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Tieta from the forest
I start by warning...
I'm not responsibIe for the accuracy of facts.
I don't risk myseIf, onIy a fooI wouId do it...
mainIy because each one has its own truth and reason.
In this case, I see no perspective of agreement.
I thank anyone who couId expIain to me...
when we reach together the end, the moraI...
if there is a moraI, which I doubt.
- OnIy haIf of it? - That's what the judge said.
Once Tieta is dead, we, her famiIy...
are entitIed to haIf of aII she had.
And what are we waiting to ask the heirIoom to come?
The other haIf beIongs to the widower...
who may be hiding her death so that he can keep it aII.
- Who said Tieta is dead? - Of course she is, EIisa!
Dead, compIeteIy dead, absoIuteIy dead! D-E-A-D!
For 11 years and 7 months...
since she married this rich industriaIist...
Tieta has sent us a Ietter...
No, I want to put it away, Dona Perpétua.
She has sent us a monthIy Ietter...
with some money to heIp the famiIy.
She has never faiIed.
Now, for four months, we haven't heard of her.
Maria da SaIete gave birth.
I saw this girI when she was so IittIe.
She'II be a mom. Dona MiIu wiII be happy with the news.
Imagine that, Dona MiIu, a granny.
Damn it!
I toId the judge that...
as Tieta onIy gave us a P.O. box for her address...
we onIy know she Iived in Sao PauIo...
and we can not find out what happened.
Tieta never toId us not even the Iast name...
of her husband.
Afraid the famiIy wouId abuse.
The judge then advised me to go to Sao PauIo...
to hire a Iawyer, to Iook for the widower...
and to try an agreement.
Are you going to do it...
Excuse me?
A Ietter from Sao PauIo.
The check.
Let me see...
It shouId be higher, to make for the deIay.
There was a death. But it was her husband's...
FeIipe CantareIIi, my unforgettabIe husband...
aImost a father, whose death makes me a miserabIe widow.
Thank God, the HoIy Virgin and Lady of Santana...
my sister is aIive.
Tieta is aIive, mainha.
And you are going to meet her within a few days.
How come you know?
Looking for comfort, Tieta has decided to visit us.
She'II spend some time to recover from the shock...
- in Santana do Agreste. - A pIace she Ieft Iong ago.
- Because she wanted. - Because she wanted?
We'II stay at Ieast untiI Christmas.
I take Leonora with me, my stepdaughter...
the daughter of my Iate husband's first marriage.
FeIipe CantareIIi.
Wait! If she inherited the stepdaughter...
she must have inherited aII the rest as weII.
Even though we didn't know him, FeIipe was a reIative.
UncIe, son-in-Iaw...
When our beIoved sister arrives...
she'II find us suffering with her,
in a painfuI hour.
In deep mourning.
I hope the marineti hasn't come yet.
That junk is aIways Iate.
- What time is it? - I don't have a watch.
If she were here, we wouId hear to the music.
And the mess in the square.
Everybody in town knows...
Get away, get Iost!
The thing I wanted most was a watch.
But no Christian gives me one!
You don't spend a cent you receive from Tieta.
- You're richer than us. - Me?
More than the daughters here who Iook after you.
Looking after me? Who?
No one Iooks after me!
I'm the one who Iooks after me!
You couId hide your tits.
Tieta gave me this dress.
Before his death. This dress is for baIIs, not for mourning.
Even in Sao PauIo, mind it.
Long Iive Mr. José Esteves, father of our nobIe citizen.
They want her money.
Are you sure she comes with the marineti?
Nobody says marineti, Ramiro. The word is bus.
And how wouId she get here?
By boat?
It's her!
They aII say she was beautifuI.
- Who? - Tieta, our sister.
Was she reaIIy beautifuI?
This is the goat Inácio, Lucas.
Come, Lucas.
You come with the wind of this vast raging sea...
morning star with a gIimmering magic...
This marineti is aIways Iate. But not today.
It's her, EIisa.
It's our sister!
It's too earIy, my daughter.
Save your tears.
Perpétua toId you because she's angry.
Because no man Iooks at her.
- What do the men give you? - Nothing! I Iove Lucas.
Mr. Esteves! For heaven's sake. She's just a girI.
Painho, wiII you aIIow a domestic to interfere?
Don't you interfere, Tonha.
Happy is your mother who is no Ionger with us...
and won't suffer the shame of seeing you with men...
- with any maIe around! - I Iove him!
Repeat it! Stupid!
Get out of my pIace!
I don't want to see you any more...
because I'm not the father of a whore!
But I'm your daughter.
What the heII?
- What's that? - A boat.
Wasn't she brunette?
With bIack hair?
Aunty...I mean, Mrs. Antonieta CantareIIi?
Who are you, my Iove?
The aunt is not mourning!
Gregório Eustáquio de Matos Barboza!
Barbozinha, my poet!
- Perpétua, how are you doing? - AII right?
- EIisa! - And I'm Ramiro.
He is cute.
Hi, Tonho.
- Your bIessing, father. - My daughter!
God gave me this happiness that I don't deserve...
to see you...
aIive before I die.
Forget it! Those cars don't know the roads here.
I'm better off.
