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Franco is dead.
It was announced this morning by the official news agency.
The general died at 4.40pm from a cardiac arrest.
Franco is dead. Franco is dead. -What.
They just said it on the radio. Yes, Franco is dead.
Franco is dead. Franco is dead.
Franco is dead. Franco is dead.
But I only love you. -Yes, but what about Anna?
Anna? No, no, no.
We've agreed we can if we want to. -But I want to be with you.
But you can. -Yes, but I want to be with you.
What about Maria? -Which Maria?
The one from the party. -No... God, no.
Who's calling now? -But tell me. You can.
You can be with whoever you want to. -Who do you want to be with?
I don't want to be with anyone. -Why doesn't anyone answer?
Forget it. -It could be important. I'll get it.
Can't someone else get it? -No one here will.
I'm freezing... -The collective "Together".
It was Elisabeth. -Your sister?
They've had an argument. She wants to come here tomorrow.
Can't you leave?
Go away.
Get out, then.
I don't give a damn what you do. Eva.
I don't give a damn what you do. Do what you like.
I don't give a damn.
Do you want to play? -What?
Do you want to play? -I can't. We're leaving soon.
Did you believe me? I was only kidding. You can't play with us.
Get out, then. Hey, please, please...
Let's go.
As the washing up isn't working out...
I washed up yesterday. -For the first time in months.
It was three or four day's worth! -Or months...
I washed up the day before. -No, you didn't.
I did. -No, you didn't.
Sure I did. -Anna, you didn't. I know.
Are you leaving now? -I'm not discussing who's turn it is.
It's important, Erik. -Washing up is bourgeois!
That's so typical. -We can't be...
We can't have a serious discussion if you are going to stand around like that.
What? -What do you think?
I don't know about the others, but I can't have a discussion...
if I'm forced to look at you showing off your apparatus.
What do you mean "apparatus"?
What shall I say? Why's it necessary? -I've got a fungal infection.
Anna. -I don't give a damn.
I can't wear tight clothes. -I don't need medical explanations.
I have to have air. No one's forcing you to look.
But it's quite hard not to. -This isn't ugly. Or do you think it is?
Put on some pants.
Something to be hidden? -We're in a kitchen!
Don't start again... -This is my body!
What would you say if I did the same thing?
No, Lasse. No.
No need to take your jackets off. We'll go in and say hello.
Everyone seems to be here. -Lasse, that's unnecessary.
You should go around like that. -Klas thinks it's great.
Lasse... Lasse. Lasse!
Hello everyone. It seems fairly lively here.
Well, this is my sister Elisabeth. My big sister.
And Elisabeth's children. This is Eva and Stefan.
Yes... the joker here is Lasse.
Hello. -Funny. And Anna.
And Klas. And Signe and Sigvard.
Well, this is us.
Hello. -Hi, hi.
There's Tet and Moon over there. You can play with them later.
Well, welcome to the big family Together.
It's already crowded as it is.
This room was to be for relaxation and meditation.
Your sister is welcome... And her children, but right now...
It's just temporary. -But if there are more and more...
I know it's crazy. But we must oblige.
Solidarity is a word we have to strive for in some way.
Hey Stefan, it's only a while.
How long? -A while. Until we find something else.
How long will that be? -I don't know.
I don't want to live here.
Aren't I going to go to school? -Of course.
How will I get there? -Göran will give you a lift.
I don't want to go in his ugly bus. -Well, this is how it is now.
What are you doing?
Looking at some birds in the garden.
Come and look, Ragnar. There's more.
It's crazy.
Can one really house so many in the same place?
Well, what do you think?
Are we all going to stay here? -Yes. It'll be good.
All three of us? I don't want to be in the same room as her.
Stefan. Eva.
Maybe it's cramped... -I told you not to fight.
Oh, God, everything is too much. No, take it easy, this is fine.
I'll talk to Lena, I'll sort it out.
Göran, is there a brain up there?
But there are three of them, maybe we don't need such a big room.
No way I'm changing. Not after painting it with the colours I want.
This is our room. That's it. -You're right.
Göran, you're the world's nicest, sweetest, kindest...
But you must think as well. -I've come up with something.
I've fixed a room for you. Your own room. Shall we look?
It's a little small. But it could be really cozy if you had a nice lamp...
put up some posters and fix it up. It could be cozy. Don't you think?
We could put some colour on the walls. It could be really cozy.
Hello. -Hello.
Why do you have girl's shoes? -They're not.
They are. -Not at all.
They are. -I know better. They're gym shoes.
They're girl's gym shoes. -They're not. Don't you see well?
They're girl's shoes. -Bloody fascist!
It's good. -It's very good.
