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Timecop 1994

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
Whoa! Whoa!
- Easy.|- Mornin'.
Mornin'. Y'all mind|steppin' aside?
- You know what I think?|- No, sir, I don't.
I think you got yourselves|a shipment of gold in that wagon...
that you're bringin'|to General Lee.
- Just who might you be?|- A friend of the Confederacy.
Why don't y'all show us what a|good friend you are by steppin' aside?
I'd be most happy to,|'cept first...
I'd be much obliged|if you'd give me that gold.
I don't think I heard you correct.
I think you did.|I'd like that gold now.
Listen, mister, it ain't|very nice out here, as you can see.
There are five of us.
If you don't step aside now,|I'd just as soon kill you as not.
You wanna die out here in this|miserable weather, that's your choice.
I'm gonna ask you|one more time.
Would you please|give me the gold?
Good afternoon, senators.
The president is very|grateful for your time here.
Believe me, this is a matter|of the utmost importance.
I cannot stress too much|the utmost secrecy.
Why don't you just|cut out the shit, George?
You're here to ask the committee|for money, so come out and ask for it.
Thanks for the advice.|I am gonna ask you for money.
Guess what else?|You're gonna give it to me.
You all remember|Dr. Hans Kleindast...
the Nobel Laureate who helped us|during the space program?
For 20 years...
he's been keeping his face|off of Time magazine doing research.
His field of research|has been time travel.
- Time travel.|- Time travel.
- Well, beam me up, Scotty.|- That's very funny, Senator.
- Wanna know what's funnier than that?|- He's gonna tell us.
The funny thing is...|the good doctor actually did it.
I thought that'd|get your attention.
He did it. The technology is|in the folders in front of you.
You won't understand it|any better than I can.
Now, you can't go forward,|because the future hasn't happened yet.
However, you can go back,|and that's where things get tricky.
If you go back and change something,|it's serious. It could be catastrophic.
It's like throwing|a stone in a lake...
only now there|are ripples in time.
So you can't go back and kill Hitler,|much as we'd like to...
because it could cause|a chain reaction of events...
that could alter|or even destroy mankind.
And that, my good senators,|is where you come in.
We have to form a new agency to police|this technology and protect time.
It will be called the Time Enforcement|Commission or the T.E.C.
Eugene Matuzak of the Washington P.D.|Is our choice to run the commission.
- How much is this gonna cost?|- A lot.
- How much is a lot?|- More than a little|and less than too much.
This is not a good time|to ask for money. The economy...
Suppose one of our competitors goes|back in time and invents the computer?
Or the airplane or the automobile?
You wanna talk about|the American economy, Senator?
How about this one?|Saddam Hussein finances a trip to 1944.
He gets our technology...
and Iraq becomes the first country|to have the atomic bomb.
- Oh, you like that one.|- Not bad.
Try this one.|We think there's already been a ripple.
Ten days ago, the C.I.A. Broke up|an arms sale to terrorists...
in Hamburg, Germany.
Ordinarily, that sort of news|doesn't cross the president's desk.
What made this different...
was that the purchase|was made with gold bullion...
and the bullion|was dated 1863...
and stamped|"Confederate States of America".
We had it carbon-tested|and authenticated. It's real.
Now, just think|about what I'm saying.
Going back in time|is a pretty easy way to make money.
Our committee would have exclusive|jurisdiction over this program?
Yours and yours alone. No one can know|about this. It's too dangerous.
That's very good, George.
I think this sounds like that|bullshit Star Wars program.
You'll get your money. Anyone here want|to chair the oversight on this program?
Yeah, I'll do it.
Ah, young Senator McComb.
Why not?|Oh, you'll like him, George.
Very much like you,|except his dorsal fin's a bit bigger.
There's never enough time.
Never enough for what?
To satisfy a woman.
Then you never want|to miss an opportunity.
Are you busy?
I'm meeting my husband.
If I were him,|I would not keep you waiting.
If he's not here when I turn around,|I'll go home with you.
You'll do.
I didn't hear you|leave this morning.
It was early.|I was meeting with Matuzak.
Are you gonna|take that job?
- What?|- Be right back.
Read it.
- "Wolverine"?|- Between the lines.
I should get|the fuck outta here.
You know that purse?|Doesn't look good on you.
Thank you.
- Glad you're not hurt.|- Thank you.
Smart kid.|He read my mind.
With your English,|he doesn't have much choice.
Hey, I know all the good words.
You didn't answer my question.
- Are you gonna take this job?|- I think so.
Is this T.E.C. Thing dangerous?
