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Subtitles for Tokyo Drifter.

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Tokyo Drifter

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Nikkatsu Corporation
Kill me. Get it over with
Tetsu, why don't you use the Colt|that's in your pocket?
A disgrace to the Kurata Group
The boss disbanded it.|I'm not a gangster now
The boss's rule is my rule
We'll see about that
It seems Tetsu's lost his guts
No, he turned down joining me,|he says he's going straight
He's too quiet
Not for long
{y:i}He's a hurricane if he asks|{y:i}for a third time
He'll become tough again
-He didn't fight?|-He can't be Kurata's right-hand man
I see. Then we've a free hand
I'm asking for the third time
Don't make me mad
Story and scenario by Yasunori Kawauchi
Photographed by Shigeyoshi Mine
Film edited by Shinya lnouye
Song by Tetsuya Watari
Leading players
Tetsuya Watari, Chieko Matsubara,|Tamio Kawaji, Hideaki Nitani
Eiji Goh, Tomoko Hamakawa,|Tsuyoshi Yoshida, lsao Tamagawa
Directed by Seijun Suuuki
Kurata Building... no wonder|Kurata can go straight
Let's get it from him while|Tetsu's quiet
Isn't it mortgaged to the Yoshii Co?
So we'll get it legally
Kurata borrowed from Yoshii for his|place. Got into debt to go straight
-A nice girl|-The singer, Chiharu
She loves Tetsu, they say
Kurata Building
{y:i}Under Yoshii administration
Mr. Kurata calling, sir
The interest again
Mr. Kurata? Yoshii speaking
The promissory note expires in|three days, on the 15th
Don't worry, I keep my promises
It's me. Send Kumamoto in later
I haven't seen Tetsu. Is he here?
You can only raise three million?
The best I can do in a few days
What about Kotaki?
No one wants to know you since|you disbanded the group
Worried about Otsuka, I suppose
That's the way of the world
Yoshii will get the Kurata Building|if the note's not paid
Shall I rough him up a bit?
Don't forget we're not gangsters now
Just do your job as my manager
Can't make money, then
Mortgage the Club Alulu
Tetsu? I hear you had trouble
Yes, Otsuka's men
You fought?
I left it to them. They tested me|to see if we'd really reformed
You took it
You're taking things, too
What shall we do?
See Yoshii? We'll pay three million|in cash, the rest in promissory notes
That's fine by me
Don't rough him up, though
We've no option
Where's Tetsu?
Is three million the best you can do?
If I wait, when will you pay|the other five million?
In five months... a million a month
-And if you can't?|-Take my life
So devoted to Kurata?
I wouldn't work for a boss I don't|like; he's a father to me
You'll raid my place if I won't wait?
Nonsense. The boss and I are|respectable people now
-Have you come on Kurata's behalf?|-No, on my own
I understand. I'll wait
You're a good son to Mr. Kurata.|Tell him that I agree about the notes
Interest aside, five million in five|notes... bring them over
It pays to try
{y:i}Porthole Music Tea Room
Tetsu saw Yoshii?
He doesn't know about us. lt was|about renewing the notes
-When will he come about that?|-Tomorrow at three. Kurata's coming
If it's true, you're in clover
-You'll marry me?|-Sure
I'm lost without a woman around
What's up?
It makes me happy, but sort of sad,|to see you scuttling around for me
You did a great job for me today.|Want to go to the Ginua later?
No, I'm just happy to be here|like this
You're so unselfish. Marry Chiharu|and open a shop soon
-I'm off women|-You're hooked; she'll see to that
{y:i}Where is he, the vagabond?
{y:i}Always drifting, always solo
{y:i}Where will he be tomorrow?
{y:i}Only the wind and his girls may know
{y:i}He's the Tokyo drifter
{y:i}Drifting, drifting on and on,|{y:i}Till memories of Tokyo are gone
We're not open yet
Sing again, will you?
You won't?
Stop your practical jokes
To the boss's place
What's this?
Shall we go?
A cup of tea?
Good night
Mr. Kurata's appointment is at three?
Telephone him
Mr. Yoshii's office
It's Tetsu. Thanks for the other day
You're paying the three million today?
{y:i}Three? The full eight million
Good. You'll bring it over?
What? I can't leave. You come over
I don't want you to rough me up|and tell me to wait
{y:i}I'm taking no chances
I'm staking my life.|Can't you believe me?
All right, I'll bring all the|papers over
I'll send a car
You're really good
Yoshii speaking
Is Mutsuko there?
Where are you? So near?
May I go out for a moment?
This seal?
Put it in with the rest
Mr. Yoshii's calling
I'm just leaving
Mr. Yoshii is busy.|Please come at four
-The office is in there|-I didn't know that
Mr. Otsuka
Mr. Otsuka
Thanks for coming. Kurata asked me|to take over his debt
But Mr. Kurata didn't tell me
He phoned to say he'd pay
I've heard nothing about you|taking over the debt. Excuse me
Tatsu, no violence
Mr. Yoshii, let me handle things.|Be smart and take the money
He could sell that building for|200 million. Why?
