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Subtitles for Tie Me Up Tie Me Down.

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Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

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When you're finished, see the director.
Come in.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes. Sit down.
The judge sees no reason for you to remain here.
He says you may re-enter society as of today.
No need to run away again.
You're free, Ricky.
Being free also means being alone.
I won't be able to protect you anymore.
Like any other citizen, you will be responsible for your own actions.
Don't worry. I'll manage.
- What are your plans? - Find work and raise a family.
- Like normal people do. - You're not a normal person.
The judge says I am.
What does he know!
There's 50,000 pesetas there.
It's for the drawings, and the moments of pleasure and ecstasy you gave me.
Thanks. I promise not to spend it.
Don't be silly.
You'll need money until you find a job.
I've listed some places where you can apply.
Now go, and don't ever come back.
I told you to leave.
First, let me thank you for everything.
- You're running away, huh? - This time the judge released me.
- I'm allowed to join society. - Society!
Once I belonged to society, too.
It was a gourmet society.
But one day, they poisoned me.
I wouldn't trust them if I were you.
Come here. Take this.
It's free.
What is it?
The membership card for the society.
Cards come in handy.
Do you have any credit cards?
No. I'm fresh out.
I'm expecting a delivery.
Great. See you later.
- How much is the nougat? - 600 pelas, kid.
- Mom, what are pelas? - Pesetas, darling.
- Hi. - Hi. I'll be right with you.
Here's your change.
- What would you like? - The heart in the window.
- How much is it? - 500.
- My bus! - Shouldn't I wrap it?
"Barajas Studios."
"Therapeutic filming. Marina Osorio."
I'll take my panties off. They show.
What's worse, showing your panties or showing your pussy?
Which reminds me, we're supposed to do a number at the party tonight.
- I promised. - Like what?
Something sexy but simple, from our old act.
- I don't know if I can remember them. - Sure you can.
Show them a bit of flesh, and we can kill two birds with a stone.
Máximo will be thrilled. So will the producer.
OK. Whatever you say, boss.
Marina, I didn't say anything before, but I'm so proud of you.
- Don't be silly. - Keep it up, huh?
- You put a lot of make-up on. - I have to put something on.
I'll have to keep after them so we...
Hey, we could sing that one.
Here's something for you, too.
After my stroke, half of my body was paralyzed.
So I thought, if I wanted to make another film,
I'd better hurry before the other half went.
Of course.
So here I am, doing my posthumous work.
Don't say that. You look so alive in your electric chair.
- I like that idea - an electric chair. - I just meant...
No, you're right. Since I've been condemned to this chair,
I feel hornier than ever.
My wife says I've regressed into childhood.
She may be right.
After a stroke, you have to learn to everything over again.
How to speak,
how to read and write, how to dance.
But above all, you learn that you want to keep on living.
Which, in my case, means making movies.
That was beautiful.
The knives. That's the fake one.
- Even she's not fooled. - I was!
You weren't.
Fix that one. It looks phoney.
- About the couch... - Later.
- Later when? - Later!
- Have you seen Marina? - No.
How would you classify your film Midnight Phantom?
A second-rate horror film.
Are you worried about making your comeback with a second-rate film?
I've always wanted to do one.
But I'm afraid it's turning out to be quite personal.
A personal second-rate film. How does that work?
When you put your heart and genitals into something, it always becomes personal.
- You're known as an actress' director. - So genitals remind you of actresses?
No. I just wondered why, with so many actresses,
you chose a porn actress who's a junkie?
If you want to leave here alive,
don't mention the words "porn" or "junkie" again.
- Hi, Máximo. - Hi.
- So, when do we start? - Let's see if they've finished your room.
- How's your toothache? - Hurts a bit.
Haven't they brought you an aspirin yet?
Careful! You'll wreck the set. Go around it.
Jump. Be careful, you're on the heavy side.
- Thanks. - You're welcome.
I promise not to mention "porno" or "junkie" again.
Good. That's better.
