend?
I bet she likes big, hairy men.
She's a little shy. What have you got for me?
It's been a crazy week. The stuff I know could get me killed.
So the question is, what have you got for me?
I'll think of something. Better make up a story for this chump... The airport, yeah.
Woh! Nice!
Hi. OK. I got a friend at LaGuardia.
- He's telling me about a shipment. - What kind of shipment?
Hey! What the hell was that? Give me back that envelope.
That guy is useless, and sick.
Costas knows the type of people Gazal uses. He was gonna tell me everything.
He doesn't know anything. He's stringing you along to get more envelopes.
He thinks you're a chump.
Here's what I know - proper procedure, chain of command.
Here's what I don't - you. So if there is something you know that I don't,
- lay it out right now. - I'm sorry, I can't.
I have to go back to my superiors with results,
- and "Sorry, I can't" is hard to analyse. - I am not an analyst! Look, just trust me.
No, you're an observer. You don't destroy carefully built informant relationships!
Brendan, he doesn't know anything.
I'm in charge of this investigation,
and you're gonna hand me that envelope right now.
Hi. It's me.
Costas is a total dead end, and Agent Dean...
It's for you.
Who the hell is this?
"Need-to-know basis"?! No, Harper. You listen to me, Harper.
Some observer can pull rank on me, some nut telling me my business.
Harper- tight-ass! Probably has sex with his clothes on.
Doo-doo-doo-doo, where are you?
What are we doing here?
FBI's holding Lars Etsen here, trying to pin a case on him.
He flew in last week. They arrested him at the airport. Says he's here for a wedding.
The case against him is weak, so he'll probably walk.
Is there a problem?
Uh... no. I was just wondering...
Maybe you can walk and wonder at the same time, cos we're kinda under the gun.
Etsen's a KGB-trained engineer who went freelance after the Wall came down.
He's built everything from night vision scopes to radioactive tracking devices,
and has few scruples about who employs him. We're here to see Lars Etsen.
- I still don't understand. - Don't. You're an observer, so this time...
- just observe. - She'll have to sign too.
This way. He's got a visitor leaving right now.
Who was that woman?
How could they make that trade? Johnson, too.
Hi, Lars.
I'm not answering any questions without my lawyer.
I wouldn't dream of violating your rights.
By the way, was that your girlfriend in the hallway? Cos nice.
This one is easy, but who is she?
- She is family. I came here for a wedding. - Don't answer any questions.
- Brendan Dean, NSA. - So I've been told.
Mr Etsen, I'm June McAIlister. I'm taking over your case.
- Good. - Hi, June.
Why is she here? She looks scared. I hope she's OK.
- You know her? - She's my sister.
Definitely not an observer. I'm being set up. What's going on here?
- What's going on here? - That's an excellent place to start.
You first.
What do the NSA want with my sister?. What have they done to her?.
Coincidence? No. Harper's not telling me something.
Why don't we start with why you really came to New York?
- Wedding. - I said no questions.
You said don't answer any questions. I can ask them.
- You don't have to take her advice. - Definitely here for Gazal.
Why would somebody enter this country knowing the FBI wants them?
My client isn't charged with a federal crime.
They can't arrest me on suspicion of something happen in Ukraine.
We can do whatever we want. Did you just admit to selling to the Russians?
Keep stalling. Few more hours, then ultrasound sight.
- The charges he's being held on are junk. - Oh, yeah. The charges.
I know that every time I go to a wedding, I pack a concealed weapon...
It was a Swiss Army knife! A little tiny knife, for gosh sake!
Am I sensing murderous intent, or is that just me?
- If the FBI or any other alphabet joker... - They know nothing.
..tries to proceed with that charge, we'll slap Uncle Sam with a harassment suit!
He's your uncle too.
A little smile. She likes it. How old is she?
- Let's cut the crap, Lars. - Who is this one?
- We know about the ultrasound sight. - They know? How?
What is she talking about?
The ultrasound sight.
This dangerous.
Pings ultrasound signals off the surface, sends them back via an imaging scope,
paints a picture of what's behind a wall.