You like it? -What's this?
Some kind of pea. -Chickpea.
More, Stefan? -No, thanks.
Must we have beans in everything all the time?
What've you done to your hand? Have you been welding badly again?
No, I haven't.
Erik works as a welder. He wanted to be a librarian...
but his party thought he should be amongst the workers.
You can just shut up.
It's just so stupid as Erik's no welder.
He's the clumsiest person I've met. He'd just miss and burn himself.
You know nothing.
Together? -Can I talk to Elisabeth?
Are you so handy yourself, Lasse? -Hello, Rolf.
Well... -Could I talk to Elisabeth, I said.
Perhaps it's best to wait a few days. -You got it your way? You happy now?
I'm fighting. I'm where the common man is, I'm trying to do something.
Don't look at them, don't listen to them.
I'm with the common people. I'm not rotting at a university.
Isn't it wrong to rot at a university? -I'm not rotting.
Don't listen to this.
Are you happy now? -I don't understand.
You've split up the family? You want that, you and your commie friends?
I don't understand.
Laugh, go ahead. But this is serious, get it?
I promise you, you'll see. You'll really see.
Let's go. -What a bad scene.
When the revolution starts. Then you'll see who's laughing.
Yes, Moon, we'll eat later.
Was he angry? -Yes, you could say so.
There's no place for the upper class after the revolution.
I'm not upper class. -Put you up against the wall and...
Didn't you hear me? -Your dad is a bank director, Erik.
He's not my dad anymore. -Oh, shit, sorry. I forgot...
Erik stopped all contact with his family. He even changed his name.
He had a noble name. And now? -Andersson.
You can sit and laugh, but this is serious.
You understand? Then you'll be standing against the wall.
Fucking traitors. -Erik, take it easy.
You don't get it, you damn philistines. -God, you're mean.
Don't be so hard on him, he means well.
Don't be so negative about everyone. -You shouldn't be so positive.
Forget them. Don't worry.
They don't have the same fire as you. -No, they don't.
They don't understand you. That you burn.
No... no...
Sleep well.
See you later.
I'm just going to go and talk to Göran and the others.
Then I'll come back again.
Don't turn it down. -There are children sleeping.
They're not bothered by it. -Yes, they are.
In the beginning he hit me once. It was just a slap.
Then I said, "You do it once more and I'll leave you".
So he didn't do it again.
So yesterday... Well, I left him. -Good.
I don't know. -Absolutely. It was brave.
I don't know. It's not easy. I love him... I think.
Do you want to kiss me?
Yes, but I shouldn't do it. -Why not?
But you're sad. Come.
But we can't do it anyway.
Are you thinking of Göran? It makes no difference to him.
We have an open relationship.
But it's...
Do you want to? -He's a little sad as well.
Yes, but... Yeah, okay... -Thanks. I love you.
Well, Lena?
No, it was nothing. -What is it?
No, it was... It's nothing.
Hey, we can do what we like.
Can't we just talk instead? -What shall we talk about?
This is pro-socialism. It's a course book.
Marxist-Leninist Elementary Course. -Sounds really interesting.
Can't we do it later? -I'd like to discuss it.
Like... What differentiates the terms surplus value and profit?
We can discuss it later. Let's cuddle a little now.
You promise? -I promise.
Really? Do you?
I have to say. I like you. What you've done. You're a strong woman.
I don't know. -You are.
Don't listen to her. Anna is dangerous.
She's got it in her head that she's a lesbian.
Don't listen to her, because she actually just wants to fuck you.
What the hell are you saying? -She's thinks she's a lesbian.
Stop saying that. I am a lesbian.
You're lesbian for political reasons. Thoughts about the patriarchy...
And all men are pigs... -Bullshit.
And all that crap... -Lasse.
Keep your daughter away before she... -What.
What are you fucking doing?
Lasse. -Jesus. Damn.
Did you hurt yourself?
Oh, dear.
How are you doing?
You still love her, huh? -Please.
They just got divorced. They fight all the time.
It's always like this. -Divorced? But she was a lesbian.
Yes, but she's become one quite recently.
Well, Tet is their child, but...
Anna was in therapy and realized she was a lesbian.
Come on, let's dance. -No... no...
Yes, come on. -No...
It's nice, come on. Yeah, come on.
It's great music. Come on.
What the hell. Okay.
No. -Have some wine.
I... -Come and sit down.
No, I'll go to the basement and do some woodwork.
I think I'm going to bed.
Good night. -Good night, Göran, sleep well.
Oh, God.
Have you ever tried meditating? -What?
Meditation? No.
You must try it. -You mean you and I?
Yes, in my room. -No. Oh, no.
