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- 250.|- 250 ready.
- 300.|- 300 ready.
He's gone.
It's over 100 degrees out there.|He grabs me with ice-cold hands.
Apart from external wounds,|everything is out of alignment.
Even his veins are out of alignment.|Now, wait.
Look at the heart.|The aorta doesn't line up.
And now the spine.
Same thing. Same shift|right across the third vertebrae.
This guy looks like a paper doll|got cut up and pasted back together.
No wallet. No ID.|Just this thing around his neck.
It says ITC on it,|so we called them.
- That outfit in the desert.|- Our biggest contributors.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Frank Gordon, ITC.
I'm here to pick up|Vince Taub's body.
I'm Dr. Cova,|I'll take care of that paperwork.
Thank you.
Vincent Taub, huh?
That's Vinnie's good-luck charm.|Thank you.
Pretty sad when your time comes and|no one claims you but your employer.
- Excuse me, sheriff.|- Sure.
I'm picking up the body|right now.
- Was he alone or with Decker?|- Taub's the only one here.
- Get the body out of there.|- And x-rays and records.
Get everything, OK?|Will it be a problem?
No, there's no problem.|They've been very accommodating.
If this gets out, ITC is ruined.
Any idea how he ended up|in the desert?
I don't know. Maybe he used his|marker without enough clearance.
- It could be a million things.|- Not too bright.
He's dead, Robert.
Taub is dead.
Oh, Mr. Gordon, by the way,|what's Castlegard?
I heard that's the only word|he said, "Castlegard".
Sounds like an amusement park.
Listen up, class, April 4, 1357,|Castlegard, France.
The English army in their red uniforms|occupied the village of Castlegard.
The French, meanwhile,|were advancing.
trying to drive them out of there,|in this direction over the river,
past the monastery and up|and over to the heights here.
Just leave it, Chris, that's fine,|before you wreck the place.
The English army, meanwhile,|had retreated to Castle La Roque.
Well fortified, very strong,|very well supplied,
and both sides had settled in|for a long siege.
The French were trying to push|the English out of France.
Lord Oliver tries to take the fight|out of the French.
Now, he has a prisoner, a woman.
A woman of class|and a woman of nobility.
Commander Arnaut's sister,|Lady Claire.
He hangs her from the battlements|for all of the French forces to see.
Instead of demoralizing the French,|it whips them into a frenzy,
and they attack the castle|like madmen,
and they overpower the English|with sheer passion.
So the fortress of La Roque|fell in one night
because of the death of one woman.
Lady Claire.
All right, that's enough|of the academics for today.
Go get your hands dirty.
Hi, Chris.
Hey, Dad, I got Marek's clippers.
Oh, Chris, great. Thanks.|Here, hold that, will you.
You can move it around if you like.
- I thought this would be a routine trip.|- It is.
Last time you cut off your beard,|you sold the house
and we moved to Kentucky|for a year.
- Your mother wanted a change.|- How does this always happen to me?
I am older and very much wiser|than you, Have a beer.
It'll cool you down.|Very hot work, ironing.
I know something's going on.
The beard's coming off,|so what's really happening?
It's these amazing finds|we've been making.
Doniger's been giving us|too many tips.
- He's a lucky zillionaire.|- Nobody's that lucky.
He knows something he's not saying.|Something isn't right about this.
He's been ducking me.|I'm gonna get a few answers.
Maybe scrounge a couple of bucks.
Put that in my bag, would you?|And don't wrinkle it.
I'd appreciate it|if you don't tell anybody about this.
Especially Kate.
- Why would I tell Kate?|- Here.
Have a wee run round that,|would you? "Why would I tell Kate?"
You see me twice a year,|stay until you're bored to distraction.
I think the record's three weeks.
Maybe I'm just really beginning|to enjoy archeology.
From a boy who hated Easter|because he had to find eggs.
- Yeah, because you buried the eggs.|- That's beside the point.
- Yeah, because you buried the eggs.|- That's beside the point.
You're still here because of Kate.
Look, son,
I love you,|but you're scorching my shirt.
You and Kate|are from different worlds.
You saw how that turned out|between your mother and me.
Yeah, but, Dad, no offense,|I'm not like you.
But Kate is.
Trust me, if it's between|archeology and you,
you'll lose.
- Sorry.|- I'm sorry.
I brought you a beer.
- That's so sweet.|- Half a beer anyways.
Half a beer.
- What you got going on here?|- The stairs.
The ones you were talking about?|Where do they go?
Now they don't go anywhere,|but they'll lead me to my tunnel
which will go|all the way to La Roque.
What do you say I help you out?|Show me what to do.
- I thought you hated this stuff.|- No, I don't hate it.
Let's have a beer, I need a break.
- You have the full one.|- That's sweet of you.
- Cheers.|- Cheers.
- Thank you.|- You're welcome.
Think you'll follow|in your father's footsteps?
- No.|- No.
No way. Actually, I'm not really|all that interested in the past.
No? What are you interested in then?
I think I already know|the answer to that question.
I've been hoping that you'd notice.
I've been hoping you'd quit hoping|I'd notice.
So there's nothing there?
- Chris, you are the boss' son.|- So...
there is something there.
It's late, I'll just start on this tomorrow.|But thanks for the beer.
- Haven't been practicing, have you?|- I'm not getting any younger.
- You love this stuff.|- It's a habit I can't quite kick.
Let me take that from you before|you cut something you'll need later.
So talking about love.
- how did it go last night?|- It didn't.
So how does it feel being passed over|for 600-year-old ruins?
It sucks.
It sucks big time.
I don't understand you guys.|You live in the past.
You know what the past is to me?|The past is why my parents split up.
The past is what I've been force-fed|since I was little.
None of you archeologists|looks to the future.
What are you talking about? What is|the future but just more of the same?
More gadgets, more machines|like that thing you rode up on.
It's the past is where it's at,|you know.
People then,|they cared about each other.
- Men had honor, you know?|- No, no.
