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Time After Time CD1

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Mind your step, Jenny.
Don't you worry none about me. I can hold me gin.
I'm right as rain.
Ta-ta, love.
Mind how you go.
-Evening. -Good evening.
-It's a raw night, isn't it? -Yes.Raw.
-You'll ruin them fine clothes. -Would you like this?
Come straight to the point, don't you, love?
Well, my place is right along here.
We are in a hurry, aren't we?
Come on, then.
Come along.
Oh, right you are, sir.
Wouldn't want to break it.
Wow.That's lovely.
We got our own band.
Come on, then.
I'm hot and getting colder, if you take my meaning.
-What's your name, dearie? -John.
Oh, John.
Oh, John.
But my friends all call me Jack.
Will The Gazette continue with your pieces on free love, H.G.?
Free love sells newspapers. Gentleman, the Fleet Street Casanova.
Here, here.
I've got my little experiments to pay for.
You're the hero of the working class. Free love is all they can afford.
Oh, Lord. Don't start him on socialism.
We'll have to listen to a sermon on it.
Don't call it a sermon.You know I don't believe in organized religion.
Socialism is the path man must tread on the way to a utopian society.
We've heard all that.What's this great announcement we're here for?
-A cure for gravity? -I want to wait until we're all here.
Who's missing?
-Dr.Stevenson is here. -Thank you.Send him in.
-Good evening, John. -Herbert.
-Good evening. -Hello.
We'd begun to despair.Have you dined? There's still roast beef.
Thank you, no.Perhaps a little brandy to take away the chill.
I'm sorry I missed supper, but a physician's hours are not his own.
-Gentlemen. -Good health.
What has Herbert left for me tonight?
Chess must wait. You're just in time for the surprise.
Isn't he, H.G.? The great big whatever-it-is?
-Am l? -I was waiting for you.
-I am all attention. -Very well.
Gentlemen, I have called you here tonight to bid you farewell.
-Farewell? -Where are you going?
-Another holiday in Scotland? -No.No, I am traveling...
...but I'm not leaving London. I don't expect to leave my laboratory.
-Riddles again. -Gentlemen.
I am talking about traveling through time.
In a machine constructed for that very purpose.
-Poppycock. -Why?
Electric light, courtesy of Edison, a modern Prometheus.
Good heavens.You were really serious.
I don't believe it.You've actually built the bloody thing.
-Free love paid for most of it. -I've no doubt.
I didn't think practical jokes was in your line.
Twelve years ago, an engineer used the sun to power a printing press.
My time machine uses the same power source.
-You can't be serious. -This thing is propelled by sunshine?
This cup catches the rays of the sun...
...converting its heat to electricity here.
Electricity does the rest.Juxtaposing fields of energy creating friction.
The result is an ever-increasing series of reactions...
...that literally rotates the machine out of one time sphere into another.
Cruising speed is two years per minute.Go into the past or future.
Two years per minute?
Acceleration keeps the machine and occupant outside all time spheres...
-...conscious, but vaporized. -How do you determine direction?
West, you gain yesterdays. East, you accumulate tomorrows.
Balderdash! Go north, you get to Glasgow.
The machine is designed with several safety features.
The reversal rotation lock returns the machine to its starting date...
...after the completion of a voyage.
If the occupant is injured during a flight...
...the passenger is returned to the point of departure.
Unless he uses this key to countermand the device.
Without that key, it's a bloody homing pigeon.
And what, may I ask, is this?
Well, John...
...this is the vaporizing equalizer.
Without it, the passenger journeys without the machine...
...and without the machine, there is no coming back.
Well, H.G., which is it to be? The past or the future?
The past, surely. He'll want to meet Cleopatra.
-The future. -Why the future?
I belong there.In three generations, social utopia will have come to pass.
There'll be no war, crime or poverty. And no disease either, John.
Men will live like brothers, and in equality with women.
-Oh, dear.Let's have the past. -Here, here.
I can't agree with you.Check.
You astonish me.In the midst of all your theorizing, you ignore the facts.
We live in a cosmic charnel house. Mankind has not changed in 2000 years.
We hunt, we're hunted.That's how it is.How it will always be.
The future will prove you wrong.
The future will tell.
Anyway, I have just one question for myself.When do you leave?
-I'm not sure. -Human frailty, at last.
Well, to be quite candid...
-...I haven't worked up the nerve. -First time for that.