I don't bake cookies for a living.
Will you have to travel?
Not the way you think.
Pictures bring back your memories.
Aw, you're gonna|be very happy you have this.
I can see into the future.
- You can see the future, huh?|- Mm-hmm.
- What do you see?|- I see it's gonna rain.
We both have|the afternoon off.
Why don't we go and practice some of|those words you seem to like so much?
Hmm? What?
I have something I want to tell you.
Shit. I'm sorry.
Don't answer it.|Just this once, don't answer it.
I have to.
Oh, Jesus Christ.|Can you find somebody else?
Look, uh, somebody|called in sick and...
And there's nobody|but Max Walker...
- to keep the streets safe.|- I said I was sorry.
- It's not like I have a choice.|- Of course you have a choice.
- This is what I do.|- I know that's what you do.
It's just that things|are different now.
What are you|talking about?
This isn't the way|I wanted to do this.
I have to go.
There's something|you need to tell me?
Can you wait|until I get back?
- Finish him.|- Who are you?
You're a smart boy.|Why don't you sleep on it a while?
Nothing to see over there.|It's just another jumper.
Hang on, there, buddy!
All right, close enough! That's it!
Thank you!|Stand back, folks!
Come on! Break it up!|There's nothin' to see!
Go back to work. Come on!|Come on, now! Come on, now.
Break it up.|Go back to work.
Come on. Come on,|get out of here.
- Good morning, Mr. Atwood.|- Good morning, Charlie.
- It's a terrible day, sir.|- Beat it.
- What's goin' on?|- Mr. Floatbauer.
He went off the roof.
Ah, yeah.
Well, shit happens.|Excuse me.
Oh, that poor man!
Good morning, Pete.
Good morning, Mr. Atwood.
Third jumper this week. They keep|this up, you're gonna be out of a job.
Only going down, sir.
There he is!
- Mr. Atwood, isn't it terrible?|- Tragic.
...little lovebirds
We're not above birds
Let's misbehave
Slip and slide
Slip inside
Slip and slide
I learn to love|I learn to live
Get me Ross.
Ross! Hi!|Yeah, listen.
I want another 100,000 shares|of Middle States Oil.
No, no. Just buy it.|It's an act of faith.
I really think things|are gonna turn around.
I got a feeling|about the future.
Look, I gotta go.|I'm... I'm very busy.
- Walker.|- How've you been, Lyle?
How ya doin', partner?
- Ex-partner.|- Max.
I'm not gonna change a thing. The only|ripples'll be in my swimming pool.
It's a nice place.|You couldn't do this by yourself.
- Who are you working for?|- I'm not hurtin' anybody.
It's America, man! I'm just|takin' an opportunity, that's all.
I've got to take you back.
I went ten rounds with|John L. Sullivan himself.
I saw Tyson beat Spinks on TV.
- Mr. Atwood... Oh, my god!|- Get down.
Doesn't look too good, Lyle.
Let me go, Max.
I'll stay here.|I won't go back.
Who sent you?|I want the name.
Like it'll make any difference.
In a few weeks,|this guy's gonna run the whole country.
If he doesn't get the money here,|he's gonna get it somewhere else.
I can't tell you. He'll send somebody|back to wipe out my grandparents.
It'll be like I never existed:
My mother, my father, my wife,|my kids, my fuckin' cat!
You ever hear of the name Aaron McComb?|Senator McComb?
You don't understand.|He's gonna be president.
He's doin' this to get|money for his campaign.
Shit, Max, he already|owns most of the guys we work with!
When we get back,|you'll point them out.
You're out of your mind.|This guy's gonna roll right over you.
- We'll see. Let's go.|- Listen to me!
If I go back and talk,|my family is dead.
I'm talkin' about my f...|my family!
If I die here, it's only me.|I can't go back!
I have to bring you back.|I have no choice.
Neither do I.
Holy Mother of Mary!
Lieutenant Clapton, 0316.
Lieutenant Clapton.
Testify and I'll do what I can.
Communication relays|rerouted to Alpha 02.
Captain Lyle Atwood,|you are charged with violations...
of T.E.C. Code 40.8,|subsection nine...
time travel with intent|to alter the future.
Charges are compounded by your current|status as a time enforcement officer.
Does the defendant|have any statement?
- Tell her.|- Something to say on your own behalf?
- Yes.|- No.
Then I will pass sentence|as mandated by our charter.
Say something.|Come on. Say something!
The defendant has been|found guilty...
Take care of yourself, Max.
And is sentenced to death,|immediately.
Poor bastard.
