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Tokyo Story 1953 CD1

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Screenplay by KOGO NODA and YASUJIRO OZU
Executive Producer TAKESHI YAMAMOTO
Photography by YUHARU ATSUTA
Art Direction by TATSUO HAMADA
Directed by YASUJIRO OZU
We'll pass Osaka at about 6:00 tonight.
Keizo should be off work by then.
If he got our telegram, he'll be at Osaka Station.
Here are your lunches.
I'm leaving now.
You don't have to see us off if you're busy at school.
I think I'll have time.
It's during a break.
We'll see you later, then.
I've put tea in the thermos, Mother.
I'll be going, then. - See you then.
Do you have the air cushion?
Didn't I give it to you?
It's not here.
I'm sure I gave it to you.
Good morning.
Leaving today?
Yes, this afternoon.
This is our chance to see all our children.
That's nice.
They must be looking forward to your arrival.
Well, I hope so.
Keep an eye on our house while we're gone, will you?
Of course.
Your children have all turned out so well.
You're very lucky.
I suppose so.
And what beautiful weather.
Yes, indeed.
You'll have a lovely trip.
I still can't find it.
No? It must be there.
Oh, here it is.
You found it?
Yes, I did.
Don't mess up the room.
I'm back.
Welcome home.
Have Grandpa and Grandma come yet?
They'll be here soon.
- What do you want? - Why did you move my desk?
To make room for your grandparents.
I want my desk here!
It can't be helped. We need the space.
What about my exams? I need a place to study.
Study anywhere you like!
Tell me: Where am I supposed to study?
Mama! Tell me where.
Keep quiet. You never study anyway.
I do too.
You do not.
So I don't have to study, right?
No more studying, right?
What are you saying?
They're here.
Oh, you're back.
Please come on in.
Please come in.
Yes, please come in.
Sleep well on the train?
You must be tired.
Very well.
Come here.
It's good to see you again.
I just hope we're not inconveniencing you.
It's been a long time, Mother.
It really has.
It's wonderful to see you. How's our sister Kyoko?
Just fine, thank you.
She stayed behind to look after the house.
I've brought a little something.
Some crackers.
Got them in the neighborhood.
Mama likes them.
Something to put them on?
A tray will do.
How about this?
Did Noriko come to the station?
No, but I phoned her.
Wonder what happened.
Come along.
What are you doing?
Come here.
These are your grandparents.
My, aren't they getting big.
Minoru is a junior high school student.
He is?
How old are you, Isamu?
Tell her.
The bath is ready anytime.
How about a bath, Father?
Want to change your clothes, Mama?
Please don't bother.
Let's go.
Let me carry these.
Did Keizo meet you at Osaka?
Yes, he was there. We had sent him a telegram.
Was he all right?
He sent you something.
Later's all right.
You have a towel, Father?
Take your time.
What shall we feed them?
What about some meat?
Maybe sukiyaki.
That sounds good.
And some sashimi.
We don't need that too.
Oh, meat's enough. We'lljust have sukiyaki.
That's Noriko.
It's good to see you.
- I got to the station late. - You went?
They had already left, so I missed them.
They're upstairs.
I'lljust go up and say hello.
Welcome to Tokyo.
- What a long time it's been. - Yes, hasn't it.
You must have been very busy.
Not really.
But when I finished, it was too late.
You didn't have to come today.
We'll be here for some time.
Are you still working for the same company?
It must be hard to be on your own.
Your bath is ready.
Let me help you.
Oh, that's all right.
It's like a dream being in Tokyo.
And it didn't seem so far.
Yesterday we were in Onomichi,
and today here we are with you.
I'm glad I lived to this day. The world has changed so.
But you haven't changed at all.
Of course we have. We're old folks now.
Let's go downstairs.
Mama, you've grown taller.
Don't be silly. How could I have grown?
But you have. And you're even fatter.
She was so big when I was little
that I used to feel ashamed in front of my friends.
Once in school, a chair broke under her.
Oh, that chair was already broken.
She still thinks that.