- Who's she? - A journalist.
- What's the next scene? - My death.
- How will you play that? - Good question.
Máximo, when I'm stabbed, how should I play it?
Look at her. Just like her.
- Osvaldo. - Without saying "Osvaldo"!
- Osvaldo. - Don't say Osvaldo.
Like that?
She's pissed.
Máximo, what scene do we shoot?
The telephone one.
It's worse than a circus
How can you concentrate?
When I was a kid, I worked in a real circus.
I trained horses, rodeo-style.
I'd enter the ring with a lasso. Some supposedly wild horses would come out.
I'd round them up and tame them...
- Are you listening? - Yeah, I'm listening.
What did I say?
You rounded them up, tamed them and rode them.
When I had them all tamed, I'd line them up and, while they trotted,
I'd jump from one to the other, striking poses and...
Tell me about it, dear.
I ran around in a short little tasseled skirt,
and a ponytail that came down to my ass.
If only I'd been there.
Osvaldo. Don't you recognize me?
- I'm Montse. - Montse? You've changed!
Since we split up, I've gained some weight.
- You're a bit heftier, too. - Yeah.
Mind if I interview you?
- So you're a journalist now? - And you're an actor?
Kids, I have to talk to you.
- OK, what's next? - Wait a minute.
Máximo, I have to talk to you.
Excuse me.
Watch my boots!
The producer's wife likes the couch and wants it after the shoot.
In the final scene, it might get bloodstained and slashed.
Some drops of blood will spill. You can't stab a girl without spilling blood.
I told him that. You talk to him.
- He doesn't want any blood? - He wants lots of it. But not on the couch.
- I'll change it. - You'll change nothing.
- I never liked it. - You adore the ending!
- I want to change it. - You have script changes?
Right away.
I just want you to make your movie.
Just cos the producer's wife has the hots for the couch, you shouldn't compromise.
It's no compromise. I have a much better ending.
Marina, you won't die. I'll save you.
- I'm not gonna get stabbed? - No.
Too bad. I got used to the idea. Now what?
Can you stand the toothache a bit longer?
No. Why?
Because the expression it gives you is perfect for the scene.
- Well, since it's there... - Thanks, sweetheart.
That man will be the end of my career.
- He's the nicest director I ever had. - Unfortunately, he'd like to be even nicer.
You knew that, but you still took off your panties.
- So what? - So plenty!
Looking at you inspires him.
He saves you, and changes everything on me.
Oh, it's you.
No, I feel much better now.
Yes, thank the police for me.
Not today! I'll see them tomorrow.
I'd rather sleep tonight.
Darling, we've got our whole future ahead of us.
Of course I adore you.
Tomorrow you can fill me in on the gory details, OK?
I do! I adore you.
Goodbye, darling. Goodbye.
Come out from there. I knew you'd come.
You were waiting for me, even though they told you I had died.
I knew you wouldn't die without saying goodbye to me.
I'm not here to say goodbye to you.
I'm here to take you away with me.
Where to?
To a quiet place,
where we can be happy.
First, take off your mask,
and show me your face.
I don't have a face.
You must have something.
If you're taking me away with you, I might as well get used to it.
You really want to see it?
I can't.
Look at my body. It's full of life.
But my face...
is the face of a corpse.
You can only offer me death, and death rarely brings happiness.
Cut! That's a wrap.
- Help the actress. - Stop. Nobody leave.
Someone stole my Walkman. Osvaldo is missing 1 0,000 pesetas.
- And the handcuffs. - Some props are missing.
- I'm also missing 1 0,000 pesetas. - I took yours. I'll give it right back.
Return everything and there'll be no repercussions.
I'm responsible for all this stuff.
I'd also like to take things, but I don't.
You were wonderful, Marina.
- Who was it? - Relax, Lola.
You won't lose your job. The movie's done.
- You're right. - Let's celebrate.
- Who was it? - Let's have some champagne.
Yes! Alcohol might loosen some tongues.
