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Three Musketeers The

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Cardinal Richelieu,|these men, they--
Please help me, Your Eminence.|Please, please have mercy. Please.
He defaced your carriage and|stole valuables from inside.
But it's just a coach.|Please, l was hungry.
My family hasn't eaten|for days. Please.
Please. ln the name of God,|l beg you.
Very well.|ln the name of God.
Oh, thank you,|Your Eminence.
Your place in heaven|will always be assured.
Of course.
No. No. Don't!|No, please!
Please, God.|No! No!
One less mouth to feed.
Getting sloppy, Girard.|Why don't you do yourself a favour?
- Surrender.|- My sister's honour is at stake.
How many times do l have to|tell you? Nothing happened.
- l know what l saw, D'Artagnan.|- Girard, l told her l was|leaving for Paris.
She wanted to give me something|to remember her by.
- Liar!|- This is stupid, Girard.
All l want to do is get to Paris|and join the Musketeers.
You, a Musketeer?|Fantasy!
My father was a Musketeer,|the King's personal bodyguard.
The King was assassinated.|Your father was a failure...
a disgrace|to the Musketeers.
- What did you say?|- Your father was a disgrace.
My brothers will avenge me.
Charge! Charge!
Get him!|He's mine!
Come back!
He went that way!
We'll get you,|D'Artagnan!
ln the meantime, give|my regards to your sister.
What should l do|with the Musketeer flag?
Burn it.
By joint edict of His Majesty|the King, Louis Xlll...
and His Eminence|Cardinal Richelieu...
the Musketeers are|officially disbanded.
ln preparation for|the coming war with England...
the ranks and commissions are forthwith|transferred to the infantry.
You'll be notified|and told where to report.
Until such time,|return to your homes.
- And who will protect the King?|- The Cardinal's guards...
have already assumed|that responsibility.
You are ordered|to disperse.
Should even one of you resist,|the entire corps...
will be arrested|and imprisoned.
All for one...
and one for all.
Well, there's nothing more|to be said, is there?
Your Eminence.
An impressive performance.|l especially admired that last touch.
''All for one|and one for all.''
lf l didn't know better, l should have|thought you wanted them to riot.
lt would have given us|an excuse to arrest them.
Hardly necessary.
The Musketeers|are finished.
Not entirely.|There are three.
l sent a patrol to find them.|They haven't returned yet.
l want those Musketeers,|not excuses.
Bring them in at once.
Follow me.
No loose ends this time,|Captain Rochefort.
Do you have any idea|what you've done?
l've saved you and your friend|from these bandits.
These ''bandits'' are|the Queen's own bodyguards.
The Queen? l'm sorry.|l-l had no idea.
- What's your name?|- D'Artagnan.
D'Artagnan.|A Gascon?
l've come to Paris|to join the Musketeers.
Then l'm sure l'll be|hearing your name again.
- Would that please you?|- Ladies-in-waiting...
are forbidden to socialize|with Musketeers.
l'm not a Musketeer yet.
With that kind of courage,|you will be one soon enough.
Good luck, D'Artagnan.
And thank you for the entertainment.|l enjoyed it immensely.
Wait! You didn't|tell me your name!
Come along.
ls this Musketeer|Headquarters?
No, this was|Musketeer Headquarters.
Oh, you mean|it's been moved.
No, l mean the Musketeers have been|disbanded. They no longer exist.
Feel free to poke around|for souvenirs if you wish.
But l just got here. How am l|supposed to become a Musketeer|if they've been disbanded?
l say you've got|quite a problem.
You're not being|very helpful.
You need a lesson|in manners, boy.
Why don't you meet me outside|the city, by the ruins?
Let's say noon.
l'll be there!
There he is.
Come on. Out of my way, man!|Out of my way!
How dare you touch me!|D'Artagnan!
Get your hands off me!|D'Artagnan!
- D'Artagnan!|- Here. Hold this horse|for me, all right?
l'll be right back.|You got it? Thank you.
My word!
- Sorry. Sorry.|- Excuse me!
This sash was a gift to me|from the Queen of America.
There's no Queen of America.
l beg to differ, infant.
We're on quite intimate terms,|unless you can prove otherwise.
Here's my proof.