You know what that is to me?|Romantic warrior crap.
You want to see romantic?|Follow me.
Come on.
Come on!
What have you got?
Oh, another stone|sticking out of the ground.
No, it's a 600-year-old sarcophagus|with a French knight and his lady.
- Look, isn't she beautiful?|- She's a real knockout.
Very funny. Another thing,|down here, they're holding hands.
- Incredibly unusual for that period.|- That is kind of unusual, huh?
Oh, God, over here.|This knight has only got one ear.
What happened there?
What, one ear?|That piece is missing.
It's somewhere here in the dirt.
I'm the archeologist.|It was carved that way.
- Fair enough.|- Trust me.
Who do you think they were?
Why would somebody that doesn't|give a shit be concerned with that?
- Because I'm intrigued, all right?|- See?
- What you wanted to hear?|- Yeah.
We're all intrigued by this.|That's why we're all here.
It's not just about the rocks|and the rubble.
It's about these people.
Who were they?|And what were their stories?
It helps us to understand where we|came from, or where we're going.
- You know what I like to say.|- "You make your own history."
- Do I say it that often?|- Yeah, all the time.
Well, whoever they were,
they made theirs
It's best to go really, really slow.|It's better to be cautious.
Come on. Hurry up!
Cave-in at the monastery!|Cave-in at the monastery!
I was standing and the floor gave way|underneath my feet.
- How long has it been open?|- 15 minutes.
We have five minutes|before oxygen contamination.
- Let's move it.|- Be careful.
- It's under where I was working.|- I don't know about this.
Can everybody listen up?|Let's be careful, we got that?
I've got your back. Be safe.
- Who's going in first?|- OK, let's go.
- Who's going down first?|- I am.
- On belay! On Kate!|- OK, take me down nice and slow.
- Give me a radio check.|- Please be careful.
- OK, one-two. Do you read me?|- We're good.
That's good.|Just keep it steady.
- Lower Kate down.|- Lower me down.
Easy, guys.
Nice and slow.
Nice and slow.|I'm getting close to the first level.
- Easy!|- Bring me down, guys.
- A little more on Marek.|- Smell the stale air.
Kate, be careful down there.
I'm down. Oh, my God. This is|right below where I was working.
Are you all right?|What's going on?
"All right?" "All right" is not the word.
- One...|- Give me slack on the rope.
- More slack!|- Come on, guys.
- Oh, my God.|- This is unbelievable.
We are the first people in this room|for 600 years.
...are beautiful.
You won't believe the condition|of these...
- What have you got?|- Come here.
No way. This is too much.|Oh, my God.
- What is it?|- Oh, my God.
An old document box.
We've got an oilskin|with documents inside.
- Look at the condition of this thing!|- OK, let's be really careful.
Quick, get the bag.
- I can't believe this.|- That is gonna be such a find.
Careful, careful, careful.
Let's get this up.|I need the light for a minute.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, man!|- Give me the light.
- What kind of...|- It's amazing.
...son of a bitch would deliberately|damage something so beautiful?
Obviously not an archeologist.
We've gotta get out of here.|Let's go!
Guys, we're coming up!
Pull it up! Come on!
We want to go up quick, OK?
- Hold this.|- What are you doing, Marek?
- It's OK.|- What are you doing?
It's definitely a modern-day|bifocal lens.
I know. And bifocals weren't invented|until the mid-1 700s.
The hole only opened up|today, Stern.
There's been nobody down|that chamber before Kate and I.
If you think that's weird,|you'll love this.
- What is this?|- One of the documents you found.
It's just a simple list of the things|stored in there. Nothing special.
And then we found this. Look.
The professor?
"Help me"?|"E.A. Johnston"?
- "4/2/1357"?|- 1357.
- E.A. Johnston.|- What is going on?
I cross-matched the signatures.|It's definitely his handwriting.
But he's only been gone for two days.
Your father wrote that,|but he wrote it 600 years ago.
What's going on here?
François is looking for his spare pair.|I'll see if the prescriptions match.
So you're telling me this is the|professor's and it's 600 years old?
- What have you been smoking?|- Maybe you can explain.
If I knew, I'd explain it. All I know|is that the ink is 600 years old.
I know. This is my father.|This is him.
- He's just playing a prank.|- No! No, there is no way
he would risk contaminating the site|as a joke. He just wouldn't.
- Did you carbon-date the ink?|- Of course.
- There's got to be another reason.|- I did it three times.
Like I just said,
your father wrote that note,
but he wrote it 600 years ago.
I don't care about ITC's policies,|I'm his son. I wanna talk to him now.
I found the professor's glasses.|They were on his desk.
It's a perfect match, Look.
We should do an optical test|to make sure.
I'm sick of this. Either somebody|tell me where Professor Johnston is
or I report a kidnapping|to the authorities.
Have I made myself clear?
Just tell us when and where.
What is it?
Doniger's sending a plane for us.
We're going to New Mexico?
Let's pack up, guys.
Good morning.
Steven Kramer, ITC.|Frank Gordon, security.
- Where's my dad?|- You'll see your dad shortly.
- Where's Doniger at?|- Doniger's waiting inside.
- Mr. Kramer will explain everything.|- Tell me.
How come we have|a 600-year-old document
- with his handwriting?|- Pleading for help.
I'll explain as soon|as we get through security.
ITC is constantly advancing itself|in science.
30 years ago, the business world|was revolutionized with a machine
that sent documents anywhere|with the push of a button.
Doniger's vision was to do that|with 3-D objects.
- Like a fax or something?|- Exactly.
He's trying to send actual objects|from one place to another?
- Follow me.|- But that's impossible.
He would need a quantum computer|with millions of processors.
We used them to build a machine that|could fax three-dimensional objects.
I'll explain these mirrors later. It would|put FedEx and UPS out of business.
- You actually made it work?|- Yes.
Across a room.
But we wanted to send things|across continents
so we built a bigger machine.|This is the prototype.
