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Subtitles for Tierra (J Medem 1996).

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Tierra (J Medem 1996)

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Death is nothing...
...but if you were completely dead you wouldn't hear me.
So you're here, Angel... the middle of the widest, most unknown ocean you can imagine.
Existence is accompanied... an inevitable background noise called anguish...
...which we can only half bear. But don't despair.
You live in the only known light in the universe.
A tiny island which is at your eye-level...
...but riddled with holes of mystery.
One mystery: The woodlouse.
Less than an inch, with twelve legs... is what gives the wines of this area their earthy flavor.
Another mystery. Me.
I am the part of you which has died...
...and I am speaking from the cosmos.
You have transcended in life like the woodlouse in the wine.
But you're the one who's here for something.
Come on!
- I'm half man... - Half Angel.
- I'm half alive... - Or half dead.
I'm the voice which comes from your mind.
Come on! I'm here for something!
This lamb strayed off.
I have a feeling...
...this happened to me before.
But you're not from here, are you?
No, and it's the first time I've been here.
I'm Angel.
I'm Manuel. And this is my family.
I'm going to need twenty people for two months work.
I pay 5,000 a day.
He was killed by lightning.
We saw it from the road.
Sparks came out of the mud and threw them up in the air.
He's alive!
I'm alive!
Hey, shepherd! Waken up!
He's coming back...
...from a very dark place.
We're here.
Behind your eyelids.
Where am I?
With us, under the clouds.
He looks like a goner.
I dreamed...
...that I was dead, and I didn't mind at all.
Of course not, being dead is nothing.
But lightning hit you...
...and you're alive again!
You were plugged to a cloud for an instant.
I thought the sky had split.
Like a rock. Amazing!
And I've come back.
I went away and I came back again.
And I wasn't dreaming.
What's his name?
- How do you feel? - I don't know.
A bit fragile, eh?
I don't know if I'm happy to be back on Earth.
That's normal. A part of you may have been left behind... the darkness.
That might be.
I can feel a kind of hole which goes right through me.
And it begins up here.
That's a shiver.
You saw the black ocean...
...and a frozen drop pierced your brain.
Do you hear a voice...
...deep inside your mind?
- No. - Well...
It's still too soon.
But you'll recognize it as your own voice.
- I heard you. - Me? And what was I saying?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
He's gone loopy.
What did you see?
The road and Mari.
She stopped the bike and looked at me.
I was up very high.
Did you see me?
I don't know you.
I saw Mari.
My idiots!
If you knew where I've come from.
If you want, you can have the four dead lambs.
Dad! We can have...
...the dead ones!
No, Grandma doesn't want them!
They're superstitious.
Good morning!
This is my first day at work and...
And I'd like to drive your car.
Good morning. I'm from "Urtzi Fumigation".
May I ask you some questions?
Thank you.
That smells good!
Thank you.
It's lentil stew.
Have you noticed if your wine is browner than usual?
- Or blacker? - No.
Or blue?
No, I've never seen a blue wine.
You have to see at night, in the dark.
In the dark? Of course.
Ever since my wife died...
...I don't drink wine at night.
- It makes me sad. - Does your wine...
...have a smoky taste?
No, it has an earthy taste, like all the wine around here.
You know that it's because of the woodlouse?
Yes, of course.
There's a plague.
But does it also have, very faintly...
...a kind of frosty taste?
A taste of cold, dry air?
No, but I'll pour you a glass...
...and you can try it.
Do you know why the woodlouse... it that taste?
No one does.
Thank you.
And that is a mystery.
The fact is, I actually like...
...that earthy taste.
That's what I say.
Don't I, Dad?
Thank you.
That's the first nice thing I heard today.
I don't see why you all want... kill the woodlouse.
Neither do I.
Thirty years ago, there were so many that if you stared... the ground it seemed to be moving.
Know how we got rid of them?
It was in this kitchen.
My late wife prepared some huge bowls...
...of boiling water...
...with sulphur and lime. We went out to the vines...
...and in two weeks...
...between the two of us...
And she was pregnant with Angela at the time.
Come on now, stop that.
Don't think about her.
My mother died last summer...
...and we miss her very much.
So very much!
Especially him.
I can't live without her.