But I will.All I have to do is set the date and activate the switches.
And I'll inherit the Hope diamond.
-Checkmate. -How does he do it?
-Not again? -Every time.
I know how he thinks.That's all.
-One day I shall win. -When you learn how I think.
Sorry to interrupt.Two gentlemen from Scotland Yard want a word with you.
What is the meaning of this?
Beg pardon, sir. Might we have a word with you?
-The Ripper? In this vicinity? -I'm afraid so, sir.
We've cordoned off the neighborhood. We're asking for cooperation.
Will that be all right? Your housekeeper will sleep better.
-By all means. -Thank you, sir.
What's happened?
Apparently, the Ripper has struck again.
-With your permission, sir. -Please.
-He's not been heard from in years. -Nor in this area.
No doubt about it, I'm afraid. He has a very distinctive style.
-What have you there? -You better look at this, sir.
-That's Dr.Stevenson's bag. -That belongs to one of my guests.
-What's his name? -John Leslie Stevenson.
-Chief surgeon at St.Bartholomew's-- -Also chief surgeon in White chapel.
-Nothing upstairs. -All windows locked.
-Skylight? -Closed.
-Checked the roof.No sign. -In back?
A high brick wall. He's not gone that way.
-He was with you just now? -Yes.
He must have gone out the front, as we came in.
It doesn't matter.We know who he is, which is more than before tonight.
We'll round him up.If you come with me, I'll see that you get home safe.
-There's bound to be an explanation. -Beyond belief.
Thank you, dear.That's my umbrella.
I've never been so frightened.All the times I've put that bag in the closet.
-I wonder he didn't take it with him. -We'd never have known.
-He was always such a gentleman. -Yes.A gentleman.
I wonder where he got to so fast. The coppers searched high and low.
We were by the door the whole time.
If he fooled them this long, no surprise he's done it again.
-What did you say? -We were by the door the whole time.
When you learn how I think.
What have I done?
I've turned that bloody maniac loose upon utopia.
-Mr.Wells-- -Bring me all the housekeeping money.
And any money you have of your own. I'll make it up to you.
-How much? -Fifteen pounds, sixpence.
-You want it all? -All, if you please, Mrs.Turner.
-Something wrong, sir? -Would you mind awfully?
Money may not answer. I may have to trade with the natives.
Let me see.The key.
86 years.Two years per minute. That makes 43 minutes.
Estimated time of arrival would be....
11 : 15.
--Lindbergh 's over the Irish coast--
--support of the woman I love--
--we have to fear is--
--their finest hour--
--attacked Pearl Harbor--
--I shall return--
--this is London--
--whose throat you'd like to cut--
--proclaim the state of Israel--
--Queen Elizabeth Il is crowned--
--from North Korea--
--Ask not--
--President Kennedy is dead--
--Martin Luther King--
--one small step for man--
--Israeli athletes were killed--
--Vietnam cease-fire agreement--
--because of Watergate--
--second test-tube baby--
--Pope John Paul's successor--
--and executed four generals--
Mommy, look at that.
Mommy, come over here.
Mommy.Who's that man?
Jason, come away. He probably works here.
The Wells exhibit is on loan from the British Museum.
The objects in this hall form a portrait of the public...
...and private life of an extraordinary person...
...whose prophetic vision influenced the shape of things to come.
On your left is the inlaid wood secretary with a unique top...
...from Wells ' rooms. It was on this desk....
Hey! Get away from the exhibit.
Where do you think you are, Disneyland?
-Pardon? -You heard me.Get behind those ropes.
--was discovered by workmen digging where Wells ' house once stood.
Come on.
The reasons for his building it are unknown.
--that it didn't work made him avoid discussing it.
-H.G.Wells was born in.... -Novel? Time Machine?
You people.Christ, Almighty.
Eight hours off.
What did you do to my car? Can't you drive?
Some SOB can't read.
-Could you tell me what city this is? -Oh, come on.
Could you please tell me what city this...?
San Francisco?
California.Of course! Eight hours difference.
Thirteen, 14, 15 pounds.This money is quite old, you're aware of that.
-They're still good, aren't they? -Sure.
A coin dealer would give you more.
Here, all you'll get is the current exchange rate, which is...
-Twenty-five dollars? -Really, it's the same all over.
Money makes the world go round. It's just worth less and less.
