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Time and Tide

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It is said in the beginning there was nothing.
Everything was pitch black.
The one in charge said that wouldn't do.
Then there was light.
Light is good. It lets you see the world around you.
The next day, sky appeared.
That same sky has rainbows.
And lightning too. Very interesting.
On the third day, there was water.
Water brought plants...
... and animals.
Then began the game of survival of the fittest.
On the sixth day, He created man.
Most imperfect.
After that woman.
He thought such a big world could accommodate one more.
But this was not the case.
It turned out this combination was uncontrollable indeed.
On the seventh day, He'd planned to rest.
But He had to start all over again.
He's not the only one to start all over.
The whole world has to do it with him too.
Do you have anything cold?
All kinds. Which do you want?
" Ice. " The happy type.
I didn't think you could smile.
What are you doing?
Buying you a drink.
I'll drink what I please. Who needs your drink?
If you drink this, I'll finish the lot.
If I drink this, you'll have to finish everything on the bar.
Let's do something crazier.
I will... No.
If you drink everything on this bar...
...l'll drink all the alcohol in every bar on the street.
I'm going.
I remember calling Winnie three times that night.
Talked for a very long time.
Who would have guessed...
... I'd wake up with "Ice" in my arms.
I thought of only two things:
First, what time do I go to work?
Second, do I have to remind her not to leave anything behind?
I didn't want her to come back for anything.
What did you do last night?
I was at work.
Then I went home. Then?
Hold on. Careful where you aim that.
People assault police and resist arrest every day. You won't be the first.
Tell me. Last night, did you...
Did we have sex last night? You know better than I do.
I just know I'm still in my underwear.
I can't help you.
- What are you doing? - Looking for drugs.
Why shouldn't I suspect you?
Maybe you're the drug dealer!
That's bullshit. Did we have sex last night?
I'd like to know myself!
You fall out with your partner and I take the rap.
Let's see who calls who first.
What's the big deal anyway?
I can take you to a doctor.
I know a gynecologist. Why flip out?
If neither of us can remember, then let's not try.
Everyone falls in a black hole some time or other.
Yesterday was a black hole.
Crazy bitch.
Did you do it or not?
You should be so lucky.
We did, we didn't.
We did, we didn't.
" Little brother" fell into a black hole last night.
Heard you quit your job.
Hey, watch out for the baby!
You're not the father! He works in the 57th division...
...of the Eastern Police Station. Narcotics Inspector Y.K. Mak.
I know. She informed me herself.
You stole my chick, damn you!
What are you doing?
- You knocked her up, you bastard! - You're sick!
You made my girl pregnant, you want to be responsible?
- Irresponsible bastard! - What do you want?
Get over here! Don't run away!
Crazy bitch!
After leaving the supermarket, I made a decision.
I'll give myself one year's time. Find a shitload of money.
And escape to a paradise.
- Give me a beer. - Give me a beer.
- Give me a beer. - I'll get it.
Good, isn't it?
If you need quick money, Uncle Ji's your man.
He's always glad to help others make money.
He used to be a loan shark.
But no one would return his money.
So he didn't have anymore to lend out.
He started an unlicensed bodyguard operation.
He staffed it with the guys who owed him money.
They look like a bunch of zombies.
Convicted by the world.
Convicted of having no money.
Who is this? What does he do?
He's the ballroom captain.
And this one?
A kitchen worker.
Hotel east wing, third floor, left end of the hall.
Are the back stairs on the left or right?
Six guns and six shells each.
These guns aren't registered with the police.
Sign in with Janet when you take yours.
Return them when the job is done.
His name is Lam. He hates my guts.
That's why I never get a gun.
He must owe Ji a lot of money.
So he says whatever he likes.
We have a woman here too.
She likes to lay low. Doesn't want attention.
But she still sticks out like a sore thumb.
We're all curious.
We want to know what her man looks like.
I didn't know he'd go crazy. He grabbed my hands.
My clothes were torn to pieces.
He tied me with a telephone cord.