Oh, l see. lt's twit of the month,|come to challenge the mighty Porthos.
- Thinks he's lightning with a sword.|- With the mighty who?
-Don't tell me you've never heard of me.|-The world's biggest windbag?
Little pimple...
meet me behind|the Luxembourg at 1:00...
and bring a long wooden box.
Bring your own.
''The Lord God took the man|and put him in the garden|to till it and care for it...
but of the fruit of the tree,|which is in the midst of the garden...
God hath said,|'Ye shall not eat of it.
Neither shall ye touch it,|lest ye die.'
And the serpent said|unto the woman, 'Ye--''
Madam, l'm flattered, but l am|here to tutor you in theology.
Forgive me, Monsieur Aramis,|but when you started talking|about original sin...
l lost control|and became impassioned.
lt won't happen again.|Please go on.
Well, there's nothing unholy|about expressing one's emotions.
On the contrary, religion|should be experienced...
in an all-embracing way.
We should feel free to express|our spirituality.
Yes, darling.
- Let me in!|- My husband!
- You're married?|- Yes, l'm married.
Oh. We must pray|for our sins.
On second thought,|God's often busy.
Out of my way, woman!
Thank you. You broke|my fall perfectly.
- But l do apologize|for the inconvenience.|- Get off me!
- lf there's one thing|l can't abide, it's rudeness.|- You fell on me.
- And l apologized for it.|- Well, your apology's not accepted.
l hope your sword|is as quick as your mouth.
- lt's quicker.|- Ah. A duel then.
A duel.
Meet me behind the Carmes-Deschaux|Monastery at 2:00.
- l'll be there.|- As will l.
Three duels in one day.
- Homesick?|- Cardinal Richelieu.
You surprised me.
l often have|that effect on people.
l can't imagine why.
l'm really a very|gentle person.
You seem a little unhappy|in your new home.
Lonely.|ls that the same thing?
Austria's loss|is France's gain.
l'm not sure the King|shares your opinion.
We've barely spoken|since our wedding day.
Whenever we're together,|he seems so... uncertain.
Arranged marriages|can be difficult.
Your father and l|thought yours...
would bring Austria and France|closer together.
Countries align more swiftly|than people, l'm afraid.
What a pity.
Love is, l think...
wasted on the young.
His Majesty, the King.
Cardinal Richelieu,|l've been looking for you.
- Your Majesty.|- Anne. l didn't know you were here.
- W-Would you like me to go?|- No. Please stay.
- Your Eminence, l demand an answer.|- Perhaps if l knew the question.
l just learned that you went ahead|and disbanded my Musketeers.
- You approved the decision.|- But not the timing.
l intended to address them myself|and explain the situation.
These men are not just my|personal guards. They are my friends.
A thousand apologies,|Your Majesty.
We are on the brink|of war with England.
The Duke of Buckingham plans|to invade La Rochelle within the month.
We'll need the Musketeers in|the field if we are to defeat him.
l thought it best|to act quickly.
l will be the judge|of what is best...
for me and for France.
Of course.|Forgive me.
He is becoming as troublesome|as his father.
He's a foolish boy|and barely that.
That foolish boy|is about to become a man...
which is all the more reason|for us to act quickly.
- Have our loose ends been tied up?|- Two patrols have been sent.
l trust, Captain Rochefort, that you|are doing everything in your power...
to rid us of these rebels.
Don't let having only one eye|impair your vision.
The loss of the other|would be most inconvenient.
What is this?
We were having a private party|celebrating the demise|of the Musketeers.
- Go away.|- Athos, is that any way|to greet our guests?
Gentlemen, don't be shy.|Come in.
- Your friends have been expecting you.|- You're under arrest.
Under whose authority?
Hello again, Cyclops.
Let's see, when was the last time|we had the pleasure of his company?
l believe it was the day he was|cast out of the Musketeers.
Conduct unbecoming a Musketeer.|That was the charge, was it not?
You should know.|Three of you stood against me.
- lt was the least we could do.|- You are hereby ordered...
to surrender your tunics|and your commissions at once.
You can, of course, refuse...
become outlaws,|hunted men.
But why not|come along quietly...
for old times' sake?
