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Titan A E

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Once in a great while, mankind unlocks a secret so profound
that our future is altered for ever.
Fire, electricity, splitting the atom.
At the dawn of the 31st century we unlocked another.
It had the potential to change humanity's role in the universe.
We called it the Titan Project,
and it was a testament to the limitless power of the human imagination.
Perhaps that is what the Drej feared most,
for it brought them down upon us without warning and without mercy.
Cale - that day, the day the Drej descended from the sky,
the only thing that mattered
was keeping you safe.
Hey, stop. Come on.
- Cale, are you all right? - I'm OK.
Dad, my invention broke.
Well, then we'll fix it together. But not today, Cale. We have to go now.
Defence shields have been penetrated.
Dad, where's everybody going?
We're leaving, too. We all have to go somewhere safe.
Professor Tucker. Professor Tucker.
The Drej have breached the global defence system.
Come on, son.
- Will we get the people away in time? - Not if we sit here talking, sir.
- I wanna drive. - When you're older, kid.
- I'm older than four. - Hang on.
Proceed to evacuation ships.
- Is the Titan prepped for launch? - Waiting for you, sir.
Intelligence says the Drej don't know the Titan's location.
Let's pray they're right.
Enemy warships have entered Earth's solar system.
Are we goin' in that?
- Wow. - Cale...
I have to go in a different ship.
l have to go away for a while.
No, Dad. No.
- Tek is going to look after you. - But l want to go with you.
- l know. But it's not safe where I'm going. - l don't care.
- Professor. - All right, I'm coming!
Cale... Here, take this. As long as you wear it, there's hope.
l will see you again.
- l promise. - OK.
- Cale, it's time. - No. It's not OK!
- Tek. Keep him safe. - No. Daddy!
Korso, go.
Evacuate. Evacuate.
- Godspeed, Sam Tucker. - Attention, pilots.
- Drej stingers are attacking escape vehicles. - This is Tucker. Bring me down.
Attention, pilots. Drej stingers are attacking the escape vehicles.
Are we all here? Bobby, buckle up.
- Now, Sam. Now. - Go, Dad. Go.
Get outta there.
Eat this.
Son of a gun.
We'll get you.
It's lunch. One hour for lunch.
- Son of a... Get back in line. - How are you hitting 'em, Chowquin?
- Wait. - Chowquin. Hey, it's me. It's Cale. All right?
- I'm not with those losers. - Humans wait.
Uppity Earth scum.
Guess you're stuck with us "losers".
Don't count on it. You wait in line, pal. I'm takin' the express.
Go through the docks, you'll get killed.
Coward. You know, the odds of a ship docking are a thousand to one.
And that would be the one.
- We're locked down, Captain. - All right. Keep her hot.
I'll be in touch.
How you doin' today? Working hard? Bon appétit.
Next. Keep the line moving. There you go.
Akrennian beetle sushimi.
- You got ketchup? - Ketchup?!
You don't need ketchup. Next. Move along.
He's a disgrace. Those dirty humans.
Ketchup... Boy, some nerve. Nice head, human.
I'm not askin' much.
I'd just like them to kill my food before they serve it to me.
l do an honest day's work. l want already dead food.
- Is that too much to ask? - Do you hear a crackling sound?
And what was up with Chowquin? You shoulda seen him.
- Not much chance of that. - Treatin' me like I'm some kind of...
- Human? - Don't start with that solidarity thing again.
lf you would study your human history as you'd been instructed,
you might realise you're not alone out there.
And you'd be better prepared for the future.
Well, I'll tell you somethin' about your famous future.
Every day l wake up it's still the present - the same grimy, boring present.
l don't think this future thing exists.
Do you hear a crackling sound?
Yeah, here we go.
- We gotta get outta this dump. - Hold on, everybody, l got it. Don't panic.
Just think of it as floating time. Two seconds. Everybody calm.
Just needed some love.
Let's get back to eatin', baby.
OK. Well... I'm full.
Hey, Cale.
- How's it floatin'? - You pulled a nasty stunt back there.
