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Tiger on the Beat (1988)

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Get up!
Hurry up, get dressed,|my wife's coming back!
You mean you have a wife?
Whatever you say now.
Just get dressed, I'll explain later.
Get dressed? This is my house!
Your house? Then who's that outside?
It's my husband.
Your husband?
How come you didn't tell me?
I did, you just|didn't bother to listen.
I'm deaf when I'm screwing,|you should have reminded me.
Just hurry up,|my husband doesn't like cops.
I don't like other people's husbands.|I'll hide!
Oh no, nowhere to hide.
Oh shit, I woke up my wife.
Exhale, inhale...
Exhale, inhale...
Wake up, now.
Shut up... inhale, exhale.
Now again, inhale, exhale.
What's the matter, honey?
Who are you? ...and what the hell|are you doing here?
I live here!
Who are you?|I'm her husband.
Then you're not treating her right|What do you mean?
You're fooling around.
You bastard.
Honey, I haven't been fooling around.
You're not well, just relax.
At which joint did you spend the night?
Don't worry, she's only faking it.
I've got a chick on the side.
It's doesn't mean much to me.
Whatever. Let me tell you|what happened.
She waited downstairs for you|so long she fainted.
You should be grateful|that I saved her.
I gave her something and|she's alright now.
Your name, sir?
My name's Dummy.
You look like one,|so where you're from?
Hakka District...
I'm from Hakka too. We're brothers.
That's right we're brother.
You take care ofyour wife,|I'll get going.
Honey, I'm sorry,|I'll never fool around again.
Luckily, we ran into each other|and not some bad guy.
Honey, you fainted again?
Wake up, honey.
Good morning, Mr. Li...|large Horlicks and 2 breakfasts, please.
How much is it?
Twenty dollars, please.
Thank you.
What kind of health food|you want to-day?
Doesn't matter what health food I eat,|it doesn't work.
A large empty glass.
Two breakfasts, please.
And 2 cold Horlicks in one glass.
Chopsticks are not a recipe for health.
What's healthy is the traditional|secret recipe.
This was taught to|Jackie Chan by Bruce Lee.
And Jackie Chan|taught it to Alain Delon.
Alain Delon taught it to Stallone.
And Stallone to Ti Lung.
And Ti Lung to me.
He didn't tell you?
Beast, take a look at him.
I take health food too.
Sure, all you eat is quail eggs.
No wonder you're an egghead.
Don't move, this is a hold-up.
Stand still, don't move a muscle,|I'm a cop!
OK guys, handcuff him.
Yes, Sir.
Hey man, give me a glass ofwater.
Got the hiccups, Mr. Li?|Have some water.
It's no use.
My grandma told me hiccups|need to be frightened away.
Sis, frighten me.
This is a hold-up.
Stop fooling around.
Force him inside!|Yes, Sir.
No funny business|or I'll blow his head off!
Get in there.
Don't force me or I'll blow him away.
Go ahead then. I'll blow you away.
lfyou kill me, I'll kill him.
OK with me,|I don't give a shit about him.
I'll count to three and|we'll fire together.
what have you got against me?
Don't move!
Handcuff him, guys.|Yes, Sir.
Who is this bastard?|He piss on his pants.
You don't know him?
Should I know him?
He's a veteran undercover sergeant.
Get an ambulance,|I've got to get going.
Yes, Sir.
Johnny, what's keeping them?|We're waiting so long.
Let's go.
They're on route.|Should be here any minute.
There's Poison Snake Ping.
Why so late?
The Thai guys were slow.
What's matter?
Just a moment, sir.|Let me find out first.
What's this? Damn you!
Ping, you saw me loaded it.
He dares to pull a trick like this?
Shouldn't have kill him.|Now, how to get the coke?
I'll get it back as much as I can.
Sorry Boss. I'm sure I'll get it back.
I'm responsible,
they won't get away with it.
Careful with the deal at month's end.
Ping, I want it back soon.
OK, Fai.
Marydonna, your brother is here.
My brother?|Go ahead, keep dancing girls!
Brother, it's nice to see you.
I've to talk to you.
Mom writes me that|she wants you to go back home.
Let's not talk about it now,|just come here.
I almost got killed.
That Thai guy wanted|to pull a fast one on me.
How did you manage to get away?
I killed him.
Brother, you killed him?
I've no choice, anyway|I've to leave Hong Kong.
I'll go home after|I get some more money.
You still want to do it.
Of course!
It's worth tens ofthousands|of dollars.
The address is inside,|deliver this for me.
Brother, this is very dangerous.
I know.
I don't mind the risk|for one more time.
Let's stop it, brother.
Another big deal is on for the 29th.
If I succeed, then I don't have|to worry about home.
You two discovered the body?
Yes, we found it|when we started work today.
This is really bad luck.
You got that right.
Captain, we've found a passport.
Where's 4198?
You two found it first.
Yes, Sir.
Where is he?
Still in hospital, Sir.
Get him back here|Yes, Sir.
You must be the most|beautiful nurse here.