- Did l miss anyone?|- Congratulations, Porthos.
- You brought down the house.|- Oh, drat.
l was trying|to hit Rochefort.
You go back and|you tell the Cardinal...
we will continue to perform our sworn|duty, which is to protect the King.
And we will use every means|within our power to fight him.
Bold words.
l look forward to ramming them|down your throat.
Rochefort. lsn't that|a smelly kind of a cheese?
Your manners have not|improved yet. You're late.
Are you in a hurry to die?
Here come|the grave diggers now.
Athos, you cannot|fight this boy.
- Why not?|- l'm fighting him.
- Not until 1:00.|- l have a duel with him too.
Not until 2:00.
Let's get on with it then.
Wouldn't want you to be late|for your future engagements.
You're a Musketeer?
- You're all Musketeers?|- You choose your opponents well.
- Or should l say foolishly?|- l've been looking all over for you.
Now you've found us. We have|some business to attend to...
unless, of course, you'd like|to make it for a later date.
No. l'm a man of honour.
But believe me when l say that|killing you will bring me no pleasure.
l'll be with you gentlemen|in a moment.
- Oh, he's a feisty little fellow.|- Feisty indeed.
There they are!
Only a fool would try|and arrest us twice in one day.
- You're under arrest.|- A fool.
The boy's of no interest to me.|He's free to go.
You coming peacefully,|or do you intend to resist?
Oh, don't be so stupid.|Of course we intend to resist.|Just give us a moment, all right?
Five of them, three of us.|Hardly seems fair.
Maybe we should give them|a chance to surrender.
- Excuse me, but there's four of us.|- lt's not your fight.
You're not a Musketeer.
l may not wear the tunic, but l believe|l have the heart of a Musketeer.
- Warrior.|- Poet.
- You got a name, boy?|- D'Artagnan.
- Athos, Porthos and Aramis.|- Hello.
- Nice to meet you again.|- Pleasure.
Everyone acquainted?
Now we are prepared|to resist you.
God, l love my work.
Take a look|at our young friend.
By god, he's still alive.
May the Lord forgive you for|any sins you may have committed.
What's he doing?
Last rites. Aramis takes death|very seriously.
- ls he a priest?|- He used to be one of|the Cardinal's students.
You, boy...
are arrogant, hot-tempered|and entirely too bold.
l like that.|Reminds me of me.
Don't encourage him. By helping us, the|boy has made himself an outlaw as well.
- Not if he leaves Paris right now.|- l can't leave now.
- l just got here.|- Go home. Find a wench.
Raise fat babies.|Live a good, long life.
What about the motto of the Musketeers:|''All for one and one for all''?
Wake up, boy.|The Musketeers are just a dream.
Long live the Musketeers!
He's mine.
Go on. Get out of here.|Go on!
- My sword!|- lt's magnificent.
Where did you steal it?
lt belonged to my father.
Your father?
Well, now it belongs to me.
l collect swords, you see.
l take them from|men l've killed.
- Well, l'm not dead yet.|- You and the Musketeers...
are responsible for the killing|of the Cardinal's guards,|an offence punishable by death.
They interrupted a duel|we were fighting.
A deed also punishable|by death.
lt's been a busy day.
Tell me where to find|the Musketeers...
and l will give you back|your father's sword.
Give me back my father's sword,|and l'll cut out your heart.
Like your father.
- Take him below.|- Yes, sir.
Hey, boy!
Leave us.
Milady de Winter.
Your Eminence.
Your beauty would make even|the most chaste of men...
think of... impurity.
l don't believe you suffer|the burden of chastity.
Perhaps you're right.
l was making an observation,|not an offer.
A word of caution, Milady.
A snap of my fingers, and you could|be back on the block where l found you.
And with a flick|of my wrist...
l could change|your religion.
You're very persuasive.
For a moment l forgot that your lovers|have a tendency to end up dead.
Love has its risks.
So does duty.
The precision with which you|disposed of your husband...
or should l say your|ex-husband, Lord de Winter...
was commendable.
Not to mention|helpful to our cause.
- l do what is necessary.|- Yes.
l have a new mission which|requires your singular talent.
- What is it?|- You will carry this treaty|to the Duke of Buckingham.
You're making an alliance|with England?
