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Tokyo eyes 1998

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Tokyo Eyes
Shooting ln Public Baths Clients Panic.
Four Eyes Strikes Again.
Shinjuku Lives ln Fear.
Four Eyes Takes A Shot At City Park Worker.
Four Eyes Still At Large.
There you go!
Thank you very much.
I'll come again.
Put this away.
Not like that! Sweep the entire floor.
Show a little effort.
I'll show you.
It's that man again!
Go on. I'll finish up.
Thank you, you're the best!
Where are we going?
I'm sorry. I've to cancel for tonight.
You promised!
I got put on a big case.
What do I do? Go home all by myself?
Stood up again!
I'll walk you part of the way.
It's cold out!
You're barely dressed!
Pay for taxi.
- No. - Are you broke again?
- I always am. - Poor guy...
What are you doing?
Aren't they growing?
Here, my breasts, idiot!
Not so loud.
That dirty cop is looking for trouble...
Next stop Shimo-kitazawa!
You'd better off in bed.
It's you...
Who else could it be?
I dreamt I was at work.
No use coming home then.
This case is killing me.
You're right, no use coming home.
Is that him?
Weird face!
That's normal, it's a computer composite.
Why don't you ever put a smile on them?
That's what computer composites look like.
People on the street never look so scary.
If you made him smile, you'd find him faster.
- What's this? - People he filmed,
we found a VHS near a victim.
It's blurry!
He's shortsighted, very shortsighted.
That's why we call him "Four Eyes".
Anyway, he's ruined my summer vacation!
And tomorrow it's back to work!
You're lucky you have a job.
You said working would teach me about life,
but I haven't learned anything.
- You always learn something. - Like what?
I'm going to bed...You should too.
Is it over with her?
You never told me she left you for another guy.
It's not definite.
It's been six months.
She'll call one of these days.
- No more talking. - It's about the criminal.
Do you have any clues?
Sort of... but it may just be a coincidence.
He's blind as a bat yet manages to leave no clues.
We're all tearing our hair out.
But the boss is on it, we'll catch him soon.
But he hasn't actually killed anyone, right?
No, but he has a gun.
And he's wasting our time.
Can't let him continue, our "Honor" is at stake.
What is "onner"?
Look it up.
Is that you, Naomi? It's me Hinano.
The flu? No. I'm fine.
I lied to the boss, I'm not coming in today.
The boss? Lie to him, you owe me that much.
So? Did you find him?
What does the police do all day?
Service with a smile!
- Where do you want it? - Here is fine.
A signature.
Look! From Mom and Dad!
- I found it. - Help me!
Thanks! Bye!
What are you talking about?
I want you to come with me.
- When? - Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? - Tomorrow is Sunday!
I'm not going anywhere with you!
Sunday's scared. I wander around.
No way!
What are you doing with that? Stop it!
- What are you up to? - I want to film someone.
We can't go in.
Let's go, I want to film him secretly.
What a nice hair-do! You're a real knockout!
Mind my saying so?
That was him behind you.
I'll go right, you go left.
No, I'll go right, you go left.
Whatever you say.
I wasn't filming you.
Be my guest if you do not find me too ugly.
Not at all. Hi there!
Strange smile.
Why do you flash your teeth?
It's doesn't work.
What's the problem?
I never know when it's filming.
When the green light goes on.
What do you want to film?
My father.
Your father? Why?
He's going to die.
Really? Let me show you how to forget sorrow.
I walk fast, don't l?
I'll say! It's hard keeping up with you.
What do you do for fun?
And the Photo-rama.
We can do that later.
I don't smoke.
Neither do l.
Never alone.
Give me your camera.
You know her?
I got the feeling.
She has been following us.
What's she after? I'll go ask.
She ran away. A real weirdo!
What's your name?
It's too long.
Too long?
Call me K. It's easier.
I'm Hinano.
So tell me.
What do you do for a living?
I'm in video games.
You won already? Wow!
It takes my brother at least 15 more minutes.
I was testing whether it was rigged.
How do you test it?
Want to see?
Come with me.
Sorry, maybe next time.
No...No time like the first time.
This way.
You designed it?
Sure. It was a special order.
I never showed it to anyone before.
May I have some water?
How about some music?
I'm taking this.
Your hands often wet?
I work in a beauty parlor.
You like it?
It's a pity. I'm not learning anything.
And I have to be polite all day long.
It's a question of habit, like they say.
You can't stay here.
It's dangerous.
I know.
Dangerous for who?
I don't know.
There's nothing to know. Nothing at all.
Let's go. We can't stay here.
Put them back the way it was!
You mess up every time.
I can't spend the day putting books back in order.
Leave before you mess more things up.
