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Subtitles for Three Days of the Condor.

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Three Days of the Condor

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Tell her what you got.
Male, Caucasian, mid 40s, appears to have been shot.
- Where? - In his room.
- Very funny. - O.K., O.K.
The wound's below the heart.
- Shot once? - Seems to have been, yes.
First you said appears to have been shot.
Mr. Turner.
Oh, Dr. Lappe, I'm sure he'll be here any second now.
Mr. Turner's late again.
Get back to work.
We can dope it out in five minutes and get back to work.
- Know what Joey would say? - He isn't the only mind in this place.
Come on. Uh, what kind of a slug?
- You're missing the point, Ray. - What do you mean?
The machine will come back with, " Please express in otherwords."
What should we feed in?
[Doorbell Rings]
- Turner,Joseph. No middle initial. - You're 1 7 minutes late.
Make it 1 2, will you? I was bucking head winds.
Dr. Lappe, anything in the early pouch for me?
- Dr. Lappe? - Yes?
Nothing in response toyour report.
Please have the book I left on your desk analyzed and on the computer by 4:00.
Yes, sir. Better get the telemias moved closer to the light.
You're getting a blight on the leaf.
At ease, Sarge. At ease.
Going to rain today. 1 0:20.
[Ray] There's got to be more details.
[Harold] I only read two chapters.
- No other clues? - Not so far.
- [Janice] What time they fiind him? - Early evening.
They never said what the caliber ofthe bullet was.
- Apparently .38. - There it is again-- "Apparently."
It made an entry wound characteristic of a .38. They couldn't recover the slug.
Hey, we're getting somewhere.
You guys figure it out. I have Far East journals to read.
Was the slug smashed against the wall?
No. As a matter offact, there was no exit wound.
We're not getting anywhere. Finish the book, Harold.
Hi. What we've got so far is--
Instead oflead. Ice!
The murderer pours water into a .38 caliber mold,
freezes it, and keeps it solid until the crime.
Then he shoots the guy with the ice bullet.
Cops show up, there'sjust a few drops ofwater.
- No bullet, no ballistics. - That's great.
- Hey. - Yeah?
What is this?
Mmm. Calligraphy's getting beautiful.
- What is it? - Ten. That means heaven.
That's it? Nothing else?
Well, it can mean the best. Tops sometimes. Why?
I'm not sure.
We're going to Sam and Mae's tonight, right?
- Mm-hmm. - Why don'tyou talk to Sam about it?
- About this? - Mm-hmm.
I did. He says, "That's interesting, but it's not my department."
Which means he doesn't think there's anything,just like Dr. Lappe.
- And you. - Well, there's not much.
- A mystery that's been translated? - A mystery that didn't sell...
has been translated into a very odd assortment of languages--
Turkish, but not French, Arabic, but not Russian...
or German... Dutch.
Yes. Yes.
Hey, where'd you get that thing about the ice? Dashiell Hammett?
DickTracy. Areyou sure about this ideogram?
Look at this face. Could I be wrong about an ideogram?
It's a great face, but it's never been to China.
- When can I get computer time? - DickTracy?
- He was a very underrated detective. - There's free time at 2:45.
Morning pickup.
No, no, no, no. Stay on schedule. I'll get it.
- Four pieces, right? - Right.
- Hold it. Hold it. - Five.
- Affiirmative. Fiver. - Where is Mr. Heidegger?
- Called in sick, Dr. Lappe. - He's probably hung over again.
This is extraordinary. I wasjust checking the fiiles...
and came across this carbon copy ofan inquiry he sent to Persian Gulfcommand.
He did that for me.
It neverwent through my offiice.
I asked him to do some research for me. I guess he didn't feel it was important.
I wish you people would go through channels.
[Door Opens]
Uh, what's on your mind?
[Not Audible]
This was in the pouch from New York Center.
HQfrom Langley said there's nothing...
from any other intelligence source to supportyour theory.
-Gentlemen. -This your idea ofworking on that book?
I'll have it on the computer by 4:00.
We have people to service these machines.
These things are simple. Theyjust look complicated.
Mr. Turner, I wonder ifyou're entirely happy here.
- Within obvious limits, yes, sir. - Obvious limits?
It bothers me I can't tell people what I do.
Why is it taking you long to accept that?
Well, I actually trust a few people.
That's a problem.
I believe it's your turn to bring in lunch.
What time is it?
- 1 1 :22. - The rain's going to stop by 1 1 :30.
You can wait eight minutes.
Ah, yes. Yes.
Mr. Turner? Hey! Hey! Hey!
Damn it. It's not a proper exit.
He always goes out that way when it rains. Saves him a block.
Personnel should enter and exit the premises by authorized means only.
- Hey, Shakespeare, how's it going? - Terrifiic.
I'm building up a great collection ofrejection slips.
Yeah, I know the feeling. I always wanted to be Escoffiier.
Maybe it's not too late. Van Gogh was 30 before he started to paint.
- No kidding? - There's no mayonnaise on Dr. Lappe's.
On the other hand, Mozart was 3 when he started playing the piano.