The King has|left me no choice.
The boy is beginning to believe that|he should rule France instead of me.
- God forbid.|- You're to leave at once for Calais.
A ship called the Persephone|will carry you to England.
She sails Tuesday|at midnight.
Buckingham's signature|must be next to mine...
before the King's birthday,|Friday.
Consider it done.
And doing so|will earn you...
the gratitude of a king.
Until that day,|Your Eminence.
Or should l say|''Your Majesty''?
''Majesty'' sounds good.
Looking for me?
Kneel. Were you taught|no respect for a man of God?
Cardinal Richelieu.
How much did you overhear?
Hardly a word, Your Eminence.|The voices were much too low...
- and with all the noise|from the prison--|- What's your name, boy?
Oh, yes. Your father|was a Musketeer.
He died while|protecting the King.
The dream of every warrior:
dying nobly|for King and country.
Tell me, D'Artagnan, what noble|business brings you here?
l came to join|the King's Musketeers.
- Bad timing.|- So l've heard.
Like the Knights|of the Round Table...
the Musketeers have|outlived their usefulness.
And so have|your three friends.
Tell me where they are,|and l will spare your life.
- l can't tell you what l don't know.|- Give my regards...
- to the headsman and your father.|- Wait!
-You object to losing your head?|-Yes. l like it where it is.
Then tell me|what l want to know...
and maybe you will keep it|a while longer!
l don't know where they are.
And if you did?
l wouldn't tell you.
l admire your courage,|D'Artagnan.
You might have made|a fine Musketeer.
But now we'll never know,|will we?
They're bringing him now.
lt's your time, lad.|Step down.
Milady left at midnight|by private coach.
A remarkable woman. The most|beautiful l've ever known.
And the deadliest.
Which would explain|my attraction.
How is our young daredevil|holding up?
He's wishing he never heard|of the Musketeers.
Don't lose your head!
Fear not, my son.|We are with you always.
All for one...
one for all.
Now this axe was a gift to me|from the Czarina of Tokyo.
Stop! Stop! Stop!|Stop! Stop!
My carriage!
Gentlemen, your carriage,|compliments of the Cardinal.
Stop! Follow them!|Come on! Come on!
The Cardinal's|sacred snack chamber.
And what have we here?
ls he a man of God|or a man of gold?
D'Artagnan, would you be so kind|as to redistribute this wealth?
Throw the coins, lad.|The people are hungry.
Well done.
Those Musketeers are a menace.|They must be stopped.
The boy knows our plans.
One thousand gold pieces|on each of their heads...
dead or alive.
l prefer dead.
They're firing at us!
- Champagne?|- We're in the middle|of a chase, Porthos.
You're right.|Something red.
For a chase, the Cardinal recommends|his excellent '24 cabernet.
You can't have any.|You're too young.
Take the reins, boy.
Thank you.
The picnic was delicious.|The champagne was excellent.
Remind me to send|the Cardinal a note.
The Cardinal!|We have to hurry!
- You two have a date?|- No, it's the Cardinal.|He's conspiring against the King.
- Tell us something we don't know.|- He sent a messenger...
with a secret treaty|to a man named Buckingham.
- The Duke of Buckingham?|- Do you know him?
He rules England the way|the Cardinal rules France.
There's a ship called the Persephone.|lt's waiting in Calais...
to take the messenger to England;|it sails Tuesday midnight.
We get that treaty, we can prove|the Cardinal guilty of treason.
Calais is over|200 leagues from here.
ls the Cardinal aware of the fact|that you have this information?
- Turn here. Here!|- Right here?
That's it.|Next time you drive.
Give me the reins.
Stop in the name|of the Cardinal!
Over there! To your left!|Stop the Musketeers!
Unhitch the horses.
This is the end of the line, gentlemen.|l hope you enjoyed the ride.
- Very much so. Thank you.|- Porthos, the brandy.
Ooh, what a waste.
- Up the hill!|- They're over there!
- Hurry!|- lt's headed for the powder wagon!
Run for it!
Run! Run!
Your Eminence, the Musketeers|have been sighted on the road to Calais.
Thanks to|our winged friends...
every mercenary and bounty hunter|in France will be waiting for them.
