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Tipping The Velvet

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[Applause and cheering]
[All talking at once]
Oh, dear!
How dare you?
You made it pretty clear you didn't want us,
so we had to make our own entertainment.
Well, then, since you're so pleased
with each other's company,
you may leave my house this moment.
Oh, please, my lady, don't dismiss me.
I've never done anything like that before,
and I never will again.
Not in my house, you won't
because you won't spend one more moment in it.
What you do outside of it is no concern of mine.
You can do it in the street like dogs, for all I care.
Corder? Where's Corder?
Diana, wait!
How dare you speak to me, you little whore?
Have you forgotten who I am and what you are?
The love of your life.
You said I was the love of your life.
I say, hearts and flowers.
Listen to the little liar.
DIANA: Corder!
Oh, Zena, what an end to it all.
What are we to do?
Oh, you'll be all right, I suppose.
Go back to your family
and spin them some tale about where you'd been.
No. I won't go back there. I couldn't.
I couldn't let them see me like this.
Then we're in the same boat, then,
aren't we, miss?
Don't you have any cash about you at all?
What's in the bag?
the boys clothes I brought with me when I first came.
Well, then.
What, you mean we should put them on and pass as gents?
No. I mean, we should sell them.
Sell them?
Well, it's that or sell ourselves, I reckon.
Don't want to spend the night in the open, do you?
Come on, miss.
[Man coughing]
[Man yelling]
It's all right, miss.
Men and women is separate.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: So from luxury and a 4-poster bed,
I had come to this,
but I had Zena and a little money now.
Come on. Hurry up.
[People coughing]
Lie close, miss,
for the warmth.
You mustn't call me miss anymore.
You must call me Nan.
We're equal now, aren't we?
If only Diana hadn't come in when she did.
It was fun, though, wasn't it,
till she came and spoiled it?
It's always fun before they catch you.
It won't be so bad, will it?
We've got each other now.
We might make a go of it,
don't you think?
NAN, VOICE-OVER: Yes, I had lost my place of privilege,
but I had found something better, I told myself.
I had found a good pal in Zena Blake.
You're a good sleeper. Ha ha!
Where's my friend? Where's my friend?
"Where's my friend? Where's my friend?"
She went hours ago, dearie, before it was light.
I saw her. I saw her go,
and you never stirred a whisker.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: Zena had gone
and taken our meager funds with her.
NAN: Spare some change, sir?
Spare a penny for a cup of tea, sir?
[Bell tolling]
NAN, VOICE-OVER: For the first time for over a year,
I found myself longing for home.
I thought of the warmth of the oyster parlor,
Mother's cooking, Father's jokes,
but I didn't have so much as a tuppenny bus fare,
and how could I let them see me like this?
But I had to find some way or starve on the streets,
and during that long night, it came to me.
There was a place where I'd been made to feel at home.
Mrs. Milne!
Mrs. Milne!
Mrs. Milne.
Mrs. Milne, Gracie, they used to live here.
Where have they gone?
Couldn't say.
The lady before me
took ill back in November,
and her sister come
and took her back to live with her,
but where... Bristol, Bath...
don't know.
Dear girl,
you have been in the wars, haven't you?
I have, and that's not all.
I've got nowhere to live and nothing to eat
and not a penny to buy bread.
Well, we've got nothing to spare,
so it's no use hanging around here begging.
You'll get nothing by it.
Wait. Mister...
there was a girl who lived over there with her mother,
name of Florence.
Oh, she's been gone this past year.
Moved to Quilter Street in Bethnal Green,
I think.
Bethnal Green? But that's miles from here.
Best I can do.
[Door closes]
[Flies buzzing]
MAN: Dear lady, please.
Please, miss.
Quilter Street...
Quilter Street...
NAN: Excuse me. Is this Quilter Street?
Florence. Where does she live?
WOMAN: Number 115, just up there.
Thank you.
[Dog barking]
[Nan gasps]
What are you doing here?
[CIock chiming 6:00]
She's been in the wars, all right, poor girl.