Get in bed, ifthe matron finds out|I will be in trouble.
Don't be silly,
I need a lot of looking after.
lfyou promise to see a movie with me,
I'll be fine.
The Doctor will never let you out.
I've been hanging-out with Doctors|for a long time.
Get in bed|Only ifyou get in with me.
Someone's coming|Matron.
Shut up, she's here.
My sis taught me how to flirt.
You think about it|Old trick.
Brother, you'll never change.
I was really worried when they said|you got hurt on duty.
But in fact, you're only|fooling around here.
Why not? The bastard scared|the wits out of me.
Hello Sarge. Any better?
I'm fine, thanks Take this!
This is from your dad.
You bastard, taking advantage|of my sis?
I didn't.
You didn't?|Stop fighting!
I'm going, take it easy.
Stop! What are you doing.
I'm just teaching him physiotherapy.
I'm going|This is a hospital. What're you doing?
Matron. I'm just doing physiotherapy.
Still, you shouldn't disturb|other patients.
Sorry, Matron.
Go back.
Just go back, brother.
Sorry, Peter.
That's all right.
I'll kill him.
Why are you so angry, brother?
Because that bastard stuck a gun|in my mouth.
I'm in hospital because ofthat.
That's the robber?
He's C.I.D.
Write me a good report|so I can fix him up.
Write it yourself, I don't know how to.
If I know how I wouldn't send you|to College.
If everybody gives in a little|the world would be a better place.
Even if I give in a little,|there still wouldn't be peace.
Give it a try.
You're not telling me|you don't want to write it?
OK. I'll do it.
Make it sound more serious.
Uncle Jim, take a good look at this.
Don't need to.|Blood is thicker than water.
Help me fix that bastard up real good.
I don't know which district he's under.
I've never looked bad|in my 11 years as a cop.
He almost got me killed.
You've got to teach him a lesson.
So he disappears from the face|ofthis earth.
OK...! Why are you so angry for?
What's the big deal?|I need to talk to you.
Business or personal?
It's personal of course|Say it then.
Your dad took care of me before,|so I've always taken care ofyou.
The hell you do.
Are you telling me|I don't look after you?
You look after me?
lfyou did,
I wouldn't still be|a Sarge after 11 years.
It's your own fault.
All you do is fool around|and avoid responsibility.
You even pissed in your pants|when someone point a gun at you.
The whole station knows,|how am I to look after you?
Why are you yelling?
Now, everybody knows.
What are you guys doing?
I'll have you all doing your beat|in the graveyard!
Don't get so mad.
I've already found.
a partner for you.
Don't get me a coffin type, Uncle Jim.
I don't have money for a burial space.
Send in 20396 now.
Good morning, Sir.
Uncle Jim, you must be kidding!
20396|Yes, Sir.
This is Sergeant Li.
We've met before.
You learn from him.
No thanks,
I've learnt my lesson.
Uncle Jim, can you come over here|for second?
Are you crazy? You want us|to be partners?
You telling me to retire.
I won't stand for this.
You're "New Territories Taxi"|can't go into the city.
He's a good cop, OK.
If anything happens...
He'll get the blame and you the credit.
Still think I'm not looking after you.
Come to think of it,|it doesn't sound too bad.
I'll say hello first, excuse me.
Sorry, didn't know|we're on the same side.
I'm sorry too.
What's your last name?
What's your first name then?|Michael.
Michael Cho.
Francis Li.
Francis Li.
OK, Francis Li.
Yes, Francis Li.
OK, work well with each other.
Do you know how I
rose through the ranks?
Stabbing people in the back|and kissing ass.
Not so loud,|your father taught me that.
The thing is to get in|on the big cases.
Then your boss will appreciate|your abilities.
If he does that, you'll automatically|rise in rank.
Good morning, Commissioner.
Good morning.
Good morning, Sir.
Sergeant Li,|out ofthe hospital already?
Thanks for your concern, Sir.
Captain Butt|Yes, Sir!
Any leads on the Thai Killing?
Nothing, Sir. Haven't receive word|from the other districts yet.
We're really stuck on this case.
Tell him to do something about it.
Yes, Sir.
I suspect it is link|to Thai drug smuggling.
Yes, Sir, you are right.
Pay attention to this case.|Yes, Sir.
This could blow up into a big case.
Yes, Sir, you are right.
Did you guys hear,|he said its going to be big.
Work on it, you're on call|24 hours a day.
Thank you, Sir.|Yes sir.
Uncle Jim.
Uncle Jim, Sergeant Li|is famous for being lazy.
No problem,
Sergeant Li is very productive.
There shouldn't be any problem.
Where do you plan to find clues?
Just go around town.
This is a big case, you can't just|go around town, stupid!
You got a better idea?|Get in the car!
This is great.
Don't touch, this car|is damn expensive.
How long have you been a cop?
Very long, around three years.
No wonder you think you can|pick up clues anywhere on the street.
Damn, you are good.
Come here.
You want to die,|put finger prints on my car.