- He was composing at 6. - Fast starter. It's probably better.
I don't know.
Van Gogh never sold a painting in his lifetime. Mozart died a pauper.
- Where am l, the public library? - That's a very bright man.
It's educational. That's why I come in here.
You come in here to get sick like everybody else.
- Come on. - No butter on Ray's sandwich.
He get panicky about butter.
[Doorbell Rings]
Give it toJennings in the back. He'll sign for it.
- [Gunfiire] - Edwinna Rose.
[Clock Chimes]
Mrs. Russell, was the Kirkus report in this--
Wait, wait, wait!
Would you move from the window, please?
-Pardon? -Would you move from the window, please?
I won't scream.
I know.
A little breakdown in the security there?
Well, what-- what areyou doing?
Come here. Come on.
[Horn Honks]
For Christ's sake! What the hell you doin', Mac?
Doyour sleeping at night, will ya?
- This is the Major. - This isJoe Turner.
- Identifiication. - What?
- Identifiication. - My name's Turner. I work foryou.
- Identifyyourself. - I-- I don't--
- What is your designation? - Uh, Condor. Section 9, department 1 7.
- The section's been hit. - What level?
- What level? - Level ofdamage.
Everybody. Dr. Lappe,Janice, Ray, Harold. Harold was in the, uh--
- Areyou on a company line? - No, I'm in a phone booth.
I'm in the street.
You're in violation ofsecure communication procedures, Condor.
Listen, you son ofa bitch! I came backwith lunch.
The house was murdered. Everybody is dead.
Has the incident been discovered by anyone outside the company?
I don't-- I don't know. I don't think so.
- Areyou damaged? - Damaged? No.
Areyou armed?
I don't-- I have Mrs., uh--
I can't remember her code name. Nightingale.
She kept a gun. I've got the gun.
- Identify the armament. - It's a .45 automatic.
Will you bring me in, please?
I'm not a fiield agent. I just read books.
- Leave the area. - All right. Well--
Do I come in to headquarters now?
- Negative. Find a secure location. - Where?
Avoid any placeyou're known. Do not go home.
Do not go home. Surface again in two hours.
And call the Major.
That'll be 1 430, your time.
Wait-- Wait a minute. All right. 2:30, right?
Walk away from the phone. Don't hang it up.
- Don't-- - [Click]
This is the panic offiicer.
Section 9-1 7 may have been hit.
Activate following procedures--
NY 1 27 DC 469er.
Replay on the report upcoming. Stand by.
[Children Shouting]
Augie One to New York Center.
New York Center. Go ahead.
- Who am I talking to? - Higgins, Deputy Director. Go ahead.
Hit confiirmed. Maximum as reported. Six cold items.
- The quality ofwork? - Clean, fast, fiirst-rate.
Did you say six?
Excepting Condor, there should be seven.
Repeat. Six. Here's a rundown on those items.
Lappe, Chong, Russell,
Jennings, Martin, Mitchell.
All right, Augie One. Find seven.
[Door Closes]
" Researcher, tide pool.
Likes to read comic strips."
[Street Band Plays GoodKing Wenceslas]
Who is it?
Hey, you. You ring my buzzer?
- It was a mistake, buddy. - Notyou guys.
[Door Closes]
Hey. Hey!
Hey, who areyou?
Hey, who the hell areyou?
Augie Three here. We found item seven.
Ralph Heidegger. He bought it at home.
[Higgins] Button it up, Augie. I'll send you morejanitors.
- [Buzz] - I need Langley right away.
- Yes, sir. - [Telephone Rings]
- Garber speaking. - This is Higgins, Deputy Director.
Let me have department 1 7.
Somebody took out one ofyour sections.
- What? - 9-1 7.
That's New York. Somebody got mugged maybe.
Theywere hit.
- They're bookworms. - They got seven out ofeight.
We're on the shuttle to La Guardia. 30 minutes.
- One ofmy people is O.K.? - Condor. You know him?
- No. Can he saywhat happened? - He was literally out to lunch.
- What does he say happened? - He's not in yet.
- First call was a little wild, scared. - Who's bringing him in?
- Higgins. - Higgins.
- Already booked on the shuttle. - Wicks, O.I.C. department 1 7.
I want a chopper fueled for New York now.
- Oh. - Hello.
- They're waiting foryou. - What?
Your two friends.
They said you'd be home early. Theyjust got here.
Said you gave them the keys.
Mr. Turner?
- [Beeping] - This is the Major.
- This is Condor. - Stand by, Condor.
I'm routing you to New York Center.
Condor on 1 -1 , Mr. Higgins.
- Hello, Condor. - Who is this?
Deputy Director Higgins, New York Center.
I'm controlling now, Condor. Where areyou?
How come I need a code name, and you don't?
Where areyou, Turner?
You all right?
Areyou insane? Everybody's dead.
Take it easy.Just take it easy, and we'll bring you home.
Here's how we'll do it. Doyou know the Ansonia Hotel?
- Broadway and, uh...71 st. - Broadway and 73rd.
There's an alley behind the hotel.