- Don't stare at me like that. - I'm not staring.
- I'm admiring. - Well, don't admire me like that.
- What's the hurry? - I'm soaked.
- What do you want? - Nothing.
- You wouldn't like it. - Then don't tell me.
- Will I see you at the party? - Sure.
- Can I talk to you for a second? - Sorry, not now. Some other time.
Look, Marina!
I'm not eating them.
- Lola, do you have my spare keys? - Sure. You locked yourself out again?
- I don't know. I can't find mine. - Jeez, get your act together.
- See you. - Bye
You really should come to the party tonight.
I can't. And I don't want to. Now let's close the subject.
- Yes? - My pay.
- Where's the car? - Over there.
I'll bring it over.
- What's its name? - Paquita.
That's my niece's name.
Show me your hoof.
Poor thing. She's got a corn.
- What's that? - A bruise on her heel.
- You'd better unshoe her. - Who'll pull the cart?
If you don't, gangrene will set in.
Make a bran and vinegar poultice.
Stick it in some sacking and wrap her hoof in it.
After 24 hours, take it off and clean it with iodine. When it dries, she's cured.
Paquita, tell them not to abuse you.
- I mean it. She could die. - Thank you, miss.
Bye, Paquita.
The young lady's right.
Hazlenut chocolates.
It's from Máximo.
It's Pepe, your neighbor.
- Hi. Where are you off to? - On vacation.
See if I can forget that nightmare of a movie.
If any important mail comes, give it to Lola. She has my address.
Marina, I don't know how you did it, but you were marvelous.
- Really? - You bet!
I just did what Máximo told me to do, even if I didn't understand.
When I get back, you can explain your secret to me.
- When are you due back? - In two or three weeks.
OK. Have a good time.
And I hope you get laid.
- If I do, I won't come back. - You have a one-track mind!
What is it, Pepe?
- What's up? - Relax.
What's going on?
Don't scream.
I said, don't scream!
I warned her.
- Who are you? - The guy that attacked you.
Does it hurt?
Get out or I'll call the cops.
I had to hit you to stop you screaming, but I didn't mean to hurt you.
I told you to get out.
God, this looks like a drugstore.
You bastard. You broke my tooth.
I said I was sorry.
You want to fuck me, right?
Then get it over with.
We'll fuck when the time is right.
So what do you want?
I'll tell you.
Let's go to bed. We'll be more comfortable.
Watch out for the glass.
I tried speaking to you, but you wouldn't let me.
So I had to kidnap you so you could get to know me.
I'm sure you'll fall in love with me,
just like I'm in love with you.
I'm 23, and I have 50,000 pesetas.
I'm alone in the world.
I'll try to be a good husband to you
and a good father to your children.
- You're the thief. - I tried to talk to you but you ignored me.
- You're the one who did the handstand. - Sometimes I show off.
That's why you look familiar.
We've met before.
Last year, at a bar called Lulu.
Don't you remember?
I'd just run away from the hospital.
We met at Lulu's.
We went to your place and fucked. Remember?
I promised to come back and protect you.
Many men have promised me that.
But I'm here to prove it. And stop throwing things.
Did you like the heart?
Nice touch, eh?
She's a sweetheart.
I don't get it. You've taken four pills.
Regular painkillers don't work for me.
Why not?
I was hooked on smack.
When you're used to heroin, painkillers don't do shit.
God, I didn't know.
Only something like morphine would help.
Morphine? Where would I find that?
The doctor who detoxed me might prescribe something.
We can't go to a doctor!
What would you say? "Meet a pal who just kidnapped me"?
- No. - So what would you say?
Nothing. I swear.
And she lives three blocks from here.
Please! I can't stand it anymore.
And besides, this is your fault.
All right.
But if you try to trick me,
I swear I'll do us both in!
Go on, get dressed.
You've got a great body.
Don't look for blades or scissors. I hid them.
Put some make-up on your bumps and bruises.
I like being in the bathroom with you.