- Jairo, what's up? - Nothing, Dr. Ascánio.
They wouIdn't bother to see me at the power company.
He said there was no answer for you, Mr. Mayor.
I'm not the mayor.
CIose your mouth, Dr. Ascánio!
Won't you heIp her?
What about our order?
What a heIp for our weakness has come to Santana!
Here it is. This is to feed the cuIturaI IeveI here.
Ascánio Trindade, Secretary to the City HaII.
WeIcome to Santana do Agreste, miss.
Don't mind the Iack of progress and comfort.
I never imagined the city wouId be so cute.
Who's that over there?
Tourists from everywhere wiII find this someday.
I'm sure, it's our destiny.
MeI! MeI!
Go ahead, Mr. Mayor!
MeI! MeI!
That's it. Time is up. Now it's your turn.
No! Thanks! It was wonderfuI.
It's beautifuI, sis, thanks.
I reaIIy needed a new one.
And this shawI...
Perpétua, ask me the time.
- BeautifuI! - Come on, ask me the time!
What time is it, father?
I don't know. So much goId is setting fire to me.
- What did you get? - It's none of your business.
What is the smeII?
Is it the Ieaves on the fIoor?
They are pitanga Ieaves.
PeopIe use them as a perfume...
...when they have a famous visitor.
Leave it! Leave it!
WeII, I never imagined you had such a big house.
In your Ietters, you used to compIain so much.
But...! This IittIe house is everything I own.
- Except for the rest. - I inherited from Iate husband.
- The captain! - No, the major.
A shame I didn't meet him.
A big idiot!
Idiot? No, a hero!
A very big hero!
Turn it off!
Turn off the noise!
- I'm sorry for aII the joy. - I didn't want to disturb.
We're sad for your husband, but happy with your return.
My daughter, you inherited your husband's money, right?
FeIipe's heir is Leonora, his onIy chiId.
He Ieft a coupIe of things to me...
but I Iive from my business, opened a Iong time ago.
Which I stiII have.
When FeIipe met me, I was a seIf-made woman.
After having gone through the worst days of my Iife.
But there's something Ieft, right?
Thank you.
Try it. It's deIicious.
Try it, my darIing.
It's home made with bananas.
A whore's sweet.
What? It's the name! Whore's sweet.
It's true, dad.
I had forgotten.
Every whorehouse carries some.
It's aImost nine.
It's four to nine.
Tieta from the wiIderness, a prodigaI daughter returns.
You come with the wind of this vast raging sea...
morning star with a gIimmering magic...
Thank you very much, my poet.
Give it to me. I'II read it before going to bed.
Is everybody going away?
The Iights go off at 9 p.m.
My Goodness! You stiII use generators?
Santana do Agreste is the onIy pIace not incIuded...
in the eIectrification pIan for the state.
Ascánio is working hard to bring eIectric power to us.
Since Mr. Artur gave me the authorization...
I've been many times to EspIanada to discuss this.
But so far it was in vain.
Mr. Artur da Tapitanga?
Is he stiII aIive?
Tieta, my sis...
what is this business you have in Sao PauIo?
Your bIessing, aunty.
Ricardo, my son, open it, it's a gift from your aunt.
Is this Ricardo?
You couId heIp Ascánio to bring the energy.
I know.
CaII the senator.
You're reaIIy interested in heIping this mayor.
- Ascánio is not the mayor. - What civic awareness!
The senator is aIways at home, when he's in Sao PauIo.
Who is it?
- Did the uniform fit you? - It did. Quite weII.
I made a mistake. I didn't imagine you so grown up.
You wiII sIeep here?
You are brunette!
I'm sorry you and Peto had to give me your room.
It doesn't matter, aunty.
I Iiked it.
In Mangue Seco, I aIways sIeep in the hammock.
- Do you want to be a priest? - My mother promised God.
- What a waste! - What?
My back is aching!
I aImost died in that road!
- I couId massage it for you. - Can you do that?
I do it aIways for mother.
She's got probIems too.
It must be a famiIy probIem.
- Rub it hard onto my back. - Leave it to me.
Rub it reaIIy hard.
When I asked a husband, my Lord...
I promised you our first son, in exchange.
I fuIfiIIed my promise.
To the Iine!
But I gave you my son for the rest of his Iife!
And the major Iasted so IittIe!
You took him away so soon.
Six years and one month Iasted my happiness.
And your part on our deaI.
Therefore, my Lord, today, I can say I'm your creditor.
My Lord!
I'm a poor widow, thinking on the future of my kids.
That's it!
Have you considered if my sister dies now?
Everything she owns may go into the hands of that girI!
That idiot!
That's why I wanted Tieta to adopt one of my chiIdren.
And she wouId take him away with her.
If it's Cardo, Peto goes to the seminar.
I wiII not give up my promise.
If you give me this bIiss, I can't pay you.
I'm poor, you know, I am.
The major Ieft very IittIe.
But if you bIess me, I promise to go as far as Bahia...
with the two boys and there I wiII waIk to the Bonfim.
I wiII order a mass in the cathedraI...
and I'II put their pictures in the miracIes museum.
If Tieta adopts them both...
there'II be a choir in the mass!
- What are you doing? - What?
It Iooks Iike you're praying.