No problem, I'll clean it up.
You little shit, don't even think|about my sister.
I didn't even think about it.
You'd better not.
You look ugly and
you are too low for my sister.
Yes, Sergeant!
Stand still! What's that?
School bag.|Stand by the wall.
Spread your legs.
What the hell are you doing?|He looks ugly.
Are you crazy, he's my neighbor|Sorry, Brother Shing!
Let's go!
Being ugly is not illegal,|damn you!
lfyou don't shut up.|I'm going to kick your ass.
Please have a seat.
Jenny.|Sergeant Li.
A glass of draft beer, thank you.
Two glasses.|Sure.
Sergeant, didn't you say that|we come to look for clues?
Would you let me have a beer first?|Sir?
Brother Loong, you don't have|to greet me personally.
I don't dare not to greet you|personally, because you are a big shot.
Don't tease me, Brother Loong.
You know that I always come to you|when I've a problem.
Why don't you shake hands|with Brother Loong?
Brother Loong.|Michael.
Michael is my new partner.
Are you trying to commit suicide.
Sorry about that, Brother Loong.
So, what's up?
Brother Loong.
Well, did anything happen around town?
Like you got held up|by a new cop with gun
and made you pissed your pants.
How can you face the world now?
Why were you scared? If I run into him.
I would give him a punch first.
Can't do, he is really tough.
So what. An ox is tough,|but we eat steaks too.
Just punch it like an ox.
Still better than letting others|to laugh at you.
Alright, and you told me|that we're brothers.
Even you tease me,|how can I face the others?
Don't you like to be teased at?
Michael, what do you think|I should do?
Brother Loong, I've already|apologized to Sergeant Li.
Don't even mention it,|don't tease him anymore.
You are picking on him,|aren't you? Brother.
Don't worry about it...|I'm used to this.
My brother isn't easy to deal with,
he's tear, and I have mucus.
Again, I'm sorry.
Don't give me that shit.
Brother, don't be a goddamn|brainless fool.
You're only a dum cow to me.
Don't force me to arrest you.|What?
You must be really stupid,|you're going to arrest me in my place.
You must be crazy to try to arrest.|Brother Loong in his place.
Brother Loong, he's got a mental|problem always try to fight others.
I am not afraid.
OK! Tell him to put down his gun
and let me try him out.
Brother Loong wants to try you out.
No problem.|Shouldn't be any problem.
OK, let's get started.
Sergeant, sorry to bother you,|please hold this.
Let's not get too serious.|Just play for fun.
Yes, Sir!
Everything is fine now!|Everyone please takes a seat.
Keung, close the door for me.
I will buy everyone a drink after this.
The boss is buying.
Brother Loong, let me hold this|for you.
Four-eye Hung, let's move the table|in order to get start.
Brother Loong, let's take it easy.
Damn you... hope you drop dead.
Congratulation, Brother Loong!|You're still in good shape.
Not really, the boy is pretty good.
Get up...
I haven't lost yet, come on!
Let's forget it,|how about I buy you a beer?
Get up! Come on!
Don't do me any favour, Brother Loong!|Just keep going.
We are even now, come on!|Let me buy you a drink.
Don't act cool, would you?
We are here to get some clues|from Brother Loong.
Come on! Let have a drink.
OK... Brother Loong.
Three glasses of beer.
So you won't come to see me|ifyou don't need any clue.
So, what you've got for me?
Someone has switched the coke|in the most recent deal from Thai.
The buyers got killed.
Which gang did this?
The coke's already in the market,
and you will have to found out|the rest by you.
Where do they business?
You don't have to yell so loud,|are you nuts?
The drug deal is becoming|a very high class business now.
Go try the new opened hotel|at Tsim Sha Tsui East.
The cokes here are very famous,|let's buy some.
That's true, the cakes here are good,|let's try a piece.
Sergeant,|I don't think this is the solution,
we've been waiting for an hour.
But there are no leads.
Is Brother Loong trying|to pull our legs?
You think they are going to write|"I am Guilty" on their face?
You're right, but how long|do we have to wait?
You should learn how to be patient,|if no result today wait for tomorrow.
lfthere isn't any result tomorrow,|we'll wait for the day after tomorrow.
Otherwise, don't even think about|becoming a Sergeant.
OK, we'll wait.
Let people walk through.|Sorry.
Just by yourself, mam?|Yes.
Please have a seat!
What would you like to drink?|Fresh milk.
Check it out.
You don't have to tell me, I can tell.
She's very unproportion,|must be something strange.
Let me go check her out.
Let's not scare her away.
I've got an idea, just move over a bit.
Watch it!
Don't even blink your eyes.
Where is my glass?|Where is it?
Where is my glass?
Where did it go?
It didn't break and didn't roll out|onto the street.
Mam, can you help me to locate|the glass?
Could it be possible that|it dropped in your purse.
Magician, it's here!
Mam, just ajoke.
Waiter, give me the bill!
Don't be a dirty bastard.
This is real!
Of course it's real.
Fifteen dollars, please!