Look here, it's all bruised.
I don't care how you do it. I'm paying you well.
You must make sure this psychopath doesn't kill me.
Relax, Miss Ma.
Our reputation is one of the best in Hong Kong.
We'll give you round-the-clock protection...
...until you're safely on the plane.
Are your bodyguards specially trained?
Some of our men are ex-SDU officers.
They're better trained than the police.
A special police officer needs 23 seconds to stop an attacker.
My men need only 10 to 15 seconds to do the same.
Can you describe your attacker?
Can you describe his features?
Help us to help you.
He's in his 40s, I think.
Short hair, looks like a Eurasian.
He has eyebrows like yours, a bit bushy.
He has brown eyes.
A high-bridged nose like yours too.
His skin is coarse.
Like yours, with texture.
Your tie, he likes to wear ties like yours.
How old are you, Mr. Ji?
I always thought Ji was a scam artist.
But some of his clients are better at it than he is.
Did Shum refer this case to us?
I heard he knew some wacko woman.
Is she serious?
The man she described was you.
You'll end up taking the fall for this.
Have you heard this story?
Yes. The one about two rats.
From their hole, they saw a piece of cheese.
Next to the cheese sat a cat.
You haven't heard it, sit and listen.
Actually I've heard this story.
I just want to see if he tells it the same as before.
Rat A asks Rat B:
" Do you think that cat is alive or dead?"
Rat B replies, " If it's lying there, it must be alive.
How can a dead cat be there?"
Rat A didn't pay attention.
He went for the cheese.
He thinks this is the most ex citing part.
In the end, Rat A was eaten by the cat.
Or maybe killed in a mousetrap.
And the other rat?
It starved to death in the hole.
What does this story tell us?
This tells us that to live...
...don't worry if the cat's alive or dead.
Just don't starve to death in your hole.
...don't steal.
Let's go pick up our lady boss.
Why not say the rat died of a heart attack?
You can say whatever you like.
The ending will be the same.
Miss Ma, please get in the car.
So, what's your telephone number?
How much do you make a month?
Uncle Ji, does she have to go in my car?
Ms. Mouse Trap specifically asked for you.
Do be careful.
How can you refuse?
Fasten your seat belt, Miss Ma.
Tyler, what the hell are you doing? Come back!
" Mouse Trap," "cheese," here I come!
Ticket and passport please.
At the airport, I found a travel brochure.
With a beautiful photo of a beach.
Sounds like the place for me.
Weren't you inside? What are you doing here?
You've been to my place?
I can take care of myself. Stop bothering me.
Stop pestering me like a fly!
If I'm a fly, you're having a fly's egg.
Don't scream. Be careful, will you?
What's going on?
- Who are you? - I'm the watchman.
You all right, miss?
I'm fine.
Beano, good girl...
That beautiful beach is in South America.
It's name is...
Actually I've no idea what it's called.
It's sunny all year round.
Very few people, things are cheap.
Life there must be easy.
Weather report:
Storm season is in full swing.
Major roads and highways have been blocked.
Just a minute more.
I'm finishing a sketch of our Messiah.
Count this money so we can get the hell out of here.
Yeah, I'm headed for some sun and fun myself.
Do you know what it's like in Hong Kong?
There's only this one delivery tonight.
Hey, how come I've never seen you? Are you new?
Yeah, started just in time for the bad weather.
Put the case here.
Take it.
What happened to the " no long hair" policy?
Get down! Ambush!
I'll cover you, captain!
There's no one back there. It's a setup.
A message from the Angels:
Those carrying gold bars can't fly to heaven.
It's a damn can!
The window is the only way out.
Captain, I'll cover you.
Now we are equal.
Equal my ass.
My gun doesn't speak, it only kills.
I don't want the money. You take it.
It's there.
God bless you!
Now you can fly.
- Like a dove. - No!
How's that one? Which one?
That one? Or that one?
That one's like the real thing.
You are taking so long.
How is it? Got what you want?
This is too light. Get me another one.
