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Three Colours White

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I have paper... a summons.
That way, sir.
Can you tell us your concrete reasons for wanting a divorce?
Yes, concrete.
Our marriage wasn't consummated.
Is your wife's testimony faithful to the facts?
In a matter of speaking.
But when we met in Poland,
and even here, at the beginning, I think I gave my wife pleasure.
It's only afterwards...
We haven't made love since we're married.
We stopped... I stopped being able to. It's just temporary.
Where's the equality?
Is my not speaking French a reason for the court to refuse
to hear my case?
What is it
that you want?
I need time, Your Honor.
I want to save our marriage.
I don't believe the love is gone.
One night I was ready to
Was the marriage consummated that night?
One night I was ready to
Do you love your husband?
I used to.
and now?
I don't love him anymore.
My god.
That's all.
Your account is frozen.
Yes, your card cannot be used.
It's invalidated. Canceled.
My card.
I can't give it to you.
My money.
No, No.
Excuse me.
Come to Poland with me.
I'll never go with you.
I'll win
every trial.
the divorce, property settlement...
You never understood a thing.
I understand.
If I say I love you, you don't understand
And if I say I hate you, you still dont understand.
You don't understand that I want you,
that I need you.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
And now I scare you?
Do I scare you?
I don't know.
You don't know...
Watch this, now.
Take a good look.
You were out for revenge.
You set the place on fire.
Soon every cop in Paris will be after you.
The keys.
Your fly is open.
I am sorry.
How could you tell I am polish?
I know that song.
How about this one?
I don't like it.
Do you live off that comb?
I try. Times are tough.
What's that?
Not a bad job.
I've won competitions.
Sofia, Budapest, Warshaw.
Here too.
Where do you sleep?
In your suitcase?
I've won competitions.
Excuse me.
There's an alcove...
Can I sit with you for a while?
Do you do card tricks?
Pick thirteen cards.
Spades: 3, 4, Queen, King.
Diamonds: 2, 5, Ace.
Clubs: 3, 5, King.
Hearts are weak: 2 and 4.
What counts in bridge is memory.
And mine is excellent.
I've played bridge here for a few years.
Now i am going home. What about you?
I want to get out of here.
I'll take you back.
Tomorrow morning.
I think I doubt it.
I lost my passport. i have no money. The police are after me.
I'm down on my luck.
I'll make enough to buy a fake passport near the Polish church.
They're rip-off artists.
And not very serious.
I offered one of them a job. He took the money and ran.
Maybe you'll like it.
A good job?
Very good, but unpleasant.
I'm hairdresser.
You have to kill someone.
He won't do it himself.
He doesn't want to go on living.
A Pole.
He'll pay well. Enough to live on for 6 months.
No, no... not that.
Why can't he do it himself?
He has a wife and children who love him.
Imagine how they would feel.
This way, someone kills him and it's over.
He has a wife, children, money... and wants to die?
What can I say?
My wife threw me out with one suitcase.
And here I am.
And i still love her.
Even more than before.
After all she did, I still love her.
Is she pretty?
I first saw her at the Budapest competition.
I won that.
A friend was doing her hair.
She looked at me.
I'll show you.
Come on.
Brigitte Bardot?
A bit over the hill, no?
She's going to sleep.
You think so?
It's me.
Perfect timing. listen.
Dominique, I love you.
It stole 2 francs.
Your telephone stole 2 francs.
So what?
Give me back my stolen money
Give it back!
You're taking me to Poland.
I know how.
Move your arm.
For Air.
Can you last four hours?
I'll last.
I have one thing to do.
Steal Something.
Nothing else from Paris?
No why?
Can I help you?
My suitcase is missing.
Ticket, please.
Excuse me?
Your ticket, please.
The Paris flight?
What was in it?
Personal belongings.
Clothes, shirts...
165 pounds?
To tell the truth, my friend was in it.
We'll divide it in 5 equal parts: 2 for me.
Handling charges.
Fuck! It's alive!
What the fuck?
Get him out!
Made in Russia! Fuck!
Stop it! He may have a wallet.
Two francs! shit!
Give that back!
Careful he has scissors.
The asshole's broke.
Let's split.
Home at last.
You are back!
What happened?
You bought a new sign.
This is Europe now.
Too bad you missed Christmas.
Too bad.
Just a minute, please.
I heard Karol's back.
he is.
They're asking for you.
The ladies.
Give me a few days.
I brought you some broth.
