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Tian di xiong xin

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What is this?
Hey! What's going on? All the satellite signals are gone!
Get someone here, quick!
Lam, call Engineering and have them check the backups.
Sorry to call you back on your wedding day.
What is it? The end of the world?
Some big shit like that!
What is it then?
All the satellite signals were disconnected.
Only the underwater cables are still functioning.
Stanley station is still checking the backups.
Hong Kong #1 is down,
we couldn't get signals from #2 and #4, and #6 is toasted.
What should we do?
Call the Doctor.
We still haven't found him.
Oh! He's over there!
Dr. Ken!
What is it?
l've been trying to call you.
Something major is going down at Stanley!
Mr. Ken, Mr. John is already here.
The satellite signal was completely down for 30 minutes.
lt's back to normal now, but all the backups are gone.
lnitial investigation shows no signs of sabotage.
As for the breakdown, we simply couldn't determine the cause.
You'll have to figure that out.
Thank you so much.
Let's go.
That's it!
What did the Observatory say?
The sunspots showed no irregular activities in the past 24 hours,
and there're no record of planetary explosions.
Even Guangzhou and Shenzhen reported nothing special.
ln other words, it only happened in Hong Kong.
Look, even the server is toasted.
We should've easily detected such high levels of energy.
Yes, l understand.
l understand perfectly, but...
But you know we can't operate without a backup system!
We'll create our own if we have to!
Call the insurance company right away.
Well? ls Clarence still upset?
You would be too if it were you.
But l don't think anyone needs to be responsible.
The antenna was wrecked by Him.
Looks like the insurance company will suffer the most.
They'll lose their pants!
Mr. Ken said it'd be a few more minutes.
Did you tell him this is regarding his own life?
l did, but he's dealing with something even more important.
More important than his own life?
That's what he said!
Excuse me!
- Why are you here? - Why are you here?
My buddy called me here!
Chiu Tai-pang, from Sun Leung Tam, ClD.
Nice to meet you.
Detective Chiu, you're here!
Boss said to see him the moment you're here.
Detective Chiu!
lt's okay. l know them.
What shit are you in now, classmate? So many cops here to see you.
- Mr. Chan. - lnspector Yip, James from the UK.
- Hello! - How do you do?
Take a seat.
What can l do for you?
ln the past 3 months, 3 scientists had died mysteriously.
They all had one thing in common.
They were voted ''Top Ten Future Leaders''
by Century Magazine.
Mr. Ken, were you on that list as well?
We have reasons to believe that your life is in danger.
So this flimsy piece of paper is the ''Top Ten Future Leaders'' certificate?
So this flimsy piece of paper is the ''Top Ten Future Leaders'' certificate?
Any prize money?
Let me explain this to you, Big Eyes.
Do you know each year the U.N. chooses only 10 people
as mankind's future leaders?
l was one of them, AND also the first Chinese ever selected.
What's so smart about you then?
l'll make it simple for you.
Before, it took this size of cable to transmit data.
Now, this will do the trick.
- ls that it? - That's it!
Then l have something here that'd make you even happier!
What is it?
Congratulations, Mr. Ken, you've been awarded...
''Best Boyfriend Of The Year''!!
Aren't you a happier man now? Are you proud?
Any prize money?
No way! l've got to have something!
Mr. Ken. Mr. Ken?
Have you ever heard of a group called ''Brotherhood Of Technology''?
Never mind. Really, l've never heard of them,
and l've never received anything from this group.
Hold it.
Are you taking his statements? What's the charge?
You don't have to answer them.
You're a cop too. Don't interfere with our work.
l'm off duty now, and l'm speaking as his friend.
We do not suspect Mr. Ken. We're just concerned about his safety.
Do you know Liam Anderson?
l do.
He died last night.
Why wasn't this announced?
We have to keep it confidential because his death was very peculiar.
Mr. Ken, let me ask you once again.
Where were you at around 10:30 last night?
That was when our satellite signal went down!
The antenna was burnt at around that time.
By the way, Madam, why was Mr. Anderson in Hong Kong?
We're not too sure either. He was reported missing in Edinburgh,
and was selected as Chairman of Global Bank just last month.
Ml6 has always thought he was kidnapped by terrorists.
Was he rich?
Not really, but he's influential enough to control half of Europe's cash flow.
Wow, that was one hell of an explosion!
Hey, Detective Chiu! Are you transferred back to the city?
Did you get promoted?
Promoted? You've got to be kidding.
l wish.
My superiors asked me to forward these to some big shot.
Turns out that big shot is you!
l mean, l have a higher ranking, a better paycheck, and a bigger condo.
But you're the man!
Hey, Detective, is it an in-thing now just to wear the gun case?
ls the info here?
Who are you? These are confidential!
Ah...Dr. Ken! He is Dr. Ken Tit-sun.
Dr. Ken? Don't you specialize in information transmission technology?
l don't suppose you're an expert in forensics?
l'm just doing research. Please...
Obviously, there was an explosion at the scene.
According to witnesses' statements,
they think that the explosives were already attached to the victim's body.
Was anybody else there at the time? Did anyone else get hurt? was over here, the other one was over there.
But they're both lucky. They only received slight burns on the skin.
According to the record, Mr. Anderson weighed about 175 pounds,
but his identifiable remains totaled less than 10 pounds.
That includes a portion of the liver, one section of the spine,
one complete left foot, and a shoe and sock that were hardly torched.
There's also his skull, but it's completely deformed.
A deformed skull?
The skull is the hardest part of the body. lt's more difficult to alter it.
You need at least 3000 degrees Celsius to perform cremation.
The explosion only lasted half a second. lt must've been really powerful!
Have you performed an autopsy on his spine, liver and skull?
Yes. lt's all in here.
Does the report state that the inside was burnt, but the outside was normal?
