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Subtitles for Three Kings 1999.

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Three Kings 1999

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
Are we shooting?
Are we shooting people or what?
Are we shooting?
That's what I'm asking you!
What's the answer?
I don't know the answer!|That's what I'm trying to find out!
- Give me some gum.|- I already gave you some.
I can see a grain of sand in there.|I just can't get it out.
I think this guy has a weapon!
Yeah, he does!
Congratulations, my man,|you shot yourself a raghead!
Dag. Didn't think I'd get to see|anybody shot in this war.
Take my picture.
Spirits are high,|and the music is boisterous... these young troops...|Shit, hold on a second.
Music is high, and spirits are soaring|as these... Did I just say "soaring"?
How did it sound?
They say you exorcised the ghost of|Vietnam with a clear, moral imperative.
We liberated Kuwait.
And if I had to start again|With just my children and my wife
I would thank my lucky stars|To be living here today
Because the flag|Still stands for freedom
And they can't take that away
And I'd gladly stand up next to you
And defend her still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt|I love this land
God bless the U.S.A.
Trained warrior! Trained warrior!
Trained warrior! Oh, my God!|Major Gates!
What's Adriana got?
Just the celebration story.
That's it? That story's evaporating.
The Iraqi POW story's evaporating.
Still have my gold story, though.|Returning the gold to Kuwait.
What do you know about that?
They think it's|in a bunker somewhere.
- What's going on?|- I was about to ask you the same.
You said he was former Delta, he'd take|care of me. What a bunch of bullshit!
- Let me handle this!|- Doesn't she have an escort?
- She's right here.|- Find her someone to fuck... she'll leave my escort alone.|- That's unnecessary.
I don't want him going to other|reporters and giving away my stories.
- You don't have any stories.|- You don't tell people that!
Look at what's become of you!
Yes, look at me.|I've got my clothes on! I'm dressed!
I will say you're old, Adriana.
I really don't need this shit, major.|You understand me?
This is a media war!|And you better get onboard!
We'll talk tomorrow,|and I'll straight you out!
Take a picture!
One more!
Very handsome.
Good shot, Barlow!
Captain's coming!
You better move your butts.|He's coming right now!
Goddamn it! Where the hell did this|booze come from? Get rid of it!
We gotta take more|Iraqi prisoners tomorrow! Tomorrow!
Remove the magazine from your weapon.
Sling your weapon over your left|shoulder, muzzle down.
Have both arms raised above your head.
Approach the multinational forces|position slowly...
...with the lead soldier|holding this document...
...above his head. If you do this,|you will not die.
You will be processed|as prisoners of war...
...provided food, shelter and clothing.
Do not resist.
If you do this, you get this.
If you surrender,|you will get food and shelter. Okay?
Everything's cool. Nobody's gonna|hurt you. Just relax.
Sir, you'll have to|take the turban off as well.
Did you rape and torture anyone|in Kuwait?
What about you, motherfucker?
You're making them hysterical.|Stop that. You'll get us in trouble.
Relax. We want everybody facedown.
Come on.
Get down.
Take these things off.|No comprende English?
What is your fucking problem?
Act in a more|professional manner, please.
I wanna be professional.|He won't take his rags off.
Pay attention to how it's done.|Excuse me, sir.
We'll need you to disrobe|like all the other towelheads.
I hate to see it come to this.|Strip him down.
Come on, motherfucker.
Take your fucking clothes off.
Come on!
Troy, come here! Check this out.
Freaky thing here, possibly!
There's a document in his ass.
We got a classified situation.
You think he ate it?
It wouldn't come out|perfect like that.
Pull it out, private.
Pull it out.
Man, I didn't join the Army to pull|paper out of people's asses.
No, sir. Not what I signed up for.
Open it up.
You only gave me one glove.
I only have one,|but you have to open it.
That's how the chain of command works.
What is it?
It's important enough|to squeeze your cheeks for.
You're supposed to make her feel good|about the stories we want.
You don't walk away from her|and go screw another journalist!
I never wanted this job, Ron.
Your work in Iraq was over. Done!
I'm trying to help you.|If you play your cards right...
...she may hook you up|with the media at home.
Fuck that.
Where you going?
You got your star clinched.
So it's my fault that you|plateaued a long time ago.
I don't even know what we did here.
Just tell me what we did here, Ron.
You want to occupy Iraq|and do Vietnam again?
Is that your brilliant idea?
- I'm retiring anyway.|- Until you do, you're an Army officer.
You're still taking care of that|reporter, so do it right.
You've washed your hands|a thousand times.
Lord knows what vermin|live in the butt of a dune coon.
Why do you let this cracker|follow you around?
He's from a group home in Dallas.|He doesn't know better.
Don't tell people that.
I don't care if he's|from Johannesburg.
I don't want to hear "dune coon" or|"sand nigger" from him or anybody.
Captain uses those terms.
The point is, "towelhead" and|"camel jockey" are good substitutes.
- Exactly.|- I apologize.
It's confusing with all this pro-Saudi,|anti-Iraqi type language and all that.
Did you get the aerials?
How'd you get those?
- Chief is hooked up.|- Keep Walter on that door.
Would you take those|fucking things off?
I never got to use night vision.
They do not work during the day!
They kind of work.
