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Subtitles for To have and have not 1944.

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To have and have not 1944

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Good morning, Capt. Morgan. What can I do for you today?
Same thing as yesterday.
You and your client wish to make a temporary exit from the port?
That is right.
- Name? - Harry Morgan.
- Nationality? - Eskimo.
- What? - American.
- Name of ship? - Queen Conch, Key West, Florida.
We're going fishing, like we've done every day for over two weeks.
We'll be back tonight, and I don't think we'll go more than 30 miles offshore.
Five francs, please.
One more thing.
You will go nowhere near the vicinity of territorial waters...
Sainte-Lucie, or Dominique.
- Is that a new order? - Yes.
The decree was issued last night by his Excellency, Admiral Robert...
Governor General of the French West Indies.
Good for him.
- Why, any complaints? - No.
Hello, Harry. How's everything?
That feels good.
- Did you bring me a drink? - Horatio's bringing it.
You're my pal, Harry. We sure got them this morning.
- We got them every morning. - Not last Thursday.
That's right, I forgot. You're right, Eddie.
Here's Horatio. Give him a hand, will you?
- Good morning, mon Capitaine. - Good morning.
- Did you get the bait? - Yes, sir. Plenty of it.
- That guard took a bottle of our beer. - Mr. Johnson can afford it.
- Harry, can I have... - Just one.
- Morning. - Good morning, Mr. Johnson.
- Are we going out? - That's up to you.
What sort of a day will it be?
I don't know. Just about like yesterday. Only better.
- Let's go out, then. - Okay. Hop aboard.
- Stand by to cast off. - All right, mon Capitaine.
- Mr. Johnson. - Yeah?
- I got to get some gas. - All right.
I'll need money for that.
How much?
28 cents a gallon. 40 gallons.
That'll be $11.20.
There's $15.
- I'll get you some change at the gas dock. - Put it against what I owe you.
Let her go.
Watch it, Johnson.
There's your strike.
Put on a little more drag. Not too much.
You'll have to sock him. He's gonna jump, anyway.
Hit him again. Hit him three or four times. Stick it into him.
Better get the other teaser in.
I got him!
Ease up on that drag.
He's gone.
He's not. Ease up on that drag. Quick.
If he wants to go, let him go.
- He's gone. - No, he's hooked good.
- He sure is. - Reel him in.
No. I'm sure he's gone.
I'll tell you when he's gone. Reel in fast.
- He's gone now. - Yes, sir, he's gone now.
- He isn't. Turn around and chase him. - Reel in that line.
- I can still feel him pull. - That's the weight of the line.
- You're crazy. I can hardly reel it in. - Maybe he's dead.
Maybe. But he's still jumping out there.
- Come on. Hurry up. - I'm hurrying, Mr. Johnson.
- Can't you put bait on like that, Captain? - Sure I can.
- Why carry this fellow to do it? - When the big fish run, you'll see.
What's the idea?
He can do it faster than I can.
A dollar a day seems like an unnecessary expense to me.
He's necessary. Aren't you, Horatio?
I hope so.
Can't Eddie do it?
No, he can't.
What's the matter?
He just lost a fish.
Mr. Johnson, you're unlucky.
Would it be all right if l...
- In the icebox. Just take one. - Thanks.
I don't see why you want that rummy around.
Eddie was a good man on a boat before he got to be a rummy.
He's no good now.
Start her going ahead.
- Is he related to you or something? - No.
- What do you look after him for? - He thinks he's looking after me.
All right, let her run.
- Mr. Johnson. - Yeah?
Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Look, it might interest you to know I not only bought the beer...
- but I put a deposit on the bottles. - Was you ever bit by a dead bee?
- A dead what? - A dead honeybee.
I was never bit by any kind of a bee.
- You sure? - Of course I'm sure.
In that case, I'll just finish my nap. Thanks for the beer.
Watch that line.
That's enough for one day.
- What happened? - Nothing. You just lost a rod and reel.
You had the drag screwed tight. When the fish struck, you couldn't hold it.
If you had the harness buckled down to the reel...
that fish would have taken you along with him.
You're just unlucky, Mr. Johnson. Now, maybe you're lucky with women.
- What do you say if we go out tonight? - I'll lucky you, you dirty rummy.
- Are you a good swimmer? - I've taken all I'm gonna take.
Me, too. Be careful you don't slip out of my hands.
Take it easy. This guy owes you for 16 days.
You talk too much, Eddie.
I know it, Harry.
Okay, forget it.
What about tomorrow?
I don't think so. I'm fed up with this kind of fishing.
I can see how you would be. Slack that off a little.
You fish for 16 days, hook a couple of fish any good fisherman...
would give his life to tie into, and lose both.
- You're just unlucky. I never seen no one... - Shut up, Eddie.
You said 16 days. I only owe you for 15.
No. With today it's 16. Then there's the rod and reel.
- The tackle's your risk. - Not when you lose it like you did.
I paid to rent it every day. It's your risk.
If you ran a hired car over a cliff, you'd have to pay for it.
- Not if he was in it. That's a good one. - That's good, Eddie.
You lost the outfit through carelessness.
It cost me $275.
I won't charge you for the line, 'cause a fish so big could've taken it all anyway.
And there's 16 days at $35 a day, that's $560.
No, it's $560, Eddie.
You got a little credit, so that'll be $825 altogether.
That's what you owe me, and that's what I want.
I haven't got that much with me. I'll go to the bank in the morning.
- That'll be all right? - I guess it'll have to be.
- Let's go have a drink. - Good idea...
- Stay here and lock up. - Sure you don't...
No, Eddie.
Look there. I thought everybody took their flag in after 6:00.
- Most of them do. - That's Vichy for you.
It's their flag.
See you later.
Gentlemen, may I have your names?
What for?
I heard this gentleman make a disparaging reference to Vichy.
I never said anything about Vichy, did I?
I don't know, I wasn't paying much attention.
- Your names, please. - Look, we're Americans...
His name's Johnson. My name's Morgan. We're living at the Marquis Hotel.
That do you?
Yes, sir?
- What's yours? - Bourbon.
Bourbon. And a rum for me.
- Gentlemen, what luck today? - Not so good, Frenchy.
- We lost the biggest fish I ever saw. - Maybe tomorrow you hook him again.
Not me. I'm through. This is my last day.
- That's too bad. - Yeah.
Here's to you.
I'm gonna clean up.
- That was $800 and... - $25.
- Johnson. - Yeah?
What time tomorrow morning?
After I get to the bank. Say around 10:30 or 11:00?
I'll be waiting for you.
- Any trouble, Harry? - No, Frenchy.