I've got something to cheer you up.
Don't move!
Look, it's clearing up.
This is to celebrate that the day's clearing up.
The sun's coming out!
Where did you get this lamb?
It's dead.
And its teeth are carbonized.
I found it...
...on the road. I had to brake.
It wasn't like that.
Its eyes are strange.
They have blue flecks.
I'm sorry, it wasn't like that.
It was hit... lightning.
Yes, of course! That's it!
By lightning?
It's incredible!
What would it have felt? A flash?
A flare-up.
Did you see the lightning?
May I see your vines?
Of course.
There they are.
What's your name?
- Angel. - I'm Angela!
I heard your father call you that.
Thank you for the lamb, Angel. You've been very kind.
Good-bye, Angela.
Good-bye, Angel.
That's it.
The harmless enigma of the woodlouse... still unsolved.
Giving wine an earthy taste is unimportant...
...even if it is inexplicable.
But if they could shift the hills...
...or change people's natures...
...or produce wind...
...the sky would move and science would waste time on them.
There must be skies like this all over the planet, right?
Yes. My childhood would have been wide and horizontal...
...under such a sky.
Hello! How are you?
Very well. I'm hungry. What are you doing?
Eating insects. I've got a gadget for doing it.
I put my mouth here and... Down they go.
My name's Angel.
- Mine is Angela! - I thought so.
Today you're going to have lentils and lamb.
I'm not mad about lentils, but I love lamb.
You look like your mother.
Thanks! Is your father called Angel?
No, he isn't. He's called Federico.
My teacher's called Federico.
- What a coincidence! - And he'd be your father's age.
Fancy that! My father is a teacher.
Where is he?
I don't know. I've never seen him.
He might be my teacher.
- Good-bye, Angel. - Good-bye, Angela.
You want to die?
I'm all right.
All right?
If I killed you, I'd bury you here...
...and nobody would ever know!
You won't ruin my life!
Take it easy. You're right.
It was my fault.
I thought you were a boar.
They come here at night.
They wreck everything.
Sometimes one hides in here during the day.
- That was close. - My name's Angel.
I work for "Urtzi Fumigation".
You've come here to kill the woodlouse.
That's right.
About time too!
You don't even have to turn over the soil.
The earth is loose, you can't squash them.
You'd have buried me here?
Yeah, for certain.
They'd have eaten you in a day.
I have a gadget for seeing them.
That's good.
The most modern one around, It's brand new.
Look, adjustable anatomic seats.
Heating, air conditioning.
So roll on, summer!
And a fridge.
You want one?
My wife made them.
She's a great cook.
Thanks, I had no lunch.
I had mine at 12.00, so as not to stop.
Have a beer, fuck it!
I do a 16 hour day.
I only stop to hunt. But look...
...this beats being at home.
The latest model, 100 watts, digital. Fucking great!
Come on, kid!
What a bitch!
What you like most is that you ate something...
...prepared by Angela's hands.
Let's try to do that again.
You're worried about that lamb.
It's covered with frost.
Maybe life is more simple than you think...
...and what you should do is live here...
...along with Angela.
Yes, grow old with her.
The older you are, the simpler life is.
Thank you.
What's your name?
You look like my son.
- What's your name? - Mine? Angel.
My husband's called Angel too.
That's nice!
It's the only nice thing he has left.
So everything's in its place, right, Cristina?
Yes, there's no doubt. This wine has an earthy taste.
You aren't a boar.
Good morning!
I'm from "Urtzi Fumigations".
Yeah, I know. You're going to fumigate all the fields.
That's right.
Hello, my name's Alberto.
The woodlouse doesn't...
...bother me. I have a bar in town.
I don't farm. But everyone else is dying for you to start...
I think it's funny.
There's an orchard there.
Well, what's left of it, because...
...the boars eat it.
They come at night...
...and wreck it.
I have to spray it.
Sure, go ahead.
Will I add poison for the boars?
The world is crazy!
Do as you like, but my sister would really appreciate it.
She says she can't sleep...
...because of the boars.
Don't the shots annoy her more?
What shots?
There's a trap.
Haven't you seen it?
What a bastard!
Patricio did that.
You're all crazy!
My sister really will sleep well if she ever sets off the trap!