Tomorrow might've been|a brighter day.
We're pickin' up|some noise outside Camp David, '79.
Intelligence thinks|it's a kill team out of Iran.
It's their third|try this year.
C.I.A.'s trying to locate|their launch facility.
I want two teams on this date.|Let's smoke these guys.
- Right.|- Number two: Los Angeles, 1902.
Somebody's trying to get a jump on|real-estate, buying up Beverly Hills.
- Burr and Swain got the deal.|- Yes, sir.
You look like shit.
- We have to talk.|- In a minute.
- Now.|- I said in a minute.
Temporary wave guide|shutdown in three minutes.
Shit. Go over your dispatch notes|and check with me before you launch.
- Good afternoon, gentlemen.|- George. Welcome.
Gene. Senator Nelson, this is|T.E.C. Director Matuzak.
Senator Nelson is the newest member|of the oversight committee.
Since he's gonna be voting|on your budget...
he'd like to see how it's spent.
Senator McComb,|our long-standing committee chairman...
agreed to take time out from his|presidential campaign to accompany us.
Well. Be a pleasure|to show you around.
Are these all of your agents?
Most of 'em. Agent Monroe.|Agent Anderson.
Agents Burr, Bartolo and Shepherd.
- Agent Walker.|- Agent Walker.
I've heard a great deal about you.
- And I've heard a lot about you.|- Not all of it bad, I hope.
Agent Walker just returned|from a successful mission.
Well, congratulations,|Agent Walker.
Senator, now Director Matuzak|will show you the launch room.
Follow me.|I'll show you where we kick off.
You wouldn't mind|if Agent Walker accompanied us?
I'd love to hear about|his most recent mission.
- I have a report to file.|- Agent Walker would be delighted.
All units switch to TEC channel three.
All units switch|to TEC channel three.
As you can see,|we've spared every expense.
No comfort, no convenience,|no necessities. Watch your head.
So, Agent Walker,|who were you after?
A man named Atwood.|Ring a bell?
Atwood. No.|Should that name be familiar to me?
- Unfortunately, Atwood was a TEC agent.|- Really?
See, George, I don't|want to sound like a broken record...
but that's one of the dangers|of having an agency like this.
- Imagine the dangers of not having it.|- Did you know this Atwood?
He was my partner.
Oh, I'm sorry.|Nothing worse than a rogue cop.
- Except the guy who paid him.|- If there is such a guy.
- There always is.|- Do you know who the man is?
- Oh, yeah.|- Why don't you arrest him?
- I lost my witness.|- Oh.
Well, I trust you'll|keep working on it.
You can bet on it.
Hydrogen specialists,|prepare for inspection.
We've updated our entire operation|to Parker Datalink Systems...
utilizing their|superconducting chip.
Senator McComb|was Jack Parker's partner...
and sold out before the company|got the patent on that chip.
- Bet that cost you a few billion.|- Whoa, bad luck.
My deal with Jack Parker|is not important, Mr. Spota.
What is important is talking about|the dangers of this program.
- You got my vote.|- Excuse me. What dangers?
Well, dishonest agents|like this, uh, Atwood.
Every time an agent goes back,|he risks making contact with|the past version of himself.
- That could be a disaster.|- And why is that?
The same matter can't occupy|the same space at the same time.
It's never happened.
Not yet, but what I propose...
is far less costly|yet accomplishes the same thing.
Why don't we just|prevent time travel...
rather than spend money|trying to police it?
I have to get back|to the Hill.
Malcolm, this is a project|that we could do without.
I hope you vote against|continued appropriations.
I admire your dedication,|Agent Walker.
I hope you keep trying|to get your man.
I never quit.
We've done a breakdown|of the latest poll results.
While the trends|are not what we want...
there are some good things|we can utilize.
The numbers in the suburbs|are encouraging...
but they are killing you|in the urban centers.
But you're gaining with the pro-life,|pro-death-penalty coalition...
and with the close-our-border,|anti-immigration faction.
The bad news is the campaign chairman|put together a projected budget...
from now to Election Day,|and it's a big number.
Even going back again, I don't see how|you could get it all in time.
Lawrence, I love you.|I really do.
But don't tell me|what I can't do.
Elections are won with television.
You don't need the press, endorsements.|You don't even need the truth.
You need money.
So... tell me.
How much is it gonna cost|to buy the network time I need?
- $50 million.|- $50 million.
Agent Walker has already|cost me that much.
We're gonna chat with him, the kind|of chat a man remembers for a lifetime.
Sure is a handsome devil, isn't he?
- He's not my type.|- What did you want to talk about?