All for one...
and more for me.
And l said, ''Marquaise...
as l told you|at the Sausage Festival...
a queen is no different|from a barmaid in the dark...
though less practised|in the arts of massage.''
Right? D'Artagnan, if you're|going to be a proper Musketeer...
you will have to be schooled in the|manly art of wenching. Right, ladies?
First subject.|Very good.
Very good indeed.|Let the schooling begin.
The secret to wenching|is in the first kiss...
for in that first kiss, a lasting|impression is made. Right, ladies?
lf it is-- lf it is weak,|she'll think you're weak.
lf it is comical, she'll|think you a clown. With me?
Weak, weak.|Comical, clown.
And as a Musketeer is never weak|and only rarely a clown...
your first kiss must be|all the things that you are.
Like this.
See? You may, uh,|speak first if you like:
your name, her name,|an endearment or two.
Trust me. Words are a complete|waste of time at this sensitive point.
Only the wrong words are|a complete waste of time.
The right words can make|a more lasting impression than|a thousand of Porthos' kisses.
- Not likely.|- Ah, see?
Shall l demonstrate?
As morning hues of sun-swept|fire caress your passionate face...
alone with thee a pure desire|to worship untold grace.
My soul would cry|in silent prayer...
toward hours swept apart.
Your essence warms the evening air|as l dance into your heart.
- Shakespeare.|- Aramis.
- Cheating.|- lt was beautiful.
Thank you.
Very well, D'Artagnan.|Your turn.
As morning hues|of sun-swept--
- Fire.|- caress your poisoned face--
Bravo!|The boy's a natural!
Ooh. A lively tune.|l'm inspired to dance.
Why is Athos|sittin' by himself?
He takes his drinking|very seriously.
Not to worry. He'll be his|usual charming self by morning.
Ho-ho-ho!|A lovely time.
Athos, why don't you|come join us?
You fight like a man. Let's see|if you can drink like one.
l'll drink anything|you put in front of me.
Famous last words.
What should we drink to?
Let's drink to love.
To love. Let me tell you|a story about love, D'Artagnan.
l knew a young man once,|a Count.
Feared he would|never fall in love.
One day he met a woman.|This woman was more than beautiful.
She was intoxicating, mysterious--|everything he'd ever dreamed of.
He felt his heart would burst|if he couldn't have her.
- What happened?|- The poor idiot married her.
- lsn't that what people do|when they fall in love?|- Shut up and listen to me.
They were riding through|the forest one day.
She was thrown from her horse|and knocked unconscious.
When he rushed to her side,|he noticed a mark on her body...
something he'd never seen|before, something she'd managed|to keep hidden all this time.
What was it?
The brand of the fleur-de-lis...
the mark given to those who are|to be executed for murder.
Count was crushed. The woman he loved,|his bride, had betrayed him.
She'd lied to him. When|she came to, she swore...
that she'd been falsely accused of|these crimes, but he didn't believe her.
He rejected her for|her lies and for her past.
Then he banished her|from his province.
When the guards came to take her|away, to be executed, she--
She was still professing|her undying love.
Soon after, the Count realized|how much she had meant to him...
but it was too late.
His betrayal was far greater|than hers could ever have been.
He gave up his title, his land,|everything he believed in...
never to be seen|or heard from again...
all because of love.
Whoo. May l|have this dance?
How's your head,|D'Artagnan?
l'm beginning to wish|the Cardinal had chopped it off.
- Would you stop whistling, please?|- l'm not whistling.
Well, somebody's whistling.
- Barmaid's kiss left him dizzy.|- l hear it too.
- Sounds like a--|- Cannonball!
Oh, l hate cannonballs.
- The Cardinal has a long reach.|- Get out of here!
Flank left.
- There they are!|- Kill the Musketeers!
We'll split up.|D'Artagnan rides with me.
- We'll see you in Calais.|- Or hell.
- Split up!|- We need heads for the reward.
The first time|you saw D'Artagnan...
did you need the laces|in your corset loosened?
Yes. And l felt|my cheeks flush.
- But your hands were cold.|- My knees trembled.
- But your heart was pounding?|- Yes.
But l don't understand|why l feel this way.
- We only met for a moment.|- A moment is all it may take.