Another one?
Right, but I want the Chinese one.
This is Chinese. Happy birthday to you.
The Chinese one goes like this:
I want that one.
There's no such song.
Who said there's such a birthday song?
My wife.
She was kidding.
I've had more than 20 birthdays and never heard it.
I believe whatever my wife says.
She doesn't lie to me.
I've sold lots of music boxes, but I've never heard of that song.
It's not a birthday song.
There are four " happy birthdays" in it!
If you find one, I'll buy it from you.
If I had one, I wouldn't be here.
There's lots of shops around. You don't have what I want.
I'll buy them all if you can find them.
If you find one, I'll swap two for your one.
Two for one? Which two?
Wrap it up. Got any gold wrapping paper?
Gold birthday wrapping paper?
Uncle Ji has played the wrong side for so long...
... he sees himself as legit.
But this time he seems different.
Like he really has to prove himself.
Word is, the hit's going down at Hong's birthday party.
Hey, it's Boy.
I got the lowdown.
He's from Shantou, arrived 2 or 3 days ago.
"Little Rat. "
What? What was that?
His name is Little Rat.
He's disguised as a waiter. Weapons supplied by Hong Kong.
Got you.
Listen up, just got the latest.
The killer is from Shantou. Nicknamed " Little Rat."
Male, no special features.
There are 24 part-time waiters tonight.
We can ex clude the women. Check the remaining 1 3 men.
Track him down. Find him before the party starts.
Got it?
Little Rat.
What's going on?
He looks sneaky. He must be up to something.
I just came for a smoke!
You can search my stuff, asshole!
Let him go!
What do you mean, "sorry"?
What do you take me for?
Why did you let him go and not me?
Cut the crap. Move.
Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday. - Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you.
Say it in English.
Happy birthday.
Not too good. My father will think you're showing off.
Happy birthday, Dad.
So, what have you proved?
I said you wouldn't last a year away from home.
Happy birthday.
This is my husband, Jack Chow. He's from Taiwan.
He's working in Uncle's butcher house.
His name is not on the guest list, Mr. Hong.
Did I invite any butchers?
What do I pay these people for?
They're not supposed to let riffraff in.
Careful of the baby.
Hey, it's Boy.
Situation's changed.
Blind Fai's brother said it's been called off.
Little Rat is not for real.
He's fooling with us.
Blind Fai? Yes, he's here.
I haven't let him go yet.
Here's the latest. The Little Rat thing is fake.
Should we let him go?
The hotel is complaining.
They're short of waiters.
Albert, let Little Rat go.
Do I get the night off?
Go ask your boss.
I'm very happy today.
First, I'd like to thank everyone for coming.
Everything I do is for my family.
My daughters must come up to join me.
Please welcome my eldest daughter, Jennifer.
Her husband, James.
My younger daughter, Jamie...
...and Peter.
Ready for a photo?
And my second daughter...
Do all pregnant women look so glum?
Looking at her reminds me of another.
I've never seen that one smile.
Dad, my husband asked me to tell you...
...the riffraff wish you a happy birthday.
Waiter, more wine, please?
Is that waiter one of yours? Something's up.
- Who? - That guy.
Uncle Ji, can you hear me?
Uncle Ji.
He's not with us.
You should be more careful.
I'm sorry, sir.
What the hell are you doing, Tyler?
That guy is suspicious. I'll check it out.
It's none of your business.
Where are you going? Come back here!
You think I was born yesterday?
That gun is fake.
Look closer.
Big B, take my position. Team A, follow me.
It's me! You idiot!
Uncle Ji!
That's not Little Rat. He went the other way.
Where do you think you're going?
The killer escaped by the fire exit!
Shut up!
The guy just had a fight with Tyler. He's been sent to the hospital.
Go back to your position.
I'll sort everything out.
What? Talk!
Mr. Hong wants to see you.
I'll be there right away.
I'm going now, back to my position.
If you're not at your post when I turn around... can disappear forever.
It won't take him long to turn around.
