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To End All Wars CD1

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[Man Narrating] How I miss Scotland...
and the sea... the sea.
There's nothing like it in all the Earth...
the salt in your face, the wind at your back...
and all the world before you.
And you're freer than a bird in the air or a fish in the ocean.
To be free...
I reckon that's why I joined the Second War to end all wars.
## [Bagpipes, Drums]
I was at the university studying to be a teacher when the call to arms occurred.
I was only too eager to put aside my studies for the glory of action.
I stopped reading history and became a part of it.
I joined the proud ranks of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders...
and became Captain Ernest Gordon.
My commanding officer was Lieutenant Colonel Stuart McLean,
the finest commander the 93rd Battalion ever had,
a man of deep loyalties to his country,
his duty and his men,
a loyalty that was soon to be matched by his own second in command,
Major lan Campbell,
a man of passionate devotion to the colonel as well as the cause.
And it was our loyalties that would eventually be tested.
The Argylls had a legacy or being the last line of defense,
and we were to prove that legacy once again...
in the face of defeat...
and capture by the enemy.
[Man Speaking Japanese]
[Japanese Continues]
[Prisoners Grunting]
Sir.! Sir.!
You all right, sir?
You look the devil in the face with pride, boys!
And try not shit your kilts.
[Weapons Cocking]
Bastards are just playing with our minds.
[Horn Honking]
[Shouting Orders In Japanese]
[Gordon Narrating] When you surrender in war,
you're stripped of your dignity as a soldier.
All you've got left is your fellow comrades,
many of whom you'vejust met.
LieutenantJim Reardon, merchant marine,
one of the few Americans in the area.
Attached himself to the Argylls during the Allied surrender.
We called him 'Yanker," 'cause he was both an American...
- and a bit of a wanker. - [Whistle Blows]
Parade, halt.
[Distant Gunfiire]
What's that stench?
That'll be death, Major.
[Grunting, Shouting]
Parade, right wheel.
Parade, halt.
Left turn.
Stand at ease.
Stand easy.
What the hell does "tenko" mean?
Must be roll call.
Today, you will count off in English.
But tomorrow and forever, in Japanese.
- Start counting! - One!
- Two! - Three.!
- Four.! - Five.
- Six. - Big-eared Nip.
[Shouts In Japanese]
[Grunting, Groaning]
This is a shame culture. You make 'em lose face, you'll pay. Stand easy.
[McLean] This is an outrage.!
I am a senior officer,
and I will not tolerate this barbaric behavior!
This man has rights!
Attention, prisoners. You are now captives...
of His Imperial Majesty, the emperor.
[Commander, Japanese]
Behold... the extreme penalty for those who try to escape.
- [Shouts In Japanese] - [Rifes Fire]
[Commander, Japanese]
This is for your own sake.
You will sign these papers promising not to escape.
- No escape, my Yankee ass. - This is against the Geneva Convention.
They don't give two shits about the Geneva Convention.
[Translator] Tomorrow,
you will bring these signed papers from all prisoners.
You are dismissed.
- [Japanese] - [Gurgling]
Go. Go!
- What did you just say? - I told him you were stupid.
Don't know whether to thank you or kick your ass.
Lan Campbell.
Dusty Miller.
Where'd you learn to speakJapanese?
What with the colonel?
You want your colonel back?
Owe the man my life.
- The more hair, the more lice. - Ow!
A word of advice... stay close to your cobbers.
But when it comes right down to it, it's survival of the fittest.
Every man for himself. Barter is the name of the game, gents.
They call the hospital the Death House. You don't want to end up in here.
Relish your health now, gentlemen. It's the last you'll see of it.
There are thousands more prisoners in camps all along the river.
Not too much skinny here from the outside.
Japs keep us in the dark.
No radios.
They catch one, they'll kill you.
Officers, try to keep your shirt on.
It'll distinguish you from the grunts, which is about the only thing...
that's keeping us from degenerating into a bloody anarchy.
Oh, shit.
Ernie, where ya goin'?
To find out about the colonel.
You're just askin' for trouble!
