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Time After Time CD2

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-What are you thinking about? -A brave new world with such people.
-May I ask you a question? -Sure.
You mentioned your husband.
My ex.Yeah, I was married for a while, when I was very young.
We met during an antiwar demonstration.
-The Second World War. -What? How old do you think I am?
Oh, I'm sorry.The Third World War?
The Vietnam War.
It's just that he wanted me to give up work and have children.
The housewife routine.
Not for me.
He never took my ambitions seriously.
What about you? You married?
I wouldn't be here if I were.
Well, that's nice.
A lot of guys....
It's no big deal. I like that.
I'm also divorced, for similar reasons.
-She wanted you to be a housewife? -She wanted me to be routine.
Well, that is one thing you definitely are not.
First I thought it was your voice or your clothes.
Now, I don't know.
Maybe it's that "little boy lost" quality you give off.
-Brings out my maternal instincts. -You're very perceptive.
Lost is what I am.
It's only a movie.
I hate all that violence.
Did you ever see Red Shoes?
I really got off on that. Careers.
It's 6:00. Do you have plans for tonight?
I haven't made any.
-Are you tired of me yet? -No, not in the least.
How about I cook you dinner? I don't live very far from here.
-It's not too much trouble? -I'm half Italian.I love to cook.
-What about the other half? -Norwegian.Norwegians love to eat.
What on earth is that?
Isn't it incredible? They built it for the Pan-American Expo of 1914.
Somehow, it's still standing. I love living next to it.
Come on, I'll give you the cook's tour.
I bet you don't have anything like this in London.
-You've never seen the Albert Hall. -I've never even been to London.
-Where do you live? -This way.
You should see it when they turn the lights on.
-Is it marble? -Would you believe plaster?
What on earth is Cosmopolitan?
Where are all your books?
I don't have all that many.
I don't seem to read much anymore.
Even when I have the time, it's easier to watch TV...
...even though that's mainly crap.
What's that?
The phone.
Ted's idea. Hello? Oh, hi.
It's my friend Carol, from the bank, checking up on you.
Who knows?
Carol, I'm trying, so will you please let me get on with it?
I have to go now.Bye.
Carol says hi.
She asked if London is really crawling with Arabs.
-Arabs? -She wants to marry into oil.
This is almost ready. I'm going to change.
I've been in my work clothes all day.
Please, you go right ahead.
You look very beautiful.
Herbert, if you don't take me into your arms this minute...
...I'll scream.
Well, hello there.
Why, Miss Jones, you're gorgeous.
-What? -You don't close your eyes.
Well, neither do you.
These are the funniest buttons I ever saw.
It's like it was some kind of costume.
Oh, my gosh.
Is the rest of this outfit as interesting?
I don't want to compromise you.
Are you certain I'm not forcing you--?
Forcing me? My God, Herbert, I'm practically raping you.
Yeah, that's true.
All naked, all right here.
The hottest, wildest, sexiest ladies in San Francisco.
Come on and check it out. This is the one.
This is where it's happening. Come on in, buddy.
If you're old enough, you're bold enough.
Come here, come here. Let me show you.
Third largest in the West.
The weather should be sunny.
It's a nippy 51 degrees, going up to 68...
...then dropping to an overnight low of43.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-You want some coffee? -Thank you.
--walked into city hall and shot Mayor Margolin.
In local news, the second body in 14 hours was found in North Beach.
Identified as prostitute Cindy Chow...
...the mutilated corpse was found in an alley behind the City Lights Bookstore.
Police had no comment on the two murders...
...stating only that they were similar.
According to the police chief, there are no leads.
In other news--
Coffee's ready.
How do you take it? Is milk okay instead of cream?
I have to talk to you.
-I'm running late. -Amy, I have to talk to you now.
He's alive and out there. I have no idea what to do.
You say you're after this man.
Are you a detective? You work for Scotland Yard?
Let's just say their interests are definitely involved.
I don't understand.Why can't you just go to the police...
...tell them who they're looking for?
-What's wrong with that? -They'd never believe me.
-You don't know that -They'd never--
If you knew the story, you'd never believe me.
-I'd believe you. -Well, they wouldn't.
If I told the truth, they'd send me to a lunatic asylum, not him.
All right.I led you to him, didn't l?
What were you doing, visiting bank after bank?
Would you have slept with anyone who knew where he was?
You don't suppose that for one minute.
No.I guess I don't. I don't know, this is very confusing.
I'm late on top of everything else.
-Today is the executive staff meeting. -Sorry.
I didn't want to burden you. I'll get dressed and go.
No, no, no. Oh, please, you stay.
I don't know what to say.
I like you.I like you very much. I'd like to see you again.
I don't know how to help you, if you can't go to the police.
-I don't know where you're staying. -Yesterday was my first day.