Hello, Alberto!
- Going to fumigate the bar? - We'll see. Give me a beer.
It's crazy.
This is the only place in town where there are no woodlice.
Why is that?
The world is strange.
- Are you sure? - Trust me.
Of course.
- When do you start? - Within ten days.
It'll be quite a show.
Fucking ball!
It was close.
Hello, Patricio.
The woodlouse man!
He's lucky to be alive.
Do you remember?
You scared me to death.
Can I have your number?
- I didn't get it the other day. - Yeah, sure.
- 27...
- Yes. - 03...
- 13.
I'm usually home by 10.00
If I'm not there, call me here.
- Alberto, do you have a phone? - Yes, it's behind the pillar.
- Angela? - Yes, speaking.
Hello, this is Angel. The woodlouse man.
Oh, yes!
I saw you had the lamb hanging outside on a hook.
- It's getting covered with frost. - Yes, the weather has got cold.
Yes, but is that normal here?
What? The cold?
We're waiting for it to soften a bit.
We'll eat it one of these days.
I'm calling because the shepherd was killed by the lightning too.
Yes, it was on the television. My father knew him.
Forgive me for not telling you. I was very upset.
I knew that. Don't worry.
Death doesn't worry me but...
...I spoke to the shepherd before he died.
He died twice.
Yes, of course.
How could he die twice?
Well, it's hard to tell these things over the phone.
Will you come for dinner tomorrow? I'll cook the lamb.
And you can tell us everything. Do you want to come?
Yes, I do.
That's great.
Come at eight-thirty.
I'll be there, for sure.
Good-bye. Thank you, Angela.
Thank you, Angel.
This lamb tastes of lightning!
It's just a bit tough.
Poor Ulloa. What a story. To die twice!
He was amazed himself. All he felt was a hole...
...that went through him, starting here.
He can't have died completely the first time.
He saw an empty road, didn't he?
He was dreaming. I knew him.
He was very imaginative.
Which road was it?
Probably the lower road. He often went along there.
When someone really dies, they go much further away.
How do you know?
I feel that your grandmother isn't in this world any more.
Where have they taken her?
Stop it, Dad.
No one knows that.
Well, I wish I did.
I can't go on like this.
Maybe she's here, and she's holding your hand...
...but you don't know.
This earth-flavored wine should go down in history.
- I love it. - So does Mom.
Don't you?
Yes, darling.
Look, kid, two with one shot!
They came out of the burrow together.
That smells good!
Give me a kiss!
What happened the other lambs?
I buried them.
Just as well... didn't give them away.
Why did you bury them?
Taste it, you'll see.
You didn't bury them!
This is good!
You're a brute, Dad!
No, I didn't bury them.
I dumped them.
That lamb made you all ill.
An insigniflcant substance in its meat...
...meant that you all spent a few days in bed.
- Where are you now? - At my uncle's, in the city.
- Do you live there? - Yes.
And you travel here every day?
It's an hour away by car. I like driving.
The journey is good for me.
What are you wearing?
How am I dressed?
Yes. I want to imagine you.
I'm wearing an ordinary blue dressing-gown over my nightdress.
Have you always lived with your uncle?
No, only now while I'm working for him.
What did you do today?
I slept and drank water.
How much water?
I don't know. A lot.
Are you alone?
Why don't you talk to me?
I am talking to you.
Forgive me, Angela. I'm imagining you.
And you? Can you see me?
Would you like me to be there with you?
Yes, I'd like that.
I must hang up! My daughter's coming!
Are you Angel Bengoetxea?
Don't you recognize me?
I've changed uniforms. I used to wear white.
Oh, yes.
- How are you? - Fine.
- I'm glad. You deserve it. - Thank you.
I'm armed now.
But it's odd. This job is more peaceful.
I see you in the same position.
Yes, it's true.
I really butted you hard.
I had to do it.
Don't worry. It was a misunderstanding.
Come in. The mayor is expecting you.
Well, Angel!
The municipal council has approved your budget.
The report is really meticulous.
I'm impressed. Did you do it?
- Yes. - Good. Sit down.
Your uncle can be very proud of you.
You've matched his firm's high level of professionalism.
- Thank you. - No, you deserve it.
