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Subtitles for Thrashin 1986.

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Thrashin 1986

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Corey! Corey!
Hey. I'm so glad you made it to town.
Didn't I tell you I'd set you up?
Where am I supposed to put all this stuff, anyway?
Right back here. It's the new guest house.
Pretty cool, huh?
-Rad. -What?
Is this where Corey's gonna reside now?
No, man. He's just gonna live here.
Hey, Tyler, where's the new ramp?
I got to train for the pool competition.
Whoa. Nice ramp, guys.
All right.
All right! Yeah.
-Come on, Bozy. -Come on, Boze.
Yeah! Come on. Come on!
Come on, Boze.
Get it, Boze. Get up.
Yeah! Get it!
Come on, Bozy.
You got it.
All right. Way to go.
Come on, Tyler. You first.
Yeah. You designed it.
Nope. Nope.
You guys go first. Someone else.
Oh, man. Come on.
You mean, Mr. Studly is giving up...
first shot at a virgin ramp?
-That's right. -Really?
So who's first?
No way, man. You guys built it. You guys go first.
-Come on, Webster. -Look. We need your opinion.
-You want my opinion? -That's right.
OK. You got my opinion.
Tear it up.
All right!
All right!
-Cool quad-rubbers, Boze. -Sit back and shut up.
Hey, I got shotgun next. I'm tired of sitting bitch.
All right. It's all right.
Let's just get to the beach, huh?
Oh, God, Tyler.
Look, fellas. Look. 12 o'clock high--
tasty skatebetties, boy.
Oh, God, I love California.
-Come on. -Hot pink.
Yo, baby! Hi. You love me, right?
I'm classy. I swear. I know him.
Hey, guys. Guys. Check it out. It's Hook and the Daggers.
-Thinks he's such a badass. -Yeah.
What are those guys trying to prove, anyway?
Man, the guy's a killer, you know?
-I heard he actually-- -Hey, look. Monk's with him.
So what? He smells.
Yeah? Well, I caught him spying on our ramp...
when we were trying to build it.
Yeah. Well, I knew him when he was Ralph...
and he lived in the valley, man.
Now he's Monk, and he thinks he's cool.
Breaking is a memory.
For wimps.
Wild, man. Acid rock.
Hey, let's check it out.
Come on, Webster.
Let's me and you shred the path, huh?
Come on, man.
Damn, man.
-Hold it, Corey. -What's wrong, man?
Look. I don't think we should be here.
-Why not? -This is the Daggers' place.
Daggers, huh?
Beat it, you Val jerk.
All right, Per.
Hey, Chrissy.
Hi, Velvet. How are you? Watch this guy.
Freestyle. Come on.
No, wait. He's almost finished.
Hey, Chrissy, your brother's waiting.
-Corey! Dude! -Hey, Per. How you doing?
What are you doing in Dogtown?
Just here for the summer...
and I'm doing the L.A. Massacre next week...
a pool competition tomorrow.
Chrissy, don't waste your time. He's no Dagger.
Hey, come on. Stop messing around.
This is serious. Be cool, you guys.
Come here. Velvet, come here.
All right. Chrissy. Chrissy, get in here.
Come on. Hurry up.
Get a picture of me and my brat sister here.
She's visiting for the summer from lndiana, man.
Tommy. Come on.
We're gonna make her a movie star, aren't we?
Yeah, right.
-That's great. One more. -Yeah! Daggers!
-Boze, it's so hot in here, man. -We're not gonna make it.
Hey, Bozo, man...
where's the air conditioning in this car, huh?
My father said I wouldn't need it.
I don't know. I wanted to get the convertible...
but he talked me into this model.
I knew I should have gotten that ragtop.
You really want a convertible?
Sure. Why not?
My brand-new car. My father's gonna murder me.
What are you talking about, man?
You tell your father that this was professionally done, Boze.
Come on, fellas.
Help me take the top off this thing.
Aw, man.
Yeah. I got it.
-All right. Good work, Radster. -Thank you.
He's gonna murder me.
Well, if my shop teacher saw me doing this...
instead of them stupid ashtrays he had me doing...
But it looks like an ashtray.
No, it does not. You know what you've got here?
-This is a cabri-o-lette, man. -What's that?
That's Hungarian for "fast car."
-Really? -Yeah.