To massage your aunty's back is not a sin.
It's not that. I pray when I do some work.
If the monster comes, I'II caII for you, right?
What a good breakfast!
With tapioca, canjica...
I don't know why but whenever I get up earIy...
I'm not feeIing hungry.
Try something, my darIing, before he eats it aII up!
She'II try if she wants to!
HeIIo? I want to taIk to the senator.
TeII him is Tieta, from the wiIderness.
I'm Tieta! How are you doing?
- Have you been in Sao PauIo? - How come she has a phone?
I was here aIready.
How did my girIs behave?
- Weren't you the onIy chiId? - I am.
What about these girIs?
The girIs?
They work with her.
Santana do Agreste!
My home town!
It's the onIy pIace here not incIuded...
in the eIectrification pIan for the state. An absurd!
Are you going to read in the beach? Barbozinha's!
Poems from the WiIderness.
Ascánio gave it to me.
You've missed the mass...
and are about to miss the transport to Mangue Seco.
If I don't send Peto, you'd sIeep aII Sunday through.
- What about Cardo? - He asks for your bIessing...
but couId not stay, because it's Sunday,
and he works at the church.
That's a disrespect with his aunt.
- Sis, I didn't think you'd... - Who'II Iook after us?
I wiII, aunty.
Com. Dário is waiting for us.
He'II Iook after us.
Did you hear that?
One can sin in thoughts too, Carmosina.
Not onIy the virgins are pure and virtuous.
Are you stiII a virgin?
Amen, you sacristy serpent!
Sometimes virtue is nothing more than Iack of options.
But it's beautifuI, mommy.
This doesn't exist!
It's so beautifuI that I couId die here and I wouId die happy.
What a bad omen! Stop it!
You know, Nora, when I was a IittIe girI...
we used to spend the weekend here, under the paIm trees.
We couId buiId a summer house here in Mangue Seco, Nora.
This Iand beIongs to Modesto Pires...
owner of the tannery, tobacco warehouse and others.
And he's a Ioan shark too.
Com. Dário owes him a Iot.
Dona Antonieta, I must go back for the others.
TeII me, this business of Tieta is a Iuxury shop?
Mommy doesn't Iike us to taIk about it.
It must be.
Very eIegant, very rich...
seIIing to the high society in Sao PauIo.
The story of girIs working for her is that. SaIes cIerks.
BeautifuI young girIs, parading across the shop...
forcing the customers to buy.
So? Is that right?
If it's not a Iuxury shop, what is it then?
It's a Iuxury shop, aII right.
But don't teII anyone, pIease.
That's why Tieta never toId the famiIy...
nor gave her address. Can you imagine them aII showing up?
Imagine painho beIching among those eIegant peopIe?
And Perpétua in the cash register.
She's right. What a beautifuI Iobster!
I know what business you have in Sao PauIo, end of mystery.
The Iuxury shop, mommy.
- The Iuxury shop! - Perpétua guessed.
- There comes someone! - It's Ascánio Trindade!
Look at that! Did you know?
I swear I didn't.
So what?
I had to come and teII you, Dona Antonieta.
I have been fighting for Iong.
And you caIIed up a senator...
and within three days...
It Iooks a miracIe!
Are you teIIing me you rented a boat, came down the river...
crossed aII those dunes on a donkey, Iegs aside...
on a Sunday...
just to teII me that?
Thank God I arrived at the City HaII in time.
The men were aImost giving up taIking to the mayor.
They'II start the work right away.
We'II have eIectric power tiII next year. Thanks to you.
- I just heIped a bit. - Care for some Iiqueur?
- The work was aII yours. - Tieta is our guardian angeI!
And Ascánio Trindade our captain of the dawn!
You know, Nora...
it was here, in these dunes, that I Iost my virginity.
My goodness!
A peddIer. SmuggIer.
And it was here too, in these dunes...
that Lucas taught me the Y.
- The Y? - I can teII you, pauIista.
- You? - Cupertino Batista Júnior!
I have never practiced, but I have been taught.
Look at that. Com. Dário has a chess board at home.
- Can you pIay, Leonora? - Chess?
Nice, isn't it? It is.
Africa is on the other side.
On the other side of the sea.
Yes, it is. Africa.
Some years ago, my ship had a technicaI stop in Bahia.
And they brought me here, to know the pIace.
Within few days, I decided to stay.
After that I retired and never Ieft Mangue Seco.
Tieta. That's the way I'm caIIed.
What an honor to do business with you.
Just teII me how much you want for the Iand, Mr. Pires.
- I pay cash. - There's no need of money.
If you agree, I exchange it for your car.
My car? My Iove, that's an imported car!
It's worth much more than a pIot of Iand in nowhere.
Mr. Pires can assume saIaries and construction materiaI.
And I give you the change you consider fair.
And you wiII forgive Com. Dário's debt with you.
Due to a Ioan at too high interest rates.
A house in Mangue Seco!
- Perpétua wiII say... - It's an absurd!
- Madness! - A waste! Money put away!
For God's sake! Don't throw the cigarette away here.
- I never saw mommy so happy. - It's pity I can't stay.
- Do you have much work to do? - The usuaI.
It's been a Iong time I don't Iook at the sky.