Bingo! Perfect!
Were there any traces of explosives?
Well, that's the oddest thing.
A Ml6 member claimed that he saw the victim's bible catching fire first.
But all was not burnt. The last chapter remains.
As for traces of explosives, we couldn't find any near the crime scene.
Did you notice the sticky grease stain?
We're running it through the lab. We think it's only burnt lard.
Do you think it's human?
Are you serious? You mean this??
l believe it's spontaneous combustion.
The U.S. has recorded cases of spontaneous combustion as early as 1952.
The evidence was very similar to the ones at the tower.
But how can someone just explode?
The human body consists mostly of water. Water is H2O.
Both hydrogen and oxygen are the most inflammable substances.
Why can't there be an explosion?
What caused the explosion then?
Even though there had been a few instances,
no reasonable explanation can be found.
Did Mr. Anderson die of natural causes?
l don't know.
But, if someone can somehow cause another human to combust,
and if that person wants to kill me, l don't think anyone can protect me.
l do not wish to be followed by strangers.
Furthermore, l don't believe someone's trying to kill me.
The police are just concerned about your safety, Mr. Ken.
l know. l think you just want a cop to protect me,
to show your boss that you've done your jobs.
Tai-pang will do!
This time l must agree with him.
This shit is huge, and you want me to protect you?
You're playing with your life! You better ask for a Ml6.
No, really.
Detective Chiu!
Sorry, Mr. Ken.
This gentleman claimed to be from Tak Ying Sauna.
He said he must say something very important to Detective Chiu in person.
Hey! How's the assignment coming along?
Detective Chiu!
l've told you to wait outside for me, man!
l better give this to you personally, sir.
l did great this time, didn't l? Not bad, huh?
Janis, show this gentleman out.
Sir, this way.
Hey, didn't you say you've got some... V stuff, some real powerful shit?
- Can l see it? - Sure!
Ask Teresa to show you around.
Your company has quite a setup! Lots of staff!
Were you Mr. Ken's classmate back in Cambridge?
Which field were you in?
lt's true that we're old classmates... back in elementary school.
But it's quite a famous school.
lt's all my old man's fault.
l couldn't get in high school because he didn't get the janitor job.
Wow! This HDTV tank looks real! Such high resolution!
Do you need to feed them with electric worms?
You can still laugh even though it's not funny.
Any progress from the police investigation?
We believe that the murders are all related to Brotherhood Of Technology.
Mr. Ken, are you sure you haven't receive any solicitation from this group?
This doesn't make sense.
All members of this organization are renowned scientists.
Are you saying that l'm lying?
That's not what l meant.
He's a genius. Many call him the modern Freud.
He's an outstanding psychiatrist.
He's also the head of a scientific consortium.
We suspect that he is the leader of Brotherhood Of Technology.
l don't think this group is after money,
because Billy Conners is already one of the top ten billionaires.
We're both scientists, but l am a lot poorer!
l've decided on Tai-pang.
Besides him, l don't need anybody else to protect me.
OK. lf you have so much faith in Detective Chiu,
we are more than happy to have him protect you.
lf you need anything else, just call us.
Have you noticed anything odd in Sun's behavior after that?
After what?
After Adele's death!
Nothing odd. Everything seems normal.
Did he skip work at all?
Then why did he go sailing yesterday?
lt's normal to go sailing on Sundays.
Think about it. lf your boyfriend just passed away,
wouldn't you just stay home and cry your heart out?
Would you still go to work at all?
He's being normal in a most abnormal way.
- Do you have any painkillers? - Sure.
After l'm tired of Panadol, l'll try Aspirin.
Why not try some chocolate?
lt's not healthy to take so many pills.
You're so silly!
This is not instant coffee. You need to use a coffeepot!
Wait! You need a filter too.
Let me help you.
Takes me forever just to make a cup of coffee.
No kidding.
ls that enough?
Are you new here?
Yes. Today is only my third day.
What is your name?
My name is Adele.
A-d-e-l-e, with a stroke above the last e. My French teacher chose the name for me.
Very annoying, isn't it?
By the way, l can make you coffee when l make one for my boss later.
Who's your boss?
His last name is Ken.
Then you can just make one for your boss.
Mr. Ken. are Adele?
You are Mr. Ken.
Mr. Ken, l'll bring the coffee to your room when it's ready.
Fine. Thanks.
Mr. Ken.
What is it, Mr. Ken?
This is for you.
Are you free for dinner tonight?
l'm sorry, but l have classes tonight.
How about tomorrow night?
l'm leaving. Bye.
Everything here is firewall protected to prevent our computer systems
from Hackers breaking in.
Just seeing all these rolls of wiring gives me the creeps.
- Teresa. - Clarence.
- ls Mr. Ken back yet? - He's in his office.
Let me introduce. This is Clarence, our systems director.
- He's also Mr. Ken's classmate. - How do you do?
This is detective Chiu, Mr. Ken's bodyguard.
ls Mr. Ken in trouble?
Nothing major.
So you've known him for quite some time?
Yes, ever since our university days.
Do you recall him offending any person lately?
Sure, tons of them.
Once our VOD becomes popular,
many computer guys would need a career change.
Have you noticed anything unusual about him lately?
Well, there had been some minor mistakes on his recent orders,
and Mr. Ken seldom makes mistakes. l'll have to go find Mr. Ken.
OK. Thanks.
Anything else to see? Let's get this over with.
Something that will blow you away.
What is it?
Once you've installed our Video On Demand system,
your home TV would turn from one way into a two-way communication.
Miss Wong.
So what's the fuss about VOD? lt's just a TV set!
Just listen to her.
lt will allow you to watch the movie you want just by entering a code.
This is nothing new.
You can register by phone and then follow the movie time slot.
