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Subtitles for Time Out (2001) CD1.

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Time Out (2001) CD1

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Hello, Muriel.
Did you sleep well?
Did Alice have a hard time getting up?
I'm OK...
I have a meeting on the other side of Marseille.
I'm already late.
Yeah, it will take all morning.
I don't know.
I'll call you at 1. Will you be at home?
Well, OK...
Later... I love you.
Muriel, I lost track of time.
I was afraid you'd already left for school.
Sure, it went well...
But impossible deadlines...
I had to catch us up.
What? Are you joking?
Don't make fun of me!
Don't expect me to be perfect.
I'm losing you... I can't hearyou...
That's better...
My day isn't over. Still another client to see.
This one won't be easy to get rid of.
We have a restructuring plan to organise.
I hope it won't end too late.
Don't count on me for dinner.
Of course, I plan to come home.
I'll call you around 6.
I'll know more then. OK?
I love you.
And now fortoday's stock exhange movements,,,
It didn't go well at all.
It took 3 of us... But we didn't convince him.
Now we have to have dinner together.
Sort of an emergency unit...
Sorry. Tonight is off.
Tomorrow, I promise.
I have to talk to you about Switzerland.
There's a big chance...
It just may work out.
Nothing's certain.
We'll talk this weekend. OK?
I have to go. I love you.
See you tomorrow.
Daddy! Daddy!
How are my little monsters?
Hurry up for my school fair!
Mum said you wouldn't arrive on time.
You're back so early!
I got off early because of yesterday's hell.
I left you a note because we're on our way out.
We've only got 3 teachers for that fair! I've had it, I swear.
Hurry up, Alice, or we'll be late.
Your car or mine?
I'm dead tired. I'll rest and join you later.
Felix is counting on you.
Sure. Just a little nap.
Hey, Mum!
Hi, son.
Muriel says you might change jobs.
I asked you to keep it to yourself. You had to tell her...
- Is it true or not? - Nothing's sure yet.
Good luck getting information out of him!
What is with you?
Will you ever tell me about this job?
I promise I will.
See you later.
Before I forget...
Your colleague... That English guy...
- Jeffrey? - He called...
Just afteryou left. Wednesday, I think...
What did he want?
Don't know... To speak to you.
See you later.
Listen, Jeffrey. I told you not to call here.
I already told you. Muriel is still too weak.
I want to keep her out of all this.
I know I'm not easy to reach...
But I don't want you calling here, OK?
I'm sorry, but I don't have time.
I'll call you later.
Vincent... Wake up.
Hi, Dad.
I didn't hearyou.
What time is it? I hope the school fair isn't over.
- That's exactlywhy I'm here. - That's good ofyou.
You're so pale.
You're not going to send me to the doctor, are you?
But you look tired.
I'm just a little overworked.
So it seems you're applying for a new job.
News travels fast!
Won't you tell us more?
For now, my fingers are crossed.
Why hide this from me?
It's silly.
Don't you know how happy I'd be?
How much for the red one?
This one?
No, the other one.
1 5 francs.
You're crazy, Felix!
- Why lower your prices? - I don't know.
You sold the other one for 30.
I liked the other one. I don't care about this one.
But he doesn't know that you didn't like it much.
I'll do what I want.
It's 1 5 francs. It's too late!
Your kid can't appreciate your commercial strategies.
He's a little reluctant, but I'm not giving up.
Dad, come here! Grandpa is buying drinks.
Good news!
Go on. I'll watch the stand.
Keep an eye on Felix. He's underselling his toys.
Don't worry.
- Good evening, Luc. - Good evening, sir.
Have some champagne with us?
Gladly. What's the occasion?
- That's for Vincent to say. - Stop. I have nothing to tell.
He's changing jobs.
He won't say any more.
- Really, Vincent? - No... He's dreaming.
I know you.
Nothing's concrete.
- Hello, stranger! - How are you?