We don't like your attitude.
You've been a little uppity.
Is that so? Well, I'm gonna have to work on that.
You wanna hunt humans, you should remember we travel in packs.
- What are you doing? - It's commonly known as helping.
Yeah? Well, what for?
Sometimes, kid, people just help each other out.
Oh, right.
So you're gonna tell me you don't want something in return.
All right. Maybe l do.
What a shock.
l want you to risk your life - to give up everything you have
to join the mission, where you'll face terror and torture and possibly gruesome death.
And l would wanna do that because...?
Because it's worth it.
Because the human race needs you.
Maybe you haven't had a look around lately, but there aren't many of us left.
At this rate they'll be reading about us in textbooks
and displaying our bones in alien museums.
Yeah, well... having your planet blown up can have that effect on a species.
But maybe I've been wrong all these years and it took your speech to make me see it.
You've really changed me.
It's beautiful. l think we gotta hug.
Oh, man...
- They've really ground you down. - Get this straight.
l don't know you. l don't want any part of your mission,
and l don't need your help with these oversized morons.
l think he called you morons.
- Korso. - Captain, this is Akima.
We are not alone.
Are we in good company?
That's a negative, Captain. l think we've fallen in with a very bad crowd.
Roger that. Let's prep for departure.
l need to be scarce for a while.
- You don't know the half of it. - Are you still bothering people?
Go away.
Great job with the kid, Tek. He's a charmer.
l expected you to take him off my hands a lot sooner.
- Tek, wait. Who is this? You know him? - Joseph Korso.
- l was with your father on the Titan Project. - My father...! l don't have a father.
You brought this guy here?
- Yes. - l don't understand. Why?
You still got that ring your father gave you?
- Give it to me. - Give it back!
Here. Put it on.
How did you...?
It's a storage device. It's genetically encrypted to your father - therefore to you.
It's a map, Cale. It can tell us where your father hid the Titan.
That's why I've spent the last 15 years looking for you.
That ship means everything. Humanity depends on you finding it.
Me? Whoa, whoa. Me?
I'm not... Tek, listen.
- There must be someone better. - It's time, Cale. It's time to stop running.
Well, actually... l think it's time to start.
Drej. What do they want?
They want you, kid. Same way l want you - only dead.
How do you know they want me dead?
I'm convinced.
We gotta get to the kitchen.
Korso, the gravity drive.
- You ready? - Tek, I'll lead you in.
- I'll stay here. - You can't.
Take care of the kid. He's not all grown-up yet.
- No, you're comin'. - No, Cale. I'll read about you.
Follow me.
Well, this would be good if we had any baking to do.
Oh, my food. You guys are terrible.
You're insanitary! l hope that they catch you.
I'll testify against you, and you'll never get out of jail.
You'll get all the ketchup you want.
- Drej! l gotta go now. - Follow Ugly.
Great. No one'd ever look for us in the vent!
He's the bad guy! I'm not supposed to be here.
I'm just a cook.
Oh, God, how do l get outta here?
Come on. Why is this happening to me?
Stupid... Please. Stupid...
Hi. They went down there. They came in my kitchen, and they ruined it.
We gotta get outta here.
Go. Run!
- Maybe next time, kid. - Hey, l can fly it, too.
- It won't start. - l got an idea.
Give it a shot.
Hang on, kid. I'm comin'.
Heads up.
They're locking down the doors.
- Not going forward, going up. - Up?
Move it.
- You should brace yourself. - Yeah. l was feeling that.
Where's the eject? Cale?
This model does have eject, right?
And you were worried.
What do you mean, "were"?
- Akima, we need a pickup here. - A little late for that.
I'm right above you. Can you get to me?
Not enough time.
Not a lot of time.
- Exhale. - You gotta be kidding.
- Exhale. - Oh, no. No!
Is it dead? Can we eat it?
No. It's not dead.
Who are you? Go away.
- What's going on? - Preed, you're in my light.
Such motherly concern for the subject.
Why am l naked?
Why, you positively glow with maternal warmth, Akima.