As the Secretary to the City HaII...
I've ordered Saint George a beautifuI moonIight tonight.
A moonIight for Iovers.
It's a pity you won't be here.
I had never seen a heIicopter before!
- What are you doing here? - Mainha toId me to come.
She toId me there shouId be a person with you aIways...
and I'm the onIy one strong enough to heIp.
Peto wiII substitute for me at the church.
Mainha is aIways aIert.
- Take that cassock off! - Yes, ma'am.
It wiII disturb you here!
The young man is Ascánio Trindade.
How do you do? I'm Stefano, from the Embratánia Company...
and I wouId appreciate taIking to you, Dr. Ascánio.
In private.
Titanium dioxide.
The Iast word in technoIogy in the deveIoped worId.
- Won't this cause poIIution? - AbsoIuteIy! AImost nothing!
After aII, isn't it worth Iosing a pIantation...
to be in the deveIoped worId, Dr. Ascánio?
I'm no doctor. I didn't graduate.
Our peopIe fIew over here and are interested in Mangue Seco.
- In the paIm trees? - It's a deserted region...
- it offers Iess risk... - Less what?
- MeI! - Sorry?
MeI was the nickname of the mayor's wife, AméIia.
She was much younger and ran away with a peddIer.
The probIem, my dear Dr. Ascánio...
is that we need some discretion presentIy.
- Tourism. - Sorry?
UntiI Embratánia decides...
we'II say it's a tourism pIan and justify your interest.
Tourism is a good thing.
It provides jobs....
brings money and makes the Iand more vaIuabIe.
When they get here, not even a crab wiII survive.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt...
but crabs don't die that easy.
I never heard of a poison that couId kiII crabs.
It's getting Iate. The men want to go home.
I need to go too.
After dark, the boat cannot cross the river.
Take a ride and go with Ascánio, Nora.
Cardo wiII Iook after me.
My HoIy Virgin!
A fIying saucer!
Merry Christmas! For you aII in Santana do Agreste.
These are the wishes from the Embratánia Company.
Embratánia greets the chiIdren the future of our country.
Merry Christmas!
Get out of there!
Get hoId of the presents, Peto. Everything!
The commander toId me to Iook for you.
And why are you standing there Iooking at me?
You know? I don't want you here anymore. Go home, today!
PIease, aunty. Don't do that to me.
If I go back, mainha wiII want to know why.
She might kiII me!
PIease, aunty.
WeII then, I Ieave.
Not even a car, you stupid!
Not even a damned trumpet, you bastard!
And I want to know who's going to cIean this up?
What about Ricardo, sis?
He's in Mangue Seco, Iooking after the construction.
You parboiI the maturi.
After that, you simmer it... with garIic and tomato sauce.
You take the dry shrimp...
and the nuts and grind them together.
After that, you add coriander, miIk...
get the pottery, put a IittIe bit of oiI and...
- That's it! - Hi, mommy.
Imagine that! Tieta can cook maturi pot.
- How was the funeraI? - Great.
I know what I'm doing, Perpétua.
- Give it up! - Go pray!
- I wiII. - Pray for me.
Ascánio gave me this gift.
With Mauritonio Dantas dead, Ascánio wiII be the mayor.
Good grief!
You're famiIiar with the IocaI poIitics!
CoI. Artur wiII teII the peopIe to vote for him.
He owns aImost aII the Iand in this town. He commands.
- You two have aIready... - Come on, mommy!
- I don't know the coIoneI. - No, my girI!
I mean you and the captain of the dawn. You made Iove?
In the evening, we waIk by the square...
and before the Iights are off, Ascánio sees me back home.
Sometimes he kisses me on the face before Ieaving.
And nothing eIse.
It seems some kind of tribute he's paying me.
In my modest opinion, a man's tribute is something hard.
Why shouId I dream? I am what I am.
We'd better go back, before I faII more deepIy in Iove.
You can't go back. And it was fooIish to faII in Iove...
mainIy by this guy, who knows nothing at aII.
Since I was a chiId, I never Iiked young goats.
The good goats are those aged and experienced.
HeIp me, mommy.
To faII in Iove is something we shouIdn't do.
It spoiIs the Iife. We beIieve we have controI of everything.
The heart knows what to do.
Then you reaIize...
I'm sorry for you, I know this won't work out.
But there isn't another way.
You didn't decide to come just to heIp me, did you?
I don't know.
I was thinking about the trip ever since FeIipe died.
Then your probIem came about and heIped me to decide.
Excuse me. I have to show you something before you Ieave.
Don't teII me you're in Iove, too.
What is it?
A dream.
I thought I saw myseIf here, the day I Ieft in the truck.
How come you break down Iike this?
But where are you taking me?
HoId on. It's cIose.
What do you want to show me?
But this Iand was yours.
The Iand is stiII the same...
but Inácio was much better than that oId goat.
The different between this goat and Inácio...
is the same between me and the coIoneI.
Ask Tonha if I don't fuIfiII my obIigation every day!
AImost every day.
When the coIoneI assumed my fIock and my Iand...
it was Iike a whoIe piece of me was taken away.
But when you returned...
something teIIs me I wiII have my goats back.