Just stand outside so Chief can|translate my Iraqi ass map, okay?
Are you ready to work with me now?
I'm ready to work with you.
Good. Because I've got|an amazing lead.
- It was in his ass.|- That's not the real story.
- What's the real story?|- It was in the guy's dick.
Pulled it out with tweezers.
A 10-page atlas of Saddam's bunkers?
Only real small, like those books you|get in a box of Cracker Jacks.
They pull it out the guy ear.
- What?|- "Out of his ear."
Maybe out the nose.
- What's he saying?|- "The nose."
- Tell me what body part.|- Let me handle this.
It was stitched in back of his head.
The back of his head.
- Who is the guy?|- What guy?
The guy who found it!
- I cannot tell you.|- Fuck that!
- You said you could.|- Not now.
This guy doesn't know shit.
He doesn't know shit.
Listen to me. This guy is French|Special Forces, and he can help us.
- He can?|- Yes, and he's my friend.
But he won't talk to me|if you're around.
You better not be fucking with me.
- I want the story this time.|- You'll get the story.
These have to be Saddam's bunkers|between Karbala and Nazaria.
What's inside?
According to Intel, Picasso,|Sony, Armani, Rolex...
...Kuwait was the Arab Beverly Hills.|Saddam jacked them for it.
I'd like to bring something home|besides sand fleas.
One Rolex would get me a very nice|house outside of Garland.
Five would get|a Lexus convertible.
- Lexus doesn't make one.|- Yes, they do.
It has room for a kid seat.
- Infiniti has a convertible, not Lexus.|- Wrong.
The good Lord put this map in our path,|and I believe we'll find something.
He could also put a land mine|in our path.
I don't think so. I've been fire|baptized, and this feels safe.
What are you talking about?
I have a ring of Jesus fire|to guide my decisions.
You're putting me on, right?
Do I look like I'm putting you on?
Okay, ring of Jesus fire.
Freeze, motherfucker!
Sir, this tent is restricted.
Get out of my way.
Mayday! Mayday! Goddamn it!
Good afternoon.
Would this be the proctology tent?
No, sir.
Maybe it's a urology tent.
Or the neurology tent.
Or the ear, nose and throat tent.
Captain's at a staff meeting, sir.
Captain a proctologist?
What's a proctologist, sir?
Doesn't matter.
I'm not looking for him.|I'm looking for Barlow.
You're on the path to truth|when you smell shit. Isn't it so?
I don't recognize you, sir.|Are you in this division?
He's not from this division.|He's Special Forces.
Did you present this map|to your captain?
Not yet, sir.
I'll take it to him.
That's not necessary, sir.|I can take it to him.
Don't get grabby, sergeant.
He's our C.O.|I'd have to tell him you took it.
That won't do either of us any good,|will it?
No, sir.
Sit down.
- What do you see here?|- Bunkers, sir.
- What's in them?|- Stuff they stole from Kuwait.
Bullshit. I'm talking about millions|in Kuwaiti bullions.
The little cubes you put|in hot water and make soup?
No, not the little cubes you put|in hot water to make soup.
Gold bricks.
Saddam stole it from the sheiks. I have|no problem stealing it from Saddam.
My guess is, he's divided these bricks|into several different stashes.
Just one stash would be easy for us|to take from his deserting army.
That'd be enough to get us|out of our day jobs.
Unless you reservists are|in love with your day jobs.
I don't really have a day job, sir.
First thing we have to do... make sure this is more|than a love letter to an Iraqi.
It's a series of bunkers|outside Karbala, sir.
- Maybe.|- Definitely, sir.
The recon photos match.
We'll see.
It's what makes S.F. So badass.|We got the best flashlights.
Still looks like a series of bunkers.
Three villages a little farther|to the east.
- Seventy-five clicks north.|- More like 65.
Way north of any allied troops.
Perfect. We don't want|any troops around.
Just us and a Humvee|up by the Euphrates River Valley.
Where they put Moses in the basket.
That's Egypt.
We three kings be stealing the gold
Quiet down!
My friends all drive Porsches|I must make amends
Will you shut up?
Are you done singing?
What about mines, sir?
Grid was swept by the 82nd.|We'll stick to the roads.
Will we need a deuce-and-a-half?
- It's easier in a Humvee.|- What if we have a lot to carry?
We'll grab an Iraqi truck.|It's better cover.
- We could say we captured it.|- That's right.
We leave at dawn, back before lunch.|No big deal.
- What's the guy's name outside?|- Walter.
- Bolo! Get in here!|- Who's Bolo?
Bolo is a guy who doesn't know|what he's doing.
Get this reporter off my back.|You know who Adriana Cruz is?
- Reporter on NBS, sir.|- That's right.
Tell her I'm checking a story,|and you're bringing her to meet me.
- In Iraq?|- No.
I'll give you a fake copy of this map.
Take her on a ride|that lasts all morning...
...and goes nowhere near the villages|outside Karbala.
When you don't find me, it'll be because|you got lost. Is that clear?
Any other questions?
Is it true that to be S.F.,|you cut off an enemy's ear?
- Are you able to control him?|- Yes, sir. He'll be fine.
Let's get ready to roll in the morning.
All right, here we go, ma'am!
Let me get some, Chief!
I gave you a better arc!
What do you mean?
