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Three Marias The

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Run, kid.
-Run, kid!|-João Capadócio...
can you hear me, damn you?
I know you're in there, damn you.
If you don't come out...
I will kill those out here|with me, one by one.
I'll fire off three|rounds into the air...
and on the fourth,|the killing begins.
I'll kill the lot if I have to.
When I've finished|killing them all...
I'll come in there|and finish you off.
You'd better give yourself in.
Arcanjo, go ahead.
Come here, damn you, right out|into the middle of the street.
I'm coming, can't you see?
Are you ready to die?
This bravery of yours|isn't it just hearsay?
-You'll fall.|-Today you're the one who'll die.
Tranqüilo, don't worry,|your time will come.
Yours has come first.
I've already killed|your father and brother.
One day, sooner or later, you'll|be sent off to town feet first.
You'll fall.
Kneel, start praying.
I only kneel down at the altar.
You might even get to heaven,|such a good little boy.
Welcome, friend. What favorable|winds bring you here?
Not favorable winds this time.
Bad ones have forced me here.
This journey's the last thing I could|wish to undertake. But such is life.
What are you talking about?
I can't beat about the bush,|so I'll come straight to the point.
-Do so, then.|-I ask you to forgive me...
for bearing bad tidings.
Please be seated, for what I have to|say to you cannot be heard standing.
-Speak, now, for the love of God.|-A tragedy has befallen us.
Your husband and sons|have been killed.
I shall not tell you how they died,|for it was too brutal.
And the suffering would|only be made greater.
So, I beg you|to spare me that task.
Do not spare my pain...
hide nothing from me.
I'd like to thank you for|bringing me such news in person.
I'd like to ask another favor|of you, if it is not too much.
Ask, madam, I'd do anything|to relieve your pain.
My three daughters need me|to be with them...
but I cannot go now.
I would like you|to tell them my wishes.
First, say that I shall|be absent at the wake.
I will explain why later,|when I see them.
have them lay out|the bodies all night...
for all to see the tragedy...
the terrible misfortune|which has befallen us.
Have them receive condolences...
but without despair.
None of them may weep.
I want mourning, not tears.
I want pain, not a flood.
Certainly, madam.
And last, arrange for the bodies|to be fetched at eleven.
The cortege will go without me...
but do not bury the bodies|before my arrival.
Now take this message|to my daughters...
tell them that until then|I do not wish to see anyone.
Adieu, father...
adieu, João...
adieu, Emiliano.
May the angels light your paths.
We are left with pain...
the loss of our dears.
{y:i}Where there is hate.|{y:i}May I bring love.
{y:i}Where there is offense.|{y:i}May I bring forgiveness.
{y:i}Where there is disagreement.|{y:i}May I bring union.
{y:i}Where there is doubt.|{y:i}May I bring faith.
{y:i}Where there is error.|{y:i}May I bring truth.
{y:i}Where there is despair.|{y:i}May I bring hope.
{y:i}Where there is sadness.|{y:i}May I bring joy.
{y:i}Where there is darkness.|{y:i}May I bring light.
{y:i}O Master.
{y:i}Make me want more.
{y:i}To comfort.|{y:i}Than being comforted.
{y:i}To understand.|{y:i}Than being understood.
{y:i}To love.|{y:i}Than being loved.
{y:i}My daughters....
you must be asking yourselves why|you haven't seen me weep up to now.
The answer is simple.
You should never feed pain without|first giving sustenance to hatred.
Pay attention to what I say:
no one will weep here.
Sadness is patient.
It waits.
I am quite certain that your father and|brothers will not rest in peace...
as long as the seeds|of evil aren't crushed.
Since they left,|I have not slept...
nor dreamt...
I just think of what to do|to those dreadful beasts.
We must be worse than them.
While I see to|the legal side of things...
each of you...
will go looking for a hitman.
Maria Francisca...
my oldest daughter...
go and find the killer|Zé das Cobras.
{y:i}Do everything you can.|{y:i}to conquer him..
And if that is not enough...
do more than you can.
Maria Rosa...
who is the flower of this house...
find and meet a policeman|called Chief Tenório.
{y:i}It will be difficult....
but have faith...
and do the miracle|of convincing him.
And Maria Pia...
my youngest...
go very carefully in search...
of the worst of all...
{y:i}one Jesuíno Cruz....
better known as the Devil's Horse.
Each of them will bring me a head.
I want them in front of me.
Only at that moment|will this war end.
And why don't we kill them...
Because we have a destiny in life.
And yours...
is not to kill.
{y:i}Do everything you can.|{y:i}to conquer him..
