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Tjeye Illusion

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Everyone is in a festive mood when St Nicholas arrives in Holland.
His boat is approaching.
We're celebrating St Nicolas' traditional arrival in the nation's capital.
The church bells are ringing...
as the boat from Spain draws near with St Nicholas at the front.
In the next few weeks, the country will be focusing on the bishop from Spain...
who comes every year to celebrate his birthday in our midst on December fifth.
The boat has reached our shores, the band is playing, his horse awaits him.
He's greeted by the committee...
and St Nicholas walks by the countless children of our capital. Listen to them.
Come on, let's go.
I'm coming.
Are we taking the elevator ? - Of course.
Can I press the button ? - Yes, in you go.
Can you see it ?
He used to carry our Henk too. - How old is he now ?
Look. - It's blackface.
Just wave, will you ? Hello, St Nicholas. Hello.
Don't lean over too far.
Is all this yours, Dad ? - Yes, do you like it ?
Will you buy me a pastry later please ? - Some other time.
Let's go look at St Nicholas.
Give me a hand, Carien.
What are you doing here ?
I took Eduard to see St Nicholas. No, I took him home.
Was Greet there ?
Can you spare me a moment ? - Maybe, I've got to clean up. Why ?
He liked it. Seeing St Nicholas. I took him to the office.
It's a great view from there. What did he say ?
That we'd have cake if I moved back home.
Any plans for St Nicholas Eve ? - Not yet.
Hans, it's pointless. Totally pointless.
Let's not talk about it again. - Why not ? It's a trial separation.
But it's going on five months now.
I've tried for five months. - So have I.
We agreed to discuss it. - It's not a contract.
No, damn it. It's a marriage.
It was a marriage.
Why aren't you laughing ?
You don't laugh enough. If only you did.
And the slides ? - They're back.
Wait, let me have those. Thank you.
What's so funny ? What the hell are you laughing at ?
At us ? That we're alone ? - Just like when we were together.
So let's be together, if it's the same. - Don't be silly, we're not children.
You have your work, you live for it. And I have my own work.
We're not the marrying kind you and I.
Did we ever have a marriage like your parents ?
We couldn't do it. We both value our own life.
You don't want to see it, because you moved out, but nothing has changed.
You want something we never had. - Nonsense.
You're insecure, but you try to hide it.
No, I don't.
You avoid talking about it, because...
because you're afraid and insecure.
You always have people around, because you're restless. Or you go out.
Says who ? - I just know, that's all.
And I know this situation is impossible. This can't go on.
We were together for eight years. They don't just go away.
You can't pretend they never happened.
You can't. And I can't either.
I can't do it alone. I can't live without you.
Of course you can live without me. - Yes, if you were killed by a streetcar.
What do you want me to say ?
We can be friends, but that's not enough for you.
Of course not. Of course it's not enough.
Nora... - I want to be alone.
I'm finished. - I'll be right there.
Well, I'll be off then.
Bye. - Bye.
This little present, if you ask me, fits the person to a tee.
Pieces of paper are a thing of the past, here your addresses will last.
And it gives you a touch of class, that is the wish of St Nicholas.
You're so good at this. - Can you make me one ?
My husband loses all his addresses, so he's getting an address book.
If you got a guilder for every poem... - I'd be rich.
You just crank them out. - Not me. I want one at half price.
Thanks. - Don't mention it.
Hello, Leegher's Advertising Agency. One moment, please.
Let's target the newspapers first. - Yes, but is that in your budget ?
Isn't it too modern for Holland ?
Who's calling ? - The basses come in here.
Who ? - I don't think the masses will buy it.
OK, put him through. Hello, Mr Stegeman.
That's what we heard, yes.
But of course. Could you hold...
We'll take care of it. One moment. - Excellent. When can you record it ?
Available ? - No. Who is it ?
He's in a meeting. - How about next week ?
That's excellent. - We'll take care it. Yes, of course.
You'll have it by the end of next week. - You were saying:
We regret to inform you that January... - Right.