Will you stay here for a while? Eat something and try to sort things out.
I'll call you if I get any bright ideas, okay?
Be sure and slam the door when you leave or it doesn't lock.
One thing I wouldn't have pegged you as, a detective.
Well, you look like the cat that ate the canary.Did you?
-Hi, Carol, how's everything? -"Hi, Carol, how's everything?"
You're the one who took off the whole afternoon.
In one word, fabulous.He's....
I just can't describe it.
On second thought, please don't try. I may just die of envy.
I want you to meet him.Could you come for dinner Friday, around 7?
I'm sure it will be fine with Herbert.
You must really be hooked.
I think so.I'll just check my busy social calendar.Talk to you later.
Hello again.
I've come to change some more currency.
Yes, of course.
How much did you want to exchange this time?
Oh, say 40 guineas.
Forty guineas.
I'm sorry, would you excuse me for a moment? I'll be right back.
Take your time.
Herbert, Herbert. Come on, come on.
Herbert, it's me.
-Listen, he's here. -Amy?
-Who is? -Who do you mean who? Who do you think?
He's right at my desk with a money belt.
He wants to change more sovereigns.
-Herbert, what do I do? I'm terrified. -Amy, be calm.It's all right.
You're in a bank. He's mad but he's not stupid.
Now, nothing's going to happen to you.
-Can you keep him there? -What?
It's a lot to ask, but try. Just until I'm there.I'm on my way.
-I'll try. -What did you say?
I said I'll try.
Sorry about that.I checked what the exchange rates are today.
They fluctuate every day. I wouldn't want you to get gypped.
-Are you enjoying San Francisco? -Very much.
That's wonderful.
-Find room at the Hyatt Regency? -Yes, thanks to you I've--
Thanks to you.
You wouldn't happen to know a man called Wells, would you?
I thought so.
Miss Amy Robbins.
He asked you to detain me until he got here, right?
-I don't know what you mean. -Oh.
I won't conduct my business here anymore, if it's all the same to you.
Good day.
There's just one other item.
Be good enough to leave a message for Wells from me.
Tell him I want that key.
Tell him to leave it for me at the exhibit.Leave it...
...or face the consequences.
Have you got that?
Yes, I believe you have.
Herbert! You gotta bring the police into this.Now if you don't, I will.
That man is crazy, I could see it in his face.
And he threatened you.
Something about leaving the key to the exhibit.
Let's tell the police.If you don't, I will, but I don't know what to say.
You can't fool around with a person like that.
"Robbins.2340 Francisco."
His name is John Leslie Stevenson. English, he's a surgeon.
Approximately 37 years of age, flaxen-hair, clean-shaven...
...and stands well above 6 feet in height.
What makes you say that this, Dr.Stevenson... responsible for the death of the girls?
I just know for a fact he is.
-I see.Do you have spiritual powers? -Do I what?
Are you a medium or a mystic?
I make no claim to supernatural gifts of any sort.
If I could reveal the source of my information, l....
As a matter of fact, I'm also a detective.
I was sent from London on the trail of Stevenson, traveling incognito.
My name....
-My name is Sherlock Holmes -Sherlock Holmes, I see.
Go on, go on.
I can't.I gave you a complete description, I told you his name.
I've told you everything I know.
It was good of you to share your insights, Mr.Holmes.
How can we reach you if we need to speak to you?
Is that necessary? I'm staying with a friend.
Must we involve her?
Not unless it's unavoidable we contact you.We're known for our discretion.
Very well.
Her name is Miss Amy Robbins. She lives at 2340 Francisco.
Thank you for your time, Mr.Holmes.
You don't believe me, do you?
I'd like to.My job would be simpler if I could.
This printout says U.S.Customs has no record...
...of John Leslie Stevenson coming here.British Customs has no record...
...of a man by that name leaving. There's no mention of a Mr.Holmes...
...coming into the country.Now he could be using another name...
...but since we don't know where he is, we can't question him.
-Can we? -No.
Well, thank you for your time. Good day.
Put this on file.
The entire affair was a fiasco.
-He didn't believe a word of it. -Well, you tried.
Trying isn't enough, I'm afraid.
-Are we in or out here? -Out.
-Would you care to join me for a walk? -Sure.
You have to slam it.All right.
Old buildings have their little quirks.
Why is it your responsibility?
I'm going to tell you the truth.
In the first place, my name isn't Herbert Wells.
It's Herbert George Wells.
In the second place, I'm 113 years old.
I swear to God, I am telling you the truth.
Please, please believe me.
-Where are you going? -Home.
You don't believe me?
Christ, Herbert, what do you think?
Please go away, I don't want to see you anymore.
Amy! Please, Amy, listen to me!
I have listened to you.And a bigger crock of shit I never heard.