Well, it was.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
I'll put this away.
- What about this? - Leave it there.
It's cooler now.
It must be very hot in Onomichi.
Yes, it is.
Mother, how is Mrs. Ko?
She really must have been born under an unlucky star.
She's had bad luck this year again.
After her husband died, she married a man in Kurashiki.
Took her child with her.
But I hear she's not so happy.
Poor woman.
Papa, what was the name of that man?
The one who worked for the city.
Mr. Mihashi? He died.
Some time ago.
Yes, that's right.
Remember Mr. Hattori?
Of the Military Affairs Section?
I remember him.
He's living in Tokyo now.
I plan to visit him.
Where does he live?
He lives in the Taito Ward.
His address is in my notebook.
Have one -- from Keizo.
He's sound asleep.
Don't bother. Let him sleep.
They'll go sightseeing tomorrow?
I'll take them around.
Good. Shall we leave, Noriko?
I suppose so.
It was good of you to come.
I'll see you soon, Papa.
Don't bother.
Sorry to stay so long.
You must be tired, Father.
Mama, how about going to bed?
Shall we go to bed, then?
Good night.
I'll bring some water.
Aren't you tired?
Not really.
I'm glad they're all well.
We're here at last.
What part of Tokyo is this, I wonder?
A suburb, I think.
It must be.
It was a long ride from the station.
I thought it would be in some livelier part of the city.
Koichi wanted to move to a livelier place,
but I'm afraid it wasn't easy.
How long will they stay in Tokyo?
A few more days.
Shouldn't I go see them?
Don't bother. They'll come here anyway.
I'll take them to a show or something.
You needn't bother.
These beans are good.
What are they doing today?
Don't eat them all up.
Today my brother's taking them somewhere.
Really? Then I'm free.
Breakfast time, Kiyo-chan.
Behave yourselves. Grandma and Grandma will be with us.
Do you understand?
I understand.
- We're late. Aren't we going? - Yes, soon.
Go upstairs and ask them if they're ready.
Are you ready?
We've kept you waiting.
He says we can go now.
- Let's go. - All right.
Where will you eat?
At the department store.
The children will like that.
Good. Isamu likes the children's lunch there.
How is he?
Any appetite?
No. He'll only drink something cold.
- Did his fever go down? - His temperature is still 102.
I'd better go see him.
Thank you. I'm sorry to spoil your Sunday.
Are the hypodermics disinfected?
I must see a patient.
Father, I've got to go see a sick child.
He's not doing well.
I'm sorry. - We'll wait.
It may take quite a while.
That's all right.
I'm sorry, Mother.
Aren't we going yet?
I may be late.
What will we do about them?
Shall I take them?
You can't leave the house without someone here.
We'lljust go next Sunday.
All right.
- Where's he going? - To a patient's.
I'm awfully sorry.
No, no. A good doctor is a busy doctor.
He works very hard.
Mama, aren't we going?
It can't be helped. A patient needs him.
It's not fair.
There'll be another time.
Minoru, behave yourself. Just leave the room.
- You liar! - You heard me!
- Come here. - Don't want to.
Bad boys!
Well, boys should be lively.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
It's no fair!
But we'll go next time.
Always next time!
We never go!
It can't be helped.
You always say that.
Don't be so difficult.
It's not fair!
Behave yourself or I'll tell your father.
Go ahead.
Very well. Remember those words.
I'm not afraid.
What's the matter?
I just don't know.
Come on, Isamu. Let's take a walk.
Minoru too.
Let's go.
Go with Grandma, all right?
Why don't you come too? We're going.
I'm sorry.
Minoru, go with her.
Don't want to!
As you like.
What's the matter?
He's so stubborn.
So was Koichi. Never listened to anyone.
Always had to have his own way.
You must be disappointed, Father.
No, not at all.
We'll go next Sunday.
That would be fine.
After a few days here, I think we'll go to Shige's.
Look. There they are.
What are you going to be when you grow up?
A doctor like your father?
By the time you become a doctor, I wonder if I'll still be here.