By the way, your uncle told me...
...that you have a great imagination.
Adjust your suits properly...
...especially the helmet.
Make sure that you can breathe perfectly, all right?
And this is important. When you're fumigating...
...if you feel dizzy or notice a sulphur smell...
...get out of the cloud and breathe fresh air.
Don't get poisoned, please!
All right.
Anyone got any doubts?
- When do we stop? - A good question, Manuel.
When you run out of hose.
Then, disconnect...
...and wait in your place until we all finish.
And I repeat, don't put the tube very deep into the ground.
Why not?
Firstly, it will get jammed...
...but mainly because the woodlouse is very close.
It's just beneath our feet.
Please! Stand back! You're too close!
We're going to start fumigating.
Here, idiot!
I saw you taking a lamb on the road.
Do you remember me?
Hurry, you can catch it now.
You see? They're idiots.
I've been watching you.
Didn't you realize?
Of course you did. Don't play games.
What's your name?
I'm Mari.
That's right. You told me before.
Let's start.
Take it easy, Angel.
If Mari scares you...
...forget about her until she has no air left to breathe.
- Will you do it on your own? - No, not at all.
I'm waiting for the others.
They were to be here half an hour ago.
- Want a glass of wine? - No, thanks.
You're getting lucky. Why not?
You're working in the open and...
The sun's coming into my life.
The atmosphere is very heavy.
There's lots of electricity in the air.
How can you tell?
My teeth get chilled.
It often happens.
How strange! It's a lovely day.
Did you know that the sun's ultraviolet rays...
...make us secrete anti-depressive substances?
Will you do it on your own?
- Do what? - Wipe out the woodlice.
No, there are a lot of us.
But I don't know where they are.
It's a lovely day.
That's true, ma'am.
There aren't skies like this anywhere else in the world.
And there's time here! There's always time!
Do you live alone?
I'll go and look for my companions.
Maybe, together, we can wipe out the woodlice.
We need hunters. Do you know how to shoot?
- Yes. - Wait!
That cornfield is full of boars.
You aren't a man of blood.
Do you know I've got no heart?
One night, I leaned out the window...
...and a boar gobbled it up.
Patricio! Here's another one!
Keep your fingers on the safety catch!
And keep the barrel pointed upwards!
Which do you prefer?
- This one. - So do I.
Why do all men know how to shoot?
We're going to use buckshot.
So be careful. If you see a boar...
...remove the safety catch and fire ahead of you.
Never to the side...
...or behind you. It's dangerous.
You're fllling with blood.
I feel that this has never happened to me.
You must run in shouting!
My shot will be the signal.
Know how old I am?
Go between Patricio and Manuel.
They don't get on.
Get ready!
Fucking hell!
You gypsy shit! You shot me deliberately!
It wasn't me, man.
You're for it!
Son of a bitch!
- Fuck it! - Touch him and you're dead!
It was Angel shot you! I saw him!
I'm going to think it over.
And if I suspect, on my own...
...that it might be true...
...I swear I'll find you and I'll kill you!
Tell him you don't care, he can do as he likes.
I don't care if I die.
I'm half dead. I'm a complex being.
Look at your hands. They're shaking with fear.
You aren't special!
Yes, you are!
No one needs me alive.
Why did you shoot at him?
I don't know. I didn't do it.
You did, involuntarily.
I warn you, I'm not well.
Calm down, you're just dizzy. Keep walking, don't look back.
Don't let her get close. Or even look at you!
- My feet feel heavy. - As you move away, it's easier... move away.
Angel! My crazy man!
- Patricio is here, playing pool. - I don't care.
You're right.
- Give me a beer. - It was a hunting...
It often happens here.
What have you done?
Anyway, it was a good day. You killed sixteen boar...
...and Patricio only had two pellets, here, in his arm.
That's nothing.
I don't remember shooting him.
All the better. Forget it!
You're all crazy.
I don't understand... no one was killed. Tonight...
...there are no gypsies.
Don't look at her, Angel.
Don't get involved.
You can't cope with Mari.
I had to butt him once.
I was working in a psychiatric hospital.
A lousy job...
...very violent.
I met him in there.
Were you...
...a patient there?