No time to finish that cigarette.
I'll take it slow.
Oh, yeah, I checked.
The song of yours wasn't a birthday song.
I took this by mistake.
Give it back for me, will you?
You keep it.
Where're you going? I'll give you a lift.
Are you practicing Qi Gong?
The better to beat you up with.
Ah Hui.
Did this birthday song start with you?
So? Something wrong?
You shouldn't tease your husband. The song goes like this:
I'm sorry.
Ah Hui.
Here's something you'll like.
Fruity flavored.
You know her?
Well enough that you need to explain?
We know each other, but...
But I don't need to explain.
You might not need to, but I do!
There's no need.
We're not doing anything wrong.
Even if we were, it's none of her business.
Relax, I'm not with him.
I'm a lesbian.
Well, congratulations. I'm not.
But what's in here is not his.
Mine has nothing to do with him either.
And you can tell him stop giving me money.
My dog has torn most of it up.
What's left I'll give back.
I don't want to owe anyone anything.
How can she be so nice to a dog?
She forgives it for eating her money.
If you treat others like animals...
... is it easier to forgive them?
Why are you here?
I found this the other night.
In the hotel garbage bin.
If no one appreciates this...
...if no one likes it or wants it, then it's just a no good box.
Want to start a business together?
A bodyguard company!
It's a hot business and easy to set up.
We protect a few singers...
...fend off reporters for movie stars.
We don't even have to do it ourselves.
We can be agents and earn commission.
Aren't you a bodyguard now?
Don't you get what I'm saying?
I understand. You need money.
I don't need money. I'm only thinking about you.
You're having a baby soon.
You need money more than I do.
You're doing this for that woman.
Why would I...?
It's for that woman.
I'd never do anything so stupid. Work my ass off for a woman.
I'm talking about myself.
Women want to feel protected and loved.
- What are you saying? - You don't know?
I don't know.
Go and ask her.
I don't have a wife.
I'm not talking about a wife. I'm talking about a woman.
Don't talk to me about women!
You want to set up a business or what?
Is this the right sort of job...
...for a father-to-be?
I don't see why not.
Your friends are here.
Lots of them.
What are you doing?
What are you looking at?
Drink your tea.
The bathroom is behind me. There's an exit by the men's.
I'll distract them. Lend me your mobile phone.
Look at that idiot.
This beach is so beautiful.
Stupid! This isn't beach, it's a harbor.
Justo, Orlando, Leon.
Leon, you eat too much.
Good news. We're going to open a travel agency here.
We'll have Angels here, Angels there. Just like heaven!
What happened to your voice?
He got shot through the throat.
So now he sounds like Rod Stewart.
We sent you here to hide the money.
You didn't send me here, Pablo. Did you forget?
It was your betrayal that forced us to split up.
You said you'd see me die like a cockroach.
Yes, because cockroaches don't eat from clean plates.
They called us the Angels.
Better trained than any army.
But we lived like insects.
Justo had a gun to my head, how could I take the money?
I was just following orders. That's the real story.
Tell me you're just joking.
No, tell everyone it's you who is joking!
Hey, it's your wife!
Honey, I just had an ultrasound.
I saw the baby move. It's wonderful!
Ah Hui, stay where you are. Don't move.
Don't talk to anyone. Don't do anything.
I'm coming to get you.
A lovely wife, just what we all need.
If you dare touch her, none of you will leave here alive!
Welcome to Cockroach City!
Number 1 6, please collect your prescription.
Mrs. Chow, please collect your prescription.
I'll get it in a minute.
Explain to her why I can't move.
What's going on?
- Mrs. Chow, your medicine. - We'll get it later.
What the hell is going on?
This is not my bag.
Did you leave it at any point?
I must have taken the wrong one.
We're changing hospitals first.
Here are the ammo and toys I promised.
It's a real easy job, Juan old boy.
You'll set up a meeting with this Thomas Hong.
Your so-called father-in-law.
We've come to do business in Cockroach City.