{y:i}And if that is not enough.,|{y:i}do more than you can..
Good morning.|Looking for somewhere to stay?
There's a place near here, clean,|good and cheap. And no whores.
All right, but first|I must find someone.
-Good morning.|-Good morning.
Do you by any chance know|a man called Zé das Cobras?
Zé das Cobras is that man sitting|eating at that table in the back.
But you might as well know:|he doesn't speak to women.
How come?
Ever since he read in the Bible|the story of Adam and Eve...
he's been thinking about snakes...
and to this day has a thing|about women.
Things got worse after his mother|died. He never spoke to a woman.
-But I must speak to him.|-Well, if you insist...
I advise you to do so through him.
That's Catrevagem.
Thank you.
Did you hear what the man said?|Let's go and talk to him.
Afterwards I'll pay you.
Speak to him.|Tell him:
Zé das Cobras, destiny|has brought me here.
I've come because|of your services.
Speak to him. Tell him: Zé das|Cobras, destiny has brought me here.
I've come because of your services.
Can you hear me?
I said, can you hear me?|Why won't you speak to me?
-Tell her to sit down.|-He said for you to sit down.
You remain standing.
-Ask her if she wants to eat.|-He asked whether you want to eat.
Tell him I'm only hungry for|revenge, that 's why I am here.
My father and my two brothers|were killed by the Santos Guerra.
My father was hanged|by his own guts.
My older brother|was burned to death...
and the youngest one,|they took out his eyes and heart.
Tell her...
that if Eve betrayed Adam|because the serpent told her to...
why should I trust her?
I don't know.
-Go on, Catrevagem.|-l didn't understand a word.
Tell her it's no use looking|at me like that, I'm not giving in.
He said it's no use you're looking|at him like that, he'll not give in.
Tell her I'll do the job.
Ask her what she'll pay me for it.
-I only take cash.|-She heard everything.
I'm not saying anything else before|I eat a mouthful of roast snake.
Well if you won't|talk to her, nor will I.
And when I close my mouth I don't|open it again. Not even for a snake.
You're to say everything we say.|Repeat what he said or you'll die.
Let go, I'll talk.
He said that he agrees to do|the job and you have to pay cash.
-That wasn't all.|-I've forgotten the rest.
the deal's off.
You fool, he said:
''l need money.|Tell her I'll do the job.
Ask her what she'll pay me for it.|And it has to be cash.'' Say it.
He said he needs money.|He'll do the job.
He wants to know|how much you'll pay for it.
And it has to be cash.
{y:i}The angel of death..
{y:i}It will be difficult....
{y:i}but have faith....
{y:i}and do the miracle.|{y:i}of convincing him..
Good afternoon, I wish|to speak to Chief Tenório.
He's out hunting Azedo, a dog which|has gone mad and is attacking folks.
No one sees him,|the animal hides like a secret.
lf you'd like to tell me|what it's about....
But if it's a private matter,|then wait for the Chief.
You can sit over there|on the bench.
Thank you.
You can go. Next.
I had a basket|of beans on my head.
When I saw it, the beast was|tailing me. I ran, he chased me.
I skidded and slipped|on the ground.
I was resting when I heard screams.|I thought: ''What the hell is that?''
Someone's got|to take care of that beast.
{y:i}Go very carefully in search....
{y:i}of the worst of all....
{y:i}one Jesuíno Cruz.,{y:i}better known.|{y:i}as the Devil's horse..
-Good morning.|-Good morning.
-I'm a relation of Jesuíno Cruz.|-And what do you want?
Jesuíno's mother is dying. She'd|like to see her son one last time...
...even if it were just in a photo.|-So?
If you'll let me, I'd like to|take his picture to take to her.
Wait here a minute.
You can come in.
Take the lady|to the inspection room.
Take the pants off.
And the panties.
Now open your legs.
Go down three times.
-Horse?|-Who is it?
It 's about time you got a visitor.
Go on in.
-Who awaits me out there?|-My name is Maria Pia.
And what is it you want?
I want you to kill a man for me.
You go straight to the point.
Put your hands up.
Only speak to me in this way.
I have no weapons or anything.|I only came to hire you.
What 's in it for me?
I get you out of here.
I am God's Vulture.
I'm the Devil's Horse.
I relieve God of carrion, and give|the devil something to eat.
Those I kill...
I cut in half...
split in two, so that there is no|arguing between Satan and Jehovah.
I want the head of a man.
You can do whatever|you like with the body.
Young lady...
to get out of here,|I'd do anything.
You just tell me your|problem and I'll solve it...
because as far as I'm concerned|all men are fit to die.
