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Subtitles for Timecop 2 2003.

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Timecop 2 2003

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Time Travel
When You Think Of It It Is Very Easy
And Everyday You Are Doing The Same Thing In The Same Direction
But How If You Can Change The Time
That Is The Victiness Of The History
Isn't That Enough To Be An Oberservor
If You Have Power To Change That
You May Know Well About The World
May Be I Can Help You
I Work For Tec
Time Control Commision
These Theory Can Be A System
That Is A Nature To Use Your Advantage
We May Be Regret About Right Or Wrong
Very Simply
We Live In This Moment
No Matter What Reason Is
I Won't
Let It Control Me
To Be Locked In The Time
I Have To Betray The Time
If We Decided By Time
If We Can Change All These
How Would We Be
What Can We Do
Tomas Grayffis
Mary Peggy Keller
John Beck
Tova Smiley
Let Me Look At Your Paper
You Baters Get Out Of The Way
Get Out
Not Bad Johnfeeis
Thank You
But He Is Still Standing
Not Any More
All Get Out
May Be I Should Call Her Out
How Can You Be So Long
You Are To Save Them
You Are Not So Stupid
Blow Me
Let's Go
Time Is Not Much
Not Bad
Everything Is Ready
You Are Just A Chinese To Me
Germany In 1948
We Are All Controled By Nazy
I Hope So
Don't Worry
It Is The Time
She Is So Charming
It Is Him
What Does He Doing Here
What Can I Do For You
Seems That One Shouldn't Come Come
Sir Please Allow Me To Introduce This Honouable Men From Japan For You
The Ambastor From Japan
Very Glad To Meet You
He Said That He Is Very Glad To Meet You
Tell Him That He Is A Criminal
I Am Very Glad To See
If He Is Sentenced To Death
He Said That This Is His Honour
To Meet You
You Are So Great
All Traning Don't Pay Off
Sorry That I Can't Say The Same To You
You Japan Baster
General I Think That You Have Much To Talk With Him
Please Excuse Me
What The Hell Is Happening
Let Me Cut Is Short
I Think You Shouldn't Come Up
All Are Over
Sir We Don't Allow Others To Be Here
I Just
Sorry Here????
Very Glad You Are Here Watter
Because You Are The Only One Who Can Understand
Yes Forget What You Learn
See Where Are You Now
Do You Realize
What We Can Complish Here
We Together
Don't Get In
This Won't Happened
You Won't Let A Mad Man Kill Millions Of People
They Died 80 Years Ago
But They Won't
Now Is 1940
They Are Still Alive
You Know That Is Impossible
You Will Change
No Please Come On
This Is What You Father Told Me
Help Me
You Won't Let Me Down
I Know It Is Hard For You
But You Should Do The Right Thing
Put The Gun Down
You Put The Gun Down
Put The Gun Down
Or You Time Travel Is Over
It Is Wrong Not To Save Him
Shoot Shirley
Everytime It Is Hard To Come Back
Every Jump
Many Things Are Left Behind
Many Things Are Behind You
Because You Are Serching
Something That Doesn't Exist
Something As Part Of You
Something That Can't Be Changed
I Have Been In This House For A Month
Enjoy My Time
I Know Someone Are Wating At Me
I Am Just Waiting
Waiting For The Chance
Or I Will Fell Bored About It
Several Years Ago
The Government Think It Is Necessary To Amend The History
Evens Are Changed
The Fact Is
They Failed On These Things
To Made Us Belive
They Create The Science Of The History
They Should Be Serious
But The Fact Is
They Give Support To The Government
Many People Struggle To Climb Up
Scients Can Do Nothing To This
If I Can Change This Before Us
That Is My History
Goodmoring Friend
Your Tech Is Not So Advanced
I Have Noticed About You For One Day
Don't Talk About Shit Lion
What Are You Doing Here