Very handy if you're targeting somebody through a wall.
You didn't happen to build one, did you, Lars?
He doesn't know. But who is she?
- I make nothing. - We know. Why do you think we're here?
- Dangerous girl. - Who hired you, Lars?
- You don't have to answer. - I have done nothing. Nothing!
Who hired you, or should we finish this conversation in federal custody?
- On what? An accusation? - I'll take that chance. Who hired you?
- Don't answer. - This is not good.
- Who hired you? - Don't answer!
I must not get transferred from here. I must stay.
I give them the... give them information. Name. Give them the name.
Matthews placed the order.
Alan Matthews.
Hey, Patel. What's the status with our boy?
Home alone. Ground team's ready.
Kunzel's on the third floor covering the loft.
She doesn't need one of those.
Why not?
Reposition yourself behind Matthews' loft. This looks like a tailgate party.
Alan Matthews is a weapon designer. We're gonna grab him to question him.
- Maybe I can help. - Maybe you can, by waiting in the car.
This is not a reflection on you. I thought you did a good job with Lars.
No one seems to wanna tell me how you knew about this ultrasound sight,
but this is a takedown, and I have strict orders, direct from your magic phone,
to keep you out of harm's way.
Kunzel? This is Dean. I'm coming up.
How long has your sister been at the PD's office?
- She's not your type. - She just gave me her card, that's all.
- She what? - She just wants to talk to me.
About you.
Sorry I spoke.
- Where is he, Kunzel? - In the kitchen, making lunch.
You would not believe what this guy is doing.
He's mixing peanut butter with roast beef.
- What did you say to June about me? - Get away from the window!
- Did he see us? - Negative.
Sun's on our six and I'm getting glare. I'd say he's blind to us.
Ground unit, prepare to breach the building.
Kunzel, you keep her here.
Can I look through your rifle?
No, ma'am. No one touches this weapon.
- I need to see what's going on. - Ma'am, I'm not at liberty to do that.
Spotting... Can I look through your spotting scope?
How many freakin' sandwiches do I gotta make?!
Come on, guys! Show up. Let's get a move on.
Go time. Get inside, hit him hard, get out fast.
Don't take this guy for granted. It could be dangerous.
Play it safe. OK. All right.
Here we go, here we go. Two floors up, and hit him hard.
The silent alarm. Hello, boys.
What the...?
Feds in the stairwell. Better move it. Five minutes, whole place go boom.
Brendan, get your men out of there. It's a trap.
Freya, that's impossible. What's your intel?
I just know. Matthews has a bomb. He's waiting for you.
We have nothing to indicate that. Somebody get her off the headset!
(running footsteps)
What are you doing?! We could have killed you.
- He's gonna blow up the loft. - Sh!
Matthews set a timer. We've got less than four minutes.
- Kunzel, come back. - Get everyone out of here, now!
- Go for Kunzel. - What's going on? Do you see a bomb?
Negative. He's left my sight towards the north end of the building.
(Brendan) All right, this stops now.
Breach the third floor. Wait for me up there.
Kunzel, what else do you see up there?
- Listen to me! - No, you listen to me.
You are endangering the lives of my men. Get the hell out of here!
I need you to listen like you've never listened before.
There is a bomb in this building. We are going to die!
- I know this for a fact. - How?
The same way I knew Costas was lying and I knew about the ultrasound sight.
I know you've been rehearsing how to ask out my sister,
and you've had the Scooby-Doo theme song in your head all morning.
What did you say?
Brendan, I hear thoughts.
I am a telepath.
- That's... - The craziest thing you ever heard?
How about this one? A couple of hours ago you were thinking about Harper,
that he's such a tight-ass he probably has sex with his clothes on.
I wasn't thinking that. You were.
And Matthews was thinking about a bomb. So pull your men out now.
(agent) Still holding, sir.
Abort. Evacuate immediately.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Let's get the hell outta here.
This is Unit 4. We have Matthews in custody.
You'd better explain.
Make it fast. We've gotta work quickly. Female, mid-20s. That's them. That's her.