Hey, let's paint the sucker.
Boze, you just got yourself a skate cruiser.
Oh, this car drives funny.
-Yeah? -Tommy? It's me.
-Hey. Come on in. -Hi.
Where have you been? It's late.
I went to the mall to get a dress for tonight.
You're gonna be the most beautiful girl at the club.
I liked Venice today. It was fun.
Yeah. Wild scene, huh?
You don't see those kind of freaks in lndiana.
I like the skaters and those break dancers.
Breakers? What do you think?
Should I wear this skull and the dagger...
or the hoop and the dagger?
Nah. Just wear the dagger... and a bone for your nose.
Don't be a smart ass. It's important to me.
-A bone, huh? -Tommy.
Hey, Corey!
Come on. You'll miss the girls.
Yeah. I'm coming! I'm coming, all right?
-All right. -Radley.
Yo. What's up, man?
All right, Corey. Let's go.
Hey. Wait a minute.
Hey. Hey, Engledork... out of the car, huh?
Yeah, buddy. This is where we separate...
the men from the boys.
Hit it, Boze.
Hey, come on. Look. It makes me taller.
-Ah, no. -Sorry.
I hope you don't get laid!
-Yo. -Stay right there, brother.
What's this shit?
It's called a bottle in my lang--
-Got any more? -No.
Maybe one.
-That the last one? -Yeah.
Hey! Ouch.
Gargantua, please. Don't touch my Elvis.
-That's cute. -Yeah. Later.
Hold on.
What, are you starting your own bar inside, man?
Take a hike.
Chicks, man. There's chicks here.
-Wild. -Long time, no see, buddy.
Hey, Radley, give me some of that jet fuel, man.
The dude at the door scammed all my bottles, man.
I don't have nothing.
-Hey, Boze, buddy. You thirsty? -Yeah.
Boze is thirsty. Hey, man, you want a drink?
-Hey, drinks on the Bozeman. -Hey, all right, Boze, man.
Let's rock.
This is raw!
-Hey, Rocky. -All right, Hook.
My little sister Chrissy, bro.
All right, bro. Yeah.
At this time, ladies and gentlemen...
you're going to hear from a band...
a quartet of patented gentlemen...
to rival those faces even on Mount Rushmore.
Ladies and gentlemen...
will you please give your most warm welcome?
The fabulous Red Hot Chili Peppers...
the band that gets your pulses pounding...
your senses reeling, and sets your mouth on fire...
but right now, ladies and gentlemen...
it's time for the Thrash Bash.
Pumpin' the blood through the heart of New Orleans...
Bourbon Street dream
She's just made out of flesh and bone
But let me tell you, little boy, you better leave her alone
Yeah, Leroy Brown thought he was bad, too
Till she left him floatin' in the old bayou
She's the kind of girl, she's built like a bomb
She's the black eyed, black eyed, black eyed blonde
Get down
Get it straight
She's black
She's blonde
That black eyed beauty with the golden crotch
French electric sex cock shocking swamp fox
Heathen queen of sleaze, she's hot to box
But let me tell you, little boy, she'll clean your clock
A slick and sly spy stuck in the muck of the moat
Oh, blew his mind to find a diamond in the boat
Double-o doomsday for Mr. James Bond
She's the black eyed, black eyed, black eyed blonde
Get down
Black eyed "b," go
She's blonde
God, those kids are crazy in there.
Back home in lndiana you don't see that kind of stuff.
Oh, yeah?
Just frat parties and homecoming dances.
They're just thrashers. They're all right.
That sounds like vandals or juvenile delinquents...
troubled youth.
No. Thrashing, man.
It's just an aggressive style of skating.
You know, we thrash.
Well, what do you thrash?
What do you got?
Oh, God.
What do you think, you're a wild one or something?
What are you hanging out with those clones for?
Daggers, why are you hanging out with them?
I just met most of those guys, but you know Tommy?
Everyone around here calls him Hook?
Yeah, yeah. I know of Hook. Punk poseur.
That's my brother.
And I'm a jerk.
Nah. You're OK.
Leroy Brown thought he was bad, too
Till she left him floatin' in the old bayou
She's the kind of girl, she's built like a bomb
She's the black eyed, black eyed, black eyed blonde
Get down
Spiders, skulls, and bones?
It's just the scene. You want to try it?
