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Three Colours Blue

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Come on, Anne.
Get in.
Are you able to talk?
During the...Were you conscious?
I'm sorry to have to inform you...| Do you know?
Your husband died in the accident.
But you weren't conscious|all that time.
Yes, your daughter too.
Is someone there? Who did it?
Mr. Leroy?
Please call the guards. Somebody |broke a window on the 1st floor.
I'll look in the garden.
I can't do that.
-I broke the window.|-Don't worry.
We'll replace it.
-I am sorry.|-Don't worry.
- Is it today?|- This afternoon. At 17.00.
Can I do anything for you?
We gathered to pay respects
to the memory of the man
and composer,
known as one of the|most outstanding in the world.
Nobody can accept
that he is gone.
We also mourn his 5 year-old| daughter.
Who died by his side.
Patrice, millions of men| and women
awaited the music you composed
for the Unification of Europe,
which we all hope to|celebrate soon.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-I know you don't want to see me.|-Right.
- Can I come in?|- No.
Julie, I don't want an interview.
-What then?|-I'm writing an article about your husband.
-I need to know something.|-About what?
The concert|for the Unification of Europe.
- It doesn't exist.|- You've changed.
- You were not so rude before.|- Haven't you heard?
I lost in my daughter and |husband in an accident.
Is it true you wrote|your husband's music?
Good morning.
- Good morning madam.|- Did you do what I asked?
-Did you clear the blue room?|-Everything.
Madam,we're all deeply sorry.
Why are you crying?
Because you're not.
I keep thinking about them.
I remember everything.
How can I forget?
Good morning sir.
Would you like a drink?
No thanks.
Lets sit down.|This could take a while.
I'll be right back.
Nobody must know about it.
You will pay for my mother's|rest home for the rest of her life.
You will take care of |Marie and the gardener.
You will sell all our property
and pay all the money|in one account.
- 27-0641-196?|- Yes.
May I ask why?
Would you excuse me.
-But what will you have left?|-My own account.
I haven't started yet.
-I put it aside...|-The day I left?|-Yes
Here it is. I was waiting |to hear from you.
You were right.
A lot of corrections.
No more than usual.
It's beautiful.
I love this chorus.
It's Julie. Do you love me?
-Yes.|-Since when?
Since I started working with| Patrice.
- Do you think of me?|- Yes.
Come if you want to.
- Now?|- Yes. now. Right away.
- Are you sure?|- Yes.
- I fell.|- Please take it off.
The rest too.
They took everything.|Only the matress is left.
I appreciate what you did for me.
But you see I'm like others.|I sweat, cough.
I have cavities.
You won't miss me.|You understand that now.
Shut the dorr when you leave.
I don't want any children| in the building.
Let me ask you something.| It may help.
- What do you do?|- Nothing.
- I mean, for a living?|- Nothing.
I have what you are looking for.|But the apartment needs repairing.|It may take a while.
- Can I live there now?|- Sure. It needs a quick paint.
- Can I look see it now?|- Yes.
- What is your name?|- Julie de Courcy, with a "Y".
Sorry, Julie Vignon.I am |going back to my maiden name.
- Coffee and ice cream?|- As usual.
Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
-I'm sorry for the noise. I've almost finished|-I haven't heard anything.
Can I come in?
I heard you got locked out| last week.
Your husband lent me a blanket.|I spent the night in the stairwell.
I wanted you to sign this.
- What is it?|- Everyone has signed already.
We don't want loose women in our building.|The young woman downstairs...
- I don't want to get involved.|- She is a whore.
I don't care.
You are in perfect health.| Everything is fine.
You are in good spirits.
-Hello, it's Antoine.|-It is for you.
My name is Antoine.|You don't know me...
No I don't. Excuse me.
-Who is it?|-Some boy.
He has been looking for you.|I said he could call.
- Lets meet. It's important.|- Nothing is important.
-It is about an object.|-What?
A necklace with a cross.
I'd forgotten about it.
I found it near the car.
I couldn't keep it.| That's stealing.
If you want to ask me something,| I got there just after...
I'm sorry.
I wanted to return the necklace...
-I wanted to ask you something too.|-Yes?
When I opened the door...|your husband was still alive.
He said...
I don't understand.
He said "Now try coughing."
He was telling us a joke.
It's about a woman who can't stop|coughing. She sees a doctor.
He examined her and gave her a pill.|She swallowed it.
And asked "What was it?"
"The most powerful laxative".
"A laxative for a cough?"
"Yes. Try coughing now."
It made us laugh.