It's wonderful. It's the best, I'll show you. It's the best.
Alright. -You want to? Let's go.
Hi. Are you sleeping?
You want some wine? -No.
I usually take it. They don't notice.
Your name's Stefan, huh? Mine is Tet.
It's from Vietnam. There was a war there...
and something called the Tet Offensive.
Are you from Vietnam? -Don't you want some wine?
No. Are you drunk?
I don't get so drunk 'cause I usually drink and then you don't get drunk.
Don't you want a cigarette? -No.
Is your mum a lesbian? -What?
My mum is and probably in love with yours.
This isn't working. Hey, this isn't working.
I feel really stupid. There's so many thoughts in my head.
Maybe we don't need to close our eyes and sit still.
We could just sit and talk a little. -You could read my palm.
I don't know how to. But I can't. -Here's the life line and... Please.
I don't know how to. It's not the same. -Yes.
Eva? Eva?
I'm sleeping. Go away.
You know where mum is?
No. Go away, I said.
Mom where are you?
Are you awake? I've just been... I've just been in there. It's all right.
You're staying with me now, huh? You're not leaving now?
No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here.
I've thought about something.
The bank wields huge bloody frightening power. But...
But if all the workers got together...
and took out every cent, the whole system would collapse.
Not so? -I don't know. Maybe.
Listen, I probably should leave now.
We were going to talk now. -Now?
Not now, in the middle of the night. -We were going to talk. You promised.
I must go in to Göran. -You promised we'd talk.
I promise we'll do it tomorrow. -We were going to talk.
I'm sorry, but... -You promised we'd talk afterwards.
But, Erik. -Yes.
I didn't mean anything bad. -You broke a promise.
You're just like everyone else here. You lie. You know nothing.
I didn't mean it like that. Please.
It was so nice. I had an orgasm.
I had the first orgasm of my life.
But... but...
I know I said it that time, but it was...
I don't think that was a real orgasm, this was something different.
It just gushed. It was incredible. Sorry, are you upset?
No, no... A little, maybe. But mostly I'm happy. Really happy for you.
Is that true? -Yes, of course.
I know you've been worried you can't... -I could just totally relax.
There wasn't that much emotion, I don't love him, so...
So I think it was easier not to be tense.
That sounds plausible. That's probably how it is.
God, it was so nice. -It's really great for you.
Don't worry, he doesn't mean anything. Absolutely nothing.
It's just physical. It's you that I love. I love you.
Hey... How are you? -I don't know.
I feel a little... I don't know...
We're sleeping in here. Shit, I just fell asleep.
Tet needs to sleep. Close the door.
It's okay, I must have eaten something.
Shut the door.
No, socialism for me is...
always about thinking who is strong and who is weak.
Like America dropping napalm bombs on Vietnam...
or shareholders and bankers sitting on their asses earning millions...
whilst the workers barely have enough for food and rent.
But right now the weak are rising up.
The poor rising up against the rich, women against men.
All of us here are revolting against the bourgeois way of living.
I don't judge about it intellectually, I just don't want to be like my mum.
I mean, I instinctively feel I want loads more out of life...
than just being someone's housewife. -I'd love to be a housewife.
I must find a man first. -You'll find someone, you'll see.
I'm starting to doubt it. -He's here somewhere, I promise.
Yes, tell your ex that I'm available. -Lasse?
That'll be quite difficult. -Yes. No one wants me.
Of course they do. -Yeah, but where is he?
Some people say that you get a sort of desperate look or something...
after a while. Maybe that's what's happened.
Just pretend it won't happen, then it will. When you don't think about it.
When you have someone. At the post- office with Göran loads of guys Look.
Then several want you. -It's more complicated with me.
It's not like everyone at the post-office.
No. -It suits you.
You think so? -It's really nice.
How many ministers in the Swedish government are women?
Probably not that many. -Nil. Not a sing le one.
No. I knew it, I knew it. They're all guys.
You know what I think? I think you and I...
We'll go to that bloody Olof Palme and I'll say...
"It's over you can go because we rule now".
It's an important symbol. That we women take back our power.
And decide ourselves how we look. -Rolf would think I was crazy.
No. There you have it.
What the hell, I'll stop shaving. -Good.
Fucking Rolf. I'm going to show you.
Hello. -Hello.
I just thought I'd say hello, because I live here. We're neighbours.
I'm Fredrik. -I'm Eva.
What? -I'm Eva.
I have 4.5.
What? -My glasses.
Have you? -Visual defect, that is. Plus 4.5.
Plus 4.5?
I've got that, too. -Have you.
In both eyes? -Yes.
I never met anyone with exactly the same.
No, me neither.