Sir, did you grow up with milk powder?
Yes! How can you tell?
No wonder you like tits so much.
Fuck off!
What, did you swear to me?
No... he said "Do you know me!"
Do you know me, I know you as a rat.
What are you laughing?|What's so funny.
Didn't you discover|something's wrong?
Sure! Of course|there is something wrong,
she shouldn't have yelled at you.
Stop joking around.
There wasn't a "V" on her purse before.
But how there is a "V" on her purse,|must be something going on.
Let's go after them!|Hurry up pay the bill.
Waiter, bill please.
Waiter, keep the change.
Sir, what would you like to purchase?
How much does this cost, Mam?
This is a new arrival, only cost $2290.
You pay me?
Let's not kidding, sir.
This is very good material,|even ifyou only wear once.
Why don't you try it on?
What would you like to buy, Mam?
Can you do me a favour?|What's that?
There're two bastards following me,|those behind me.
Take this two and go into|the fitting room.
Sergeant, these must be a way,|use bra to complete the deal.
I suspect her bra also contains coke.
Sir, what can I get you|in the bra's department.
I want to buy some bras|Buy bras?
Do you use them at home|or on the street.
No, I'm just getting them for my wife.
What's the size?
How big?|I forgot to ask her today.
Elsie Chan's size?|Not that big.
Pat Ha's?
She doesn't have any.
Anita Mui?|She keeps changing her size.
Could it be as big as mine?
Yours are exaggerated.
So, what's the size?
Like... the one over there.|How big?
Let me see.
Let's get ready to get evidence.|Sure.
Still inside there, get ready!
Perverts!|I am not...
Don't scream...
Let's beat the slit out of him.
Teach him a lesson for being a pervert.
C.I. D Perverts.
C.I. D! Perverts!
She's left|She's left!
Kwai Fong, Wo Tong Tsui Rd., Please.
She's take a cab.
We are police.
What's happened?
Is the cab in front ofyou|belongs to your co.?
Please use your radio to ask.
that cab driver, where's he going?
Sour Puss... Four eyes|calling Sour Puss.
What's matter? Four eyes.
What is your position?
I am at Toa Shun Street.
On my way to Kwai Fong, Wo Tong Tsui|How's business?
It's OK, you are buying lunch.
If so, I'll stop early.
Please tell Sour Puss that.
Mei Foo Bridge has|a serious car accident.
Tell him to change to Castle Peak Road.
Sour Puss, Mei Foo Bridge has|a serious car accident.
you've better change to|Castle Peak Road.
Serious car accident.
Car accident at Mei Foo Bridge,|is it OK we go Castle Peak Road?
That's up to you, so long|as it's fast, thank you.
Don't have to.
Who's that?
Brother, I am your sister.
Shut up!
Police, open the door.
Go away!
Why are you locking me up?|Let me go...
Why are you locking me up?
Go away...
Stop there or else I'll shoot you|Don't shoot!
Move away! Police.
Get out of my way! I'm a police.
I can't breath any more!
Stand still!
Don't try to do funny things.
Don't try to do funny things!
Go ahead fire. It's one on one.
lfyou kill him, I'll kill you too.
That's OK. I don't know him too well,|shoot!
Go away!
Stay there!
You just don't have luck, stupid.
You goddamn bastard!|Don't you dare to move!
Let's go down get him.
Don't come down.
Take it easy, man.
I'm going to make a hole on your body.
Don't you dare to hurt anybody?
Did you hear?
Keep fooling around.
You've only got an underwear on,|let's see how far you can go,
Go ahead!
Throw me a pair of pants.
I'm not going to throw anything.
Let the girls go first.
lfyou don't throw it, I'm going|to blow their goddamn heads,
hurry up.
OK, I'm going to throw it to you,|just take it easy.
20396.|Yes Sir.
Take offyour pants.|Yes, Sir.
Why do you want me|to take off my pants?
You want the sergeant to take off|his pants or what, stupid!
Come on.
How can I go out like this?
Are you going to take|the responsibility oftheir lives?
Come on.
Why don't you just shoot him, instead|of making me to take off my pants?
Just take it offfast!
Take it off!
Just take it off!
Take it off! Hurry!
He's taking it off, don't you dare to|hurt those two school girls.
Throw it down.
Stop fooling around,|or I'm going to kill them.
There's another pair, hold on.
You little shit, you want to trick me.
No, Sergeant, it's too windy out there.
Windy my ass, there's absolutely|no wind out there.
Hurry up!|Don't rush me, OK?
How am I going to face other people?
I'm used to this...
Don't let down!
What do we do now, Sergeant?
Don't you dare to hurt them.
Go to hell!
Let go chase him!|Yes, Sir.
Police, stay out ofthe way!
He's down there.
Don't move!
Come on, brother, let's not do it!|Shut up.
Start the car... drive faster.
You shit head,|why are you pressing the horn,
can't you see me?
You are crazy enough to run around|on the street without your pants.
What's wrong with that,|it could be worst.