Watch out!
Freya, get out of the way! Get in the car!
Ground One, converge on a red Ford pickup heading south out of the grid.
- Smokies! - Damn truck! Come on! Come on!
- Right. Turn right. - Right.
- What? - They're gonna turn right. Go!
Headed eastbound between 3rd and 4th.
Go through the intersection.
They're gonna go through the intersection.
Keep moving! Garbage truck! Watch out!
Are you OK?
Damn it! We lost them. They're headed east on...
- 14th Street. - What?
They're headed to 14th Street.
They're headed to 14th Street.
Stop your vehicle! Stop your vehicle, now!
Suspects down!
- Inside my head all this time... - Don't be scared.
Don't come near me. Listening right now, inside my head.
- I couldn't tell you. It was a secret. - Just get away from her.
Stay away from me.
(garbled voices)
These pictures are old.
This guy has a scar on his left cheek. This guy has both his ears pierced.
- I didn't know you examined their bodies. - I didn't.
You telling me you remember all that from one glance?
Meet Chor Cao and Dur Wahid,
of the Laskar Jihad and Kumpulan Mujaheddin terrorist groups respectively.
I've been updated. What's their connection with each other?
We're working on that. Uh...
They're not your typical foot soldiers. Too well educated.
Agent Merriweather, could you excuse us?
We have a problem.
If this is about security clearance, my lips are sealed.
I just wanna forget about it. We don't need to talk about it.
Fine. You're off the case.
I'm what?!
Wait a minute. What did you say?
Freya's the reason we've gotten this far in the case.
If you can't handle her, I'll find someone who can.
Let's talk.
You may have Harper's ear, but I don't answer to you.
And, frankly, I'm not exactly sure what it is you do around here, Dr Welles.
Evidently I'm not cleared to know a lot, but I will tell you this:
I am this close to slapping Harper with my resignation.
This isn't about you or him. This is about Freya McAIlister.
So what's the message here, huh? Roll with it, Brendan?
This is somebody who reads personal thoughts.
Nobody respects my privacy, but I do.
(garbled voices on tape)
What's that?
is the kind of privacy that Freya enjoyed for nine years in a mental hospital.
Hundreds of voices in her head, nonstop, every minute of every day.
(voices crescendo)
(switches off tape)
Freya's one of a kind.
And not just because she was able to overcome that ordeal,
but because somehow she's been able to retain the capacity to care
about every voice she hears.
Including yours, it seems.
Start with... Start over. "I'm sorry, there's no way I could have..." No, no.
Don't attack her. Just... "I'm the kind of guy who..." No, don't justify things.
- Just... - Hi.
Freya. Hi. Hi. I was... waiting for you.
Dr Welles gave me this address. It's a... nice neighbourhood.
This place makes mine look like a closet. NSA pays for this, huh?
What do you want, Brendan?
I just, uh... wanted to, uh...
You know...
I'm a feet-on-the-ground kind of guy.
Rules, logic, problem-solving - that's my world. And I'm good at it.
Damn good.
But outside of that, my life's kind of a mess.
But if you know what I've been thinking, you'd know that, so...
Ever since you told me about you, that's way outside my world.
So I've been retracing my thoughts. And, when I say that, I mean every thought,
because I have this memory that doesn't miss a thing, and...
You know. Anyway, um... I've been obsessing over it -
what I thought, and what you think that means about me -
and I just want you to know that, um...
none of it is... personal.
- Michael told you about me. - Yeah, he told me the whole story.
I asked him about your sister.
She doesn't know, does she?
I don't want her to know. Or anyone else.
There's something else I want you to think about that I can't get out of my head.
You sensed the shooters and you pushed me down.
If you weren't there... I'd be dead.
If you weren't, um...
who you are...
I'd be dead.
Wait. They were after us, the guys in the pickup truck. The shooters.
They were pros. They were sent there to wipe out Matthews.
No. I heard their thoughts before they shot.
They said "That's them. That's her."
There's a connection: Banco Pacifico in Manila.
Both had multi-million-dollar accounts there until the US froze their assets.