- Then you are free after today? - Yeah. Why?
There were some people in here today. They wanted to hire your boat.
- Fishermen? - No. Some friends of friends of mine.
Not a chance.
- The key, monsieur. - Thank you.
Please listen to me, Harry.
They only want to use your boat for one night.
- They'll pay you well. - For what?
I'd like to oblige, but I can't afford to get mixed up in local politics.
I would not speak if it weren't important.
Please, can I go with you to your room?
Sure. Come ahead.
Anybody got a match?
Who's that?
She came in this afternoon. The plane from the south.
Now look, Frenchy, about that other thing.
I know where you stand and what your sympathies are.
It's all right for you, but I don't want any part of it.
If I'm caught fooling with you fellas, my goose'll be cooked.
Probably lose my boat, too. I ain't that interested.
But they are coming to see you tonight.
You better get word to them. They'll just be wasting their time.
Sorry. I'll see you later.
Take over.
I tried to reach those fellows, but I can't get in contact with them.
Who? The ones who wanted to hire my boat?
It's dangerous enough for them to come at all, but to come for nothing...
I didn't ask to see them. You better head them off.
- Hello. - Let's have it.
- What do you want? - Johnson's wallet.
- What? - Come on.
What are you talking about?
Mister, what's got into you?
What do you think you're gonna do?
I'm gonna get that wallet, Slim.
I'd rather you wouldn't call me Slim.
I'm a little too skinny to take it kindly.
Quit the baby talk.
Which is it?
You know, Steve, I wouldn't put it past you.
I didn't know you were a hotel detective.
Johnson's my client.
He doesn't speak so well of you.
He's still my client.
Pick on somebody to steal from that doesn't owe me money.
He dropped it and I picked it up.
You were gonna give it back to him, of course?
No, I wasn't.
- I don't like him. - That's a pretty good reason.
Besides, I need boat fare to get out of Martinique.
Another good reason...
but you'll have to get it from somebody else.
- How do you like that? - Find anything?
About $60 in cash and about $1,400 in travelers checks.
Do you expect more?
That bird owed me $825.
"I haven't got that much on me," he says.
"I'll have to go to the bank and pay you off tomorrow," he says.
And all the time he's got a reservation on a plane leaving tomorrow at daylight.
So he was gonna skip out on you.
Your client.
- Good thing you didn't give it back to him. - Then I did you a favor.
That's right. But if I hadn't stopped you...
you'd have gotten away with the whole works.
After all, I am entitled to something.
Don't you think so, Slim?
What do you think is fair?
I'll leave that to you.
What would you say to...
Please, Harry. I told them, but they insisted...
It is not Gerard's fault, Mr. Morgan.
Come in and close the door.
You know, I told Frenchy I wasn't interested.
I know. But close the door, please.
I'm very sorry to intrude this way...
- but this is of great importance and we... - One moment.
I'd better go.
- See you later. - Stick around. We're not through yet.
It's all right to talk in front of her, isn't it?
- Go ahead. - But it's no good.
- Lf you'd listen... - No use.
- You're taking a chance coming here. - We're not afraid.
I am. I'm sorry, I can't and won't do it.
We'll give you 2,500 francs.
- That's only $50 in American money. - It is more to us.
It is only a little voyage to a place about 40 kilometers from here.
- We'd give you more money, but we can't. - It's all we have.
Don't make me feel bad. I tell you true, I can't do it.
Afterwards, when things are changed, it would mean a good deal to you.
Yes, I know.
Mr. Morgan, I thought all Americans were friendly to our side.
They are. But there's a rumor that they put fellas on Devil's Island...
for doing what you're doing. I'm not that friendly to anybody.
But they wouldn't do that to an American.
Do you really think that?
- Who's that? - It's me, Harry.
It's all right.
- Hi, Harry? How you been keeping? - Hello, Eddie.
- I wanted to talk to you about... - Could we continue...
Who are you? Who are these guys, Harry?
Eddie's a friend of mine.
He was hanging around the dock after you left.
You have a good memory for one who drinks.
Drinking don't bother my memory. If it did I wouldn't drink.
I couldn't. You see...
I'd forget how good it was. Then where would I be?
- I'd start drinking water again. - Maybe you'd forget about water, too.
No, I wouldn't. I see too much of it.
Was you ever bit by a dead bee?
I've no memory of ever being bit by any kind of bee.
Were you?
You're all right. You and Harry's the only ones that...
- Don't forget Frenchy. - Right. You, Harry and Frenchy.
You got to be careful of dead bees if you go around barefooted.
If you step on them, they can sting just as bad as if they was alive.
Especially if they was kind of mad when they got killed.
- I bet I've been bit 100 times that way. - You have? Why don't you bite them back?
That's what Harry always says.
But I ain't got no stinger.
- Does he always talk so much? - Always.
- What do you want to see me about? - Oh, yeah, Harry...
I guess I forgot.
That's all right. I'll see you down at the dock later tonight.
Say, Harry, could you...
Thanks. You're all right. So long.
Sorry. We could stay at this all night and the answer would still be the same.
I don't care who runs France or Martinique, or who wants to run it.
You'll have to get somebody else.
Come on, Slim. We still got some unfinished business.
Good night.
Make yourselves at home, boys. Cigarettes are on the table over there.
I want to see Johnson's face when you give it back to him.
All right.
Where've you been? I've been looking all over for you.
You're a fine one, running off with my girl.
She's got something she wants to give you. Go ahead, Slim.
Here's your wallet.
- How did you get it? - I stole it.
That's a fine thing. What are you gonna do about it?
The question is, what are you going to do about it?
You'd better look it over and see if it's all there.
It's all right, I'm sure.
No, you check it over. She might want a receipt for it.
- It's all right. There's nothing missing. - You sure?
Yeah. Now, young lady, l...
You better count those travelers checks.
- I know. There's $1,400. - But you had to go to the bank tomorrow.
What's the time on that plane ticket you got there?
In the morning. And the bank opens at 10:00.
- I don't like him any better than you do. - I was going to...
You were going to sign some of those traveler's checks, weren't you?
- Yeah. Sure. - Emil, you got a pen handy?
- $825. - Yeah.
Stay where you are!
- Stay where you are. - I think I'm sitting on someone's cigarette.
- This is awful. - Did they get them all?
One got away, at least. I think it was Beauclere.
Look, Harry, this is bad.
But no one but me knows that you two saw them.
And Eddie, but he won't remember.
When the police come, you know nothing. Do you realize, mademoiselle?
Don't be a fool. Stay inside.
Monsieur Gerard!
Cut it out, Cricket.