It's like a married couple getting ready to go out.
Marina, it's Lola. Pick up the phone.
You've gone too far.
I had to sing alone.
- We'll hold hands and hide the handcuffs. - Everyone asked where you were...
- Who's that? - My sister.
- What does she want? - I don't know.
If you've done something silly, don't worry.
You were doing so well.
See you tomorrow, darling.
- Give me a drink. - What'll you have?
A beer.
I may not like your face, but you have a great ass.
Max, please!
- Give me a drink. - You've had enough.
Forgive him, Lola.
I drink plenty too, but I don't bug him about his stroke.
Your ass and my stroke are part and parcel of our culture.
- That's true. You were great, Lola. - Thanks.
We'd have liked to hear Marina. Why isn't she here yet?
I just spoke to her. The rain in the last scene made her toothache worse.
He told me the last scene was great.
Great. Imagine hanging like a Man Called Horse for four hours in the rain.
Lola, forgive my frankness - it's the alcohol.
- I forgive you. - Although you've got an ugly face,
you have a great pair of tits.
It's true.
- We shouldn't have come. - Don't say that now.
- She may have company. - She lives alone.
She might have a visitor!
Come on, I'll ask her.
- Who is it? - Berta, it's Marina.
Come on in.
- Are you alone? - Very much alone. Come on up.
All right.
How dare you?
Marina, don't try anything.
What is it? You scared me.
- I have an awful toothache. - Yeah. It's horribly swollen.
I'm glad that's all it is.
- Hi, I'm Berta. Please to meet you. - Ricky.
Come on in.
I've already taken four Fiorinals. They didn't work.
I told you before, the first few months...
Careful! The table has a mind of its own.
In the first few months, painkillers won't help after everything you've taken.
- Give me something strong. - I'll prescribe...
There's nothing worse than toothache.
- Or an earache - Or colic.
- I never had colic. - I have.
Marina, take this for two or three days. No longer.
You can get hooked on this, too. And I know you. You're such a hog.
Isn't she?
- Did she hit you? - No. I bumped into something.
You're quite a pair.
- Would you like a joint? - No, thanks.
No, thanks.
Marina, you look uptight.
Calm down. Why are you so agitated?
I can't stand it. Give me something now.
- A shot? - Yes.
I'll give you a Dolantin.
Girl, you're a born dope fiend.
The babies have woken up. I'll go rock them.
- Don't. - Why?
Don't bother.
I'll go.
You don't mind, Ricky?
I really like your guy.
You haven't taken anything? You're acting so weird.
Let me see. Your pupils are enormous.
He kidnapped me. Call the cops.
The cops? Why?
My babies.
Why did you pick them up?
I couldn't resist holding them.
Look at them!
Don't worry. The pain will be gone soon.
Look, Marina.
Let's go, Ricky.
What are you looking for? I'm here.
Don't fuck around now.
- Don't hold my hand. - The handcuffs will show.
The street is empty. How come?
It's a holiday weekend and it's August.
Your pain's gone, right? I can tell by your face.
- Shall we get the medicine? - Yes.
Then give me your hand. And shut up!
- Someone's ringing. - Let them.
I can hear moaning.
It might be an emergency.
Probably a junkie. Goddamn bastards.
Be careful.
"Say no to rheumatism."
- What is it? - We need some Sosegon.
I haven't got any.
- Lady, this isn't a holdup. - Just in case.
We have a legal prescription. Call the doctor to check.
- I don't have any. Anything else? - Yes, a roll of sticking plaster.
- What for? - Be quiet.
You can get Sosegon in Chueca, in the square.
- The drugstore's open there? - Drugstore? Buy it on the street.
On the black market, you'll find all the pills you want.
- Wait, there's no rush. - Don't push your luck.
- What's up? - I don't want to go inside.
- What do you want? - Let me go.
That's impossible.
Marina, be sensible.
You want me to break another tooth?
We're going home. Come on.
Come on.
Now what?