Get out of here!
I never want to see you again.
I agree.
You can't straighten up shelves all day!
- I'll take this. - Get out!
- What? - Get out!
Did you hear me?
Loud and clear.
You don't believe me?
No, I'm with Kazumi.
Not at all. Her boyfriend dumped her.
She doesn't know what to do.
You want to talk to her?
You can't. She went to the bathroom.
Hi there, this is Kazumi.
I need her advice. She'll call you back.
Hello, Roy? It's me. If you're in, pick up.
You're out?
I know who Four-eyes is.
I was in his apartment. I'm coming home.
Who's following who?
Where are you going?
Ask again nicely.
Where are you going?
The fifth stop. And you?
The second.
You like the submarine too?
The bus moves silently through the city.
We sit back and stare out the portholes.
I take the bus a lot.
Are you cold?
Open up...
Dad, come on!
Thank you. Come on, honey!
You didn't pay for your daughters.
They're 7 years old.
I don't know about your country,
but here we pay from 7 on up.
They turned 7 today.
You're a day late!
Excuse me.
Ever heard of fake phone cards?
Pay with them!
Thank you.
Butt out!
Take your seat!
This is my stop.
Beware Of Counterfeit Phone Cards.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine. - Really?
If I can be of any help, feel free to ask.
- I'm fine. - Good.
Want to hear your voice again.
No. Not you.
Where was the shooting? Be there in 15 minutes.
I hope the troopers don't get there first.
They're incompetent. I can't deal with them.
Yes. I've been told.
Are headquarters set up yet?
Now is the wrong time? You're right.
By the way, will you punch in for me?
I'm on my way.
I'm in a rush.
Did you get my message?
I had no time. Four-Eyes just shot a bus driver.
What bus?
A typical bus with wheels and a driver.
Is he dead?
He wasn't hit. Two near-misses in one day.
Has he wounded anyone?
No, but he will soon!
Wait...Take me with you.
You're crazy!
I have to tell you something.
Let me go with you.
You're too old for that.
Drive! Never mind her.
What's your message?
Hello Roy? It's me. If you're in pick up!
You're out.
I know who "Four Eyes" is,
I was in his house. I'm coming home.
Your message is erased.
I can't find the phone!
We're not in right now...
Go right...
Straight ahead!
Straight ahead? OK.
Here, you made it.
You're there.
You have one message.
I don't know how to tell you... What can I say?
I don't know how to tell you... What can I say?
I met a boy today. That's all.
What's his name?
Do you love him?
The guy you met.
You don't know him.
What's his name?
I'll find out sooner or later.
Not now. It's night time.
The sun's out. The alarm will go off soon.
But it hasn't yet.
I bought some cakes. You want some?
It's me.
I know it's early.
I have a phone number.
Trace it for me.
Now I can't find it. I'll call you back.
My imagination got the better of me.
Here we go!
Life your arms high! Stretch your back muscles!
I'm going.
- Did you sleep well? - So-so...
- Sorry I woke you. - Forget it.
Do it again and I'll never forgive you.
- I have a bone to pick too. - What?
Don't mess up my work.
He's better without a hat.
Thanks for the cake.
17 years old. To think we've all been there...
It'll change your look.
Is that what you want?
It's nice to have a new look.
Even for me?
I don't know. Maybe...
Why do you want to change my look?
No reason...l feel like it.
When people say that, they have a real reason.
Oh yeah? And do you know mine?
No, I'm just kidding.
- That tickles! - Bear with it.
What's the problem?
I want to, but I can't.
You don't know me well enough yet?
You're too young.
I'm not your style?
That's not it...
You don't seem old enough.
With your new haircut, you look like a kid too.
- It's not bad. - Really?
You're just being nice to me.
I mean it.
It's my first haircut.
I like it. I look serious.
- You're teasing me! - I'm not!
You know "Mission", the snotty club?
I tried to get in, but I got bounced.
Now I'll have no trouble.
- They'll let you in? - Definitely.
- You want to bet? - Bet what?
Who cares? Let's just bet.
OK, but I have to leave a message.
The phone's there.
What's that?
- Again! - What?
Laugh again.
I was looking for a laugh like that.
Don't overdo it.
He went out.
- Who? - My brother.
He left me a message.
He'll be working all night.
I guess they haven't found him yet!
So far, so good.
- Not you! - Why?
Sorry, you can't go in.
Why can't he?
Because I say so.
He's with me.
You are free to go in, but he can't.
- Is there a reason? - No reason.
I'm sorry. You can get lost now.
This is crazy, how could this happen.
If he can't get in, I never will.
Come on, you're holding up the line!
- Go without me. - All alone?