What a shame is that what|we called them Royal Police?
Look at him...
Don't come here! I got nothing else|to show you.
Brother, you look great!|What?
That's what you get for being|Sergeant Li's partner.
Keep talking I'll beat you up.|Let's go!
Have you finished yourjob,|you two detective pantless.
Not pantless, we got two.
Sergeant, please!
Detective beautiful legs are back.
Have you finished laughing yet?
Don't get piss off, sorry!
Happy? Everyone is happy?|Happy...
Let me go, or I'm going to SUE you.
Shut up, or else,|I beat the shit out ofyou.
What's up?
What did I do? I think|you've better let me go.
As soon as you tell me where did|you get those money in your purse,
Then you can go.
My godfather gave me that,|is it alright?
Your godfather gave you?|Drugs more like!
Don't you dare to accuse me of|drug smuggling? I'd be jailed for that.
Then, tell me how come you got|so much money?
I slept with a guy.
How can you make tens of millions of|dollars by sleeping with a guy?
Didn't you know?|Mine is made by gold.
Made by gold?
Madam, If so... let us check it out.
Not made by gold,|should be plate gold.
She doesn't even worth a hundred.|Must be over-paid.
Don't you dare to move again,
or else I will charge you for|assaulting a police officer.
Assault your ass!
Sergeant, let's take it easy.
Go away!
Stop moving, bitch.
What do you want?
I have got both you and your brother's
information from Immigration Dept.
You both swam to HK|from Mainland China.
You are still a green card holder.
Last time, he was being charged|for drug dealing.
But, we didn't have enough evidence.
This time, we are going to|charge him for assault,
resisting arrest, drug dealing...
Attempted murder.
lfyou were smart, why don't you|tell us where is your brother.
Otherwise, you aren't going to leave|this place tonight.
You milk powder boy,|I'm not scared ofyou.
I don't know anything about my brother.
Are you going to let me go?
If not, I am going to sue you|for rape and sexual assault.
Rape and sexual assault!
Rape! Help!|Shut up...
Rape! Help!
Shut up! What happened?
He sexually attacked me.
Who says it is against the law|to have money?
I am warning you.
This is a Police Station|and behave yourself
So what? What about you guys?|Shut up! Bitch.
Can't go tonight.
Watch her!
Let me go now!|Sit and tell me the truth.
We got something... come here.
This shouldn't be that simple.
It's an open secret!
You're always good at girls.
You're better yet.
Stop it. I am serious|Go ahead.
You need to be tactful here.
Plug it in, you'll get everything out.
Kind of law, isn't it?
Are we not giving you|what you deserve?
Look like Elsie Chan's are bigger.
Everything is funded by|the Royal HK Police Force.
Even pays for the room. Is that OK?
Afraid to get AIDS.
Use condoms.|How many do you need?
Two is enough.
Two is already enough.
Spit it, ifyou don't.|I won't let you off.
Officer, let her go|Sarge, really?
Of course, she's innocent.
You're not pulling my leg again,
aren't you?
No, it was just a misunderstanding.
Officer, help her clean the paper.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for your help!
My boss has just told me about you.
After what i heard,
I am really sorry for you.
Can I go now?
Of course.
The officer will show you|where your stuff is.
Just sign it and you may go.
You change your mind?|No,
I want to apologize to you|and take you out.
Take you home too.
Fine! You go yourself.
I will.
Sarge, you ate something wrong.|You're not interested in her, are you?
It's OK by the government. Can I?
Of course.
Take a look Mister.
You're sure it's Ping's sister|whom you have deal with.
Ping got us together yesterday.
Boss, is that woman reliable?
Then you tell him everything.|Yes, Boss.
Mr. Law. I've worked for|the boss for a long time.
Except that you guys didn't know.
Boss has long suspected Ping.
Only you guys trusted him that much.
Mr. Law, be careful with your people.
From now on, you'll be more careful.
Not to drag me in too.
I'll take care of Ping myself.
I'll give you an answer.
No big deal, two more weights.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Michael Cho.
Whom are you yelling at?
Not you guys, it's him.
Come here.
Marydonna is in there.
Nothing in there.
There's nothing in there!|Really?
It's impossible.
Boss, there's lots of money in the bag.
Is that right?
You really got guts!
Did you do it?
I'll help you with the girls.
Who needs your help?|You wait here for her.
Let me know if she gets out from here.
If she comes out ofthe front door,|never mind, OK?
Here is some tips for you.|Don't say anything stupid.
I don't know, I know nothing about it.
It's easy to make money in Hong Kong.
but you have to do it right.
I don't like to see my stuff being|taken away from me.
Don't you think so?
What stuff? Who are you?
You don't even know about me|and you stole my stuff and sold it.
What do you want?
Tell me where your brother Ping is now?
Hold it!
Don't move kid!
Nothing, I am a C.I.D.
Go away!
Dare to call the cops.
I didn't. I don't know him.
Miss, do you know where Marydonna is?
She is off now,|maybe in the changing room.
She'll be right out. Who are you?