And what I want you to do, my good friend... get a nice clean shot...
...right here.
This meeting, third Friday of this month, the 1 3th.
There'll be 1 2 guys in the security...
... and they'll be exiting through the west parking lot.
And after you do that, I will love you.
Like old times.
Like family.
Like blood.
Our new client is Mr. Pablo Santosa from South America.
Says he's setting up a travel agency.
The fact is, he has business with the Hong gang boss, Thomas Hong.
We were protecting Hong before.
And now we're working for the other side?
That's even better. We already know how Hong operates.
Mr. Santosa has his own men with him.
And he still needs us?
We don't know much about this guy. Will that be a problem?
Sure, it'll be a problem.
It'll be a problem if we have no business.
Call an ambulance!
Jose, take cover!
Justo, make sure nobody touches the case!
Jose, storage room, third floor.
Orlando, housekeeping, second floor.
Justo, main entrance alert.
Leon, cover the top floor of the parking lot.
The air shaft leads to the second floor.
Next to the control desk. Three exits from there.
Jose, get to the fuse room.
Orlando, make sure he didn't jam the frequencies.
I want all channels clear.
You can't help here. Go check things out.
Everybody follow me.
- Capone! - Yes!
There's a window in the 2nd floor laundry.
Go and check it out.
Suspect found in the lobby!
- Capone, check the storeroom. - Yes, sir.
Listen up. The cockroach has been spotted near the main lobby.
This catwalk model might have a couple of costumes, so you watch your backs.
Don't let him get away.
Let's party, shall we?
It's no use.
Hey, the car! The money's in there.
Stop him, will you?
The boss's car is not at the gate. Must still be in the parking garage.
Keep searching!
That's him!
Jose, go back to the car park.
The money's in the car.
We've got to stop him.
Things have screwed up. Step on it!
Leon, the cockroach is on the 6th or 7 th floor.
You're the final line, don't let him cross it.
Leon, wake up! He's coming your way!
Damn! You knucklehead.
Damn! What about the champagne?
I guess maybe next time.
All right people, the cops are here. Let's roll.
What's going on?
Superintendent Cheung, their boss is in the car.
So, what's up? You've got a big headache.
Can you take care of this?
Tell me how. Your company has no license.
Your client is dead, the money's missing.
Don't even think of leaving the country for now.
For old time's sake, can you help?
How long have you known the killer?
How did he contact you?
Where does he live?
How much money are you getting?
When did you meet the killer?
I don't know the killer.
How did he arrange to meet you?
Where is the money?
I don't know him.
How long have you known him?
After being interrogated for so long, everything becomes unreal.
I don't know if the guy who let me go was him.
If they ask me to give a description...
... I'm afraid I'll describe my own features.
Haven't seen the money or haven't seen him in the hotel?
This kid is a prime suspect.
You want to bail him out, it's not up to me to say yes.
You should know the rules.
I can give you the rest later.
You think this is like buying vegetables?
You need at least $200,000. How could I answer to my boss?
This is all I have now, you...
Sorry. Come back when you have enough money.
Heard she dumped the guy and kept the baby.
You know her?
Go and talk to her.
She tried to bail you out but didn't have the money.
Thank... Thank you.
What are you doing?
Didn't I say I'd come after work?
You did, but I forgot.
I thought you weren't coming.
Silly girl! Relax!
I brought you some chicken soup.
Chicken soup? Did you put herbs in it?
I ate all the herbs.
St. Mary's Hospital. Hold on.
Didn't you just make a call, Mrs. Chan?
Didn't you say we'd be safe using false names?
Do you still remember your dad's phone number?
Yes, why?
Call him. Tell him you want to come home.
Say that again. Who do you want me to call?
23230226. Your father.
This key is to a locker in the Kowloon Station.
After our baby is born, go to the locker.
You'll find what you need most.
Promise me. Stay with your father.
Do not go back to our apartment.
Uncle Jim, I was just in the neighborhood.
I want to come in and have a drink.
The master left yesterday, Miss.