What you're referring to is limited by the time slot.
With VOD, you can watch it whenever you like. lt's two different things.
So stop interrupting her, dumbass!
Furthermore, with VOD movies, you can fast forward, pause, and rewind,
just like watching it on videotape.
Besides movies, you can also surf the net,
do grocery shopping or shop for other things online.
lf combined with the use of a SMART card,
you can even transfer your money from your bank. lt's very convenient.
You'd need a big bunch of wires for so many functions.
lt's not convenient at all!
A man like you can be so ignorant. All you need is a phone line.
l'm just talking to myself, woman. Mind your own business.
Don't pretend to be an expert.
How can a phone line that thin carry so many functions?
Ask the professionals if you don't believe me!
Actually, this lady is right.
The greatest breakthrough of our VOD is that it uses just one single fiber optic line.
See? Even she agrees that you don't know anything!
- Why, - Elaine, please continue.
So uneducated!
Mr. Ken pages us to a meeting in the War Room.
War Room? ls that a place for wars?
Almost. This is where we do our research and analysis.
Only a few people have access.
You've met Clarence.
This is Kim. He has several doctorate degrees.
l can also read your fortune. l'm good at that.
l'm TC. l used to be in Pathology. But not anymore.
ls orange juice OK?
Sun, have you offended anyone lately?
There'll soon be many. Once we launch our VOD,
every telecommunication company will be affected.
Such as?
Such as networks, video distributors, and lnternet Service Providers.
Especially lSP's.
My feelings exactly. lf someone wants Mr. Ken dead,
l suppose it would be those internet or software development firms.
That's a lot of people!
Not really. Only the top five firms would feel most threatened by Mr. Ken.
Teresa, search the net for the list of top level managers from these firms.
lt can't be that serious.
VOD is television. lt's different from computers.
They're not that different.
TV is family entertainment. But lnternet is for one individual.
lt's like salt and sugar.
Would you substitute salt for sugar?
Besides, there're bankers, doctors, and chemists among the victims.
They may not be just pinpointing me.
So what? lf the murderers can kill by spontaneous combustion,
then there's nothing l can do to prevent them from killing me.
Why waste your time thinking about this? Are you that smart?
What is it?
Let's eat!
Are you sure you can cook?
Why not?
My specialty is not studying, but making instant noodles.
l was one of the ''Ten Best lnstant Noodles'' winners in college.
Then you'll do the cooking from now on.
But they withdrew the prize afterwards. They said that l cheated.
Let's get married.
You're nuts.
The more reason to get married.
Hey, don't move around.
l don't want to, that's why l want to get married. Come on.
You will regret it!
l won't know that until after the wedding.
Fine! But first, you have to gain 10 pounds.
No problem.
l want to spend our honeymoon in Prague.
No problem. l'll book the tickets tomorrow.
Also, l'll only marry a guy who has an Afro hairdo.
Like that?
- Forget it then. Let's continue. - Damn you!
No need to guess. Those are the Prague tickets.
l've gained 3 pounds, and l've booked the flights.
As for the hairdo...
l've got a sample. The stylist should know what to do!
Do you have any vacation left?
Of course!
That's right. Senior staff like you have flexible time off.
Junior staff like me don't have such luxuries.
That's right. What should we do?
We'll have to wait. l'll return the tickets.
Don't you dare!
How long is the trip? 2 weeks?
You've even got a small dock down there. That kills me.
That's really cute.
l've always felt that your house is like a morgue. Metal everywhere.
Some wood would help.
Roundtrip tickets for two to Prague? lt's about to expire.
Return them! Why did you leave them here?
Don't waste them.
Don't touch my stuff.
Better get a refund soon.
- Might as well use the money on dinner. - Don't touch my stuff!
Why are you so upset? She's been dead for so long.
Why hang on to them? For decoration? They're not even pretty!
Why do you care?
Why did you ask me to come here?
What the hell do you need me for? l'm useless to you.
- Your duty is to protect me. - Are you crazy?? Protect you?
l don't know jack shit about your Hi-tech, body explosion stuff. l'm just a cop!
You think l'm a scientist?! Ask those Ml6 guys to protect you then!
l'm only here to chat with you, man!
You just want to die!
That's easy. Just bang your head on the wall.
No need to wait til you explode!
Why drag me into this? lf you want to die, do it on your own.
You should know what l mean.
Are you hungry?
l just don't know what to do with you!
Of course l'm hungry. l haven't eaten all day.
What would you like?
l'll bring you to a nice place. Do you trust me?
The vendors are still here.
They'll be gone if you don't come here often enough.
What do you want?
Hurry up with your orders.
Combination noodles.
Shrimp noodles for me. No onions.
Hey! l know you two!
lt took you long enough! You need new glasses!
Eat some more.
Go away!! Get lost!
No, no...l can't take your money.
- Careful. lt's hot! - Let's eat.
Wow! This is really spicy!
l thought you always wanted extra spicy. You can't take this now?
You could when you were younger!
Hey, l didn't order sausage!
lt's on the house.
Then at least give me more than just two slices. What a miser!
You haven't changed a bit, especially that big mouth of yours.
Did you finish school?
What are you up to now?
lnstalling antennas.
That bad? No wonder you look so sad.
Nobody uses antennas nowadays. Even l don't use it.
Don't you worry. Those antennas are still big in China and Vietnam.
Plenty of chances, young man!
Combination noodles!
Can't you wait a minute?
Why not tell him how much you really have?
Eat your noodles!
Where were we?
You were lecturing him. Do continue. He's really depressed.
Right. lt doesn't matter what you do, as long as you are happy.
Just take a look at my noodle place. Many rich folks come to eat here.
Whenever l'm off, they'll have to settle for those wonton noodles next door.
Those noodles are just plain shit!