- [Shouting] - [Screaming]
Get him down here.
- Come on. - Easy. Easy.
It's my back. My back, my back.
- Eh. - What the bloody hell happened?
- Looks like you didn't bow. - What?
Always bow before a guard, Korean orJap.
Never look 'em in the eyes when they pass you.
That's pure defiance. Always look away. Rules of Bushido.
- Bushido? - Their kind of chivalry.
Respect and obligation.
If you don't respect them, they feel obligated to bash you.
- Nothing personal. - Well, it sure as bloody well feels personal.
Yeah, well, it works both ways. They do the same to their own.
- That's a comfort. - Now listen.
You must understand, these monsters truly believe we're an inferior race... less than human.
Now, beating a prisoner to them is like beating a disobedient dog,
and the fiercer the beating, the fiercer their dedication to the emperor.
- [Groans] - You'll be all right, son.
Make space for the colonel.
[Doctor] You're buggers for punishment, you lot.
- You should've let 'em take me instead, sir. - [McLean Wheezing]
- Anything we can do for you, Colonel? - Ah. Start preparing.
Preparing for what?
Escape. Heh! What else, you towheaded Yank?
Thank you.
Colonel, I've been watching these Nips. There's never more than a handful of them...
guarding the perimeter at any given time, and they're not watching very closely.
- Itjust doesn't make sense to me unless... - Unless what?
Unless every prisoner's been caught or died in a thousand miles of hostile jungle.
Unless the local villagers are willing to turn in a P.O.W. For a bowl of rice.
Unless... Escape is impossible.
You find the best escape route, hmm?
- Lan. - Yes, sir.
You should start getting survival gear together, hmm?
Ernest, get things together.
- We can trade with the locals. - Yes, sir.
And as soon as I'm well, we're on our way.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir. - Okay?
- Good. - Sir.
Good boys.
They're good boys.
That's my boys.
Hey. How about some extra for my colonel?
- He's in the Death House. - If your colonel can't make it, it means he can't work.
If he can't work, he can't eat. Nip rules. Move along.
Come on, pal. I'll owe you one.
Hey, you heard him. He said, move along!
- [Crowd Goading] - You look like a sheep-humping highlander!
Come on!
- Yeah! - Do it!
What are you, bloody chicken? I'll kick your ass.!
Come on, you English fuck!
Well, come on, then, wanker.!
Well, come on!
It's enough.
[Gordon Narrating] What does it take for a man to lose his dignity?
Come on, you English fuck.!
How far can he fall to pay the price of survival?
- [Grunts] - [Bowl Clatters]
Dusty built a sanctuaryjust outside the camp called the Church Without Walls.
We were allowed to visit it freely.
They knew we had nowhere to go.
[Campbell] I'll tell you what I'm gonna do soon as I get back to Glasgow.
Gonna visit my favorite pub.
- I'm gonna sink... 14 whiskeys and seven pints. - [Ticking]
And I'm gonna spend the night in the arms of my tender, lovin' wee wife.
- You're married, sir? - No, but if you got a sister, I'm available.
What about you, Ernie?
Probably teach.
I've always fancied teaching.
I thought I'd see the world first though.
- You got that wish. - Aye.
When I get outta here, I'm gonna go into business for myself and get stinkin' rich.
What kind of business?
Black market. Prostitution.
I'll tell ya what, mate. You're not gonna make much money as a prostitute, I'll tell you that.
What about you, sir?
What are you gonna do after the war?
Start preparing for the next war.
[Guards Shouting]
[Gordon Narrating] In the Bushido code, the nation is everything.
The individual is nothing.
Conformity is how they gain their sense of purpose,
and they expected us to fall in line as well.
[All Repeating]
What are we saying, Dusty?
Loyalty, politeness, frugality. Soldier's duty.
Well, isn't that just dandy.
Carry on, Sergeant Major.
Parade! Parade-tion!
About face.
[Translator] All show respect for honorable Lieutenant Colonel Nagatomo,
- Chief ofThailand P.O.W. Administration. - [Shouts]
I think she fancies me.
It is great pleasure for me...
to see you at this place.