One hour from now at exactly 1 530,
enter that alley from the 73rd Street side.
Will you be there?
The head ofyour departmentjust came from D.C. He'll bring you home.
- I've never met him. - Don't worry.
He's studying your photos now.
I don't knowyou, either.
We'll meet.
He'll be carrying a WalIStreetJournal in his left hand.
- There were two guys at my house. - What wereyou doing there?
- You were told not to go there! - I was homesick. Who were they?
- Theywere ours. - What were they doing in my house?
I'm not going into any alley. Fuck the WalIStreetJournal!
It's been a long day. You've been under--
Damn right I've been under.
All right, Turner.
We'll bring along a familiar face, somebodyyou know.
Who's left?
Got a friend in statistics named Sam Barber.
You guys are something.
- Will he do? - Yes, Sam will do.
All right, Turner.
Staywell for 60 minutes, and you're home.
Can I ask a question?
- Sure. - What is happening?
I'll talk toyou in 60 minutes.
You've got 55.
This is ridiculous.
You're not a fiield agent. It's standard procedure.
- To pick up a friend? - What aboutyou, Mr. Wicks?
- No, thanks. - Side arm?
- Doyou have a .45? - You bet.
Here, let me helpyou with that.
How long haveyou known Condor?
Who,Joey? I knew him before he was a bird even.
We went to CCNY. Mywife Mae too.
Was she ever Condor's girl?
Hereyou go, Mr. Wicks.
Hey, can you tell me anything about what happened today?
- When? - This morning.
- Uh, those murders. - What murders?
Here he is.
Hey, Sam.
Where-- Where's that other--
What areyou doing? That's him! It's him!
[Store P.A. Plays SilverBells]
Um, Katherine Hale.
08, 1 1 56,
1 72, 208, 875.
Amount, 51 .86.
Where's there enough snow this early?
- Vermont. I hope. - What's open now, Sugarbush?
I don't do downhill. This is for cross-country.
Don't like the lift lines, huh?
- 474? - Thankyou.
Kathy. Where haveyou been? Let me giveyou a hand.
- W-wait a minute. - Shh. Don't do anything.
Be quiet. Get in the car. Don't make a sound. Don't be dumb.
Come on. Hurry up.
Get in.
Listen, please don't hurt me.
- Where doyou live? - Brooklyn Heights.
- Alone? - I live with a friend.
Uh, you live alone. Let's go.
[Door Buzzes]
Leave the stuff.
Hey, Kathy.
You should have said hello.
- Where is it? - Here.
"Condor shot us both."
That was the only statement he could make
before they took him into the operating room.
- And the other man, Barber-- he's dead? - Before he hit the ground.
You should add that it was a remarkable shot.
A halfinch above his flakjacket.
- I thought this guy-- - Wait a minute.
Was Condor qualifiied with a handgun?
"Twoyears military service-- Signal Corps.
"Telephone lineman, long lines,
"switchboard maintenance-- six months overseas.
"Separated 9/61 . Worked at Bell Labs Communication Research.
College on the G.I. bill."
The question was, Mr. Higgins, is he qualifiied with a handgun?
No handgun, sir. M-1 rifle and carbine.
Evidently, it was sheer luck.
- [Telephone Buzzes] - Or else--
- Yes? - Or else what, Mr. Higgins?
This Condor isn't the man his fiile says he is.
- Where did he learn evasive moves? - He reads.
- He r-- - What the hell does that mean?
It means, sir, that he reads everything.
- But I don't understand. - Yes. Very good.
- Has operations got anything? - Absolutely nothing, sir.
- Extraordinary. - It was verywell executed.
Which requires planning, communications, tracks.
I'm not asking for footprints,
but a blade ofgrass, a broken twig--
- Something disturbed. - Yes, sir.
- Wicks seems to be all we've got. - Where do we have him?
We don't.
They rushed him to Guvenor Emergency before we got word.
Maybe we should leak the name of the hospital, make Condor make his move.
Ofcourse, Len, don't expect too many mistakes from this man.
He does seem rather more interesting
thanjust another ofour reader/researchers.
For example, has he gone into business for himself?
Was he turned around? Does someone operate him?
Homosexual? Broke? Vulnerable?
Could he be a soldier offortune?
Did he arrange the hit?
Is that why he's still in flight?
Still, he... may be an innocent.
But then, why didn't he come in gentlywith Mr. Wicks?
- Tentrex lndustries. - It's a cover. I work for the CIA.
Your assignment for today was to go out and kidnap a girl.
Look it up. Look it up. Tentrex lndustries.
Then look up the number for the CIA.
They're listed, like myAunt Gladys?
Under " U.S. Government Agencies." Go on.
So is this whatyou do? This photography?
O.K., uh--
It's the same number. You could have had the card made--
Yes, I could have, but I didn't.
You really get into it, don'tyou?
Sit down!
I told you I had a friend.
1 5 1 /2, 34.
- I dig 1 5 1 /2, 34s. What size areyou? - What areyou, a clown?
- I'm scared! - So am l!
- Why? You've got the gun! - Yes!
Yeah, and it's not enough.