Nice to see you.
- Missed you at Patrick's birthday. - It's nice to be missed.
- How's the painting? - Don't ask!
Have you moved?
2 weeks ago... You're well-informed.
We're having a housewarming next month.
Can we count on you?
Why not?
All of you come have a drink with us.
Let's celebrate Vincent's new job!
It's funny Muriel never mentioned it.
That's because nothing is set yet.
- So what's the job? - He still won't tell us!
- Will you consult again? - No thanks!
It has something to do with Switzerland.
The mystery's solved. He'll work in a bank.
Maybe not.
The most important thing is to be paid in Swiss francs.
In Geneva?
You'll all see.
Are you changing jobs?
I don't know, honey.
What can I get you?
A cola for me.
I'll share with her.
You'll have champagne with us!
That's enough!
All these secrets!
Don't get your hopes up.
You'll only be disappointed.
I'm no idiot.
If you weren't sure, you wouldn't have said anything.
But I didn't say anything!
Do they know at the office?
You can't just drop them like that!
OK, I gave my notice a month ago...
Well, now we can toast in peace!
I can't believe you!
But this is good news, Muriel!
When did you plan on telling me?
This is silly, Muriel. Really!
When do you start?
I'm going back to Switzerland this week to formalise my contract.
So, you start soon?
And you'll be away during the week?
I knew you'd react like this.
That's why I was vague.
How should I react? We hardly see each other.
For a while now,
I've hated my job.
You must have noticed. I'm really suffocating.
What are you talking about?
I'm certainly not criticising you for wanting to change jobs.
So I didn't handle it well.
But this is a chance for me.
It's a really interesting job. You'll be surprised.
I feel like I've regained some enthusiasm.
I'm happy foryou.
It's great to change one's life.
But I'll be doing the same as always. Housework, the kids...
Don't play dumb. You see the role I'm stuck with.
I never imagined myself like this.
Why not break out of that?
Seriously, I'll be making a lot of money.
You could do something else...
Yes, I could go back to school, become a professor.
No, I know you're tired of your job.
You must have ambitions other than teaching...
50 yards from home, always the same faces...
What's wrong?
It's just that...
I never meant to say that my life was hell.
I'll stop complaining. I guess I'm just jealous.
Change is important for me.
And not only for me.
You'll see. Everything will change between us.
Won't you believe me?
I don't know.
You've got to trust me.
That little brat.
Acting like he doesn't see us!
- Morning! - How are you?
- Fine and you? - Any packages for me?
Nothing yet, but I'll send it over as soon as it arrives.
Have a good day.
- Hello. - Hello.
An image problem is present in the African countries.
In the supplied documentation, you'll find countries listed
in order of tendency to create a business-friendly environment...
an investment-favourable climate.
No surprise to find South Africa at the top
followed by Morocco and Egypt.
However, our research revealed other vital information
on the indications of an investment-favourable climate.
The most frequently cited indications were:
Healthy government... Strong regulatory setting...
Law enforcement and social stability
are the third most important things.
Only administrative details to work out now.
I'll visit the offices, get to know the departments...
Yes, things are moving fast, to say the least!
I could be starting on Monday!
- We'll talk this weekend, OK? - Sir...
I've got to go.
Kiss, kiss, bye.
- Hello, sir. - Hello, sir.
- Do you work here, sir? - No.
Maybe you have an appointment?
Not really. I just left one.
With whom?
So I'm not allowed to stay here?
No, it's just that...
You've been here for an hour, sir.
I'll be on my way.
- I don't mean to chase you off. - No problem.
Weren't you given a pass at reception?
Don't worry about it.
I'm sorry. This isn't a public space.
Note on the dynamic evolution between UCDI and NGO.
Note on the dynamic evolution between UCDI and NGO.
A number of internal agency procedures were revised
in order to encourage increased implication of NGO
in UCDI programs and projects.