I threw the ball at a higher arc.
Blacks make better receivers|than quarterbacks.
Stop speaking.
Warren Moon's one of the best|in the league.
Houston's gone nowhere|with Warren Moon.
- Randall Cunningham?|- Don't get in the mud with him.
Eagles'll never get to|Super Bowl with Cunningham.
Doug Williams not only took the Redskins|to the Super Bowl, but they won!
We can all agree there are many|excellent black quarterbacks.
Let's see what you can hit.
Sorry-ass cracker!|You'll never hit no Iraqi!
I'll hit an Iraqi.|I'll blow his head off!
If he talks like that, ignore him,|or it'll get worse.
You're right.|Just can't help myself sometimes.
Watch this!
- What was that?|- A rigged football. C4, sir.
Why'd you do that?
You said we could fire some rounds|when we left camp.
I said you could fire a few rounds.
We didn't get to see any action.
- You want to see some action?|- Yeah, I do, sir.
Is this what you're after?
We dropped a lot of bombs here.
We also buried a lot of guys alive.
The only action we seen was on CNN,|except for that dude Troy shot.
- Shot him in the neck?|- That's right, sir.
Fucking badass. I was there.|Took him out at 400 yards.
Head popped up in the air.
Crazy shot, man!
You know anything|about gunshot wounds?
- I don't know.|- Specifically.
The worst thing about a gunshot,|provided you survive the bullet... sepsis.
Infection of the blood.
Say a bullet tears into you...
Creates a cavity of dead tissue.|That cavity... fills up with bile and bacteria.|You're fucked.
But we're gonna do this|without firing any shots...
...and just to be sure,|we'll do a dry run.
So get your suits on.
We will say that the cow is|a primary guard outside the bunker.
Pull up fast. Stop short.
Move very aggressively. Got it?
Got it!
Let's go!
Who's hurt?
It's all cow.
Yeah, it's all cow.
Y'all see that cow's head shoot up?
Just like a cartoon.|It's fucking crazy.
You said this area was swept for mines.
Wasn't a mine. It was a cluster bomb.|They're hard to see.
Get in the Humvee.|We're moving on.
Round, round, get around|I get around
Yeah, get around|I get around
We go in fast.|Leave the safeties on.
Hit them with the blinding power|of American sunshine.
Where's the bunker?
There. No, there!
Orders from the President|of the United States of America!
Orders from the President|of the United States of America!
Stay back!
On the ground, right now!
We are the Army|of the United States of America!
Stay back!
No milk! Baby milk!
Baby milk!
Let's go!
Let's go! Step aside! Move!
Orders from President Bush!|Part of the ceasefire agreement.
Clear. Let's move!
United States military!
Everybody out!
We are here for your protection|and safety, all right?
Get down on the ground!|Get down on the ground!
Order from the United States.
- Freeze!|- I love the United State of freedom.
I hate Saddam.
Let him go!
No problem, my friend.
No problem.
Tell him to shut up. Be quiet.
I am love United State of freedom.
I'm love United States of freedom too.
- Just calm down and be quiet, okay?|- I am friend!
I am friend.
You look for chemical weapon?
- We look for the gold.|- No gold here.
No gold.
- What did he say?|- No gold.
He says there's no gold here!
Where's the gold?
- Kill him.|- You wanna die?
- Other bunker, other village!|- Other bunker?
- Not this bunker?|- No. Not this town.
That town?
That town! Yes! That town.
Let's go.
It's milk.
Please bring medicine!
Please help us.
Come on!
Off the vehicle!
Ma'am, you'll have to step down|from the vehicle!
Food. Food.
Give them the M.R.E.S.! Let's go!
Take that. Take that.
He's taking the water|away from that woman!
Heads up!
Here you go.
Look out! Get off!
Give that back to the boy!
Take me, take me!
You can't come with us!
Right here, right now.
What was going on back there, major?
Civilians spitting on soldiers.|Soldiers shooting civilians.
They ignored us.
They surrendered.|Now they're after civilians.
Why'd they blow up that milk truck?
Trying to starve the people out.
Bush told the people to rise up|against Saddam.
They thought they had our support.
Now they're getting slaughtered.
So where's the next bunker?
About 20 clicks on the map,|according to what that guy said.
No, it's not.
There's something about that well.
- What well?|- The well in the center of town.
There were soldiers guarding it.|I bet there's a bunker in there.
The guy lied to us.
It's back where we came from.
I don't know if I can do this, okay?
I got a family.
If I shit in a bag for life|because I got shot after the war...
...that'd be pretty stupid,|wouldn't it?
What's the most important|thing in life?
What are you talking about?
What's the most important thing?
- Respect.|- Too dependent on other people.
- What, love?|- A little Disneyland, isn't it?
God's will.
What is it then?
As in...?
People do what is most necessary|to them at any given moment.
Now, what's most necessary to Saddam's|troops is to put down the uprising.
We can do what we want.|They won't touch us.
All right. I'll be wearing|fashionable Kevlar.
Me too.
Come on, Conrad.
Where the hell are the bunkers?
Supposed to be right around here.
How about these fires?
I already did this story, goddamn it!
How about a rare pelican migration|out by the marshes?
Fuck that! Stop the car!
I don't see any bunkers. Do you?
We'll find Major Gates, ma'am.
