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Subtitles for Tokyo Story 1953 CD2.

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Tokyo Story 1953 CD2

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Is that so? It was a nice place.
We used to like the view from the temple.
After the cherry season, the price of fish would always drop.
All these years, we've missed the taste of that wonderful fish.
Tell my friends I'll be playing pinball, will you?
We rent the upstairs room to that man. A real playboy.
He's a law student, but he never studies.
He spends his time at pinball and mahjong.
I'm sorry for his father back home.
Let's go out for a drink somewhere.
I just don't seem to have anything in the house.
No, I didn't tell you I was coming.
Do you remember our old police chief?
- Numata? - He lives nearby.
Is that so? How's he doing now?
He's retired.
His son is a big man at a big printing company.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Let's go see him.
By all means.
That would be fine.
- Have some more sake. - I've had plenty.
Drink up, for old time's sake.
I haven't drunk for a long time.
You used to be a real drinker.
Remember the governor's visit to Onomichi?
At Takemuraya?
You got drunk.
That young geisha who served --
You liked her, didn't you?
And the governor happened to like her too, remember?
You liked her too, eh?
Oh, the fool I've always made of myself by drinking.
Oh, no. Sake is good for the health.
You're lucky your children are all settled.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I often wish at least one of my sons were alive.
Must have been hard to lose both of them.
Didn't you lose one?
Yes, my second son.
I've had enough of war.
Yes, indeed.
To lose your children is hard,
but living with them isn't always easy, either.
A real dilemma.
Let's change the subject.
And cheer up.
If I had an extra bedroom for you, we'd drink till morning.
Miss, more sake!
Anyway, I'm very glad you came.
I never dreamed I'd see you here in Tokyo.
Here's a warm one.
Pour it for me.
You're so drunk.
Look, Hirayama. She resembles someone, doesn't she?
There he goes again.
Don't you think so?
Well, who?
Yes, she does.
That young geisha?
Oh, no! She was fatter.
This one resembles my wife.
Yes, you're right.
See, especially here --
Why don't you leave? You've had enough.
And both are bad-tempered.
You're a real nuisance.
My wife says so too.
Come here and pour for me.
Have some more.
No, thanks.
I think you're the luckiest one of all.
How come?
With good sons and daughters to be proud of.
You can be proud of yours too.
No, my son's no good.
He's henpecked and treats me like I'm in the way.
He's nothing.
But being department head is a good position.
Department head, nothing!
He's only an assistant section chief.
I get to feeling so low
that I lie to people.
He's a failure.
I don't think so.
He's my only son, so I spared the rod -- and spoiled him.
You brought your son up proper.
He has a degree.
But all doctors have to have degrees.
I'm afraid we expect too much of our children.
They lack spirit.
They lack ambition.
I've told that to my son.
He said that there are too many people in Tokyo.
That it's hard to get ahead.
What do you think?
Young people today have no backbone.
Where is their spirit?
That's not how I raised him!
But Numata --
You don't agree with me?
You're satisfied?
Of course not, but --
You see? Even you're not satisfied.
I feel so sad.
No more to drink.
However, until I came up to Tokyo,
I was under the impression that my son was doing better.
But I've found that he is only a small neighborhood doctor.
I know how you feel.
I'm as dissatisfied as you are.
But we can't expect too much from our children.
Times have changed. We have to face it.
That's what I think.
It is?
I see.
You, too!
My son has really changed,
but I can't help it.
After all, there are too many people in Tokyo.
Do you think so?
I suppose I should be happy.
Maybe you're right.
Nowadays some young men kill their parents without a thought.
Mine at least wouldn't do that.
Look, it's midnight.
So what?
It's closing time.
You get more and more like my wife. I like you, you know?
Do something with him.
Leave him alone.
Let's drink up tonight.
Wonderful, wonderful.
Yes, a wonderful night.
Thank you. That's quite enough.
It's been a long day today.
Back from Atami,
then to Shige's house,
then to Ueno Park.
You must be tired.
No, not so much,
and here I am, troubling you.
I'm very sorry.
But I really appreciate your coming.
I'm so happy.
I'm a burden to everyone.
There now.
That's enough, really.
You must go to bed now. You have your work tomorrow morning.
You need sleep, too. Let's both go to bed.
Thank you. I think I will.
What a treat to sleep in my dead son's bed.
Forgive me if I'm rude,
but it's been eight years since my son's death,
yet you still keep his photo here like that.