Say it again ?
'Too early for the new soda designs.' Show me the drawings.
What else ? - 'We hope that we've... ' etc.
Let me see.
The text comes here: Secura Insurance covers these injuries as well.
I like it. Excellent. - I just remembered...
are the pictures in yet ? - No, I'll call them.
No, no, never mind. I'll handle that. Send the letter out first.
We'll go with that. Is tomorrow OK ? - Sure, no problem.
Shall I... - Yes, you finish the letter.
I'll need the file for the market research. Can you get it for me ?
In your office. - I'll take this.
Hello, Buwalda Photo Studio.
I'll see if she's in.
Hello, sir ? She's busy at the moment.
Damn it, my car.
Is this about... They'll be delivered this afternoon.
OK, goodbye. - Thank you.
The stupid fool.
Is that your car ? It's wrecked.
I wouldn't have lent it to him.
The boy was hit bad.
Let me through. That looks pretty bad.
Let's move him. - Call a doctor.
Can you talk ?
Where do you live ?
Were you bandaged ? - Can't you tell ?
Do you get a kick out of it ? - You think I do this for laughs ?
What was his name ? - De Groot, for the 10th time.
You expect me to go easy on him ?
Get a cloth. - Did you come to make a mess ?
You called me. - And why do you think I did that ? Well ?
I called, because your son comes home half dead. This has got to stop.
Borrowing scooters, hitting cars. - Come, come.
He can't go on like this. - Come on, Ina.
He bums around town all day. And goes out every night.
Why can't he stay home ? He can do no harm here.
This time it's an accident, tomorrow it could be worse.
Here, take that. - Come, don't exaggerate.
Calm down. This doesn't help either.
Is that all ? You should be ashamed.
I don't get it. Hanging around cafés, instead of staying home.
You learn from us here, not from those lazy bums.
What's wrong us ? Are your friends better ?
They put ideas in your head, and you end up in the hospital.
But when you have an accident, you come home, and I can clean it up.
Come on. - I'm always here.
But who's there for me ?
Should I crack his skull ? - It's too late for that.
Don't upset yourself. I have to work late today. I can't help it either.
Yes, you have to go. I know. - We shouldn't be arguing. Stay calm.
It'll be alright. Don't be mad at me. - I'm not mad at you. Never mind.
You go ahead. I'm over it now.
Bye. - Bye.
You stay in. And don't upset your mother, or I'll deal with you.
Lay down on the couch. - Be careful.
Does it hurt ? - Yes.
Kees, were you at home ?
I'm afraid so. - What happened ?
Henk had an accident. - For Heaven's sake.
Hello, Mr Lindeman. - Good day.
Good evening, Mr Keizer. - Evening.
Well, that was a long day.
Go on. - After you.
No, no. - Please, I insist.
Everything alright ? - Yes, quite.
That's good.
Come on, Rolf.
What do you think of it ? - It looks scary, a waste of money.
Oh, come on. - I can't see the master wearing it.
Hello, boys. Wipe your feet. - Mommy, where's Mommy ?
Mommy, we saw St Nicolas. - Hello, angel. Hello, Eduard.
He was huge. - And he was walking down the street ?
No, he was standing in a shop and said: Hello, children. Right, Eduard ?
Did you see him as well ? That's terrific. Off with your coats.
He waved at us, and I'm getting a car. - How nice. And what about you, Rolf ?
I said hello to him and he shook my hand.
Fantastic. - It's a man dressed as a bishop.
It certainly wasn't a woman, silly. Be a dear, and run that errand.
Can we make a house, ma'am ? - Yes, but don't make a mess.
No, ma'am. - That's good.
There is no St Nicholas. It's a man dressed like him.
That's enough. Look at this mess.
Enough, I said. Do you do this at home, Eduard ?
I'm going to call St Nicholas and tell him he can skip our house.
You brat. - We'll see what he has to say.
My husband, please.
Hello, St Nicholas ? I'm so sorry to bother you.