Yes. I was admitted for having a hyperactive imagination.
- That doesn't sound bad. - Thanks.
Do you forgive me?
There's nothing to forgive. It was a misunderstanding.
You're thinking about Angela.
And she may be thinking about me.
So you're going to go and see her...
...because it's the only thing you want to do in all the world.
You're crazy!
Drive slowly, and think how easy it is... do what you want to do.
It's also easy to get killed.
You! Get out!
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
That girl is a savage.
Pure sex. She'd go with anyone but she's just with me.
So don't even look at her. All right?
- All right. - Get out, so she won't see you.
Don't go near her!
If I see you looking at her again, I'll tear your eyes out!
Do all men like fights?
Mari isn't your human love.
You, a bit less.
If you get out, I'll tear out your eyes.
A pig!
Quick, it's alive!
Show me your face, pig.
You'll never forget this.
I shot at the pig thinking of you.
And I liked it.
Eat my heart!
And who looks after me?
It's cold. Don't be angry.
You're right. And it's getting colder.
- Enjoy your meal. - Thanks.
I can't pay you today.
You can't?
It isn't my fault. Thanks, Concha.
Today's wages were stolen.
That's odd.
Dad, this guy's off his head.
Leave this to me.
This lamb is top class, Concha. Very tender.
It's senseless to steal the money...
...I had for your wages.
You're crazy. We didn't do it.
Did anyone find my wallet?
Is he saying we stole his wallet?
Look, Angel.
We're a family here.
None of us would rob you.
Who else can I suspect but your family?
Why would we rob you?
I don't know, Concha.
To get paid twice, I guess.
You guess wrong.
Manuel, have you realized that I'm on my own?
The knife!
Cut the rope!
Forgive me, daughter!
I don't know what's wrong with me.
Angela, don't cry like that, please!
The danger's over now.
Come on, breathe deeply.
I'm going crazy.
My wife and I always lived together, and now...
You're separated by an enormous distance.
- It is enormous, isn't it? - Of course.
Your wife is 20,000 million years from here.
That's how old the universe is.
And as she has ceased to exist...
...she's had to go back all that time.
It's an enormous loss.
We live at our own eye level...
...mid-way between the stars and the atoms.
We can only move with our thoughts.
Tomas, imagine a woodlouse.
Do you see it?
- Yes. - Good.
If your mind can reach the smallest thing it can reach the biggest.
Then you can see...
...the edge of the universe. You must do that with your wife.
Ask her to come close.
Let's go inside. I'll fix you something.
Did you know that most of the cosmos is empty?
If we were set loose in the middle of the cosmos...
...the chance of our meeting on a planet...
...would be almost nil.
Know what it would be?
One in 1,000 million billion billions.
In daily life that chance... negligible.
And here we are, three of the lucky ones, having lunch.
I love you very much.
I've never loved a woman so much.
Don't cry like that, please.
I smell toast!
Why is he here?
Dad tried to hang himself, he helped us.
Is that why he had his arms round you?
- It's hot. - Hot?
Patricio, please!
Don't trust him. He's been in an asylum.
Stop that! Let go of him!
- Remember when I was shot? - You're choking him!
This madman tried to kill me!
No, Dad! You can't kill him!
No, love.
But he won't come in here again.
What's up?
My wife is here somewhere.
About time, too!
It's a great day. Not much wind...
...not very cold...
...and a lot of sun.
Look, Angel.
If you want us to start fumigating today... must pay us what we're owed.
You see, Manuel? I'm really alone.
You're crazy!
That's your problem.
I'm sick of being alone.
Let's go!
The danger with fear is that what you fear may happen.
So don't look.
Look away and turn your back.
Good afternoon!
Hello, Angel!
I must fumigate the orchard.
On your own?
One person is enough.
Yes, of course. Half a person would be enough.
Can you dismount the shotgun?
The trap? We've done that.
Close all the windows.
Especially the rear ones.
What would happen if I breathed the dust?
You'd die in five minutes.
I'd rather die in less time.
Much less time. What about you?
The quicker the better.
We're alike in that.
I have a problem too.
I came here in August and I'll stay until Spring.
I want to change who I am...
...and my life.
Very difficult.
What's wrong?