Money, yes. Everyone needs money.
Has there been another gentlemen here recently...
...another Englishman with currency like mine?
Not that I recall. And they would have sent him to me.
I see.
Get me a Big Mac, an order of fries and a small Coke to go, please.
Thank you, dear.
Get me a Big Mac, fries and tea to go, please.
Pommes frites. Fries are pommes frites.
I never saw wood like this before.
I haven't seen stones in settings like these since before the war.
-The war? -Since the Second World War.You know.
-Did you say, "world war"? -Since World War ll, I said.
-How much are they worth? -Today's market? $6000 easy.
-Would you like to buy them? -I couldn't give you top dollar.
That's all right.What's your offer?
-Four? -Yes.Very well.
You don't want to think about it? Okay.May I see some ID?
You know.Driver's license, credit card, something like that.
-I'm afraid I don't have some. -I can't do business without some ID.
-How do I know these aren't hot? -Hot?
-Stolen. -Stolen?
I assure you, I give you my word as a gentleman.
Come on, what's this gentleman stuff? How come you don't got any ID?
Let me do a computer check.If it's clear, you'll have a check in a week.
I don't have a week.
I don't believe you exist.
But if you do, I need your help.
Just let me stay the night...
...and I'll be on my way in the morning.I won't trouble you again.
I'm sorry.We're closing now.
There you are, sir.
May I help you?
I'd like to see the foreign currency officer.
-You're looking at him. -You?
Surely there must be a gentleman?
Don't be a chauvinist.It's taken me three years to get here.
Don't you believe in women's liberation?
Women's liberation.
I'm sorry.I meant no disrespect.
In fact, I was all for it, so I shouldn't complain.
You were all for it? What changed your mind?
I don't know whether you can help me.
-May I help you? -Thank you.
I'm certainly willing for you to try.
I'm looking for an Englishman who may have tried to exchange money.
I'll say.
Then he was here?
Yesterday, big as life. With a money belt that was bigger.
Must've weighed a ton.A friend?
We were traveling together, and now I've lost him.
-His name was John Leslie Stevenson. -That's him.
I wanted him to open an account but he only cashed a few hundred dollars.
You wouldn't happen to know what's become of him?
He asked me to recommend a hotel.
-An hotel? -I sent him to the Hyatt Regency.
-Hyatt Regency? -Yeah.
Oh, thank you.
You here on a visit?
Tourist type thing?
If you don't know anyone, let me show you around.
We San Franciscans are pretty proud of this old town.
...yes, perhaps that might be nice.
It's your option.You've got the card. Give me a ring.My name's Amy.
-A ring? -You know:
My number's on the card.
-What's your name? -Herbert...
What was that?
That was a very cute man.
That was a pickup.
-Against bank rules. -I don't care.
At least he's not gay. Plus, I love the way he talks.
How about that suit? Early American.
He'll be back.
-What's up, doc? -Pardon?
Where to?
Could you take me, as quickly as possible, to the Hyatt--?
-Who is it? -Your breakfast, sir.
-Bless my soul. -May I come in?
Certainly, certainly.
You were literally the last person on earth I expected to see.
There was no way to prevent the machine's return.I lack the key.
-No. -You do manage to find the nerve...
...after I tested your machine for you.
How did you manage to track me down? That was brilliant.
We'll add detective to your list of accomplishments.
You're a regular Sherlock Holmes.
I'm not here to engage in idle banter, Stevenson.
You've used me and my machine to escape justice.
I must congratulate you on the device.
At dinner the other century, I thought you'd lost your wits.
Fate intervened, and I ascertained that you are a Columbus of a new age.
The dawn of time travel.
I salute you.
-Come with me. -Of course.Where are we going?
To the museum.
I'm obliged to take you back to face the consequences of your acts.
You can't be serious.
You're so Victorian. How do I get back? By force?
Be reasonable, John. We don't belong here.
-We violated-- -We don't belong here?
Let me show you something.
Sit down.
Come on, I won't bite.Sit.
Now, look....
Terrorists carried out their threat and began shooting...
...the first five of 106 Israeli schoolchildren held hostage--
You haven't gone forward, Herbert. You've gone back.
We've just received word that Mayor Margolin of Columbus was shot.
We don't belong here. On the contrary...
...I belong here completely and utterly.
I'm home.
It's you who do not belong here.
You, with your absurd notions of a perfect and harmonious society.Drivel.