Bullshit. All we're finding|is Ukrainian cranes.
This story has been so done.|A waste of my fucking time.
Look at these poor fucking birds.
All covered in some kind of fucking oil,|ecological, catastrophic...
Fuck it!
It's so goddamn horrible!
Jesus Christ!
Poor fucking birds!
Look at them.
It's so sad.
You're not gonna fuck me.
I was promised the gold story,|and I'm driving.
Military regulations.|You cannot drive!
Step away from the Chenowth, ma'am!
Don't make me shoot you, ma'am!
Please fucking stop!
Will you tell me where he is?
- I can't tell you!|- Bullshit!
- Where is he?|- I can't...!
Come on, bitch! Tell me where he is!
- I can't!|- You'll die here like these birds!
It's a village near Karbala!
All right! Let's go to Karbala.
Get down! Get down!
Get down!
Get down!
Don't make me smoke your ass, Abdul.|We'll have no nonsense this time.
You fucking liar!
By orders of the ceasefire|signed in Safwan, March 3rd...
...the United States military|hereby confiscates...
...all materials stolen by Iraq|from the state of Kuwait.
That means everything you took|is going back!
Stay calm, and|we'll get through this quickly.
Is that clear? Good!
Grab him!
Keep your finger off the trigger!
Sorry about that.
For wife!
I'm divorced.
Newest and best. Newest and best.
Newest and best has better|noise reduction.
Less distortion. Get on the ground.
This is bad music. This is bad for you.
I want you to tell me|where the gold is.
There's another door over here.
He is prisoner. It's okay.
We take outside|so they don't bother you.
You open that door now.
Open that door!
Let's go!
Get down on the ground!
The prisoners stay!
Get on the ground!
The prisoners must stay!
Listen to me. Everything you stole from|Kuwait belongs to us now. Understand?
Put it back.
We stick to the plan for the gold.|We're not thieves.
We're returning Kuwaiti|bullion, correct?
I'm getting a fleet|of Lexus convertibles.
I told you Lexus don't make|a convertible.
I'll bet you a Lexus they do.
You're on, but it won't be|a convertible. I guarantee you.
You all right?
It landed on my foot.
They definitely didn't|get here in these bags.
The tensilary strength in these|is only 200 pounds.
- What?|- Tensilary strength.
He works at an airport.
If we put it in one of these|Vuitton bags...
...they can hold about 65 pounds,|maybe more.
You have any more luggage?
United States military|is in charge here.
I saw a truck out by the gas station.
What gas station?
The one upstairs.
Let's see what U-Haul has on the lot.
We need a truck.
Did we get it?
Did we get it?
- We got it.|- Is it a lot?
You have no idea. Are you cool here?
They've been ignoring me.
Don't worry about it. Stay calm.|I'm going to find a truck.
Move away from the vehicle!
Let's go!
You take the Kuwaiti gold, yes?
We take the Kuwaiti gold, yes.
- Saddam cannot keep?|- No, Saddam cannot keep.
Saddam have many problem today.
He certainly does.
You need help to carry?
I think we'll be all right.
This man help you.
This man help you.
And then you go away fast|from all this bullshit.
Keep it going, keep it going.
Don't leave. Please don't leave.
Don't leave!
Don't go. Don't go.
You go now, please.
I don't think so.
This man is leader of uprising.
Let's just stick to the plan!|The plan is for the gold!
We can help these people,|then we'll be on our way.
This is not what we're here for!|Let's go!
Cover me.
No unnecessary shots, Conrad,|because we know what they do.
They make infected pockets|full of bile, sir.
Right. That's what they do.
I want you to leave this town.
Saddam kill us if we leave.|Kill our family!
We give you the gold.|Now U.S.A. Out of Iraq.
No shooting.
Okay, we work something out.
Easy! Take it easy!
What's happening?
Accident. Stay cool.
Put your hands up.
I'm okay.
Get down!
Shut up! Get down!
Get down! Shut up.
- Put the people in the Humvee.|- What?
Put the people in the Humvee!
- There's no room!|- Make room!
What happened to necessity?
It just changed!
Not for me! Let's go!
What if that was you?
What if this was you without Kevlar?
Great. A fucking tank!
That should send us on our way!
L.A.W., sir?
Let's get out of here.
It's about fucking time!
Ride in that Humvee. Let's go!|In the Humvee!
Come on, sweetheart, come on.
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Stupid son of a bitch!|We were home free!
Give me that arm.
What's that tank doing?
I don't know. Looks like it stopped.
It's gas!
Where's my mask?
Where's my fucking mask?
Where's my mask?
Stop! Stop!
Wait! Those are mines!
Come back this way.
No, this isn't sarin.|We'd be dead already!
- What is it? Mustard?|- C.S.
Tear gas?
Times 10.
Come here.
Put this on.
Here, you take it.
See that? That's a mine!
Don't step there! Do not step there!
Where's your kids?
Cover your face. Come here.
Where are your children?
What happened to your children?
Watch your back!
Freeze! Don't move!
- What's going on?|- I don't know.
It's okay. They're helping us.|They're with the rebels.
They got a shelter.
Go, go. Get in!
I gotta look for Barlow.
Where's Troy?
Wait a minute! Where's Troy?
We gotta get out of here.
Where is Troy?