It's exactly the same. -Yes, there's no difference.
Imagine if we really changed and went around like this. How ugly.
Who's that? -My mum. Here, change.
Hello. What are you doing? -We're just talking a bit.
I thought you were in your room.
Bye. -We're going. Goodbye.
I don't think they're... nice.
We don't think they're nice.
We don't think so. No... no...
Hello. -Hi.
I'm not allowed to be here. But I thought...
If you want to we can go somewhere else.
Maybe we can... Maybe we can go to my house.
You know "The Children of Noisy Village"? I thought that...
In that book it's just like in this house.
Because they say they'll think the opposite of everything.
Like who decided it's nice when the sun shines...
and awful when it rains?
They decide it should be the opposite. So they say, "awful" when it's sunny...
and "How wonderful" when it rains.
It's just like that in this house.
We have ugly clothes and we listen to bad music.
And there's one of them, Anna, who's a homosexual.
She won't like guys 'cause everyone else does.
Are you going to meditate? -No.
I'm just going to tell you something. I'm just going to whisper something.
Hello. -Hi.
How are things? -Good.
I care for you. I'm worried about you.
We'd make such a nice couple, Lasse and Klasse.
Sorry, I'm not interested.
Don't say that. Maybe you have some unknown side.
Have you got any dark sides? -I'm sorry, I'm not interested.
How's it feel? Is it rough?
You have to let it out. You must be allowed to be sad.
That's enough. Go to bed.
Lasse, I should really hate you because you're so...
Yes. But I don't.
I think you're wonderful. -You're also really wonderful.
I'm going to bed, anyway.
I think so, as well.
Dad, it's me.
You could say that we are like porridge.
First we're like small oatf lakes. Small, dry, fragile, alone...
but then we're cooked with the other oatf lakes and become soft.
We join so that one flake can't be told apart from another.
We're almost dissolved. Together we become a big porridge...
that's warm, tasty and nutricious, and yes, quite beautiful, too.
So we are no longer small and isolated...
but have become warm, soft and joined together.
Part of something bigger than ourselves.
Sometimes life feels like an enormous porridge, don't you think?
Sorry, I'm standing around dreaming.
You want a dollop? -Yeah.
You can stop here somewhere.
Of course I'll drive you all the way.
You don't have to go all the way. -Of course I'll drive you all the way.
Hello. Who drove? -Was it your new dad?
Answer. Are you deaf as well?
Give the glasses back. Give the glasses back.
Give the glasses back.
Stefan, what have you done? You bloody idiot.
I was at my friend's house... my best friend, Sussie.
Some friends and I were dancing and we fell over.
The glasses fell on the floor and she sat on them.
Oh. -Yes, she's quite clumsy.
Then I had to tape them because they snapped here.
I'm surprised you could come so quickly.
When I came in water was pouring out.
The washer's gone. -You want a beer when you're done?
Yes, thanks.
Oh, Christ.
It's all just shit. It's just shit. -Yeah.
But just after the divorce then I thought I was...
Life starts now, the world is open, there's freedom now and all of that...
Women to the right and left, no arguments or nagging.
I could do what I liked. But it just turned out shit...
There were not that many women either. Christ.
There's strength in being alone, that's just bullshit.
Only thing worth anything is being together.
And then Kerstin met some bloody... Some bloody accountant...
So what use with my fucking freedom when it's just shit?
The kids. Jesus Christ.
What about the kids? Do you get to see them?
But you must. They're your kids as well, not so?
Yes, I know that.
You do that. Go right now and call and say you want to see them.
I don't know.
You can't give up so easily. Fight. -Yeah. But, I don't know.
Look at me. Do you want to be like me?
My Life is just shit, you know what I mean?
Maybe I should, then.
You see anything? -I don't know.
Three dishes... Three different ones. That'll be good, I think.
Just going to the toilet.
How are things there... with Göran?
They're stupid. -What? They're stupid?
They don't have a TV. -They don't?
You can't eat meat and you can't have Christmas presents.
No, no... -They say it's wrong to celebrate it.
Instead they have some party with alcoholics and poor people.
Christmas is... of course you should celebrate.
So we don't get any Christmas presents.
Of course you should. -Not us, the others.
No asshole will decide if my kids should have presents or not.
We'll go there and I'll tell them a thing or two.
Of course you'll have Christmas presents.
I feel like telling them a thing or two.
My kids will have presents. Sorry, sorry.
Let's not talk about it, I just get angry. When we've eaten we'll buy some.
If anyone dares take them from you, they'll get hell.
So, let's talk about something else.
Is it good?
What do you want? -It's not Christmas now.
You want the car that Ronnie Pettersson drives, don't you?