I Just Want To Find A Place To Spend My 30S
What Are You Doing Here
Goddamn It
You Know What We Are Doing Lion
We Come Here
To Make Sure That You Won't Abuse Your Super Power
My Power
Come On
You Are Different From Others When You Are 4 Years Old
If We Are Not So Tight On You
You Would Be Anyone
So You Are Finding A Kid In This City
If So
I Won't Get You Invovled
Or You Can Be Scientist
And Won't Work In Tec
Everyone Has The Nature Of Fear
Including Us
But You Are Going To Change It
Miller Is A Scientist
He Did Everything In The Past 2 Years
And I Am Going To Defeat Him
Remember Every Word I Said
That Is The Problem Of You
Not Mine
Because I Will Come Later
To A Party Of A Millionare
Sorry I Can't Join You
See You Later
Hi By The Way
You Are On The Shit
Ok Mr Johnkey
What The Hell Do You Think You Done
My Coffee Cost Me Ten Cents
Sorry Sir
He Said Sorry Boys
Seems Not Bad
Come On Forgive Me
That Is Not Enough
You Should Get Down On Your Kness
Tell You What
I Will Give You Money Back
Thank You
I Think This Is The Last Time I Say The Word
I Am Leaving
Come On Boys
Why You Arrest Me For
We Are The Reason
Let's Have A Talk Here
I Remember That They Call It Fight
You Won't Laugh Later
Don't Use Violence
What The Hell Happened Just Now
You Know It Is Not Right To Do This
What Are You Doing Here
You Are Right
Some One Belongs To Future Shouldn't Exist
See You 130 Years Later
Watter Nater
You Are Acused Of Commiting The 9Th Of Tec
And That Is The Future
And Now You Should Have Understanding On Our Agent
As A Member Of This Society
I Respect Scient
I Ask To Come Back To My Time
Shut Up
You Should Understand That You Are Acused Now
You Are Charged Of Murdering
And You Are Sentenced To Death
This Is A Trap
You Are The Killer
He Is Right
You Are The Killer
The Date Is
May The 7Th 2025
In Fact Many Things In History
May Have Different Reasons And Results
I Am Not Against History
I Just Say
If Time Can Reverse
We Can Change The History
If We Can Change The Time
We Can Change The History
Where Have You Been All The Moring
I Have Been Searching For You
You Win That Guy
And I Am Going To Fly
Although We Have Spend Almost 2 Years
But We Harvest At Last
Are You Alright
How Do You Fell
I Don't Belive What We Have
Tech And Scients
You Are Sure You Are Alright
I Am Leaving
See You Later
See You Later
Very Glad To Meet You
I Love Those 30 Days There
You Killed Me
See You Later
I Have Almost Half Dozen
You Remember That Is Black
Ofcourse I Remember
At Least Half A Dozen
What Is Your Problem Rock
They Give You Few Time To Feed Back
And We Let Them Do Many Everyday
I Just Want To Know The Result
The Case Is Out Or Not
You Let The Guy In
Isn't That Your Responsibility
Can You Have A Rest
Have A Rest
This Morning
Lion And Chars Disappered
This Afternoon
They Are Sentenced To Death
Just 30 Days
No 3 Hours
No The Court Insist That He Used 3 Months
And I Happened To Be There
You Know That Does That Mean By 30 Days
From The Government That Is Too Many
That Is Really Worse
You Should Get Back With Me To Sign
Would You Want To Have Dinner With Me
I Have No Time
You Won't
You Make Her Out That Is Really Good
Those People Is Nonesence
I Am Flattered
You Should Know What To Do
A Typical Crazy Man
And May Be He Have Another
Don't Worry About This
I Would Take Care Of Them
You Did Good
You Really Did Go
What Is Your Matter
I Think I Should Quit
You Desert It
Take A Few Days To Vacation
That Is Not What I Mean
May Be I Can't Do This Any More
What Are You Talking About
I Don't Know Why I Did It The First Time
I Mean What Is The Meaning
I Really Made The World Better