The prototype?|So that thing that we just passed...
- Exactly.|- the real thing?
We gave it a thousand times|more power.
We tried to send something|from New Mexico
to a twin machine at a lab|in New York City.
Now, here's the interesting part.
The package never arrived|at its destination.
A few hours later,|it showed up back here.
Wait a minute. So if it went missing|between New Mexico and New York,
- where did it go in the meantime?|- We asked the same question.
So we sent out a camera|over and over,
and we got back photos of the|same location, a hillside with trees.
That's when Mr. Doniger|made the brilliant decision
to point the camera straight up.
So once we cross-referenced|star charts to the horizon,
we realized that the camera|was not only in the wrong place,
- but it was in the wrong time.|- So, what does that mean?
The camera was taking photographs|of a wilderness
near Castlegard, France|in the year 1357.
So you're saying you accidentally|discovered time travel?
No, we accidentally discovered|a wormhole.
A wormhole that seems to be locked|to a single time and place in the past:
1357, Castlegard.
So you faxed my father's glasses and|documents back to the 1 4th century?
No, Chris.
Your father is in the 1 4th century.
- We need you to help get him back.|- Mr. Robert Doniger,
this doesn't make sense.
A wormhole is a volatile force.|You can't send a person through one.
Can't fit a piece of paper|through a telephone wire.
But you can send a fax.
Sure, once you've broken the message|into a stream of electrons, but...
- Oh, shit.|- Now, look.
I don't care|about the hows or the whys.
I care about my father.|Did he know about all this?
I thought we could help each other.|We'd give him hints
I thought we could help each other.|We'd give him hints
about the best excavation areas,|and he could discover
why we're locked|into this particular place and time.
So this is why you've been|funding our dig.
He was more astute than I thought.|We gave him too many clues
and he became very, very suspicious.
How could you send him there?|God knows where he is...
Oh, he's a very persuasive man.|He insisted on going.
- Now he's stuck.|- That's where you all come in.
Do we look like|wormhole specialists?
You sent the professor|to the Hundred Years' War?
- Right.|- Turbulent times you sent him to.
We need cultural experts,|not scientists.
My people don't know|about the medieval world
or how to mingle,|which is what we have to do
if we are to find the professor|and bring him back.
So we bring him back,|it's that simple.
We step on that machine and whiz|back to 1357 to get him back?
Once he's broken us|into a stream of electrons.
- Why should we do what you ask us?|- I think we need to know more...
- I know you have a lot of questions...|- A lot of questions.
The professor's already been gone|for 72 hours
and every minute he's there,|it'll be more difficult to find him.
- That's true.|- Bob?
Excuse me, I need to get them|changed if they're going to go.
- Frank, change with them.|- I'm not going.
- Gomez and Baretto are ready.|- We need to think...
- I'd like you along.|- We didn't say we were going.
Steve, can you bring them|to prep, please.
Sure. Folks, this way.
Thank you. Please, this way.|Thank you.
Just follow Steve.|He'll take you to the prep room.
Bob, look. Gomez and Baretto|are my two best men.
They can handle any situation.|I would prefer not going.
I really want you to go.
And if you see Decker,|you know what to do.
You know, that was a really|great speech you made.
I almost believed it myself.
- Didn't you forget something?|- What?
Come on. Look at Taub's MRIs.|Look at his arteries.
This was his tenth trip.|This is their first and only.
They deserve to know that we don't|know how he ended up in the desert.
You don't think they deserve|to know that?
I've told them enough.
How did my father get stuck|back there?
Doniger gave him an hour.
Things got harried,|and I lost him in the woods.
- You left him there.|- We have a limited time.
I had to come back|or we'd both be stuck.
I guess it's better him|than you, right?
Listen, there's a few things|we have to go over before we leave.
They need your vital data.|It's for your return process.
Change from your clothes|into those clothes over there.
Anything you want.|Put your personals in the lockers.
I want to introduce you to two friends.|Bill Baretto, Jimmy Gomez.
They're coming with us.|Buddies from the Marines.
- Why do we need Marines?|- Just in case something goes wrong.
I like to have all my bases covered.|All right, let's change up.
I can't believe you're considering this.|Do you understand what it does?
It strips you down|to a molecular level.
which means, for a moment,|you cease to exist.
- Listen to him, he's got a point.|- Hold on! Wait a second.
I don't need you, Miss Ericson.|Or Chris.
- I need you. You know the layout.|- Nobody knows it like I do.
- I go.|- There's no way I'm not going.
I just said I'm not going,|so don't touch me!
Stern, we don't need you back there.|You're a physicist.
- Your knowledge won't help us.|- I'm sorry.
But we are going to need you,|François.
- Why do we need him?|- Because he speaks French fluently.
- He's right.|- My high-school French sucks.
- Don't do this.|- We need his help.
- I'll cover you.|- Don't pressure him.
François, you have to make|your own decision on this.
Your father would've done it for me,|so, yes, I'll come.
- OK.|- Yes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Magnetic coils ready.|- Verifying now.
Platform up.
Computers are up, Mr. Doniger.
Tell Gordon we've got to get going.
Keep a couple of beers|cold for me, all right?
Mr. Stern.
Watch our backs, OK?
It will be all right.|We'll be back before you know it.
- Take it easy, bro.|- You know the 50 bucks I owe you?
All right, let's move it.
Frank, six hours|and the clock is running.
Wear these personal markers|around your neck.
You can use any one of them|to call for your return.
Frank will explain their intricacies|once you arrive.
Most importantly, one marker|will bring all of you back.
- Do not lose them.|- What about weapons?
Nothing modern goes back.|Especially weapons.
- They're set for a six-hour countdown.|- Countdown?
- They burn out after six hours.|- And then?
I'll get you back before you know it.
Sorry, François,|they didn't have these back then.
I don't see without...
You'll be fine. That's where|we goofed with the professor.
I feel morally compelled to inform you|that there is a degree of pain.
I'm told it's rather intense,|but extremely fleeting.