What's the make of the car? -Lotus.
You'll get a Lotus. Eva, do you want a doll?
No, just kidding. You're a big lady now.
Damn. Shit, I lost my wallet. I must have left it at the restaurant.
I'll run back. Wait here.
I'm coming. Wait there. Shit.
I sat here and I think... I forgot my wallet here.
Have you seen a wallet? -No.
It could have fallen down. You haven't seen a wallet?
No, I assure you. -Damnit.
I lost my wallet. Have you seen it?
Do you understand? I sat there and lost my wallet.
Who's the manager? You? Someone has taken my wallet and I want it now.
I want my wallet now. -You'll have to wait a little.
What? I want my wallet. Don't you get it?
Hey, you get it? I want my wallet. My wallet.
One, two, three and it'll all go off.
Stay there. Stay. -You must leave now.
You standing there grinning, you fuck. You grinning at me?
Fuck. Okay, it's okay.
Lie down on the floor. -Yes, it's okay.
Anything sharp on you? -No. They've taken my wallet.
-Come on, let's go. -Go? We're waiting for dad.
He's not coming.
How long have we been here? -You think something's happened?
My children are standing on the street, so can you open up now?
You must listen. You understand? Fuck.
Can you listen to me?
My children are standing out on the street...
and I must be allowed to fetch them.
Stefan, dad is dumb. He's probably gone for a beer or something.
He doesn't give a damn. -That's not true.
Come on. We can't stay here. -Go if you want to.
Go on, then. Bloody idiot.
Blame yourself for getting no Christmas present.
Did you just leave him in the middle of town? Are you crazy?
Good night, sweetheart. -Good night.
Sleep well.
Good night. -Good night.
I love you both.
Good night, Stefan. -Good night.
Do you think you'll be able to sleep?
Wait a bit. Why's it like this?
Eva, you have a pink cover and pillow, Stefan has a blue pillow and cover.
Why do boys have blue and girls pink? It's always like that.
Can't I change your pillows? -I want mine.
This is important. You have to think about this when you're an adult.
There we go. That's really nice...
Sleep well. -Sleep well.
I thought there was a Little chance it would work out.
So totally bloody irresponsible.
Yes. 40 crowns?
Can you wait a moment? Should we?
Yes, we'll take it. Tell them. -Should we?
Yes, we'll come straight over.
Anna bought something here for 3.50. Without writing down what it was.
They're going to be really happy. -Unbelievable.
Göran. -Yes.
We'd decided we wouldn't have a TV. -Don't make a fuss.
It's for the children. -We weren't going to.
Yes, but the children want it.
It's just a second-hand, black and white, but a TV anyway.
It's really nice. Great, huh, Stefan? -See if it works. What do you think?
Have you just bought it?
I think I know. - You do?
I think the perch should go. Yes, the perch.
I think the squirrel should go. -Why?
Because he climbs trees. -I think the grouse.
Because it can fly? -But so can the ostrich.
No, they can't.
Maybe the fish. It can swim and the squirrel can't.
Is that your decision? Is it? It's wrong. It's wrong.
We had big expectations of this collective.
But we can't go on. We've decided to move to Mother Earth.
Just because of an old, shitty TV? -Of course it's not just the TV.
Yes, is it Pippi Longstocking again? They thought we should throw it away.
Because Pippi is a capitalist. -She's a materialist, as well.
She is. -It's a children's book.
There's nothing to discuss, just read the book.
This eternal search after things. Things, things, things...
Then this big bag of gold coins. -You're crazy, Pippi is fucking great.
Calm down. -You're speaking aggressively.
We could cite several examples in a calm manner.
Like when Lasse started growing cannabis on half the potato patch.
It was one plant. -It upsets me.
I understand when you say we should distance ourselves...
but on the other hand you should... -Don't you hear how you sound?
On the one hand, on the other hand... You want to please everyone.
It will end with you breaking in two. You can't go on like that.
Drive carefully.
It's better you arrive Later than not at all.
Goodbye, Lasse. -Bye.
Goodbye, we won't miss you. -Lasse.
Can't we play football? -Yes, football. Come on. Football.
What teams? Girls against the guys.
Aren't you playing? Stefan?
No, I can't. -Course you can, come on.
I'm so bad. -We all are. It doesn't matter.
Come on, Eva. -Stefan, you're in that team.
Are you crazy, it's winter.
Pass, mum. -Well done, Tet.
Come on, Göran. -Pass.
Why shout, they scored. -But it was great. Brilliant, Stefan.
You're not in my team. -That doesn't matter. What a shot.
Hello. -Hello, is that Eva? Hi, it's dad.
I... I don't know...