You are few remaining skeleton...
of our victory and our pitiful victim.
You should weep with gratitude...
at His Imperial Majesty, the emperor,
who pity you for being coward!
- What's he talking about, cowards? - Rules of Bushido.
They believe the losers should kill themselves.
You will give me great pleasure...
to build a railroad...
through the jungle to the glory of His Imperial Majesty,
the emperor,
saviour ofJapan!
Saviour of Asia!
We will build this railroad...
if we have to build it over the white man's body.
It is your purification.
Hmm. [Japanese]
Railroad to be 420 kilometer,
from Chungkai base camp to...
Thanbyuzayat in north.
You will build the railroad in 18 months.
Eighteen months?
How will my men manage that on the rations you're feeding them, hmm?
Officers work as well.
Royal engineer will oversee building.
Where are the signed papers?
as you have violated the Geneva Convention,
the Hague Convention...
and every human right for properly supervised prisoners of war,
may I respectfully recommend...
that you...
and your fascist monkeys...
stick your head up your ass.!
Because we will not sign your bloody paper!
Now translate that!
I am sick of this drivel!
- Gentlemen. - Sir.
Look after my boys, lan.
It is regrettable, but...
we take each of you and shoot one by one.!
- [Doctor] Come on, man. - Sir!
Until you respect Emperor!
Come on. Out of here. Out of here!
- Fuck! Fuck him! - Come on! Come on, man! Come on!
- Fuck.! - Come on, man.! Out ofhere.!
- Bastard! Fucking bastard! - Out, out of here!
- Fucking... - Come.
- Major, what happened? What happened? - Fucking shot!
- Where's the... - Fucking... Fucking shot!
It's the colonel's blood. It's the colonel's blood!
[Overlapping Shouts]
Fucking shot him.!
- The bastard! - [Reardon] Major.
Major, the colonel!
You fucking slanted-eyed...
- Don't let him go! - Campbell!
Don't be another! Enough is enough!
[Overlapping Shouts]
Fucking bastard.!
[No Audible Dialogue]
There's nothing you can do. There's nothing you can do.
How can he die?
- What are we gonna do? - It's all right.
- What the fuck are we gonna do now? - Shh!
What the fuck are we gonna do now?
[Gordon] Just stay down, Major.
"Verily, verily, I say unto you,
"except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die,
'it abideth alone.
"But if it die,
it bringeth forth much fruit."
There is suffering before glory.
There is a cross...
before the crown.
## ["Amazing Grace"]
Outward, turn!
Slow, march.!
- Cheers. - I'm not leaving.
I said, I'm not leaving.
What about our plan?
I owed the colonel my life.
And I watched him die in front of my eyes, and I just stood there doing nothing.
You think you're the only one suffering here?
- You think you're the only one... - Now waken up!
There's a reason why every escape has failed,
and there's a reason why theJaps don't give a toss about security.
We were fools to think we even stood a chance.
I've got my own plans now.
You are a selfish bastard.
Come on, Ernie.
[Gordon] Yanker, wait a minute.!
Yanker, wait!
You'll never make it on your own in that jungle. It's suicide!
Take a look around you! Take a look in the eyes of these men.
You tell me what you see.
That's right, Ernie. They're dead already.
You know it, and I know it.
Everybody in there does, too, except they're afraid to admit the obvious,
and that scares the fuckin' hell out of me!
Because at least with escape...
it gave us one thing... hope.
Hope, Ernie. Because without that, we might as well be sitting in there...
with our thumbs up our asses waitin' for the end to come!
Is that what you want?
Let me tell you something about me.
I am not a stupid man,
and I am not a kamikaze.
If I can't escape, I'll do the next best thing.
I will take care of myself.
And that's exactly what I plan on doing.
Yanker! We are all in this, all of us together!
Sure, kid. Every single one of us.
[Camera Shutter Clicking]
[Gordon Narrating] TheJapanese were preparing to invade India.
The railway would be their supply line.
We would be the means to their end.
[Shouting In Japanese]
When you're living to die, every minute is an eternity.
Days are lost.
Months blend into one another.