The world has caught up and surpassed me.
Ninety years ago, I was a freak. Today, I'm an amateur.
You go back.The future isn't what you thought.It's what I am.
Do you know that you can purchase a rifle? It's legal.
-These people encourage-- -Stop it!
It's catching, isn't it?
You finding me is rather fortuitous. For me, that is.
Otherwise, I'd be obliged to search for you.
Are you going to give it to me?
-I have no idea what you mean. -Of course you do.
I'm talking about the key.
I can't have you following me for eternity, like the Flying Dutchman.
Give me the key and we'll be quits.
Key? I don't have it with me.
I've played countless games of chess with you...
...and the one thing you cannot do is bluff.
I want that key.
Oh, God.
Is he okay?
I beg your pardon.
Just a moment, please.
I'm looking for a patient recently admitted.
-Name? -John Leslie Stevenson.
-Not here. -They told me he'd be here.
-This is San Francisco Hospital? -Not here under that name.Next.
-He just arrived.A motorcar hit him. -A motorcar?
-Pardon? -A car.
Yes, a car.
He's a tall, flaxen-haired, distinguished-looking Englishman.
Just a minute, please.
Sorry.An accident victim matching your description died 20 minutes ago.
-We had him listed as John Doe. -Died?
Impossible.I saw him sitting up after the accident.
His chart says, "internal injuries."
It happens that way sometimes.
Wait.May I see the body?
Are you family? Are you a relative?
-He doesn't have any relatives. -I'm sorry.
-Wait a minute, please. -Excuse me.
-Oh. -Hello.
You'll let me take you to lunch.
Hello.What did you say?
I said, lunch on me. What do you say?
Oh, well....
Just let me get my things.
That is what you had in mind?
-Certainly, if you like. -Wait right there.
All set.Where to?
Well, it's your city. I'll leave it up to you.
I know, something with a view.
Don't worry, it's safe.We haven't had any trouble since the big one in 1906.
Big one?
The earthquake.Don't you know? You haven't done your reading.
-It leveled the whole shebang. -The shebang?
I see.
Delicious.Far superior to that Scottish place where I breakfasted.
-Scottish? -MacDougall's.
-What about your friend? -Friend?
He wasn't exactly my friend.
We had a falling out. I won't be seeing him again.
I like that suit.Is that what they're wearing in London?
It was when I left.
Are you from London? Everyone I meet from England is from London.
Sorry, what were you saying?
I was asking if you're from London. I have some friends there.
I thought you might know them.
I realize it's a big city. Anyway, their name is Phillips.
He works for Coca-Cola.Any chance?
-No, I'm afraid not. -Ah, yes.
You probably move in different circles.
Are you a scientist or something?
Whatever makes you say that?
Just a hunch.
You give me the impression of someone who's cloistered away... a library, doing research and never reads the newspaper.
I used to write for a newspaper. The Pall Mall Gazette.
Really? Shows how much I know. You're a reporter?
I wrote articles on whatever struck my fancy.Social issues, mainly.
The last thing I did was a series on free love.
Free love?
I haven't heard that term since the eighth grade.
Tell me something.
Did you think it was forward of me to invite you to lunch like this?
-Do you often--? -Invite strange men to lunch? No.
But it's not often that a strange man turns me on.
Or a strange woman.
I didn't mean to imply I was a dyke.
-A dyke? -Sorry, lesbian.
I like my sex straight.
It's just that I go for months without meeting anybody who does it for me.
A lot of people, like my friend Carol....
I won't gossip, but a lot of people can sleep around.
Not me.I really have to like the guy. Otherwise, it's just no go.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't say that right off the bat.
It's not Women's Lib. I just get nervous.
When I get nervous, I tend to babble.
-Do I make you nervous? -Yes.
-You do, sort of. -Why?
Because I like you.
You ought to see the Golden Gate.
What's that?
You're kidding. How'd you decide to come here?
Stick a pin in a map or something?
-The Golden Gate. -The Golden Gate.
-Want to drive across it? -Oh, is it for motorcars?
R stands for "reverse," and D stands for "drive."
The right pedal causes us to accelerate while the left retards our speed.
Of course.Honestly, Herbert, you act like you've never been in a car before.
Nonsense, I was in one this morning.
You've a very good driver.
Damn straight.My husband used to drive in stock car rallies.
He taught me good.
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