No, no, no. Those are dangerous.
Oh, come on. I'll show you how to do it.
-Don't be afraid, all right? -I'm not afraid.
Try it.
Put your foot right there. You got it.
You got me?
Yeah, I got you. Don't worry about it.
-You ready? -Yeah.
All right.
Yeah. It's kind of fun.
Yeah, if you like living dangerously.
-So do you skate every day? -Training right now.
Training for a meet called the L.A. Downhill.
-You wouldn't know of it. -Sure. The downhill.
-How do you know of it? -My brother's doing that one.
Oh, your brother, huh?
Yeah. He's been talking about it ever since I got here.
He says they pay $1,000 to the winner of some race.
It's no little race. It's a downhill.
You never been to a downhill, have you?
25, 30 guys racing at speeds of 40, 50 miles an hour.
Can't imagine the energy of it, you know?
It's intense, and sometimes they're racing on the boards...
and the board starts to shake and wham!
Need a spatula to peel you off the street.
Sounds like fun.
-You should try it sometime. -OK.
Oh, my God. Look how late it is.
We better go.
Come on. I got that pool competition in four hours.
Come on.
Aren't you gonna wish me luck?
I wish I could be there. Good luck.
-Where have you been? -God, you scared me.
Good because you scared me. Where were you?
-Out. -What do you mean you were out?
I go to the club last night with my kid sister...
and I'm going--hey, don't drink that.
Oh! It's foul.
-So where were you? -You're not my boss, Tommy.
Hey, I'm the older brother. I'm the one in charge.
You're the one in charge, huh?
You send Mom a picture...
of you looking like some wild lndian...
and you're the one in charge?
That wild lndian picture happens to be styling.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Don't you think Mom's concerned about you, Tommy?
Maybe I'm out here looking after you.
That's a joke.
If this is the way it's gonna be, Chrissy...
I don't even want you here.
You can just go back to lndiana.
Look, Tommy. I'm sorry, OK?
I should have come home. I lost all track of time.
I'm sorry.
So where were you, huh?
Well, I met this guy.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
-What's his name? -Corey.
Does he live around here?
Not too far away. Somewhere over the hill.
-He's from the valley? -I think so.
Chrissy, how many times have I told you--
you hang around here, you hang out with Daggers.
If not, just go home, OK? That's it.
-Fine. -Fine.
Hey, Scarface, want to come to bed now?
We still need our skaters that made the final cut...
to get their safety gear on...
and check in with our starter in the officials' area.
At this reading, it looks like any of our finalists...
have a shot at winning this thing.
Among those skaters shooting at the trophies...
are Mark McCarthy, Corey Webster...
Timmy Hanks, Vincent Haloy, and Lou Range.
We still need Corey and Vincent to check in.
The big question is...
who can pull off the McTwist here in the final round?
Took a nice backside turn, an extended handplant.
540 air. He follows it with a backside air.
There's that backside carve. Here it is.
Backside carve.
He uses that speed for an incredible bionic backside air.
Boy, this vertical skating is risky business.
Hal Luccio is out of the running in the first round...
due to an injury.
Skaters can grab another warm-up run.
Boy, Hal Luccio is hurt.
Corey Webster is on deck to follow that...
but it's going to be a tough act to follow.
Hal Luccio is still grabbing his ankle.
Corey Webster is up. We'll see what he does.
This young man, under a lot of pressure.
It's hard to come right straight ahead into a heat...
after the guy in front of you has taken a bad wipeout.
Here's the countdown for Corey.
The pressure is on.
One second. Corey drops in.
He starts with a nice backside carve...
sets it up into an El Gario tail tap.
What a maneuver!
Connects it with a finger flip handplant.
Setting it up with another backside air.
Webster is ripping this pool apart.
Here's a difficult judo air.
What a maneuver. What a strong run.
Webster, with another handplant.
Let's see what he does next.
It's a 360 handplant.
This guy is tearing it apart.
And here comes his next trick.
It's going to be a hot frontside grind.
What a routine!
A couple more maneuvers from Webster...
before he runs out of time.
A backside air.
He must have taken it because--
Oh, Webster is down.
Oh, Webster is hurt!
Medics, please report to the pool immediately.
Corey Webster, at the bottom of the transition...
not able to hang on to his board and unexplainably falls off.
This kid is in pain.