I work for the CIA. I'm not a spy.
I just read books.
We read everything that's published in the world,
and we-- we feed the plots--
dirty tricks, codes into a computer,
and the computer...
checks against actual CIA plans and operations.
I look for leaks, new ideas.
We read adventures and novels and...
I can--
Who'd invent ajob like that?
I-- Listen!
- People are trying to kill me! - Who?
I don't know, but there's a reason.
There is a reason!
And I just need...
some safe, quiet time to pull things together.
- Here. - Here.
- That's only fair. - [Rat-A-Tat-Tat]
Where's the guy with the shirts?
He-- He's at a ski place in the Green Mountains.
Wejust want to go cross-country skiing
for a couple ofweeks, away from everything.
- When does the news go on, 6:00? - 6:00.
40 minutes.
- Come here. - No, please. Please don't.
Lie down.
Lie down against the wall.
Put this arm behind you, and keep it there.
Nowyou listen to me. I am tired.
I've got to close my eyes for a while.
I can't think straight.
Ifyou try and move or climb offthe bed...
I'll know it-- I'll feel it.
And I promiseyou I'll hurtyou.
Couldn'tyou let me stay in the other room?
I believe whatyou told me.
No, you don't.
I don't know ifl do.
That includes Condor, ofcourse.
Yes. I oweyou Condor.
- Otherwise-- - Otherwise does not exist.
Will Condor take long?
- Doyou want an estimate? - There is a time factor.
Always with you people.
Condor is an amateur.
He's lost, unpredictable...
perhaps even sentimental.
He could fool a professional.
Not deliberately, but precisely because he is lost.
Doesn't know what to do...
unlike Wicks...
who has always been entirely predictable.
The man Condor killed in the alley.
Some friend ofhis.
- Close friend? - I suppose. Why?
- It interests me. - What was his name?
I don't know. He was nobody.
[Speaking French]
What about Wicks?
You want the fiirm to question him?
Theywill, you know.
We don't want that.
Costyou nothing.
I was careless with Condor.
Wicks will be done for nothing.
- What time is it? What time-- - It's news time.
Get up.
% Takeasecondnow Look up in thesky%
% Can'tyou see the Blue Bird?%
% That'san Easternplane flying through thesky%
% Shouldn't that beyou there?%
% Suddenlyyoustop, andyou're wondering why%
% You're down there, andthey're up in thesky%
% Yougottabelieve it's foryou%
% Yougottabelieve dreams come true%
% Yougottabelieve in lookin'upnow%
% Eastern's lookin'upnow%
% Lookatus, lookatyou%
% Andyougottabelieve%
Lonely pictures.
-% Youcan fly, youcan fly% - So?
% Youcan fly Do whatyou want to%
You're funny.
You take pictures of...
empty streets and trees with no leaves on them.
-% Fly Eastern% % - It's winter.
Not quite winter.
They look like...
Not autumn, not winter. In-between.
I like them.
Eyewitness News continues withan update--
- Sit down. -...oftheAnsoniashootings.
Theshootings behindthe HoteIAnsonia
remain a complete mystery at this hour.
The victims' identities have notyet been revealed.
- Victims? - Drugs werenotinvolved.
- Did he sayvictims? - Nordoesitseem tobearobbery.
Lieutenant, can you tell us about the possible motive?
- Not at present. - Haveyou identifiied the victims?
- Employees ofan insurance company. - What?
Doingaroutineinspection forpossible violations.
Did the victimsknow theirassailants?
- Absolutely not. - Well, thereyou have it.
One man dead, one seriouslywounded,
in an alley on the west side of Manhattan.
The man with the gun still at large.
Stan Roberts, Eyewitness News, New York.
Jesus Christ.
Victims. What is he s--
What happened in that alley?
- I didn't shoot him. - You said you shot somebody.
But not Sam!
Nobody in that alley said anything about the CIA.
But theywere there.
Wait a minute. You're telling me--
They had to have been to change that story.
What did Higgins say? He said he wouldn't be there.
He said the section chief was coming in.
Wait a minute. He's--
Section chiefwould be coming in from Washington.
He'd have to reach Sam. Sam would call me.
[Woman's Voice] Hello.
- I need your car. - That's called grand theft.
You don't want trouble with the police.
This guy in Vermont-- What will he do when you don't show up?
- Probably call. Very soon now. - Will he show up here?
That gun gives you the right to rough me up.
- It doesn't giveyou the right-- - Rough you up?
- Yes! You're in my house! - Have l-- Have I raped you?
The night is young.
You don't believe anything I've said.
I believe you're in trouble...
but I don't know what kind,
and I'm not sure how much ofit is made up.
Real, but, uh...
Doesn't make any difference-- doesn't matter.
- Wait a minute. Will you-- - Forget it.
I'm trying to understand!
Ow! What areyou doing? Let me go!
Ow! You're hurting me. Wait a minute. You--
Oh! You bully!
Don't tie me up! Come on, please!
This is... unfair!
I know.
[Doorbell Buzzes]
Hi,Joey. You're early. Come on in.
Hey, isJanice working late?