Look at that cheek.
And someone has cropped her hair.
Prison, do you reckon?
They crop the poor girls very short there, don't they?
Or one of your reformatory girls.
She's pretty near half-dead, whoever she is.
Oh, look out. She's waking up.
Hello there, miss. Here we go.
You feeling a bit better?
There's no need to fear, you know.
You're among friends here.
Here. Here. Let's help you up.
Give us a hand here, Flo.
There we are.
I'll make you a nice cup of something hot.
Would you like that?
Yes, please. Thank you.
That's very kind.
You're both very kind.
Would it make you very ill
to tell me why you've come here?
I met you once a long time ago.
Don't you remember?
Yes. I remember.
You left me sitting in that cafe.
You made me feel a fool.
I'm sorry.
It was...
I can't explain.
Please don't send me away.
Why should you go to such a lot of trouble
to find me now?
I couldn't think of anyone else I could go to,
and I just always remembered you.
I thought you'd remember me.
I made a mistake.
Didn't expect to find you like this.
You've changed, I think,
with a baby and everything.
MAN: Here we are, then.
Ah, she looks better already,
doesn't she, Florence?
Ralph, this lady is a friend of Miss Darby's,
that lady I used to work for.
I'm afraid I've forgotten your name.
It's Nancy Astley.
Miss Nancy Astley.
Pleased to meet you, Miss Nancy Astley.
You're very welcome.
Thank you.
Thank you.
RALPH: That cheek still looks very sore.
I expect you're wondering how I came by it.
It was a man with a ladder on the street.
Oh, I can't tell a lie.
Truth is, I've been living with someone,
and they've thrown me out and kept all my things,
and I had such handsome things.
A gentleman, I suppose.
You must think me very wicked,
but he...
he said I was the love of his life.
He was as rich as anything.
He could do what he liked.
He did what he liked with me.
He used to like to make me dress up as a boy
in a soldier suit.
They're the worst of the lot when they go bad,
the rich ones.
They think their money gives them the right
to treat people like toys.
I'm a socialist, Miss Astley,
and we're working to try and put a stop
to all that sort of thing.
FLORENCE: You ain't in trouble, are you?
NAN: I was...
but the gent fixed that when he...
when he beat me.
Oh, well, Miss Astley,
if you truly have nowhere,
it won't hurt for you to stay the night with us,
just one night,
and tomorrow
I'll help you find a proper lodging.
But I've no money to pay.
Well, then I'll help you find work, as well.
RALPH: And I was thinking, if she could stay one night...
stay one night...
NAN, VOICE-OVER: I had thought and hoped
Florence was a tom like me,
but here she was, married with a child
and so stern and serious
and thoughtful.
He was kinder to me than she was.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: And there was nothing more in it
than kindness.
I was sure of that.
Gentle as Jesus, he was,
and her working,
working for her friendless girls, no doubt,
and never looking at the friendless girl
who lay in her armchair almost too weak to move.
[CIock chimes]
RALPH: Well...
I'll turn in.
Good night, Miss Astley.
Hope to see you feeling better in the morning.
Good night.
Thanks for all your kindness.
[Door closes]
You do understand, don't you,
that it's just for one night?
It won't do to have you stay any longer.
If the girls at the hostel heard about it,
they'd all be clamoring,
"If she can stay with the family,
then why shouldn't we?"
I can see that,
I suppose.
Have you got everything you need?
Privy is out back, as you know.
Ralph will be up and out of the house by 6:00.
I'll get up a bit later,
but you'll have to leave the house when I do at 8:00.
You do understand that?
You've been so kind to me
when, really, you hardly know me at all...
and your husband.
Good night, then.
[Door closes]
[CIock chiming 8:00]
[Door opens]
FLORENCE: Oh, Miss Astley, you're not up yet?
You must get up now. I have to get to work.
Oh, dear, I don't feel so well this morning.
Well, I'm sorry, but you can't stay here.
I must go to work, and I must go now.