Medics, please-- your attention please--
to the poolside.
Boy, what a tough break for Corey Webster.
Our judges still have to give Corey a score for his run...
but that fall will cost him dearly.
What a shame.
Our next skater up is going to be Timmy Hanks...
Webster, you just got snaked, man, that's all.
-Yeah. -Yeah, man.
Those Daggers are vile, bro.
They think they rule L.A.
Hey, who's the geeze?
What are you, Bozo, out of your blazing skull, man?
That's Sam Flood.
Bozo, he owns Smash Skateboards.
I mean, they say he invented skateboarding.
I'm going to go talk to him. I'll see you guys later.
-All right. -Good luck.
-Get an autograph for me. -Yeah, a free...t-shirt.
Hey, Mr. Flood.
Thank you.
Mr. Flood.
-I know you. -Yeah.
You're Webster, right? Corey Webster?
I like your style, kid.
Hey, you want to see something?
-Sure. -Look at that.
-Oh, Mondo. -Yeah.
I signed him five minutes after he won the Tahoe Downhill.
You know, he's going to make two bucks...
off of each board I sell.
You know, he'll probably make twenty thousand this year...
and I understand...
he's also going to go on tour with the Beach Boys.
You win the L.A. Downhill...
and you'll skate for Smash Skates.
If you're not doing anything tomorrow, drop by.
I'll give you a tour of the factory.
All right. Definitely.
OK, kid!
-Thanks a lot, Mr. Flood. -Good seeing you, kid.
OK, and then the application... and...way to go.
Hey, that's how it's done, huh, Webster?
-Like it? -Yeah.
Thank you, Paul.
You know, Webster, I always like to meet the new skaters.
You did Del Mar, didn't you?
Yeah, I did that one.
Yeah. You know, a couple more meets like that...
you'll be skating Smash Skates.
You know, I only sign the winners...
guys that are hot.
Here. Take a look at this.
See that?
That's seven-ply--
seven layers of a thin veneer...
that are bonded together, cross-grain...
to form a board that's practically indestructible.
Go ahead. Bite that.
Sink your teeth into it.
This is a new secret thermoplastic resin.
In the event of an atomic attack...
this would be the only thing that would survive.
Call for Mr. Flood on line three.
Excuse me a second.
I'm going to skate for these guys.
All right. Hollywood Boulevard.
Let's hit it, girls.
All right. Coming through. Watch out!
Guys, get into it!
Look out!
Grab on to his bike.
All right.
That was great!
Hey, Bozo. Bozo, come here.
You see that really raw chick over there, man?
She came up to me inside.
She told me that she thought you were real, real, real fine.
Yeah. So I thought maybe if you got down in...
Iike, a surf-two position, you know...
Iike this on the board...
you know, as you go by, they would really dig you.
So put your board down.
Get in, like, a surf-two position.
Here. Wait. Hold on.
Come on. Go back over there, Bozo.
Hi. Nice eyes.
Hello, Chrissy, is that you?
Who may I ask is speaking, please?
This is Corey Webster. Why? Who's this?
Corey Webster. How you doing?
I heard you had a little accident yesterday.
It was no accident, Hook, and you know it.
Now put Chrissy on the phone.
Well, Chrissy's busy, man, and, uh...
she'll be busy for the rest of the summer...
so why don't you not call back here?
-Put her on the phone! -Oh, and, Corey...
you come near Chrissy again, and you're dead meat.
Oh, yeah? Well, after the L.A. Massacre...
you're dead meat, Hook.
You'd just better make sure...
I don't see your ass before then.
And, Corey, one more thing.
Now, isn't this a coincidence?
I come outside...
at the same time you're hanging out in my tree.
Can I see you for a few minutes?
Just a few minutes? Is that all it's going to take?
-Hey, Chrissy. -Hi, Velvet.
Come on in. Chiffon's ready to paint your face.
OK. I'll be in in a second.
-Are you OK? -Yeah.
Velvet, wait. Don't tell Tommy, OK?
OK, but get him out of here now.
-Come on. Hurry up. -I'm coming.
I thought you could fly.
I can.
I don't believe it.
I'm proud of you, kid. You did pretty good.
-Where did you get that? -What?
Oh, I made it in art class a while back.
Why, you like it?
Oh, yeah?
Here. It's yours.
Looks pretty on you.