Nothing, but I get aroused immediately.
I'm highly sexed.
- That isn't bad, is it? - I'm sick of it.
I've never fallen in love. Have you?
Yes, I have.
What's your problem?
My problem?
I'm not right here. I'm badly connected.
I have a split personality.
It's because of my imagination, it's very active.
- Like my sex drive. - Right.
We have to fall in love.
It would do us good... love someone.
I'm terribly Ionely.
I need a man to love.
And to forget about sex.
Me too.
At the start, anyway.
I'm looking for a woman to live with and love until death.
I'd love that.
But I'm a fool.
I'm hopeless.
I'm involved with a brute, and he's married.
Everyone knows.
I see Miguel too.
That gypsy who works with you.
Do they know?
No, they'd kill each other.
Well, first they'd kill me.
Did you know Ulloa, the man...
...killed by lightning?
Yes, he was my brother's friend.
Were you with him too?
You think I do it with everybody?
He told me you'd sent the lightning.
That's nice.
How could he say that? He was dead.
Well, he died twice, and in between...
...he spoke to me.
He also said you're to blame for the woodlouse.
You have a smell which attracts animals.
Especially the boars.
Why does the woodlouse flavor the wine?
I have no idea.
Someone must know.
Tell me what I smell of.
I don't know.
It's normal, right?
You won't fumigate me?
What do you care?
Death is only a voyage through time.
When you get there, tell Ulloa he was right!
I sent the lightning!
I'm enjoying one of the most peaceful moments of my life.
Talking to Mari has left me calm and centered.
Just now, I have no...
Go away. Patricio is coming. Mari.
I won't leave this world while that animal is alive!
Be careful, brute!
I added a poison for boars.
- Don't dare touch him! - Get in the house!
You can't order me about!
Shut up, whore! Get in the house!
Don't you ever touch me again!
You've said that before.
You're a whore.
Maybe, but you make me sick!
You can drop dead! From now on, I go with...
...whoever I want!
Get away! He'll kill you!
I feel that this has happened to me before.
It smells great! The air is much cleaner now.
What's going on?
What are you doing here?
Don't you feel fine?
Isn't dying really nothing?
The truth is, I'm not worried. I've got no worries.
Well, perhaps I have one, but I can't remember just now.
That's it! My daughter! That's what's worrying me.
She doesn't know.
She mustn't see me like this.
Of course.
Do you see those clouds?
- Sure. - That's the foam of the universe.
The temperate shore of the vast ocean which surrounds us.
Has something happened my mother?
No, it's your father. He's been killed by lightning.
Your father is fine.
But he's worried...'ll see him dead, so you won't see him.
Your father is entering... inexplicable place.
Too unpleasant to know in life.
But he isn't suffering.
He really isn't.
You have blue flecks... your eyes.
Don't remind me.
Go away, please! Get out of here right now.
I'm going now because if I don't...
...I won't be able to stop.
With you, I want to be romantic.
It's so hard to leave.
I love this.
I'm just a child.
Forgive me.
Melted to the tractor, and dead. Incredible.
There are a lot of electrical phenomena in this area.
Well, I'm glad it happened to him.
He was a real son of a bitch.
Angel, congratulations on your dossier.
I have it here with me. I've just read it.
I still have three days.
I've written a very favorable report.
With this, you can work anywhere.
It's proof of your recovery. Well done!
Thank you, but the mystery of the woodlouse won't be solved.
I discovered something important.
- Oh, yes? - What?
The woodlouse's breeding ground is in the cemetery.
But we can't fumigate there.
The next vintage will be normal...
...but the following one will have an earthy taste.
So we haven't made much headway.
- I don't mind the taste. - I love it.
It has a certain personality.
Buy it. They could use the money.
Hello, Angel.
Well, Tomas!
You look very well!
Of course. Don't you notice anything?
You've brought her here.
It was very easy.
The easiest thing I've ever done.
I'm delighted.
- Hello, Angel. - How are you?
Very healthy. The fresh air is good for me.
I'm delighted.
Drop by the bar some night.
- We haven't seen you recently. - I don't go there much.
- I'll be seeing you. - Sure.
How much is the car?
I can pay you well. I love that model.
- Your room is very untidy. - No excuses.