He couldn't write any faster than he could duck.
Another minute and these checks would have been good.
Stay right where you are and keep quiet! Stay right where you are.
- Who's that? - Sûreté Nationale.
Lot of them, isn't there?
- What happened to this man? - A stray bullet.
His name is Johnson, an American.
- Unfortunate. Take him away. - Yes, sir.
Call attention.
Your attention, everyone.
All this is regrettable, but there is no cause for alarm.
We are only interested in those persons...
who have broken the rules laid down for their behavior.
We shall pick out certain individuals.
Those we do not designate will leave immediately.
This place will then remain closed for tonight.
This man.
And mademoiselle.
Was you ever bit by a dead bee?
Come with me, please.
I tell you, I didn't know those men. They came in for a drink. That's all I know.
- You say you never saw these men before? - No.
What are your sympathies, Monsieur Gerard?
I am for France.
That is well. Try to remain so.
Let us suggest to Monsieur Gerard...
that the next time suspicious characters enter his place...
that he notify us.
In that way he may prevent bloodshed at his doorstep.
I run a public place.
How am I to know who is suspicious and who is not?
- I think you will know. Good night. - That is all. You may go.
- Got all of them? - Beauclere and Emil got away.
- How? - Jumped off the wagon, ran up an alley.
- Search all the places on your list. - Yes, sir.
- Continue. - Did you know these men?
I didn't.
- You did not see them at all in the café? - Right.
What was your connection with the dead man?
- He rented my boat to fish from. - You mean he had rented it.
The tickets in his wallet show he was to leave Martinique at daylight.
There was no money on him or in his wallet.
Only some American travelers checks.
Was that customary with him?
There was $60 in it.
- What happened to it? - I took it.
- Why? - Because he owed me $825.
So at least you had no reason to kill him, did you?
- So it would seem. - But unfortunately for you, someone did.
As a result of which, you took it on yourself...
to collect a part of the debt.
- That's right. - You have this money now?
If you please.
If you please, Capitaine.
This is mine.
How do we know that?
Thank you. Do not be concerned.
This money is impounded by a government which, like your own...
is at peace with the world.
If your claim is just, it will be discharged.
Mademoiselle. That is all for you.
"Browning, Marie. American, age 22."
How long have you been in Fort de France?
I arrived by plane this afternoon.
- Residence? - Hotel Marquis.
Where do you come from?
Trinidad. Port of Spain.
And before that, from where, mademoiselle?
- From home, perhaps? - No. From Brazil, Rio.
- Alone? - Yes.
- Why did you get off here? - To buy a new hat.
To buy a new... hat.
Read the label. Maybe you'll believe me then.
I never doubted you, mademoiselle.
It is only your tone that was objectionable.
I'll ask you again.
Why did you get off here?
I didn't have money enough to go any further.
That's better. Where were you when the shooting occurred?
- I was... - You don't have to answer.
- Shut up, you. - Don't answer it.
- I told you to shut up. - Go ahead. Slap me.
Come, Capitaine. This is not a brawl.
We wish to get to the bottom of this affair.
You'll never do it by slapping people around.
That's bad luck.
We shall see.
If we need to question you further, you will be available at the hotel?
I don't know how I'm gonna go any place when you got my passport and money.
Your passport will be returned to you.
As for the money...
if it is yours, that will arrange itself in good time.
Do you suggest I see the American Consul and have him help you arrange it?
That is your privilege.
By the way, what are your sympathies?
- Minding my own business. - May l...
I don't need any advice about continuing to do it, either.
- Good night, Capitaine. - Let's get out of this.
Say, I don't understand all this. After all, I just got here.
You landed right in the middle of a small war.
What's it all about?
The boys we just left joined with Vichy. You know what that is?
- Vaguely. - They've got the Navy behind them.
- You saw that carrier in the harbor? - Yeah.
The other fellas they were shooting at, they're the Free French.
- You know what they are? - It's not getting any clearer.
Most of the people on the island, the natives, are patriots.
They're for de Gaulle, but so far they haven't been able to do much about it.
- Are we in trouble? - No, Eddie.
- I seen them pick you up and was scared... - Everything's okay.
Go back and get some sleep.
I'd have got you out. You know me.
I know you, Eddie. You go on back to the boat.
- Harry, could you... - No.
- But... - No more tonight, Eddie. Beat it.
- I could use a drink myself. - We can get one in here.
What do you wish to drink, sir?
What'll it...
We're just looking around.
Change your mind?
No money. Those guys cleaned me out.
I forgot, too.
Maybe I can do something.
This has been a long day, and I'm thirsty.
Picked him out yet?
You don't mind, do you?
If you're thirsty, go ahead. If I get tired of waiting I'll be at the hotel.
All right.
May I?
Come on in.
- You're sore, aren't you? - Why should I be?
- I didn't behave very well, did I? - You did all right.
You got the bottle, didn't you?
- You're sore, aren't you? - Get this straight. I don't give...
I know. You don't give a whoop what I do.
But when I do it you get sore. After all, you told me to, you know.
- I told you? - You said go ahead, didn't you?
That's right. I guess I did. You were pretty good at it, too.
- Would you rather I wouldn't? - Wouldn't what?
Do things like that.
- Why ask me? - I'd like to know.
- Of all the screwy... - All right. I won't do it anymore.
- I didn't ask... - I know you didn't.
Don't worry. I'm not giving up anything I care about.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel, anyway.
Men like that. They're all a bunch of...
I'm a fine one to talk. The pot calling the kettle.
How long have you been away from home?
- This is about the time for it, isn't it? - Time for what?
The story of my life. Where do you want me to begin?
I got a pretty fair idea already.
- Who told you? - You did.
- That slap in the face you took. - What about it?
You hardly blinked an eye. It takes a lot of practice to do that.
Yeah, I know a lot about you, Slim.
The next time I get slapped I better do something about it.
- You forgot your drink. - I don't want it.
- Who's sore now? - I am.
- Who is it? - It's me.
The door's unlocked.
- You forgot your bottle. - I said I didn't want it.
You are sore, aren't you?
I asked you a question. You didn't answer me.
I said you're sore, aren't you?
Look, I'm tired and I want to get some sleep.
That's not a bad idea. What made you so mad?
- I've been mad ever since I met you. - Most people are.
One look and you decided just what you wanted to think about me.
You were... What's the use?
Go ahead. Keep on going.
You don't know me, Steve.
It doesn't work.
I brought that bottle up here to make you feel cheap.
That didn't work either.
Instead, I'm the one who feels cheap.
I've never felt that way before.
I wanted...
I thought that maybe...
Go on. Get out of here before I make a complete fool of myself.