I'd call that motive - and opportunity.
Money launderers are one of the few groups who can afford Gazal.
Currently $10 million per hit. All we need to know is the target.
Where's that list of VIPs in town next week?
Jeremiah Grant... Oh. Fergie's in town. Abdul Kamil Zebouti...
- Who? - Islamic cleric.
Pro-Western, moderate. Possible candidate. Keep going.
Elizabeth Meyers, Walter Poulson, Frances Farraday, the prime minister of...
- Wait. Go back. What'd you say? - What, Farraday? Ring a bell?
Last week she was made Deputy Attorney General.
Her new campaign is aimed at foreign banks with terrorist clients.
Get a list of the banks she's targeting. My guess is our hitter's bank is on her list.
She's giving a big address at the Plaza tomorrow.
- Yahtzee! Banco Pacifico's on the list. - Is the address televised?
- National news. - That's Gazal's target.
Then call it off.
It's not that easy. Our case isn't exactly rock solid.
Farraday's had heavy security ever since she vowed to take down those banks.
They've a rainday location, but will need more proof to move the circus.
- Rainday? - These events have a backup location.
The Plaza's gorgeous, it's just a bitch to secure.
We need proof. We need proof.
You can't keep me! This ain't a police state! This is illegal!
Lars Etsen built an ultrasound sight. What was it for?
- I'm not talking to you, piece of crap. - Then shut up.
- .50-calibre Barrett sniper rifle, modified. - Modified how?
- Binary magazine, an AP? - Armour-piercing.
- And HE. - High explosives.
What is this? Some kind of "good cop, bad cop" thing?
- Who's the target? - He doesn't know.
- Where's the rifle? - He doesn't...
He delivered it on Tuesday.
Where's the rifle, Alan?
I'm Agent Dean, National Security Agency. I have a few questions for you.
You visited Lars Etsen yesterday in the holding, didn't you?
No... no... no understand.
Yes, you do. Open up the door.
- Lars is not guilty. FBI guilty. - We're not here about Lars.
We're here about the rifle Alan Matthews stashed for Gazal.
Ai! Borscht!
Brendan! Watch out!
Do not scream.
Who would suspect old woman, eh?
Are you Gazal?
I'm close as you get.
Where do you get your information?
What's the combination to this lock?
(Ukrainian) I will ask the questions.
What's the combination? What is it?
That's just warm-up. Now we get to business.
How did you know about the weapon?
How did you know about ultrasound before you were told?
I never had much use for that knee anyway.
No! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
I'll tell you. I'll tell you what you wanna know.
(garbled voices)
(woman) Jamil! Where is that boy? He's got to get his butt inside. Jamil!
Jamil. Jamil. Jamil.
Jamil? The little boy next door?
We've had him watching you and reporting back to us for months.
You are lying to stay alive.
Who would suspect a little boy?
(door shuts)
(door opens)
Don't move!
Brendan! Brendan, I've got her! Wake up!
You've got nothing, little girl.
Only answers you are supposed to find.
- Hi. - Hi. You OK?
- I'm fine. - You sure?
- What's the update? - The update is you did a good job.
We found the rifle along with the Plaza room key.
The suite was directly above the ballroom.
Gazal was going to use the ultrasound sight to shoot through the floor.
That rifle is a serious piece of weaponry.
Oh, and the Secret Service is gonna call a rainday
and move the entire event to their backup location.
- What about Zoya? - We ran her fingerprints through NCIC.
Turns out to be Zoya Kokotovic, an ex-KGB instructor.
Old school, when they still had cyanide fillings in their molars.
Do you think... Is there any chance that Zoya is Gazal?
It's possible. Gazal could be a woman.
Gazal could be... a group of individuals.
But whomever or whatever or wherever he is,
I think you sent him packing.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing.
Nothing. OK.
It's just Zoya. The last time we saw her, she said we've still got nothing.
There's something we're missing. There was an image in her mind,
maybe from the time we saw her at the holding cell.
What else do you remember about Zoya the first time we saw her?
- She was about ten feet ahead of us... - No, no, no. Don't just remember it.