What do you know|about him?
Capable of eating|his young.
He sure seemed interested|in you this afternoon.
He interests me.
Atwood named him.
- You're shittin' me.|- He's the one who sent him back.
- Why didn't he testify?|- McComb would go after his family.
He also said McComb|has half of the agency. I believe him.
He doesn't have me.
I said, he doesn't have me.
- Well, fuck you too.|- He's gonna close the agency.
Then no one can stop him|from going back.
- This one is mine.|- Not unless I say it is.
The son of a bitch|is a presidential candidate.
If you haul him in, you better have|enough evidence to plug up the Potomac.
- You believe me.|- I always believe you...
but you're not always right.
Come over to the house for dinner.
Carol would love to see you.
Thanks. Some other time.
You're allowed to have a life.|I read it in a manual.
I'll tell you this:|If I cannot go back to save her...
this scumbag is not|going back to steal money.
Go home, Max.
If you won't come to mine,|go to yours.
By the way, when I said|McComb hasn't bought me...
you were supposed to say,|"I know that."
I know that.
System initialized.
Destination, please.
There are no new messages.
Play tape.
It's going to look like|this when I'm finished.
See? Very nice.
"Victorian Villa Deluxe Birdhouse."
This thing is gonna be bigger|than our house by the time I'm done.
Okay. Uh-huh.
- Want some help?|- Want some help?
Yeah. You can buy the birdseed.
Okay. Divide all these parts...
into groups to determine|their structural function.
- I should buy more videotapes.|- I should buy more videotapes.
Gotta be in the mood to do this.
- You were a second ago.|- You were a second ago.
I think that I should...
start with something|easier to put together.
Huh? Honey?
Maybe you should lay out|all the parts first, then...
- You know...|- I think I wanna try from memory.
Just find part "A"|and work from there.
The controversy...
over government-provided campaign funds|is in the news again.
The White Supremacist Party has|qualified for matching funds...
sparking many groups to petition|for the abolition of the practice.
Meanwhile, Senator McComb's|fading presidential bid...
received another blow...
when today it was denied|federal campaign matching funds.
Sources indicate|the senator is out of money...
and may be forced|to withdraw from the race.
Though no official|statement has been made...
independent party leaders claim that|the denial will bolster their play...
for the upcoming|presidential election.
With the polls showing|independent candidate Elgin Michaels...
trailing the incumbent|by only six points...
There are no new messages.
Who are you?|Who sent you?
Who sent you?
Fifty thousand volts, motherfucker.
Have a nice day.
My name's Fielding.|I'm with Internal Affairs.
He messed up my apartment.|You can kill him.
You've got some more inside.
- Everybody freeze!|- I'm a cop! I'm a cop!
Get in there.
You, he's under arrest.
They're all under arrest.
Assault, attempted murder,|makin' a mess.
Sector 17, Sector 19.
Report for duty|in five minutes.
If you'd like,|I'll have the door removed.
I had company|this morning.
- You look like they stayed awhile.|- McComb sent them.
- Did they say that?|- I said that.
- And what does I.A. Want?|- Atwood was your partner.
Internal Affairs isn't convinced|you can be trusted anymore.
- She's not going to follow me.|- We've got a phase four. You take it.
Send somebody else.|I want to be where McComb is.
A little refresher course in Agency|etiquette: I'm the director, I direct.
I authorize the missions. I make|the assignments. This one's yours.
This agency isn't dead yet, but if I|can't keep you from McComb, it will be!
- Fielding, get in here!|- She'll get in my way.
Ask her to stay behind you.|You've got an hour until launch.
- You're not funny.|- I'm never funny.
Disturbance has jumped|from four to six, sir.
I catch you fuckin' this machine again,|I'll break your neck.
- Sorry, Chief.|- Looks like safe sex to me.
- Show me.|- Okay.
Here we go. The ripple was steady|at four, then spiked past five to six.
On the board, it looks|like it set off Waimea.
Somebody's really doing a number.
We've located the point|of origin and...
- it's right here in Washington.|- Shit.
Come on.|You're out of here.
You should have an exhibit.
Oh, really? All my best stuff's|at home.
I really could care less|whether you like me or not...
but you don't know|a thing about me.
T minus three minutes and counting.
I've been with I.A. For two years.
I'm field-rated in weapons and tactics|and speak three languages. Impressed?
- I'm blown away.|- I read the Atwood file.
You didn't mention you could read.
He was your friend,|and you still asked to go after him.
- He crossed the line.|- Or he crossed you.
Launch sequence activated.