Look, I don't know if you're crazy, but I don't care.
Just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.
Go back to your machine.
Wait! Amy!
Amy, what if I can prove what I told you is true?
Won't you give me that chance? I know I sound mad!
I knew how you'd respond.Didn't I say yesterday you wouldn't believe me?
And I said I would.
All right.There is an H.G.Wells exhibit with time machine.
There is some resemblance between you and the man in those pictures.
The museum is closing.
But that doesn't prove anything.
-Now what? -I want you to go to the powder room.
Hang on.
-Hello. -Hi! Holy shit! Flowers.
Wow.Let me go put these in water.Come on in.
-You're early. -I couldn't wait.
You're cute.Last time I had flowers was my graduation in high school.
You bring flowers to all your women?
Why don't you sit down and I'll be right in, okay?
You want some grass?
Marijuana.Don't they call it grass where you're from?
England, right? I could tell from your accent.
You're observant. Are you a typical American woman?
Am I a typical American woman?
Yeah, more or less.You know.
I like to hang out.
And what about you?
-Are you a typical Englishman? -Not really.
Neat watch.
Are we going somewhere?
Well, what time is it?
Later than you think.
This is really dumb.
What's this gizmo?
Well, let's just say we wouldn't want to go anywhere without it.
Right.This time I'll drive.
Come on.Get in.
You know what you're doing? What am I saying? This is completely bananas.
I don't propose to take you a great distance.Suppose we go to Saturday.
-How would that be? -Just fine.My cleaning's due back.
That would make it November the 10th.
Don't expect too much.The entire voyage will last a quarter of a second.
-You ready? -Come on.
Good.Can we go now, please?
-You still maintain this is poppycock? -That wasn't the word I had in mind.
Amy, you just wait.You wait.
We've got to go back.
We must go back.
We could easily avoid this whole thing.
-You mean give him the key. -No.
I mean come back with me.
-Back? -Yes.Back to 1893.
I'm a 20th century woman.I have a career and a mind of my own.
Be reasonable.How am I gonna make it in 1893?
It's your life we're talking about.
My work is my life.
As much as yours or any other man's.
Please don't start sounding like my husband.
-Wait a minute? What about forward? -Forward?
You mean into the future.Yes! Of course--
No.We're forgetting something.Him! I can't just leave him here.
So much for your place or mine.
Stop a bit.
You know we're making a big mistake.
We keep imagining time is our enemy. It's not.
We know what's supposed to happen. When and where.He doesn't.
This is one time I do know how he thinks.
I even know before he thinks.
Look here.We're too late to prevent the murder of number three.
But what about number four? Let's see.
Dolores Marks.She was killed in McLaren Park.Is that far?
Nothing's far in San Francisco.
She was killed.Or rather she will be killed... 3:00 in the morning in McLaren Park.
All I have to do is surprise him.
I'll just sit tight here for a few hours and then be off.
We.I'm coming too.
No.I absolutely forbid it.
Herbert, you can't drive. You don't even know where the park is.
I'm safe.I've got till Friday at 7:30.Haven't you read the paper?
Too bad there aren't any sport stores open.
Whatever for?
So we could buy a gun.
-He's dangerous, haven't you heard? -I wouldn't purchase a weapon now.
What is this Victorian chivalry? We're playing for keeps.
Exactly.And Stevenson was right about one thing.
Violence is contagious.Like measles.
The problem is not that things aren't more efficient.They're the same.
World war this.World war that.
We're obviously killing more efficiently.But we're still killing.
Well, I'm not going to stoop to that man's barbaric level.
The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.
I love you.
Oh, no.
What's happening?
Goddamn it! The tire is flat.
-Can you mend it? Can it be repaired? -Yes.It's gonna take time.
All right, Amy.Calm down.
You work as fast as you can and I'll go telephone the police.
Where would I be likely to find one?
I don't know.There are phone booths all around.Do you have a dime?
Herbert, do you have ten cents for the call? Hurry!
-Here.It's 911. -911.
-Read the instructions. -I'll be right back.
Out of order? Damn!
Did you get that? McLaren Park. Get there as soon as possible.
Can I what? Wells.No, Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes. McLaren Park, as soon as possible.
-Are you all right? -Yeah, I think so.
Oh, no.No.
Keep moving. Don't stop, do you hear me?
-Oh, my God. -Come on, Amy.Go! Come on!
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna die.
First the zodiac and now this.
-Yeah, they're out for blood, I see. -I see Mr.Holmes called.
-What time would that be? -That was at 2:45 a.m.
Maybe he is psychic.
We won't be here. It's simple, we just won't be here.
-It's 10:30.I'm going to go out. -No!
Just for a little bit.I'll come back, and we'll be off well before 7:30.
Where are you going?
It's something I've got to do. And you do trust me, don't you?