Are they tight ? - No, it's the fit.
They're snug. - Telephone, sir.
Thanks. Put this back in the display, please ?
Only Francesco makes shoes of that quality.
What is it ? - Michel says you don't exist, sir.
Spare me this nonsense, Ellie.
I'm really busy. Yes, see you later.
Yes, St Nicolas. - It's Daddy.
I'll tell them. If they do it again, you're not visiting us.
Goodbye. - It's Daddy.
So no presents for you then, since he doesn't exist.
Clean up the mess, or it's off to bed without supper. Dad will be home soon.
Boy, am I tired.
Oh, the poor dear is tired.
Why don't you rest upstairs ? - No, I really have to go.
You don't have to go.
Stay with me as long as you want. - No, I really do have to go.
Don't you love me anymore ?
Don't you love me anymore ?
Three weeks ago you complained that I didn't love you.
You're so sweet when you have that look on your face.
Good evening.
Oh, come on. You're really annoying.
Hurry up, will you ?
Who was that ? - An acquaintance.
Not one of your... - No, the sitter. I must go.
Your last affair lasted... - Longer.
She played hard to get.
Are you on the prowl again ? - Enough, go now.
Won't you see me to my door ? - No, goodbye.
See you tomorrow. - Bye, lover.
Daddy, St Nicolas might come tonight. - Really ? How nice.
We're putting out food for his horse. - Do you have enough hay ?
Mommy says he likes old bread too. - I see. Hello, Eduard.
Hello, dear. You're late today.
We've had our dinner. Go on in, I'll get your dinner out of the oven.
Put that on, dear.
Can Eduard wait for St Nicolas too ? - And how will he get home ?
Dad can drive him home. - Can I stay, please ?
Alright, now put your pants on, OK ?
I hear you don't believe in St Nicolas.
We believe in him, everybody does.
So he exists, right ?
Good, now put out some food, and I want to hear you sing for him.
Here's your dinner.
Give Eduard a carrot, Rolf. - I already have some bread.
OK, Eduard, here's your carrot.
Ouch, it's much too hot. - Just eat, will you ?
It's late, and Eduard needs to go home.
Fine, get his coat, I'll eat later.
OK, kids, let's sing for St Nicholas.
All together now. One, two, three.
Sing with them.
I'm sure St Nicolas is very pleased. Let's put your coat on, Eduard.
And your other arm. - Are you upset ?
No, why should I be upset ? - Come, Eduard, it's time to go.
Come here, sweetie.
Hi, I could hear you coming. Come inside.
Mommy. - Here I am. Where's your shoe ?
I put food in it. - That's nice.
Lucky you, you got a ride. Thank you.
It's OK. - Did he behave ?
Yes, we sang songs. Need a ride ? - Lf it's not too much trouble.
No problem.
Sleep tight, dear. Be good. Bye, Greet.
Bye, bye. - Goodbye, Mommy.
Of course they can. Why don't you come along and ask them yourself ?
Hello, Leontien. I'm glad you already started, Leo.
No. The sculpture.
The sculpture should be here.
Leontien, take your place.
Leo, you better look in on Lomijn and Carien. They're all alone.
It's not what you think. He wants you to play St Nicholas at his house.
Will you ? - Yes.
And pop in on Eduard ? - Sure.
Yeah, right.
Dear, Mr Lomijn wants you to... - I heard.
Hello, Lomijn. That could be fun.
Shall we say around seven ? - That's fine.
OK, we'll be there.
Well, are they comfortable ?
Are you happy ?
Yes. - Mr Lomijn, please.
I beg your pardon. I'll leave you to your work.
See you. No, I'll see myself out.
Thanks for the ride. - You're welcome.
Guus, use the gray backdrop.
Are you happy ?
Do they fit alright ?
Look in the mirror, ma'am, and see for yourself.
It's an exclusive design, only Francesco makes shoes of this quality.
You must try them on.
Feel how they support your ankles.
That tickles.
He must've thought you were looking for army boots.