Authorized personnel only in the area.
She looks just like the Vollmers!
T minus two minutes and counting.
Why is everyone so nervous?
When a launch goes wrong,|they're the guys who scrape the wall.
And you do look like|the Vollmer twins.
Who are the Vollmer twins?
Launch personnel only in the bay.
T minus one minute 30 seconds|and counting.
Magnetic field polarity|initiation in ten seconds.
Telemetry check is initiated.
Are we gonna blast to the past!
Green for launch!
I've run dozens|of simulated launches...
but I-I never noticed|that wall before.
- "Simulated"?|- This is my first real launch.
Great. Don't stick|your head out of the window.
- She's a little shaky.|- Blood pressure'll loosen her teeth.
Her pulse is pushing 140.
If she farts, she'll get|ahead of the pod.
Fielding, listen to me.|It helps to concentrate...
on something relaxing|during a launch.
What do you think about?
Not swallowing my tongue.
- How's Walker?|- You'd have to shake him...
to be sure he's awake.
- He's awake.|- T minus 30 seconds.
29... 28... 27... 26...
25... 24... 23...|22... 21... 20...
- Have they ever lost a pod?|- Ask the Vollmers.
- Where are they?|- See those two red spots?
12... 11... 10...
- Oh, God.|- Nine... eight... seven...
Six... five... four...
Three... two... one...
They're away.
Is this the hottest thing or what?
Goddamn Ricky.
So much for a dry run.
We're alive.
- Are we where we're supposed to be?|- Give me a date.
Sunday, October 9, 1994.
- We're close.|- October 9?
- I'll be 16 tomorrow.|- Where?
I was living in Colorado.|Man, this is weird. Whew.
Yeah? Well, don't get sentimental|and try to visit yourself.
I'd like to call myself, tell me not to|sleep with Bobby Morgan after my party.
It's really disappointing.
A smart woman|would call Bobby...
and give him|some advice.
Aw, yeah, right.
- How long was Atwood your partner?|- Three years.
- Was it difficult to bring him back?|- What do you think?
You got a family?|Hmm?
Mine's still in Colorado.
When my dad started|reading about time travel...
he said it was a bigger threat|to the world than the nuclear bomb.
He's right.
That's why I joined the agency.
The world should be able to party|on Saturday night...
and not worry whether the planet's|going to be here on Monday.
- You sound like a woman I knew.|- Someone remarkable, I hope.
- Yeah.
Someone you knew, huh?|So, where is she?
She was killed.
You must've thought|about going back and changing that.
We're here.
I thought it was|just Parker Datalink.
Take the back|and wait for my call.
Keep your head down.|Tomorrow's your birthday.
- I have a problem.|- You do?
Yes. Let me tell you|what my problem is.
This isn't working.|I can't keep paying for this.
- Hey, it doesn't matter to me.|- Oh, but it should, Jack.
You're taking the goddamn company|into bankruptcy.
We have a difference of opinion.
The chip is the future of this company.
- Since you don't agree, walk away.|- This isn't the first time|we've had this conversation.
Come up with money|and I'm out of here.
You know I can't afford it...
but I've found an enterprising|banker with faith in the future.
Take it.
You're out.|You've got no faith in the company...
and I've got none in politicians.
If I were you,|I wouldn't cash that check.
It's gonna cost you|more than you'll ever know.
Hey, Jack, it's been a while.
- What is this?|- It's me.
Well, it's, it's him.
No, it's us.
W-W-Where did you come from?
- Are you his father?|- Do I look that old?
I'm a United States senator.|Hurting me is a federal offense.
- I don't know about Jack's business.|- Will you stop it?
J-Just stop it.|Get a grip.
I remember having bigger balls.
I'm gonna have to get|this fixed. Right...
Don't touch me.
Same matter can't occupy|the same space.
Same matter?
So, you got|a special N.S.A. Briefing coming up.
Secret session.
That's not for another week.
Time travel, someone says,|gets a big laugh.
Oh, Christ, you're me.
How far back have you come?
Never interrupt me|when I'm talking to myself.
- We're gonna take them.|- What's the signal?
You were a visionary.|The computer market was saturated.
The software stocks|were in the toilet...
and your fuckin' coldware|revolutionizes the industry.
I made a mistake.
- I came to tell you I changed my mind.|- Now.
Do you realize how inappropriate|that word is? Do I look frozen to you?
You look like shit to me.|Get away from him!
Drop the guns, now.
Under your jacket there's|a track-and-return module.
Throw it to me.
You, uh, gonna|leave me back here?
Do it.