Do you think so?
When my father promised me|to Louis, l was furious.
The thought of marrying|a complete stranger...
someone l'd never even seen--
l thought|l'd never be happy...
and that l'd never find love.
But then, the first time l saw|him and our eyes met, l knew.
What did you know?
What you knew in your heart|when you first saw D'Artagnan.
What if he doesn't|feel the same?
We must never give up hope.
l'll get your robe.
What are you doing here?
Forgive me, Your Majesty.
l need your help...
and could not, in good|conscience, wait another minute.
On what matter?
l'm worried about|the King's happiness.
ln what way?
l'm afraid he's fallen into|a dreadful melancholy...
and wishes to postpone|his birthday celebration.
Perhaps he's concerned|with more important matters,|like the coming war with England.
Which is exactly why the|celebration must be held:
to show the world|that the King of France...
can face an enemy on any field;
to show France...
who is King.
He will listen to you.
l will talk to him.
Thank you.
l have always said...
that you are as intelligent...
as you are beautiful.
l am not worthy|of such a compliment.
Oh, but you are.
lt is difficult to be|a man in the service of God.
lt is assumed that certain...
are void from my existence.
But after all...
l am still a man.
Your sacrifice brings you|closer to God.
But it is not God|to whom l wish to be close.
l want you to consider...
to know all that we might|accomplish together.
For France.
l think you should leave.
Remember,|kings come and kings go...
but one thing remains the same...
and that is me.
- Do you think we lost them?|- l don't know.
l hope we're close to Calais.|My horse could use a rest,|and my rear is killing me.
You're a good man, D'Artagnan...
much like your father was.
- You knew my father?|- Only by reputation.
His death was mourned|by all Musketeers.
How did he die?
He uncovered a plot|to assassinate the King.
He was led into a trap by a fellow|Musketeer and then murdered.
A Musketeer?
There they are!
Well, we didn't lose them.
l'll try and hold them off as long|as possible. You ride on without me.
l can't leave you here,|not like this.
A Musketeer's first duty|is to protect the King.
You ride on to Calais|and intercept the Cardinal's messenger.
- There's too many of them!|- Go, or l will shoot you myself!
Take these.
Don't let me down.
- l'll never forget you!|- Go!
Yes! Now lunge.|One, two, three, four.
Now disarm.
Forgive me for being late,|Your Majesty.
l was wrestling with an|important affair of state.
Excuse us, please.
Your Eminence...
l've been hearing some very|troubling rumours about you.
There are so many|to choose from.
Ah, yes.|That is usually the first.
Let me see if|l remember it correctly.
While the English|attack from without...
the wicked Cardinal|undermines from within...
forging a secret alliance|with Buckingham and placing|himself on the throne.
But, really, Your Majesty,|why stop there?
l have heard much more|festive variations.
l make oaths with pagan gods...
seduce the Queen|in her own chamber...
teach pigs to dance|and horses to fly...
and keep the moon carefully hidden|within the folds of my robe.
- Have l forgotten anything?|- lt does seem rather farfetched.
Sire, if there are any doubts|about my loyalty...
they will be laid to rest when we appear|together to celebrate your birthday.
Ah, my birthday. You know, l've|been meaning to speak to you--
The Queen has just been telling|me how eager she is to attend.
Anne is coming?
The entire nation is anxious|to celebrate the birth of its King.
lt will be an event to remember.
l promise.
Whoa. Whoa.
- What is it, Henri?|- There's a body in the road, Milady.
lt's a young man.
He appears to be injured.
He's handsome.
Put him inside.
With me.
Welcome back.
Did you dream?
- Where am l?|- We're in Calais.
Tuesday! Midnight!
Where are my clothes?
Do you have a name, or shall|l make one up for you?
My name's D'Artagnan.
D'Artagnan. l like that.
l'm the Countess De Winter.|Milady.
- Countess?|- By marriage.
- But my husband's dead.|- l'm sorry.
l've learned to live with death.
Uh, Milady, l'm grateful|for all that you've done...
- but l've got--|- What?
lmportant business.
How mysterious.
Does it require clothes?
Yes, l need my clothes.
l'm afraid they won't be ready|for at least an hour.