I don't like clubs much, I came for you.
I'll meet you out here for the last train.
- How much? - For you it's free.
- Great. - It's the haircut!
Steal that from a pre-schooler?
I almost made it to the third world.
Do it again, play foul, like always.
What are you talking about?
The girl in green.
You understood?
How about a second life?
Did anything happen?
Did something happen?
- Let me in! - What's wrong?
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Maybe my brother's right.
Your brother?
You don't know him?
You met him.
The guy at the window?
I'm all confused now.
I feel like crying.
Did you ever feel like this?
If you met...
If you met someone who played dangerous games with other people's lives,
what would you do?
Would you tell the cops?
Who are you talking about?
Someone who does that,
but who had never hurt anyone.
Then let him be.
Naomi, how can you sleep in a single bed?
- You want to come in? - Let's talk outside
You have to go with the flow, without overflowing.
Poor little Lola.
Go with the flow without overflowing...
What did you want to say?
Are you angry?
No, not angry?
It's just that...l know who you are.
Are you sure?
Am I rotten bastard now?
Wait please!
Wait please!
I'm garbage too!
Wait please!
Throw me away please!
Wait please!
Have you ever been in love?
I'm brand new at this.
I think it only happens once in a lifetime.
It's like that in my dreams.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Yes I do.
You're in danger.
Am l?
Yes, I've always felt it.
It's not funny. You're wanted.
Not really.
What do you mean, not really?
Is scaring people a crime?
No, but you shoot at them.
No one was hurt.
Fortunately you're a bad shot.
It's a coincidence, isn't it?
You really think these hands could hurt someone?
I don't know.
I don't know anymore.
I should go. I have to get to work.
Do what you just did.
It was so gentle.
You don't have to accompany me.
Not to work. I'll just take the train with you.
You're crazy. It's rush hour!
All the more reason...
but it'll be crowded.
We'll have to press up against each other.
They are all here.
Honestly, what do you really isn't dangerous?
Not at all. I swear!
Tonight you tell the whole truth, only the truth.
She's much better than you!
Don't say that! Please! Wait!
Got a light?
Got a light?
A light!
So? Tell me!
Finally, after 6 months, she ended up pregnant...
The paperboy.
Where shall we start?
It's not for you.
- Let me see! - You can't!
You're such a bitch!
- Did you hear? - Hear what?
This time, he killed someone.
The victim deserved better.
All he did was make a girl cry.
- This is awful! - Is he really dead?
It says so. It must be true.
Come in.
You finished work early.
Do you really care?
You seemed pissed off.
Pissed off?
You know a lot about being pissed off.
Isn't that your specialty?
Careful! It's sensitive.
I'm sensitive too.
Don't believe the crap you read.
Proof that it's crap.
He was alive.
Alive when I left him.
Are you a good shot?
I know what I'm doing.
It's nothing to brag about!
It's not funny.
- That's not a toy. - Hands off!
Aim at me. You're off target.
Stop giving orders!
Happy now?
Right on target, so shoot.
You can't. You're too sweet.
Order you fingers to pull.
It's not loaded, is it?
It is. Go on, try...
As if I could do it...
It's loaded with blanks?
You're crazy! I could have killed you!
You pushed my arm away?
I didn't have to.
So explain.
It doesn't show, but I fixed the barrel,
so it doesn't shoot straight.
It veers to the side.
If I aim here, the bullet goes there.
- It's totally crazy. - Not at all.
It's dangerous! What if the person moved?
You're stupid!
Don't say that.
These things paralyze them. They never move.
I don't care how you do it. Just tell me why.
You disapprove?
You must see tons of things.
People's faces...
people kissing, saying good-bye at trains...
Seeing kills me.
Watching is easy.
I've seen so many things.
But I can't close my eyes.
It's like these eyes had no lids.
You never felt like shooting someone?
My math teacher.
But actually going through with it.
Same goes for me. I could never shoot someone.
But when I put these on, everything is blurry.
If our eyes meet, we're screwed.
Stop it.
You're screwed. You're cornered.
Not me. Just "Four-Eyes".
Is there a difference?
Since I met you.
I'm killing off "Four-Eyes".
This world is too much work for him.
It's too late.
It's like Dr. Frankenstein's monster.
He is your creature.
He's part of the world now.
You can't kill him off so easily.
It'll be easy.
Of course it's me.
It's my brother...
Where are you? Lurking behind the door?
I'm just kidding.
You're with the cops.
He's at work.
I'm listening.
Too bad, you could have met my friend.
He's the best.
He's here, next to me.
I really like...
feeling him near.
Okay, I'll introduce you.
I'll come back right away.
You don't trust me?