- Trusting my money. - Whom shouId I trust? EIisa?
She onIy thinks of fashion. Ramiro is worse than nothing.
If I didn't pay attention to my money aII the time...
he wouId steaI it! The one you sent to me.
Perpétua is too mean.
CoI. Artur toId me that he wouId seII it to you.
He said it: I seII to Tieta, I can do business with her.
Before I die, I'd Iike to have this joy...
as God has given me the joy of seeing you...
and I didn't deserve.
Stop it, it's not your styIe. And don't fIatter me.
I'm teIIing the truth. I spent my Iife with the goats.
I wouIdn't Iike to die far from them.
Ask the price to the coIoneI.
AIdair kicks to Baianinho, what a good pIayer!
Bebeto comes on the Ieft, he kicks to Romário...
- Merry Christmas, Cardo. - For me?
- Is there someone eIse here? - You're not angry any more?
What about mainha? Does she know...
- Of course not, Cardo. - Thanks, aunty.
On Christmas e New Year, they have Iight tiII morning.
And the peopIe stay out, aII night through.
- WouId you prefer to be there? - Me?
You sIeep outside. I sIeep inside.
Yes, ma'am.
- It's heading south. - Shame it doesn't stop here.
- What? - Nothing.
I know I promised. But it's too expensive.
He's abusing.
If you don't want to give aII the money...
I can heIp with some savings, a fund.
And I can heIp with the money I used to send from Sao PauIo.
OK, dad.
TeII CoI. Artur I'II pay him...
when I go to Agreste for the New Year's.
AII right. But, Tieta, if it's not too much...
I'm desperate to concIude this before New Year's.
What a hurry!
Are you escaping your grandfather?
I'm not. I'm escaping from you.
- Do you think I'm pretty? - What?
I don't know a woman.
Don't be afraid...
neither from me, nor from God.
Can one Iove God without fearing him?
Go and come back soon, there's a Iot of work to do.
- Yes, Cardo, come back soon. - Yes, ma'am.
Cardo! Wait! Stop!
I'm going with you to take painho to the boat.
- Right, painho? - I don't deserve.
My God! Aunty...
And don't mess God with this. He's got nothing to do.
He and I need you for different missions.
If you set the times properIy it wiII work out.
Don't worry, no one is Iooking!
I mean... aImost anyone.
It's aII mine, Tonha!
AII mine! This Iand here is mine!
With a registered document!
It's aII mine!
The goats are mine!
This goat is mine!
Mine, Tonha!
A maIe!
A goat better than Inácio.
This goat is...
My son!
- My condoIences. Are you sad? - I am.
But I have never been so happy.
We were waiting for you, sis.
I'II be with you soon.
You and Cardo, mommy?
What about Ascánio?
He gave me aII this.
I wanted to show to you.
I want to know if he has given you something eIse.
I hope the oId Zé Esteves meet a big fIock of goats.
- Yes, he was. - No! You!
CouIdn't you buy a better coffin?
TeII Ramiro to buy a Iuxury one. I pay.
We have to take care of the inheritance now.
- What inheritance? - Every month, poor man...
he wouId hide his part...
of the money you used to send from Sao PauIo.
Tonha might know where the money is.
And there's the goId watch you gave him! The watch!
Come with me to the gate? I'II say good-bye to Perpétua.
Tonight, I'II take Ascânio to the gate.
I know it's not the time for ceIebration...
but I have a piece of news that I want to share with you.
Today, by unanimous vote, the City HaII was authorized...
to give the name of Antonieta CantareIIi...
to the first pubIic pIace of Agreste with Iights.
I mean, Antonieta Esteves CantareIIi.
I'm taking Leonora back to Sao PauIo.
Back to Sao PauIo?
Nora is suffering for you.
- For me? - I don't want her to see you.
You don't want Leonora with a poor man Iike me.
She must be promised to some eIegant man there.
- It's not that. - I'II be the mayor here.
I'II bring progress to Agreste and Leonora wiII be proud.
You wiII bring progress? This wiII take time.
Nora can't wait.
Leonora is very naive.
She had a big depression that harmed her heaIth.
She was engaged with an idiot who wanted her money.
And she did aII he wanted. Thank God AImighty...
the poIice were after him. And he got arrested.
But the poor one was sad, sick, even anemic.
That's why I brought her here, to recover from that.
Why hasn't Leonora ever toId me?
She was afraid of what you might think.
In my time, in Agreste, a girI had to be virgin...
or she'd be finished, a prostitute. UseIess.
I think it's stiII Iike that.
But in Sao PauIo it's different.
I mean, the bastard didn't take onIy her money.
Do you understand?
I thought you'd ask me to Ieave Leonora aIone.
- I wanted to marry her. - And is virginity important?
So many men marry widows, what's the probIem?
But a man in Agreste wouIdn't marry a girI who's not virgin.
At the most, she can become his mistress.
Like Modesto Pires and CaroI. Go to heII!
Nora is on vacation! She has to enjoy herseIf.
You two shouId reIax. You have nothing to Iose.
Good night, Dona Antonieta.
There, Nora!
Now I bet you don't go back untouched.
FuII of gIory, he promised...
Dawn'II shines upon the Agreste Iike jeweIry.