The Secretary General of UCDI...
Mr Walter Ribeiro, recalled in the last forum
that the agency-NGO collaboration completed more than 800 projects.
This, in direct coordination with local chambers of commerce...
Go Julien!
Felix, we'll wait for him here. He's still busy.
Well done, young man!
I thought he'd take you down. He was 1 0 cm taller.
But he's a big wimp.
Fight me!
- Whythe hurry? - Can't miss the bus.
- Not coming with us? - I made other plans.
- We drove 200 miles. - Hey, I didn't ask you to!
I know I spend more time in Switzerland than with you.
- It's not easy for any of us. - It doesn't bother me.
- How did you do that? - Happened in the match.
When he grabbed you.
- Are you happy? - Yeah, I felt good out there.
What a show off! But you were good.
It was super... Now run along.
- We're eating at your grandparents. - You don't really think he'll come!
Felix, come back here!
Are you sure there isn't anotherway?
What otherway?
If you insist, you could get housing.
Surely the UN has housing to offerto its executives.
Maybe for other organisations, but not in my case.
All my colleagues are in the same situation.
You're sure it isn't a mistake?
How irritating! It's as if I'm forcing you.
- Take it easy. - Listen, Dad...
I only need 200,000 francs to get set up.
If you don't want to, I'll find anotherway.
Don't use that tone with me.
Couldn't you rent something?
It's just going to increase your household bills.
That's why we called on you.
We did the calculations.
With Vincent's housing stipends, we could reimburse you over 2 years.
We'd be saving money if he didn't stay in a hotel.
You've made your point!
I can see you've done your research.
That will do it.
What are you doing?
Giving money to your father.
Will you give me some, too?
- Felix, really! - You cheeky boy!
By giving to your father, I'm also giving to you.
- Thanks, Dad. - Here, that's for you.
But I expect a thank you kiss.
Look, Mum! See what I made?
Very nice... Let's go.
So soon? We've hardly spoken!
I'm sorry, but the kids are really tired.
You didn't tell me how your job is going.
Yes, verywell.
Shoes on, Felix.
I had dinnerwith Fremont recently.
His face when I told him you worked forthe UN!
You don't miss a chance to tell people, do you?
Hold on...
International posts are privileged. Something to be proud of.
Oh, yes...
We're like princes.
There are times... It's almost shocking.
The other day, I was on the phone to a guy in Mozambique.
He's fighting to reconstruct theirtelecommunications network.
Suddenly I looked around me...
All the marble, the glass building...
All the space...
I hope you're not complaining.
No, but it's just surrealistic.
Let's go, Alice.
It's very nice to see you so enthusiastic.
Good night, Dad.
Natural resources are the main interest of foreign investors,
although there is an influx toward industry and service.
Privatisation results in attracting direct foreign investment to Africa,
more so during the 90s than in previous decades.
Between 1 990 and 1 998,
there was more privatisation
in South Africa, 1.4 billion dollars...
Ghana, 769 million dollars...
Nigeria, 500 million dollars...
Zambia, 420 million dollars, and the Ivory Coast, 373 million dollars.
Theytook mytruck. Theytook me someplace.
I was there for half an hour.
I was scared, really scared. I prayed in the sleeper.
The gun was here the whole time.
They took all my money and credit cards.
They took me back. They took my jacket and...
- They left you like that? - In my underwear!
Fred, I have good reason to be cautious...
I see canned ravioli when I think of you.
You still have that butane burner?
No, I don't trust you. I'd rather go to a restaurant.
Yeah, my job is going well.
I'll tell you all about it. I've got a proposal foryou.
I'd rathertalk about it later.
I'll arrive in Grenoble around 6. That OK foryou?
OK, Fred...
See you at the Novotel.
See you later.
- Fred, you can't abandon us! - I'll be right back.
I'm really happy to see you.
Me, too.
I just need a couple minutes for a group photo.