If you keep me waiting any longer,
I shall be late.
Oh, please let me stay just a little while
till my head clears and I get a little strength back.
You don't need to wait.
I'll let myself out later.
I'd be gone by the time you get home.
You can trust me.
I wouldn't take anything.
All right. You may do as you said
and let yourself out.
There's precious little to steal here, anyway.
Now, I've made you a list of places
you might find a bed in
and some places where you might find work.
Oh, and Ralph left you this half crown.
He says good-bye...
and good luck.
He's so good.
Now, I'm trusting you.
Don't let me down.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
Who are you?
Just a friend of the family.
I was down on my luck, and they let me stay the night.
Yeah. That's them.
Always doing things for other people,
Miss Banner and her brother.
They've got no time to look after themselves.
He's her brother?
But I thought they were man and wife.
little Cyril?
No, nothing like that.
He belonged to another girl,
their previous lodger.
I see.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: Then I knew what I should do.
I would make myself indispensable.
I would make myself the angel of the house.
MAN: Exotic fruit!
Pineapples! Exotic fruit of the...
NAN, VOICE-OVER: This will be my new home.
It will.
It will.
It will.
[Door opens]
Who are you?
I'm Nan Astley.
I'm just visiting here for a while.
You're making your presence felt.
I've never seen it so tidy.
Thought I'd come in the wrong house.
Yeah. Well, I've come
to drop these leaflets off, all right?
Tell Florie.
I'm Annie, Annie Price.
Bet you can't guess what I do for a living.
Chimney sweep?
Hey, you're not far off.
I don't crawl up chimneys. I crawl down drains.
I'm a sanitary inspector.
It's the stinkiest job in London, and I love it.
Mm. Lovely smell. What is it?
Oh. Beef and oysters.
I better see to it, if you'll excuse me.
Do you need any help?
Oh, no. I'm all right. Thank you.
ANNIE: Oh, hello.
Yeah. I brought them like I said.
Well, I got to run now. I'll be late.
FLORENCE: What's that smell?
Something very nice, I think...
called Nan.
it's... ha!
You wait and see. I'm never wrong.
Bye, Miss Astley.
[Door closes]
NAN: I wanted to do something for you.
So I cleaned the house and made supper for you
and your brother.
Who told you that?
The lady next door.
I liked my house the way it was.
Please don't be like that.
Oh, Florence...
please let me stay.
It's not possible.
NAN: Yes, it is.
I could cook and clean for you
like I did today.
I could sleep downstairs like I did last night.
I could do your washing and look after your baby boy
when you're at work.
RALPH: My word, I never saw
such a shiny doorstep.
I was almost frightened to tread on it.
Hello, Miss Astley. You still here?
Have we you to thank for all this?
[Cyril crying]
RALPH: But he's just been to... Oh, shh, shh.
Let me have him.
No. It won't do.
Just for a moment. Please.
Come here. Ohh.
[Crying stops]
Shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
All right. You may stay...
for a week,
and if the week works out,
we shall try it for a month,
but if it doesn't work, you must go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: And so I became a sort of housekeeper to them.
It was a kind of work I'd never done much of before.
Hard enough and dull, too, you'd think,
but it seemed like play to me.
Who's my little one?
You are.
Yes, you. Yes, you are.
There's my little man.
Oh, Cyril. Oh...
Oh! Ha ha ha!
Mmm. Mm.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: And as the time went by,
I got more confident. "Why not?" I thought.
After all, women's clothes weren't suited
to hard physical work.
It was only practical.
And I started to express myself in other ways, too.
Oh, my pal Cyril is a regular peril
When he gives the girls the eye
Oh, my pal Cyril, he drinks like a devil
He could drink the dairy dry
And when he goes up on the town
A wiggle in his walking stick up and down
And then he goes off on a spree
Oh, that's delicious.
Mm. Beautiful, Nan, beautiful.
I think if there was only one dish
that had to be served in paradise,
it would be oysters.
No. Beef-and-oyster pie for me.