Oh God
Are We Going To Talk About This
Kelly Miller Is Just An Old Woman
You Did A Right Thing
Are You Sure
You Are Doing Your Job
You Preserve Past And You Protect The Future
You Take The Order
Even If You Don't Like
You Are Not Ordinary People
Or Why You Are The Timecop
These Needs Many Tranning
Or I Can Do It By Myself
You Are Not Ordinary People
So Don't Think Too Much About It
Don't Think Too Much
All Are Over
You Think What You Are Doing
May Be You See Too Much
I Think That You Won't Do Anything
I Just Want To Live My Life
Your Life Is Just As Like This
You Know And I Know
We Have Made Timely Progress
We Have Made Timely Progress
We Ask For More Men
Yes Sir
Now The Time Is 1987
We Can Bring Them Back
This Is What We Set
They Are Just Visitors
Too Close
What The Hell Happened Just Now
Why Not
Can You Go To Any Place At Any Time
Not Now
Return To Now
To Pick Them
Without My Permission
How Can This Happened
I Can Ask You For Permission On Everything
So Whom Do You Asking For
I Just Did It By The Programme
They Sugeet It
They Just Want To Go Back To The Same Place The Same Time
That Is Really Dangerous
I Said That Don't Take Any Chance
Now Relauch
I Go
I Thought That You Are Going To Meet Your Wife
No You Can't Send Him
He Jump In This Morning
Lorry You Are In
Yes Sir
If He Died Here
That Means He Died On 1987
And It Means
That The Time Criminal Can Escape
Be Lauched After 60 Seconds
You Should Do Your Own Things
I Just Want It In 2 Minutes
Is That Clear
Yes Sir
Johnson Put Their Name In
Yes Sir
I Am In
Give Me Some Time
Destination Not Clear
Be Connected
60 Seconds Count
60 Seconds Count
There Are 60 Seconds Left
Hold His Arm
40 Seconds
Test On Him Johnson
All Are Normal
Take The Time
Now It Is Working
The Programm On
Not Stable
Not Stable
Mission Fail
Hold His Arm
And Some One Help Him
Illgeal Programme
And Illgel Location
These Are The Virus
Are You Sure
No Doubt Sir
Seems That You Are The Only Hope
Now Thest The Programme
I Am Helpless
Can I Help You
Marry Jenniff
I Am Going For You Daughter
Vikey You Take That Way
Jennier You Are To The Office
And You Follow Me
Yes Sir
He Is Dead
I Am Coming
Pannier Johnson
I Am Talking With Them In The Past
If I Fell Right
It Should Be Some One Else
May Be All Are Sicents
They Died For Their Job
May Be It Is Him
May Be What
From The Past
They Create The Data Base
And We Can Track Them
And There Is One Programme Can't Be Sloved Out
Let Me Have A Look
Tec Should Be Ended
Damn It
There Should Be Some One Behind It
I Am Faint
May Be She Doesn't Exist
She Have Never Born
Jack It Is Time To Leave
We Should Take All Over Scan
The Virus Clear
I Have Never Seen Such Things
To Check All People In 19Th
We Should Find Him Out
He May Be The One In Our System
I Haven't Tell Any Secrets
And He Never Find Out
Hey Tina You Made Them Alarm
Some One Tried To Change The Programme 2 Days Ago
Go On
And It Is Locked Now
And They Are On The State Of Help
We Should Count On The Future
We Are Searching
I Don't Belive In This
Bans Is Him
We Can't Let Him Do It Again
You Should Go Back To Tec
Tinas Lauch The Programm
You Go To That Seat
You Have To Stop That Guy Heard Me
Time Programm Is On
60 Seconds Count
Lauch The Programm
60 Seconds Count
Have You Find To Clear The Virus
60 Seconds
And There Are 60 Seconds Left
I Think That Is The Place But It Come Out To Be Not
If You Relize That Is Wrong
What Result Would Be
That Is Hard Now
If It Were Me I Won't Send Him To
Lauch The Programm
Count 54
Time Programm Is On
Jack Are You Alright
Thank You
Just A Job
Listen To Me
There Is Only
You Can't Go