Then leave us alone.
That's better.
How are you?
All right.
Remember when you were hunting in the cornfield?
Did you shoot Patricio?
Was it you?
It was an accident. Your shotgun went off.
It's hard...
It's important for me!
And it's easy to lie to you.
But I won't do it.
Did you want to kill him?
I don't know.
Partly yes, partly no.
I'm a complex being.
Half man, half angel.
That is, I'm half alive and half dead.
But I think it was he who shot Patricio.
My angel.
He's out there... the hall.
Our lives have always been intertwined...
...but in recent years he has always said what I have to do.
And then he makes me responsible.
He's very deeply... love with you.
Don Federico says you're mad.
Because he isn't my father.
If my father were alive...
...he wouldn't let that rumor spread around town.
I have a vast imagination.
Enough for several worlds.
That can't harm...
But I'm improving.
I'm making you tire of me and want to abandon me.
I think he might...
...stay here with you for ever.
How much is the car?
Don't worry about me. Every day...
...I'm less dead.
You can see it in my eyes. Look closely!
We're selling the car to Alberto.
We promised it to him.
What a pity!
I wanted it to leave in, not to stay.
My time here is running out.
From the start, I reckoned it would happen here...
...where I left Ulloa's lambs.
But it's senseless to see them again without my angel.
The more alive I feel, the more I see what I am...
...and the more I understand why I am here.
I've got rid of the woodlouse for a year.
Next year's wine will have a recognizable non-earthy taste.
Now I have transcended into the wine.
That's why I'm here and I intend to celebrate it!
Pour me one for the road.
Yes, sir. The last beer on the last night.
This one has to have a special taste.
What are you going to do now?
I might go to Portugal.
Portugal! Lovely, very peaceful.
I might go now. I like driving at night.
It's even better on a motor bike.
The roads are empty, it's like travelling through space.
Here's to you, you're the best.
Say good-bye to my sister.
Don't forget.
All right.
When he's busy, I'll slip away.
I'll be at my place, with the door open.
You just have to push, like this.
You look beautiful!
Thank you.
You should go out more.
Well, I'm a widow with a telephone that could...
...ring more.
How many have your number?
- One in particular. - You don't mind if that one... double?
I don't understand that. But I know why I'm here.
Tell me.
I can't say those things.
I've done enough.
I'm sure you could say them very well.
I love the fact...
...that you blush. It's what...
...I first noticed in you.
And you in me?
The first thing? Those little blue flecks in your eyes.
Don't remind me of them!
Those flecks aren't mine.
I noticed them so much...
...that I lied when I said...
...I saw them in that dead lamb's eyes.
It was incredible.
It just slipped out.
I'm not surprised.
Does my angel bother you?
I don't know, but I could get used to him.
Where is he now?
He came with you. He never leaves you.
What is he doing?
The bastard is getting me aroused!
And me too.
You feel him?
Only if I see you, looking at me.
What do you know about Mari?
You blew it!
Why did you ask her that?
Why ask me about Mari?
You're a bastard!
I know all about her.
- I'm not stupid. - I'm sorry. Forget I asked.
I know she drives men crazy. And you too.
Did you see her here?
Yes, playing pool.
And just now, at the door. So did you.
I didn't know you knew her.
Then you shouldn't have asked.
I suppose that Mari was born to attract men...
...hypnotize you like idiots.
A kind of sex genius.
I can't compete with her in that area.
But I know you'd all die to fuck with her.
You're right.
As well as being the best and the prettiest...'re the smartest.
You're leaving on your own, Angel.
I'm doing well!
I'm doing the only thing I want to do right now.
I'm sure of it!
Take me to my room.
Don't touch me yet!
Do as I tell you, please.
You're going to help me.
I'll undress you.
Like this.
I'll only look at your face.
Obey me.
Now, we'll just kiss.
Like this. No tongues.
And just on our faces.
That's it.
As if you loved me.
Not yet, wait a while, please.
You can use your tongue.
But only on my face.
Lick my neck.
No, we mustn't touch each other!
We must hang on. Help me.
I'm about to come. No!
Don't move!
That's it, don't move!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Did you come?
That's great! Neither did I.
We'll let it ease off, and go to sleep.