Then the car crashed.
My husband always liked |to repeat the punch line.
You returned it.
It is yours.
Are you sick?
Are you ok?
-You always gotta hold onto something.|-What did you say?
Thank you.
- For what?|- I'm staying.
In order to throw me away,
they had to collect signatures|of all occupants.
Your place is nice.
When I was a little girl,|I had a lamp like this.
I'd stand under it|and stretch out my hand.
I wanted to jump|and touch it.
I forgot all about it.
Where did you find it?
I found it.
Do you live here alone?
I could never spend | a night alone.
Something must have happened.|You are not the type someone dumps.
Forgive me, I talk too much.
Poor guy.
-Who?|-He was asleep there last night.
He's gone now but left the flute.
A coffee.
I searched everywhere.
And I found you.
Nobody knows where I live.
It took a few months.|Then I got lucky.
My cleaning lady's daughter|saw you in the area.
I've come here ever since.|I miss you.
Did you run away?
From me?
Do you hear what he is playing?
- It sounds like...|- Yes.
I've seen you. Maybe that will|do for now.
I'll try.
-How do you know this music?|-I invent lots of things. I like to play.
Just a second.
A problem with your place?
No. I would like another one|like this.
-I can manage that but it will take time.|-How long?
2-3 months.
You cut yourself.
My cat scratched me.
It's me. Julie.
Come to me.
I've heard you are dead.|You seem fine.
Very young.
You were always younger,|you look 30 now.
I'm not your sister,|but daughter. I'm 33.
I know.
I was kidding.
I have everything here.|The TV...
I see the entire world.
-Do you watch too?|-No.
Tell me about your house,|husband...
- Or about you?|- Mom...
My husband and daughter are dead.|I have no home anymore.
I heard about it.
I was happy before.|I loved them and they loved me.
Mom, are you listening to me?
I am listening to, Marie-France.
Now I have only one thing|left to do:
I don't want anymore friends,|belongings, love. Those are all traps.
Do you have money, my child?|To get by?
- Yes I have enough.|- That's important.
You can't give up everything.
- Mom?|- Yes?
Was I afraid of mice |during my child days?
You weren't.
Julie was afraid.
I'm afraid now.
Thank you.
- Nice to see you. Come in.|- Can I ask you something?
- My wife is out. Please come in.|- Can you lend me your cat?
- Excuse me?|- Cat. For a few days.
It is not castrated.|It can be aggressive.
I am not sure it likes you.
- What are you doing here?|- I saw you from the bus.
You were running like crazy.|Are you crying?
It is the water.
- You don't wear underwear?|- Never.
I borrowed the cat from the neighbour,|to kill the mice. It had babies.
It's normal, Julie.|Are you afraid to go back?
I'll go clean up.
I'll see you at my place.
It's Lucille. Take a taxi here.|I will pay you back.
- Now? It is late.|- 23.30. You have 25 minutes. It's important.
I can't.
I beg you. I never asked you|for anything. Please come.
Cita de Midi 3. Near Pigalle.|First door on the left. There's a buzzer.
Say it's for me. You'll come?
I am here for Lucille.
You came.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
- Are you angry?|- No.
We are on in 5 minutes.|Get me ready.
After I changed,|I came here for a drink.
I looked around the audience,| for no reason.
In the middle... of the first|row, I saw my father.
He seemed tired.
And sleepy.
But he was starring a girl's ass.
the shithead who let you in| wouldn't make him leave.
He told me, that if he pays,|he has a right to watch.
I didn't know who I could count on.
I was desperate.|I didn't know who to talk to.
- That's why I phoned you.|- And your father?
10 minutes ago, he looked at|his watch and left.
At 23.45 is the last train|to Montpellier.
Why do you do this?
Because I like to.
I think everybody likes to.
- You saved my life.|- I didn't do anything.
- I asked you to come and you did.|- No.
Isn't that you?
Lucille, we are on.
It's me.
European Council proposes you
to finish the composition of|Patrice De Courcy.
I agreed. I am working on it now.
I'm trying to understand|Patrice. It's not easy.
Can you tell something
about this score, shown here|for the very first time?
It's the first part of the concert|Patrice composed,
commisssioned by|the European Council.
The concert was to be played|just once
by twelve symphonic orchestras|in the 12 EU cities.
Patrice was a secretive man.
Only his wife, Julie, would|understand him.
I tried asking her to participate|in this program, but
she refused.
I assume that these documents| are from your archives.
No, they are not archives.| Who can predict...?
They are photos and documents which|I found in his desk at the Conservatory.