-What do you need?|-Money.
Just say how much you want,|and I'll bring it to you.
Visiting hours are up.
Did you take a picture|of the ugly beast, then?
-It 's over.|-No...
it's not over.
A love like ours is never over.
Everything ends.
Every child you had by that man...
was like a stab in my back.
What is it, father?
Don't think that all Filó is doing|is mourning for the dead.
I've known her for a very|long time. We must be cautious.
Very cautious.
I'll never forget that woman,|even if she dies.
That's it!
That's it, folks.
Catrevagem, tell her I'm leaving.|Tomorrow morning I'll wait for you.
I have good news for you.|Go call the folks.
Go, Zezinho.|Call your mom.
-It 's Azedo, folks.|-Chief...
if you have the strength|to face Azedo...
kill the Angel of death.
-What Angel you want me to kill?|-Arcanjo, who killed my family.
Calm down.
Calm down and wait inside for me.
Now I must explain|everything to these folks.
I've been hunting|that mad dog for a week...
and I'll not hunt him a day longer,|for the animal is dead.
I killed Azedo.
Lady, get up, for I've|never been a saint.
I'm a sinner who drinks liquor,|suffers, loves, and even kills.
-You needn't do this. Get up.|-The man who killed my family.
His name is Arcanjo Santos Guerra.
If I were to do that which you ask...
I would be destroying the law which|I spent my whole life defending.
To this day I've only|killed within the law.
What I ask of you may be|against the law of men.
But not against the law of God.
And it is He who will judge us all.
What I ask of you is|to repair a wrongdoing.
The only thing which can save|my family is a miracle.
Miracles are not done|by men, but by saints.
Only a man with|his own sense of justice...
and therefore|beyond good and evil...
can act, not as a man,|but as a saint.
No men are left in our family.|But courage remains.
Courage for anything, and that|includes asking you such a thing.
-But what you're asking....|-What I ask...
is for you to be a saint|and grant a miracle:
the death of Arcanjo|Santos Guerra.
Let's get out of here.
I'm very tired, I need to sleep.
-And what about Arcanjo?|-Tomorrow.
I'll decide tomorrow.
-You've a place to stay tonight?|-I have nowhere to go.
A few days ago,|I was bitten by Azedo.
I received no treatment.
I know the worst is to come.
Azedo's sickness is nothing|other than death itself.
I will wash your body with water|and soap, you will get better.
Don't worry about me.|The worst pain has passed.
Easy. Easy, Chief.
Easy. It'll pass.
-Where does it hurt? Keep calm.|-Here.
Azedo did that with his teeth.
Keep calm. Keep calm.
It'll help you.
''And the Lord sent fiery|serpents among the people...
and much people of lsrael died.
And Moses made a serpent|of brass, put it upon a pole...
and if any man had been bit, when he|saw the serpent of brass, he lived.''
That which kills also cures.|Salvation and perdition.
The woman and the snake|are blood relations.
''Having been the cleverest|of all the animals...
and having seduced Eva's|virginal chastity...
he was filled with the desire|for bestial coitus...
and all impudence and|all mankind's prostitution.''
What did you say? That's|simply not true. Catrevagem...
run and tell him he can't do|such a thing to a woman.
If he abandons me,|it will be the end of me.
Jesuíno has toothache.
He'll go to town to see a dentist|who looks after the prisoners here.
It'll cost two thousand reais.|Paid in advance.
I'll leave you another|thousand reais as a tip.
Now take me to the Devil's Horse.
What happened?
Why do you turn your back on me?
Life is not straight.
It is full of crossroads.
Every man is divided.
One day his face,|another his back.
And one or the other|is what he shows.
-Never both at the same time.|-All right...
but if you want to save all of you,|not just half, pay attention.
Soon the men will|take you to the dentist.
Everything has been arranged.
Here is the photo of|the man you must kill.
Bring me his head.
The rest you can cut in half|or do whatever you want with.
I'll watch you for a while...
in order to feel the anger|filling up inside me.
When it is big enough...
I want to feel it devour my heart.
Catrevagem, can I ask you|a dumb question?
But of course, Zé.|Know anyone dumber than me?
-Do you know how to talk to women?|-Yes, I do.
Will you teach me?
If you give me a snakeskin coat.
What the hell do you want|a snakeskin coat for?
And what do you want|to talk to women for?
If I ask you something curious,|will you get angry with me?
Fire away with your question.
Tell the girl, Catrevagem....
Say not to bother|laying any traps.
Ask, Catrevagem,|whether he ate all those snakes...
...with flour and with liquor?|-Was it with liquor?