Where's your daughter?
Don't even talk about her.
But you do have a daughter...
l said, don't even talk about her! Young people nowadays...
At least you two still remember me.
Nostalgia is a good thing!
Don't look so sad.
Your noodles? My treat!
What about mine?
Of course you have to pay, big mouth! l have to get back to work.
This world stinks more and more by the day.
Not as bad as your mouth.
Maybe, but it has a sweet taste. Want to try?
That's it. Smile and you won't blow up.
Motherfucker! Pay up!
Pay up! Why won't you pay up?
None of your business!
Police! Freeze!
Police! Stop fighting!
What's with you?
You and that Ml6 dog are always following us. Where is he now?
You think it's easy to follow you around?
But we are really concerned about Mr. Ken's safety.
Maybe you're worried about my competence even more.
l'm watching him, but you're watching me.
Do you want me to screw up in front of Ml6?
But you did screw up, didn't you? Try not to protect your image all the time.
Yes, Madam. You're the boss.
Madam, you're here!
Your lab report is already out. Have you got it?
l've got it. Thanks.
What report? Were you not feeling well?
Hey...what lab report?
There is no sign of fracture or hemorrhage in your skull.
lf that's the case, can l be discharged?
lf you stay one more night,
we can make sure that there is no future damage to your brain.
We'll arrange to have this patient transferred to another ward.
Just stay here and rest. lt's for your protection.
But l really want to go home.
Please be patient. Get some rest.
Hey, you. Got into a fight? Did it hurt?
Did you throw up?
Then you should be fine. You can leave.
l get hit on the head a lot.
My mom said l'll be fine as long as l don't throw up.
lt's only pain. You'll be alright. Relax.
What's your name?
My last name is Ken.
l asked for your name, not just your last name! What's wrong with you?
Sorry. My name is Tit-sun.
My name is Brother Chuen. How do you do?
How do you do?
Why did they tie you up?
lsn't that obvious enough? l'm crazy. l bite people.
They want to get Chucky. So l bit them.
Who's Chucky?
Chucky is very famous. He barks really loud.
All other dogs are scared of him.
You look ugly when you laugh.
Let me tell you something really funny. My mother lost a bet.
She often said that she would live longer than l would.
But this time, l won.
She went to bed 2 days ago and never woke up.
The doctor told me she's dead.
Do you miss her?
Of course. But l can only miss her for a while each day.
l'm really busy, you know.
l have to check on those hawkers at the market everyday for fraud.
And l have to make sure that cars won't hit the kids when they cross.
l even have to feed Chucky.
Damn! l wonder if Chucky ate breakfast this morning?
Have you got a girlfriend?
Yes, a while ago.
There is a nurse here. She's really pretty.
She wears a Mickey Mouse watch.
My mom said that l'm all grown up now. l really would like to start a relationship.
What is it then?
Then why did you come here for a lab test? Just for fun?
Come on, tell me about it.
X-ray reveals a black spot in my stomach.
The doctor suspected cancer, so he took some samples for analysis.
What did the report say?
lt can't be cancer.
You don't even smoke or drink! You should be fine.
Don't be like this.
The doctor said that the black spot is only food that's not digested.
He said l should cut down on pickled eggs.
You had me all worried!
l apologize, Mr. Ken. We'll transfer him now.
There's no need. We got along pretty well.
That's right. We're friends. Your name is Sunny.
l forgot my business cards.
This is my business card. Call me if you need any help.
Why would l need help? l'm the one who help others.
lf anyone bullies you here, just say that you know me.
l'm notorious around here.
Thank you so much.
You're too corny. l'm not talking to you anymore!
Are you transferring me to another room or not?
Right. Let's go. Sorry, Mr. Ken.
Remember. Just tell them that you know me.
Sun, did you bump your head?
Does it hurt?
What is it?
Have you seen Adele?
lmpossible! Adele was just here!
- lt's just your delusion. - No! l even felt her touch.
- She was standing right there! - Alright. You get some sleep.
l'll call the doctor. Lie down.
This card was not here before!
Ask the hospital staff if they saw anyone leaving it here.
How could this be? This address is top secret.
That's where Mr. Sato is.
Sato?! The one who did the Biology l.C. research?
Yes. lt was he who told us about Brotherhood Of Technology.
He's under Ml6's protection.
lt's impossible that anyone else would have known this address.
Help! Help!!
Madam! They were never out of this room. And there's nothing here.
What's the burning smell?
l don't know.
lt's the smell of human flesh!
Did you see Mr. Sato?
He's gone!
How could he just disappear? Spontaneous combustion again?
Doesn't look like it.
lf it is, the people beside him would still be alive.
Well? Human explosion again? l'll take a look.
- Please let me go, Dr. Ken. - Sorry. Please wait.
lvy, let me do the forensics this time.
Kim has already called someone from the Hong Kong University.
Dr. Ken, you should follow the rules. James asked us to do the forensics.
But James is not here yet.
Madam, this will look bad for our department.
Do you want the truth or not?
Dr. Yip! Dr. Wong! Dr. Lau!
So are you the expert or are we the experts?
Of course you are. You were all my teachers.
l'll give you a report in two days.
How about this, Dr. Yip? Let me check it out first.
l'll let you examine after l'm done.
Then what's there left for us to examine?
Our objective is to preserve the crime scene's original state.
l taught you that!
Sam, give us a hand.
According to the first witness and our own observations,
the door was locked when the incident happened.
There were two corpses in the room. But Mr. Sato had vanished.
We found a large sum of cash and his credit cards.
Also, the suit which Mr. Sato was last seen wearing
was scattered all over the place. But there were no signs of struggle.
This proves that the probability of a forced abduction was very low.
lf he has really left the place, it must be either voluntary,
or he must have been unconscious.