I'm really sorry it turned out like that.
Is that real Lego? -Yes, of course.
I haven't got any Lego. -Haven't you?
No, dad was to make Lego out of wood for me, but he only made two pieces.
Can't I try? -Yeah, you can.
Have you got a pistol? I'm not allowed to have war toys.
I shot him. -No, he can't die so easily. Try again.
It was a grenade. Now he died, anyway.
Say you like Pinochet. -Never.
Shut up.
I want to switch. I want to be Pinochet.
Here come the shocks.
Say you like Pinochet. Say it.
Never. You can put needles under my nails, too.
You know what I thought?
We never eat meat. I thought we could do something.
We want meat. We want meat.
Yes. I agree with them.
It's not that the food is horrible, but we could have a Little meat.
Living in a collective doesn't mean you have to reject everything.
Anna, say something.
We want meat. We want meat. -Okay, children, you win.
Take money from the housekeeping, and go and buy a hot dog each.
Little devils. -Buy one for me too, Stefan.
With ketchup.
Göran, relax, it's just a Little meat.
You liked meat before.
Of course you did. Pork cutlets at mum's every Sunday.
Of course you did. -Exposed, Göran.
We would like eight hot dogs, thanks.
Eight hot dogs? -Eight it is.
This is really good.
Is her name Turid? Is she Swedish?
I like her voice. It's good, isn't it?
I'll get my favourite. Want to hear it? I'll go and fetch it.
It's good, isn't it?
No. You really like this?
It's so romantic. love.
Tet is sleeping. -How are you?
You shouldn't be so scared of me. -I'm not.
You know what you're scared of?
What all you heterosexual men are scared of?
That it will be as nice with a man. Yes, that's it, that's it.
You think that. Yes, you... -Shh... Tet's sleeping.
You close your eyes, and there's someone blowing you...
and it's so... unbelievably wonderful.
And when you open your eyes you see... it's not a woman it's a man.
You understand? -No.
Of course you do. It's the same thing.
It's not. I don't understand why we're discussing this.
I think your wife has understood something...
which you have not.
Which is? -That there is no difference.
We're all people. We can't be dividing ourselves, we're the same.
We can't have barriers like that. Why should we?
It's nice that you and my wife are people without barriers.
I have my barriers and I'm very happy with them.
Have you tried it? -No.
How can you know? -Shit, Klasson.
Alright, we'll do it like this. Stop it.
Just to show you how free and wonderful I am, we'll do like this.
Go on, help yourself. You can do what you like.
Do what you want.
If you get it erect you've won, otherwise I'm a normal man.
You've got one minute. -If you say it I'll do it.
Do it for real. For real? -Go ahead and we'll see.
Hi. -Hi.
Do you read this, The Proletarian? -No.
It's from the Communist, Marxist, Leninist, Revolutionary League.
We publish it. Do you know us? -No.
We have a meeting tomorrow night. Want to come?
No, I don't think so. -No? Forget it, then.
Hi. -Hello.
Well, it's nice here.
Are you interested in politics? -No.
Aren't you interested in politics? -No.
You mean that, on the whole you don't care about politics?
Do you know the CMLRL?
Communist, Marxist, Leninist, Revolutionary League.
You should actually come to a meeting sometime. Do you want to?
It's not for me. -I think it is.
Don't you think it would be better if we made flats here?
There are 400 rooms. There are people with nowhere to Live.
Go home, I don't feel like talking. -Be with the people.
We have a head of state that inherits his title. Is that right? No.
This stupid black Line... Can't I pass it?
Look, I'm doing it. -Go back one step.
And if I have one foot over and don't touch the ground?
The air is free, I can stand like this.
Don't take this personally, but you're so fucking stupid, so duped.
Arise you workers from your slumbers Arise ye prisoners of want
For reason in revolt now thunders
Hi. -Hi.
You not working today? What you doing?
Well, you can see. Cleaning up.
Shall we cuddle a Little? -No.
Yes, please. Come. -No.
Yes. Please, come on. -No, we won't.
Come on, we'll cuddle. Come. -No, no.
Sorry. You're so boring. -Really? Fine then.
What is it? -He's moved.
What? -Erik. He's moved.
But... -Read it yourself.
He could have stayed here with us.
Hey, honey.
I miss him so much already. God, I miss him.
Hey, Little darling.
It'll be alright. Huh? Maybe he'll come back.
You can talk as much as you like about having an open relationship...
but it doesn't work.
You can't be together with a girl who lies crying over another guy.
No, I don't know. -You can't.
You don't think so? -No. You can't.
I know. One day you must say stop. -Maybe so.
You must say stop, you understand? -Yes.