Don't make fun of him. He's very good to Eduard. Come on, you.
Thanks. - Hello.
Goodbye. - Bye.
Keep the change. - Bye.
Pardon me, I'm sorry.
Sir, you forgot to pay.
I'm out of change.
What is it this time ? - When's Mommy coming home ?
You'll be fast asleep by then, you know that. Lie down.
Now go to sleep or St Nicholas won't come.
Hello, I'll get it.
Here you are, son. - Thanks.
I'll give you a hand. - No, I can manage.
There you are. Goodbye, Mr Keizer.
Is Mr Molanus from the photo shop... - That's me.
My name is Keizer. - Yes ?
I received your bill.
For the damages. - That's right.
The thing is...
I also have the bill for damages to the scooter.
All in all, a pretty hefty sum.
My garage doesn't expect payment till next month.
Yes, of course. - May I ?
Of course. - For the Angenita Institute ?
Fourth floor. Third door on the left.
I wondered if perhaps we could come to an agreement.
I can't pay you everything at once, plus the holidays are upon us...
Yes, but... - I could pay you 50 guilders a month.
I'll have 100 guilders by the time the bill comes, so in 2 months I'm paid up.
It's a lot of money for me as well. What do you expect me to say ?
I guess I have no choice. - Thank you kindly.
I'll start the payments in January.
That son of ours gets into all sorts of trouble.
Can you imagine ?
I thought it was Mr and Mrs Lomijn, but it turned out to be this girl.
Pretend you don't know a thing.
Still, I feel funny about babysitting there tonight. I like Mrs...
Well ? - It's done. I can pay it off in 5 months.
He's a very reasonable young man. - In that case, let's go.
Be grateful Henk is your only worry.
He'll grow out of it. Boys will be boys.
So we'll buy the record. - I don't know the title. Henk does.
Oh, we'll find out.
Do you see a salesclerk ? - No, no.
I think you have to look for it yourself.
Can I help you ? - Yes, please.
The lady's looking for a record, but she doesn't know the title. Sing it, Ina.
Sorry, perhaps the salesgirl can help you. Excuse me.
Could you attend to those two ladies ?
Hello, ladies. - Miss.
How does it go ? - Ina ?
I think I know it. Excuse me, ma'am. - Go ahead.
No, it goes like this.
OK, one second.
Excuse me, sir.
I believe this is it.
No, it isn't. - Then I'm afraid I don't know.
How does it go ?
Can you put on Milestone for me, sir ? - Of course. Excuse me, ladies.
Doing anything on St Nicholas Eve ? - Riding around on your scooter, right ?
Are you grounded ? - And you guys ?
Celebrate it here, I think. Aren't we ?
And write little poems. - Pretty little poems, Keizer.
Maybe I'll come as well.
Should I bring anything ?
But can your mom and dad cope without you ?
Or you without them ? - Get lost.
Henk Keizer is very slick... - I know what rhymes with that.
I've got it.
I'll ask him in a little while.
I'm glad the money's taken care of. - He takes care of everything.
Go ask him now.
He'll know. He was in a band for two years.
How much is it, miss ? - One eighty, please.
No, that's okay.
It's Up to Utah by Gene Berry. - Thanks a lot, Karel.
I have to hurry up. I didn't realize how late it was.
I'm not looking forward to going to Mrs Lomijn, you know ?
It won't be too bad. - Goodbye, ma'am.
All men are alike.
OK, I can manage now.
Did you lock it ? - Yes.
Oh, look. - Never mind.
Quiet. - More ?
Hi, Emma. Did they behave ? - Yes, they did.
Thank you.
I'd love to see their faces when they get them.
So come over here on St Nicholas Eve ? Or are you busy ?
No, it's a family holiday. - Come now, the children would love it.
And you too. - Of course.
I'll take the presents upstairs. Quiet, what if they see us ?
I'll bring the rest. I'll put the kettle on first.
It didn't notice it was you that day. - I saw your car, and...
What a silly mix-up with that girl.