Oysters, definitely,
and it would be a socialist paradise, of course.
Equal shares for all.
And who would be there with you to share it?
Where, in paradise?
Well, Flo, of course,
and Cyril and you
and Eleanor Marx, I think, and Keir Hardie
and Mrs. Sykes from next door.
Oh, that's you all over.
You'd let them all come, you would.
And who would be in yours, Nancy?
Well, you and Ralph would have to be there
making yourselves busy and telling everyone
how to run it and Cyril, of course.
Can't leave my big boy out.
And of course you would have to be in mine.
Well, who else would make me oyster pie?
Well, I've had better compliments paid me,
but not recently.
Thank you kindly, Miss Banner.
[CIock chimes]
Well, up the wooden hill for me.
Night, both.
What a lovely day it's been.
Do you know, I don't think we've had a picnic in years?
You do too much for others.
You have to think of yourself now and then.
Don't go up yet. Come sit down by me.
All right, then.
I wanted to say...
sorry for running away from you before.
I was hurt at the time then.
The thing is,
you kept wanting to know what I did,
and I couldn't tell you.
Somehow, I couldn't tell you a lie, either.
So I thought
I just couldn't be with you at all.
Lie to me? About what?
I let you think it was
a gentleman I lived with,
but it was a lady.
She picked me up off the street
and carried me off in her carriage,
and what was I doing on the street?
I was selling myself to men
dressed as a boy.
When you say you lived with this lady...
do you mean...
As her lover?
As her slave, more like.
She dressed me up in fine clothes,
but really, I was just a kept whore.
Oh, Nan.
Have you never been truly happy?
Oh, yes...
when I was in love.
That was a girl called Kitty.
She was my first love, and she broke my heart,
and I've been happy
since I've been living here with you,
as happy as I could be, except I've never felt
able to tell you the truth about myself,
but now I have,
and I suppose you're gonna say I have to go.
I'd like to tell you something, Nan.
That night after you... after we parted,
I went to that lecture, and I met a girl there.
Her name was Lillian.
Well, she was so very interesting-Iooking,
I knew I just had to know her.
So after the lecture, I went up to her,
and we began to talk.
We just went on from there.
It was as if she understood all my thoughts.
I'd never felt like that about anybody.
You loved her.
and she loved me, too, only not in the same way.
The fact is,
she had a man friend who wanted to marry her,
only she wouldn't do it.
She wouldn't be a man's property, she said.
Oh, she loved him, and then when she fell pregnant,
the man wouldn't stand by her.
So she came here to live with us,
and those were the happiest months of all my life.
And then?
And then she died.
She died having Cyril.
She was too slight.
The confinement was a hard one,
and she died, Nan.
I'm so sorry about your friend, Flo.
Well, it's been very hard since then.
I've wished I might die myself.
She'd only been gone 6 months when you came,
and I couldn't bear the thought
of having another girl in the house.
She's the only one I could ever love, you see.
So I'm just about good enough
to do the cooking and the cleaning,
but no hope of anything more, right?
No, Nan. I didn't mean that.
Yes, you did.
I'm not good enough for you, am I?
And no one ever will be after her.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
What are you doing?
Well, I can't stay here anymore, can I,
after last night?
You've been very kind to me.
No. Wait.
I've been awake half the night
thinking about things.
I'm sorry, too, Nan.
I haven't treated you very gently
since you've been here, have I?
It wasn't right to take it out on you
because I was unhappy.
I've liked it...
having you here all these months.
I'm glad you stayed.
I was wondering...
perhaps we could go out somewhere together...
just the two of us, tonight.
All right.
[Piano playing]
FLO: I thought you said it was all girls here.
NAN: It is.
You ought to look a bit more carefully.
Did you used to come here as a boy?
Now and then.
WOMAN: So he slapped down a sovereign,
and Suzie and me flap up
for half an hour
and then tip the velvet
while the gent looked on.
Easiest night's work we've ever had.
We'd have done it for nothing,
if only he'd known it.