Agent Walker, I wanna see how you get|down here and keep the gun on us.
What are you gonna do?|You gonna jump?
That's how the Vollmers|would do it.
Move back.
Give me the envelope.
Thank you.
The country's going down the drain|because of the special interests.
We need someone rich in the White House|who doesn't have to listen to anybody.
- What's that?|- The senator was having a fund-raiser.
When I'm in office,|it's gonna be like the '80s.
Top 10% will get richer, the rest can|emigrate to Mexico, live a better life.
So, you goin' or stayin'?
I think you plan too far ahead.
Obviously, you don't.
Anything else you want|to tell me about yourself?
Don't tell anyone I killed ya.|I'm out on bail.
Okay, let's finish up|and get out of here.
He's running for president.|I'm voting early.
Good seeing you again, Jack.
Maybe he'll calm down|after the election.
What's the big deal?
Point it, pull the trigger...
and, boom, somebody dies.
Get up there!|Get the module!
Fuckin' great!|Will you get him?
Goddamn it.
Come here.
You own the company,|do you understand?
The chip is going to be worth billions,|my billions.
Now, read this.|Whoa, whoa! Whoa!
You just read it|and do what it says.
Now, you get out of here.
Oh. And will you do me a favor?
Will you lay off|the fuckin' candy bars?
Have a nice day.
- I should've said, "Freeze".|- I think he got the idea.
Do me a favor.|Don't give up without a fight.
Never crossed my mind.
I don't want|to fight a woman.
Then don't.
Changed my mind.
Tell me he's gonna|kill your family.
- Don't you leave me, damn it!|- Who are you talking to?
Stay here, Walker.
In my future, you're dead.
Look at this!
Let's get a canine unit|up there.
- What the hell's going on here?|- You're lucky you got back.
They're gettin' ready|to tear up these tracks.
- McComb?|- Who else?
- He hasn't got the power.|- Are you kiddin'?
He's ahead in the polls. He's probably|out buying running shoes for his team.
Senate committee caved in. They want|to be on the good side of the new boss.
What's the matter?|It's been headed this way for months.
When I left,|nothing had happened.
Hey, Walker, when they tear up the|launcher, you get the pod as a memento.
He's changed the future.
What are you talking about?
McComb.|He's buying the presidency.
What's new?|It's been done before.
- The guy is a killer.|- Doesn't surprise me.
- He killed my agency.|- He shot two people.
- Who?|- Who? A guy named Parker and Fielding.
- Do I know them?|- Fielding was with me.
- You sent her.|- I don't like this guy one bit...
but just who can I sell this story to|without 50 eyewitnesses?
- How about one?|- You don't count.
There's a chance she's still alive.
- Who?|- Fielding. The cops were there.
I'm gonna be looking|for a new government job.
I don't think it will|help my chances...
if I'm the guy that tried to put|our next president in jail.
- You think I'm making this up?|- Forget it! You're not going back!
If she's alive, we've got him.
You understand that?|We've got the guy.
We're shut down.|Take a look around. We're history.
Wait, I'm gonna|show you something.
You come with me.
Those files are supposed to be sealed.|I don't know why I'm doing this.
You say you were my best friend?
- For a long time.|- I liked you?
- Oh, yeah.|- What are you looking for?
Fielding's friends or family;|anyone she would go to in 1994.
- Who was she?|- I.A., but she had a deal with McComb.
He's got to go back|to be sure she's dead.
Since you say|we were close friends...
I'm gonna ask you a question|the prison psychiatrist will ask you.
How's our leading|presidential candidate...
making these expeditions into the past|without our equipment, old pal?
The prototype was never dismantled.
Kleindast's.|It's in Calverton, Maryland.
Short drive from Washington.
We have no authority|to get in there.
What about Ricky?
If you were my best friend,|you wouldn't do this to me.
I would have had him killed|right here, but if he's back...
he's already told the story to Matuzak.|God knows who else.
They won't get it, but they'll sure|give it thought if he comes up dead.
- Right.|- He'll have to be erased.
Have him killed|before he joined T.E.C.
That way nobody in the Agency|ever talked to him or even knew him.
- Perfect.|- It's not perfect. It's all we've got.
Don't expect to be|my chief of staff...
if slamming you|into the side of the car...
turns you into a sniveling worm.
Well, what do you know?
At random intervals, Maryland Utilities|shows spikes in demand and duration...
- that are almost identical to ours.|- Send me back.
- No, they won't let us do that.|- Stay out of it, Ricky.
Would it be too much trouble|to call me Richard?
Richard, do I have|a best friend around here?