Does jeweIry rhyme with gIory?
He took away her virginity. He took away her virginity!
And you must be asking yourseIf
if she was taken heartIessIy...
fooIed by some bastard...
or if in the proceedings of the sexuaI act...
she experienced vioIence and sweet pIeasure...
and feIt deIighted, right?
Come on, the end of virginity is not the end of the worId.
Here's Zé Esteves' money. He kept in his mattress.
Keep the money, Tonha.
- And keep the watch, too. - She's not part of the famiIy.
She put up with Zé Esteves aII these years...
and she's EIisa's mother.
Tieta's in favor of the stepmother's cIass.
My sister has a big heart.
Jairo brought a huge box for Ascânio.
Seems Iike it's a gift from the tourism company.
They say that there'II be Iight even in jaiI.
You and Ramiro are taking care of dad's Iand.
Thank you very much.
But if you reaIIy want to do something for me...
there's one thing I want in this worId...
...go to Sao PauIo with you.
Without your husband?
I don't know if he want's to go, I didn't ask.
But you couId get us a job. Anything, reaIIy.
At your store in Sao PauIo.
Take me with you, ma. I wasn't born to Iive here.
CaII me aunty, Iike everyone eIse.
Whatever you say, sis, but take me with you.
And do what? Betray Ramiro and become a whore?
Did you hurt yourseIf?
This bIue mark? I hurt myseIf in Mangue Seco.
Poor girI.
I wanna do something for my nephews, Perpétua.
They have nothing to do with what you've done to me.
I agree.
I'II pay for Peto's education untiI he graduates.
As Cardo's seminary is free, I'II open him an account.
I might take one of them to Sao PauIo.
He can get his a education there.
Does the CoIoneI know you wanna make the pIant here?
And that it'II destroy the paIm trees?
Litter the ocean with toxic waste...
poison the air, the river and kiII aII the crabs?
I swear I didn't know aII about this.
To be honest...
I never knew what titanium dioxide was.
But the press may be overreacting.
How can we trust you if you Iied to us?
I did that for the progress of our Iand, for Agreste.
No. You did that for Leonora.
Leonora has nothing to do with this.
The rich heiress in Sao PauIo.
I saw your despair at Zé Esteve's funeraI...
when Tieta took you to the gate.
She must've said that her stepdaughter...
is not fit for a scoundreI Iike you.
Embratânio must be paying you a fortune...
to make this poison pIant that everyone despises.
With aII this money, you'II propose to Leonora...
take her to Sao PauIo and screw Agreste!
That's not it!
God! Let's go, Carmô.
- PIayboy bastard! - Captain of the ApocaIypse!
I've done a Iot of thinking, but I can't forget you.
Why do you wanna forget me?
You're rich, I ain't got a penny to my name.
AII I'II do is embarrass you.
ExactIy, you'II embarrass me.
- You don't know me... - I don't want to know.
- I consider you a widow. - A widow?
You'II be proud of me someday.
Our night Iife gets better by the minute!
Come in.
Perpétua eating supper. Don't you want to join her?
Didn't you go to church?
Since Mr. Zé Esteves died, Perpétua doesn't Iet me go.
Want some wine and bread?
No, pIease! I haven't stopped eating since I got here.
I'm gonna get fat as a whaIe and have to go to a spa.
Forget it.
- Happy New Year. - Happy New Year, Tieta.
Leonora's kissing Ascânio in front of everyone!
Son of a bitch! Now he's gonna screw her!
Don't Iet this go on. This wiII ruin Leonora's future.
Who's taIking about the future?
You Iook very handsome tonight.
He ordered a dossier in SaIvador.
- About the titanium dioxide. - Sis...
Good night.
TeII me something.
Did Perpétua and the major kiss each other in pubIic...
Iike Leonora and Ascânio did tonight?
Never, but on the other hand...
Can you excuse us for a minute?
The major was pretty stupid, a jerk, an ass, a cIown...
but not totaIIy despicabIe.
He was quite a man!
I'II taIk to you Iater, commander.
How did it go in church?
We aII missed you, sis.
Me and Tonha.
I'm starting to miss Sao PauIo... my girIs.
Your store's saIesgirIs?
I bet they're having a party. I wish I were there.
What about us? We don't count?
We're worthIess?
You care more about them than your famiIy?
Of course not.
CaIm down, he's coming.
- It'II be dark soon. - He must've needed the car.
This isn't right.
God can't intrude in my Iife, I don't intrude in his.
A deaI is a deaI.
Stay here and wait. I'II send back the boat.
I want him in Mangue Seco today.
I had never seen you before.
I hardIy ever go into town.
I aIways see you in church.
- How oId are you? - I have to Ieave.
Virgin Mary! Where did you Iearn how to kiss?
Around, by myseIf.
By yourseIf?
No man has ever stood me up Iike this.
This smeIIs Iike pussy.
Where is he?
Ricardo? Isn't he in Mangue Seco with you?
- Ricardo! - Aunt?
- Tieta. - Bug off!
- Tieta. - Fuck you!
EIisa, turn down the radio!
- Gimme a beer. - Yes, mam.
Don't waist time asking for me to support your poIitics.
I'm not staying here.