Ha ha!
Tipping the velvet?
Whatever can that be?
You don't know?
It sounds like something to do with dressmaking
or millinery,
but I don't think it can't be.
Nobody would pay to watch that.
Ha! It isn't.
Well, what, then?
Or so I understand.
WOMAN: So you managed to get her out of the house.
Good for you, Nan Astley.
I kept telling Florie this is the place for her.
Flo, I'm in such a state.
She's coming here tonight.
I met this girl the other day
in the office at the sewage works,
sitting in a ray of sunshine.
I said, "Are you Sue Brighthead?
My name's Jude."
She gave me a little smile,
and she took my hand,
and I knew that I was in love again.
Oh, you.
Yeah, well, it's about time
you was in love again, too.
Perhaps you can show her the way, Uncle.
Here she comes.
I won't bring her over, if you don't mind.
I want her all to meself.
MAN: What?
Excuse me, sweetheart,
but didn't you used to be Nan King
that worked the halls with Kitty Butler?
Yes, I was Nan King.
Who wants to know it?
There you are.
What did I tell you? It is her.
Oh, come and give us a song, Nan.
No. I'm finished with all that.
Oh, you was the best, you and her.
Half the girls in London was in love with you.
Me and Jenny have got your picture by our bed.
Oh, come on, just one song, eh?
Just to remind us.
Well, go on.
I'd love to hear you.
Oh, all right, then.
Oh, I can go out on the town
To all the grand hotels
Going at large till midnight
With all the London swells
But it ain't any good at all
I can't help remembering
Can't help remembering
The girl I kissed behind the garden wall
Oh, Rosey, do you remember
The promises we made only last September?
Why did I have to go away?
We said good-bye with a tear and a sigh
And whispered all the pretty things
That sweethearts say
You promised...
There's a rose in my heart
For you
Miss King.
Delightful to hear you again,
and in such good voice.
I shan't detain you,
but if you are ever interested
in a return to the boards,
I can guarantee you excellent billing
in any of my theaters.
My card.
Good evening to you, Miss King. Ma'am.
Who was that?
Mr. Charles Frobisher.
He only owns 6 theaters in the West End.
So you really did?
I did,
and maybe I will again.
Good night, eh?
And mind you take care of her.
Ha ha ha!
MAN: Here come the toms.
Look at them, the dirty cows.
How'd you like to see what a proper man can do?
Come on! Who's first?
Ignore him. Just keep going.
Come on, girls!
We'll show you a thing or two.
NAN: You?
You could hardly get across the road,
let alone get a cock to stand.
Show us a thing or two?
I don't think so.
Now get off home to your wife
before I put you over my knee and spank you!
Come on, Flo.
[Men shouting]
Oh, Lord, they're coming.
MAN: Lee, Jay, come on, then!
DIFFERENT MAN: Where'd they go?
[Faint laughter]
NAN: Come on, blokes!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, look, Nan.
It's all frozen over.
FLO: Ralph must have gone out.
We'd better be quiet.
[FIoor squeaks]
Oh, what a night.
Wasn't it just?
Kiss me, Nan.
Hmm. Morning.
Nan? Hmm?
What happened last night?
Oh, don't say you wish it hadn't happened.
I couldn't bear that!
I was determined it shouldn't happen.
I thought I could never care about another girl
after Lillian.
But when it came to it,
I think you put a spell on me
with that song you sang.
That was the idea.
And you were really in the halls?
Do you really mean to go back?
Well, if Charlie Frobisher thinks I can still do it,
I think I might give it a go.
Would you mind?
I think I'd be rather proud
to be a friend of Nan King's...
and very happy to be the lover of Nan Astley.
Ha ha ha!
RALPH: Flo? Flo?
Oh, God. No. Stay there.
Sorry to disturb you, Nan.
You don't know where Flo might...
Oh, there you are.
I was wondering if you could have Cyril
for a few minutes, just...
while I get... get shaved.
Here we are.
I'll just...
get shaved.