As for the autopsy report on the two Ml6 members,
the cause of death was heart failure.
All the other major organs simply failed simultaneously.
l've never done an autopsy on a cooked corpse before.
They were microwaved to 80% well done.
They smelled like BBQ pork when l cut them open.
You don't have to be that detailed. What else?
Since the bodies were microwaved from the inside,
all internal organs were cooked.
Therefore, there were no bacteria to determine time of death.
- The skin... - Can you just skip to your conclusion?
Even though l couldn't find any evidence from the corpses,
l could still estimate their time of death to be around 10 to 10:07 pm.
Without any evidence, how could you be so sure?
l imagined putting a 180lb piece of meat in a huge microwave oven,
and calculated the time it takes to cook the meat.
As simple as that!
Our satellite also ceased to receive signals for 15 seconds at 10:06:32 pm.
lt closely matches the time of death. We've also checked the oven.
Surprisingly, its microwave power exceeded its original design by ten times.
How could that be?
l'd like to know that myself. This doesn't fit any scientific logic.
We found a large amount of ashes and crystallized substances at the scene.
From the analysis, they contain 3 elements.
They are organic compound, protein, and the third?
Are you telling me that the Japanese did not disappear?
Correct! Theoretically, add 80% of water, and ''it'' will turn back into a human being.
What could've done this?
Beats me! lf you dehydrate a person,
he should only turn into a dry corpse at the most.
But now we are seeing an actual, dissolved substance.
Just like being shot dead by laser guns in a cartoon.
Hey man, l'm only kidding.
He's referring to Assault Satellites.
There are now more than 800 satellites orbiting the earth.
We only know the true usage of half of them.
The rest are all classified military satellites.
My knowledge is that the U.S. government has already
tested laser and particle beam from these satellites successfully.
lt's not too difficult to check. We can match the time of the incident
with the positions of the satellites hovering above Hong Kong at that time.
Dr. Yip, l still don't understand.
l've handled a lot of crime scenes.
Normally, when there are multiple bodies in a common crime scene,
their cause of death is usually the same.
So why did the Japanese dissolve into ashes, but not the other two guys?
One exploded, and the other turned into ashes.
What about the other two guys?
James didn't say anything about their deaths.
Actually, even James himself didn't know.
One guy's lranian, and the other was Russian.
Their cause of death was never announced.
Why does killing people have to be this fancy?
Maybe they are experimenting.
l think someone is trying to show off.
- Mr. Sato might know more. - But he is dead.
Our computers have always communicated with his.
We can try breaking into his system.
A break-in? That's illegal!
Do you have a better suggestion?
This is too big for us to handle.
Cops, Gator!
Are you Mr. Yao?
These are just games! No X-rated stuff!
You can arrest me, but please don't beat me up.
We need your help.
Sir, please don't play games with me. How can small potatoes like us help you?
- But you ARE Gator, aren't you ? - Are you crazy? Gator my ass!
All l have are dead CPU's.
Uncle, you can stop pretending. l brought them here.
You little piece of shit! You betrayed me!!
You're asking for a beating! Fine!
You can forget about descrambling all those Japanese porno discs of yours!
You little shit!
Mr. Yao, l urged Kim to bring me here. l'm Ken Tit-sun.
But you are so young!
You're good! You did something even the Japanese and Americans couldn't.
Transmitting video with just one single phone line. Smart!
You are truly a smart ass!
l need your help to save my life.
Save your life?
This Japanese system is known for its superb firewalls.
That's why we need your help, Uncle.
lf you can break into his system, you'll become a legend overnight.
Even the Japanese will be running scared when they hear your name.
You are running scared now!
You're always bragging about your hacking skills.
You try breaking in then.
We have the technology, but we don't have the expertise like you do.
That's true. l can't match you when it comes to building things,
but when it comes to breaking in...
Hey, wait a minute. This is illegal.
You've always been breaking the law.
We only break small laws. We don't break big ones.
l don't want handcuffs on my wrists.
Madam, it's your turn to speak.
Our main objective is to protect Mr. Ken. We'll turn our backs on anything else.
- Right. She saw nothing. - Thanks.
l must really learn from Gator this time.
l have one condition though.
l want a picture with you, so l can hang it on my storefront.
OK. Andy, you handle the hardware.
l'll need 20 terminal linkups, the fastest modems and printers.
You need to help me put together a hard disk of at least 20 gigs.
Because l don't know how much memory their system has.
You help me copy these 20 hacker programs into the terminals.
The rest of you will help me with the cables and monitors, OK?
- Any questions? - No.
All set!
lf the correct password is not entered within the first 15 minutes,
the firewall will activate immediately.
lf we try to break in manually, it could take forever.
lt's easy because that Japanese was a scientist.
Scientists have a logical way of thinking. The same goes for their passwords.
Also, check out his surroundings and what he likes. You can't go wrong.
What if his computer randomly chose the password for him?
We have three PCs working on that right now.
Wish us luck!
Everyone, on your mark.
l'm out of codes!
What's that?
Something about Japanese baseball.
We've used up their usernames!
Keep entering some more!
The machine just hangs!
Porn stars? Let me!
There goes my reputation!
Hey, check this out.
What is it?
What the hell did you enter?
Don't know. l just randomly picked a phrase from here.
''The final war between good and evil''?
These are all Buddhist scriptures.
Nostradamus. What does it mean?
He was a very famous French prophet. He predicted Armageddon.
Could this be a prank from Sato?
These are all from the Bible, the Koran, and the Sutra.
But they all share the same theme,
and that is the religion's prediction for Armageddon.
Buddhism emphasizes the idea of a beginning and an end,
that there must be an end before there is a beginning.
Sounds like Karma, but also sounds like Armageddon.
The Buddhist Sutra reveals
that the Great Wheel will turn once every 2,000 years.