- Come on!|- Get off me!
Let's go!
You motherfucker!|Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me!
We have to go back and get Troy.
He's not out there.|We have to wait till it clears.
You made a choice in the village,|and we lost Troy.
- I had no choice.|- You had a choice!
I had no choice.
What about Troy?|What choice does he have now?
Paco, start shooting!
I don't like this.
We should go!
Let me handle this.
Get dressed! Get dressed!
I said okay!
Do you speak English?
Could you...?
I have a little problem.
I need to know the number.|What number, please?
Operation Desert Storm.
I'm sorry. I need to know the number.
The big army in the desert.|It's an emergency!
You'll have to give me more...
Fuck! Maybe...
Come on, come on, come on!
Honey, it's me.
Oh, my God! Baby, I was|hoping it was you!
It's me, honey.
God, the baby's crying.
How's she doing?
She hasn't slept good, and Mom had|to go back to work, so I'm real tired.
- I wish I was there, gooney bird.|- When are you coming home?
I'm working on that right now.
I saw an ad for a computer job.|You want me to set up an interview?
- Honey...|- What date are you coming home?
We don't have|an exact date yet, but...
If I knew,|I could set up this interview...
- Listen to me!|- What's happening?
- What was that?|- The wall just exploded.
I thought the war was over.
It is and it isn't.|Can you call the reserve center?
What do you want me to do?
Tell the duty NCO I'm stuck in a bunker|near 223 north outside Karbala.
223 north outside Karbala.
- Everything's okay?|- I don't want you to worry.
I tried to do something|for the family, and...
I just want you to know...
Know what?
- I love you.|- What's going on?
Just tell Krystal.
Tell her I'm rich, and if things|work out, she'll be taken care of.
What are you saying?
I gotta go, gooney bird!|I love you!
Spirits are high,|and music is soaring... these young troops celebrate|the liberation of Kuwait.
The mood here is boisterous and giddy,|as these troops are...
I'm being held by a bunker outside...|Shit! Wait!
I'm being held captive by Iraqi troops|outside a bunker near the gritty city...
Cut, cut!
You said "gritty city" again.
Who gives a shit? These people|are dying for chrissake!
What about Private Wogaman?
Let's lay one down first.
In three, two...
I'm being held captive|by Iraqi troops...
...outside a bunker far from Karbala.
The rebels have gone down the road...
The assault, started by the rebels|from Karbala, came up on...
Back off!
Sir, that's enough!
We have a right to be here!
That's mine.
Fuck it.
Could I have my pants, please?
My pants! On my legs!
Out! Get out!
What did you wanna be as a boy?
As a boy, I wanted to be either|a veterinarian or a CIA sharpshooter.
Really? That's very complicated.
Yes, colonel.
- What the fuck are you doing?|- I'm giving an interview to NRG.
- Do you have authorization?|- Yes, sir, I do.
- Who gave you this?|- Major Gates.
Archie Gates gave you this?|Jesus Christ, Doug!
- I don't get to do the interview?|- You don't get to do the interview.
Come with me.
Tell me where he is, or you're going|back to the hotel in Dhahran.
I don't know. I think he's|helping Adriana Cruz.
- Is she here?|- No, sir.
So who else is missing?
- Chief's not here.|- Chief?
You don't know where|your sergeant is?
Barlow and Vig are gone too, sir.
They got a document out|of a guy's ass yesterday, sir.
I don't know what it was. A map|or secret list. I saw it happen.
- Did they bring it to you?|- No, sir.
See, he's working something.
Get me maps. Check radio transmissions.|Maybe we'll get their positions.
What's wrong with him?|Is he dead?
Is that guy dead?|Where are you gonna put him?
A shrine.
A shrine?|What kind of shrine y'all got?
A shrine near a holy man...
...that gives him comfort|and access to paradise.
That sounds like a pretty good shrine,|right, Chief?
I'm not kidding.|It sounds like a good shrine.
Man, I'm sorry I hit you.
I was just worried about Troy.
He's my friend.
I didn't want nothing|to happen to him.
He's gonna take me to Detroit|with him, hook me up with a job.
Come on, man.
I know you was coming to help me.
I don't wanna hold no grudges.
You got kicked out of that|ring of Jesus fire, huh?
That ain't how it work.
How's it work?
I take care of whatever He puts|in front of me, no questions asked.
He put that gold in front of me,|and I took it.
That's how it works.
What about now?
I don't know. I gotta see.
How you doing, Conrad?
I'm fine.
It was my choice today.
You can try to head back if you want.|Take your share and bury it.
I'll find Barlow myself.
I wanna find Troy.
I'm here. I'm ready.
Let's check the suitcases.
I count 79.
That means we're missing 41 bags.
That's about $23 million left.
Not bad for a disaster, provided we find|Barlow and not get court-martialed.
How is she?
How is your little girl?
She's traumatized.|What do you expect?
I went to B-school at Bowling Green.
I came back to open a couple|of hotels near Karbala.
I'm nearly in the black|when this stupid war starts...
...and you guys bomb all my cafés.
Now we try to get rid of Saddam,|Bush leaves us twisting in the winds.
Look at these people.
Where is America now?
Where is the Army now?
You have a radio?
No radio, no water.
- Where's Barlow?|- They got him.
Where'd they take him?