His wife didn't want them.
I am not sure|I should show them.
He was a great man. One of the|most important composers of our time.
People like him belong to everybody.
I'll be five minutes.
Where did I put it?|A green calling card.
- Did you watch TV today?|- No.
I found it. Her number at home|and at work.
Why do you need this?
Today, on TV, she showed the |scores I took from you.
After the accident, when|nothing was sure, I made a copy.
When you picked it up,|I knew you'd destroy it.
-I kept the copy and sent it to Strasbourg.|-Why did you do that?
The music is so beautiful.|You can't destroy things like that.
I'm sorry.
It's nothing.
-I heard you're finishing Patrice's concert.|-I thought I could try...
You can't.|You have no right. It won't be the same.
I said I'd try.|I don't know if I'll finish.
I'll tell you why. It was a way...|that's what I thought, to make you cry, run.
The only way of making you say,|"I want" or "I don't want".
- It's not fair.|- You didn't leave me any choice.
- You have no right to.|- You want to see what I've done?
I'm not sure I understood.
If I could play for you...
Do you know what the chorus sings?|I thought Patrice had told you.
In Greek, the rythm is different.
- Who was that girl?|- What girl?
In the photos on the program.| She was with Patrice.
Didn't you know?
Just tell me, were they together?
Since when?
Several years.
- Where does she live?|- Near Montparnasse.
They often met at the courts.
She is a lawyer.|Or she works for one.
What do you want to do?
Meet her.
Excuse me.
What about equality?
Is it because I don't speak french|that the court won't hear my case?
Excuse me.
- You were my husband's mistress? |- Yes.
I didn't know. I just found out.
It's a shame.|Now you'll hate him, and me too.
I don't know...
Of course you will.
It is his child?
But he didn't know.
I found out after the accident.
I didn't want a child but it happened.|Now I want to keep it.
Do you have a cigarette?
You shouldn't.
Do you want to know|when and where?
- You want to know if he loved me?|- Yes, that was my question.
Why ask, I know he loved you.
He loved me.
Will you hate me now?
Come in.
What happened?
You met her?
Once you asked me|to take Patrice's papers.
- You didn't want to.|- No, but if I had...
-The photos were among them?|-Yes.
If I had taken them,| I'd have known.
And if I had burned them,|I'd never have known.
That's right.
Maybe it's better this way.
Can you show me|what you've composed?
- These are violins?|- The altos.
And now...
Wait a second. Lighter,|without the percussions.
Lets remove the trumpets.
- Instead of a piano...|- A Flute?
Flute... Start back here.
That's as far as I got.
- And the finale?|- I don't know.
There was a paper.
The counterpoint was supposed|to come back.
He told me, it is memento.|Try weaving it back in.
Van den Budenmayer?
He wanted to allude to him at the|end. You know how much he loved him.
- Are you still in touch with our lawyer?|- Sometimes.
- Did he sell the house yet?|- I don't know.
- I doubt it. He'd have caled.|- Tell him not to.
If you can handle all this,|will you show me?
There was a mattress inside.
Mr Olivier bought it.
- I didn't think you would need it.|- That's fine.
Good morning.
Have you been here before?
No. Never.
Upstairs are the bedrooms and the |office. I'll show you them later.
This is the Kitchen.|It's always been like this.
- Is it a boy or a girl?|- Boy.
Have you chosen a name?
I thought... he should have|his name and his house.
- Do you still need me?|- No, you can go home. Thank you.
- I knew it.|- What?
- Patrice told me a lot about you.|- Really? like what?
That you are good.
That's what you want to be.
People can always count on you.|Even me.
I'm sorry.
It's me. I finished.
Come pick it up tomorrow.|Or now, if you're not too tired.
I'm not tired. But I will not |come for the score.
I won't pick it up. I've been thinking it|for a week. This music can be mine.
A little heavy and awkward, |but mine.
Or yours, but everyone |would have to know.
Are you there?
You right.
Its me. I wanted to ask you.
You really sleep on the mattress?
- You never told me.|- No I didn't.
Do you still love me?
I love you.
Are you alone?
Of course I'm alone.
I am coming.
If I can talk like angel,
And I have no love,
i will be a copper ringing.
if I can prophesy
And if I have no love
I will be nothing.
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
It bears all things.
And knows everything.
Love never ends.
Prophecy - gone.
If languages - silent.
Knowledge - nothing.
Prophecy - gone.
Languages - silent.
And only stays
Faith, hope and love
But the biggest one from this three
is love.
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