I feel sorry for you.
Because you're young and --
I'm not that young anymore.
Yes, you are.
I feel we're doing wrong.
I've often talked to Father about this.
Should you have the chance,
please get married, anytime you want.
I mean it.
It pains us that you won't remarry.
All right. If I have the chance --
You certainly will.
Why wouldn't you?
You think so?
You had more trouble than happiness after marrying him.
I know we should have done something for you.
Please. I'm quite happy.
But you should have had a better life.
I'm happy.
I like it this way.
You may be happy while you're still young.
But as you become older, you'll find it lonely.
I won't get that old, so don't worry.
You're so nice.
Good night, then.
Good night.
Excuse me. Mr. and Mrs. Kaneko?
Who is it?
Who could it be?
- Who is it? - The police. Officer Takashi.
I've brought you your friends.
They're quite drunk.
Why, Father!
Good night.
Who's he, Father?
Father, what is all this?
What's happened?
He's not alone.
- Who is it? - Some stranger.
What's all this, Father?
Father! Answer me!
You've started drinking again, haven't you?
You too.
You're impossible.
What happened? Where did he drink so much?
How should I know?
He used to drink all the time.
Used to come home dead drunk, upsetting Mama.
We hated it.
But he stopped drinking after Kyoko was born.
He was like a new man, and I thought that was great.
Now he's started again.
What shall we do?
I didn't expect him back here tonight, let alone with company!
We can't leave them there.
It can't be helped.
Let's have Kiyo come down and we'll put them upstairs.
They're too drunk to make it.
What will we do, then?
What a mess.
You sleep upstairs. I'll put them here.
What a bother.
Why didn't he tell me he was coming back?
So late and so drunk!
I hate drunkards.
With a stranger, too.
Oh, this is disturbing.
Thank you for putting me up.
I'm sorry this place is such a mess.
Won't you be late for work?
No, I have quite enough time.
- Mother? - What is it?
I want you to accept this.
Though it's not much.
What is it?
A little spending money.
Oh, no.
Please, Mother!
Come, Mother!
You can't do this.
It's I who should give you something.
Please take it, Mother.
Must I?
Then thank you very much, dear.
You must need money for yourself,
but still you do this.
I don't know how to say it...
but thank you so much.
Thank you.
Let's be going.
If you come up to Tokyo again, Mother,
please come visit again.
But I'm afraid I won't be coming back.
I know you're busy,
but do try to come to Onomichi.
I'd really like to, if it were a bit nearer.
You're right. It's so far away.
Mother, are these yours?
Thank you. I've gotten so forgetful.
Let's go.
Will they get seats?
Yes, we're in a good position here.
The train should be in Nagoya or Gifu around morning.
And arrive in Onomichi?
1:35 tomorrow afternoon.
Have you wired Kyoko?
I have.
Keizo will meet you at Osaka, too.
I hope Mother will have a good sleep on the train.
She always sleeps well anywhere.
Even if I don't, I'll be home tomorrow afternoon.
Don't drink too much, Father.
Last night was an exception. A reunion, you know.
Has the headache gone?
Let this be a warning.
I'm sure it was a good lesson.
You've been very kind to us -- all of you. We enjoyed our trip.
You were so nice to us, children.
Now that we've seen you all, you need not come down,
even if anything should happen to either one of us.
Don't talk like that.
This isn't a farewell.
I mean it.
We live too far away.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
- I heard your parents came. - Yes. What a mess.
They weren't supposed to get off the train, but Mother became ill.
What was the trouble?
She says she feels sick around here.
Is it her heart?
Travel sickness. She hadn't taken the train for a long time.
What a bother.
Had to borrow blankets and send for the doctor twice.
What a mess.
How is she now?
Feeling fine this morning.
How old is she?
Let me see.
She's way over 60. Sixty-seven or 68, maybe.
Very old. Take good care of her.
''Be a good son while your parents are alive.''
That's right.
''None can serve his parents beyond the grave.''
It must have been because the train was so crowded.
Feel better?
Thanks. I feel fine.
I'll be able to leave tonight.
We could stay here one more night and take a less crowded train.
Kyoko must be worried about us.
But we're here in Osaka, seeing Keizo.
In ten days we've seen all our children.
Grown-up grandchildren, too.
Some grandparents seem to like their grandchildren more than their children.
What do you think?
What about you?
I like my children better.
But I'm surprised how children change.
Shige used to be much nicer before.
A married daughter is like a stranger.