That Is Nonsence
We Shouldn't Do That
I Never Thought Of That
Listen To Me
You Can Call Me Tonigh
The Destionation Is May 72025
It Is The Time To Leave
Time Programm Is On
Now I Am Back In London
Welcomed To Party Ass Hole
Where Is Him
Welcome You
Seems Not Right
5 Years
You Like This
How Do You Fell
Hey Lions
Very Glad That You Can Come Back
I Have Been Waiting For You
And I Want To See How Does Timecop Look Like
And It Come True
This Brother You
You Made The Decision
You Save Hittler
And Killed My Wife
I Know
That Night You Lost Something Too
If We Don't Come Back
I Tell You What I Would Do
I Will Put Those Aside And Go On
Because What We Face
Is Bigger Than What We Are
And You Forget All Things Happened In Bollin
You Are Going To Forget All Things
Is That True
You Are Insain
What Is Your Definition Of Correct
Can You Tell Me Your Answer
I Can
We Go Back To Past
To Do What We Want
Don't You Want To Made Decision Yourself
Don't You Want To Know What Is Right
They Destroy Many Great
Scients Artist And Philoshist
Just Because They Are Different
I Admire Your Father
I Give You One More Chance
To Do What
To Made The Crimi As You
To Decide Who Live And Who Die
Who Live And Who Die
You Are Right Miller
These Are Much Bigger Than We Are
And That Is The History
God You Made Me Disappionted
I Am Very Sure That You Would Understand
I Am Not Content To Kill You Here
Because I Don't Belive That I Should Be Here
To Made Sure When Is The Time
You Never Exist
I Will Use What You Father Told Me
And I Won't Miss The Chance That You And Me Can Compished
Look At Me
I Won't Miss Any Challeng
You Take Your Way Lion
I Lost The Watch
And Now I Am Back
That Is Real
Send Me Back
How Should I Do Sir
If We Lauch The Programme Again
No One Can Kill Him
Oh Lory
I Tell You That Miller Is Crazy
You Should Send Me Back
Or I Will Die
You Wait
Time Programm Is On
Put The Windows Down
Lauch The Programm
45 Seconds Count
Ok Relax
The Destionation Is May 72025
8.;00 Pm
Why Can't You Be Faster
You Know
No One Like To Get Shot Like You
Seems You Get Used To It
Can I Go Now
Thank You
Her Husband Is Killed
And She Haven't Got Married
In The War
What War
What War
Where On The Hell Do You Come From
Where Is Miller
Bantin Milller
He Is Been Locked Here For 2 Years
I Don't Know Who Miller Is
Who Are You
Sorry You Are Out Again
What Is The Matter Of You Eyes
He Asked Me About My Eyes
Miller Escaped
Sep 19Th 1881
My Family Are In Texia Then
What Were They Doing There
But That Is True
You Should Go Back
Lauch The Programm
Give Me The Watch
And You Can Be Locked And Follow Him
Whenever You Touch It
You Should Remember It
Where Is Dokker
You Should Know Right
She Is Not Here In The Fourth Stage
I Am Send To Future
She Is Dead
You Save Her Husband In The War
What War
Listen I Don't Want To Remind You
Because Your Parents Would Kill You
Because Of What
My Fathere Died In The Bathroom
But The Reason Is Not Clear
My Mother Is With Me
And I Have Dinner With Her
20 Seconds Left
And I Watching Him On The Street
We Haven't Cauth Miller
And Jeffsy Doesn't Exist
And Those Facts Doesn't Exist
What Do You Mean By That
This Time Travel Is Not Exist
Why I Hate Miller
Because You Killed His Wife In Germany In 1940
You Think Of What You Have Done In 1940
But That One Is Not Miller
0 Seconds
The Destionation Is May 72025
Time Is 8 Pm
Why You Should Think Of It Is Right Or Wrong
Who You Think Is Right Or Wrong
What About You Mary
Can You Buy Me A Drink
What About Having A Drink Cowboy
Is There Anything
When You Smile You Remind Me Of My Wife
You Are Married
She Died A Few Years Ago