A couple of seconds.|No residual discomfort.
So forgive me. I didn't want that|to influence your decision.
- OK. Good luck.|- Let's do it.
You all look great.|Miss Ericson, you look divine.
Good luck.
Don't worry about it.|You guys will be home for lunch.
- Think of it as the ultimate field trip.|- A fantastic thing for an archeologist.
- I can't believe we're doing this.|- Slowly. There are no railings.
Josh, come on down. Come watch.
Josh, come on down. Come watch.
- Yeah, I'm fine.|- Take a place around the perimeter.
- Spread out.|- Move around the platform.
Take a deep breath, relax.|We'll be back before you know it.
- Are we set?|- All systems check.
Come in, Josh. Close the door.
- Good luck.|- Six hours and counting.
Mr. Marek? Mr. Marek.|I need you to take your position.
How's everybody doing?
- What the hell are we doing?|- Getting the chance of a lifetime.
Nothing to worry about.|We'll take care of you.
Just relax. Everything will be fine.
- DNA streams locked in.|- Thank you.
- OK, lock them in.|- Locking in.
- How long does it take?|- A couple of seconds.
Watch it here.
Mirrors locked.
Son of a...
Where is he? François!
- Are you all right?|- Where's François? François?
- There he is!|- François!
Pull him out!
Now we wait.
Give me your hand!
- Come on!|- François, hold on! Hold on!
Hold on!
- Here, take my hand.|- You all right?
You all right?|Everybody all right?
That was a close one.|All right.
Let's head up this hill.|Everybody follow me up.
- Hell of a start.|- We've always arrived on land.
- Gordon, is this it?|- I think so.
You think so?|Are we in 1357 France?
- This could be Oregon.|- Gordon, where are we?
Shut up!|Trust me, we're in 1357 France.
- Well, if this is France. I'm home.|- Come on, let's go.
Let me explain the markers. Press|here, it shows the remaining time.
Squeeze it, it takes you home.|But don't.
- Why?|- We haven't found his dad yet.
One last thing...
- He said, "Hide". Everyone hide.|- All right, take cover.
Let's go! Move! Now!
François, come on!
Well done, Sir De Kere.
- After him.|- Yes, my lord.
Get the others.|Find out who they are.
Come on, quick.
Oh, God! Baretto!
We got a field buck!|They're coming back!
- Oh, my God.|- Get a medic!
Get a medic up here!
- What was that? What was that?|- What?
What is that?
That's a grenade! Get down!
Oh, my God, he's left.
Get down! He'll see you!
You! Over here!
Let's go. Come on, come on!
All right, let's go.
Come on, Chris!
Marek! Hey.
- Where's my boys? Where's Marek?|- The guys came after Baretto.
He took some arrows and then|he pressed his marker. He's gone.
He took two arrows,|and he must have hit his marker.
- Where's Gomez?|- I didn't see him.
Oh, my God.
Don't look.
- What are you doing?|- Oh, shit, I can't find his marker.
You're looking for his marker?|He's dead!
- What are you doing?|- I'm getting us out of here.
- We're not going anywhere.|- We can't save anyone if we're dead!
- Keep it quiet.|- You can't do that.
Why not?!
You need 40 feet of clearance|around all sides to work.
- What?|- I was trying to tell you.
Don't lose these. They're precious.
And if you follow my lead, I will|get your dad and get you home.
- François, it's going to be OK.|- Let's find Marek.
- What about Gomez?|- We can't do anything about him now.
- We gotta go. Look at me.|- François, come on.
Be quiet! The soldiers!
You passed us. You passed us|in the woods. It's OK. It's OK.
- We've lost the trail.|- Damn it.
- Pick it up again.|- Yes, Sir De Kere.
Search down by the river.
Jesus, you're a girl.
It's OK.
After the French bastards!
After them! Leave none living!
- There you are.|- No.
Help! Help!
Shut it off!
He knew not to take|anything modern.
That son of a bitch brought|a grenade back with him.
I can't believe it.
The coils. The coils.
Damn it! He knew the regulations,|no modern weapons!
- Gomez?|- The lines are online!
- Well...|- His marker.
- What happened to the rest of them?|- Get a medic over here!
- I don't know.|- Give me your gloves.
Well, did anyone try|to come back with him?
I don't know. I know as much|as you, OK? Hang on.
What if they're trying|to come back now?
- It's not gonna happen...|- Don't jump to conclusions.
You can't leave seven people|stuck back there!
- Tell me you have a backup plan...|- Shut up!
I don't know. I don't know.
Please tell me you|have a backup plan.
Yes, we have a backup plan.
Gordon! Gordon! It's Marek! Chris!
This Frenchwoman|will lead us to Castlegard.
Great. That's great.|Let's go. Come on.
Wow. The village of Castlegard.|We're here.
Where is everyone going?
Hold on a second.
- What day is this?|- Marek...
It's the fourth of April.
- Of course it is. It's April 4th.|- 1357.
- The day La Roque falls?|- Wait, wait.
- What are you talking about?|- You son of a bitch,
- Excuse me?|- You brought us back
on the day the French attack.
By tonight, this whole place|is gonna be burned to the ground.
Stop with the history|and look for the professor.
Now, follow me.
Let's go.
I'm a physicist. Give me|something to do. I can help.
- Might as well be a pharmacist.|- Good one, Robert.
- Replacement panels are on their way.|- How long will this take?
Five hours and 27 minutes.
How do you know it's gonna|take 5 hours and 27 minutes?
Because that's all the time we have.
Once this platform is fixed,
even if the markers run out, we can|send someone back to get them?
The thing holding the wormhole open|is their markers.
But you've opened and closed|it dozens of times.
- Once the platform...|- Look, we don't even know
what we did to link us|to this wormhole.
A lucky calibration, chance impurity|in the coils. The point is, the grenade
probably destroyed any possibility|of re-creating it.
Once their markers expire,|they could be stuck there forever?