Here's some food.
What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy? What's this?
You're mad Göran. -I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.
You must clean this up. -Yes, sorry. God...
Wipe this up. It's disgusting.
Fetch some paper right now.
Bloody madman. -Oh, dear.
Hi, can I come in? -Hello.
My goodness how cozy it is in here.
I'd also like to be as old as you.
How old are you? 13, right? -Yes.
God, how wonderful. And you? -I'm 14.
If I was your age I could be your friend and we could sit here, like, pals.
Eva? -Yes.
Can you help Göran set the table? -Yes, I'm coming.
Is she hard work?
Mum's can be such bloody hard work, huh?
How old do you think I am? -I don't know.
Do you think I'm just an old Lady?
No, not an old Lady. -Do you think I'm pretty?
Have you ever seen a pair of these?
Do you think they're ugly? Maybe they've started sagging a bit.
Hey, I think you're really sweet.
Really. You seem so nice.
If I was 14 I'd probably be really, really, really in love with you.
I talk such rubbish, I won't disturb you any more. I'll leave.
I'm going home to eat now. -Oh.
Bye. -Bye.
Are you in love with him?
No. -I think he's in love with you.
There's something that...
What? -I think...
I think... I think I'm in love.
Are you? -Yes.
I don't think she... You know...
Maybe you know who it is? -Maybe.
Although I don't think she likes me.
It's Lena. -What? Lena?
I know it's really stupid. She's so old and I'm so Little.
It probably won't work. -I don't know.
No, it's stupid. It's so silly really.
Hi there.
It's so nice and cozy here.
What's up with her? Is she angry? -I don't know.
Did I come and disturb you...? -No.
I'm so bloody drunk.
You're so cute.
Such smooth cheeks. I'll just take off your glasses.
So, now you can't see how old I am.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... -I have to go.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
I'm going to bed. I'm not in love with Lena anymore.
She's disgusting.
Well, good night.
Where the hell have you been? -At Eva's...
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Fredrik, how are you? Oh, Look, your glasses.
Go to bed and we'll sort it out tomorrow.
What are you up to, are you crazy?
I haven't seen them before. It must be Fredrik that...
He probably got them from that Eva. -Ragnar.
I know very well what you are up to when you do woodwork as you put it.
I accept that. You don't find me very attractive anymore.
But I don't accept, that you put the blame on Fredrik. That's the lowest...
Margit, listen.
But, Margit... Margit.
Can I sleep here? My dad hit me.
Now we have the same tape on our glasses as well.
I have to confess something.
I made that up about my glasses breaking when I was dancing.
I know. I understood that.
But it doesn't matter, because I have no friends either.
Apart from you, that is.
We're just going to sleep next to each other, aren't we?
Nothing else? -No.
Good. Good night. -Good night.
Snow. -Snow.
I don't understand. It's damn strange.
I tightened this, and now it's just... -Yep.
You haven't been messing with it?
No. -No. No one else?
No. -Anyway, it's repaired now.
So it should hold a while. -Good.
It was nice talking last time. -Yes.
It's not so often someone comes to visit.
So I have to confess... I actually unscrewed that.
I unscrewed it so you'd come here to fix it and we could talk some more.
Maybe it was silly. Are you angry?
Unscrewing it... Are you nuts?
Do you want a beer?
No, a cup of coffee would be good. -I'll put it on.
Bloody fool.
Mum and dad were farm hands so it was tough. Pure hell, you could say.
Sometimes we only had porridge morning, noon and night.
And cramped. 18 people lived in two small rooms.
18? -Yes, we were 18 at most.
Two families sharing two small rooms. The toilet was in the yard.
A lot has improved, that's true. I don't have to eat porridge every day.
If I want to splash out I just have to go down and buy a pork cutlet.
I wonder if it wasn't more fun then. We had each other.
I think that loneliness is the most awful thing in this world.
Yes, probably.
Rather eat porridge together than a pork cutlet alone.
Although I don't know if Rockefeller would agree.
He'd probably eat the pork cutlet. -Beef fillet.
Of course. He probably doesn't eat pork cutlets.
Sausages and mash.
I honestly didn't think we'd experience this here.
Fredrik, you can sit here. -Great, Tet.
It looks really good. -Do we dare eat it?
We want Coca Cola as well. -No, we draw the Line there.
We don't support multinational pigs. -We have to have limits.
Would you like some? -Yes, please.
I miss them so bloody much. Don't know what to do.
No, Rolf. We can't have it like this. Let's go to Elisabeth and talk to her.
Yes, it's not up for discussion.
She'll get mad. She doesn't want me there.
Then we'll stop on the way and buy some flowers for her.