Oasis bunker.|It's full of Saddam's Guard.
- Where's that?|- Approximately 17, 18 miles from here.
- Take us there.|- We have no transportation.
We'll walk until we find some.
Why don't you call in the Marines?
With what? We don't have a radio.
We'll find a vehicle, you drive back,|get a helicopter, fly in, get your man.
- Can't do that.|- Why not? You have a huge army here.
We shouldn't be involved|in the uprising.
We killed Iraqi soldiers,|broke the peace accord.
You know what I think?
We're fighting Saddam and dying,|and you're stealing gold.
You're wrong.
They have half a million men here.
They send four guys|to pick up all this bullion?
I don't think so.
We need to find our man. How much|do you want to take us to him?
Is this still yours to give?
The only reason you have these bags|is we picked them up.
We'll take our share...
...and we will help you|carry your share.
And find our man.
Amir Abdulah.
Archie Gates.
You'll take us to the Iranian border.
If we don't get to a refugee camp,|we're dead. The nearest is in Iran.
You don't need us.|You can buy your way.
Saddam's soldiers|won't take Saddam's gold.
Our only chance|is if we are with Americans.
Can't take you to the Iranian border.
Then we don't have a deal.
Give me a fucking break, man!
We saved your life!
- And we saved yours.|- We lost a man for you.
What good is it if you leave us here|to be slaughtered?
The big army of democracy beats the ugly|dictator and saves the rich Kuwaitis...
...but you go to jail if you help us|escape the same dictator?
You saw what happened to my wife.
Look at my daughter.
Who's going?
Everyone but the priests.|That makes 55.
Did we save anything from the Humvee?
Vig's bag.
What is your rank, bro?
Sergeant first class.
Your company?
437 Civil Affairs Company,|U.S. Army Reserve.
My main man...
...tell me something, okay?
What is the problem|with Michael Jackson?
What do you mean?
What is the problem|with Michael Jackson?
What is the problem|with Michael Jackson?
You understand my question?
I'm not sure I do.
The King of Pop.
Michael Jackson.
He come to Egypt.|I see picture in newspaper.
"Hello", with the white glove. "I'm|Michael Jackson in my hotel room...
...with my chop-up face." Your country|make him chop up his face.
I don't think so.
Michael Jackson is pop king|of sick fucking country.
That's bullshit.|He did it to himself.
You are the blind bullshit,|my main man.
It is so obvious a black man...
...make the skin white and the hair|straight, and you know why?
Your sick fucking country make|the black man hate himself...
...just like you hate the Arab|and the children you bomb over here.
I don't hate children.
- This is illegal. The war's over.|- That's why you are illegal.
You broke the ceasefire, and I think|even you steal the gold.
So nobody know where you are, right?|Your Army don't know.
I'll send you to Baghdad for a long|time. Nobody found you.
- Do they care, buddy?|- Does who care?
Do your Army care about the children|in Iraq? Do they come back to help?
No, they're not coming.
Do your Army...
...come back to help the people?
Tell the truth, dude-ski.
Save us the big bummer.
That's the truth.
Does it hurt?
I asked you a question, man!|Does it hurt?
Yes, it hurts.
You bomb my family. Do you know that?
You blow up my home.|The whole street.
My wife is crush by big fucking|block of concrete.
She lose her legs.
Those legs cut off now.
- That's horrible.|- What?
I said that's horrible.
My God, buddy. I didn't even told you|the horrible part yet.
My son...
My son was killed in his bed.
He is 1 years old.
He is sleeping with his toy|when the bomb come.
I have a daughter.
Very nice for you, bro.
She's safe in Arizona...
...without the bomb, the concrete|and all this shit.
I'm not from Arizona.
How old is she?
One month old.
What's her name?
What make you decide to tell me|about Krystal, my main man?
Because we're both fathers.
I'm not father no more, dude.|Remember?
My son is dead now.
Can you think how it feel|inside your heart...
...if I bomb your daughter?
Worse than death.
That's right.
Worse than death.
Y'all think America is Satan, right?|America is Satan?
What'd they say?
They say he want salon.
- A what?|- A salon. Hair salon.
You cut hair?
Look, they don't care if they cut|American hair, Shiite hair, Sunni hair.
They just want get rid of Saddam|and live life. Make business.
He wants to know,|do you want to kill every Arab?
That's what I was trained to do.
No. That was not our training.|We got Arab allies, man.
Yeah, well, we got Arab allies.
He says, "So you don't wanna|kill every Arab."
He's just had no high school.|No high school.
Don't tell people that.
- What'd they say?|- He says you have terrible haircut.
Troy gave me this haircut.|It's a badass haircut.
America, welcome!
- How you doing?|- "How are you?"
He's happy to welcome America.
- Thank you.|- We welcome America!
They're all deserters.|They leave Saddam army.
But they help us near Karbala.|Good man.
Welcome, America!
No, my friend! The man don't do that.|Only the woman.
Why's that?
Because it's their custom.
- You have a radio?|- No radio.
George Bush get rid Saddams now?
Not exactly, no.
Would you inform this gentleman|we need a vehicle of some kind?
From Kuwait.
Let me ask you a question.
Does Lexus make this model?
Infiniti convertible only.
No Lexus convertible. Infiniti only.
Infiniti only.