It's very fetching. l must have you.
- In your dreams. - Akrennians don't dream, remember?
- They don't bathe much either. - I'm still naked here.
l hadn't noticed. Now hold still, or you'll lose something really important.
- Hand me the probe. - The probe?
Where does the probe go?
You know, I'm really feeling much better.
This is just great. Cross half the galaxy, nearly get our butts shot off by the Drej -
just so we can rescue the window washer.
For your information l happen to be humanity's last great hope.
l weep for the species.
- You're fine. - l mean, I'm the guy with the map here.
- This is big medicine, right? - "Big medicine"? Let me see.
This is really it? This can save us?
Yeah, l guess.
Do you know what this means?
I'm really wanting those pants right about now.
Akima, my pet, if the boy isn't at death's door,
Korso wants Gune to check the map so we can set a course. Do you mind?
Are we through pawing? This is the Valkyrie, not a singles bar.
- We're done. - l never said l was going to help you guys.
We never even addressed what's in it for me.
- Why, you get to be a hero. - A hero? Come on.
l mean, there must be something on the Titan worth selling or trading.
We're gonna risk our necks to help a bunch of Drifter Colony bums?
Where are my pants?
- Guess where Akima grew up. - Drifter Colony?
Yes. The boy learns.
Wait. What's your... Preed! Wait up.
Look, where's Korso? l wanna talk to him.
l believe that he's in Navigation. We're headed there now.
- You wanna watch who you're steppin' on. - Or you'll what?
Ah, the lovely and talented Stith.
This is Cale.
- You remember Cale. - No, no, cannot talk.
We lost targeting on one of our aft gun turrets - again.
What? Think this is a pleasure cruise?
She's a sweet little thing. Weapons specialist.
Normally she's very good-natured.
Great! Things aren't bad enough. Tools all over the floor.
Fight the good fight, precious.
Preed, I'll kill you. OK? l will kill you.
l am educated and well-read. l am not a mechanic!
Gune. Guney.
Are you in there?
..multiply by the coefficient of the friction, apply the necessary force...
- Look at that. - Does this look familiar?
Do you know what it is? Neither do l.
l made it last night in my sleep.
Apparently I used Gindrogac. Highly unstable.
- Gune... - l put a button on it. Yes.
l wish to press it, but I'm not sure what will happen if l do.
Lemme see now.
Three, five, twenty-two, seventy-four, eleven...
No, no. Careful.
It's perfect.
Oh, yes.
Perfect. You fixed it!
So, where are we now?
We are here. Right here.
- Bellasan Quadrant. - About three million keks from Tau 14.
Why? Are you homesick?
Gotta have a home for that.
Translucent bipedal mesomorphic embryonic male.
Yes, yes, this is all very fascinating, but take a look at this. It's a map.
- Can you read it? - Can l read it?
Of course l can read it.
- So, whad daya see? - Ah, yes!
This is Pl'ochda.
And this is...
And this...
- What is this? - That's...
- That's lunch. - What's lunch?
Spaghetti derivative, meatballs - sort of, anyway - and Caldoch droppings.
Who ate it before you did?
I'll tell you a secret. This guy's nuts.
I'll tell you another. He's never wrong.
- Where are we goin', Gune? - The broken moon of Sesharrim.
Only 13,000 keks away.
- Have Akima lay in a course. - We're on our way.
What's on Sesharrim anyway?
- The Gauol. An ancient race. - Great.
This isn't a joyride, kid.
When the Drej destroyed Earth they figured life adrift in space would break us down,
wipe us out.
Do you really want those vile creatures to be right?
Just lay down and die?
A little late. About 15 years too late to save the humans.
- But it's not like we didn't have a good run. - It's not about a good run.
It's about our survival. See, the Titan was truly visionary -
the most advanced ship in the universe.
That ship has the power to reunite the human race, to give us a home.
And the only way to find it is in your hand.
So you're really counting on me, then.
- We all are. - Well...
lf l don't like the way things are going, I'll show you how much like my father l am.
I'll leave.