Mark, this is a guest form.
Please have it filled out.
and wait in the room for a while.
lfyou don't want to.|I can help you with it.
Don't border with it.
THANK YOU!|Don't worry about it.
Thank you very much.|You're welcome.
You are very adorable.
You attacked a cop.
Fai, don't go too far.
Leave him alone, let's go.
Don't kill him.
This is the ladies section.
I know.
So many men here and you still|say this the ladies section?
Marydonna... wake up!
Michael Cho...
What's happened?|You've got a fight here.
Sergeant, get those men!
Those men? Who are they?
Those guys want to kill Marydonna.
Why don't you tell me earlier?
I'm busy fighting for my life.|How could I tell you? Get them!
Get what, forget it!|They've gone for dinner.
You need an ambulance.
No, just minor bruises.
Of course not, don't tell anybody|when we get back to the quarters.
Just say a dog scratched you.|I don't want to write a report for you.
Get up, wake up...
Do we need to call an ambulance?
Stupid, ifyou call|an ambulance, she's a fink.
It would be a disaster|if our big boss learnt about this.
You want a promotion?|You want to be a sergeant?
If so, carry her home.|OK.
Big Brother!
Yes, we'll go to this place|to check him out at night.
Doesn't hurt?
Don't fish in troubled waters. Go back.
Who are you looking for?
Ping?|You've got the wrong number.
No, I didn't. I'm Big Brother.
Big Brother, how are you?
Good! I wouldn't be|calling you if I am not!
So, what's the matter?
The stufffrom Thailand.
I'll call you if I'm free. Big Brother.
Don't hang up yet.|Big Brother.
What happened?
What happened?
You've been struck fainted.
Where is this place?
My home.
Your home? Then where's my purse?
You don't even have clothes to change.
Can I have a drink?|Sure, over there!
Ping, I didn't do you wrong.
Big Brother.
You stole my stuff and|yet you called the cops?
I didn't... I didn't tell the police
Does your sister know|what we're up to?
She didn't know anything,|she just delivers
Oh God! Nobody answers!
Careful when you speaks.
Who do you want?
Brother, oh no!
What's wrong? Speak up!
My money is gone!
I know, let it be.
Brother, did that gang|come looking for you?
You've got to leave right away.
Tell her to come here now.
Brother, say something.
Brother, quit everything now.
It's too dangerous.
Mama wants you to return home.
Brother, you're the only son.
Why are you quiet?
Sis... go away now!
What's hurry?|I didn't call the police.
We're giving you send off|with fire-crackers.
Don't, I beg you.
Good-bye, Ping.
Big news, sir.
You go and see.
Sit still.
Boys, what happened?
His palm blown up
and his back bullet|ridden like a beehive.
Take it away
Sit still.
Sir, it's Ping...
go back.
Brother...|Don't cry, let's go home first.
Don't cry
What're you crying about?|Your brother has died a good death!
Drug smuggler!|You know it'll end like this.
lfyou don't co-operate with us,|you'll end up the same way.
You hear that?
Damn you! You want to play nasty!
Who's playing nasty with you?|lfyou want to lock me up by all means.
Why are you tailing me?
Why am I following you? To protect you.
Protect me? Bullshit!
lfyou didn't bump in when I was|negotiating with Mr. Law,
my brother wouldn't have died.
Drug smugglers always end up dead.
Just that your brother got his|luck sooner, don't you agree?
You exposed my brother and|then you got him killed
You got to be prepared|for the consequences
I have never seen any|drug smuggler lead a good life.
It's all your fault.
You don't have enough evidence,|why holding me?
Holding you?|Think that you are Marydonna?
Go to hell.
Sarge, she is a woman.
I won't hit no women
but this one is a exception.|Go get the powder.
The powder!
It's in the kitchen, go get it.|Powder
You can't fool me, get up.
Go to hell.
Sarge, you OK?|Yes
Get me a bag of powder.
Sarge, don't go too far
You think I want
to mess with her?
You get out!
Don't come in until I say so! Out!
You Goddamn bitch!
Get up!
You sell coke!
This white stuff can kill you too.
Say it! Whom your brother|have dealt with?
I don't know.|I don't know.
Damn it! Wake up a bit.
Think about it.
Michael, what are you|standing here for?
Your big Brother is|questioning a guy.
Questioning? Then you eat first.
Brother.|The food is getting cold.
Be patient, just wait outside.
Michael, tell me what happened.
Have some hot tea.
I'm not forcing you|to cooperate with me.
You are going to die. Think it over.
Come in!
Good evening, Sir!
Fuk Shing Pipe Manufactory is a|very big business in East and South Asia.
Better make sure information is correct,|cause I can't bear the responsibility.
Right! Can we trust|Marydonna's information?
Absolutely trust worthy,
but you've to meet your promise.
No problem, I'll give her|the air ticket and the bonus
But there is a problem with the passport.
What's the problem
You crazy? How can she|emigrate with her background.
It's danger for her to stay here.
Well, there's nothing else I can do.