So is Sam.
[It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Plays]
Hey, pour one for me, too, will you,Joey?
It's their own fault ifwe're zonked when they get here.
Hey, I've got it. We'll give them an hour.
Ifthey're not here, it's you and me,
just like old times.
What is it? Hey, what is it,Joey?
What? What's wrong?
Mae, how doyou know Sam's working late?
What doyou think he's doing?
- When did he call? - I don't know. 2:00 or 2:30.
What did he say? Exactly.
He didn't exactly. He had the center call.
- Who at the center? - I didn't recognize his voice.
It wasn't that lady that usually--
[Telephone Rings]
- Hello. - [Click]
What is it?
- Third damn time tonight. - Third time?
- Some burglar casing thejoint. - I wantyou to get out ofhere.
- I can't,Joey. I'm cooking. - Do what I tell you.
- What about dinner? - Go to Bill and Eileen's.
-Joey, what's going on? - Please.
-Joey, you-- - Don't argue. Move! Move!
-Joey-- - Go upstairs and stay there.
Do what I'm telling you. I'll call you. And stay there.
-Joey-- - I'll call you.
- Do what I tell you. - What about Sam?
% Happy birthday to Grandpa %
You're always pushing the buttons.
Would you stop it, please?
Fifth floor. Uh, ladies' underwear.
Probably the same everywhere.
[Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
This is the second floor.
I do it all the time.
- Afteryou. - No. Go ahead.
All right.
Anybody here good with a coat hanger?
- What? - I locked my keys in my car.
- I'll giveyou money. - How much?
You can't tell me you've never busted into a car.
- So how much? - 5 bucks.
5 bucks? Can you give me a break?
- Doyou mind? - All right. 5 bucks. 5 bucks.
I'll be right back. Come on, man.
- The money. - Wait a minute.
Gimme the money.
- Hey! Hey. - Hey!
- [Ring] - Ow.
I wantyou to answer the phone.
I'm not going to answer the--
Ow! I'm not answering any phone!
Answer it. Answer it.
You answer the phone! Tell him what a brave son ofa bitch you are.
I wantyou to be casual and nice.
- H-Hello? - Where the hell areyou?
- Ben? - Who doyou think it is?
-Ben. -You were supposed to be up here by now.
- I know. - You haven't even leftyet.
I was held up.
That's no excuse. Come on, what's going on?
Doesn't this trip matter toyou?
- It matters. - Yeah, I'm sure.
No, it does.
This has happened over and over again.
- Last minute, some excuse. - No, this is different.
So, what?
- The car-- - What about it?
- Bro-- Broke down. - What? What? What broke down?
- The g-generator went. - Oh, Christ, the generator.
- That's going to take forever. - Maybe not.
I-- I tried to call you before, but--
The generator-- It's going to take too long.
Why don't you just-- forget about the car.
Take the bus up first thing tomorrow.
I'll try.
What's-- What the hell is going on?
Are you O.K.? What-- What's...
No, I'm O.K. I'm fine.
You don't sound so fine.
I-- I wish you would understand.
I do. I do, I do. It'sjust--
Goddamn it, I'm just disappointed, that's all.
I really, uh--
I really wanted to be with you here,
tonight, babe, you know?
I know.
- We'll have time. - Yeah.
Look, get--
get the very first bus out in the morning, O.K.?
All right.
- Good night, sweetheart. - Good night.
Listen, I'll be going...
in the morning.
Was it all right?
All right?
Outside-- Was it safe? Wherever you went.
I'm not sure.
Oh, God.
I wish I knew more.
About you.
About yesterday. Today.
I don't remember yesterday.
Today it rained.
Why did you tie me up like that?
I mean, you thought I'd call the police.
I wouldn't have.
Well, sometimes...
I take a picture that isn't like me,
but I took it, so it is like me.
It has to be.
I put those pictures away.
I'd like to see those pictures.
We don't know each other that well.
Do you know anybody that well?
I don't think I want to know you verywell.
I don't think you're going to live much longer.
Well, I may...
surprise you.
Anyway, you're not telling the truth.
What do you mean?
You'd rather be with somebody who's not going to live much longer,
at least somebody who would be on his way.
- I'm not-- - You take pictures.
Beautiful pictures,
but of empty streets
and trees with no leaves-- November.
Why haven'tyou asked me to untieyour hands?
H-How much doyou want...
I just...
want to stop it.
For a few hours.
For the rest ofthe night.
And then I'll go.
What was his name?
What is it Higgins said? Was it--
The head of your department just came from D. C. He'll bring you home.
I've never met him.
Anything in the early pouch?
Headquarters at Langley says there's nothing...
from anyother intelligence source to support your theory.
Headquarters at Langley says there's nothing...
from any other intelligence source to support your theory.
- You didn't sleep well. - You didn't?
No,you didn't.
You're up early.
Oh, I had-- I had some thoughts.
I've got a plan.
I don't know if it'll work or not, but...
I'll need your help.
Have I ever denied you anything?
Well, when things quiet down...
you're really a very sweet man to be with.
You had bad dreams.