How long have you been away from home?
It's none of...
About six months.
Going back?
- How? - What are you gonna do here?
I don't know. Get a job, maybe.
Jobs are hard to get. I don't think you'd like it here anyway.
Remind you of somebody, Steve?
This is brand new to me. I like it.
Would you go back if you could?
I'd walk...
if it wasn't for all that water.
Quit worrying, kid. You'll get back all right.
- What the... - Here's that bottle again.
It's getting to be quite a problem, isn't it?
- You want a drink? - No.
I thought you were tired and going to bed.
I know. I thought so, too. You gave me something to think about.
- You said you might be able to help me. - That's right.
But how can you do that if...
Are you gonna take that job with those men that were up here with Frenchy?
Yeah, if I can find what's left of them.
I flew over Devil's Island. It doesn't look like a high-class resort.
- That's what I heard. - I don't want to be the cause...
Don't get the idea I'm doing this just to help you. I need money, too.
Won't Frenchy help you out without you having to do that?
I don't want his help.
Don't do it, will you, Steve?
- Look, didn't you ask me... - Don't do it.
Why don't you take this bottle and go to bed?
Here. Can you can use this?
I thought you said you were broke.
You're good. You're awful good.
"I'd walk home if it wasn't for all that water."
- Who was the girl, Steve? - Who was what girl?
The one who left you with such a high opinion of women.
She must have been quite a gal.
You think I lied to you about this, don't you?
It just happens there's about $30 here.
Not enough for boat fare or any other kind of fare.
Just enough to be able to say "no" if I feel like it.
And you can have it if you want it.
I'm sorry, Slim.
But I still say you're awful good and I wouldn't...
I forgot. You wouldn't take anything from anybody, would you?
That's right.
You know, Steve...
you're not very hard to figure. Only at times.
Sometimes I know exactly what you're going to say.
Most of the time. The other times...
The other times you're just a stinker.
- What did you do that for? - I've been wondering whether I'd like it.
What's the decision?
I don't know yet.
It's even better when you help.
Sure you won't change your mind about this?
This belongs to me, and so do my lips. I don't see any difference.
I do.
You know you don't have to act with me.
You don't have to say anything and you don't have to do anything.
Not a thing.
Maybe just whistle.
You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?
You just put your lips together and blow.
Here, chick.
You keep watching.
It's all right. They have gone.
Go on.
You come along the lee shore of Anguilla from the south.
About three kilometers from the point.
- There's a little cove and a jetty? - You know it, then.
- The signal's been arranged? - Emil can show you.
- Emil's not gonna be there. - Why?
I'm doing this my way. I'm going alone.
What are the signals?
You flash a light to the shore. They will answer it with two lights.
One held above the other. There'll be two people to bring back.
- How'll I know them? - We've never seen them.
We know the name of one only. Paul de Bursac.
That's good enough. How about landing them back here?
Do you know Cape Sainte-Pierre?
- A boat can meet you offshore there. - You be on that boat, Frenchy.
I'll get out of here around noon. Supposedly fishing.
With luck and no patrol boats, I'll be back in Sainte-Pierre at midnight.
I won't be burning any lights, so keep a sharp lookout.
One thing, Mr. Morgan.
Last night you very definitely refused to have anything to do with us.
Why have you changed your mind?
I need the money now. Last night I didn't.
- Lf you knew what this means to us... - I don't want to know.
I'm glad you're on our side.
I'm not. I'm getting paid.
And by the way, I'd like that money now.
If I were you, I do not think I would trust Mr. Morgan.
Did a doctor look at his leg?
No. They are watching all doctors who are friendly to us.
- Miss the bone? - As far as I can tell.
He's lucky. Why did you put a pillow under it?
- Why not? - It doesn't hurt so much that way.
It'll have to hurt, you'll have to take it...
unless you want to take a chance of gangrene setting in.
All right, I'll take that.
Are you a doctor?
No. But I've handled quite a lot of gunshot wounds.
You can trust me now.
Good luck, Harry.
It's all right.
- More café, mademoiselle? - Please.
- What is that you're playing? - Did you say something?
What's the name of that tune?
It hasn't got any name yet. I've just been fooling with the lyrics.
They're not so hot, either. Would you like to hear them?
So it goes.
- That's about as far as it goes. - I like it.
Yes. If I could get the right lyrics.
- Good morning, Cricket. - Morning, Harry.
- Good morning, Slim. - Hello.
- How did you sleep? - The best in a long time.
- Have some coffee? - No, thanks. I've had mine.
You were up early. What were you doing?
I was getting you a ticket on the plane this afternoon. It leaves at 4:00.
- Can you make it? - Sure.
You took that job, didn't you?
See, I figured this way you wouldn't get your feet wet.
Yeah. That's right.
- That's what you wanted, wasn't it? - Sure.
I just...
- You want me to go, don't you? - Yes, I want you to go.
Okay, Steve.
Help her get on that plane, will you, Cricket?
I sure will, Harry.
I'm gonna be pretty busy from now on, so I probably won't see you again.
- Lf I ever get up your way... - Yeah. Do that.
I'll leave my address with Frenchy so you can find me.
Maybe I'll know how to whistle by then.
- So long, Slim. - So long, Steve.
Well, it was nice while it lasted.
Maybe it's better this way, Slim.
I don't know.
You haven't known him very long. He's a funny guy.
- How are you, Harry? How's everything? - Fine. I told you to stay at the hotel.
- I knew you was going out. - Who told you that?
You can't fool me, Harry. I knew it just as plain.
- Say, could I have a little... - You're not going.
Could I have a little one, just enough to fill a hen's ear?
- Come on, Eddie. Get off. - What's the matter?
There's no sense in getting plugged at me. Take it easy. You got...
I wouldn't do that to you.
You're right, you wouldn't. I'm not gonna carry you, that's all.
- What did you have to hit me for? - So you'd believe me.
- You ain't treating me square. - Who do you treat square?
You'd double-cross your own mother. You told me so yourself.
I was only kidding.
Thanks, Harry. I knew you was my pal.
- But why won't you carry me? - Because I don't want you.
You know, you're just plugged.
Never mind, old pal, you'll be glad to see me yet.
All right. Come out of there.
It's only me, Harry.
How did you get back on board?
I went up the street for some bottles.
Then I sneaked in while you was working on the engine.
- I knew you'd carry me. - Carry you, nothing.
If I thought you could swim back I'd dump you overboard.
You're a joker. We've got to stick together when we're in trouble.
- How do you know I'm in trouble? - You can't fool me. I always know.
Where we going, Harry?
What would you do if somebody shot at you?