Go on. I understand.
Mr Pradal, this is Vincent Renault.
- Hello, Vincent. - Hello, sir.
Vincent worked for years at DR Consulting.
Very good.
He's left the area. We lost contact for a while.
- So it's a reunion! - Sort of...
So, where to?
You can all go to the patio.
I'll have them light it.
Excuse me...
- Are you coming? - No, it's cold.
I just took a chance and it worked out.
It's all up to you.
There are so many businesses gravitating around the UN.
They always need new collaborators.
As if they're looking for me! I don't have the right profile.
No international experience.
Think again! What's needed are collaborators...
Consultants with experience in the private sector.
If ever I need to expand my team, I'd surely think of you.
I complain about my job, but it doesn't matter.
I'm not ambitious.
I could never be passionate about a job.
- But you enjoy their company? - No, you saved me from them!
He insisted we have dinner together. Give me a break!
I need my space.
It's not easy.
But the less I do, the more bored I get.
Sometimes after work, I just can't go home.
I have to see people.
Go out, feel like I did something with my day.
Give myself some silly little pleasure.
I tend to forget that all that costs money.
That's why your investment offer...
Well, I'm interested.
But I don't have a whole lot put aside.
50,000 francs in savings...
Don't know if it's worth it.
I swear it's worth it!
I'm not good at budgeting or saving either.
That's exactly why
this is good for us.
I guess I didn't look at it that way.
This investment is just an example.
Trust me, I don't go into things blindly.
The colleague who let me in on it...
He only works with Eastern Europe.
He's an expert. He'll run the whole thing.
The money he made in 2 years!
Isn't it a big risk foryou?
Officially, you're not allowed to carry cash in the diplomatic case.
But nobody checks. So no real danger.
I'll have the money tomorrow morning.
No good for me. I'm leaving for Geneva.
Here's what we'll do...
We'll meet up next week.
Sounds good.
- At 9? - 9 it is.
Bye, Fred. See you Monday.
Have a safe trip.
Please lower your window.
Good evening, sir.
This is a private lot. Did you know that?
This is a hotel, sir.
Lots of rooms to sleep in. You can't stay on the lot.
Very funny!
Listen, Sir, I tried the polite way. Now get out of here!
Didn't take long to get to impolite.
Get a move on!
Go on! Get out!
All right, all right...
Sure you won't come along, Julien?
Is there a code?
Hang up, Julien. I'm speaking to you!
I have to go. Bye.
We gave you that phone so your mother could reach you.
Not to spend hours with friends.
I don't want to go shopping. I have other plans.
And what are those plans?
Nothing special.
Call some friends...
Maybe go to the movies.
So, you're doing nothing, then?
Here, Julien...
What are you doing, Vincent?
This is between Julien and I.
500 francs to a kid! That's a lot of money.
He's old enough to buy clothes on his own.
You're dreaming if you think he'll use it to buy clothes!
I always choose them anyway.
Don't get used to it. This is an exceptional gift.
I don't like red!
Try on the red. We'll find another color, OK?
It looks nice on you.
Does it feel all right?
You'll neverwear it.
That's the one I like!
I'd preferto buyyou something simple you'd wear more often.
Mum, just let me buy herthe trousers.
Find something else you want to buy for her.
I don't mind buying the trousers.
Isn't that Jeffrey over there?
Yes, it's him.
- Hey, Vincent. How are you? - Very well, and you?
I'm fine... My wife, Elizabeth.
Our little Lola.
My wife, Muriel.
I think we've met before?
Yes, 2 or 3 years ago.
I told Vincent you looked familiar.
- Sure you're all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
- Should we have a smoke? - If you'd like.
I didn't want to harass you.
My calls were only to help you.
Help me?
Did you listen to my messages?
Of course, I heard them.
I contacted other companies and they're ready to hire you.
It's OK.
How OK?
I'm fine. Why do you insist?