It Doesn't Matter
She Will Come Back Soon
I Will Be Back Soon
Man Do You Fell Hard
Give Me Ready For Dinner
And Get Me For A Room
And Viskey Shouldn't Be Lacked
You Would Be Content
Come On Let's Go
What Can I Do For You
I Want A Room
You Come To The Right Place
What About Having Some Visckey
No Thanks
Just One Room
If You Can Drink You Can Live
Ok So Give Me Some Viskey
Hi Cowboy
Can You Buy Me A Drink
No Thanks
What About You Stranger
Buy A Pretty Girl A Drink
Give Me One
We Don't Serve Such Kind Of People Like You
What Kind
What Kind
I Can Tell You China Man
But I Might Kill You
If It Were Not You
I Won't Be Here Selling Viskey
Come On Let's Go
He Is Just A Bit Crazy
Not Serious
I Am Rose
You Come To Find Me
And I Will Prepare You Something To Drink
And Something To Eat
Come On
Where Were We Now Friend
I Want A Room
My Name Is Anderson
Jess Anderson
I Will Take You To Your Room
And You Drink It Up Come On
Jams Anderson
Hey I Told You Not To Come In
And Not To Bore My Customers
My God
Hey Believe Me It Is 1929 I Shold Catch Every Chance This Year
I Will Be Rich You Understand Me
Hi, Do You Want A Table
Francis Chair
No It Is Francise Anderson
What 's Up
You Are Here
Hi Guy
I Opened The Door And The Knife Came In And Hit The Wall
Man Where Do You Go
Oh, It Seems Not Good
Did I Know You
No Yes It Is A Long Story. Where Is Geroge
You Go Upstairs And Go Straight To The Bar Have A Drink
You Stay Here
Honey Are You Ok
It Is He It Is He Who Beated Us
Come On
I Am Coming
I Am Here
Give You A Shoot
Dad Where Do You Go
Can You Hear Me You Need Rest And Treatment
Dark, Am I Dead
Dead No You Just Lost Your Conscience For A Time
I Want To Ask
Oh Please Let Him Alone
Can't You See He Is Tired
You Lost Your Memory What Happened
You Don't Remember What Has Happened In 1988
We Can Help You
I Totally Forget
What 's Up
Fortunately He Is Back
And He Is Alive Don't Make Him Recall At Once
All Right
Has This Happened Before
Where Are His Friends We Should Make Him Remember Everything
I Tell You And You Must Do Every I Tell You
You Will Have The Second Chance
What 'Up What's The Matter
No One Knows
I Must Save My Parents Are They Released
You Cannot Help With Your Current Condition
What About My Watch
It Took A Bullet For You
It Saved Yur Life
I Remember What Happened A TMy Childhood
Now I Understand
He Killled My Father
He Killed My Father
What Are You Talking About
I Have Soloved This Problem
No No You Are Making No Sense
Please Sent Me Back Before Too Late
I Don?? TKnow
No We Can't Sent You Back
Someone Killed My Father At May 7, 2002, 3 Oclock And 20 Minuts
Someone Killed My Father
Why Who Killed Your Father
Now What You Do Is Senseless
I Should Settle The Problem I Should The Problem
Don't Say Like That It Will Happen Again
You Are Sent Too Many Times
Send Me Again I Can Prevent What Happen In 2002
No Now He Didn't Kill You Before
Now He Will Not Kill You
Yes, The History Is So
But I Can't Not Wait Here
Oh, Death, Fine
You Can Go Back To The History
And Save Your Husband Died In The War
Yes My Husband Died In The War
But We Can Change
We Can Prevent The War From Happening
Don't You Believe Me
I Explaine To You The History Should Not Be Changed
If We Can Travel Past The Time
And We Can Change The History
As Long As We Catch The Chance And Time
The War Can Be Changed
You Should Send Me Out
Perphaps I Understand Your Idea
Chrle Wait
Something Happened
Go To The California University In Losangles In 2002
What Do You Do
Send Me There Before 3 Oclock And 20 Minuts Pm
Can't Do He Will Kill You
He Cannot
Let Him Go
Men Ready For Launch