Until then, you're my prisoner.|Would the prisoner care for a drink?
Well, l am thirsty.
What brings you to Calais?
l'm on a mission for the King.
- l've heard that before.|- l'm serious.
You're young.
Young men|are given to exaggeration.
However, if you'd like to|entertain me with a story...
l love a good adventure.
l came to Calais to stop a spy.
- A spy?|- Yes.
l believe you.|Aren't you afraid?
- A Musketeer isn't afraid of anything.|- l knew it.
l knew you were a Musketeer|the moment l saw you.
- You did?|- Of course.
But, D'Artagnan, if this spy|were to find out you're here...
your life|could be in grave danger.
A Musketeer|isn't afraid of danger.
l'm dangerous.
Aren't you afraid of me?
You're not dangerous.
Then what am l?
You're beautiful.
Beauty. Danger.
They are the same.
Milady, l'm sorry--
Oh, my god!
- Kill him.|- You can kill me...
but a surprise waits for you|that even Buckingham can't prevent.
You're young and vain...
but l don't know|if you're clever.
l know how you love|a good adventure.
Take him with us.
The bodyguards are waiting|outside, Milady.
All right.
- Can l help you, Lord de Winter?|- Milady de Winter, is she here?
- Oh, no, l've not seen her.|- She murdered my brother, old man.
Let's take the back stairs.
We are the Countess de Winter's|party, arrived from Paris.
Permission to come aboard!
Permission granted!
Take us to your captain.
What are you, deaf?
Dead. They're all dead!
Not all of us.
Porthos the pirate!
- Pirate?|- l told you l was famous.
l thought you were dead.
Cardinal Richelieu|took pity on me.
You are the spy.
l've learned the value of lies.|They've kept me alive.
The treaty. Give it to me.
l will shoot.
Be kind.
Aim for my heart.
Countess De Winter...
l will not be so kind.
The treaty outlines Richelieu's plan|to forge an alliance with Buckingham.
- No mention of the King?|- None.
However, the agreement is|contingent upon a demonstration|of the Cardinal's power.
A demonstration?|What kind of demonstration?
l don't know.
l know someone that does.
l wish to speak|with your prisoner.
She dies in the morning.
There was a time l would have|given my life for a kind word from you.
l could not give it.|l was a fool.
ls it true what he says?|Did you kill his brother?
l have become the nightmare...
you once thought me to be.
But not before.
- Not us.|- No.
Do you know|of the Cardinal's plans?
- l do.|- Tell me.
Will you have|my life spared?
No, l cannot.
Society demands swift justice.
l'll take my secret|to the grave.
You will die for your crimes.
There is nothing l can do|about that now.
But how you choose to leave|this world is up to you.
What has this world|ever done for me?
'''l am the resurrection and|the life,' sayeth the Lord.
'He who believeth in me|shall never die.'''
We forgive you for your crimes.|Die in peace.
On your knees.
- What is this?|- Sabine...
forgive me, please.
l do forgive you.
The Cardinal intends|to assassinate the King...
on Friday|at his birthday celebration.
God's justice be done.
The King's life is in danger.|We have work to do.
And he can do that every time.
- And he has no qualms about--|- None.
He believes a man should|honour no kings before God.
A man of faith.|How reassuring.
Whatever you're paying him,|double it.
l want the King's birthday|to be a memorable event.
And, uh, rehang this painting|in my chamber...
just as it is.
lt was always a little|too flattering.
- Over here!|- What does it say?
Well, over there.
Search the perimeter.|l'll try to find the King.
- But wh--|- Go!
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
ls something wrong?
- Cardinal Richelieu.|- Yes?
He is an evil man.
Do not believe|every rumour you hear.
He is powerful.
l ride through the countryside every|day; l've seen the uses of his power.
Power sometimes frightens.
But here in the palace|l've seen it too.
- l know.|- What shall we do?
l'm not sure,|but we will do it together.
Get back!
- Captain, protect Their Majesties!|Get them inside!|- Richelieu!
Kill those Musketeers!|They're trying to murder the King!
Save the King!
Go with God.
l like this.
l think our young friend|could use some help.
Hold this.
- lt's about time!|- Come, D'Artagnan!|We're saving the King!
You have failed!