It isn't me.|Maybe Gordon.
Gordon is a putz. I can tell you|who my best friend was...
in school, in the marines,|when I was a cop.
Gordon doesn't fit.|I'm not saying you do...
but since I'd like to see McComb take a|fall, you get the benefit of the doubt.
- Whoa! Where you goin'?|- We've got to vent the fuel shunts.
Oh, is that right? You'll have|to wait while I get authori...
Was I your only friend?
A launch is not|a one-man operation.
Yeah, I know.
If I'm off on velocity or trajectory,|you're gonna be an omelette.
- You trying to scare me?|- Yeah.
- Just hit the right year.|- I'll see ya.
I've had your wife's goulash|a hundred times; always too much salt.
Here goes the pension.
Emergency launch system|on-line warning.
Emergency launch system|on-line warning.
Manual launch|initiation alert.
Manual launch|initiation alert.
Shut it down! Now!
Telemetry on-line.|Ignition firing on-line.
- Launch now on hold for...|- Last chance!
Launch is now...
- Launch now on hold...
Damn it!
Get me the police mainframe computer.
I want all Jane Does admitted|to local hospitals on October 9.
Check if any of the Jane Does|are victims of multiple gunshot wounds.
Dr. Lemon, call line one-five.
Dr. Lemon, call line one-five.
Police. Jane Doe.
Happy birthday.
Thanks.|Get me anything?
- Tell me what you want.|- I want to go home.
I already know who's gonna|win the next ten World Series.
- No problem.|- Why'd you come back?
I need you to testify|against McComb.
Mmm.|That would be my pleasure.
- It could be dangerous.|- I know that.
It's not that simple.|McComb has made some changes.
- You were never in the T.E.C.|- No, that can't be.
I had the training for six years.
- I have friends.|- I've got to move fast.
If I can find you, so can he.
What can I do?
I need proof|that you existed here.
In case I don't|make the trip, huh?
They just took some blood.
It would be in the lab.
- I'll be right back.|- Hey.
- I really screwed up.|- Yes, you did.
I want to make things right.
You may find you can make|things right for yourself.
I'll be right back.
Wheelchair to Admitting,|please. Wheelchair to Admitting.
Dr. Ryan,|report to Obstetrics.
Dr. Ryan,|report to Obstetrics.
Nurse Remington,|report to main desk.
Nurse Remington,|report to the main desk.
I'm gonna take you|to someplace safe.
What are you doing?
Help! Security!
Help! Security!|Somebody call security!
Security!|Call security!
Hey! Hold it!|Don't move!
Pictures bring back|your memories.
- This is for what you're going to do.|- Hey, wha...
- What the...
- Melissa... don't turn around.|- Why? What's wrong?
It's okay.
- Listen. Listen.|- Who are you?
It's me. Look.|It's Max.
Max? Max, what happened?
I can't tell you right now.|We have to go.
Trust me.
Trust me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Here! Here!
Please! Just tell me|what happened to you!
Just try to believe me.|I love you.
Trust me.
- You're not Max.|- It's me.
Ten years from now,|it's me.
- That's not possible.|- Remember:
- Matuzak, the new job, time travel.|- Time travel?
If one day I need a birdhouse built,|I know who to talk to.
- Oh, my god.|- It's me. It's Max.
- I can't believe this.|- Try.
What am I like|ten years from now?
Just like now.
You time traveled,|and what? Why?
Let me show you.
Today you have something|very special to tell him.
- How do you know that?|- I've just told you.
What are you here to prevent?
Changes in the past.
Why? What's gonna happen?
Later. Stay and meet with him.
Don't tell him|anything, please.
There's never enough time.
Never enough for what?
To satisfy a woman.
Then you never want|to miss an opportunity.
- Are you busy?|- I'm meeting my husband.
Senator McComb!|Sir!
That message came|from the senate operator, sir.
- It's 3:30. You have a 4:00 with...|- Clear my schedule.
- All of it.|- Yes, sir.
Kelly, have you ever been|inside the president's limo?
No, sir.
You keep in touch.
I'll send you a photograph of it.
I have something I want to tell you.
- Oh, shit.|- Don't answer it.
I have to.
- Did not tell him?|- He didn't give me a chance.
You should have tried.
Are we still together|in ten years?
Yes, we're together.
- Do you have a picture?|- No, nothing recent.
- Am I dead?|- No. You're not dead.
What about tomorrow?
Everything is going|to be fine, okay?
Why can't we just get out? Why can't we|just run away from whatever it is?
It would come back|as many times as it takes.