- Is that what you're saying?|- They could be.
Guys, come on. Come on, come on.
Come on. Come on.|Come on, this way.
Castle La Roque awaits its soldiers.
- The manor house.|- Look at that.
I can't believe it.|We were just working on it.
That's Castlegard, all right.
It's different.|That right section, I had wrong.
- Where did that tower come from?|- What if my Dad's in there?
- Yeah, you're right.|- How are we gonna get in?
Guys, soldiers coming.
- You there!|- Come on.
Why aren't you packing up?
- Run! Run!|- Halt! Stop!
- Go, go, go, go!|- Don't let them get away!
Get that horse out of the way!
My lord!
- Pick him up.|- Come on, my friend.
- Who are they?|- We captured them in the village.
I am Lord Oliver.|Who speaks for you?
- I do, my lord.|- You speak strangely.
Yes, we are Scottish, my lord.
Scottish? You've come|to kill us all in our beds?
First the old man|and now this group.
Why do the Scottish|find this village so pleasing?
- It must be your lord's kind manners.|- Indeed it must.
My lady.
- I beg your pardon, my lord.|- Let him speak.
- My lord, the old man you spoke of...|- Edward De Johnness?
He claims he's a magister.
- Do you know of him?|- He's our master, sir.
- All is well with him?|- He said he was alone.
We were several days behind him.|He does not know we are here.
Who are you?
Yes, you. The one whose head|is touching the ceiling.
François, my lord.
A Frenchman.
Hold. Please. Please.|We're all gentlemen here.
He's our interpreter, sir.
Forgive them. I'm at war with the|French, as well as the Scottish.
Have I forgotten anyone?|The Spaniards, am I at war with them?
Arnaut has sent many spies|into my midst.
- No, he's not a spy.|- No?
- He's our friend.|- I'm sure he is.
He's too tall to be a spy, anyway.
- Interpret.|- Be quiet.
- I'm a spy.|- I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that.
- It means...|- Be quiet, François.
...I am a spy.
My God, it's a miracle.|A quiet Frenchman.
- Did you hear that?|- No.
Louder, boy! Come on!
I am a spy.
I thought so.
- Oh, my God!|- Get rid of the Frenchman.
Put them with the old man.|We may need them.
Who's next?
- No!|- No, Chris!
Don't! Don't!
Oh. François. François.
- Up! Move it! Move it!|- No! Don't push me!
- Hey, leave her alone!|- Move it, ease on!
- All right, you bloody Scottish!|- Hold on!
I'm moving!
Over here, Andre.|This way. Come on.
My marker. Guys, I lost my marker!
Don't worry, we only need one marker|to get home, OK?
- This can't be happening.|- Careful with the rest.
Those bastards killed François.
- Kate?|- Yeah.
- Kate. Oh, my God, Kate.|- Are you all right?
Oh, my God. You got my message.
Chris, your dad.
- Chris is here and Marek's here.|- Dad?
- Son.|- Dad.
- Chris, my son.|- Glad you're still alive.
Oh, God.
What happened?
- You've lost such blood.|- It's not my blood.
It's François'.
He's dead.
Oliver had him killed|because he's French.
This guy had a sword|and he just ran him through.
Professor, what happened?
I was trying to avoid the English,|but they found me in the monastery.
I convinced Oliver I was a magister|on my way to Dublin.
I skipped Shakespeare.|What is a magister?
- It's a scientist.|- He accused me of being a spy.
- How did you survive that?|- I promised Oliver a new weapon.
What kind of weapon?
A liquid fire so intense|that even water couldn't harm it.
Greek fire?|You promised him Greek fire?
Professor. I'm sorry, have you|considered what you may have done?
You've given the English|a serious advantage in this battle.
- They're supposed to lose the war!|- I was alone!
- Marek. Marek!|- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're right.
The point is,|when these guys come here,
and take us up to La Roque.|when they seal that place off for battle,
there is no escape.|We're as good as dead.
- No, we gotta get out of here now.|- Wait, wait, wait.
Remember that field|where the peasant huts were?
That's the closest place|with enough room to use the marker.
- How do we get there?|- We have to do it fast.
- We've got four hours.|- Four hours is plenty.
The way I see it, we've got 650 years|of knowledge on these guys.
There's no reason why we shouldn't|be able to get home in 20 minutes.
- OK, let's find a way out.|- Let's look around.
There's a hole here|big enough to climb through.
- Quiet!|- OK, all right.
She was with the group|we caught earlier, my lord.
May I ask why|you're trespassing on my land?
Come, come.
- What are you doing?|- Here's what I'll do:
I'm gonna scale down the wall. When|it's clear, I'm gonna let you guys out.
- All right.|- You're not going anywhere.
What? I am, I'm...
Marek, I'm the best climber,|I am the best climber.
If anyone should|be going, it should be me,
but those roof slats won't|hold me, or you, or you, Chris.
- No, no...|- Wait. Wait.
But they might hold you, Kate.
Now, Kate, this isn't a game.|Are you prepared to take a life?
I'll do what I have to do.
There's no way.|You're not going anywhere.
It's going to be all right, OK?
There's one thing worse than|dying here, and that's living here.
I refuse to do either.|I'm going. It's OK.
She's right.
- Please, please take care.|- Hey, it's easy. It's gonna be easy.
Chris, I need your help. Come on.
I need you to hold that back|and keep it open.
All right?
- Kate, be careful.|- OK, here I go.
- Easy.|- There's guards there.
I'm gonna go up and over.
- There's a window on the side.|- OK, watch yourself.
I got you! I got you! Hold on!
Hold on. I got you. Don't let go.
- Are you OK?|- I've got a foothold.
- We're gonna pull you back in.|- No, I'm good.
- OK, please be careful.|- I've got to keep going.
You, man! Gather those children|and move!
All clear on the outside.
Hold your line, men! In position!
Too much ale.|We'll play again when I get back.
Keep them quiet.
- What the...?|- Now!
Grab a weapon!