No place to set down on the island.
Land on that coral reef.
We'll take the sled. See if we can locate the Gauol.
- Preed, you and Gune watch the ship. - Watch the ship?
- And keep the engines hot. - Oh, yes, they'll be nice and toasty.
I'm not keen on the Drej catching me with my trousers down.
- Welcome to planet Sesharrim, Cale. - It stinks.
Hydrogen trees. Clip one of those and we'll be blown to steaming bits.
Anybody here? We're looking for the Gauol.
Now, what exactly do the Gauol look like?
Don't know. They don't get out much.
We have a kid with a map here that you guys should know about.
l think we know what happened to the Gauol.
Open fire on five. We'll clear a path to the sled.
Everybody ready?
One... two...
No, no, stop.
I think they are the Gauol.
- Over here. - Quick little devil.
OK, now I'll tap into the central computer and reconfigure the departure protocols.
Yes. Making progress. I'm making progress!
The moon. The moon!
Right, yeah. That's how we knew to come here.
My father made a map with that moon on it. Why?
Is the ship hidden there?
It must be somewhere in the Andali Nebula.
We did it, kid. The Titan is as good as ours.
He must have been here, standing here. Right here.
My father.
Move it.
We've gotta get to the beach.
- Why aren't they shooting at Cale? - They want him alive.
Come on, guys. Pick it up.
Nice catch.
Pull up!
- Preed, come in. Preed, where are you?. - Hold on.
Preed. Come in.
Preed, aren't you supposed to be watching for the Drej?
Yes, caveman. That's right.
Drej bad, we good.
Now go look at something shiny.
How's this?
Well, you'd better look again.
It's Drej!
Captain, we're on our way. Where are you?
In the hydrogen trees, being chased by Drej.
- See if you can spot them. - Look there.
- Akima... - Hang on.
Nice move.
Get down.
Come on, show yourselves.
Get down!
I got 'em.
Preed, look! There they are.
Oh, no.
Hang on, Akima.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot. They've got Cale.
Gune, calculate their trajectory. Stith, take weapons. Let's get on it.
- Nice job coverin' our butts, Preed! - You're the weapons expert.
- What were you doing, takin' a nap? - Enough!
OK, the Drej took Cale. But they are not gonna get away with it.
Well, let's quit running our mouths and go get him.
Our only chance to locate them is to track Akima.
Stith, get on it.
They're gonna use you to figure out where the Titan is.
Probably just blow it up, too, when they find it.
Yeah, well, who's to say it would have worked anyway?
Who's to say it won't?
Maybe Korso will get to the Titan first.
Why do you care so much about that thing?
l was raised around people.
"Drifter Colony bums", l believe is the term.
I barely remember Earth, but the older ones used to tell us about it
so it would never be completely lost.
No matter how hard things got - and they were hard - those memories kept us going.
Once we had a home.
The Titan is our chance to find one again.
l guess that's how l ended up here.
What are they afraid of?
What did humans ever do to the Drej?
It's not what we did. They're afraid of what we might become.
Yeah, well. It looks like we're becoming extinct.
Cale. You OK?
Leave her alone.
Akima's signal is getting stronger. I think it's coming from the slave cages.
- The Drej pod. What's in it? - A human.
She's mine! l saw her first.
All right. I'll take out the guard.
Easy, big girl. This requires cunning and deception.
I'm an Akrennian trader.
Might we sneak a peek at the new shipment before they go on the market?
- You're not allowed. - Traditionally, no, you're right.
But you see, l need a new slave rather badly.
Stop fidgeting, worm!
And l can't wait till auction. I have to be on the shuttle.
I have an appointment to have my ear shaved.
It has to be booked months in advance. You see my problem.
You're lying. He's not a slave and you're not traders.
- But... l... - He doesn't carry himself like a slave.
Look at the way he stands. Probably ex-military.
Akrennian traders always threaten before they ask a favour.
And your robes are made out of bedspreads.
Just out of curiosity, did we have a plan B?
An intelligent guard. Didn't see that one coming.
This is it. Are you in there?