Shot at me? With a gun?
- Who's gonna shoot at me? - Lf you're lucky, nobody.
Where we going? What're we gonna do?
I'll tell you when the time comes. Get out some tackle.
Aren't you glad you came?
- Here. Put this on. It's getting cold. - I'm all right, Harry.
Say, what's going on?
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
Yes, there is, too. What's all the darn guns for?
In case we run into a shark or something.
A shark? At night?
Or something? What do you mean, "or something"?
- Watch your course. - What's the matter?
We're going on a job. I'll tell you what to do when it's time.
A job?
What kind of a job? What do you expect me to do?
Do you know how to handle this?
Of course I know how. Everybody knows how to handle a gun.
All you do is work the lever and pull the trigger. You know I know that.
Such foolish questions. Do I know how to handle a gun.
- What do I got to work a gun for? - I just wondered if you could.
You know I can.
Harry, sometimes you act stupid. Just plain stupid.
Sometimes I think you don't pay no attention to nothing I say.
Is it gonna be that bad, Harry?
I don't know yet. It all depends on how lucky we are.
That's why you didn't want to carry me.
I knew there was some other reason. You wasn't mad at me at all.
You was afraid I'd get hurt. You was thinking of me.
Watch your course, Eddie.
I feel better now, Harry. I'll be all right. You'll see.
What's the matter? What are you looking at me like that for?
What are you laughing at?
Just a joke that neither one of us knows the answer to.
What joke?
Whether you're gonna hold together or not.
Don't say that, Harry. I'm a good man. You know I am.
You are, but you're going all over the ocean. Stay on your course.
Why do you always...
Could I have just one? I don't want to get the shakes.
Make it a short one. I want you rum-brave, not useless.
Thanks, Harry.
What's the matter, Harry?
- Who's that? What are we going to do? - Pick up a couple of guys.
Here's what I want you to do. Take this gun and get back in the stern.
If there's any trouble, start shooting. But don't shoot me.
Supposing something happens to you? What do I do then?
How do I know? You invited yourself on this trip, not me.
All right, get back there.
My name's Harry Morgan. Beauclere sent me.
Get that light out of my face.
- What happened to Beauclere? - He ran into a little trouble.
- What's your name? - De Bursac.
That's the name. It's all right, Eddie.
Come on aboard.
Wait a minute. He didn't say anything about a woman.
Permit me. This is my wife, Madame de Bursac.
How do you do?
What do you want to bring a...
It's your funeral. Let's get out of here.
All right, Eddie. You can relax now.
Don't unload. We're not home yet.
If she gets cold, you can put her down in the cabin.
Mr. Morgan, just who are you?
I own this boat. Beauclere's paying me to get you people back to Martinique.
You're not one of us. You're not on our side.
I don't understand.
I don't understand what kind of a war you're fighting...
lugging your wives with you. Don't you get enough of them at home?
- You say you're being paid for this. - That's right.
Then I suggest you stop talking and take us to Martinique.
That's where we're heading right now.
- What's the matter, Harry? - Keep quiet.
I thought I saw something out there.
- What is it? - I don't know.
Shut up. You hear that?
Is it the patrol boat?
Don't you know those engines? Sounds like she's off there.
Stand by that wheel. Wait a minute. Give me that gun.
You can't fight them guys, Harry.
What's the matter with you?
You ought to be telling me how good you are.
I can do it. What do you want me to do?
If we're lucky, nothing. If we're not, hook her up and get away from here fast.
- What does this mean, Mr. Morgan? - Trouble, if they see us.
- What can we do? - You can't do anything.
Just get down on the deck, flat, and stay there.
But I don't know what good it'll do.
- Lf you try to resist, we will be killed. - Shut up, both of you.
Get down on the deck, flat.
You save France. I want to save my boat.
Hook her up, Eddie. Let's go.
Don't shoot!
We got lucky again.
Ease her off and put her on 160 and then get that first-aid kit.
That's not so bad.
You wouldn't have that if you weren't so anxious to give up.
Please help me get him on the seat.
Leave him. I don't want him bleeding over my cushion.
- Here you are, Harry. - You can have a drink now.
Thanks, Harry.
Help me off with his coat.
Easy now, boy.
All right. Get ready.
The man in that boat will take you on from here.
But I don't understand.
Some people spent a lot of time figuring this thing out.
They know more about it than we do.
This is de Bursac.
He's the other guy I was supposed to pick up. His wife.
- My name is Gerard. - How do you do?
- Easy with him. He's been shot up a little. - What happened?
We ran into a patrol boat. They'll tell you about it.
I'll cruise around and give you a chance to get ashore.
- Good luck. - Thanks.
Good evening, Mama.
- I thought you said she pulled out. - I thought she did.
Hello, Steve.
You were going to put her on a plane.
- What's the matter? Didn't it go? - It went. But I decided not to.
You did? I went to a lot of trouble to get you out of here.
- That's why I didn't go. - Yeah.
You dames. A guy goes out and breaks his neck to...
I might have expected it.
You're not sore, are you?
- It'd be all right... - I got a refund on that ticket. Here.
That's gonna help a lot. You better hang onto it.
- We can use... - She'll buy it for you.
- Nothing but beer for him. - I'll remember.
We'll be all right. I've got a job.
- Doing what? - Frenchy seems to think I can sing.
It's his place.
Sometimes you make me so mad I could...
You could do what?
Harry, I need your help.
What is it now?
That's all right. Go ahead.
That man is very badly wounded, Harry.
I looked at him. The bullet hit the gunnel, it was almost spent.
- All you got to do is take it out. - Could you do it?
Me? I'm hotter than any doctor. They would have recognized my boat.
They'll be on my tail soon.
- All I got to do is walk out of here. - You don't have to go out.
- You didn't bring them here? - In the cellar.
Why didn't you put them in a goldfish bowl and be done with it?
We had to do something. They're watching every road out of town.
See what you got yourself into by sticking around?
I'm ready to go any time you are.
- Please, Harry, will you do it? - Not a chance, Frenchy.
Your bill here at the hotel, being overdue...
amounts to 6,356 francs.
She's right, Eddie.
You really keep the books, don't you?
We'll be glad to dismiss the whole matter if you will do this for us.
- Throw her bill in, too? - Sure thing.
- All I got to do is take the bullet out... - That's all.
You almost had me figured right, Mama, except for one thing.
I'll still owe you that bill.
Up in my room you'll find a medical kit.
It's gray, this big, has the boat's name on it.
- Bring it to the cellar. - Sure.
Here's the key. Bring some hot water, too.
This way, Harry.
Can I help?