- Let's go, Chris!|- Very sorry.
We're heading out the way|we came in, all right? Marek?
- Marek!|- Yeah, yeah. You go ahead.
- I'll take the rear.|- All right, let's go!
Kate, we gotta go.
Oh, be careful!
Let's go! Come on. Let's go!
You guys go ahead.|I'll catch up with you.
- What are you doing?|- Listen.
- Are you crazy?|- Let's go.
- I got my marker, I'll catch up.|- Come on.
- Where is he?|- He'll catch up. He's got his marker.
- Robert!|- Yeah?
DNA streaming should|be
- Got it!|- Fully functioning?
- Yeah!|- It's a start.
- Don't move. Don't say a word.|- Traitor!
Jesus. Why didn't you listen to me?
For God's... Jesus!|Scotsman! Stop, it's me!
What? What are you saying?
Ax! Give me the ax!
And help me watch for the wall!
Move that stuff!|Put it against the door!
- Help me!|- Get out of the way, woman!
Get out of the way!
Please! Come on!|There we go!
- Who is that guy?|- His name is De Kere.
Come on. Quick,|let's head back to the river.
Get more guards!
- We're not going without Marek.|- I don't give a shit about Marek.
My job was to get the professor.|I can't take care of you.
I lost Gomez, Baretto. You guys are|on your own. Or follow me. Let's go!
To the river, quick.
We have a field buck.|Somebody's trying to come back.
- How strong?|- It's minimal.
- What does that mean?|- It means they're still alive.
Come on. Come on.
Where is he? Where's Gordon?
- There he is. There he is.|- I saw him. Come on!
- Wait. Watch it.|- Chris! Drop your weapon.
OK. Go.
Oh, shit.
- Come on!|- Gonna leave us like you left my dad?
- People are looking.|- There's no time.
- Listen. Listen.|- Everybody is looking.
- Be quiet.|- Kate, hit your marker.
Press yours.|I'm not going without Marek.
- Hit your marker.|- You're not going anywhere.
Marek's got his own marker.
Search every building|and every farm!
- Oh, shit.|- Kate, press it.
We can come back for Marek.|Press it. We've been here too long.
- Press it.|- It's not working.
- It's not working.|- I know how to do this.
- Why isn't it?|- I don't know.
- If it were working, we'd be home now!|- Everybody, walk away slowly.
Let's find a place to hide.
Infantry, spread out. Search the huts!
Search everywhere and capture them!
Oh, by the way,|my name's Andre Marek.
Castlegard was your village, wasn't it?
- Don't worry, you'll return there soon.|- No.
The English will burn it to the ground|before they move to La Roque.
- No, La Roque will fall too.|- Yes.
But it will take many more lives
and many months of fighting|before it happens.
The French built that fortress.|We know how strong it is.
La Roque will fall tonight.
Only a prophet...or a fool|could make such a claim.
In your case, it's probably the fool.
Whichever makes you smile like that.
Are you...married?
We've been fighting the English|since before I was born.
There's no time for marriage.
Of course.
Are you with...anyone?
- Am I with anyone?|- Yeah.
I'm with you.
I know. I know.|What I mean is, is there someone...?
Is there someone that you see?
- Do I see?|- Yeah.
Nobody. It is possible|they are hiding on the shore
or in the woods.|They could be anywhere.
Oh, God. You know, it's funny,
but we're speaking|the same language,
but you don't understand|anything I'm saying, do you?
Get them!
No, no.
It is good. They are French.|They will help us.
- You're Lady Claire.|- Lady?
I like that. It's charming.
Dame Claire.
Find them!
I killed that man.
I've gotta live with that.
- In here!|- We found them!
- We found them, my lord!|- Over here now!
- Come on!|- Don't let them go!
Come on!
Go inside!
Go around the back.
- Shut up and move over there.|- Come on.
- Burn it.|- No.
- No, you can't do that!|- Don't.
Chris, please get out of there.|Chris!
Chris! My son's in there!|Chris, get out of there!
Hold your man.
No! No!
All right, come on.
- Come on.|- Chris, wait up.
- Come on.|- Wait up.
- Claire!|- Arnaut.
He is very grateful|you returned his sister...
- You're English.|- No, I'm Scottish.
Arnaut, he saved the life|of one of your men.
- You're Scottish, huh?|- Yes.
In that case, I do not know how|to express my gratitude.
Well, you can. Just keep|her close and keep her safe.
- I can take care of myself.|- Yes, that's obvious.
Please, do not let her out|of your sight, especially tonight.
Do not worry, she will be|well protected.
I must leave. I must return|to Castlegard to search for my friends.
I need to ask you perhaps|for a horse and a weapon.
You will not make it alive|through the English lines.
They are moving from the village|to La Roque. We attack tonight.
- You must not go back there.|- I must try and find my friends.
I'm sorry.
Very well. I will give you|what you ask for.
- Thank you again.|- Thank you.
- Lady Claire...|- Claire.
I wish we had met at another time.
Andre Marek.
Are you married?
Arnaut has dismounted,|and he's with his sister.
Well done.|In fast, kill Arnaut and out.
And may God be with you.
All right. I have to get inside|La Roque and find my dad.
- You'll never make it through.|- I'll find a way.
There is no way. You'll get killed.
Oh, Jesus. Go, go.
- I don't have a choice.|- Yes, you do.
There's another way.
- What, the tunnel?|- Yeah.
You never found it.|You don't know it exists.
- There's always been a rumor.|- Yeah, but that's a rumor.
- My dad's life is on the line.|- All of our lives are on the line.
Look, if that tunnel ever existed,|it's going to exist now, 1357.
I know it's in that monastery. I know it.
I wanna save your father|as much as you do.
You have to trust me,|I know it's there.
I know it.
You've got to trust me.
Stay in line.
- Move along.|- Keep the pace!
Kill Arnaut!
Claire! Claire!
Move along!
Come on, lads.
That's Marek! Marek!