One by one, I ate them,|and all of them with liquor.
The mixture enters the bloodstream|and kills off any fear there is.
A man who does this|has no fear at all.
Rattlesnake with Caprichosa,|good liquor from Minas.
Jararaca with Marimbondo,|from Paraíba.
Anaconda with Pitú,|from here in Pernambuco.
Grass-snake with Maré Alta,|from Rio de Janeiro.
I even lost count of how|many snakes and liquor I've had.
I've got a strong nerve.
I'm not even scared of the Devil,|nor the wild beast, or anything.
After I've had a coral snake with|Nêga Fulô, the Devil's scared of me.
There is where the coward|who killed my father lives.
The bedroom on the right|is the condemned man's.
Catrevagem, tell her to wait here.
Bite the bastard.
Inject all your venom|into his blood.
Send him to hell.
Go on, beauty.
Where's the girl?
You see, Catrevagem?
That's why I don't trust women.
Let's go. I have to deliver|this parcel for her.
This is the last killing|I do for money.
Did you know...
cats lick their own wounds?
And that their saliva...
has some sort of...
Catrevagem, tell her:
here is the job your daughter Maria|Francisca asked to deliver to you.
It's delivered, now you must|pretend you never saw me before.
Here is the job your daughter|Maria Francisca asked....
You need say no more.
The delivery is made.
You may go.
This isn't Firmino.
They killed the wrong man,|my God.
Firmino is alive.
The bastard is alive.
I'm a widower now.
Stay with me, come on.
Firmino, I have nothing|to do with your life anymore...
nor you with mine.
Say you're mine, say it.
What we felt towards|each other was a long time ago.
It's over.
It's been over for 3O years.
My God!
Where is my daughter, my God?
Where is my daughter, my God?
Where are my daughters?
that is born of a woman...
is of few days,|and full of trouble.''
14, first verse.
Do you know why|I've come to kill you?
I know.
But dying is not something|I'm afraid of.
I've killed,|I've seen death...
and I know how much it costs.
-How would you like to die?|-Man...
with two bullets in the head,|so as not to feel anything.
Do you think you|deserve such a death?
I'll do with you...
what I've been doing recently.
If it's heads...
I'll kill you.
you can go.
Every man has his price.
I'll pay ten times what|you've been paid...
to let me go.
Destiny makes mistakes sometimes.
Only me...
and the Devil...
saw the mistake.
It wasn't heads.
It was tails.
She's been like that ever since|she received a package...
brought by two strange men.
Misfortune never hits just once.
My daughter.
Firmino is alive.
I don't believe it.
They killed the wrong man.
Oh, my God!
And Francisca?
No one knows where she is.
I think Francisca is dead.
Maria Francisca.
My daughter.
What happened?
Miss. Wake up.
Wake up, because Azedo's rabies|is eating me up.
Destiny's been|keeping this for us.
I killed the dog|with one like that.
Take it.
It's yours.
I don't know how to use that.
Yes, you do.
Take it.
Find the Angel of Death.
Teach him to die.
With a knife like this one,|you don't need my help.
It kills silently...
and when it goes in|there is no remedy.
It wasn't heads.
It was tails.
''Man is consumed|by his own rotten core...
as a garment eaten by a moth.''
-Job.|-13, 28th verse.
Take the coin and do it again.
If it's heads...
I'll kill you both.
If it's tails....
Tell her to wait here.
Catrevagem, don't say anything.
-Nice house, Firmino.|-Thank you, Senator. Come in.
-Do you want a drink?|-Firmino, I must sleep.
I'm dead tired and have|an early start tomorrow.
The trip was hard.|You can have my bedroom.
Of course. Yes, it's|the best in the house.
There's really no need.
It's not every day|one has a Senator to stay.
This way, please.
Here. Make yourself at home,|Senator. Good night.
Good night.
Go on, beauty.
Senator, is everything all right?
Is anything wrong in there?
Arcanjo. Tranqüilo.
Arcanjo... Tranqüilo...|Get me out of this house!
Where are my henchmen?|Where are my dogs? My dogs!
Is it you, my little Filó?
I knew you'd be a long time...
but that you'd come.
I know.
You always wanted me.
My darling.
I have waited...
I have waited|my whole life for this day.
{y:i}We have a destiny in life..
And yours is not to kill.
The sentence was accomplished.
Our dead were revenged.
An eye for an eye,|and a tooth for a tooth.
But the way things happened...
escaped my control.
Destiny cheated me.
I know for sure that none of us|will ever forget what happened...
but our pain...
must be consumed|in the deepest silence.
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