There was a phone call from Mr. Enomoto about the job.
Then it's all arranged.
Where are they?
I bought some cakes for them.
Have one. They're good.
They don't need such expensive cakes.
Good, eh?
Good, but too expensive.
Crackers would have been good enough for them.
But they had crackers yesterday.
They like them.
Will you take them out somewhere tomorrow?
I'm afraid I'll have to collect some bills.
I see.
Koichi should do something.
How about the Kinsha-tei tonight?
What's on?
Some naniwabushi recital.
That's good. They'd like that.
They haven't gone anywhere since they got here.
Too bad they have to stay upstairs all day.
It is, but there's nobody to take them out.
She's got you working.
Well, hello.
What a job.
Where's Father?
Up on the laundry platform.
Don't you want to go to the baths?
Let's go to the baths.
Oh, hello.
Let's go out to a public bath.
And get ice cream on the way back.
Why, thank you.
We're going off to the baths.
Use my wooden sandals, Mother. The old ones.
Hello. Is this the Yoneyama Firm?
May I speak to Noriko Hirayama? Thank you.
Noriko? It's me.
Oh, no. Don't mention it.
Look, I need a favor.
Do you have any time to spare tomorrow?
Father and Mother haven't been anywhere yet.
That's right.
I wonder if you could take them out somewhere tomorrow.
I really should take them myself, but I'm just too busy.
Sorry to trouble you.
No problem at all. Will you wait a second?
Excuse me.
May I have the day off tomorrow?
Thank you. - How aboutAsahi Aluminum?
I'll finish it today.
Hello? Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'll be at your place at 9:00 tomorrow.
No, don't worry. Give them my best regards.
See you tomorrow.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tokyo.
Let's trace the history of the great city of Tokyo.
The Imperial Palace, formerly called the Chiyoda Castle,
was built some 500 years ago by Lord Dokan Ota.
Its quiet setting with its green pine trees and moat
is quite a contrast to the bustle of Tokyo.
Koichi's house is that way.
And Shige's?
Probably over there.
And yours?
My place is --
Someplace over there, I think.
It's really a mess, but I hope you'll drop in later.
Who is it?
You're back early.
- Is Miko-chan asleep? - She just went to bed.
Do you have any sake?
My parents-in-law are visiting.
I have a little.
Is this enough?
Where did he have this photo taken?
Kamakura. A friend of his took it.
When was it?
A year before he was drafted.
So like him.
With his head to one side.
He always stood like that.
What is it?
Do you have some cups?
Just washed them.
Take these stewed green peppers.
Thank you. I keep bothering you.
Don't go to any trouble, Noriko.
It's no trouble at all.
Thank you so much for today.
Not at all.
But I'm afraid you're tired.
Oh, no.
We saw so many places, thanks to you.
I'm sorry you had to spend the whole day with us.
Was it really all right?
Certainly, Father. Please don't worry.
We used to work even on Sunday.
Now, we're not so busy, so I can take a day off.
Really? Then it's all right.
I don't have much here.
It's very good.
Do you like drinking, Father?
Indeed he does.
In the old days he used to get angry when the sake ran out.
Even at midnight he'd go out for more.
Every time a boy was born,
I prayed he wouldn't become a drinker.
Did Shoji like to drink?
Yes, he did.
He'd go drinking after work, and sometimes when it would get late,
he'd bring his drinking buddies home with him.
Then you had as much trouble as I did.
But now I miss it.
Poor Shoji.
He lived so far from us.
I feel as if he were still alive somewhere.
Father often scolds me for my foolishness.
He must be dead. It's eight years since...
I know, but...
He was such a willful boy. I'm afraid he gave you trouble.
It seems he really caused you some problems.
I hope it's good.
Please, Mother.
Help yourself.
They're late.
They'll be back soon.
How long will they stay in Tokyo?
Didn't they tell you?
would you put up some money?
What for?
I'm putting some in too.
Two thousand yen or so, maybe three.
What do you say to sending them to the Atami Hot Springs?