I'll go after my tea. I won't stay long.
Why do you have my wallet?
I stole it.
Someone as broke as you...
...wouldn't be gobbling that bread...
...if you had a few million U.S. dollars somewhere.
You tricked me!
Yes, I did.
I waited outside all night last night.
You're lucky you didn't come out, or I'd have shot you!
If I'm going down for this, at least tell me why.
The guy's name is Jack.
I know him.
But I don't know if it's his real name.
That day at the hotel, he wore a disguise.
But he knew I recognized him, so he knocked me unconscious.
How old are you?
For the past few years, I haven't slept well.
I keep trying to understand this world.
But the more I think about it...
...the more confused I get.
If you can't figure it out...
...maybe I could help you.
You owe me so much money, you have no other choice.
Remember the story of the two rats?
Am I the one who stayed in the hole?
Let me go check out the Mouse Trap.
No matter where you end up...
...don't forget to send me a postcard... I'll know where to find you to get back my money.
You are?
Miss Wong's landlord.
She went to the hospital last night, in labor.
Which hospital?
She didn't say. Don't bring money anymore.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah...
She left you a phone number.
Thank you.
This is Juan. Is there a way out of this?
Can we talk? My number is...
I'm sure you've traced it.
It's Juan. He wants to talk.
The number is 99537 653.
Let you out of this?
Of course we can talk about it. We're brothers for many years, right?
Okay, what are your terms? Tell me.
Our terms are...
... you lose and we win.
The whole world knows you beat us all.
We are worth nothing now.
I told you if you touch my wife, you are all dead meat.
But did you know we've got her I.D. and passport?
So what? I've made myself clear.
This has nothing to do with her.
If you touch her, I'll kill you all one by one.
Come back to the team. You can take Pablo's place.
- Be our big brother. - What if I don't come back?
If you don't let us off the hook...
...we'll fight you till the end.
That's not him.
I know you're in there! Come out!
It's our cute bodyguard boy.
We've got him. He'll be in range in eight seconds.
Target sighted.
No, wait.
Negative. Just wait for my signal, man.
We do want to know where Juan's hiding, don't we?
Exterminate him!
Target is two floors up, 2:00.
Target is on the 6th floor, entered flat B.
Target used east staircase to go down. Repeat, I got him.
Little boy, want a lollipop?
Study hard now.
Shit, I've lost him. Repeat, I've lost the target.
Last seen in flat 4B.
He's shown himself, left corridor of the 7 th floor.
I've got him. He's mine!
Wait a minute.
Target left by 6th floor corridor.
Tyler, are you in there?
I'm inside!
Are you out there, you asshole?!
How nice of you to visit!
Don't go out by the window. They've got it covered.
You want me to talk and inhale more gas?
The kitchen is the safest place.
The fridge, hide inside the fridge.
The floor is thinnest in the kitchen.
Try to jump through after the explosion.
You making fun of me?
Dangerous and safe?
I can't stay to help. You can believe me or not.
If I had a real gun, I'd come out and shoot you.
Are you out there?
The target is at 12:00.
Just outside his own door.
I'll feed him with my bullets!
Target is coming closer.
East block, between 6th and 8th floors.
Watch out for his tricks.
Beware of friendly fire.
Justo, I think he's in your sector.
Don't fall into his trap!
Wait for me!
I forgot, you feel no pain.
Detonate the site.
Congratulations, amigo. Looks like your side's winning.
You're still better than I expected.
Pablo was right. Cockroaches can never eat on clean plates.
You're always prepared.
We shouldn't be fighting each other.
No more bloodshed. If you don't leave, I will.
Then we will start to rot and stink here.
We have nowhere to go but to finish this game.
This cockroach is exposed to the sun and has no place to hide.
There are no cockroaches here.
Juan, you win.
I have a little something for you.
Here's your new target.
Miguel, I see something you're going to like.
Lock up the new target. New formation.
Target zone is in the back alley. Noise sounds like a restaurant.
Go check it out.