A girl from work, usually very proper, wanted to talk to me.
I was just leaving, so I gave her a ride.
When I dropped her off, it all came out: Problems with her father, and such.
It was a mess. Before I knew it, she was crying on my shoulder.
I didn't know what to do.
I'll take the presents upstairs.
Emma, please don't mention this to my wife. It's not very important.
You know how it goes with those... Do you know what I mean ?
Like this ?
Is it good like that ? - Let me see.
Raise that hand a little bit.
Like this ? - More, more. Stop.
Now drape the scarf over the edge.
Good, we'll shoot it later. - OK. You can take a short break.
Need a hand ?
Is the school that far away ? - They'll be here shortly.
I have a meeting at noon.
We had a little setback. - Why didn't you audition the child ?
They're coming.
Do we have to wait much longer ? - Let me pay you.
It means he missed school for nothing. - I don't mind.
I wish I knew he was so tall now. - He can't stop growing for this.
Could you put the miter on, please ? Eduard is still a small boy.
I wish we could've used your boy.
And it will fail with the next child too. Places, please.
Too bad, he's so good at this. Perhaps he is too tall for this job.
Goodbye, ma'am. - Let's go.
Mommy, mommy.
Hello, dear. Let's you and me...
Yes, it's St Nicholas. It's funny seeing him sitting there.
We're taking a picture.
Shall we go say hello to St Nicholas ?
You'll be in the picture with him. - One, two...
I'm sitting quite high up, don't you think ?
You're not scared, are you ? - He's in a hurry, come along.
Hi, Eduard. - Say hello. Where is Marianne ?
Here she is. Hurry up, Marianne. They're waiting.
Come here. - I had to go...
This is Marianne.
Do what she does. Laugh and wave at St Nicholas.
Don't look so scared. He's bringing presents.
OK, let's get going.
Smile, Eduard.
What are they doing to me ?
Look at Marianne, she knows what to do.
Come on, dear. - Eduard.
Wave at him, dear.
He looks like he's being spanked.
Damn it. Annoying child.
Look, he was yanked out of school in the middle of the day. Did you think...
Eduard, stay right there.
Eduard, can't you stand on your spot ?
Don't look at me like that.
Are you happy now ?
I've had it, I'm not doing it.
I'll take care of him.
Come here, dear.
I think we can give it another try, don't you ?
Yes, before he starts crying again.
What do you say, Eduard ?
Will you do it ?
It's Mommy.
Let's shoot that photo.
Miss ?
Hello ?
Hello ?
Listen, I bought a fantastic stuffed monkey for Eduard.
Herman, everything OK ? - Fine. Going out for some air.
You scared me. I'm sorry.
I'm making it for my wife. I work on it during my lunch hour.
Sit down. - Do you mind ?
Not all.
I bet you hid it in the potato.
A necklace.
It's not new. I gave it to my wife when she gave birth to our son.
Last year, one of the stones fell out while visiting family out of town.
Now it's as good as new. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised.
It's hard to believe that was seventeen years ago.
He's a good boy.
But at that age all boys can be a bit difficult.
And then the tower.
It makes no sense at all, but I liked the idea.
At least it'll be a fun present to open. - Yes. Nice.
You here too ? - I didn't know you were coming.
I have some free time. I promised him a pastry.
I'll be off then. Don't be late, all right ?
Greet ? What time does madam come home ?
At five. We're having an early dinner, she's going out tonight.
If you want to see her, be on time.
I'll make sure he's home on time.
Eduard ?
Michel, Jara, Joostje, Willie.
Come on, we can all go in the car.
Get out. You know we have a dental appointment.
I want to go too.
Can I go, Mom ? - Where are you going ?
Sir, will you take me home ? - Will you ? He lives near the zoo.
Well, all right. - He'll do it.
Balloon man.
Balloon man.
Dad, I'll go put on my Indian outfit. - You do that, son.
Is there company ? - Yes, they just arrived.
Can you imagine. Unbelievable.
Hi, it's you. Won't you come in ?