Talked in your sleep.
What did I say?
Who's Janice?
Well, was she a volunteer or a draftee like me?
She was...
a friend.
She's dead.
Do I have permission to take a shower?
You don't have to help, you know.
No, I'll help. You can always depend on the old spyfucker.
- O.K. - I'm sorry.
- No. - No, I didn't mean--
I didn't mean to say that.
I'm really sorry.
I'd like to help you.
[Doorbell Rings]
Insured package for Katherine Hale.
Uh, could you leave it out on the stoop?
Somebody's got to sign for it.
Well, she's in-- She's not here.
It's O.K. You can sign.
- Yeah? - Her name on top. Yours on the bottom.
All right. Oh, wonderful.
Government pens. Look, I don't have another pen.
I'll get one.
[Kathy] Aah!
Don't-- Don't--
No, no. No.
Now listen. You're O.K. You're O.K.
Now listen to me. You're O.K.
Can you get dressed? You're O.K.
Can you get dressed? Please, hurry.
- [Ring] - Stella Boutique.
Ex-Extension 1 -8-9-1 , please.
Pardon me?
Is--Is this 662-3799?
- Yes. Who's this? - There's no extension 1 891 ?
Areyou kidding? We're lucky ifwe have phone service at all.
- [Ring] - Operator.
Operator, what's the area code forWashington? D.C.
That's 2-0-2.
6-3-1 -1 .
CIA? Langley?
6-3-1 -1 .
- Extension 1 891 . - [Ring]
1 891 .
Let me speak to Mr. Wicks.
Um, he's not herejust now.
May I askwho's calling, please?
How doyou feel? You O.K.?
What did you do to those people?
What people? I don't know who they are.
I file a report. A guy in Washington reads it.
He's supposed to-- He's my section chief.
He comes to New York to shoot me.
- Did you know him? - No.
Did you know the mailman?
No, but the guy in Washington did.
- You won't know the next one. - I'm not waiting for the next one.
- Has he gone double or dirty? - I don't know, sir.
- You think he's still in New York City? - I wouldn't be.
Question-- Is there an intelligence network...
undetected by CIA linking...
certain Arabic-speaking countries with Dutch and Spanish-speaking?
We're alreadyvisible. Let's not become conspicuous.
Ifcompany agents aren't enough, use freelance.
Use whatever it requires, but end it.
Let's get it overwith, O.K.?
[Horn Honks]
Applications here.
See. Mr. Addison. Turn right. First door on your left.
Mr. Marcus.
- Mr. Addison? - No.
He's in clearance. Passed it. It's on your left.
Oh. Sorry.
Uh, thankyou.
Yep. I didn't get thejob.
Looks good,
but, um, I have this friend,
and he asked me to giveyou a message.
Quote-- " Dear Mr. Higgins,
"This will introduce a friend ofmine, Sparrow Hawk.
" Please accompany her
"to the Nassau Street exit ofthis place.
Personally, I'd do it,
because he has this huge gun,
and he's looking at us right now.
I'll save this foryou.
Shall we?
Toyour left, please.
O.K., sit up. Sit up!
All the way up. Back up against the panel.
Take it easy. I'm not armed.
They could be DF-ing us ifyou have a transmitter hidden in your clothes?
- What's this? - DF, huh? You do read everything.
Somebody or something is rotten in the company.
You never complained till yesterday.
You didn't start killing my friends till yesterday.
- Who's she? - Who hit the Lit Society?
We had a big meeting about that. Your name came up.
Five Continents lmports. Ring a bell?
- Where'd you get that? - The mailman.
- Mailman? - The oneyou sent.
-With the uniform, pouch, automatic gun. -We never use mailmen.
Areyou familiarwith a tall gentleman, 6'4", blond hair...
- I want to see that report, Turner. -No, no..Higgins. C'Mon! ..Do you know him?
- Professionally, yes. - Professionally, he kills people.
Yes. Yes.
- He works for the company? - He did once.
- He's a contract agent. - Contract agent.
Where did you see him?
- Uh-uh. - It would help if I knew.
- Who would it help? Who'd hire him now? - Anybody.
Terrific answer.
- I wouldn't accept it, either. - What's his name?
- When I knew him,Joubert. - Come on, Higgins.
Who'd hire him? You don't look up Joubert in the yellow pages.
That's right. It'd have to be somebody in the community.
- Community? - Intelligence field.
Community! Jesus, you guys are kind to yourselves. Community.
I want to see that report, Turner.
That report was sent to headquarters and disappeared.
- Who read it? - You mean besides Wicks?
You tell me.
I pick up traces of what I think's an intelligence network
the company doesn't know about, and I report it.
Now, why is that going to make anybody mad?
Unless it was the company's network
and you didn't want it blown, even to your own guys.
Unless somebody is lying, Higgins.
Come on.
Why is everybody so shy?
I'm not shy.
I don't know. That's what worries me.
- I don't know. - AskWicks.
Wicks died.
Someoneyanked him offthe life support system at Guvenor Hospital.
Get me in, Higgins.
What good would that do ifyou're right, and they are inside?