You're busy, and I can't change my work schedule either.
We can't always ask Noriko.
Not a bad idea.
I know a nice hotel.
Inexpensive, with a good view.
Let's do it, then.
I'm sure they'll like it.
Frankly, I was worried.
It costs money wherever we take them.
This is less expensive.
And there's the hot springs too.
What are you talking about?
We're planning to send Father and Mother to Atami.
Good idea.
I've been worried about them too, but I'm really busy.
What do you think?
I agree.
Let's do it.
We can't do anything for them here.
Right. Atami's the place.
They can enjoy the baths and rest.
An old couple would like that better than walking around Tokyo.
That's right.
My, they're late.
Maybe they're at Noriko's.
I've never been able to come to a spa.
We've cost them more money.
Doesn't it feel nice here?
Let's get up early in the morning
and take a walk along the beach.
There must be many good views.
A maid here told me so.
The sea is so quiet.
- Thank you for waiting. - The noodles are ready.
- Oh, so you had that piece. - Ouch, that hurt.
There it is. - I'll take that one.
- Ready. - Ready?
- You discarded this one, right? - Yeah, I did.
How do you like that, idiot?
That makes 1632.
He beat us.
It's awfully lively.
What time is it now?
What's the matter?
It's because you didn't sleep well last night.
No, but you did.
I couldn't sleep a wink.
You did. You snored.
Anyway, this place is meant for the younger generation.
That's true.
Those newlyweds last night.
Do you believe they're really newlyweds?
This morning she was smoking in bed after he got up.
He's an idiot.
He said, ''You belong to me.
Your ears, eyes, mouth -- All of you is mine.''
Who knew what belongs to who?
I wonder what Kyoko is doing at home now.
Let's go back home.
You must be homesick already.
You're the one who really wants to go home.
We've seen Tokyo.
We've seen Atami.
Let's go home.
What's the matter?
I felt a bit dizzy.
I'm all right now.
You didn't sleep well. That's why.
Shall we try the upsweep? I'm sure it would become you.
You have a good neckline.
Make the left side tight and add a fluffy wave on this side.
Maybe next time I'll try that.
It would be very stylish.
Get me another magazine and matches.
Welcome back.
Why, you're back so soon.
You should've stayed longer!
We're home.
Who are they?
Oh, just friends from the country.
Here, do these pin curls.
Why didn't you stay longer?
How was Atami?
Very nice. We liked the baths.
We had a nice view from the hotel window.
That was a nice modern hotel.
Was it crowded?
A bit crowded, I'd say.
How was the food?
Very good fish --
Of course. It's right on the sea.
And they served big omelets, too.
Why didn't you stay for a few days longer?
We wanted you to relax.
We think it's about time we went home.
It's too soon. You don't come up to Tokyo very often.
But we'd better be going.
Kyoko may be lonesome at home, too.
Mother, she isn't a baby anymore.
Here I was, planning to take you to see the Kabuki.
We don't want to put you to so much expense.
Never mind that.
However, I've a meeting here tonight with the other beauticians.
Are many coming?
It's my turn to provide the place.
We came back at the wrong time.
That's why we wanted you to stay atAtami.
I should have told you so.
We've done the pin curls.
Just a minute.
What'll we do?
I don't know.
We can't go back to Koichi's again and trouble them anymore.
That's true.
Shall we go to Noriko's?
She can't have both of us.
You go there alone.
What about you?
I think I'll visit the Hattoris.
I'll stay overnight if I can.
In any case, we should leave.
We're really homeless now.
Noriko may be home by now.
It may be a bit early.
But if you want to visit the Hattoris, you'd better go now.
Yes, we'd better go.
You're so forgetful.
Look how big Tokyo is.
Yes, isn't it?
If we got lost,
we'd never find each other again.
I can't believe it's been so long.
It's already 17 or 18 years.
You've sent me a New Year's card every year.
And so have you.
I suppose Onomichi has changed a great deal.
Fortunately the city wasn't bombed in the war.
The place where you lived is still as it used to be.
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