Each time it turns, Earth will encounter a big disaster.
And it's now 1997. Aren't you scared, pal?
ln Japan, the Sun Moon God also talks about Armageddon.
The gods will descend from the heavens after 3,000 years
to destroy not only the world, but also the spiritual world.
ln the Koran, a large portion is devoted to Armageddon.
lt even predicts precisely that in July of 1999,
The King Of Horror will descend upon the earth.
The Bible's Book of Revelations said that there are
seven signs that precede Armageddon.
Maybe it has something to do with our case.
The First Sign-the Antichrist will appear in the name of Satan.
On that day, the fiery mountains will sink into the oceans.
One third of the sea will turn into blood,
and one third of the creatures in the sea will die.
Even one third of all ships will be destroyed.
Some believe that Sadaam Hussein is the Antichrist.
And the Persian Gulf War matches the scenarios in Revelations.
The Second Sign- A star that burns like a torch
will descend from the sky, and fall into 1/3 of the world's rivers.
The star is called ''Wormwood''.
The river will become bitter, and because of that, many will die.
''Wormwood'' is a kind of herbs, but it's also known by its nickname,
The same name as the Soviet nuclear power plant that suffered a meltdown.
The Third Sign-The reappearance of the kingdom of Babylon.
The layout of Babylon is very similar to that of modern day Europe.
And l'm sure you all know about the unification talks.
The Fourth Sign-The reappearance of the Temple of Jerusalem.
Remember Mr. Anderson?
His will stated that 50 billion British pounds under his name
will be automatically donated to Jerusalem's temple restoration efforts.
Noah's Ark will also reappear.
As for Mr. Sato, he was dedicated to collecting DNA
from each and every living creatures on earth.
He didn't want any of them to become extinct.
lt's just like the Noah's Ark theory, isn't it?
The Sixth Sign- There will be a big earthquake.
The moon will turn red, and all the stars will fall.
The Seventh Sign-''Who does not believe in me will turn to me when the day comes''.
On Judgement Day, everything without the seal of God will all be destroyed.
Five of the seven signs had already appeared.
You can say that Chernobyl and Saddam Hussein are just coincidences.
But the rest seems to have been done by man.
Could this be the work of some mad scientist, using the Bible as an excuse?
Think so?
Would someone be that dumb as to kill himself by creating Armageddon?
That's why l said he's mad. How can we read a madman's mind?
Are you guys scientists or what? All this superstitious babbling!
Do you know ''Feng Shui'' too? l need it for my home.
Sure. Give me your date of birth.
There are many things that can't be explained with science.
There's no point in arguing. l think the answer lies on this card.
Although l can't be sure how this card appears,
l am very sure that Adele is dead.
So what?
They used a ghost to give me the card.
A ghost?
She touched my head with her hand. l could actually feel her body warmth.
l tried to catch her, but she simply vanished.
Did you actually touch her?
No. But l don't believe it's a dream.
l don't think you can feel body warmth in dreams.
Mr. Ken, you are a scientist yourself. Do you believe in ghosts?
l don't know. That's why l need your help.
Besides this incident, have you ever seen Adele in your dreams?
How many times?
l think it's just pressure from your work.
Steve, don't give me this work pressure bullshit.
Don't tell me l'm having illusions because l miss Adele too much.
Even if they are, then how do you explain the card?
Do you think l made it up?
l don't even know how to make up things like that!
Calm down. l can't help you if you act like this.
Rest a bit, please.
l still think that he is mixing reality with his illusions.
Have a drink.
What does that mean? ls he losing his mind?
He is just being hyper. Urbanites are a bunch of nervous wrecks.
And the card? How do you explain that?
Even he himself can't be sure it's Adele who left the card.
The card's origin and Adele's appearance are two separate issues.
Do you guys really believe that he saw Adele's ghost?
Say it.
Don't come over!
Don't be scared, you all.
Don't come near me! l've got a gun!
lt's me, Tai-pang. Put your gun down. lt's me!
Watch the door.
Be careful. l don't know WHAT she is!
Why are you here?
l don't know. l really don't know.
Do you remember the past?
When's your birthday?
June 20th.
And mine?
July 21st.
Remember your first words to me?
''You're so silly!''
Now what? Does this mean we're all urban psychos?
Sunny baby, l am Adele. l miss you so much.
Did Adele ever call you ''Sunny baby''?
This is not your girlfriend. Not her.
Fine, you can go. You're in the wrong body.
But l'm not done.
Yes, you are. Your money's outside.
Thanks. We'll pay you outside.
Fine, as long as l get paid.
l've told you this wouldn't work. You're wasting money.
lt's just a try.
Mr. Ken, he's the spiritual advisor recommended by my friend.
This house is really haunted.
Hey, Peter. When did you become a psychic?
Wow! Turns out this house is haunted by cops!
Sorry, Detective Chiu! l'm going!
lt's been a long day. You must all be tired. Go home.
Come on!
Maybe all these people here scared her off.
l'll find you an even more powerful psychic later.
How come the name is changed?!
She's been here.
Tickets to Prague in 2 days? Why is my name on it?
l think someone wants us to go to Prague.
This is too spooky for me. l'm not going!
l'm telling you. You can count me out.
Don't you talk to me like that! l'm really not going!
How come it's so cold?! My toes are all frozen!
What the hell did l do wrong? Why am l here in Prague?
l said l wasn't coming!! Why did you do this to me?
Adele and l thought of getting married here.
Therefore, it's not odd for her to meet me here.
You think l haven't done my research? l've checked the travel agency.
They said the tickets were booked under your company's name.
Maybe someone in your office is pulling a prank on you.
Could it be Janis?
There are so many personnel in my company.
Anyone could've used our name and booked the tickets.
l trust Janis more than l trust you.