Thanks. I like it.
There's something I've got to show you.
I've got to show you the new graphics...
I designed for my new skateboard...
and, Chrissy, when l get pro sponsorship...
I'm going to have the hottest model.
-Just wait till you see it. -What's the design look like?
-OK. There's this web, right? -Yeah.
And there's this tarantula on it.
Well, there's this girl on the tarantula...
with the spider on...
-What's wrong? -Look.
Come on. Let's go.
We're not leaving because of those guys.
Come on. Let's just go.
Chrissy, what's the big deal with--
You don't understand. If my brother finds out...
I'm with you tonight, he'll kill me.
Chrissy, he's not going to kill you.
Come on. I'll explain outside. Let's just go.
Come on.
We'll go. OK. You want to go, we'll go.
Money. Got to pay the money, then we'll go.
It's around here somewhere. Here it is.
Still a little rough, but what do you think?
I don't know. It seems a little aggressive...
don't you think?
Yeah, aggressive, and that's what sells skateboards.
You'd like to be held like that?
Oh, yeah.
-You would? -Yeah, I'd love it.
You'd like to be grabbed like that?
You'd like to be held like that, huh?
I'll call you this week.
No. Tomorrow.
Hey, look. Look, man. Webster.
Come on.
There he is! Get him!
Come on! Don't let him get away.
Oh, shit.
Come on! Run him over to the side!
Good job, man.
Hurry up!
Just hang on.
Come on!
Follow that bus. Go! Move this rice burner! Go!
Will you let me in the door? Hey, driver!
Driver, hey, open the door!
Seventy-five cents.
Where is he?
Come on.
Hey, I said seventy-five cents.
-What happened to him? -I guess he got away.
I know where their ramp is.
Come on! Yeah!
Look at that thing! Whoa! Come on!
Look at it burn!
Come on. Let's go.
Daggers! I'm going to get Monk.
I'm OK.
Hey, I want to see Monk out here...
and I want to see him right now!
Come on out here, Monk!
Stay back, Radley. This is mine.
-Hey! Good morning! -Yeah, I want to see Monk.
Hey, if it isn't the Ramp Locals.
Hey, Monk, you got some guests out here.
What's the commotion?
Oh, it's the Ramp Locals.
It's Monk the punk!
Hey, why don't you come off the porch, man?
-How's the ramp, you guys? -Yeah. Come down here!
Check this guy out.
Kick his ass, Monk.
This is gonna be funny. Watch this.
Hey, man, I want money for my ramp!
Money? How much?
This enough?
Hey, man.
Come on, Monk, kick his butt.
Oh, man.
Look out. Hey!
All right!
Ah, he's trying to--
he's trying to get up. Come on!
You liked that, didn't you? Yes, you did.
You're not coming around here no more, are you?
Coming around here again? No. No, you're not.
Your fight's with me, Hook.
Come on!
Get out of the way.
-Let's go. -Tommy, stop it.
Come on! All right. All right. Hey!
It's just a game, right, Valley Boy?
You like games, right, Valley Boy?
He loves games.
Tonight, meet me at Bronson Canyon Halfpipe.
9:00. Joust.
Be there.
-No, YOU be there! -You shut up, you little punk.
-Take your friend out of here. -Big bad Dagger.
Go back to the Valley, man.
How's your lip feel, buddy?
Come on. My cereal's getting wet.
Hey, where do you think you're going?
Don't, Tommy!
Get your hands off me.
Corey, whatever this fight thing is about tonight...
you can't do it.
You think it's a little late for that now, Chrissy?
Why? Corey, you have nothing to prove to them.
If you do it...
you're not gonna be any better than Tommy and his friends.
Chrissy, I'm going, OK?
But the downhill is only three days away.
Corey, if you get hurt, just forget about pro sponsorship.
Did you ever think your brother might get hurt?
Think about it.
I don't want either one of you getting hurt, Corey.
Corey, please don't go. Please don't do it.
-Think fast, bro. -I got it.
-I'm gonna cream that mother. -I know, man.
Tonight we're gonna joust. Tonight, man.
-Those boys are out. -I'm psyched!
Tommy, can I talk to you?
Tonight, man!
Tommy. Tommy, what is this joust?
-Not now, OK, Chrissy? -Yes, now!
What are you gonna do to him?
I told you before to stay out of this.