Exactly what I said.
We use these cars|to fight Saddam's soldiers.
What's so funny?
Cannot take.
What do you mean? We kicked|Saddam's ass. We definitely take.
We are the United States Army.
You are three guys with a bunch|of civilians and no Humvee.
Need money. Have no money.|To eat, to live.
"American Army is huge, with planes|and tanks. We have nothing."
Listen to me.|We will rise up together. Tell him.
Rise up.
Look at us. Many races.
Many nations, many nations.|Working together.
- Tell him, Chief.|- We're united.
George Bush. George Bush wants you.
Stand up for yourself.
Wants you!
He wants everybody.
Yes! Me and you stand up together!
We fight. Kick Saddam's ass!
George Bush wants you!
Make the fight for freedom on your own!|Then America will follow!
Praise the Lord!
God bless America,|and God bless a free Iraq!
Free Iraq!
Free Iraq!
Now, what do you say, my friend?
Cannot give car.
I guess we'll buy them.
Come on, man. This is good music.|Judas Priest will pump you up!
No! We're not listening to that|headache music.
Just one song.
What you need is|easy listening classics.
I do not need that.
You need something to calm you.
Not easy listening classics.
All right, try this.
This is from Barlow's wife in Detroit.|They may have a position on him.
From his wife in Detroit?
What the hell is this?
The war's over, and I don't know|what it was about. What was it about?
- I was managed by the military.|- Me too.
I try to be substance-based,|not style-based.
I think you got style.
That little Cathy bitch|says I'm old.
That's because she's jealous.
First of all, you're smarter than her,|and that is a threat.
And second of all, you are beautiful.
You're the most prettiest woman down|there at that network.
You got great skin. Beautiful hair.
That's sweet, but there's|sexual politics in this business.
It's about looks. It's about sex.|It's about style.
Many anchormen came on to me.|I didn't go for it.
I never played that game or dropped|to my knees for an assignment.
I came out to the desert because|nobody else had the balls to do it.
I only joined Saddam Hussein army|to make good living for my family.
Good house.
Now I can't get out.
I joined up for the extra cash too.
Found out I was gonna have a baby.
You know, I got weapon and training|from America.
How you think I learned my English?
Specialist guys come here... train us when we fight Iran.
What'd they train you in?
Weapons, sabotage...
It was a total waste for your Army|to come to Iraq, right?
I heard about a lot of bad shit|that happened in Kuwait.
Bad shit happened.|I'm not proud of that.
Who's got the sick country?
Maybe Saddam is very crazy.
And then you are crazy to bomb|all of Iraq.
Too much bombing is crazy,|but not saving Kuwait.
You are here for save Kuwaiti people?
Lot of people in trouble|in this world...
...and you don't fight|no war for them.
You can't invade another country.
Why not, dude?
It makes the world crazy.|You need to keep it stable.
For what? Your pickup truck?
No, for stability.|Stabilize the region.
This is your fucking stability,|my main man.
We get our man, then we come back|and pick up the gold.
- And my people?|- That's right.
Let's go over the plan.
Let's do it.
There's a bunker built into the side|of the cliff face.
Looks like a castle. There's a road|coming there, another one across.
It's full of Saddam's Republican Guard.|I don't think we can overpower them.
There's too many.
But there's one thing they're afraid of.
What's that?
Then that's what we use.
Right. That's what we'll use.
You stay with me.
You stay with me.
Hold on. I wanna go over|this plan one more time.
You're scared, right?
The way this works is, you do|the thing you're scared shitless of...
...and you get the courage after|you do it. Not before you do it.
That's a dumb-ass way to work.|It should be the other way around.
I know.
That's the way it works.
I got a splinter.
Jesus fire, Jesus fire, Jesus fire...
Come on.
Oh, shit!
You all right?
Shit, you're dead.
Wait! Wait!
Come on. Amir, come on.
Let's get out of here.
Where's Conrad?
Keep your guard up.
Are you okay?
Where's Conrad?|How are we getting back?
- We got the Rolls.|- You got a Rolls?
This is an Infiniti convertible.
Man, I think you're in shock.
It's an Infiniti convertible?
Yeah, it is.
Okay, so I owe you a car.|I'm not in shock.
Sure you're okay?
No! He's with us!
Don't shoot him! He's with us!
- You're the guy with the little girl.|- That's right.
What are you doing here?
- He helped us find you.|- I came here to help you.
All right. You're all right, man!
I see some people.
I can't see what's happening.|Stay put.
- How's your little girl?|- She's safe for now.
Outstanding! Excellent!|How can we help you?
We had a deal to get to the border, but|we have more people and need vehicles.
That's not a problem.|We'll work it out.
We have to do this.|We can work it out.
I don't know. It's a lot of people.
You choose who we take. Tell|the others they'll have to die.
I can't do that.|You'll have to do that yourself.
You made it, man!
I thought that was you!
Where the fuck have you been?
What are you wearing?
What is this?
It's a suit jacket.|The Iraqis gave it to me.
I didn't recognize you in it.
It fits all right, right?
Chief! We need your help!
I'm okay.
Where's he hit?
It's in and out. I think|it's above his collarbone.
Where's the Jesus fire?
It's all around you right now.|You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
I'm going to hell.
You're gonna be fine.