Oh, Flo,
your brother is just about
the best kind of man, I think.
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
RALPH: OK. Now move it around the corner,
get it up the stairs.
I'll lift, and you drop a bit, all right?
All right. OK.
I've got it.
NAN, VOICE-OVER: That evening,
we put the truckle bed back in the attic,
and I moved my night things to Florence's room...
and I put my gown beneath her pillow.
And I felt...
I had come home at last.
RALPH: Right. Now...
I've had enough of this.
I've had just about as much as I can take.
Look about you...
at our great places and public buildings...
and our country houses and our...
Our factories and our empire!
And our factories and our empire.
Yeah, thanks. Thanks, Nan.
That was very good till then.
Well, get on.
OK. What is the rich man's wealth
but robbery?
NAN, VOICE-OVER: Gradually, I was drawn in
to the center of their lives.
I had never given a thought to politics,
but now I couldn't escape it, it seemed.
There was going to be a big rally at Victoria Park.
Florence was helping to organize it,
and Ralph was to speak at it.
[Ralph speaking indistinctly]
And my own life was opening up as well.
This way, ladies.
It's the best dressing room
in the house, Miss King.
I trust it meets with your approval.
I think it'll do me very nicely, thanks.
Oh, Flo.
What is the rich man's wealth
but robbery?
They steal the land
and set a wall about it.
They steal the fruits...
Flo, please be quiet.
How's a man to think?
And steals the fruits...
The fruits... the fruits
of our labor
and obliges us to buy them back from him!
Oh, I've got a girl
She's as pretty as a picture
She's the best pal
In the world
[Piano stops]
[SIow clapping]
Hello, Nan.
Sorry, Jimmy.
Could you give us 5 minutes?
Tommy, 5 minutes.
MAN: All right!
Top of the bill, I see.
Charlie Frobisher's done you proud.
Do you remember when you first
came to see me, I wonder?
What do you want, Kitty?
You haven't forgotten me, then?
I was afraid you might have.
Well, I wanted to see you again,
of course.
Nan, if you knew
how I tried to find you.
It was as though you'd vanished
off the face of the earth.
I was afraid you might have...
have harmed yourself.
It was you that harmed me, Kitty.
I'm so sorry, Nan.
It doesn't matter now.
No. I can see.
You're doing ever so well.
And you... are you still married to Walter?
You heard about that?
Yes. Yes, I am,
but after a fashion, if you know what I mean.
It's what you might call a...
a marriage of convenience.
Nan, so long, I've thought about
what I might say if I ever found you.
I must... I must tell you...
I'm not sure I want to hear it.
Would you come back to me, Nan?
Aren't you forgetting you're a married woman?
Oh, that needn't matter.
Walter's very good.
He lets me do very much as I like.
Well, if we were only a little careful...
We were always careful
because you wanted it that way.
You were always halfhearted, Kitty,
and I was all for you.
And now I've found someone who's all for me.
She isn't me, though,
is she, Nan?
She's very different from you.
I made a mistake with Walter.
If you were to come back to me,
I would leave him.
It would be just you and me.
I'll make it all up to you, Nan.
I promise.
I've never stopped loving you, Nan.
You broke my heart, Kitty.
Well, won't you let me see
if I can't mend it again?
My mermaid.
You need time to... to think about it.
I shan't beg you, Nan.
You let your heart tell you what's right.
I'll come to the show on Monday.
Until then...
[Faint singing]
Penny for your thoughts.
[Door opens and closes]
RALPH: That's torn it.
The rally's off.
The marquee company won't let us have the tents.
Won't have no truck with political revolutionaries,
so that's that.
Oh, Ralph, we can't just give up
just like that.
Well, what else are we to do?
Well, the theater's dark on Sundays.
You could hold your meeting there.
Oh, Nan,
do you think you could wrangle it for us?
I think Charlie Frobisher
would do more than that to keep me happy.
Nan, you're a tiptopper,
you are!
I beg your pardon.
They call it enterprise and capitalism,
but what is it, really?