I'll take off the handcuffs and you can get comfortable.
- What for? - I'm going to get your pills.
Lie down and wait for me.
Turn around. I don't want you to see me naked.
Sure. Sorry.
You wouldn't have some rope, or something you hang washing from?
This will do.
Too short.
A rope. Anything.
What are you gonna do?
You need anything?
You want to write or chat?
Shall we play a game?
Fine. Call me if you need me.
Years ago, when a bullfighter got top honors,
his fans would carry him home.
Then he'd go out onto the balcony to receive the final ovation.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
I guess it's because I'm near the balcony
and I wish I could see you coming down the street,
coming to talk to me.
Marina, it's Máximo.
I don't know ifyour tooth hurts or what!
You don't want to talk? Fine.
But if you're avoiding me, I'd like to know why.
OK. Call me tomorrow.
I'll either be in Editing or at home.
So long.
My mustache will fall off.
- You got any Sosegon? - No. I got hash and scag.
The girl on the bike's got pills.
Hey! You on the bike!
Got any Sosegon?
Don't yell, asshole.
Take it easy. I just asked if you had any.
- How many? - I don't know... a few.
My girlfriend's got a toothache.
You got any cash?
- Here. I have more. - Wait here. I'll be right back.
- I said to wait. - Now that I'm here...
- How many? - Gimme all you've got.
What's going on?
Son of bitch.
- What's in here? - What do you think?
If I see you again, I'll kill you.
It's me.
Look what I brought you.
You'll like it.
She's dead to the world.
All right. I'll untie you
so you won't think I enjoy making you suffer.
She'll wake up.
She'll wake up. No, she won't.
Careful not to touch her pussy.
Don't wake up.
The gag.
Better leave it on. She's kinda mouthy.
Well, let's rest a little.
It's been some night.
The nights I've dreamed of lying here with you.
Christ. What a hard-on.
I'll jerk off.
Sort of embarrassing with her here, though.
Better just go to sleep.
What's going on?
The pain is back.
And you thought the keys might help, right?
I took the stuff you brought me.
And that's how you thank me?
You dumb shit. Can't you see I was testing you? It was a trap.
You think I'm an idiot?
How long before you fall in love with me?
When will you realize nobody'll love you like I do?
Poor thing.
It's more of a love story than a horror story.
- Sometimes they're indistinguishable. - We've got a hit, Máximo.
- What's wrong, Lola? - Nothing.
Just a hangover.
- Have a Bloody Mary. - I might.
Order one for me, too.
- OK. I will. - One for me, too.
OK. Anything else? I'm about to leave.
- Bring the mag tracks. - Have Marina call me.
- Why? - I have to talk to her.
I'm going to her place now.
- Should I come with you? - Better not.
Have her call me. I miss her.
I'll tell her. Bye.
The washer's rotted.
Here's breakfast. What are you doing?
Wait a minute. Sorry.
I have to go to the bathroom.
When you have to go, just tell me.
And if you're gagged, make a signal.
Do you like my drawing?
Turn off the faucet.
I thought it would help.
- Listen to me. - What?
I'll never fall in love you!
Don't say that yet.
I'll never love you, you're pathetic!
Who asked you to care for me?
Who asked you to protect me?
Or to be my husband or father to my kids?
Who asked for your 50,000 pesetas?
Keep them. Spend them on someone else.
- It hurts? - Yes.
I'm going out to buy some antibiotics, and a washer.
- A washer? - Yeah, for the kitchen faucet.
I'll have to tie you up a little.
Lie down, please.
Come on.
Sit up, please.
- I don't like doing this. - So don't.
Shut up.
- Should I bring you anything? - Different tape.
This one skins me alive.
I'm very upset.
Just think a little. I know you've got problems,
but put yourself in my shoes.
Imagine how I feel about what you said in the bathroom.
After all I did for you.
I've been mistreated, but never that badly.
If you could only...
think less about yourself,
and think a little about others.
Nobody has ever called me pathetic. Nobody!