Just stay out of sight. If you run across the police...
- don't forget what I told you to tell them. - What was that, Harry?
Just stay out of sight, Eddie.
I remember.
What do you want here?
I'll tell you. I was sort of invited. He asked me.
- You're not a doctor. - No.
- Where's the doctor? - Please, be patient.
I have been patient. How do I know you know anything?
- You don't. - Wait a minute.
How long has he been unconscious?
Just a few minutes.
He's got some fever and his pulse is a little low.
He'll be all right when we get the bullet out.
- Don't touch him. Do you hear? - That's okay. I'm not getting paid.
She doesn't know what she's saying. She's not herself.
- Who is she? - Harry, you promised.
You want to help your husband, don't you? Then use your head.
We can't get a doctor without giving the show away.
Besides, he's got as good a chance with me as anybody.
I'm not going to let you do it.
Why not? He's no different from anybody else.
Just a little sicker, that's all. It means he's not worth so much.
You can have another crack at me later on.
- Hello, Slim. - Hello.
Miss Browning, Madame de Bursac.
Don't get tough with Slim. She's apt to slap you back.
That's what you said you'd do, wasn't it?
Bring the water in here.
- Wait a minute... - He's trying to help you.
- Who are you? - Nobody. Just another volunteer.
- Where do you want this water? - In that basin.
- Is it hot? - Boiling.
All right, then. Pour some of this in it. And drop these in.
- Get out of here. You may not like this. - I'll be all right.
Then take this.
- What is it? - Chloroform.
Get over by his head. If he comes to while I'm probing...
pour some of it on a hunk of cotton and give him a whiff of it.
Don't open it till I tell you to.
Take out about four of those.
George, bring that lamp a little closer so I can see what I'm doing.
That's good.
All right, Slim.
Hold that a minute.
Easy, boy.
All right, open that can and give him some.
George, see if you can hold his head down.
Come on, hurry up.
That's fine. Don't worry about her. Pick up that can.
- Any of it left? - I think there's enough.
Wait a minute, I don't think we'll need it. He's out, too.
Bring that lamp down a little lower.
Frenchy, bring that basin over here.
And fan some of those fumes away, will you, or we'll all be out.
There you are, Frenchy, there's your bullet.
I told you it was spent. It would have smashed the bone.
All right, I don't need that.
All right, you finish bandaging it up. Adhesive tape in the box.
I got to get nursie out of here, or she never will come to.
What are you trying to do, guess her weight?
She's heftier than you think.
- You'd better loosen her clothes. - You've been doing all right.
Maybe you'd better look after her husband.
- He's not gonna run out on me. - Neither is she.
Is it all right if I give her a little whiff of this?
You're with us again.
You were lucky. You passed out.
What happened? We must...
We'll talk about that in the morning. See if you can get some sleep.
Why did you ever come along with him on a trip like this?
I love him. I want to be with him.
- That's a reason. - There's another reason.
They told me to come, our people did.
They said no man was much good if he left someone behind in France...
for the Germans to find and hold.
- That makes sense. - I told them I'd only be in the way...
that I could do no good, that I was afraid.
But the worst of it is that it's been so hard for him to have me along...
because I've made him that way, too. Now he's afraid.
He didn't invent it.
- Invent what? - Being afraid.
Thanks, Mr. Morgan.
The fever's gone.
Do you...
I'm no doctor, but he looks pretty good to me.
If he wakes up, give him another one of these pills.
- Mr. Morgan, I... - You're not gonna faint again?
No, I'm just having a hard time trying to say something.
Go ahead, say it. I'm not gonna bite you.
If it hadn't been for you, Paul might have...
I'm sorry for the way I've acted.
You're not sorry at all, you're just sorry you made a fool of yourself.
I have, haven't I?
You don't make me angry when you say that.
I don't think I'll ever be angry again with anything you say.
Another screwy dame. Now, how can you...
Good morning. I hate to break this up, but I've brought some breakfast.
- Good morning. - How's your patient?
- He'll be all right... - Or haven't you looked lately?
He'll be all right. I'll be back this evening.
- Lf you need me before then, call me. - I will.
Yes, and I hope you have everything you need here.
The eggs may be a little hardboiled...
- That's all right, I like them that way. - You're lucky. Isn't she?
I'm gonna get some sleep, I'll see you later.
- What do you want? - I could use a match.
Thanks. Now I need a cigarette.
Here, I can do that. Come on, let me help.
When I get ready to take my shoes off, I'll take them off myself.
All right.
- Want something to eat? - No.
- Just a little breakfast? - All I want to do is get some sleep.
It's a good idea. I can help you there.
- Now where are you going? - I'm going to fix you a nice hot bath.
It'll make you sleep better.
I don't want you to take my shoes off, I don't want you to get me breakfast...
I don't want you to draw me a hot bath...
- I don't want you to... - Isn't there anything I can do, Steve?
- Yes, get the... - You know, Mr. Morgan...
you don't make me angry when you say that.
I don't think I'll ever be angry again at anything you say.
How am I doing, Steve, does it work the second time?
You've been wanting to do something for me, haven't you?
Walk around me.
Go ahead, walk around me, clear around.
- Did you find anything? - No.
No, Steve. There are no strings tied to you, not yet.
I like that...
except for the beard.
Why don't you shave...
and we'll try it again.
- Later, Frenchy. - Harry, wait.
Renard, the Inspector, is downstairs. You better come down.
- I can't do that, I got to shave. - He's got Eddie.
He's giving him drinks and asking him questions.
I was afraid of that.
Good thing you didn't get me in that tub.
Look out for those strings, Steve. You're liable to trip and break your neck.
- Strings? I didn't see any strings. - They just don't show, Frenchy.
You ought to have seen that fish.
It must have weighed 900 if it weighed a pound.
It was the biggest marlin you ever seen in all your born days.
You know, a marlin is a swordfish.
- Good morning, Capitaine. - Hello, Harry. How's everything?
- Fine. - Won't you join us?
It's a little early for this kind of a party.
Continue, Mr. Eddie.
Did you hear that? He called me mister.
Say, you're all right.
- Was you ever bit by a... - No, he never was, Eddie.
Go on with what you were saying.
I was just telling him about the big one we hooked onto last night.
Sir, that fish was so big that me and Harry could hardly budge him.
We pumped on him until we was all wore out, didn't we?
That's right, Eddie.
It was after dark and we was still playing him.
He must have weighed at least 1,000 easy.
Every time Mr. Eddie takes a drink, this fabulous fish grows larger.
He must have started with a pretty small one.
How did you finally manage to land such a leviathan?
We didn't, didn't he tell you?