Picture it, and I'll read your mind.
There were... two guards, each with 9mm Berettas.
Black ceiling with exposed pipes.
Three doors on the right, two on the left. Double-pin tumbler locks on 'em.
Zoya was walking with a slight limp on her right side. It was probably her hip.
She stopped for a drink of water.
Then she seemed to stop. I don't know why. She...
That's it. Where's the rainday location? Where did they move Farraday?
- Freya, relax. - It's the courthouse, isn't it?
How'd you know?
The Plaza was a decoy. The Plaza, Matthews, the gun, the whole thing.
- Gazal's targeting the courthouse. - The courthouse is the backup location
because it's easier to do a sweep of everyone inside,
- which the Secret Service has done. - You're not listening.
- They're not gonna want to do it again. - He's already inside their security.
Come on. Let's go.
- What is going on? - Security. They set it up this morning.
All you need to concern yourself with is letting me do my job in front of the judge.
- I'll see you in the courtroom? - Yeah.
Damn it! Secret Service isn't responding to our alert.
They claim no one can know the rainday location in advance. I'll call the lockup.
(Etsen coughing)
- May I have drink of water? - There's water in the court.
Etsen... Yeah, he's got a court appointment right now.
I'll call the liaison officer.
Charlie, this is Barry. Come back.
- Take out your keys and unlock me now. - Charlie, come back with your 20.
Don't waste your life for that, or for me.
I just want to escape.
Time's a-ticking.
Go ahead.
- (bleep) - Stop! Hold it right there.
National Security Administration. I have credentials. I will show you them.
We have a breach in the building.
- That boy is nothing but trouble. - "Case dismissed" - beautiful words.
That party was killer. I've gotta call those girls tonight.
They are not going to plead us down.
If we're gonna win this thing, we need a character witness fast.
(garbled voices)
- Lars? - She saw me. Don't turn around.
Brendan, he's over there.
Freeze! Let her go!
- Drop it! - Everybody back, or she dies!
If she dies, you die.
- No! - Freya, get out!
I... I want to see my family. I've just come for a wedding.
That is all.
Too many men. Seven. All 9mms. Her body will take first shot.
Then go through the door- no, that won't work.
Freya, I hope you can hear this. I don't have a clear shot.
Gazal, look at me! I want you to look at me because I know all about you.
- Don't be fooled. There is no proof. - Freya, no!
You've already lost, Gazal. You're just too stupid to realise it.
How did they find me? The wire transfer?. The Swiss accounts?
- The Swiss accounts have been frozen. - How? The Schweizer Verband?
- They couldn't. - The Schweizer Verband, yes.
Tribank too. We took it all.
Oh my God! No. She's lying. She must be lying.
20 years of blood money.
Your house in Rome, your view from the balcony - gone.
- Gone?! - You left a trail.
All of your mistakes, and you made so many of them.
We followed that trail, and we took it all.
- Impossible! How could she know? - 20 years. We took it.
- I took it. - How could she know?
Who are you?
- (June) I love you, Freya. - I know. I love you too.
- You two all right? - Yeah.
- Penny for your thoughts. - Why buy? They're free.
Don't be nervous. I'll crack him.
I just hope he knows what we think he knows.
Only one way to find out.
- You seem pretty damn chipper today. - I had a good time last night.
- Did you go on a date or something? - No. I'm not ready for that yet.
Fallacy. F-A-L-L-A-C-Y.
- I had dinner with June. - What'd you say?
Same story - that the NSA rescued me from Brookridge
when they found out I could break any code.
- The savant story. - I don't think she believes me.
That's cos she's smart. When are you gonna tell her the truth?
- Michael says... - Screw Michael.
(Terri) Freya? They're ready for you.
Don't forget to get the coordinates - latitude, longitude.
I know. I got it.
I'm gonna be outside. You just knock when all hell breaks loose.
Will do.
You don't know me, but I know all about you.
I know about your group.
I know about the uranium. I know what you plan to do with it.
And everything I don't know, you're about to tell me right now.
let's start at the beginning.
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