I thought you were alone.
Say, Nora. Where did you get this sculpture ?
I got that in Utrecht. Take your coat off.
What a story that was.
You'll never guess who gave that to me.
It's incredible.
He insisted I take it.
So he tried an artistic approach, and said: Wrap it up. I said: You're nuts.
It's too expensive. I can't accept that.
That's typical for Gerard. - It is. The poor fool.
The salesgirl in the shop comes up to me and begs me to accept.
We haven't sold a thing in two months.
What a great-looking Indian.
Where's Daddy ? - Those feathers are beautiful.
What do you think of Eduard ? Doesn't he look great ?
Can I see you tomorrow evening ? - Yes.
Look out.
Be more careful, sir. - Can't you watch where you're going ?
No wonder, look who else is in the car.
It's nothing.
Did you get a good look ?
The scoundrels.
Flirt with the girl... - Goodbye headlight.
She was a looker. - She was fake.
I like them pure. - Back off.
Cold fish. - Hey, Keizer. Hands off.
Keizer had a brush with death. - Another scooter ?
No, he's a menace on a sidewalk too. - What happened ?
Some idiot wasn't looking. - What did you do ?
I was crossing. - I like them crisp, please.
May I have cup of coffee ? - I like them crisp, please.
I'm having some. Anyone else ?
What time do we meet tomorrow ? - At eight, here.
I'll bring wine. And you ? - Isn't that your dad ?
Where ? - Over there.
Good afternoon.
What's up ? - I want to talk to you.
Is it true ? Mother says you won't be home tomorrow night.
So ?
She's very upset. We always celebrate it together.
It's time for a change. - Don't say that.
And you, sir ? - I'm not staying.
Are things that bad at home ? - That's not it. I don't feel like it.
But why on St Nicholas Eve ? It's a special night for Mother.
I don't ask much. - You two do it.
But you are her son.
Don't forget the cotton beard.
Sorry, I have plans. - Your mother will be so disappointed.
She'll get used to it. - That's cruel.
I won't do it. I want to stand on my own two feet.
Very well, there's nothing I can do.
Do what you must.
But you're not very nice.
There he goes, give him a hand.
Keizer has freed himself of parental control. Bravo.
It's Mrs Lomijn. Is your husband in ? Can I talk to him ?
I'd like to ask him something.
Watch out.
Telephone. Mrs Lomijn. - Who ?
Emma's employer. She has a question.
What does she want with me ?
Yes, I know.
She mentioned you were very good at making poems. Could you do it ?
I'd be delighted.
I know I'm late, but a short one will do.
We're giving her a purse. Not an easy word to rhyme with, is it ?
You don't have to. I'll pick it up tomorrow.
Thank you. Goodbye, Mr Keizer.
I can't talk like that. More coffee ?
How did you get in that accident ? - Come here and I'll tell you.
You nut.
OK, tell me.
Well ?
A kid on a scooter. I won't have the car for a few days.
Until when ? - Stay awhile longer.
Say something.
What do you want me to say ? - A sweet nothing.
Je t'aime. - Why should I say it in French ?
Don't you like French ?
Oh dear, aren't you asleep yet ?
OK, come here.
Let's take you back to bed.
There is no bogey man, silly girl.
There, let me tuck you in.
Yes, Mommy has to go back downstairs.
More, a little more. That's it.
Carien, a little more incense.
Everybody on their marks ? Ready ?
That's it. Thank you.
Good evening. - Good evening.
I'm not staying long. Are we still on for tomorrow night ?
Yes, we'll be there. - Carien, the next dress.
I may need her for a job. Can I ask her a question ?
I wanted to know if you... - What ?
You are very beautiful.
Will I see you tomorrow at ten ? - Yes.
I'm leaving. Till tomorrow. - See you tomorrow.
That's a pretty little dress. - Isn't it ?
He's fast. - Meaning ?
She just arrived, and he already has a date with her.
Tomorrow night at ten.
How many Watts is that spot ? - This one ? Five hundred.