It has to end tonight.
Hurry!|Keep him upstairs.
Whatever you do,|keep him upstairs.
Just do what I say.|Please! Go!
Max, I don't want you to go.
I'll be back soon.
L... I'm pregnant.
- Great.|- I love you.
- Surprise.|- Who the fuck are you?
Friend of the family.
Don't go down!
- How did you miss him?|- He knew it was comin'.
It was a T.E.C. Cop.
Son of a bitch|doesn't know how to die.
He'll learn tonight.
You don't kill him,|you don't go back.
Oh, my god, Max.|Look out!
You have nothing soft|to land on, do you?
Go! Go!
- I'll get help!|- Go!
Say, "Ah".
Oh, shit.
Boy, that's gotta hurt.
Lousy night to be out.
Don't hurt her.
You were at a disadvantage|in this from the beginning.
I'm an ambitious|Harvard-educated visionary...
who deserves to be|the most powerful man in the world...
and you, you're a fuckin' idiot|who never figured out...
that the only way to make anything of|all that fancy kicking is on Broadway.
Thanks for clearing that up.
The polls have me winning|by 28 points.
That's the biggest landslide|since Nixon back in '72.
I find it reassuring to know|what the future holds, don't you?
That's C-4.
It'll turn this house into dust|and also separate every part of you...
- from every other part of you.|- Let her go. You've got me.
I don't want you.|Agent Walker is too visible.
But Officer Walker, dead,|is just another D.C. Statistic.
When he's gone,|you're gone.
Get the younger one.|I want him to see this.
- He's dead.|- No, he's not, you moron.
If he were dead,|he would not be here. Get him.
Let her go!
- What do you want?|- You're a bright boy.
Why don't you sleep on it?
I did that.
It's different|than before, isn't it?
It's what happens|when you change time.
Lines of confluence,|probability scales, all that shit.
Put your gun|on the floor.
What were you gonna do? Shoot me?
A bomb is gonna go off any second now.|You know what happens then?
We're all gonna be dead.|I'm gonna win by default.
My young self|is still gonna be president...
and you can't save your wife.
Just like you couldn't|save her once before.
She died because you came back|and made some changes.
Now you're gonna|fuck with time.
- You're as bad as me.|- Wrong. I'm setting it right.
Usually I hate doing things|more than once...
but in this case,|I don't see any other option.
I do.
What the fuck are you doing here?
You called me. You left a message|with the senate operator.
I didn't leave any message,|you fucking idiot!
Don't argue among yourself.|I left it.
Now nobody's got a future.
Okay.|This is a real mess now.
I hope you're happy.|This is a real mess.
You turned a simple, ordinary murder|into a bloodbath.
You get out of here. Get out of here.|Go! Now! Go!
- You two should be closer.|- Keep him away from me.
The same matter|can't occupy the same space.
I'm still kicking.|I must be on Broadway.
Coordinates downloaded|to G.P.S. Sequencer.
Re-entry sequence|is completed.
Launch bay alert|is now terminated.
Hey, where you goin'?
- What happened to you?|- What are you talkin' about?
You're walking around.
I've been doing that since I was|about two. Does that seem abnormal?
- What's going on with Senator McComb?|- Senator McComb?
If you want time off, ask. Don't act|like you're out of your head.
- I've got a blank spot.|- You've got a hole in your head.
Ten years ago, McComb left his office,|canceled all his appointments...
disappeared,|nobody's ever seen him since.
That's so sad.|I-I-I remember.
What are you hangin' around for?
Database 309, shut down.
Secondary system team|to back storage.
This time,|stay away from trouble.
Do I know you?
I guess not.
Hey! Bobby Morgan is still|waiting for a second chance.
- Destination, please.|- Home.
Dad, Mom said you'd|barbecue hot dogs.
- What kind of day did you have?|- Busy.
You all right?
Come here.
I have something|to tell you.
Take your time.|I'm not going anywhere.
I can't wait forever
Even though you want me to
I can't wait forever
To know if you'll be true
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me
Wait that long
Can't you see|I've waited too long
To love you and hold you|in my arms
I can't wait forever
Even though you want me to
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me
I can't wait forever
Even though you want me to
I can't wait forever
To know if you'll be true
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me
Wait that long
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me|Whoa, no
Time won't let me
Time won't let me
Wait that long
Wait that long
I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home|I hear you talkin' to you, baby
Gotta get you back inside of my arms
Oh pretty baby, won't you listen to me|Can't you tell how much I need you
Can't you tell my love is so strong
Hey hey hey hey|Hey hey hey hey
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