Koichi has changed too.
He used to be such a nice boy.
Children don't live up to their parents' expectations.
Let's just be happy that they're better than most.
They're certainly better than average.
We're fortunate.
I think so.
We should consider ourselves lucky.
Yes, we are very lucky.
Papa and Mama had to get off at Osaka.
Is that so?
She became sick on the train,
and they got home on the 10th.
Is she all right?
I think so. They wrote many thanks.
She was tired.
Yes, the trip was too much for her.
Was she satisfied?
Why wouldn't she be?
She saw lots of places. Atami, too.
She'll talk about Tokyo for a long while.
A telegram?
No, not yet.
From Onomichi.
It's so odd.
It says Mama is dying.
How strange. I just got Father's letter.
It says they stopped off at Osaka because Mother felt sick.
They got home on the 10th.
Just hold the line.
- From Onomichi. - Read it.
''Mother critically ill -- Kyoko.''
The telegram just arrived.
You just got one too?
I'll come over.
See you soon.
I'll be waiting.
How did it happen so suddenly?
Is it serious?
Should I tell Noriko?
Yes, please do.
Yoneyama Trading Company.
Hold the line, please.
It's for you.
For me?
Oh, hi.
Is that right?
What does it mean?
I could see Father falling ill,
but it's Mother.
Very bad?
I think so, because it says ''critically ill.''
I guess we have to go then.
I felt strange at the station.
She said, ''If anything should happen --''
She must have had a bad feeling, somehow or other.
We've got to go, anyway.
Since she is critically ill.
If we're going, we better hurry. We'll take the express.
Yes, but I have to make all kinds of arrangements before I leave.
Me, too.
At this busy time, too.
Come in.
Can you bring a bandage?
Let's leave tonight.
Might as well, if we have to go. See you later.
What about mourning clothes?
We might need them.
Let's take them, but I hope we don't need to use them.
I'll meet you at the station.
I'm going to meet them.
That's very good of you.
What's the matter?
Is it too hot?
The children are coming to see you.
Kyoko's gone to meet them.
They'll be here any moment.
You'll get well.
You'll get well. I'm sure you will.
Her blood pressure went down. She's still in a coma.
Her reaction's weak.
I'll come again.
Where's Keizo? He's so late.
Did he answer the telegram?
Not a word.
But he lives the closest of all.
You too.
Father, I don't like her condition.
What do you mean?
I mean it's dangerous.
It's not a good sign that she's still in a coma.
Did the trip to Tokyo cause this?
I don't think so.
She was so lively in Tokyo. Wasn't she?
- It might have been one of the causes. - What is it, then?
She may not live till tomorrow.
Probably happen around daybreak.
She's not going to live.
Mother's around 68, isn't she?
She's not going to live.
I don't think so.
This is the end.
That's all.
Then Keizo won't be in time, will he?
Isn't life too short, though?
She was so lively.
She must've had a feeling this would happen soon.
Yes, perhaps.
Still, I'm glad she came to Tokyo.
We were able to see her alive.
We talked about many things.
Did you bring mourning clothes?
You should have brought some.
And you, Kyoko?
I don't have any either.
You'll have to borrow some.
Borrow some for Noriko too.
She died peacefully, without suffering, and full of years.
Isn't that Keizo?
How is she?
I wasn't in time.
I was afraid of that.
I was out of town on official business.
I'm sorry I'm late.
The telegram came while I was away.
This is a terrible thing.
When was it?
This morning at 3:15.
If I had taken the 8:40 train, I would've been in time.
Keizo, look at her.
See how peaceful she is.
Forgive my delay.
Where is Father?
Where, I wonder.
Keizo has just come, Father.
It was such a beautiful dawn.
I'm afraid we'll have another hot day today.
What's the matter?
I can't stand that sound.
What do you mean?
As I hear it, I feel as if Mother were becoming smaller, bit by bit.
I wasn't a very good son.
It's time we started offering incense.
I can't lose her now.
No one can serve his parents beyond the grave.
We once saw fireworks from here, didn't we?
Oh, did we?
On the night of the town festival.
No, I don't.
You were so excited, but after sundown you fell asleep.
With your head on Mother's lap.
I don't remember.
What were you doing in those days?
Head of the city's board of education, I believe.
A long time ago, wasn't it?
Once we went to Omishima during the spring holidays.
That I remember.
Mama got seasick.
Yes, I remember that too.
She was so full of life then.
How old was she then?