And the only reality you know is in the moment,
and the moment hangs over you like death.
It's difficult to describe what it's like to live with permanent hunger in your belly,
and the stench of disease and death all around you with every breath you take.
Malaria, diphtheria,
pellagra, dysentery...
sucks every ounce offluid right out of your body.
Your muscles cramp up and your circulation collapses.
Major! He's burning up.
- Ernie. - [Gordon Muttering]
[Doctor] I don't know anybody who could survive that lot.
Oh, Ernie, son.
You are a good soldier...
and a good friend.
[Thinking] So this is death.
Cold. All alone.
No more reason to fight,
so they give up on you.
In death there is no second chance.
So that's what you think about when you're dying...
the real value of all that you've done with your life,
and all that you might have done...
if only you'd had a second chance.
Aah! [Screams]
Bloody hell! These Nip bastards are eatin' like the Prince of Wales!
[All Grunting]
[Gordon Narrating] Life doesn't wait for the individual,
especially life as a prisoner of war.
If you want to survive, you need a bit ofluck,
a quick wit and a mate to pick you up when you fall.
Where am I?
You've been unconscious for days.
I thought if I could get you out of the Death House and into some fresh air,
you'd have a better chance of surviving.
Well, I don't know if I want to survive anymore.
- Open up. - How did you get the food away from the line?
I have my connections. Come on. Open up.
Why are you doing this?
Hey, Ernie.
Uh, me and the cobbers, we've been chewing it over,
and, uh, we got thinking.
What's the purpose in what we been suffering?
I mean, where's thejustice in...
in Nips bashing us and working us to death?
And what's worse, we're killing each other to save our own skins.
What exactly are you asking me?
You said you wanted to be a teacher.
We thought that you might have some answers, sir.
Would you like me to...
take a lecture on the meaning of life?
Oh, that's a bloody fine idea, sir!
just leave me alone.
That's what I figured.
You know, a man can experience an incredible amount of pain and suffering if he has hope.
When he loses his hope,
that's when he dies.
All right. Uuh.
Shit, I gotta take a shit.
Come on.
[Gordon Narrating] Reardon managed to make a connection to the local Thai black market.
- Lemme see. Get outta here! - He wouldn't share it with the others...
for fear ofbeing discovered by the Nips.
At least, that's what he told us.
[Indistinct Shouts]
Good God, Yanker, that's stinking.!
Right there, Major Campbell,
this is the scent of happiness.
Nectar of the gods. Our ticket to numbness.
Fermented rice alcohol. This one's on the house.
- Yeah? - [Laughing]
He's done it.
Course I've done it.
Oh, nice one, Yanker. Let's have a swig.
Whoa, whoa, gentlemen.
You want charity, go to church.
As for me, I'm bartering my way to happiness.
So pony up with some cash. Anything you got.
Don't be shy. Line starts right here.
Two cigarettes.
[Grunts] You've gotta get out of this rain.
Come on. Walk!
- [Gordon Panting] - Ernie, you bastard!
- You're still alive.! - Hey, Lazarus!
- Back from the dead, my son. - Well, I kinda wish I'd stayed there, sir.
Bollocks, soldier. We need you alive. Hey!
- Come on. - What's wrong?
He hasn't eaten.
He's been able to get me extra rations.
He never got you extra rations, Ernie. He was giving you his.
Help me with his legs.
[Gordon Narrating] I learned that while Dusty was taking care of me,
the major was preparing his own plans.
Just what,
I couldn't tell.
No, no.
Where did you get the food?
Multiple anonymous donors.
I've decided to start school for the jocks.
Ajungle university.
I already made my own blackboard.
Yanker rustled me up a textbook,
for no small price.
First class is this evening.
I've got six students already.
I know it's small, but, em,
it's a start.
I don't want to be the skeptic here, Ernie,
but how in the hell do you expect to engage in a group activity...
without the Nips seeing you?
In the one place that the Nips will never go near.
- This stench is intolerable. - Shut your cake hole!
We're doing the best we can. Get used to it!
Right, lads. Eh, make yourself as comfortable as you can,
and let's get started, eh?