Oh. You are so naive.
Things couldn't be more perfect|if l'd planned them myself.
The King of France dies at the|hands of his own personal guard!
Grief-stricken, terrified...
the huddled masses|turn for comfort...
to their devout|spiritual leader...
ever so humbly...
assumes the throne...
with the Queen by his side.
- l would rather die.|- That can be arranged!
But first, your reluctant|husband will be found...
pierced through the heart|by the sword of a Musketeer...
the same sword that failed|to protect his father.
- l hope we're not interrupting.|- On the contrary.
You're right on time.
Follow me.
- Leaving so soon?|- Oh, you know. l abhor bloodshed.
- Especially your own.|- Stand aside.
You are under arrest,|charged with treason.
You, of all people, should know|that the Cardinal...
does not answer|to the laws of men.
Then you'll answer to God.
You first.
- This sword belongs to me.|- So it does.
Let's see if you're as brave|a man as your father was.
And as foolish.
ls he dead?
Gently. Gently.
You see? There is a God.
We're being followed.|Do something about it.
My god.
Which one do we take?
- l've never been here before.|- Split up.
Whoa, ugly!
You smelly...
lump of lard!
Damn it!
How pathetic.
Killed by the same man|that killed his father.
You killed my father?
Oh, yes.
As l will you.
Well, well.
One thing is certain:|You are no Musketeer.
l might have been mistaken.
For you, Father.
- Where have you been?|- Taking care of something ugly.
You're too late, Musketeers!
By now the Duke of Buckingham's|signature is next to mine.
The alliance is complete!
That would be difficult, considering|the treaty never left France!
A minor problem.
l will return twice as strong...
and the throne will be mine!
l think not.
You will never harm...
another soul ever again.
My promise to God.
Well done, Your Majesty.
Are you all right?
ls this the man|who saved my life?
His name's D'Artagnan, Sire.
D'Artagnan, l am in your debt.|What can l do to repay|the courage you've shown me?
Your Majesty, his heart|has but one desire...
and that is to become|a Musketeer.
Then approach.
This world is an uncertain|realm, filled with danger...
honour undermined|by the pursuit of power...
freedom sacrificed when the weak|are oppressed by the strong.
But there are those who|oppose these powerful forces...
who dedicate their lives|to truth, honour and freedom.
These men are known|as Musketeers.
Rise, D'Artagnan...
and join them.
Long live the Musketeers!
Your father would be proud|of you; you are a Musketeer.
What do we do now?|What's next?
- Well, we protect the King.|- Protect the Queen.
- ln the name of God.|- And France. Correct?
- France, indeed.|- D'Artagnan!
My sister's honour will not|wait a moment longer.
- l'll handle this.|- D'Artagnan.
We also protect each other.
All for one...
and one for all!
When it's love you give
l'll be your man of good faith
When in love you live
l'll make a stand|l won't break
l'll be the rock|you can build on
Be there when you're old
To have and to hold
When there's love inside
l swear|l'll always be strong
And there's a reason why
l'll prove to you we belong
l'll be the wall|that protects you
From the wind and the rain
From the hurt and the pain
- Yeah|- Hey
Let's make it all for one
And all for love
Let the one you hold|be the one you want
The one you need
'Cause when it's all for one
lt's one for all
When there's someone|that should know
Then just|let your feelings show
And make it all for one
And all for love
When it's love you make
l'll be the fire|in your night
Then it's love you take
l will defend|l will fight
l'll be there when you need me
When honour's at stake
This vow l will make
That it's all for one
And all for love
lt's all for love
Let the one you hold|be the one you want
The one you need
'Cause when it's all for one
lt's one for all
When there's someone|that should know
Then just|let your feelings show
And make it all for one
And all for love
Don't lay our love to rest
'Cause we can|stand up to the test
We got everything
And more
Than we had planned
More than the rivers
That run the land
We got it all
- ln our hands|- Yeah
Now it's all for one
And all for love
lt's all for love
Let the one you hold|be the one you want
The one you need
'Cause when it's all for one
lt's one for all
lt's one for all
When there's someone|that you know
Then just let|your feelings show
When there's someone|that you want
When there's someone|that you need
Let's make it
All for one
And all for love
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