What good would it do to bring you in?
What am I supposed to do?
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
You're sorry.
Oh, I get it.
I get it. You expect me to draw fiire,
Iike one ofthose penny arcade bears
that parades back and forth, waiting for somebody,
somebody good, to take another shot.
You'll pick him up before he does it, orjust after?
I'll try and fiind out what's going on.
- Nice talking toyou, Higgins. - Now wait a minute.
- Have a nice day. - Where will I fiind you?
I'll fiind you.
- Doyou trust him? - Trust.
Does he trustyou?
He's in the suspicion business. He can't trust anybody.
- How could anybody fool them? - Maybe nobody did.
- Then-- - Maybe there's another CIA...
inside the CIA.
Hey, Sal. Hey, the lights went off.
Come on over here.
The generatorwent off.
- It's a hotel room. - What hotel?
There's no tag. It's room 81 9, city of New York.
There's a code number cut in the edge.
- You in the trade? - I read about it in a story.
- Was the story about locksmiths? - It's the lock manufacturer's code.
He can giveyou the hotel name.
I don't want to read aboutyou in the paper.
Will you make the call?
I'm doing a survey.
Doyou believe the Condor's really an endangered species?
- [Operator] Your room number, please. - 81 9.
[Telephone Rings]
[Ring, Ring]
[Man] Hello?
- Yes. I just had an interesting call. - Who is this?
In reference to an all-but-extinct bird-- the Condor.
- Haveyou had such a call? - You're a fool to call me.
- You had no such call? - No.
Must have been the Audubon Society.
I assume they're still located in New York.
Langley Computer. Stateyour program at the tone.
- [Beep] - G.
Carriage return.
T-R-S. Tone.
Symbol for number.
Computer is ready.
That number is 202-227-0098.
- CNA, Mrs. Coleman speaking. - This is Harold Thomas, Mrs. Coleman.
Customer service, requesting a CNA...
on 202-227-0098.
One moment, please.
That would be a Mr. Leonard Atwood.
365 Mackenzie Place.
Chevy Chase, Maryland.
All right.
Cross-check this tape against Wicks and hold any intersects.
Hat size.
All right, run Lucifer.
Coming up.
I'll be damned.
I'll be damned.
- This is the Major. - Condor.
Find me Higgins.
Routing you, Condor. Stand by.
Hello, Condor.
- The Holiday lnn, 57th Street. - Is that whereyou are now?
Room 81 9. You'll fiind the Alsatian gentleman we spoke of.
Where areyou, Condor? Where areyou?
Shh. Quiet down.
Hey, Higgins?
Yeah, I'm right here.
Who is Leonard Atwood?
Where areyou, Higgins?
Ain't we pals anymore?
[Dial Tone]
- Something? - Major?
- Got him. - Let me see that.
What's he doing in Brooklyn?
- We can get a unit-- - Wait.
- What's going on, Major? - Son ofbitch wired together 50 phones.
Everybody in Brooklyn's talking to each other.
I didn't knowyou smoked.
I quit threeyears ago.
- You're pale. - It's the light in here.
What areyou going to do there?
- See a guy. - More secrets.
Like those pictures you hide.
Someday, l-- I'd like to show them toyou...
ifyou live through this.
You could drive me to Washington.
No, I couldn't.
You've-- You've a lot ofvery fiine qualities.
- But-- - What fiine qualities?
You have good eyes.
Not kind, but...
they don't lie, and they don't look away much,
and they don't miss anything.
I could use eyes like that.
Butyou're overdue in Vermont.
Is he a tough guy?
He's pretty tough.
What will he do?
U-Understand, probably.
Boy, that is tough.
Lastcall, trainsix. Newark connects to Penn Central
to Baltimore, Washington, D. C.
- Kathy, I need time. - Hmm?
Eight hours or so, that's all.
Till noon, to do what I have to do.
Doyou understand what I'm saying?
Areyou going right to Vermont?
What I mean is don't call anyone.
Don't stop, please.
Don't tell anyone about--
- Ofcourse. -Jesus.
I-- I didn't--
You take care ofyourself.
I'll do my best.
Do your best.
% And I want ya right where I've got you%
% And l've got ya right where l need you, baby%
% And l need you right where I've got you%
% And l've got you right where I want you, baby%
% And l want you right where I've got you%
% And l've got you right where l need you, baby%
% And l need you right where I've got you%
% Yeah%
% Ow!%
-% Now you're funky...% % - What is this?
What's going on?
[Music Stops]
Who areyou?
Who areyou?
What areyou doing here?
I'm Condor.
Sit down.
What doyou do for a living?
Don't be ridiculous.
What doyou do...
Deputy Director ofOperations.
- What section? - Middle East.
What areyou working on?
What areyou doing?
What's the secret worth murdering everybody at the A.L.H.S. house?
- There's no secret. - Wicks showed you my report.
What report? Yes.
It was your network I turned up.
Doing what?
Doing what?
What does operations care about a bunch ofgoddamn books?
A book in Dutch.
A book out ofVenezuela.
- Mystery stories in Arabic. - Wait.