- Marek!|- I'm OK.
It's Chris and Kate, Marek.
- What about Chris and Kate?|- They didn't make it.
- They've killed them.|- What?
Been a while, hasn't it, Frank?
Oh, my God.
I thought you were dead.
Right, that's why you sent Taub|to assassinate me.
Not to assassinate you,|to bring you home.
- Right, just like you are.|- No, look... Listen.
- Listen to me, Will. I need your help.|- What's this?
Look, it's not working anyway.
It says here you got less|than one and a half hours left.
- It doesn't work.|- Bullshit.
Look, you've got to believe me,|it wasn't my fault, OK?
- I've got a family.|- Yeah?
- You've met my family.|- You got a family?
- You have a family.|- I've got a family.
- So did I!|- No!
- No!|- No! No!
- Oh, shit!|- Oh, my God!
Last time I saw him, he was running|with his marker for an open space.
I was on the ground,|three arrows in me.
I used to be William Decker.|ITC employee number 273.
...I'm Sir William De Kere.|Lord Oliver's aide-de-camp.
You looked pretty impressive today,|Marek, for an academic.
- How do you know my name?|- I know all of your names.
We read every report out of your dig|before we made the first trip back.
How many times have you been here?
Enough to know|transcription errors intimately.
Transcription errors?
Doniger, that son of a bitch.|He hasn't told you a thing, has he?
What are transcription errors?
Mistakes in the DNA|reconstruction process.
- It's like faxing a fax.|- Distortions. Mistakes.
Only the distortions|aren't in the letters.
It's body parts. The organs.
I've gone in too many times.|I'll never survive another trip.
All that damage,|it can be repaired, but not here.
And not in this time.|You'd have to go back.
Why don't you press the marker?|We can all go home, Decker, huh?
My name is De Kere.|This is my home.
Lord Oliver awaits his Greek fire.
After that, your survival depends|on your knowledge of history.
How good you make me look.|I rise in favor, so do you.
I fall, you fall.
I fall, you fall.
Marek, where's your marker?
De Kere, Decker, whatever|his name is, he took it off me.
Oh, God.
We're friends of|Edward De Johnness.
- Edward De Johnness.|- The magister.
He's my father.
- The Englishmen have harmed him?|- We don't know.
- We were gonna ask for your help.|- Yeah, we need your help.
We need to hurry.|We don't have much time.
Lord Oliver demands|a demonstration before nightfall.
It would be best|not to miss the deadline.
They've done it. The stuff's all there.
This stuff's a bit coarse, but it's good.
What am I talking about?|I can't do this.
I can't give them Greek fire|and influence the course of history.
- I may already have done that.|- What do you mean?
When we first arrived here,|we were helped by this girl
who took us up to Castlegard.
In fact, that's who I went back|to get when we escaped.
That girl turned out to be|Lady Claire, Arnaut's sister.
- Are you serious?|- Yeah.
I've delivered her to the French|for safekeeping.
She's incredibly important.|Her death rallies the French to win.
- Don't you understand?|- Keep it down, OK?
Now we have to be on Oliver's side|just to stay alive.
This is exactly where I was digging.
This is it. This is the place where...|We're here. We're...
What do you mean?
This is the chamber|where I was working.
- I'm sorry, what did he say?|- The army of Arnaut is ready to attack.
- We're running out of time.|- Those are the stairs. It's under here.
Move them up here.
There's a goodly number|of trebuchets, my lord.
What's a little fire|to these stone walls?
- There's nothing down here.|- This is it.
This is the chamber.|This is where the hole was.
- We came down here...|- There's nothing here.
Marek would've been working there.|The box would've been...
Oh, my God. That is the box.
That's the parchment he wrote on.
My father's glasses.
- Yeah, we've got to go.|- No, no, put it back.
If we don't find this, in the future|we're never gonna find your father.
Put it back.
We still gotta go.|We gotta get up to La Roque.
No, the stone relief was damaged.|Somebody had damaged it.
"What kind of son of a bitch|would damage something so..."
It was me.
It was me.
I was the son of a...
What is she doing?
Wait! Get back! Stay back!
Watch out. Watch out.
Oh, wow. It's the tunnel.
It's the tunnel!
Give me a torch.
Hey, give me that one,|Kate, watch out. Let me go in.
- Get Arnaut?|- Yes, get Arnaut. Go.
- Please, hurry, Hurry.|- Kate, get in here.
- Oh, whoa.|- You got it?
Yeah, I do.
Careful, boys, this is Greek fire.|You can blow us all to hell here.
Smooth and easy, now.|No spills.
That's good.
- Trebuchet!|- Trebuchet!
- Trebuchet!|- Trebuchet!
- You OK?|- Yeah. Hurry, there's no time.
- Trebuchet!|- Trebuchet! Trebuchet!
Bring water!
Lord Oliver, the magister|with your demonstration.
Oh, yes, I'll see it now.
- Understand, my lord, I've never...|- Show me now!
- Show him!|- Your fire of the Greeks.
- Marek, fire it!|- OK, come on, let's move it.
Just fire the damn thing!
I cannot fire it.
Fire it!
- Fire!|- Ready, fire!
Out of the way. Move.|Let me pass.
That's it?
So you betrayed me.|You promised me Greek fire.
I should have had you hung...
- What?|- With your permission, my lord.
The more water, the more fire.
My God, you are a magician,|not a magister.
I want this for every cannon.|How many men will you need?
- Twenty.|- Twenty.
- Give this man 20 men.|- As you wish.
This way, magician.
Archers to the battlements!
- Archers to the battlements!|- Archers to the battlements!
- We have 81%.|- No, no. It's over.
I'm not gonna play with their lives|like this.
We can't get 100% efficiency|from patched-together coils.
What's the safest minimum percent?
- We've done successful tests at 80%.|- You just said we have 81%.
- They were inanimate objects.|- With reflectors up.
- How much time do we have?|- 28 minutes.
No room for error.
- They could be deformed.|- Can we?