Vincent, you were fired.
Then you completely disappear. It's normal I should be concerned.
It's not normal. We worked together, that's all.
Is this a joke?
Weren't we really close?
We ate lunch together daily for 1 0 years.
All that overtime together... Isn't that something?
That's in the past. I have a new job.
It's going really well.
Why didn't you tell me?
You're really strange.
- And yourwife? - Leave her alone.
You said she was doing badly.
Was she miraculously cured of her depression?
She doesn't know that I've been let go.
- What? - She thinks I resigned.
You're crazy!
That's stupid.
Your opinion doesn't interest me.
I'm fine. What else matters?
Leave me alone. Is that clear?
They look like twins!
How are you, Vincent?
- And you? - Real good.
This is Philippe.
Have a seat.
Do you remember Philippe?
I'm not sure...
He was one year after us.
No, I don't remember. Sorry.
- It might come to me. - I hope so.
I filled him in. Hope it's no problem.
No, but my first priority has been to contact
people that I know.
Easier to keep track of.
Philippe is interested.
Very much so.
He's a better client. He's got plenty of money.
Plenty of money!
- Probably about 300,000 francs. - See what I mean?
That's no problem at all!
Did Fred explain what to expect?
He told me in basic terms. I'd like to know more.
Of course!
So spelled out, we give money, an account is opened.
The money works... And then?
How do we follow the outcome? Do you send bank statements?
I made that clear to Fred. You receive no statements.
- It's very clear to me. - Not to me!
We must be clear on this.
The accounts are numbered.
They're unofficial.
- Not really legal. - I got that.
For now, of course...
I'll stay in touch, keep you posted.
Keep a close eye on things.
I told him about all the money you'll make off us.
Great, so he'll make money off us.
But I need more than that.
I'm interested, but I need more.
To invest 300,000 francs...
I need some kind of paper...
A receipt... Something!
Are you joking?
For 300,000 francs!
No, Fred, he's right.
I'll sign something for you, too.
It's OK. I really don't need it.
Well, I do!
are forms to open an account.
Read them carefully.
Think it over, Philippe.
Don't get involved if you're not sure.
I need some time.
I'm interested, but I'd like to look this over.
Calmly, with a clear head.
I suggest meeting again.
But I am interested.
- Hello. - Hello.
I'd like to speak to you if you have time.
About what?
Maybe about Switzerland.
- Switzerland? - Yes.
I don't really have the time today.
I have a lot of work this week.
I've got all the time in the world.
Call me whenever you want.
- See you soon. - Thanks.
The UCDIand France have signed an investment agreement
for a project to reinforce training in internationalcommerce
for Bnin, Mali and Burkina-Faso,
The amount is 2,284,000 francs,
The agreement arranges for:,
1) creating specialised training centres
2) organising seminars, both national and regional,
on international commerce issues,
3) conceiving, adapting and updating
multidisciplinary teaching units that respond to the needs
of executives in public and private sectors,
Enjoy it!
Does Mum know?
No, I want to surprise her.
How much did it cost?
1 45,000 francs.
So it was used?
Well, it's almost new.
Jerome's dad paid 330,000.
Well, I'm not Jerome's dad.
Sorry, Julien, I've got another call.
Call you tomorrow.
OK, Dad. Bye.
Bye. Kisses.
Who is it?
Don't you recognise me?
Is that Nono?
You got it!
Nothing to say?
Where are you?
What do you mean? Did I wake you?
I'm just surprised, that's all.
Fred told me you've been around Grenoble.
You could have at least called.
Fred didn't tell me you two were in touch.
So when can you come by?
I don't think I can. I'm sorry.
That's too bad.
Maybe Friday. Around 6 pm.
We'll expect you for dinner. Friday's perfect.
- Still recognise me? - Of course, I do.
He's here!
- Jeanne. - Vincent.
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Two Can Play That Game
Two Champions Of Shaolin