Well, if it isn't the captain!
What kept you?
Do you see anything? It was really small, like a cocoon or something.
No, no, nothing like that.
I do see something.
Oh, no, no. Just a Drej ship.
- Drej! - What? Where?
I'm on it, I'm on it.
Korso, we have a problem. You'd better get up here.
I'm here. What's the problem?
- Stith, let's go. - All right, all right.
- Locked on. - Gune, look out for his buddies.
There's only one. He's all alone.
- Three, five, twenty-two. - Three, five, twenty-two,
seventy-four, eleven...
- Cale! - Die, Drej scumball.
Oh, no, don't shoo... guys.
- Come on, it's me! - It's Cale.
Stith, hold your fire.
Akima, open the cargo bay.
The boy is not dead. This is cause for happiness.
So... how did you escape?
- He got lucky. - We were just about to rescue you.
- Yeah? Well, thanks! - Any time.
Look, they copied the map.
I'm sure they're heading for the Titan now.
They won't find it. Stations, people.
Yes. Going, going...
- What happened? How'd you get back? - Got picked up with the trash.
Luckily, Korso got there before l ended up as a door prize in some alien freak show.
I guess I owe him one.
You know, we both got real lucky back there.
But next time around...
Come on. Gune needs a hand.
Yes, the map is good. The map is different.
The map is clear now. Yes, it's very, very clear.
Take it easy.
This outer marking is pulsating.
The distal Phalangial Meridian.
Gune, what do you make of it?
Past outer quadrant...
This is the Ice Rings of Tigrin.
Right here.
Easy to get lost in there.
Good hiding place.
Wake angels.
They follow ships into deep space. Glide on the energy wake.
They're supposed to be good luck.
They're like ghosts.
Sid down. Why don't you give 'em a run?
- You sure about that? - Course I'm sure.
Got it? Open her up.
Give these angels somethin' to chase.
All right. Try this, guys.
- Thank you. - I knew you could handle this old bird.
No, l mean, thank you for...
Thank you for trying to find me.
- That's more than my father ever did. - Your father was a great man, Cale.
He would have been proud of ya.
- You really think so? - Trust me.
You know, l miss him.
Me, too.
- Sorry. - In or out?
What's goin' on? Do you know why we stopped?
Pit stop for the basics.
Drifter Colony's the best place to pick up plasma packs, fuel cells...
Frozen burritos...
Listen. l need to talk to you.
Where'd you get all this junk?
Not junk.
Why don't you come with me? I'll show you.
So we're gonna barter this stuff for more of that Earth junk?
Don't you get it, Cale? That junk is all that's left of the place we came from.
It reminds us of all the things we miss.
Like those frozen burritos you were talking about!
- At least they don't jump off your plate. - You think this is a game?
Did you forget the plan? I get you the Titan, I get rich.
We had a deal, right? How dare you try to cut me out!
Yeah? Do as you please, and guess what?
You'll retrieve nothing. You don't have the whole map.
The kid's got it. And I've got the kid.
So you keep your drones off my back. Or so help me, I'll rip his heart out.
Cale, come on.
Going somewhere?
Look what l found. Two little birdies itchy to fly.
- How long were they standing there? - Long enough.
You lied.
Everything you said? Everything you told me?
Not everything. Your father hid his ship, then the Drej killed him.
All because he couldn't face the truth.
Yeah? What is the truth?
That the human race is outta gas. It's circlin' the drain. It's finished.
The only thing that matters is grabbin' what you can before somebody else beats ya to it.
No. l don't believe that.
Then you're even more like your father than l thought.
A fool.
- Akima, come on. - Stop them.
Stay on 'em. I'll lock it down.
Let's go. We got a ship to find.
Let's get airborne.
- Where's Cale and Akima? - They're not coming.
- Why not? - They're afraid.
Afraid? What exactly are they afraid of?
They're afraid of what might happen if my command was ever questioned. Get it?
Got it.
You got a problem with that?
Why they not say goodbye to Gune?
Over here.
This way. Go get a blanket, quickly. She needs warmth.