"I'll never fall in love with you! Never!"
We'll see.
Oh, great.
I'll deal with you later.
Marina! Are you there?
It's Lola.
Marina, please!
Paper tape. Non-allergic tape.
Silk tape to go with formalwear.
- What do you want it for? - For the face. Something easy to peel off.
This one with holes sells pretty well.
Let's see.
- It's for your scratch? - No, it's for a girl.
It's very soft.
This one's fine. I'll take it.
- Anything else? - Yes. Antibiotics for a toothache.
An infection?
"Marina, how can you disappear without a word?"
"I'm worried to death. "
"lf you don't show up, I may have to call the cops,
and we wouldn't want that. "
"Whatever you've done, there's always some solution. "
"You're what's important. "
"Call me, please. "
"Don't try to fix it by yourself. "
"lf you need to go cold turkey, I'll be there for you. "
"But say something, darling. Lola. "
I have a surprise for you.
I'll take the gag off later.
First, the surprise.
Don't worry. It's a nice surprise.
- Well? Do you like the place? - I've been here before.
Careful, careful... That's it.
Aren't you afraid someone will find us?
That's why we moved. Who'd look for us here?
I'm not as lonely as you are.
I have my family, my work. Someone will miss me.
Sooner or later, they'll look for me.
Then we'd better leave soon.
Your sister was just here.
I didn't want to tell you, but I almost ran into her.
I know what.
Call your sister and say you've left town with some friends.
Then she won't bother us, and it'll calm her down, too.
- You'll let me call her? - Yes.
But just to calm her down.
One wrong word...
I'll cut your throat, and then my own.
Marina, I have nothing.
So I've nothing to lose.
Don't touch. Leave the pepper alone.
Don't mess with it.
Give it to me. Careful with the...
Mom. It's me, Marina.
- Marina, how are you? - Fine. How are you?
As always.
- No, leave me alone! - What's that?
Your niece wants to know who I'm talking to.
Mom, I'm not in Madrid. Tell Lola.
I'll tell her.
I came to the country to rest, with friends.
Good idea.
- What's for lunch? - Stop it! What a brat.
I can't wait until her mother takes her home.
- Lunch? Ratatouille. - Oh, ratatouille.
- It's delicious. - And I'll miss it.
Don't worry.
I'll put some in the fridge for when you're back.
I have no phone, but I'll call you.
Call whenever you want. I want to hear from you.
- Don't forget me. - I won't forget you, Mom.
- Mom? - What?
- I love you a lot. - And I love you. Take care.
- Yes, I will. - Big hug.
Goodbye, Mom.
Why do retired Germans spend their summers in Benidorm,
while the poor Spanish pensioners
have to beg at the subway entrances?
Because the German pensioners think about their future when they're 1 8,
and the Spaniards...
The Spaniards...
The Spaniards only think about their pensions when it's already too late.
The Gerobank Retirement Plan.
To help you dance through old age.
What are your plans for the future?
We'll get married and have two or three kids.
- Two or three kids? - Or more, if necessary.
- How are you gonna support us? - I'll find work.
We'll go to Australia.
They need people there.
First, I want to show you my home town.
I haven't been back since I was three.
- Does it still hurt? - Yes, it does.
Can I help?
I don't know. Maybe some smack.
- Would it kill the pain? - It's the only thing that would.
- Then I'll get some. - Thanks.
Can you help me?
- You don't mind if I see you naked? - No.
I can manage.
- I'll tie a comfortable knot. - Leave it a little slack around my hands.
This rope won't hurt you.
The tape won't hurt either. I tried it out.
See you later.
Shall I open the skylight?
You can watch the moon and stars while you wait.
I think he's really worried, he wants to call the elections.
Man, I'm worried, too. I got lots of problems.
But if he pulls it off,
then we'll be in good shape.
- Do you believe all that? - Yeah.
Hell, man. I'm working my ass off like a slave.
But if he wins...