Sleep, sleep...
Karol, remember you have an appointment today.
Thank you.
What's up?
What is it?
It's payday.
You have clients waiting.
I can't today. You do them.
They don't want me anymore.
The door!
What is it?
I have an appointment. Jadwiga told me...
You do her hair?
Is that all?
What do you want?
I'd like to get into the money business.
In my line, it takes years to get ahead.
I'll say.
I heard about how you got out of Paris.
You're inconspicuous.
That's good. I need a guard.
Relax. It just shoots tear-gas.
Go wander around outside.
Present perfect.
I have eaten. You have eaten. He has eaten.
We have eaten. You have eaten. They has eaten.
Would that I had eaten!
Would that you had eaten...
The verb "to sleep".
Would that I had slept.
Would that you had slept...
The verb "to leave"
Repeat: ...
The verb "to please". Repeat: ...
How about a gas mask?
-Someone is watching us. -Let him.
A big guy. Just standing there.
Hide me.
Hide me!
Are you happy here?
In the bathroom?
No, in general.
Yes. Why?
You can stay as long as you like,
but we have to settle things first.
I can pay you.
I'd like you to do some hair.
Ten heads.
A week.
Okay. Seven.
Someone was looking for you.
Not too tall. Fortyish.
Sad looking.
He brought me back from Paris.
He was glad to know you're alive.
No phone number?
No, he just said to say hi.
Then he left.
In Gdansk, we exchange at 30.
In Torun, twice that. Put it in a bank
and get a loan.
You have to turn here.
It's up the hill.
Only 7%.
But if we triple the investment...
That's pretty smart.
Is that clod sleeping?
It's here.
Hartwig and Ikea.
want to build warehouses.
And these bumpkins
don't know.
No one does.
I am not breathing a word.
30% profit.
We'll see.
Don't sleep!
You'll get robbed.
Can you exchange this?
For dollars?
That's some nest egg.
I work.
A bottle of vodka.
The most expensive.
Wrap it up please.
I'm here on business.
No, I wanted to talk business.
Can I come in?
It must be a good piece of land.
Move in with your son!
I wanted it to.
Then do it!
Buy a car, a TV.
What for? I never watch it.
Always the same crap.
Or else...
I could bury the money or...
put it in a little jar.
That would be nice.
1000 dollars down.
4000 more when we close the deal.
I have to go.
It's the last train.
You're wandering around at night?
You'll get mugged. They'll steal your briefcase.
Sleep here. There's a bed upstairs.
It's your bed now.
You're alive.
They stole me with the trunk.
Your brother told me.
I was looking for you.
Me too.
What's up?
In the metro, you mentioned a guy...
Can you get in touch with him?
Yes, I can.
When someone asks for help, you have to help him. Right?
he's back in Warsaw.
He doesn't want to anymore?
He does.
More than ever.
He changed his mind?
It's me.
Does it make a difference?
but it's you.
These days
you can buy anything.
The envelope is in my pocket.
Take it afterwards.
Go on.
Are you sure?
That was a blank.
the next one is real.
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Not any more.
Tell me why.
we all know pain.
Yes, but...
I wanted less of it.
The deal stands.
Take it, you've earned it.
I did earn it.
But consider it a loan.
How about a drink?
I feel like a kid again!
Me too.
Everything is possible.
You beat us to it.
You bought the land.
Strangle him.
You spied.
I did.
I have a will.
And it's airtight.
What do you mean "airtight"?
If I die, everything goes to the church.
To the church.
We're screwed Let him go.
You're lucky the stove's not lit.
Let's talk.
Are you selling?
I'm selling.
He's selling.
How much?
Ten times what I paid.
50,000 dollars.
Excuse me while I change.
What a low-life.
What the hell is going on?
I'll be able to pay you back.
The stove...?
Should I light the stove?
This may interest you.
I have a plot here.
Here... and here.
Right in the middle!
Here, I couldn't resist. A beautiful spot.
With birch saplings.
Which means?
Same thing: 10 times as much.
I have everything: bills, contracts...
That's the way it is.
For the time being.
It's a deal.
You're a son of a bitch.
No, I just need the money.
Excuse me. Should I light the stove?
Yeah, I am cold.
can you do Jadwiga's hair today?
Why not? I have some time.
should I cut the engine, boss?
No, keep the car warm.
You bought the whole store!
Come in.
I'll just be a second.
I'm starting a company.
Big time.
30% of the capital comes from the money you gave me.