Look at your mum, Tet. -Look at me, Look at me. Aren't I nice?
You Look mad. -Good, Tet.
Look. I've got lipstick on.
You should always have make-up. It's great.
I don't know. -Go on.
Out you go. Take the flowers. I'll come with. Out you go.
I'm coming, too. -Okay, okay.
Elisabeth, you have a visitor. It's Rolf.
Is dad here? -Is he outside?
Hi. -Hello. What are you doing here?
I thought I'd... -No, I don't want to.
I'll be a better man now. I've stopped drinking.
I'll never, never, never hit you again.
Don't give up now. -Why's dad here?
I don't know. -Elisabeth, I can't Live without you.
God, all adults are idiots. -Yes, I know.
Can't we watch TV? -No, I don't want to.
But, it's Beretta soon I think. -But I don't want to.
Can't we play war, then? -No.
Can't we play torture? It's been ages. -No, I don't want to.
Elisabeth. What do you want me to do, cut my hands off?
Go away, I don't want to see you.
What shall I do, what shall I do? -Go away, it's over.
What shall I do? -Go.
I don't want to see you. It's over. You got it, it's over.
It's over. -What are you doing?
Göran, Let me go.
Take your stuff and get out of here. You can't step all over people.
You're tearing up my soul. -Göran, calm down.
Take it. -Help.
I never want to see you again. Got it?
No, Göran. Fucking Let me in. You can't do this to me.
Open up. -Take your things.
Get the hell away. I'm sick of you and your stuff.
I never want to see you again. Got that?
What have I done? -What should I do? Sorry.
Shall I Let her in?
What's happened? Shall I Let her in?
Mum, can I come to your place?
Can I? I want to come right now.
I want to come home.
Shall we go? -Yes, we may as well.
Hi. Hello.
I can Let you in if you want.
Mum doesn't want that, you see.
I'll sit here until she changes her mind.
I'm waiting here. I can wait a Long time.
Tell her that. -Okay.
Jump in if you want.
This is Birger. He's my friend. -Hello.
I'll take a walk. -It's freezing.
No problem, I'll take a Little walk.
I've got something for you. A Little something. What can it be?
A Lotus. -Yes.
Thanks. -My pleasure.
I've got something for Eva as well. A Ted Gärdestad record.
She likes him, huh? You can give it to her.
And then I've got this bouquet for mum.
Can you give it to her? Put it in water.
So they don't wilt. -Sure.
Hey, Stefan.
I've behaved like a bloody idiot.
I know. It's as if I haven't had a brain.
But I love you. You know that, don't you? I love you.
I love mum and I love Eva.
Hi. -Hello.
Is he sleeping? -Yes.
Can I get in? -Yes, sure.
Lasse, we must speak. -Some other time.
No, I want to talk now. -Leave now.
Is someone lying here? -No.
Quite a Lot has happened since I moved. Just so that you know.
I've stopped shaving under my arms.
Because I have. And I'm a socialist.
So am I. -No, a Social Democrat, big difference.
I'm not moving. I like it here.
I'm going to start working. I'll never again be some bloody housewife...
who washes dishes, Looks after the kids and waits on some spoilt man.
Do you think there's any chance that we...
I don't know.
Hello. -Hello.
Did you wash up? -Yes.
Really? -It was messy.
I just want to say thanks for the record.
Don't mention it.
It's really good. -Good.
Thanks. -Don't mention it.
This song is really great.
Fredrik, you're mum is here.
Hello. I just wanted to know how you were.
I'm fine. -Good.
I'm not coming back, if that's what you think.
How are you? -I don't know.
Can I ask you something? Have you ever tried meditating?
Meditating? No.
You really should try it. It would be good for you.
Are your mum and dad together again?
I don't know. -Are you going to move now?
I don't know. I hope not. -You know what?
Your dad could live here too. You could all live here.
Yes, I hope so.
Hi. -Hello.
Are you playing football? -Yes.
Can I join in? -Sure.
You can't play when it's snowing.
Okay, pass. Pass.
Can I also join in? -Go on. Pass.
Good Stefan. No. Goal.
Good, Klas. -Me too.
He's in. -Pass.
Göran, you're with us.
In the snow? -Shall we join in?
No, I can't play football. -Yes, everyone can.
I'm in goal, I'm in goal.
Good, Stefan.
I don't understand. They scored. -Doesn't matter. It was a super goal.
Okay, Göran. I like you. -I like you too.
Birger. Sorry, I forgot, I'm sorry. -No problem, I was just leaving.
Just thought I'd say bye. -You're not going to play?
No, no. -Play some football?
Yes, come on. You're in our team.
There's me and Stefan and our goal is...
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