- Got any smack? - No. How much to you want?
I don't know. The minimum.
- A 5,000 peseta bag? - All right.
Wait here. I'll go get it.
I'll wait over there.
You wanna fuck me for 5,000 pesetas?
What? Me give you 5,000 pesetas? No way.
4,000 cause of the herpes.
It's not the money. If I had to pay for it every time, hell!
My girlfriend's at home with toothache. I can't go around fucking people.
What's one got to do with the other?
That's the guy who attacked me that night.
- The one with the mustache? - He had one. Stick around, I'll check.
- You're crazy. - Maybe, but I ain't paying.
- So, we meet again, huh? - I don't know you.
You don't? You roughed me up the other night.
Get him.
I said I'd kill you.
- What did you find? - Subway tickets.
- 5,000 pesetas. - And some toothpicks.
- Gimme the cash. - We'll split it.
- No, he robbed me. - You can't have it.
You could keep his coat, or you could fuck him.
- I prefer the boots. - Sold. Gimme the 5,000.
- What about me? - You enjoyed it, you sadist.
Ricky, what happened?
They attacked me and stole everything.
Even your boots.
- Why? - Sorry, I couldn't get your stuff.
Leave it. I'll do it myself.
Let me help you.
Those beasts.
This reminds me of my parents.
What does?
Mom used to shave Dad with an electric razor, on the porch.
It's all I remember of them.
- Does it hurt? - Not at all.
God, it sure took a lot.
I don't know where to put my hands.
- Listen... - What?
- Do you think we should? - Yes, yes.
- We can wait. - No way.
The only thing the bastards left alone was my cock.
Wait. I'll put it inside.
Don't pull out.
- Now I know. - What?
I remember you now.
What do you mean?
When you kidnapped me, you said we'd screwed before.
I said I didn't remember.
Well, I sure remember now.
It's about time.
- Let's move. - Where?
On top.
Don't move. Don't pull out.
- Does it hurt? - I don't know.
Don't move.
Don't come.
Don't laugh.
Don't pull out.
- I didn't want to wake you. - What are you doing?
Drawing a map of my life.
Show me.
Imagine my life is a subway line.
First stop: orphaned at the age of three.
Orphanage. Escaped at the age of eight.
Reform school, more escapes.
- Mental home at sixteen. - What a career!
At the hospital, I learned lots of trades.
Locksmith is my favorite, breaking in, breaking out.
So I could escape occasionally, but I always came back.
- Why? - I had nowhere to go.
And the director liked me.
- So that's why you screw so well. - With them, it was different.
- The directors? - No. There was just one director.
The others were nurses.
Now I understand.
Last year, I escaped and met you.
That stop changed my life.
Since then, I can only think of you.
Since I spent my time thinking, I stopped acting crazy and became normal.
A judge came and tested me.
He said I was fine.
They released me. End of the line.
- You. - Me.
I can't leave her hanging there.
I need another scene. Or two.
Find Marina, please.
If it's a question of money, I'll pay for it.
With what?
It's not only the money. There's a limit to everything.
Perfection is my only limit.
Máximo, must I remind you of your duty as the director?
It's my duty to warn you the film has no ending.
Just add "The End".
End of discussion.
You really are going too far.
- We must talk. Come to the bar. - OK.
Can you grab the mags? Thanks.
What's with your sister? Why doesn't she phone?
Who knows? I'll see what Antonio wants.
Sure, hurry. Or you won't work on his next picture.
If you're directing it, I'd rather be a policewoman!
That's enough, Máximo.
Lola! Lola!
- What's he got against me? - It's not you.
He doesn't want to finish the film because he knows it's his last.
- I know he's unbearable... - I'll say.
- It's his way of fighting death. - But...
Tell Marina to call him at least once.
- Marina's disappeared. - What?
I haven't seen her since the last day of shooting.
- At the party you said you spoke with her. - I lied.
- Have you told the police? - No. See, the police and us... No, I didn't.
Do something. Set the table.