- You. Go get a doctor. - Yeah. Hurry!
- What did you tell him? - I asked him to bring corn liquor.
No. Really, I don't need it.
Not for you. For boy!
- Me? - He pass out soon.
- She'll be fine. - She just needs rest. Don't worry.
It's his favourite thing in the world. That stupid ball.
It was our dad's, back on Earth.
Every time he kicks that thing my brother thinks he's in a big grass field.
- Well, that's some imagination. - Yeah, well.
He had a little help. See what l mean?
That's him. Our dad.
That's where my brother got the idea.
Here most people gotta shut their eyes to see anything other than rusted spaceship hulls.
Not my brother.
- Hey, Sleeping Beauty. - How long was l out?
Not long. A few hours.
Korso and Preed - l can't believe it.
How long before they reach the Titan?
They won't. We're gonna beat them to it.
Akima, we're gonna stop them.
Was I seriously injured back there or something?
Cos - funny - I thought you just said "We're gonna stop them."
- That's right. - Cale...
We're in the middle of nowhere.
There's just two of us, and... oh, yeah. We don't have a ship.
Oh, we've got a ship.
Really? I'd like to see this "ship".
Check it out.
Oh, no!
Oh, yes!
Well, she's been a great house, but l don't think she'll fly.
She's still got her ionic vacuum drive. Those never drain.
- This thing's a wreck. - l can fix it. But do you think...?
- Don't worry. l can fly it. - Good. Cos we launch yesterday.
T minus ten, nine, eight, seven...
Well, we're good to go.
Let's hope she starts.
- Oh, she'll start. - Yeah, right.
She'll start.
I'd lean back, if I were you.
Should l get out and push?
- Told ya. - OK, you did your job.
Now let me do mine.
These collisions keep slowing us down. So where is it?
My scanners are picking up a cornucopia of... nothing.
Just find it! Gune. Are you sure about that map?
You give me map, l follow map. What more can Gune do?
lf Professor Screw-Loose over there led us off course, I'm going to...
Hold it. It's a ship. Three keks east.
- Drej? - Human craft. Heading for the break zone.
- Moving fast. - How fast?
I'd say recklessly fast.
- Akima! - Good. Akima, Cale.
- l hail on communicator. - No hailing. Just follow them.
OK, l follow, but l plot new route through safer quadrant.
lf we...
We're going to follow them.
And we'll run silent.
The reflections are throwing my readings off.
Akima, l think we're getting closer.
- Cale! It's Korso. He's right behind us. - What?
We've gotta lose him.
We'll never find them in there.
We're going in.
Stith, where are they?
- l can't get a reading. - There's too much ice.
Too much interference, Captain.
A heat signature. I see them.
- Where are they? - Behind us.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
- What? - Well, we found them, Captain.
No more heat readings. All gone.
Until they make their move, we stay here.
- They're moving out... l think. - Now we've got 'em.
l can't move. They'll see us.
Maybe that's exactly what we want.
A reading! They're right in front of us.
You're not gonna get past me, kid.
There, Captain.
That's right, Cale. Keep comin'.
- They're getting closer. - There she is, Captain.
No, there, Captain.
Which one?
Look! They're behind us now.
- Ready lasers. - I'm on it.
l need one clear shot. Don't lose 'em.
- Ice. Turn back. - No way.
- We'll never make it through. - We don't have a choice.
- Akima... - Yes, Cale?
- Hold on! - Shut up.
Let's not do that again.
Hold it. Look there.
Akima, turn around. Turn around.
That's it.
Have you ever seen anything like it?
- What exactly are we looking for? - This ship's gonna help us save mankind.
- What exactly are we looking for? - Not a clue.
DNA coding.
Mammal. Tursiops truncatus. The bottle-nosed dolphin.
These are animals. Or they will be.
Papilio glaucus.
A swallowtail butterfly. It's all here.
I'm over here.
Look at this.
l could never have done anything like this at your age.
I wonder who you take after?
The Titan. Quick.
- I'm ready, Captain. - You two, stay here.