As you wish.
It's great!
I'm so happy.
It's the first time I haven't come.
Thank you, my love.
Thank you so much.
I knew I could rely on you.
You're the best man I know.
A real angel!
You're here.
That's great.
I didn't dream it.
I'm going away, Mari.
This morning.
You want to come with me?
Yes. Let's go far away.
Real far away.
We'll have a long day's travel.
Very yellow.
It will smell good today.
That car doesn't suit me.
I'm sure about that.
Everything's much simpler than I'd thought.
And so...
...I'll stop being complicated!
Angela, let me in!
No, Alberto, please! Go away!
Want breakfast?
Yes, I do.
Do you want breakfast?
Do you?
It's no big deal.
The first thing to do is have breakfast.
And then we'll see.
Coffee is important.
Especially for my head.
It's always in a mess.
Did you know that our brain contains...
...a universe of 10,000 million neurons...
...and 1,000 billion circuits?
It only occupies - 1,500 cubic centimeters.
And it hides...
...a black ocean...
...that's unknown.
There's no light!
But it generates disorder.
Its laws obey chance, so it makes lots of mistakes.
And it's a machine that makes noise...
...although you don't hear mental noise.
Like cosmic dust, which I've never seen. Have you?
I'm going home.
Does anyone...
...want to take me?
Not me, blondie.
I will.
Angel will take me.
I'm sorry, Mari. I'm not able to go with anyone.
I'm very complicated.
- Here, this fell out. - Where was it?
I don't know. It fell out when I opened the door.
What's wrong?
Are you going to your uncle's house?
Where are your things?
I have very few things.
We'll see my daughter...
...then we'll go there and get your things.
My things?
Yes, come on!
I like that.
"Yes, come on!"
But what does it mean?
You know.
Will I explain it?
I don't mind.
You may want to hear it.
It could make your day.
We're here.
I must pay the gypsies what I owe them.
Then I'll go far away.
We could all help you.
I couldn't live in a family.
I'm very complicated. I'd make you all suffer.
Angel, please, don't go.
I'd stay and live with you here forever.
But I can't!
There is no why.
If you go now, it'll be as if I'm alone.
Alone in the world.
It isn't true.
Yes, it is! Because I'm in love with you.
I've fallen in love like a child.
My child.
Poor thing.
You love me, don't you?
Of course.
How much?
I'm not good for you.
This land is saying good-bye, showing me its marks...
...which are my own tracks, where I have passed.
I've been here!
There isn't any wind.
A good sign!
If you get out, I'll do you!
Take it easy, Charly.
I found your money.
One more step and I'll kill you!
Forgive me, Charly, please.
I was completely wrong.
I found the wallet in the car. I didn't look properly. Take it.
This money is yours.
I'm leaving this morning.
Tell your family that I'm very sorry.
I'm really ashamed.
- This thing works! - Yes.
It's the latest.
- 100 watts, digital.
Fucking great!
Don't worry about me, Charly. I'm leaving now.
Toni! Take his car and go look for a doctor!
Don't worry, Charly.
If I don't survive, bury me right here.
Or under the tractor.
Then dump the car somewhere. I don't want to ruin your lives.
Are the gears normal?
He's asking what the gears are like.
They're just ordinary.
Hello, uncle!
How do you feel?
As if I'd just arrived.
The town is delighted with you.
You caused a sensation.
- Don't kid me. - No, really, they all phoned.
They want you back.
That's senseless.
A very pretty woman was looking after you.
What's her name?
Don't you know?
What color is her hair?
Blonde or red?
What a mess you're in!
Which do you prefer?
Is she there?
Let's hope it's the one you like.
He's just woken up. He wants to see you.
It's like a dream that you're here.
I'm going to love you very much.
We're going far away, aren't we?
Real far away!
- Angel! - Wait, wait!
Listen for the last time.
I'm not going with you.
If you ever need me, you'll flnd me here, beside Angela...
...under these skies we like so much.
Never forget this island.
Even if it's just a memory lost in the vastness... the woodlouse under the earth... the Earth in the midst of the cosmos... a tiny particle in the depth of your imagination.
I'll live here, if you don't forget me.
The sea smells so good!
There's nothing better!
To my son Peru.
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