Don't give me that shit, you're the|one who taught the whole plan.
She's risking her life, and you're|saying there is nothing you can do.
Tell me, what should I tell her?
I didn't make the law, the Queen did.
You tell me what I should do?
You are using your|authority to force me.
lfyou told me earlier that it|won't work. I'd have taken your place.
Fine! No problem, you take.|Shut up!
You should be working not arguing.
Let me talk to Justice Department,|they might be able to take care ofthis.
I will take care ofthis.|Thank you. Commissioner
Call everyone back here|for a meeting.
We've got to get them all this time.|Yes! Commissioner.
Be careful, remember to wear|your bullet proved jacket.
Yes! Uncle Jim
Here is three and a half million dollars,|where is stuff?
The pipe?
Did you expect that, right?|Come down.
Who are you?
Police, I am here to arrest you guys.
Don't move!
Everyone stand still!
Everyone stays where you're|and better don't move!
Michael, what are you waiting for.
Sergeant, they are all real stuff|OK
Don't move!
Don't move!
Stand still! Don't move a step!
Everyone squat down...
Police, stop the car.
Don't run.
Michael, don't let them run away,|let's go block them.
Come on!|They won't be able to run away.
Michael, you are good!
Watch out, Michael!
Watch out, Michael!
Don't worry, I was known as|the best speed driver in the PC.
I am going to lose my life, Michael.
No problem, Michael.
Handcuff him!
Still trying to run?|See ifyou can get away!
Are you OK, Sergeant.
You fool, why would be|standing here if I were not OK.
Where's the buyer?
I'm waiting for him,|where's the other one?
I've already|handcuffed him over there.
I will watch this side,
you've better go get a crane first.|Yes!
Get up...
Go over there.
A little bit over here.
Nobody is there.
I was guarding here all night and|didn't even see a floating body.
Tell everyone, I want the guy|whether he's alive or dead.
We'll go ifwe can find|the floating body.
Ladies and gentleman,|acting on a tip-off.
It was leaded by Commissioner Butt|and I to surround them.
There were two gangs|that try to sell drugs.
Big shoots, what are you so late?
The press conference is almost finished.|No big deal.
The boss took all the credit and|didn't even mention you guys.
I am used to this shit.
Let's get in there.
This was a very big drug|dealing by the current price.
It's worth|thirty four million HK dollars.
These are the weapons the gangs used.
Although, these weapons are|more advance than ours.
You two did very well on this case.
Look happy the boss is.
Of course he's happy,
but we aren't.|Why is that?
Let go out and go around.|Can we get couple pictures taken?
It won't kill you by|not getting pictures done.
Uncle Jim, so what's the deal?
What makes you so tense? Can't even|wait till I got some pictures taken.
We're not there risking our asses and|here you're getting you damn pix done?
Are we ever going to move up?
I've suggested and|the boss has already agreed.
You're going to be an Inspector|and you will sergeant.
Thank you! Sir.
Let's go to celebrate.
I'm going back to get picture taken.
Uncle Jim, please don't go away.|What now?
You still owe me something.
What else?
Marydonna's stuff.|Right
No problem Marydonna's stuff is here.
Air ticket, passport,|bonus, everything is here.
Sure you've got it all?
Yes, I've got it all.
Let's go then! Bye!
That's OK then!
Donna, it really taste good.
What's so good about it?|I've been cooking for so long.
Do you think your brother|is going to like it?
Sure. If I like it, he must like it.
It would be perfect if...
If I cook for you guys everyday, right?
Is it mean that you don't want to?
Let's stop this, hurry up go check|whether or not the chicken is ready.
You are as nosy as your sister.
Let toss it
Sergeant, I hope you keep moving up.
Wait a minute,
I hope you will also|keep moving up, Sergeant
Thank you.
Did you get moved up?
Both of us.
Just a second, the reason why|we got promoted
and to solve the case.
I think we should thank|Ms. Donna for that.
We should toss up with you.
That's OK, I should thank you guys to|give me a chance to start my new life.
We should toss up.
I should toss up you two.|Can we eat now?
Sure, let's eat!|Let's eat!
This is for you.|Thanks!
The chicken feet are nice.
I can tell the chicken wasn't cooked|by my sister after the first bite.
Too bad, Donna can't|stay here for long.
If she can, it'll be nice to have|chicken for every meal.
Uncle Jim said that|you're not clear.
He also say that ifwe were together,|and it will affect your career.
Fuck that, if it comes worst to worst,|I'll just quit, no big deal.
But I'm not good,|always fluet around.
Don't like to be with just one check.
My sis knows one very well,|right Mimi?
Stupid ass say stupid thing, sorry,
but I got something that|you would love to hear.
My boss has approved|what I promise you before.
Australian passport.
Also, it includes air ticket and bonus.
Let's put it away, and let's eat first.
I'm gonna miss HK.
You don't have to leave right away.
lfyou like you can|stay few more days.
You can stay in|my sister's room with her.
You're gonna to bore me to death,|if I've see you longer.