Tatsu, turn on the music
Your seal. No complaints if|you're paid?
The deeds of the building.|Take the money
Kurata will kill me
I'll talk to him if you're worried.|Tanaka, phone him
Tanaka, of the Otsuka Group?
Mr. Yoshii's here asking the boss|to pay your debt
{y:i}Don't say you didn't hear me
Everything's going fine
Otsuka's cornered us. I'll go over.|He may get the building
Do you know the place where|Kauuo Sasa's singing?
Get out!
Where did you take Yoshii?
He left with the money|I put up for you
-You want my building?|-You're smart
It once belonged to someone else. If|I'd been firmer, I might have got it
Tough? You're still a gangster|at heart. Good
Kurata, I've the deeds of|your building
Hand over your seal. I paid Yoshii|eight million for you
You call yourself a boss?
It's money and power that count.|Hand over your seal
That's Tetsu's coat. Set your seal
What have you done with Tetsu?
Hand over your seal
The scum! She's my girl!
Set your seal to it and I'll|deal with the girl
Set your seal to it and I'll|deal with the girl
Or shall I call the cops?|Which will it be, Kurata?
The police
Why not report Yoshii's murder, too?
I'm holding a gun. Go to the wall
You have the gun that killed Yoshii
We'll call it quits today.|Keep the deeds for a while
{y:i}Lovers' suicide or murder?
{y:i}Forensic tests on bullets
Otsuka made it seem that Mutsuko|killed Yoshii. They'll check my gun
-If Otsuka doesn't talk...|-He can't be trusted
But we know he killed Yoshii.|If he tries anything...
He wants my building.|What's his next move?
But it was a mistake to kill her
Shall we leave that to Tetsu?
Let's rub out Tetsu
Then Kurata can't do a thing
You'll do it?
I'm Viper Tatsu, I'm like a snake
Be careful
I've reformed
Take care of her
Where did he go?
{y:i}If I die, I'll die like a man
{y:i}For me, loyalty comes before love
{y:i}I'm a Tokyo drifter
{y:i}The wind and the moon live alone
{y:i}And a drifter like me lives alone
{y:i}I don't know where my grave will be
Viper Tatsu, drop your gun
Move back
Turn around for something nice
I'd like to kill you. Mr. Kurata and|I could've gone straight, but for you
Tell Otsuka that I killed|Yoshii's secretary
Involve Mr. Kurata and I'll say|who killed Yoshii
You messed it up, you fool!
Was he there?
Kenji's a rat. He not only defied you,|he's with Kurata's pal
-Who is Kurata's pal?|-Umetani. He runs the Western Saloon
Tetsu said he'd take the blame|for killing Mutsuko
Then we'll just have to go through|with things, too
-Going to do it?|-It's war between Kurata and me
It's easy to lick him, he's disbanded|his group
You can get even for your girl
I'll drill holes in their bellies
Get my men
Trouble, boss
Tamura's group is helping Kurata
-How do you know?|-I saw Tetsu and Tamura together
That's bad. lf Tamura is involved|things will get hot
Tetsu did it. He asked Tamura
Tamura or not, what do we care?
Fujimura, what would you do?
Tetsu is the problem
Leave Tetsu to me, boss.|I'll run him out of Tokyo
Just watch me
If Otsuka gets Tetsu, then he|won't want the building?
Yes, Tetsu is the thorn in both sides
An insult!
Tell Otsuka we're both involved|in Yoshii's murder
I won't sacrifice my man|for an easy way out
Now get out
I hate to leave you,|but please let me go
-Has Kumamoto said anything?|-No, it's my own idea
If I stay, things will get worse,|involving Tamura, too
Please agree
I should have left sooner
I was worried about you
You please me, Tetsu
-I can go?|-Take care of yourself
You, too, sir
Japan's big enough. I'll find somewhere|to live as a Tokyo drifter
I see. Tetsu, the man from Tokyo
-Take this|-I don't need it
ldiot. Money's always useful.|I'd be upset if you were stranded
I'll accept it, then
Eat before you go. I won't be|seeing you for some time
No, it'll be harder to go
Good luck, sir
Tetsu, wait
Call Shimada at Shonai, and bring|writing material
Go to Shimada's place in Shonai
I don't want you to have a hard time.|I'll phone Shimada and write to him
-Shonai, sir|-So quickly?
Hang up
I'll ring later
What is it?
Take good care of yourself.|See Chiharu before you go
Where are you? What, Shonai?
I'll call Chiharu
-What's the name of it?|-Charm Lady. Try it
Chiharu! Telephone
Detective Sakai
I'm Senuo, of the South Group
We've been waiting for you to come
-For me?|-We can beat North Group now
-Trouble with North Group?|-Yes, over new territory
{y:i}I've come to a bad place. I don't|{y:i}want trouble, so why get involved?