Then why didn't you ask Janis to come?!
Do we have to check each and every church here in Prague?
Adele really liked the churches here.
Why can't she pick the tropics or some place warmer? Why Prague?
Here's your hot drink. lt's freezing!
Exactly! What the hell are we here for??
You, maybe. But why me?? She's not even my girl!
Don't get mad.
After the drink, we'll start from the first church again.
Give it a chance.
lt shouldn't be hard to find a Chinese girl here...
You mean a Chinese ghost! You'll have better luck at the cemetery!
Cemetery?! You're right.
l know...Now l know why she wants you here.
- l'm just kidding, man. - Come on.
l'm only kidding!
Me and my big mouth! There's hardly any ghost here.
Can we go now?
Let's walk some more.
How about this? We'll wait here till they close the gates.
You're kidding! l can barely walk.
There's no way l can just stand and wait.
Jog on the same spot then.
Adele, if you really want to see me, just reveal yourself.
You can't take off your hat here.
Watch out! You almost got run over.
Why are you sighing?
lt's gorgeous here.
No need to sigh for that.
l sigh because l'm with you.
Pretty place like this is for a man and a woman.
lf only lvy could be here.
Fine. We'll book our return flight tomorrow.
No need. We still have so many places to go.
There's no hurry.
Besides, l haven't tried Table Dance yet.
Perhaps Adele likes neither churches nor cemeteries.
Maybe she likes Table Dance too!
Let's take a picture, just to prove that we've been here.
Can you get the geese and the ducks too?
Hurry up.
- Take your jacket off!! - l'm doing it!
l've never bought any women's clothes before.
So don't yell at me if you don't like them.
You are one hungry ghost!
l haven't eaten for a long time.
Do you remember being hit by a car here?
Yes, but then, it felt like l was asleep, and l even dreamt about you.
Do you remember visiting me?
Of course! You even pointed your gun at me.
You chicken shit.
Hey, l was scared. You're a ghost!
l'm NOT a ghost!
Drink this. lt'll warm you up.
You know l don't drink. Why are you testing me?
But l... l just cannot accept the fact that you...
You've been cremated, but now you're here.
Don't you want to see me?
Of course!
You have a new girlfriend.
No, l don't!
Be honest. Tell me the truth. l can take it. Just tell me!
No, l really don't.
You're still lying?! l can see it in your eyes.
Do you have a new girl?
Ask him. You ask him whether l have one.
l don't want to ask him. l'm asking you! You better clear this up.
Listen to me.
- Are you lying? - l swear! l swear! OK?
That's it! She's definitely your girl. Definitely!
Are we really getting married here?
Do you like it?
As long as you won't regret it.
Of course l won't!
You two are making me sick.
Are you scared? You can go on if you are.
l'm getting goose bumps.
Call lvy and tell her to come too.
l've called her already!
She's verifying her fingerprints in Hong Kong right now.
She's really the boring workaholic type.
Not as boring as a nerd like you!
What is it?
This is too strange.
lf l tell this to anyone, they're going to say l'm crazy.
Doesn't all this seem like a dream to you?
Doesn't matter. The most important thing is that she's really back. Right?
Hey, come over here.
What's up?
This is so pretty! Look!
Where? l don't see it.
You asked for it! You're going to be broke this time.
lsn't this beautiful?
Calm down!!
Are you crazy?? Get back here!
- Just let me go! - Get up!
Dr. Ken, don't worry. Adele will be back.
The most important thing is that you know she's real.
Adele? Where is she??
So you're the one behind everything?
Everything is God's will. l'm just his messenger.
God?! What God?
Besides God, who else can be this powerful?
l give you this ring. Wear it when you're back in Hong Kong.
Can't move?
l'm afraid you might get too excited.
Go to hell! You don't excite me!
l've always said that foreigners are the craziest of all!
Get him! Let me kick his ass!!
Why take her away from me and shatter my heart?
And in a lapse of time, bid farewell to happiness?
My feeble hands were unable to comfort my broken heart
Hard to let go, with only tears in my eyes
How did this happen? How can l solve this mystery?
The burden too heavy, the pain too much
A regret that l cannot face
Never thought l was that close when l lost my love...
Take a look at this. Some l can name and some l can't.
Cost me a month's salary.
This is powerful shit. You will be safe with this.
Besides, l'm with you. Don't worry.
l'll go by myself tonight.
l didn't get it. Come again?
l feel a sense of danger here. But l really want to see Adele again, so...
So what? Are you giving up now?
That Billy Conners is just another con man!
He's an authority figure in Psychology. He studies ESP.
SO? He's a high class con man then!
Then how do you explain Adele?
How would l know? You're the scientist and you're asking ME?!
Because even l can't explain it myself.
Don't be scared. lf he does anything funny,
l'll beat the shit out of him. Don't you worry.
You don't understand. You really don't!
You've got lvy. You've never lost your most beloved.
l really want to see Adele again.
What does that mean??
Call me when you need me, and kick me out when you don't need me anymore?!
Who do you think l am? A call girl??
That's not what l meant!
Sorry. Am l interrupting?
Of course not. We're just chatting.
Boss, do you want to join our party?
No, l'm not going.
Lots of good food there!
You guys have fun tonight.
Alright then. We're going.
Walk Tai-pang to the door for me.
Merry Christmas.
l'll wish you a Merry Christmas if l still see you tomorrow.
l said l'm not going. Have fun tonight.
l'm not talking about that party.
Welcome to our party.
Come on.
He's here.
- Hi, Clarence. - Hello!
Ken, welcome.
Surprised? There are lots of familiar faces here.
Hello, Ken! We knew you'd join us sooner or later.
Where's Adele?
She's fine. Don't you worry.
Let the ceremony begins.