This is my home town, Granadilla.
Between Plasencia and Hervás.
- Tonight, I'll steal a car and we'll go. - What, with your face like that?
So? I've got balls. Don't you wanna go?
Not in a stolen car.
So we'll go by train, or bus. But we'll go.
The pain's gone, hasn't it?
- My whole body hurts. - We'll go tomorrow.
Is that your doorbell?
Keep still.
You knew! That's why you didn't want to leave.
- I didn't know. Honest! - You kept finding excuses, you whore.
Don't hit me. I didn't know she had Pepe's keys.
You could have guessed it. Pepe told you to give any mail to Lola.
- Don't hurt Lola. - Be quiet!
I'll be right down.
I've been waiting an hour.
I heard you, dammit!
She's gone.
No need to shout. It was only ten minutes.
Whatever, lady.
I've been here ages. Get a fuckin' move on.
- Watch your language. - Come on!
Don't touch my car!
- I'll burn it. - I can think of something better to burn.
- What were you up to up there? - I won't say what I think.
- We'll leave now. We can't wait. - Whatever you say.
- I'll try and steal a car. - I have a little money.
We'll need it. We'll also need a car.
Wait for me here.
If you're untied, will you escape?
I don't know. You'd better tie me up.
Tie me up.
This is the last time I'll tie you up.
Shit! I forgot the damn radio again.
Here it is.
I'm wetting my pants.
Pepe, are you there?
Lola, come in.
- What happened? - I was kidnapped. Untie me.
- Kidnapped? Where? Here? - Here and at home.
- Who did it? - Later. He'll be back any minute.
The kidnapper? Let's go.
- You look awful. Did you take any dope? - No.
I'll get my purse.
And all this blood? I don't get it. I'm responsible for all this, too.
- My Walkman. - Leave it.
I'll buy you another one.
Marina, what's going on?
- I love him. - What?
I love him.
The guy who kidnapped you? You're crazy. Come on.
How can you fall in love with a kidnapper who ties you up?
Is that normal?
You're probably in shock. You can't be that kinky.
We'll go over the roof and out through the other building.
Come on!
Quick, get in.
"The line from Granadilla to Marina."
- How do you feel? - Fine.
I brought you a sleeping pill.
Thanks, Lola.
All right. Now tell me all about it.
You don't trust your sis?
It's not easy to explain.
Then tell me how he kidnapped you?
It was the night of the party.
I was at the door, saying goodbye to Pepe.
The bell rang again and I opened the door. I thought it was Pepe.
- You shouldn't have opened the door. - But I did.
- I screamed and Ricky hit me. - That's terrible.
He didn't mean to hurt me, just to shut me up.
Oh, yeah. Right.
When I came to, he said that he had kidnapped me
so that I could get to know him.
He said "I'm 23 and I have 50,000 pesetas."
"I'm alone in the world."
"I'll be a good husband to you,
and a good father to your kids."
What a mess.
He can't hear you. You go up.
You came.
With my sister. She wants us to live with the family.
- With your family? - And yours, from now on, if you want.
Come on.
- Lola, this is Ricky. - Hi.
- This is yours. - Thanks. Anything else?
- That's all? - No. Wait a minute.
- Sorry about what happened. - So am l. Don't let it happen again.
You mind sitting in the back?
- What about your car? - It's stolen.
I thought so. We'll leave it here. Someone will take it.
By the way, we've never had a thief in my family.
What about Dad, God rest his soul.
Right. One was enough.
Marina says you're a good locksmith.
Yes, and plumber, carpenter...
Electrician and mason.
Great. I'll find you work within a week.
You don't mind working, right, Ricky?
- I want to work. - Good.
Another thing. When we get home,
not a word about the kidnapping to Mom.
Don't worry.
Is the interrogation over, Lola?
Now give me a kiss. I'm not that bad.
It's just that you two sure had me worried.
Let's have some music.
What is it, silly?
We're getting along just fine.
Come on, darling.
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