It's not that. But your brother won't buy it.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
Let me take care of it.
I should have mentioned him before.
What's he like?
He's sort of feminine, but he's incredibly straight.
He has long eyelashes.
I can't picture him.
I think he's great. Well-built and sort of handsome.
You said he looked like a girl.
Only because of his eyelashes.
We always talk about them.
Like when?
Once we wanted to put a cigarette on them.
On his eyelashes?
No, I mean a match!
We should've waited, the next one may be full.
You can't press against me.
Too bad.
It sure is.
I have dust in my eye.
I don't see anything.
I can feel moving about.
- Moving about? - Moving about.
Is there anything I can do?
Try getting it out with your tongue.
It's out!
The other eye?
- The other? - Maybe.
Did you see that guy?
He pretended not to watch us.
I'd have done the same thing.
He was one of my victims.
Did he recognize you?
I doubt it.
Then don't worry.
he's changed a lot.
May be "Four-Eyes" was a success.
That would be great!
Stop it! What's over is over!
I don't think he's changed.
Four-Eyes was a failure.
They need booster shots, like with vaccinations.
You said you were stopping.
If you start up, I'll throw you off!
Get off here.
I'll see my brother alone.
Tape the conversation. I'll call with directions.
Now I'll explain.
There are two jacks, a red and a white one.
You just plug them in.
Keep the lens in your hand. It's the camera.
Hold it so that you film the two of you.
It's tiny but practical for spying from my house.
Listen, I have something to tell you.
I have a confession to make.
So here is the story...
you know, "Four-Eyes"...
It's our parents who will be happy.
When they come, they'll see we're doing well.
So you'll forget about it?
That's not the point.
You've become so radiant.
What will you do about the other cops?
They're a bunch of bureaucrats.
I guess I am too. I take my job seriously.
But morality is something different.
Morality changes with the times.
It changes according to the way people feel.
And our feelings count most, right?
As far as I'm concerned, K isn't criminal.
You and I aren't very reasonable.
These things die young!
You're scaring her!
I used to sell chicks and rabbits at the market.
They never lived long.
So where is it?
You never gave it back.
What are you talking about?
The gun.
Where is it?
What's this?
And the bullets?
There's only one left.
It's not a toy!
I always dreamt of having one.
I never saw a Yukuza who didn't have a gun!
I'm low on the totem pole. I'm not allowed one.
The boss is about your age.
Look, my boss beat me up last night.
Do you have a band-aid?
I wish you'd go now.
"Made in..."
"Hell. Made in hell". Is this worth a lot?
I don't think so.
Wrong! It's top quality.
How much was it? It's a nice piece?
What's it worth?
How much are you worth?
And you? How much?
How about you?
How much are you worth, kid?
Serious stuff.
It's raining, so I say, "Mom, take your umbrella!".
How I love a rain stop! Plop...
Drip, drop, plip, plop...
Keep quiet!
Are you okay?
I wasn't aiming. It went off itself.
Don't tell anyone.
What can I do?
Decide to do something you've never done.
Tell me what.
Like they say.
Only the poor can save.
A poor man can do anything.
With what? Poor men have nothing!
With that.
Do what? Have you ever tried.
It's your turn.
I don't get it. What do I do?
It's easy. You have to do the opposite of what you've always done.
I'm late.
I was busy as hell killing off "Four-Eyes".
Are you a new person now?
I haven't changed.
Still the same passion for everything I see.
Why don't you use your umbrella?
I know. To share a piece of paradise with me.
You'll never change.
Why are you so quiet?
Thinking of the song - a piece of paradise.
They're nice words. A piece of paradise.
You're incredible!
I've been waiting for that.
Your laugh.
Can you laugh whenever I ask you to?
So I can feel happy to be alive.
I don't understand anything you say.
Don't surprise her,
don't speak to her,
Poor Lola.
Don't surprise her,
don't speak to her,
point blank.
My turn.
There are tender words,
that she likes to hear.
Tender Lola.
A few tender words.
Hours to wait.
Lilac laughter...
Do you like my laugh that much?
If you could laugh again...
- I can. - Try.
You're out of luck. I can't.
Forget it!
Forced laughter is horrible.
Does your side hurt?
When I walk a lot.
You can touch me. I want you to touch me all over.
I don't care if people look.
I don't care about them. I care about you.
Wait a little longer.
Wait? Wait for what?
Everything has to change.
Too much of everything in the city.
In me too.
Now, we'll have to choose too.
What do I have to choose?
Promise to meet me on top of the highest building.
Hear that? The first train.
I have to go.
You go that way, I'll go this way.
Let's go.
Don't forget our promise.
We'll each go our way.
No looking back.
I have dust in my eyes again!
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