Lady, do you want to get out?
I can't stay here. The police will ticket me.
Don't ever go back to our apartment.
This key is to a locker in the Kowloon Station.
You'll find what you need for our baby.
Sorry. Drive me to the Kowloon Station.
I need your car. Take my wallet.
What's going on?
I'll return it to you later.
Officer, he had a gun. Gave me his wallet.
Inform HQ, suspect from the Lok Shan Rd. Fire site...
...Yim Kwok Ching, stole a taxi at gunpoint.
License plate HZ5449.
Calling headquarters. We found the stolen taxi.
Give it here! We need to return it.
It's not yours. Can't we just return it to its owner?
If you won't think of yourself, think of your baby, okay?
Give me the key.
I don't want to be mean to a pregnant woman. Give it to me!
Are you one of my father's men?
I'll go back with you, but leave my husband alone.
I don't care where you go. Just give me the key.
What I've suffered over this stupid money!
I'm going crazy here!
Do you know where my husband is? Help me find him.
When the baby is born...
...l'll let my father have the baby.
I don't want anything.
Give it here!
Trust me, it's for the good of your baby.
What's happening here?
Operation reconfirmed. Suspect's name: Tyler Yim, aged 20.
According to PC 1 900...
...suspect is in Kowloon Station.
He's connected to the explosion in Tokwawan.
And the hotel murder two days ago.
We believe the suspect is heavily armed.
When we arrive, I want complete control within five minutes.
Charlie Team, take charge of the control room.
Connect all monitors to my mobile headquarters.
Beta Team, seal all exits!
No trains allowed to enter the station without my okay.
-Lieutenant! -Yes, sir!
Give orders to the district's emergency unit.
Remove all bystanders to a distance of 30 meters.
Is Charlie Team in the control room yet?
-In 1 0 seconds! - Cut all power, shut down ventilation.
Charlie Team. Why don't I have any visual?
Attention. This is the police. You're surrounded.
Put down your weapons and surrender!
There's a pregnant woman in here. Call an ambulance!
She's in labor!
A pregnant woman, do you hear? Call an ambulance!
Pregnant woman?
What the hell's she doing here?
A pregnant woman! Didn't you hear me? Call an ambulance!
Hang on.
Deep breaths.
- Alpha Team. -Yes, sir!
Get into paramedic uniforms. Bring the woman out.
- Beta Team, prepare tear gas. - Roger!
Beta Team, fire tear gas. I'm coming over.
All units prepare for full-force action.
Wake up. It's your husband.
You've got to get out somehow. Can the baby wait?
I don't know.
Can you stand?
Yes, I can.
I can't be with you right now. We must rely on our only friend here.
Give him the phone.
You've got to divert their attention to me.
Didn't you want to start a bodyguard company?
Today's your grand opening.
How much for getting my wife out of here?
Our grand opening special offer: free of charge.
Know how to use a gun?
I... think so.
There's a tunnel leading to the stadium. Everything's in your hands.
I'll cover you!
- Beta Team, seal off the left exit! - Yes, sir!
- Alpha Team, watch the lobby! - Yes, sir!
The pain.
Hang on.
It really hurts!
I'm sorry.
I can't stand it anymore.
Only a little longer.
Orlando, Miguel, go after the commander.
I'll go after the target.
I copy you.
Weren't all trains to be stopped?
Why is there a train coming?
What the hell is Charlie Team doing in the control room?
Stop this train at once!
Charlie Team was ambushed. Now receiving treatment.
All equipment is destroyed. We can't stop this train.
There's a manual switch on the track.
Delta 3, follow me to the platform.
Lieutenant, the lobby is yours for now.
Report to me every 3 minutes on Charlie Team's status.
I don't care why you saved my life.
I've already lost an elite team in the lobby and control room.
I give you one minute to explain who you are...
...and how you are connected with this.
What are you doing? I can't move.
It's coming.
- Who's coming? - The baby.
- Now? - His head is coming. Now.
- What do you want me to do? - It hurts!