- We ran into a German submarine. - A German submarine?
Whatever it was, it turned its light on and fired.
- I didn't wait to find out. - I do not think...
You know, you can't be too careful these days.
I do not think anybody could give a more logical explanation...
for refusing to obey the challenge of our patrol boat.
Not to speak of shooting out their searchlight.
- Patrol boat? - Yes.
That's what it was. You were right, Eddie.
I'm a good man in the dark, always was.
Funny, he kept saying it was a patrol boat, but I wouldn't believe him.
There is one thing that is not clear to me, Capt. Morgan.
What's that?
Why does a professional fisherman go fishing for his own amusement?
Don't you ever ask any questions? Don't you ever talk?
No, I guess you don't. What were you saying?
Does a professional fisherman go fishing for his own amusement?
He does if he likes it, and we do, don't we?
Yeah, remember in Key West when we went...
- We don't seem to be getting anywhere. - It was the Fourth of July...
I was just saying, Key West, the Fourth of July...
three years ago at 8:00. I got that in.
- What about your passengers? - It was 7:00.
You oughtn't to burn up at him, you fed him the rum.
- What about your two passengers? - What passengers?
The ones you brought from Anguilla.
He was waiting on the dock when we came in.
You think I got them ashore in my sleeve?
You could have landed them anywhere on our coastline.
Right, I could've at that.
- Would $500 refresh your memory? - My memory's pretty good.
I remember that you're the guy who lifted my passport and my money.
Would your memory become any better if your passport and money were returned?
Does that include the $825 Johnson owed me?
- Why not? - And the $500 you just mentioned?
You drive a hard bargain, Capitaine Morgan.
That's no bargain. If these people are so important...
- they're gonna be pretty hard to find. - Not for a man of your resourcefulness.
Think it over and let me hear from you.
- Did you hear all of that? - Most of it.
Bee lips went away pretty mad.
When he cools off, though, he's gonna start thinking.
He thinks now that you will turn them in.
- Isn't that what you want him to think? - What will happen then?
- He hasn't searched this hotel yet, has he? - Not yet.
There's your answer.
He doesn't want them, but the whole setup.
- What shall we do? - It's not we, it's you.
You can't do anything until that fella gets strong enough to move.
Until then, you're probably safe.
Better get rid of this.
- Bring us some breakfast. - Sure.
- I thought you didn't want any breakfast. - I didn't then.
- What were you saying, Eddie? - I've been figuring.
Them guys don't think that I'm wise, but they was trying to get me drunk.
They don't know me, do they, Harry?
I think they're trying to find out something.
What do you suppose it is?
- Don't you know? - I ain't got no idea.
That's a good way to leave it. You got the hiccups.
Have I, Harry? Yeah, I never noticed.
- You better take a drink of water. - What, water?
- That's a good idea, Slim. - No, not that.
- It'll do you good. - I'll be all right.
- Eddie. - Yeah, Harry?
Keep out of sight and stay away from the police.
They won't believe that story you told a second time.
What story was that, Harry?
Keep out of sight.
Seen Eddie around?
No, sir, Mr. Morgan, I've not seen him all evening.
Where's Frenchy?
I'm going to work. Do you like it?
You won't have to sing much in that outfit.
- You know, sometimes you make me... - That's why I do it.
- Haven't seen Eddie, have you? - No, not since noon, why?
He left the boat and hasn't come back.
- Is there anything wrong? - I don't know.
Don't look now, but over there at the second table...
there's a guy with a mustache. I think he's following me.
Keep an eye on him, will you? I'm going downstairs.
Stick around awhile, she's going to sing.
- I'll be right back. - Give her my love.
I'd give her my own if she had that on.
Here's the rest of the lyrics, Slim. How do you feel?
- I could use a drink, Cricket. - Sure, come on.
- What will you have, Slim? - Scotch and soda.
- Good evening. - Good evening, Capt. Morgan.
- How are you feeling? - Much better. I'm very grateful to you.
Forget it. Let me have a look at this.
- There's no bleeding. - No.
- Does that hurt? - Very little.
My only trouble is when I'm eating. I'm awkward with my left hand.
We'll see if we can have you shot in the other arm next time.
You won't need me anymore.
Frenchy, I'm pulling out.
- When? - Soon as I find Eddie.
- Is your friend missing? - Yeah.
What happened?
I don't know, he left the dock and hasn't been back.
- Usually does what I tell him. - I'm sorry if anything happened.
- I won't know until I find him. - Couldn't you leave him here?
I don't think Eddie would like that.
Frenchy, as soon as I'm gone...
Renard will move in and turn this place upside down...
so you better start figuring how and where you're gonna move him.
- Wouldn't it be best if we went with you? - Why do you want to go?
I'm still trying to get out of the jam I got into bringing you here.
Why'd you come here in the first place?
I know why she came, she told me, but why did you?
Have you heard of Pierre Villemars?
Pierre Villemars? Yeah, I read a headline. He was quite a guy.
- Vichy got him. He's dead, isn't he? - No.
He's on Devil's Island. They sent me here to get him...
to bring him back here to Martinique.
He's a man whom people who are persecuted and oppressed...
will believe in and follow.
Just how are you gonna get him away?
You don't think much of me, Capt. Morgan.
You're wondering why they've chosen me for this mission.
I wonder, too.
As you know, I'm not a brave man.
On the contrary, I'm always frightened.
I wish I could borrow your nature for a while, Captain.
When you meet danger, you never think of anything...
except how you will circumvent it.
The word failure does not even exist for you, while I...
I think always, "Suppose I fail"...
and then I am frightened.
Yeah, I can easily see how it wouldn't take much courage...
to get a notorious patriot off Devil's Island.
But just for professional reasons, I'd like to know how you're gonna do it.
We will find a way.
It might fail, and if it does...
and I am still alive...
I will try to pass on my information, my mission, to someone else.
Perhaps to a better man, who does not fail.
Because there is always someone else.
That is the mistake the Germans always make...
with people they try to destroy.
There will be always someone else.
Originally, we planned to do everything from here.
But then, because of my own clumsiness, it was impossible.
And that's the reason we have to go with you.
I couldn't get you on the dock, there's a man there watching...
there's one upstairs, they're everywhere.
- How would I get you through the streets? - How will you go?
They're watching me to find you.
As long as I haven't got you along, I can at least get on the boat.
There'll be a fog, and the tide will turn after midnight.
I can cut loose, drift out beyond the breakwater...
before I start my engines.
I'll still have trouble enough, even without you.
- But, Harry... - Capt. Morgan is right.
This is not his fight yet.
Some day I hope it may be, because we could use him.