I'd like to speak to you about Plato. [Chuckles]
All right.
is justice?
[Indistinct Shout]
Excuse me, sir. Sir.
- Is it true you're giving educational classes? - Mm-hmm.
We'd like to help teach.
Well, what's your story?
Roger Primrose, trained in the fine arts.
Lieutenant Foxworth here used to teach Shakespeare at Cambridge.
I'm his platoon sergeant.
Poor blighter's at a loss without his books and the Bard.
I figure if I can keep him busy long enough,
he won't end up killing himself.
I'm... not joking, sir.
Well, unfortunately, we don't have any Shakespeare.
To die, to sleep...
no more...
and by a sleep to say we end the heartache...
and the thousand natural shocks that fesh is heir to.
'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.
To die, to sleep...
to sleep, perchance to dream.
Ay, there's the rub, for in that sleep of death...
what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
must give us pause.
There's the respect that makes calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time.
Th'oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
the pangs of despised love,
the law's delay, the insolence of office...
Hmm. Looks like we do have the old Bard after all, sir.
- Looks like we do. - He'll handle it.
[Whispers] Come on, Foxworth.
Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
the pangs of despised love, the law's delay,
the insolence of office, and the spurns...
that patient merit of th' unworthy takes,
when he himself might his quietus make with a bare bodkin?
- That's nice, David. - Who would fardels bear,
to grunt and sweat under weary life,
- but that the threat... - [Warning Whistle]
Of something after death, the undiscovered country...
from whose bourn and no traveller returns,
puzzles the will, and makes us rather bear those ills we have...
than fy to others that we know not of?
In the second book of The Republic,
Plato says, "What will happen to the just man...
should he enter this world?"
Well, thejust man will be scourged,
racked, chained.
Then after every kind of misery,
he will be crucified on a pole for all to see.
Any questions?
I've got a question.
- Do you mind? - Sure.
My question:
If the just man...
is treated as you say,
then what's the just response?
Roll over and let evil have its wicked way?
Well, what would you recommend, Major?
Oh, I'd recommend defiance.
Justice for the captors.
An eye for an eye.
- At what price mercy? - [Chuckles]
Yeah, mercy.
The last bastion of traitors and cowards.
So you would take a man and crucify him on a pole for all to see?
- I would seek justice. - [Book Thuds]
Any of you?
Sergeant Major?
- Heave! - [Shouting In Japanese]
[Gordon Narrating] Major Campbell was a natural leader amongst men.
He seemed to draw them from all nationalities and groups,
- #[Ethereal Vocalizing] - And he had a way with uniting them in a common cause...
his common cause.
Better get two more of ours.
[Campbell] The guards change between 5:00 and half 5:00 every single day,
- so we have to be there, men. - Sorry, Major.
Are we interrupting a church service?
So what's the story?
Major, let's say your plan works, right?
You've confiscated the guns, captured the guards,
taken over the whole camp.
What then?
You have still nowhere to go.
And when the Nips find out,
we'll have a regiment a thousand strong...
descend on us with a vengeance.
You can't possibly hope to survive.
Who's talkin' about survival?
So that's what this is, a suicide mission.
Come here. Come here.
So what are you gonna do, eh? What are you gonna do?
You're gonna throw yourself on the mercy of Bushido?
[Chuckles] Aye, now that would be suicide.
Save us the bullshit, Major.
What are they payin' ya, Yanker?
Oh, didn't he tell ya?
[Laughs] Some of his best trades are with theJaps.
Well, how'd you think they get such good medicine?
Ain't that right, Yanker?
You tell them, Yanker, eh?
You are endangering the life of every man in this camp.
I don't think they agree with your idea of justice.
So, what, are you the voice of the people now, eh?
Or you may be just a wee bit tooJap happy for your own good.
we Argylls have got to stick together.
And you know that's what the colonel would say.
Good boy.
[Miller] Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.
You have heard that it was said,
that you shall love your neighbor...
and hate your enemy.
But I say to you, love your enemy,
and pray for those who persecute you.
For what shall it profit a man...
ifhe gains the whole world,
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