I could have creamed that mother out there...
but I'm giving him a fair chance.
Let's go, man.
Velvet, what is this jousting?
What are they gonna do to him?
The joust is just a game...
the boys are gonna play tonight, Chrissy.
Don't worry.
Velvet, it's not a game. I know it's not.
Are they gonna hurt him? Is Corey gonna get hurt?
Hey! That's your brother, OK?
And this guy comes over here...
and he tries to start a fight with your brother.
You'd better learn who you're with, Chrissy.
I mean, are you with us, or are you against us?
You figure that out.
Come on, Corey.
Let's go!
-Come on, wake up. It's a bust! -Hey, he ain't moving, Radley.
Look out! Get up, bud.
-Come on! -My arm!
His arm--it's broke, man.
I brought you a new friend.
I think I've had enough new friends for a while, Chrissy.
You know?
Corey, I'm really sorry about what happened last night.
Chrissy, don't worry about it, OK?
I don't want to talk about it.
I feel that I should be alone for a while, you know?
Maybe I'll go back home. I don't know.
Yeah. I kind of know how you feel.
I've been thinking maybe I should go home, too.
By "home," Corey, I mean "home" as in lndiana home...
and never coming back.
Yeah? Well...
No way you can do the downhill on Saturday?
Chrissy, look at my arm. It's broken.
How do you expect me to do a downhill with this, huh?
Why can't you just use your good arm?
Jeez. I--I could.
Yeah, I could, and you want to know what would happen?
That is what would happen. That is me.
You're the one who wanted to do the joust...
in the first place, Corey.
And you're the one who wasn't there after I got hurt.
Monk pulled me away. I tried to get to you.
Sure, Chrissy. Sure.
Wait a minute.
You didn't have to fight him, you know.
You screwed up.
But you had to go up against my brother...
didn't you, Corey?
Don't blame me for your broken arm.
You did that to yourself. Later.
Come on!
Hey, Chrissy, you just missed my show.
I didn't know it ever stopped.
Hey. What happened?
Velvet, if you could take me to the bus station...
in the morning, I'd really appreciate it.
Where do you think you're going?
You're not going anywhere. You're staying right here.
Tommy, I'm going. That's what you wanted, right?
-lt was just a game. -Yeah, just a game.
My friend's lying with a broken arm right now.
He's lost everything he's worked for...
just so you could have fun playing your game.
What's the matter with you? Can't you take a joke?
I can't take you.
What do you want me to do? Kid sisters, huh?
I don't need any help, OK?
This damn lock.
Hey, I've got an elastic cord in my trunk...
that'll keep that thing shut.
You can have it.
Are you OK?
I just shouldn't have come here.
I mean, anytime I talk to somebody...
it seems like it ends up in an argument.
Your brother doesn't mean to hurt you.
Doesn't matter. He's been that way since we were kids.
Hey, you sure you don't want to stay?
Come on, come to the downhill with us.
Your friend Corey will probably be there.
Don't you want to see him again?
I do...
but he doesn't want to see me.
I just want to go home as soon as possible.
You understand, don't you?
Thanks, Velvet.
-Hi. -I need to talk to Chrissy.
-You're Corey, right? -Yeah.
God, Corey, that's too bad. You just missed her.
What do you mean, I just missed her?
I just took her to the bus station.
She's on her way back to lndiana.
You know, Corey, she really liked you a lot.
What did you do to her?
She came back here crying hysterically...
saying you were screaming at her.
Listen. Do you have her number back in lndiana?
-Because I got to call her. -I haven't got it.
Good-bye, Corey.
-Hey, forget about her. -She went back to lndiana.
-Oh, boo-hoo. -So forget it.
Yeah. You got us, Corey.
Thanks, Boze. Thanks a lot.
Yeah, man. She...caused this.
Get it? You're the king, bud., just forget her.
She ruined it for everybody.
You were supposed to come down here.
We were gonna rule L.A. Now you can't even c--
Hey. Stevie.
Hey, you'll get him next season, Corey.
No way, man. I'll get him now.
You're gonna do the L.A. Massacre, bud?
That's right, the Massacre. I'm gonna win this race, guys.
Then I'm gonna get you money for a new ramp, you know?
Well, all right.
All right, Corey. All right.
Tommy, why isn't Velvet taking me to the bus station?