Emergency call, all units to station's lower level.
All units change to code RC3 form.
All units change to code RC3 form.
All team members assemble in tunnel on the lower level.
All team members assemble in tunnel on the lower level.
Calling command, toward the stadium. Two team members did not fall in.
Request order, over.
They're going in the opposite direction.
Beta 7, do you have the shot?
- Yes, sir! -Fire!
Alert all units. We have more than one target.
There are two suspects in our uniforms.
Beta 7's last position was in the tunnel leading to the stadium.
That's about 1 20 meters from the stadium.
They may be headed for the stadium.
Attention everyone, change of tactics.
Hong Kong Coliseum, full speed!
Alpha Team, take off your uniforms.
Form teams of two and go into the audience.
Suspects may open fire on audience to create diversion.
You're worried about your wife?
They headed in this direction. They're somewhere here.
I hope they're safe.
For the sake of over 1 0,000 people...
...we'll use all means to ensure them a safe evening.
- It hurts! - Hang on!
- Hang on. - The baby's coming.
Help me count. 1, 2, 3, 4.
- All right, 1, 2, 3, 4! - Slower, very slow.
- 1... 2... 3... 4... - Slower, very slow.
One, one and a half.
Two, two and a half.
Three, three and a half.
Harder! Harder!
I can see the head! I can see the head!
We are all specially trained mercenaries.
Before you can counterattack, they will attack first.
Their combat tactics are designed against regular forces.
In the meantime, they know you're here.
They won't use their usual tactics.
It's a war zone out there.
I can't help you from in here.
Can you give me a gun?
You are the only one who knows them.
Sometimes the law is not practical enough.
I hope you can save those people out there.
Give him a bulletproof vest.
One cockroach...
...two cockroaches...
...three cockroaches...
...four cockroaches...
...five cockroaches...
...six cockroaches... cockroaches...
...eight cockroaches...
...nine cockroaches...
...ten cockroaches...
...eleven cockroaches...
...twelve cockroaches...
...thirteen cockroaches...
...fourteen cockroaches...
...fifteen cockroaches...
...sixteen cockroaches...
...seventeen cockroaches.
I can see the head now.
One, two, three, four.
Easy now.
You'll pass out like this. You'll put the baby in danger.
Hurry, help me count 1, 2, 3, 4.
One, two, three, four.
You're still the best of all of us!
Don't remind me of things I want to forget.
Without the past, do you have a present?
Everyone can start over.
Can you hear them scream?
Almost there!
Hold the gun! Hold it!
If someone comes in that door, you can shoot them.
Push harder! Hold the gun!
Point at the door!
Hold it tight! Push hard! It's coming now.
One, two, three, four.
It's here.
It's a boy!
You've got to cut the cord, quickly.
I don't have scissors. What do I use?
Use... use a gun?
Use your teeth.
And tie a knot afterwards.
A good kid. No crying.
Not crying?
He has to cry. Hit him.
How? How do I hit him?
The door! Fire! Fire!
The kid is crying! He's okay.
It's me that's hit.
Stop! Don't move!
You killed to save lives.
Though you and I do the same thing...
...I do it legally, and you are outside the law.
Under the law, there's no way to explain this.
All I can do is give you three minutes.
After three minutes, there's nothing I can do.
- Lieutenant. - Sir.
Seal all exits.
Without my orders no other officers can enter.
Yes, sir!
Don't risk your three minutes.
The earlier you get away, the easier I'll feel.
What's your real name?
Can we use your real name...
...for our baby?
That beach is so far away.
Look's like there's no going home.
It seems I can't go home just yet.
I know I have a lot of explaining to do.
Before I go with you there's one thing I need to do.
I'll go with you after I've done that.
The second one on the left.
The second one on the left.
They say in the beginning there was nothing.
So The Boss created many things.
Actually He created many problems and contradictions.
Even He can't solve them.
So in the end, He created one last thing.
It was hope.
With hope...
... everything can start all over again.
Subtitles by Gelula/SDI
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