You have done enough for us already.
Gerard told me of your refusing Renard's offer to give us up.
How do you know I won't do it yet?
There are many things a man will do...
but betrayal for a price is not one of yours.
Good luck.
- I hope you find your friend. - Thanks.
Goodbye, and thanks.
Frenchy, I got a few things to talk to you about before I blow.
Then I'll be up in a little while, Harry.
Any sign of Eddie?
- Your friend's still sitting at his table. - I know.
- What's the matter, Steve? - I don't know.
I think the whole thing's gonna blow up, it's too quiet.
- What will you do? - We'll leave tonight...
as soon as I find Eddie.
We're leaving here for good, the three of us.
Wait, I want you to know what you're getting into.
It'll be rough, I'm broke. If we get out...
it'll be with a few hundred gallons of gas and a few francs.
Just enough to get us to Port-au-Prince maybe.
I've never been there.
I don't know when you'll get back home. It could be a long time.
It could be forever, or are you afraid of that?
I'm hard to get, Steve. All you have to do is ask me.
How long will it take you to pack?
There's a lot of people around here, save it.
We won't shove off till midnight. Go ahead and go to work.
- All set, Slim? - Sure, but don't make it sad, Cricket.
- I don't feel that way. - You don't look that way, either. Let's go.
Top note, boys.
Madame de Bursac wants to see you.
- Look, Frenchy, that's all over. - She's up in your room.
Why did you...
Please, Harry, that's all I will ask.
Thanks, Harry.
You shouldn't have come, it's too risky.
I told you I can't take you.
I didn't come up for that. You've already done too much for us...
but there's just one other favor I'd like to ask.
I want you to take these.
They were my grandmother's, and her mother's before that.
She gave them to me when I got married. They're all I've got left.
I want you to take them out of here and save them till we can...
Suppose they get me before I get out?
Then throw them overboard, at least they won't have them.
Suppose you never come for them?
Then let it be a part payment for all you've done for us.
Please, won't you?
Steve, Renard just came in, he's on his way up.
- Did he see you? - I don't think so.
All right, you take these, both of you get in there and keep quiet.
As soon as I get rid of him, take her back to the cellar.
All right.
Good evening, may we come in?
Good evening.
No, I never carry them.
What's on your mind?
The whereabouts of the two people we are searching for.
- You haven't found them yet? - No.
But since morning, through our sources, we've learned their names...
Monsieur and Madame de Bursac. That is correct, is it not?
- How would I know that? - I thought perhaps...
Very nice perfume.
- You like that? - Yes.
So do I. All right, Slim, come out.
- You've met the boys. - Good evening.
Mademoiselle. Now we are all here.
Except your friend, Mr. Eddie, as he likes to be called.
- So you got him. - Yes.
Now we lack only the two missing persons.
What're you gonna do with him?
If you will not give us the information we want, perhaps he will.
Before we made the mistake of giving him liquor...
this time we will withhold it.
- You know what that'll do to him? - I think so.
- He couldn't stand it, he'd crack up. - You could easily prevent that.
Yeah, I can.
You got a cigarette?
- Can't you make him talk? - When necessary.
You'll find some in that drawer, Slim.
You could save Mr. Eddie a great deal of, shall we say, discomfort?
And me a lot of time, if you will tell us where these people are.
How much were you going to give me?
More than what's mine already?
I do not think now I will have to pay anybody anything.
You're probably right.
- I haven't got a match. - Don't go any...
All right, go on, get them up. Go on.
Pull your guns, go ahead.
Get them out. Go ahead and try it!
- You're gonna get it, anyway. - Don't.
You've been pushing me around long enough.
You were gonna drive Eddie nuts. Picking on a poor old rummy that never...
Slapping girls around. That's right, go for it!
Your boy needs company.
Look at that, ain't that silly?
That's how close you came.
All right, Frenchy, get their guns.
Here you are.
Now get over on that couch. Go ahead, step over him.
Sit down.
All right, come on out.
That's one of them, the other one's in the cellar.
Take her down, get some help.
Have them ready to leave on the boat, then come back here.
Slim, you pack. We'll leave as soon as we get Eddie.
Okay, Steve.
- Just how do you think you... - Shut up.
You want to know how I'm gonna get him out?
That broke as easy as you will.
There's a phone in the hall.
You're gonna tell someone to let him go, send him here.
Yes, you are, one of you.
I haven't forgotten you.
You'll both take a beating till someone uses that phone.
So one of you is gonna take a beating for nothing.
I don't care which one it is. I'll start with you.
You will release him immediately.
- Tell him you'll explain later. - I will explain it later.
Tell him to send him back to the hotel and do nothing else till you get there.
Send him back here to the hotel and do nothing until you hear from us.
All right, inside. You've got some harbor passes to fill out.
And now Paul and Madame de Bursac.
I'll be right with you, Frenchy.
- They're all yours now. - Thanks, Mr. Morgan.
They are all ready.
These will get them past the guard and on the boat.
Where will you take them?
- Maybe Devil's Island. - What?
Might even get Villemars off, wasn't that what you wanted?
Very much. Why are you doing this, Harry?
I don't know.
Maybe because I like you, maybe because I don't like them.
I'm glad you are on our side, Harry.
No kissing, Frenchy.
- You'll have to take care of those guys. - We will give you plenty of time.
If you let them go, they'll come back and burn this place.
Let them, it will be a very small fire.
When Villemars comes back, it'll be our turn. We'll start a bigger one.
Meet you on the boat.
One minute, please.
That's all right, let him through.
- How are you, Harry? How's everything? - It's all right now.
You look glad to see me. You know a funny thing...
Don't know what they wanted, but they wouldn't give me...
I'll get you one down on the boat. We're leaving, Eddie.
- Ready, Slim? - In a minute, Steve.
Close that, will you?
- Say, what is this, is she going with us? - Yeah, it looks like it.
Harry, you mean... What's she got...
- Who are you? - Was you ever bit by a dead bee?
- Was you? - Yeah.
You got to be careful of dead bees.
They can sting you just as bad as live ones.
Especially if they was kind of mad when they got killed.
I feel like I was talking to myself.
I bet I've been bit 100 times that way.
- Why don't you bite them back? - I would. Only I haven't got a stinger.
I remember you. You're all right. She can come, it's okay with me.
I'll have both of you to take care of.
That's right, Eddie. You can begin by grabbing these bags.
Come on, Slim.
Do I have time to say goodbye to Cricket?
Sure, go ahead.
- I came to say goodbye. - What?
We're leaving now. Thanks for everything.
- Hey, Slim. Are you still happy? - What do you think?
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