Well, I'll get out of your way. Have a nice evening tomorrow.
Kisses for Eduard. - Will do. Bye.
See you tomorrow, and relax: We'll be there, miter, fake beard and all.
Who's knocking, kids ? Who's tapping, kids ?
Who's softly tapping on the window ?
Must be stranger, I bet probably lost, I bet
shall I ask him what's his name ?
Saint Nicholas, Saint Nicholas please pay us a visit tonight
and bring us some candy, since we've been very good
Good evening, can I help you ? - Can I have two tickets please ?
One chocolate bar ? - Dark, milk of hazelnut ?
Hazelnut ? - Dark.
Here you are. - And licorice.
Here you are. - How much ?
That'll be fifty cents, please.
It's empty. - What do you want on a night like this ?
You're not sorry you came, are you ? - Not at all, it gives us something to do.
There they are.
Come on in, Saint Nicolas.
Oh, it's you...
Hello, Eduard. - Auntie Mien, St Nicholas is here.
We must sing.
I arranged for the guy from the studio to dress as St Nick.
Hide him in the kitchen.
Good evening, everybody. - Good evening, Saint Nicholas.
Please sit down, Saint Nicholas. - Thank you.
It's been a long time.
It's Hans. - What did you say ?
It's her ex-husband. He must be out of his mind.
What ? It's Leegher ? - Yes.
I think it's nice of him. - Oh, please.
A glass of wine, Saint Nicholas ? - Yes, please, madam.
Will you look at that ? What nice people I see here.
Did you all come to see me ? We'll have a good time tonight.
Will he have nice presents ? - Don't be a pain.
I'll go get the basket of presents St Nick's helpers left in the hall.
I'll give you a hand. - Eduard, why don't you come here.
Go see Saint Nicholas, dear.
Come and sit on my lap. Tell me, have you been a good boy this year ?
Yes, Saint Nicholas. - Very good.
Hold on, let me help you. - Have you got it ?
So many presents. Fantastic - Look at this.
Come and see what I have found
and I got all of this from the wonderful Saint Nick
Are you leaving already ? - Yes, we must.
But you just got here. - Yes, but we have to see Eduard too.
We'll be back next year. - Lf you're good.
Let's hope so.
It's beautiful, dear. - I'm glad you like it.
Will you shake my hand ? - She's not scared at all.
Michel, come and say goodbye. - Bye, Saint Nick.
I was worried. It's almost ten 'o clock.
Well, that was a nice visit.
Don't be so rude, Michel. Come here.
We really have to go now.
See you next year. - Bye, Saint Nicholas, and thanks.
Say goodbye to Saint Nicholas. Everybody sing.
Take your hands off me. - Hey, Keizer.
Call you dad. - Get lost.
Are you deaf ? Keizer, damn it. Come here.
Go see the boss. - Go on.
What's the matter ?
Wish your dad a pleasant evening. It's bad enough you weren't there.
Piss off, man. - Don't tell me to piss off.
Stay calm and mind your manners. Now call them.
He doesn't dare.
Yes, he does.
And be nice, you hear ?
Do you know the number ?
It's the phone. - Yes, I'll get it.
They're not in.
Hello, Keizer speaking.
I'd like to wish you a merry and stupid St Nicholas Eve.
So you think that's cool ? - Hello ?
Come on, hurry up.
Hi, Dad. It's Henk. - Yes, son ?
Henk ?
I wanted to wish you and Mother a very pleasant evening.
But I thank God I'm not there with you.
We also used to do things our parents didn't like.
Come, you go in and sit down.
We'll celebrate too, just like the boys.
But it's not very nice of him.
Look, here it is. - What's in it ?
What'll it be ? Tea or wine ? - Oh, how nice.
You open the package, and I'll take care of the rest.
You can borrow it in freezing weather. - Just imagine.
It's totally useless, but it's an original present.
Where did you say it was from ? Chile ? - Peru.
I'm beat. - It's been a very exciting evening.