Like it or not, you're my partner.
I'd like you
to run it with me.
Burgundy. Company car.
Can I think it over?
Merry Christmas.
Ideal place for the secretary.
Here is a second office.
Spacious, isn't it?
The view is rather attractive.
Computer and sattelite hook-ups.
We need two faxes.
Where do we plug them in?
You have three telephone lines.
Oh, the telephone.
Okay, I think we'll take everything.
Step into my office.
Just one minute.
Do you have a handkerchief?
Warsaw at our feet.
What's that?
From the Complaint Department.
-Bananas? -Yes.
Cold storage! Wait for the price to go up.
There's a fax coming in.
Electronic equipment. Thailand to Russia.
Sell it here.
My experts say it's good stuff.
It looks like good work.
How thick should that wall be?
50 cm.
Measure it.
Have those 4 centimeters added.
But we'd have to knock it down.
I guess so... Goodbye.
It's Karol. I'm calling from Warsaw.
From Poland.
I'm sorry. I wanted to hear your voice.
Say something.
"I hereby annul my previous will and testament.
"I resolve that..."
That in the case of my death...
...all my personal belongings
and property
as well as any sums...
of money...
of money in my bank accounts
will be left to my ex-wife, Dominique.
Dominique has a "q-u-e" at the end.
I know how to spell Dominique.
What are you doing out here?
I'm afraid the office may be bugged.
By whom?
Who knows? I wanted to tell you something.
Go ahead.
Don't be surprised to see my obituaries in the paper.
One will be signed by you.
My lawer has my will. You're the executor.
Here are the names.
You want me to drag her from Paris?
Will she come?
She'll come.
It's a lot of money.
You don't want to know why?
You'll need a passport again.
Now you can have the death certificate.
My condolences.
Here. Everything is in order.
You know what's next?
We need someone to bury.
A corpse?
You don't plan on...?
We'll buy one. These days you can buy anything.
You think so?
Would you mind a Russian import, boss?
-Thank you. -Thank you.
Let's go.
It couldn't be better, boss.
He's impossible to identify.
What happened?
His head got crushed.
He leaned too far.
out a train window.
Let's close it.
I'll manage.
Okay. Goodnight boss.
I'll close up.
You scared me.
Why? You knew I was coming.
I don't know...
Afraid of what will happen?
Here's your passport.
Your ticket to Hong Kong.
Your address. I rented you a nice house.
Are you sure?
Don't be late for the plane.
At 10 o'clock I'll call the police.
They'll be there half an hour later.
At 10:30 you'll be in the air.
-Easy isn't it? -Easy.
So long.
I wanted you to come.
I wanted to be sure.
I didn't want to have to ask anymore.
You cried at my funeral.
Because you were dead.
Can I touch your hand?
Sit down.
Can i lay my hand here?
I've wanted to lay my head here for such a long time.
You moaned louder than on the phone.
You won't look at me?
Mikolaj, please. It's Dominique.
It's Dominique. Where's Karol?
He is not dead. I saw him...
You were at his funeral.
I was not at his funeral. He's alive.
I'm sorry...
You have to help me find him. I love him.
Of course. It's row 23. Tomb 10675.
The name of the cemetery is Powazkowski.
He's back!
I think I doubt that.
I have to hang up.
Dominique Vidal?
Passport, please.
It's at the front desk.
Call downstairs.
We have a search warrant.
Can I get dressed?
I'm a french citizen.
Someone from the consulate is coming.
You have the right to remain silent until he comes.
I have nothing to hide.
What do you want from me?
Have you begun executing the will?
Yes, so?
Your ex-husband was wealthy.
That's all, thank you.
We don't believe your husband died a natural death.
He was helped.
We have proof you were here the day he died.
The stamp is in your passport. How's that?
He's not dead. He's alive.
-Who? -My husband.
Who was buried yesterday at 11:30?
So who's alive?
No one.
Hello. I'm Monsieur Le Gac from the consulate.
What's new?
Don't stand in the window.
Someone will see you.
It's ready.
I remember identifying you after the exhumation.
Boy, did we identify you!
Mikolaj puked.
Good thing you didn't turn yourself in. We'd be in jail.
You, me, Mikolaj, the driver and some others.
I made you some cherry jam. Do you want it?
Someday I'll cook the snails in the garden.
I'll make a stew.
the lawer?
He came by. He's expensive.
He said...
That he sees a little light at the end of the tunnel.
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