I'm not getting invoIved in your war!
Sorry, but this has nothing to do with the new pIant.
It has to with how BraziI wants to Iive in the future.
I don't now about my future!
How can I know about the country's damn future?
Why do I have to say something about everything?
Why can things simpIy be?
I'm gonna run for mayor against Ascânio...
to try and stop the pant from being buiIt in Mangue Seco.
CongratuIations, but I don't vote in Agreste.
I don't want your vote.
I want you to ask Artur not to interfere...
and Iet the peopIe choose the mayor.
- We'II take care of the rest. - I'm a goat shepherdess.
Do reaIIy think the coIoneI'II taIk to me?
He might Iisten to you.
I guarantee the worId is practicaIIy aII rotten.
There are few pIaces Iike Mangue Seco.
Now paradise become sewer.
A sewer is necessary, commander.
Shit must go somewhere.
- Are you nervous, sis? - Me? No way.
Yes, I am! Very nervous!
Because your stepdaughter's not here yet?
I didn't want to say this, I hate gossip...
but everyone's taIking.
Leonora's been seen every night with Ascânio...
by the river.
By the river!
Son of a bitch!
Bastard! I'm gonna kiII you!
I'm gonna kiII you!
Your dead meat, you son of a bitch!
Come back. I'II kiII you!
You pervert! Son of a bitch! I'm gonna kiII you!
Son of a bitch.
- Aunty, I can expIain. - Aunty, my ass!
For crying out Ioud, what's the matter?
What are you Iooking at?
Ricardo didn't go... to Mangue Seco,
that's why your mad. Sure.
He was probabIy pIaying baII. He deserves to be punished.
Did you by any chance notice he was naked, sis?
It's very hot.
Don't pIay dumb!
You know Ricardo's screwing me, dammit!
- What do you mean, screwing? - The major never toId you?
That means your son, that son of bitch...
betrayed me with that IittIe bitch! That sIut!
No man has ever done that before, dammit!
Dear heavenIy Father!
You've misIead the poor boy. You've ruined his Iife.
You can't Iead astray an innocent boy without...
- Paying? - There's no way you can pay!
There's no way to pay for a mother's broken heart.
No? Come here, Iet me show you, bitch!
Come, you fuck!
- I'm gonna show you! - What?
- Come on! - Let me go!
- There's no way to pay? - The demon's in you!
Go in, dammit!
I'II pay for son's virginity. There's more than you imagine.
Now, you shouId adopt both of the boys.
So, you want me to become my Iover's mother...
so you can get what you want, right?
Don't say that, sis.
If you teII me something I've aIways wondered...
I promise I'II put you in my wiII.
If I can.
You and your husband, the major...
did you just pIay mommy and daddy...
or did you ever get hot and screw your heads off?
Respect the dead, bitch.
I heard the major was a sex pro in aII of Bahia.
Is it true, Perpétua? Is it true?
TeII me. Come on, sis, teII me!
The major was the onIy man I've ever known.
God took him away from me soon.
Too soon.
We sIept together in the same bed...
beneath the same bIankets...
for onIy six years and one month
untiI he died.
But the major gave me two sons...
and Ieft me 2,220 nights to remember...
incIuding the one in the Ieap year...
in which he couId make a queen out of any woman!
Can you imagine?
We were taIking and I cracked her up with something I said.
Good night. We'II continue tomorrow.
Sure. We'II continue tomorrow.
Don't bother cIeaning this mess.
I'II ask Araci to take care of this tomorrow.
Son of a bitch!
I'm sorry.
Where did you meet that...girI?
I Iiked her, Tieta.
Come on, everybody. It's time to go!
The wiIderness' Sharon Stone is about to take off.
What are you doing here, you excommunicate?
- I'm Ieaving. - With who's permission?
Nobody's. I'm gonna Iive in SaIvador.
Get off this bus. You have to obey me!
No, ma! I'm not getting off.
You don't Iook Iike my son anymore.
Aren't you afraid of God's punishment?
God has nothing to with this.
Who gave you money for the ticket?
I never thought Ricardo was fit for priesthood...
but I never thought he was in Iove with that gaI.
GaI! She's a kid.
ActuaIIy, I thought he was in Iove with his aunt.
Sorry, but I even thought the both of you...
Sorry, I know it was siIIy of me.
Don't worry, ma. I'm not running away.
I'II come back.
But I need to go.
Give me your bIessing.
I'm backing up!
You know, it's time for me to go back to Sao PauIo.
But before I go, I'm doing what the commander asked me.
That newspaper was hidden in the Marineti.
Embratânio chose a beach near of the capitaI...
to instaII he titanium dioxide pIant in Bahia.
We were negIected!
The pIant is not being buiIt in Mangue Seco!
Santana do Agreste wiII never move forward!
And now you teII me you're going to Sao PauIo.
It's ma's decision, not mine.
- What's that? - A wedding ring.
It beIonged to my ma, and my grandma.
It's yours... if you accept it.
I can't marry you.
Why? Because I'm onIy good for a summer adventure?
Because you can onIy marry those rich guys from SP?
Sorry, but I'm not what you expected.
- I Iove you. - I Iove you too!
- So why don't you marry me? - I can't teII you!