- Preed and l can wrap this up. - But...
Hold on to this. In case there's any trouble.
No, no, no.
Those two are becoming a problem. We need to take care of it.
I'm one step ahead of you.
Watch the ship? l always watch the ship.
- l don't know. This just doesn't feel right. - l wanna go!
- The captain said stay. - It's Captain l don't trust.
You know, you may be right. Come on.
- Stith here. - Stith, is Gune right there with you?
- Yeah... - Then please tell him goodbye for me.
l knew it, l knew it!
If this message has... If this message...
If this message has been activated, then I have died before finding you.
l hope you can forgive me for breaking my promise to see you again.
What I wouldn't give to see you now.
l can't change the past, Cale, but I hope I can give you a future.
This ship has the power to create a planet- to create a new home.
Your ring would have activated the transformation sequence,
but the Titan's power cells were drained in the escape.
They are unable to fuel the transformation.
It is up to you to restore their power.
After that, the procedure is simple.
He always did talk too much.
Don't do this. This ship is all we have left. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
Sorry, kid. World blowin' up changes a man.
- Look, the Drej... - See, you can't beat the Drej.
No one can. They're pure energy. Face it, Cale.
You've lost.
Actually, you all have.
Captain, if you'll relieve yourself of your firearm...
- You backstabbin'... - l learned from the best.
But it wasn't just the money the Drej were offering.
It was the health plan that came with it.
They'd let me live, provided l kill all of you before they get here.
They should be here shortly.
- Gune, are you all right? - I'm all right for business.
I'll just take a little nap.
Since I'm so...
very sleepy.
Preed, you can't trust the Drej.
Oh, stop. There's nothing more tiresome than last-minute heroics.
Hide-and-seek, is it?
Or should we play search and destroy?
- Give me the ring. - Aw, you're not gonna shoot me, kid.
Hold on.
You can let go, kid. l wouldn't blame ya.
No! I'm not gonna let go.
Cale, the Drej!
You OK?
- Let's not panic. - We've gotta go before the Drej arrive.
- l think we're gonna stay right here. - "Right here" is about to be blown apart.
- This could be a good thing. - Come on, Cale.
Wait. We can make this work.
What did Korso say about the Drej?
- That you can't beat them. - Right. Because they're pure energy.
lf l can reroute the system to use Drej energy, that would start the reactor.
The energy relays are linked to these circuit breakers.
So this should do it.
- Yes! - Are you sure this will work?
Come on! l can fix this. l need to get outside.
Can you and Stith cover me? l just need a little time.
- How much time? - A few hours.
What can you do in a few minutes?
- Here they come. - Not if l can help it.
- Cale, you're a sitting duck up there. - I'm all right.
Come on!
Fantastic. l only have two guns left.
Let's make 'em count.
Akima, l can't shake 'em.
I've got him.
I'm out!
Let's do this.
Well, guys, it's been fun.
A little help here, Akima.
l finished my nap.
Who's your daddy?
Gene's your daddy!
Oh, no!
Cale, are you all right?
- I'm pinned. - Stith, who's outside with Cale?
- Hi, kid. - It's Korso!
You'll never get a cleaner shot, Korso.
Maybe we can beat 'em after all.
Go ahead. I'll cover ya.
Yeah, yeah! Right.
Oh, great!
Fry, Drej.
They're leaving.
Uh-oh. We got a problem.
- Go. They're joining the mothership. - But the breaker!
- Cale, she's preparing to fire. - You can't stay out here.
I'll take care of it. So let's move.
Go on. Get outta here.
Cale, where are you?
Go. It's better this way.
Here they come again.
Come on, faster!
Come on!
This is amazing.
I know.
What are you going to call it?
I think I'll call it...
- Bob. - Bob?
You don't like Bob?
- You can't call a planet Bob. - Oh, so now you're the boss.
- You're the King of Bob. - Well, no. But...
- What? - Can't you just call it Earth?
Well, no one said you had to live on Bob.
I'm never calling it that.
Ripped & Edited by Auban
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