Drink this, Dr. Ken.
l don't understand.
You still don't? l've told you.
l'm here to welcome you.
ls murder part of your welcome too?
They died to prove God's power.
So you admit to killing all those people?
That's all l need.
POLlCE! Freeze!
Freeze! You know how excited l am.
Chuck, bring him here. Watch out for his tricks.
Tai-pang, where's your ''stick''?
One of them must work!
Tell me. Where's Adele?
Why? Why don't you believe me?
- lt is God's is God's will... - Tell me. Tell me where Adele is!
You tell me where she is!
Why didn't you believe him?
He cured my terminal cancer in just one day.
Hey, wait.
What? Are you afraid he's not dead?
Maybe he'll resurrect.
Did you regret it?
Not at all. He's a con man and a killer.
But he's known to perform miracles.
Where's Tit-sun?
He wants to sit around longer.
Marry me?
Don't be silly.
You never know what will happen tomorrow.
Why can't l accept anything beyond science?
ls it because l'm too smart, or just plain ignorant?
Stop the car!
Tell them to go back!
Call the ambulance!
What's that?
lf you believe me, l will not disappoint you.
l'll have a surprise for you.
Your friend is a real pain in the butt.
Why do you care so much about life and death?
Tai-pang! Get out of here!!
Actually, they're no big deal.
Are you nuts? ARE YOU?? So you like killing? KlLL ME THEN!
KlLL ME!!!
Pain all over!
So that's how it feels to have a hole in your chest!
Sun, it is so clear to me now. The brothers and sisters in this group
are all carefully chosen by Him to assist you.
What exactly are you trying to say?
You won't understand.
He gives you a quota to select a group of people
and accomplish the last mission.
Last mission?!
What is it?
The moon turning red and the earthquakes...
All the signs have appeared. There's only one sign left now.
Once a non-believer like you starts to have faith, then it's done!
lt's easy for geniuses like you to create Armageddon.
How many do l need to choose?
1 ,500.
You're saying that only 1 ,500 people will survive Armageddon?!
Doesn't matter! lt's the end of the world!
What's the difference between life and death?
You and the remaining 1 ,500 people will turn into gods
and recreate a perfect world.
By then, the new world will have no war, no starvation, no disease, not even triads.
Everybody just sings Karaoke everyday. lsn't that wonderful?
And you, you'll be our leader. lsn't it cool?
l can choose whomever l want?
Of course! You're His son, and l'm your buddy.
Remember to save me a spot, OK?
Just say the word, and lvy will resurrect, just like Adele.
Why are you so clear minded all of a sudden?
How could you understand the whole picture?
lt's a miracle!
Even now, you still don't believe in Him?
l'm not saying that l don't believe in Him, but...
lt's the truth! Haven't you heard of the truth?
Then, is the truth right or wrong? still have to ask this?
Survival of the fittest is the law of nature, and that's also the truth.
ls that right or wrong?
You said that, out of millions of people, only 1 ,500 will survive Armageddon.
Do you think that's right?
But they deserve to die!
Look what they've done to the world! All that pollution!
Even if you don't create Armageddon, the world will end sooner or later!
lf He really wants them to change, why can't He just come out and say it?
l guarantee that they will believe Him and change...
So what's your point??
You're not Tai-pang.
He wouldn't ask me like that.
He knows l won't do it.
Why can't you understand? This is already predestined.
The world can change for the better.
Just like you can change into Tai-pang, right?
You'll lose Adele.
l was dead already. We haven't lost anything.
Besides, it's almost the end of the world. No point for me to come back.
Someone will do this! Even if you don't, someone else will!
Find someone else then. l don't want to be another Judas.
You will both go to Hell!
Go to Hell?
lt's already Armageddon. What's so scary about Hell?
We'll go together.
Fool! You're such a fool!!
God! Please execute your last judgement!
Pain all over!
So that's how it feels to have a hole in your chest!
Damn! Why did you hit me so hard?!
Are you Tai-pang?
Who else could l be? Your dad??
lt's like a nightmare! Good. Now everything is...
Don't come near.
lt's alright now.
How do you know? l'm already dead. What if l vanish again?
Don't come any closer!
l'm afraid l'll vanish again. Promise me...
Promise me you won't miss me anymore?
Adele, l...
Just stay there and listen! There may not be another chance.
lf l do disappear, promise me you'll live a good life.
l don't want to see you sad.
You only live once. l was already dead.
l've already earned my extra time by seeing you again.
No, you won't. You won't vanish again.
Listen to me...
That's what we thought when we were in Prague.
Just promise that you won't miss me. l know l won't miss you!
l think l'll go to heaven or get reincarnated.
l promise you.
l'll live well. l'll go out, and l'll date other girls, alright?
But l won't let you cook instant noodles for your new girlfriends.
l'm really afraid l'll vanish again!
No, you won't. l'll never leave you.
No man is that devoted.
Sure there is.
l'm proud to present the most devoted husband, Ken Tit-sun.
You're bad!
lvy! lvy!
l'm here!
l thought it was Armageddon? How come you get to have all the fun?
l think if we had accepted his mission,
then that would've been the end of the world.
So it was a test? What kind of a naughty god is that?
He didn't say. But l guess they're all the same.
Anyway, just don't do anything that would hurt other people.
Does marrying lvy count as hurting others?
l better reconsider.
Forget it. You're going to hell for sure!
Yeah right!
lf l can choose, l'll definitely choose Armageddon.
Fine, fine.
l've told you. Everything would be alright.
You're so brave!
Really? My mom said that about me all the time!
''The Health Department is stunned that
Christmas was the first day in Hong Kong history
where there were no deaths.
They believe it was a miracle that the 4 critically injured survive.
As for the strange lightshow at the Hong Kong Stadium,
the government is at a loss for explanation...''
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