What the hell is so important about--
Oil fiields.
That's it, isn't it?
This whole damn thing was about oil.
Wasn't it? Wasn't it?
Yes, it was.
Don't turn for a moment.
Putyour thumb in front ofthe hammer.
Release it slowly.
Set down the gun on the desk.
And don't move.
Back up.
You were quite good, Condor, until this.
This move was predictable.
What? What?
Did you touch anything except the chair?
You're working for the company again.
I am.
Jesus. They tookyou back.
Just for this. ForAtwood.
How-- Wha-- He's with the company. Why?
I don't interest myselfin why.
I think more often in terms ofwhen,
sometimes where, always how much.
I suspect he was about to become an embarrassment.
As you are.
- Soyou're not fiinished. - Pardon?
- Soyou're not fiinished. - Pardon?
Oh, no. I have no arrangement with the company concerning you.
They didn't knowyou'd be here. I knewyou'd be here.
But didn'tyou send the mailman?
That was a business arrangement with Atwood,
butyou see.
Come on.
Tell me about the girl.
What about the girl?
She was chosen... how?
By-- By age?
Her car? Appearance?
At random. Chance.
Can I dropyou?
I'd like to go back to New York.
You have not much future there.
It will happen this way.
You may be walking.
Maybe the fiirst sunny day ofthe spring,
and a carwill slow besideyou,
and the doorwill open,
and someoneyou know, maybe even trust,
will get out ofthe car.
And he will smile, a becoming smile.
But he will leave open the door ofthe car
and offer to giveyou a lift.
You seem to understand it all so well.
What would you suggest?
Personally, I prefer Europe.
- Europe? - Yes.
Well, the fact is,
what I do is not a bad occupation.
Someone is always willing to pay.
I would fiind it...
Oh, no. It's quite restful. It's almost peaceful.
No need to believe in either side or any side.
There is no cause.
There's onlyyourself.
The beliefis in your own precision.
I was born in the United States, Joubert.
I miss it when I'm away too long.
A pity.
I don't think so.
Is it any trouble to drop me at the Union Station?
Oh, no. It would be my pleasure.
For that day.
[Carolers] % Remember Christ, our Savior%
%Was born on Christmas day%
%To save us all from satan's power%
%When we're gone astray%
% Oh, tidings ofcomfort andjoy Comfort andjoy.
% Oh, tidings ofcomfort andjoy%
% Oh, tidings ofcomfort andjoy Comfort andjoy%
% Oh, tidings ofcomfort andjoy%%
Why'd you call so late? We were worried about you.
Likewise. The car for me?
It's all right. It's safe. You'll have a few hours of debriefiing.
- Hey, Higgins? - Yeah?
Let's say, for the purposes of argument,
I had a .45 in one ofmy pockets
and I wanted you to walk with me.
You'd do it, right?
Which way?
West. And slowly.
Stay in front ofme about three or four steps.
Where we going?
Wave them on ahead.
Do we have plans to invade the Middle East?
- Areyou crazy? - Am l?
- Look, Turner-- - Do we have plans?
No. Absolutely not.
We have games. That's all.
We play games-- What if?
How many men? What would it take?
Is there a cheaper way to destabilize a regime?
- That's what we're paid to do. - Walk on.
Go on.
So Atwoodjust took the games too seriously.
He was really going to do it, wasn't he? A renegade operation.
Atwood knew 541 2 would never authorize it,
not with the heat on the company.
What ifthere hadn't been any heat?
Suppose I hadn't stumbled on their plan?
Different ballgame.
Fact is, there was nothing wrong with the plan.
The plan was all right. The plan would've worked.
Boy, what is it with you people?
You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth?
No. It's simple economics.
Today it's oil, right?
In 1 0 or 1 5 years-- food, plutonium, and maybe even sooner.
What doyou think the people are going to want us to do then?
Ask them.
Now now. Then. Ask them when they're running out.
Ask them when there's no heat and they're cold.
Ask them when their engines stop.
Ask them when people who have never known hunger start going hungry.
Want to know something? Theywon't want us to ask them.
They'll want us to get it for them.
haveyou found a home.
There were seven people killed, Higgins.
- The company didn't order it. - Atwood did.
Atwood did. And who the hell is Atwood?
He's you. He's all you guys.
Seven people killed, and you play fucking games!
Right. And the other side does, too.
That's whywe can't letyou stay outside.
Well, go on home, Higgins. Go on. They've got it.
- What? - You know where we are.
Just look around. They've got it. That's where they ship from.
They've got all ofit.
What? What did you do?
I told them a story.
You play games, I told them a story.
Oh, you--
You poor, dumb son ofa bitch.
You've done more damage than you know.
I hope so.
You're about to be a very lonely man.
It didn't have to end this way.
Ofcourse it did.
Hey, Turner.
How doyou know they'll print it?
You can take a walk,
but how far ifthey don't print it?
They'll print it.
How doyou know?
% Remember Christ, our Savior%
%Was born on Christmas day%
%To save us all from satan's power%
%When we're gone astray%
% Ohh %%
% Ohh %%
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