Because I'm your brother, so I'm taking you.
I hope you understand that, uh, I was only looking out for you.
You sure have a funny way of showing it.
Maybe I don't show it sometimes, or, uh...
I don't know how to show it.
Sometimes I get a little crazy...
when guys come around and hassle you...
but it's only because I care for you.
I mean, you're my kid sister.
I understand how you feel...
but you have to realize I don't need a bodyguard anymore.
I'm not a little girl.
...bus to Chicago departing in five minutes.
Connections in Fort Wayne and lndianapolis.
All passengers please board now.
T.A., give me a hand with this, will you?
Sure. You're gonna scare the hell out of those guys.
Daggers are gonna rule the L.A. Massacre.
The legend lives. Yeah.
$1,000 to the winner, boys.
-We're covered for the summer. -That's right.
I don't know where Webster's at.
Do you think maybe he didn't show up?
He'll be here.
If I know Webster, he will be here.
Maybe Corey went home.
Hey, Boze, he'll show up, OK?
Yeah, buddy.
He's raw. You know he'll show. Be a happy camper.
Yeah, exactly.
It's our friends.
Great. Hand me that shirt.
Well. Where's your little hero today, boys?
He'll be here.
-Soon enough to kick your ass. -Don't count on it.
The L.A. Massacre will begin in five minutes.
All racers, please report to the start immediately.
Well, that's us.
Meet you at the top, nickel necks.
See you at the bottom, man.
Come on, man. Let's win.
Hey, we'd better go to the finish line.
Get our place.
Yeah, look, I'm gonna stay here. You guys go on.
-I got to strap up. -Yeah. Corey will show, buddy.
You go out there and kick ass. Good luck.
All right, Radley.
-Good luck, partner. -Thanks, Boze.
Hey, there's Corey.
About time, Webster!
-I knew he'd show. -Mr. Reliable.
Well, holy shit, Webster.
I thought you weren't gonna make it.
I still may not, but I'm gonna get Hook.
-You ready? -Let's get out.
We got a race.
Take it to them.
Boy, I hope they waste Hook.
Yeah, well, I hope the mountain doesn't waste them.
Welcome, race fans. This is Kenny Taylor...
high above our 20-mile course in our official helicopter...
bringing you race coverage...
of the longest downhill skateboarding race...
in the world, the L.A. Massacre.
Our competitors are at the top of Tuna Canyon...
getting their equipment ready...
for the steepest and gnarliest course on the circuit.
I'm guessing over 100 entries in this winner-take-all event.
For those of you new to downhilling...
in a word, it's dangerous.
These skaters will be hitting speeds...
of over sixty miles per hour on this windy, twisty road.
Right now, they're in the pit area, getting ready.
All right. Tighten it down.
That's good.
I'm linked up with a walkie-talkie...
to our race officials.
I understand that they have just given the first call...
for our racers to report to the starting line.
So it won't be long now.
From where I am...
overlooking this long river of empty roadway...
it's kind of serene.
I can see traffic starting to back up...
along Pacific Coast Highway at the finish line.
Our course is completely clear...
and ready for head-to-head racing.
Skaters come from all parts of the country--
Colorado, Washington state...
northern California...
and although there are some teams...
it's pretty much every man for himself.
Competitors are lining up now on the starting line...
and we're just moments away...
from the official start of the L.A. Massacre.
Come on, man, you can do it.
Hey, Webster.
Racers are set.
And they're off!
All right. I'm coming after you.
Hey, get out of the way!
Coming through!
Come on!
Hey, come on, man.
Look out! Look out!
On the right.
-Come in! -On your left.
Go! Go! Go!
-Come on, man. -Come on!
They're coming for you.
And it's Webster all along...
our new champion of the L.A. Massacre.
Unreal! Our prize money, bud-- one thousand frogskins!
Yeah, right, man, we got our ramp back.
Yeah! We smashed those Daggers! The Ramp Locals rule!
We did it!
-Hey, Corey, congratulations. -Thanks a lot, Mr. Flood.
Hey, welcome to Smash Skates, kid.
I made it! I did it!
I don't believe it. How did you get back?
-Don't ask. -Oh, my God.
Hey, Webster.
Man, that was insane.
Chrissy, I'm really glad to see you're back.
Your boyfriend here is a lunatic.
Good race.
All right.
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