I love to see the kids open their presents.
Little Rolf is such a sweetie. So open. Quite different from his sister.
The little dear. Did you see her crawl away from me ?
I'm going to freshen up.
I wonder how it'll fit. These evenings are exhausting.
Be a dear: Put on record and pour us something.
You shouldn't have gotten me this purse. And the poem.
How did you know all that ? - From my wife.
This is so funny.
Put it on ? - Maybe later.
I've run out of cigarettes.
Not enough change. Do you have any so I can get some from the machine ?
I have cigarettes.
I prefer my own brand.
I have two. - Good.
That's perfect. I'll be right back. - See you in a bit.
Very well. I'll be right there.
Are you going downtown ? - No, the stadium.
If someone asks, I'll be over there.
Can I take this ? - Of course.
Take a look at this. And this.
Maybe he went for a walk. - Nonsense. You saw him with a girl.
You think I didn't know ? I'm no fool. Didn't you see him ?
Does it matter ? - Did you or didn't you ?
Calm down, you'll wake the children. - I don't care. Let them wake up.
Did you, yes or no ?
I was mistaken, he explained...
So don't say he went for a walk. He won't explain a thing to you.
You can't help it. Please leave, I want to be alone.
Good evening, sir.
Wasn't she in ? - What ?
You heard me.
Yes, she was in.
Then why are you here ? Did she lose interest ?
I don't know if she did.
I lost interest.
You wanted to play Saint Nicholas. Do you expect me to be grateful ?
Ellie, I love you.
I love you, I mean it. - You always do. You love me so much.
I love you, and only you. - Go away. Leave me alone.
You've got to believe me. - Let me go. Please go away.
Stop it, stop it.
I love you.
Ellie, do you believe me.
Tell me you believe me.
Do you believe me ? - Yes, I believe you.
Where does he live ? - Down the street.
Does he have a key ? - In my pocket.
Yes, he does.
Come on. Do you feel that bad ?
Come on, the joke is wearing thin. Don't ruin our evening as well.
Who could that be ?
Henk ? - No, he has a key.
I'll have a look.
Who's there ?
Come, Keizer. Come on.
Who's there ? - Prop him up.
Henk. What happened ? What have they done to you ?
He did it all by himself, ma'am. Didn't you, Keizer ? Come along.
Don't just stand there.
Never mind.
He was sick. He'll be fine in the morning.
Good evening.
He's drunk.
Get him a glass of water. Wait.
Here. Drink this.
Not too much. It'll upset your stomach.
Give me a hand.
Calm down. It'll pass. - Let go.
Give me a hand.
Do you feel better ? You were very foolish.
This wasn't very wise of you.
You're so clumsy.
It's cold, isn't it ?
Help me.
You'll feel better tomorrow.
St Nicholas got you that. You can listen to it in the morning.
Sleep tight.
Good night, Henk.
It's crazy.
How do you come up with that, Hans ?
Some Like It Hot.
You didn't expect that. - Yuck, that hair.
How was I ? - Leaving so soon ?
I have to get to bed. It'smidnight.
You were unforgettable. - See you, and sleep tight.
Coming ? - Be right there.
Is this your coat ? - Goodbye.
Do you need a ride home ?
Take the wig off. - What a relief.
You're not used to that beard yet, are you ?
We'll have you over soon. Both of you.
I'd like that. Bye. - Goodbye.
Is it a real one ?
What ?
You bet. - So long. I had a really nice time.
So long.
What a stunning room. - It is.
See you tomorrow. - Bye, Nora.
Hurry it up a little.
You were fantastic. I had a such a laugh.
Come visit us soon. - I will.
Watch out for the steps, you guys.
Don't say a thing.
What's so funny ?
You are.
Let's have one more cigarette ?
What a mess.
Shall I help you clean up ? - Greet will do it. Have a seat.
It was a fun evening, don't you think ?
It's difficult, isn't it ? - What ?
How so ?
Maybe you're right. Maybe we're not the marrying kind.
I should go.
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