- Yes, we can.|- It's too risky.
You think I'm gonna let you|leave them?
- Think I want to?|- I don't think you care.
They have a chance,|some kind of life.
No, you lost the chance for that|decision a long time ago.
- This is no longer your decision.|- You know what? It is and I have.
I'm sorry.
- Fire the moat.|- Yes, my lord.
Fire the moat!
- Light your arrows.|- Light arrows.
- Archers, prepare.|- Archers, prepare.
- Stretch.|- Stretch.
- Night arrows.|- Night arrows.
A little surprise for the French.
- Ready!|- Stretch.
We're close now.|We're close. I know it.
Well done, my lord.
One more of them,|and we become history.
Oh, no.
We're going.|Forward, right maybe.
Maybe it's just...
Or we could go up, right?|We could go up.
- Kate...|- No, don't. No! No!
- Kate.|- No.
Maybe we missed something.|Maybe we made a wrong turn.
- We could...|- It's too late.
It's just too late.
I said trust me,|and I've let you down.
And I've let your father down. And...
- I've let everybody down.|- No.
- Oh, God. I'm so sorry.|- No, you didn't.
Kate, come here.
Kate, come here.
Come here. Come here.
- Close the inner gates!|- Close the inner gates!
- This is growing tiresome.|- The courtyard is secure, my lord.
Good, but this Frenchman|needs to be put in his place.
- It's time.|- Captain!
It is time!
Thirteen minutes left.|Let's try and get them back.
Are we gonna go over all this again?
What are you doing?
What the hell do you think I'm doing?|I'm protecting our interests.
- What's happened to you?|- How many lives are lost
on the cutting edge|of discovery?
- It's the price for great advances.|- These were kids, not astronauts!
- I know!|- They had no idea!
Even worse when they're deformed!|You know the media.
They'll twist it around|and label it a "death machine".
- It has a serious flaw!|- And you'll fix it.
- No, I won't.|- Like you fixed everything else.
- No.|- What?
- You won't?|- No, I won't.
I can't believe you'd just throw away|your place in history.
- I already have, we're cycling up.|- Think you can go behind my back?
Huh? Kramer!
- Make the prisoner ready.|- What is your will, my lord?
- Back to work.|- Secure her to the battlements.
I want to be sure|the French can see her.
At once, my lord.
- I'll give your brother a choice.|- Oh, shit.
- You are to be tied to the battlements.|- What?
Either he lays down his arms
or he kills you|with his own weapons.
Let us hope a man who stoops|to using his own sister as a spy
still has some sense of decency left.
God be with you, lady.
It's her.
It's Lady Claire.
I delivered her|to Arnaut for safekeeping.
- How did the English get her?|- It's history.
Then history will change.
Release Lady Claire|and bring her down to me now,
or by God.|I will destroy your arsenal.
- Marek! No!|- Get the hell out of here. Go now!
For God's sake.|If that thing blows, it'll kill us all.
- Bring her down.|- No! Do not touch her!
My lord, if he drops the torch,|he then kills her too. He will not do it.
Back off, De Kere.|Or Decker, or whatever your name is.
I will blow your arsenal to hell!
- There's no way out.|- You're English.
- No. No, no, we're not.|- You're English! This is a trap!
- Run, my lord!|- Marek!
- You are working for Oliver.|- No, we're not.
I will kill both of you!
- Yeah!|- Yahoo!
Be careful, my lord.
Archers, to the battlements!
- Hold the line on the east tower.|- Oliver!
Kill her! Now!
- Arnaut!|- Claire!
We've got to find the others.
Hold your line!
- Dad.|- Chris, you're alive! Kate, thank God!
- Where's Marek?|- I don't know.
There goes Marek.|There's Marek.
It's OK. It's OK, Claire.
It's me. It's me.|It's me. It's me. It's me.
- What are you doing?|- Open the gate.
Chris, stop!
- It's solid.|- Let me get up. I've gotta get up.
- Can you?|- Yeah.
This is for France.
- We gotta get out of here.|- Where's Marek?
- I don't know.|- He went after Lady Claire. There.
My ear! My ear!
It's me.
It's me.
- It's not working.|- Well, it's broken.
- OK.|- I gotta get Marek.
De Kere took his.
- You guys run to the field.|- Not without you.
Kate! Run to the center of the field and|wait for us. I'll get the other marker.
- Dad, go with her. Go!|- Be careful.
Over here.
Chris, I thought you were dead.
Your marker! Let's go!
De Kere!|De Kere has yours.
Open this door.
Where's Kramer?
Where's Kramer?
Take me home. Please.
- It's working. Be careful.|- Come on, let's go.
- Marek, come on.|- Get out of here!
We got less than a minute!|Let's go home, come on!
Come on, let's go!
Let's go, man!|Come on, they're waiting!
- Go. Get the hell out of here.|- No, let's go home!
I am home, Chris.
Chris, just go.
Say goodbye for me.
I'm gonna miss you, Marek.
If you can do it, then do it.|One more minute. Eighty-one percent, OK?
- What's he doing?|- The coils.
- Come on!|- This is good here.
- Wait!|- There he is.
- Wait!|- Come on! Where's Marek?
- He's staying. He's staying.|- Let's go.
- Push the marker.|- I am.
I'm getting a field buck!|Someone's coming back!
What? No!
- No!|- You gotta...
I don't have a marker.
I'll never get home.
Where's Marek?
And François?
- Hey, Dad.|- Yeah?
Hey, Kate just called|from the monastery dig.
She finished excavating|the sarcophagus and wants us there.
- Wanna drive?|- Yeah, I'll drive.
Look what I uncovered.
If Marek had come home with us.|what would be written here?
Oh, my God.
"Andre Marek.
"With his beloved wife, Claire."
Oh, my God.
"Loving parents of Katherine...
"...and François." Dear François,
"To my friends who survive me,
"I have chosen a wonderful life.
"Died 1382."
Born 1971.
They made their own history.
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