Don't feel you have to help us
But Otsuka's pal heads the North Group
Men from Tokyo have come to help him
If he knows you're here,|he'll challenge us
Shut up! We have a guest
The boss wants me to take you|to a hotel
We can manage without your help
{y:i}I've reformed, but is lt right|{y:i}to let them down?
Help us, Tokyo man!
Is Tetsu here? I'm Otsuka's man,|Tanaka. Come and fight if you're a man
Stinking farmer!
It's Tetsu! Watch out!
{y:i}My range is 10 metres
{y:i}15, 14, 13, 12... 10 metres
Why didn't you kill me?
For being kind, you'll have to|go to hell
I'll put an end to the legend|of your charmed life
{y:i}Tatsuzo means lt. What shall I do?|{y:i}What can I do?
Pal! It's me!
I can't kill Tetsu like that
The safety-catch is on
Shooting Star
Don't get familiar
I was Otsuka's man, but now I'm|a loner. Don't get familiar
Sorry I had to show you this.|To think I'd be saved by you, Ken
We're not enemies now
People always spoke of you and Otsuka.|Why did you leave him?
Being a loner is better
You're alone
You're on the road yourself. You'll|soon know how a drifter feels
No, you've lost your sense of|obligation
Is that bad?
It's hard to read people's minds.|Don't trust Boss Kurata too much
I disagree
Your eyes bothered me.|Maybe I'm getting old
I'll stay until you're better
You're with Umetani, Mr. Kurata's|pal in Sasebo?
lt's snowing again
He's gone
{y:i}Drifting... drifting...
{y:i}Kyushu, Southern Japan
-Tetsu of the charmed life|-You use a light punch
I'm not much older than you
Boss Kurata wrote telling me to|expect you. Sit down
-Shooting Star?|-He's called in to thank me
-He's here?|-Staying a while
I'm leaving. Thanks, anyway
Why? Trouble with him?
I hate ingratitude
I thought he was old-fashioned.|You're worse
Maybe you'd better go
A pretty unpleasant guy is here
That crauy guy is a Minato Group man
Ordered to find you?
-So I'll drift again?|-Leave it to me. I hate them, too
I don't want to bother you. I'll drift
No, I couldn't face Boss then
Better than all the French, English|and Americans together
I don't want to fight you
If I get him, my job's done
Look. Tetsu's not moving
Throw down your gun. lt's the end|of the Viper
Even the end of a killer|isn't pleasant
Duty-bound to Otsuka
Tetsu, your eyes haven't changed|since we last parted
I owe you a debt for saving me,|but I hate ingratitude
Be friends
I like him. I want to save him|the pain of being betrayed
I know, but Kurata can be trusted
What shall we do?
Compromise? He didn't lose|on the building
But he killed Yoshii
Otsuka's idea, so he must have|thought it over
It's not a trap, is it?
Let's see him, then we can|take it or leave it
All right, shall we try?
Rub out Tetsu? How can I do that?
The Minato Group reports that|Umetani is hiding him
So what?
Umetani can rub him out, then|you and I can be friends
Promise, and you can have this
Boss, ask him about other conditions
I've two more. The building is yours.|Lease it to me for twenty million
-In what?|-Cash
-And the other condition?|-Give me Chiharu
-But she's Tetsu's|-That's why I want her
Tetsu's dead
He'll be rubbed out, anyway.|She'll give up
Take it
Tetsu's the problem
If he's arrested, we'll be in trouble
We'll both end up in prison
Boss, better guard against that
Tokyo calling
Mr. Kurata? Yes, Tetsu's fine
Rub him out, or you're in trouble
But Tetsu's...
Never mind. I'll send men, too.|Kill him
He's back
Poor boy
-Otsuka's going?|-I don't know
-The police?|-Don't you see? Tetsu's dead
Slam Mr. Kurata and you'll pay for it
I'm staking my life
He wouldn't join hands with Otsuka|and rub me out
Don't disillusion me
l know, so get out of here.|Umetani may kill you
Stop it, or I'll really get mad
Even Umetani's bound by ties.|He'll kill you
If you don't get it, return to Tokyo
Sure. I want to see the truth|for myself
I'll hold him
Mr. Umetani
At first I meant to kill him
Then I wondered who would profit|from it
I'll tell him how you felt some day
He's decent
But it's hard to handle that sort|when they become furious
He'll do it. I really don't|want him to
But he'll have to go through it once
You can't make her sing
I will. Initial training is important
You let Tetsu die. What will you|do with her?
Chiharu, I'll take you home
Sing, or he dies
Get my men!
I'll break up this hell,|or there's no future for me
Drop your gun
A boss's true colours?
It's one of those things. Die
Boss, I've no choice
Take it in memory of me
I'm not your man any more
A drifter doesn't need a woman
I can't walk with a woman
{y:i}Flowers that say good-bye to dreams
{y:i}Wlther, and the dreams will die
{y:i}If I die, I'll die like a man
{y:i}For me, loyalty comes before love
{y:i}I'm a Tokyo drifter
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