What's up with her?
What's up? Is she happy or unhappy?
She's waiting for you to go in!
You're so stupid,|you've hurt her feeling.
I didn't mean it.
First you say she's not clear,
then you pull out the tickets,|that means to kick her out.
Of course she's piss off.
What do I do now?
Go into there and explain to her.
Go cheer her up, come on!
I understand, don't be|an odd person here, right?
You asshole.
Come in.
Don't be narrow minded,|I just say it for the hell of it,
you still want to go?
I have already been here|for few days.
My house is going to be|filled up by rats.
I want to go home early,|so I can start packing
Tomorrow, I'm going to my|brother's grave in early morning,
then I'll go to book my plane ticket.
Even so, you still don't have to rush.
If I don't leave, I afraid I won't be|able to control myself.
I see, ifyou need any help|after you arrive Australia,
please write to me.
No thanks! You've already|done a lot for me
Don't say like that.
I want you to promise me something.
What's that?
You promise me first|then I will tell you.
OK, now tell me.
Don't fooling too much any more.
No problem.
Where are you going|with your luggage?
I am leaving.
You are leaving?|Yeah!
Donna why don't finish|your dinner first?
Finish your dinner first!
No thanks, see you at the airport.|Let me take it for you
I'll be right back,|you two behave yourselves
My car is just parked over there,|let me take you home.
That's alright,
they are waiting for you|to finish dinner, I can take a taxi
Are you sure?
Yes, there is a taxi.
I think I'm gonna to miss
Miss what?|You, of course!
Write me when you are free
Mei Foo, please|Watch out!
Put your gun down, hurry up...
Brother, Michael.
Don't shoot!
Then, how about Mimi?
Let's go see how Donna is.|Let's go
I heard gun fire,|so I ran down stair right away.
Saw Donna lying on the floor.
Let me listen to it.
Sir Li.|Who's that?
You have other cops around you?
No, I'll go to the room to talk.
Where did you take my sister to?
You still concern your sister
What the hell do you want?
I want you to send our Big Brother|back in order to get your sister back.
I can't make the decision,|I've to consult with boss first.
Can't make the decision?|You want me to burn her to death.
Or you want her to get screwed|by the foreigners?
Don't you dare.
Come on, Baby|Help me.
Mimi, Please don't!
Your sister is very good looking.|Fuck off! You asshole
Don't you dare to hurt my sister,|did you hear me?
How are you going to stop me?
Listen! Lfyou dare to hurt my sister,
I'll kill your Big Brother right now.
Before then sun rises
You've better to bring my Big Brother|to Castle Peak 18 mile
Sail factory to exchange you sis.
If not, you've better got ready|to collect her dead body.
What did they say?
They want to exchange my sister|with his Big Brother.
That can't do! His Big Brother
has already been put into jail.
How can we bring him out.
You knew Mimi since she was born,|you sure want to see her dead body!
What can I do? It's not a matter of|losing myjob,
we might be put into jail for it.
It's a matter of live and dead.|Even so, still can't do.
Uncle Jim, this is an emergency,
I've got no other choice,|is fine now.
Let's go then.|Yes! Sir!
What do you want to stop?|Let's go!
I've got no choice.
There is a way,|just the matter ofyour approval.
It can be responsible for this.
Let's bet, just do it to return|my father's favour.
Your father! If any happened,|we all going to be in jail.
For Mimi. Even I've to go to jail,|let's go.
Good night! Sir.|I have to go in.
Sorry! I didn't get direct order|from the boss.
The case has some new discovery,|I have to re-record his statement.
I will take the responsibility.
Sorry Sir!|I said I will take the responsibility
Yes, Sir
You guys...|Shut up!
Sergeant it's very quiet.
Stay calm!
Brother, help me!
Mimi.|Calm down!
Where is my Big Brother?
You let go my sister first.
Let him out!
Come out!
You asshole.
Handcuff him.
You let go my sister,|then I'll give you the key.
Don't try anything funny.
Let me go!
Let her go!|Come on!
Throw it over here.
Wait for me.
Follow me!
Don't move! Stand still!
Where's my sister.
Let's go!
Fuck off! Drop dead!
Come on...
Come on...
Come on...
Come on! You come here first.
Come on!
Johnny, go!
Fuck you!
Listen you guys,|you are surrounded by police now.
I'll give one minute to drop|your weapon and come out here.
What do we do now?|Shall we force in?
Let's what little while move.
You two goddamn shitheads.|Come here!
Take them back.|Yes!
Let's go.
Sorry! Sir.
Inspector Butt|Commissioner.
Give me a report tomorrow.|Yes.
Do you know how to write it?|I don't know, Commissioner.
Our Police Department has sent out|the two best cops,
to break this world wide drug case.
The whole plan is done by me.
You could slightly mention your name.
Prepare a press conference.|Yes, Commissioner
You guys heard it,
give me a report tomorrow morning.|Get ready for a promotion.
Thank you! Sir
Mimi, we got lucky again.
Fuck you!
Give me a break!
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