Forty-two or 43, I believe.
Take good care of yourself, Father,
and live long.
Thank you.
It may sound heartless to say so,
but I rather wish he had died first.
If Kyoko marries, he'll be left all alone.
I guess so.
We could have looked after Mother in Tokyo.
Kyoko, did Mother still have her gray summer sash?
I'd like it for a keepsake. Is that all right with you?
And that linen kimono she used to wear in summer?
I want that too. You know where it is?
Can you get it out?
It's all over now.
You've been kind to come
and give your time so we could mourn her.
Thank you.
She would have been pleased
to know Koichi looked after her.
I didn't do anything.
I remember when we had gone to Atami from Tokyo.
She had felt dizzy once.
It didn't seem that serious.
Why didn't you tell us?
Or at least Koichi?
I guess I should have.
But that wasn't the cause.
She was overweight, so the illness came on suddenly.
It's just like a dream.
When are you leaving?
I can't stay long.
Me neither. How about the night express?
What about you, Keizo?
I can stay.
- So we'll leave tonight? - Yes.
Noriko, you'll stay with Father a bit longer, won't you?
You could leave with them.
I might as well go.
I have to make a report.
And there's that baseball match, too.
That busy? Well, thanks for coming.
You'll be lonely now.
I'll get used to it.
A bit more rice.
Get the train tickets for us, will you?
Rice for me, too.
Can we get seats?
Papa, don't drink too much, please.
Don't you worry.
So, you'll all be going home.
Here's your lunch.
Thank you for everything.
Come up to Tokyo on your vacation.
Must you go home today?
Yes, I must.
I'm sorry I can't see you off at the station.
That's all right.
Be sure to come to Tokyo.
I'm so glad you stayed.
I think they should have stayed a bit longer.
But they're busy.
They're selfish.
Demanding things and leaving like this.
They have their own affairs.
You have yours too.
They're selfish.
But Kyoko...
Wanting her clothes right after her death.
I felt so sorry for poor Mother.
Even strangers would have been more considerate.
But look, Kyoko.
At your age I thought so too.
But children do drift away from their parents.
A woman has her own life, apart from her parents,
when she becomes Shige's age.
So she meant no harm, I'm sure.
They have to look after their own lives.
I wonder.
I won't ever be like that.
Then what's the point of being family?
It is.
But children become like that
Then --you, too?
I may become like that, in spite of myself.
Isn't life disappointing?
Yes, it is.
I must get going.
Good-bye, then.
Father, I'm leaving now.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you. Good-bye.
Please come to Tokyo on your vacation.
Has she gone?
Father, I'm leaving on the afternoon train.
You are?
Thank you for everything.
Please, I didn't do anything.
You've been a great help.
Mother told me how kind you were to her
when she stayed at your place.
I didn't have much to offer.
She meant it.
She told me it was her happiest time in Tokyo.
I want to thank you too.
She was so worried
about your future.
You can't go on like this.
Don't worry about me.
I want to see you married as soon as possible.
Forget about Shoji. He's dead.
It hurts me to see you go on living like this.
No, it's not like that.
I mean it.
She said she'd never seen a nicer woman than you.
She overestimated me.
You're wrong, Noriko.
She did. I'm not the nice woman she thought I was.
If you see me like that,
it embarrasses me.
No, it shouldn't.
Really, I'm quite selfish.
I'm not always thinking of your son,
though you think I am.
I'll be happy if you forget him.
Often I don't think of him for days.
Sometimes I feel I can't go on like this forever.
Often I wonder, when I can't sleep,
what will become of me if I stay this way.
Day passes and night comes, yet nothing happens,
and I feel a kind of loneliness.
My heart seems to be waiting for something.
I'm selfish.
You are not.
Yes, I am.
But I couldn't say this to Mother.
That's all right.
You are truly a good woman. An honest woman.
Not at all.
This watch belonged to her.
It's old-fashioned, I believe,
but she used it since she was your age.
Take it for her sake.
Please take it.
I'm sure she'd be happy if you'd use it.
For her sake, please.
Thank you.
Please believe me, I want you to be happy.
I mean it.
It's strange.
We have children of our own,
yet you've done the most for us,
and you're not even a blood relative.
Thank you.
You're going to be lonely with them all gone.
It was really so sudden.
She was a headstrong woman,
but if I had known things would come to this,
I'd have been kinder to her while she was alive.
Living alone, I feel the days will get very long.
You will be lonely.
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