I tell you what.What's the best hotel in the city, your favorite?
The Huntington.I used to work there.
The Huntington.Write down the telephone number.
If I'm not back in an hour, register at the hotel.You've got the car.
-Promise you'll be back.Promise me. -I promise.I promise.
Now you try and get some rest.
There's brandy in the flask if you need it.
That's all right, I have some Valium.
-Sedatives. -All right.Try and get some rest.
Hold it right there.
-What is the meaning of this? -Shut up.
-Look here. -Listen, constable--
-Amy! Amy, get out of the house! -Come on!
-Just get Lieutenant Mitchell-- -Look ahead.
-You're gonna have another murder. -State your name, please.
I told you.Herbert George Wells. What is this?
-Your valuables. -Preposterous.Now please hurry.
-There is a lady in grave danger. -Your watch, please.
My watch? This is ridiculous. Please, where is Lieutenant Mitchell?
-You don't need that. -Yes, we do.
Miss Amy Robbins is in very great-- Why do you need my glasses?
-I demand to see Lieutenant Mitchell! -Relax.
I'm sorry, we have no one by the name Amy Robbins registered at the hotel.
You've absolutely no right....
-Let me see Lieutenant Mitchell. -No.
Now! Soon! Hurry! Please! Help!
I've told you.I've told you 50 times. My name is H.G.Wells.
I came here in a time machine. I'm pursuing Jack the Ripper...
...who escaped into the future.
If you don't do something, he'll kill Miss Robbins by 7:30.
What about the gun? They weren't making that model back in 1893.
I purchased it to defend Miss Robbins should the worst come to the worst.
-Where did you purchase it? -A pawn shop.I don't remember it.
You're wasting your time. Please listen to me.
Forget about the shop and the time machine.Forget that I'm H.G.Wells.
Please just save the girl.
You'll have to do better than that. Last time you were Sherlock Holmes.
-All right, let's take it from the top. -My name is H.G.Wells.
I came here in a time machine. The one at the museum.
-Just tell me what you want. -I want the truth!
We're gonna stay here until I get it.
Take a look at this.
That's right.That's it. Take a look.
Look, you cretinous idiot. This is tomorrow's bloody paper.
You see what will happen if you don't listen to me!
Mr.Wells, or whatever your real name is... know that novelty shops will run a phony newspaper edition.
You may have been born yesterday, but I wasn't.Where did you get the gun?
You want to break for dinner? Hey!
I'll strike a bargain.
I'll confess to anything you like!
I killed them all.
Now, please....
Please send a car to 2340 Francisco.
Send a car and I'll sign whatever you want.
You're free to go.
I'm sorry.
Please believe me.I'm truly sorry.
Herbert, I'm over here.
He murdered Carol, my friend.I forgot I invited her over to meet you.
-Amy? -He's got the car.
-The newspaper was wrong. -Amy.
Not so fast.
We have a little unfinished business.
-What more do you want? -You know what I want.Give me the key.
And you get the white queen.
All right.
-Let her go and I'll throw it to you. -No.
My mother was atrocious, but she didn't raise mentally deficient sons.
You throw me the key and I'll release the girl.
-On your honor. -You have my word as a gentleman.
Now there's just one thing.
I would've expected that you'd noticed I am not a gentleman.
-Say goodbye. -Goodbye, Herbert.
You know where we're going.
You haven't instructed him in the use of one of these machines?
Go faster.Please.
Go faster.
If I go any faster I'm gonna wrap us around a phone pole.
-Herbert! -Stevenson!
What is it, H.G.? You're becoming extremely tiresome.
-The girl. -Which girl? You mean this one?
Let her go.Please, I beg you. You can afford to be magnanimous.
Women throughout the centuries are yours for the taking.
Is it so important?
I don't find her attractive.Do you? You're not about to disagree?
-No, what? -No, I don't find her attractive.
-Shall I cut her throat then? -No.Please.
John.You and l, we were friends once. I admired you.
What are you babbling about, Wells? You've become quite an old fool.
Yes.I am an old fool. I know nothing.
And she means that much to you?
I'm sorry.
H.G., it's checkmate and you've lost again.
What did you do?
I sent him to where he belongs.
That's the last anyone will hear of Jack the Ripper.
It's time for us to say goodbye before the police arrive.
You going back?
-Why? -I've got to dismantle that machine.
Until we master ourselves we have no proper use for time.
I've got those books to write. Whatever they are.
Fiction, I hope.
Every age is the same.
It's only love that makes any of them bearable.
And finally, I must go back because that is where I belong.
And my life is almost as important to me as yours.
Not quite.
Herbert! You wait for me! You wait for me!
It isn't life without you. Please, look at me.
Don't expect miracles.I'm changing my name to Susan B.Anthony.
Let's go.
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