The Destination Is Losangles
Don't Lose It
Good Luck
The Process Of Launch Is Unstable
He Cannot Stand It
Now Stop It
Too Late
Has Launched
In Fact Many Historical Events
Were Happened Because Of Chances
So Can We Change These Chances
I Mean
If We Can Travel Past The Time
We Can Rewrite The History
So What Do You Mean Is
If We Can Do That, We Should Change The History
Do You Know What Are The Results Of This Change
The Results Maybe More Terrible
I Don?? T Think So
As Long As We Change It For Better
I Can't Agree With Your Idea
Form The View Of Social Revolution
We Should Not Chang Ethe History
What Should Benefit From The Change
You Me I Want Some Different Ideas
What Do You Think
I Think If We Are Capable
We Should Change The History
I Mean From The View Of Science To Change The History
A Historian
Do You Want To Observe The Happening Of History
Then You Should Face Up To Every Disaster
Yes But It Is Creul
But The Subject Of History Is Useless
I Mean
Our History Is Uncertain
It Is Said That
All The Research Based On Events Is Useless
Even You Don't Want Them To Happen
But In Fact Them Have Already Happened
But We Can Prevent Them From Happening
Fact Is Fact
It Cannot Be Changed Our Feelings And Emotions
Shold Not Be Used To Determin What Is Good Or Bad In History
Yes I Think So
Thanks For Your Idea
We Pick It Up Next Week
So Who Want To Eat Ice Cream
I Do
Why Don't We Go To The Toliet First
Well Come On Child
See You Next Week Professor
You Are Good Today
See You Later
What 's Up Baby
Wait Me Here I Will Be Back
Do You Want Ot Eat Ice Cream
Hi Professor
Glad To See You Again
Don't You Remember Me I Remember You
May I Sit Down And Talk With You
No Problem
Why Are You Today So Strange
I Am Waiting For Your Son Right
What Are You Doing Come On Come On I Am Waiting For You
No What Are You Doing
Professor I Don't Want To Do Like That
My God
What Are You Doing Here
It Is Time To Kill Him
I Should Kill Him First
Do You Want To Change The History
You Violate What You Stand For
Oh You Are A Little Different Today
You The Fucking Bitch
Come On Come On
You Kill Him And You Kill Me
And Your Father Will Never Die
Should You Consider It
Bitch You Are Scared
It Is Between You And Me
Then Come On
Come On Man You Sent Yourself Here
Your Fighting Skills Are So Poor
Come On Baby Let's See Who Die First
You Are So Poor And You Dare To Fight With Me
What Do You Think You Can Get Nothing
Sha Sha Oh My Beautiful Sha Sha
You See This Man
He Deprive Two Years Form The Time Of My Life
Tell Her What Did You Do With Us
I Don't Want To Scare You
I Give You Every Opportunity
Come On
Great I Never Seen You Like That
I Didn't Want To Settle It In This Way
Or You Will Not Unstander For Ever
The History Alters Every Minute
We Should Not Change The Happening Of History At Will
My Secret Hides In The Time
And Loses In The Time
You Never Know The Facts Before And The Truth
There You Are I Have Found You Everywhere
Are You Ok
You Should Go Back With Me
Hi Jackferson It Is Good To See You
You Kiss My Asshole
You Too
We Check His Body Carefully
And His Organs Will Be Hurt
And His Bones You Should Take All The Responsbilities
Not Only Me
You Should Make Him Rest
You Wre Supposed To Receive A Check But You Went Away
I Think I Have Brough Back My Memory
Where Did You Go
I Saved The World
Sir, You Should Make Him Have A Rest
You Giv Ea Report To Me On This Issue
Resteraunt Tonight
I Am At Work Until 5 Oclock
Eight Oclock
Eight Oclock
Our Progress Has Time Breach
Our Progress Has Time Breach
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