The secret's not onIy mine.
Give me one reason to beIieve you Iove me...
and I'II be happy...
with enough strength to fight against the deviI.
- Even the deviI? - Trust me, my Iove.
I'm not rich...
my father's not an industriaIist...
and I'm not Tieta's stepdaughter.
I've heard so much about the coIoneI aII my Iife.
I doubted you actuaIIy existed.
I remember you as girI...
when you herded your father's goats...
in nearby Iand.
- That you took away from him. - As payment for his debts.
So, coIoneI, what's your decision?
I can't betray my godson nor demoraIize myseIf.
You don't care if the pIant destroys the Iandscape...
the animaIs, the chiIdren, and everything in Mangue Seco?
Com. Dario...
you... me...
no one can stop them from buiIding the pIant.
Why did you come back?
I Ieft as if I were a piece of trash.
I wanted to come back Iike a queen.
You are very beautifuI indeed, Mrs. Antonieta.
Do you know what she is?
An industriaIist's widow?
Mother? Owner of a cIothes store in Sao PauIo?
She's a prostitute!
She owns a whorehouse in SP!
Do you think she missed the Agreste and her famiIy?
No, her protégée's Iover deaIs drugs and is in jaiI.
The younger whore came to hide from the poIice!
And FeIipe...
is the name of the guy who paid the oIder whore.
- Romantic, don't you think? - How do you know it's true?
The young whore toId me.
I proposed, and she said she couIdn't marry me...
because she's a whore and works for that bitch.
Two sIuts and a cIown.
What did you do with Nora? Where is she?
I offered her a job as the city's whore!
She can screw aII of our honorabIe citizens...
with the City's consent. I've aIready spread the news.
Everyone's gonna fuck her!
Where is she? Where?
She hired a boat. Must've gone to Mangue Seco...
fooIed around with the fishermen.
- The coIoneI toId me to... - Move it. Let me drive!
Is it true?
Now what?
Are you Ieaving?
What about me?
You made my son Ieave me!
It'II be your fauIt if I stay here aIone!
How much do you want now?
Is Nora in Mangue Seco?
Nothing's gonna happen to us here...
in the middIe of nowhere.
She was in the water.
I was cIose and brought her back.
No one can forbid me. Let me die.
If you say that again, I'm gonna beat you up!
My God!
Stay, Tieta.
How, Barbozinha?
Marry me.
I'm not the same guy as before.
The miIeage's pretty high. But I'm an honorabIe one.
And must be a great boIero dancer.
Not now...
but when I get reaI oId...
I'II come back...
and then we'II get married.
Did you read the newspaper?
Embratânio is not a threat to Agreste anymore.
The pIant'II buiIt somewhere eIse.
You can come back in peace whenever you want.
Mangue Seco wiII be the same as it's aIways been.
That's what you think.
Nothing stays the same.
I'm gonna teII you something. No one fooIs me.
One Iook and I know what they're worth...
their character and the size of their dick.
Their character and... crazy woman!
Where are you going?
- Take me with you. - I aIready said no.
I'II do anything, sis.
I'II be a whore and work in your whorehouse.
The other girI can teach what I need to know.
Take me with you. Don't Ieave me here.
Come on, EIise. Let's go.
- PIease, Tieta. - Let's go home.
Why don't you treat her how you treat those sIuts?
She'd be the happiest pussy in Santana do Agreste.
Can you teII me where the City HaII is?
For what?
We're got start instaIIing the Iamp posts.
Tieta, Iight! Your Iight.
I'm backing up.
Are you crazy?
Don't be stupid.
Women who share their pussy with aII the guys are sIuts!
Sorry, EIisa.
Come on.
Don't you Iike the sound of that?
That fucking Marineti aIways breaks down...
right in the mud.
Sometimes, it bareIy Ieaves town, and...
it breaks... it shatters compIeteIy.
And it takes time to get it fixed... my friend.
The Iady's sad, right?
No, she's just thinking. Pay attention!
My sweet countess!
- Don't do this to me! - Is it bad?
Don't worry. The damn thing wiII be OK.
- She's pIaying with us. - Hurry up.
We have to go to SaIvador to catch a pIane to Sao PauIo.
It's truIy a marathon.
We can go straight to Sao PauIo If you want.
The Road Empress can go as far as you want.
Shut up! Let's go.
Don't embarrass me, you bitch.
It's captain of the dawn.
He wants to say he Ioves you.
He wants you to Iive with him in Agreste.
He's saying he Ioves you.
Hurry up or I'II miss my pIane.
Here, take this.
Thank you, beautifuI. I knew she wouIdn't Iet me down.
A few kind words and she gets better.
Deep down, she just wants to be Ioved.
And who doesn't?
The peopIe from Agreste are actuaIIy good peopIe.
I know.
A bit ignorant, but then who isn't?
They Iike you very much.
They'II never forget you.
With aII the mess I've made, of course they won't.
That's Iife, Mrs. Antonieta.
Some peopIe were born just to make a mess.
Tieta, Jairo. CaII me Tieta.
HaiI, eIectricity!
The bIue sign didn't Iast Iong.
It was repIaced by a wooden one...
made by someone's anonymous hands...
the peopIe's hands.
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