Can you take me to a shrine that gives|you comfort and erases your bad deeds?
We made the right choice today.
Stop with that shrine shit.|It'll be okay.
- You think so?|- I know so!
We're getting out of here.|Hey, major!
Would you please fucking help...!
Goddamn it!
What's the matter, man?
Can you breathe?
Can you breathe?
There's air in his chest.|It's crushing his lung.
Does that feel better, man?
That feel better?
He's gone.
Air pressure's gonna build up|every 15 minutes.
Release the valve|and close it back up.
- How long can I keep doing that?|- I don't know.
Maybe 4 or 5 hours, if you're not|bleeding too bad. You don't seem to be.
He said he wanted|to go to one of those shrines.
Did he mean that?
That's what he told me.
Qum, Iran.|We can take him with us.
Then take him.
All right. Take him there.
We found a radio inside.|You're hooked for that call, major.
Bolo, this is Brer Rabbit.
We're going to jail.
No, we're not.|Bolo, this is Brer Rabbit.
This is Bolo. Come in.
Where are you?
About two clicks outside of camp.
We're ready for that briar patch.
- I want to find out where we're going.|- Please! I'm transmitting code!
You got me, Bolo?
I think so.
Who handles the briar patch?
You do.
Tar Baby goes to the briar patch|if everything's okay.
No. It's the other way around.
Sorry, sir. I don't|remember how the code goes.
I need four personnel trucks|and a Humvee.
That's a pretty tall order|for a secret operation, sir.
Talk to my friend Teebaux.|Each driver will get 100K.
Brer Rabbit at 239 north.
Add one medevac pack to the order.|Make sure you bring the reporter.
Roger. Give me two hours.
Bury those real good, Chief.
After we take them to the border,|we figure out a way to get it out.
223 north is the position.|There's just an empty bunker there.
Task air recon to cover|223 north to the border.
I'll put choppers on standby.
If they're there, they won't be|hard to find.
All the way, sir.
Are you all right?
It's not me.|Barlow could use some morphine.
They got him.|Let's see about you.
- Did you get the gold?|- No, but we helped a lot of people.
Now we have to get them|over the border.
- They'll be killed without protection.|- They're gonna bust you for that.
Cover it and see what happens.
Sure you're not coming with us?
I will stay here to fight Saddam.
Good luck.
Sit down.|We're gonna pull out fast.
Everybody sit down.|We're going.
Walter, did you meet everybody?
Walter, this is Kaied.
What are you thinking?
We walk them past the Iraqi soldiers.|Make sure they're safe.
We walk back to the trucks|and get out of here.
All right, let's do it!
No guns. Only American soldiers|carry guns.
We are just now about...
We're getting it now? We're about 25|yards from an Iraqi checkpoint...
...heading into Iran.
We are just about to move across|the zone up into the Iranian border.
It's a barbed-wire point.
We have men, women|and children here...
...assumed to be Iraqi refugees|crossing over into Iran.
- Make sure they take care of Conrad.|- I will.
We did see a lot of Iraqi soldiers.|They are here, up in bunkers.
Keep in a tight group.
We're going through some kind|of checkpoint.
This is a violation of American policy.
The United States has|withdrawn its support.
Let's cut and go again.
You are AWOL, and you are|in violation of American policy.
You are under arrest.
Double-time! Let's go!
We can make it before they stop us!
Arrest them! Get them away|from those refugees!
Let's go!
Come here.
Give me your hand! Come on!
Watch out!
You're under arrest!
Let me help these people get across!
Let me get her over!
Let me get her over!
Wait! Just let them get over first!|Wait!
I need to reach this valve in my chest.
Look what's happening!|Just let them get over!
- Help these people get across!|- You cannot support them!
Let me get them across,|and I'll go right with you!
Let's go! You're coming with me!
They'll be slaughtered|if we don't help them!
Why you doing this?|They'll kill them!
The refugees are not crossing the|border. They have been rounded up...
Let them get over!
You don't belong here!
What's the matter?|You ought to know better!
We're not involved in this problem!|Understand?
You're AWOL, and you're under arrest!
Will you let them kill those people?|It's not right!
They're arresting them!
I can't breathe!
You fucked me, now you're fucked!|So shut your mouth!
I need to reach this!
Give this man medical attention!
We're not involved|in this problem here!
You're way out of line!
Look at him!
- I can't reach the valve!|- He can't breathe!
Put the cuffs on the front!
He'll die if you don't...
You don't worry about him!|Worry about yourself!
What the hell is this?|Turn that camera off!
- That's a $70,000 camera!|- What are you doing here?
I was authorized...
He's gonna die!
Cut his cuffs!
- I should get this story!|- You're out of the pool!
All we had to do was help them!|It was less than 100 feet!
We got the gold.
- The Kuwaiti bullion. We've got it.|- Bullshit.
Hold that bag. Give me that bag!
Get the bag.
- How much do you have?|- $23 million.
Where's it at?
Get those people over first.
They helped us find it, Ron.
We made a deal. It's a soldier's honor.|You can't fuck them now.
Come on. Return the gold.
Save some refugees. Get that star.
Let's go, Doug.
Who's in charge here?
You're under arrest.|You'll be court-martialed...
...and you'll show us|where that bullion is.
English Subtitles by|GELULA & CO., INC.
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