What is it...
uh, real... really?
BOTH: Robbery, swindling,
and slavery!
Robbery, swindling, and slavery!
[Gavel pounds]
MAN: Quiet, please.
I give you Ralph Banner.
[Pounds gavel]
Go on. You'll be fine.
Oh, Lord.
[Softly] L-l-ladies and gentlemen...
[Baby gurgles]
RALPH: Why socialism?
That is the question
I've been invited to discuss with you
this afternoon.
MAN: Speak up!
[Booing and jeering]
Why socialism?
I shall keep my answer rather brief.
MAN: Thank God for small mercies!
MAN: Oh, come on.
RALPH: How many times
have you heard economists say that England
is the richest country in the world?
[Loud booing]
[Ralph continues indistinctly]
I can't bear this.
Nor can I.
MAN: Order, ladies and gentlemen.
Order, please.
NAN: All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Why socialism?
[Crowd silences]
We'll tell you why.
Because we've been robbed and cheated
long enough!
Haven't we, Mr. Banner?
Yeah. Yeah, we have.
How old are we likely to be
when we die?
Do you know that?
What's the average age of death
in Bethnal Green?
Mr. Banner knows.
Don't you, Mr. Banner?
Tell them.
And your rich man lives to 70!
And all this
in the richest city on Earth.
And they call it progress...
but what do we call it, Mr. Banner?
We call it a disgrace!
Yeah! Yeah!
And... and it is a disgrace,
and we want an end to it.
What is the rich man's wealth
but robbery under another name?
Is it right that babies should die
for want of milk?
No! No!
Join unions...
Thank you!
[Cheering and applause]
Like a mermaid.
[Heavy breathing]
Oh, Nan.
I do love you...
so very much.
MAN: This is your beginners call,
ladies and gentlemen.
Beginners, please!
[Crowd murmuring]
[Knock on door]
MAN: 5 minutes, Miss King.
...triumphant return to the London stage
of Miss Nan King!
[Cheering and applause]
Hello again.
Remember me?
There's a lot of things that have happened
since you and I last met.
I've been up, and I've been down,
but here's the best thing yet:
If all good things around us
are sent from Heaven above,
they've sent me down an angel.
I can't help it.
I'm in love
I've got a girl
She's as pretty as a picture
She's the best pal in the world
She's not the kind who'd let you down
She's the sweetest little lollipop in London town
[Crowd oohing]
She's a dear, she's a darling [/l]
She's a little bit of Heaven
She's a diamond, she's a ruby
She's a pearl
Oh, I've got a girl
She's as pretty as a picture
She's the best pal in the world
I've had a funny sort of life
With lots of ups and downs
I've worn a lot of different sorts of hats
[Cash register rings]
I've trudged the streets of London
Not a penny to my name
Next day, a toff in topper, cane, and spats
I've seen a lot of pretty girls
A lot of plain ones, too
I've felt the prick of naughty Cupid's dart
I've known some girls
Whose kisses could leave you black and blue
And one or two
Could fairly break your heart
But now I think it's time
I settled down
And built myself a cozy little nest
To share with the sweetest girl in London town
The one that I love best
Oh, I've got a girl
She's as pretty as a picture
She's the best pal in the world
She's not the kind who'd let you down
She's the sweetest little lollipop in London town
She's a dear, she's a darling [/l]
She's a little bit of Heaven
She's a diamond, she's a ruby
She's a pearl
Oh, I've got a girl
She's as pretty as a picture
She's the best pal
In the world
[Music stops]
[Cheering and applause]
[Applause stops]
[Drum roll stops]
NAN, VOICE-OVER: I had come so far
from the days when I was a girl,
standing on this beach,
wondering why I didn't care for Freddy like I should.
And here I am again.
And though I shan't stay long,
there's a part of me will always belong here
in Whitstable,
where they have the best oysters in the world.
Shall we go, then?
Have you got your courage up?
Are you ready to meet the family?
If you are.
MAN: It's only human nature after all
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