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Tom And Huck

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Smile, damn you.
- [ Door Opens ] - [ Gasps ]
Shut the door.
What do you want?
I have a job for you.
What kind of job?
It's heavy work.
Digging. We'll need another man.
- When do you want it done? - Some night soon.
- Where? - The graveyard.
Unless you're afraid.
The job pays two dollars. Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
But the job pays three dollars.
Unless you think I deserve more.
No. Three dollars seems fair enough. Yep.
- [ Sighs, Gasps ] - [ Clock Chimes ]
[ Chiming ]
[ Snoring ]
## [ Humming ]
And where do you think you're going?
Go back to sleep, Sid. I'm just runnin' away from home.
- Again? - This time for sure.
Me and Joe Harper and Ben Rodgers is goin' to New Orleans to be steamboat men.
Not if I tell Aunt Polly.
[ Mumbling ]
I knew you were gonna be your annoying little self, Sid.
So I rigged up a little surprise for ya.
There. And so you don't get lonely--
Now, that right there is the most poisonous spider in the whole world.
If you knock that glass over, she's gonna be pretty angry.
'Course, it could just be a little harmless fruit spider.
But, only one way to find out, right?
[ Man ] Howdy, boys.!
- Hey, Muff. - Yeah, hey, Muff.
Where are you headed this hour of the night?
- We're runnin' away from home. - Uh-huh.
I used to do that all the time, until home ran away from me.
Where'd they go?
As far away as they could.
Come on.
Don't let me stop you.
Hey, when ya comin' back?
- Never! - Yep, never!
Never, huh?
See ya tomorrow.
- Bye-bye, Hannibal. - Good-bye! We're gonna be steamboat men.
- Left and bring her into the wind, Mr. Harper. - Aye, sir.
Steady, now, steady.
Steady it is, sir.
- Next stop, New Orleans. - Nothing can stop us now.
- Hard to port! Hard to port! - What's port?
- To the left! - No, it's right!
To the right then. Just pull it,Joe. Pull it.!
Come on,Joe.! Pull.!
[ Boys Yelling ]
[ Groans ]
All right. Tom, Tom. Tom! Tom!
[ Gagging ]
[ Coughing ]
[Joe, Ben ] Tom.! Tom.!
- You all right, Tom? - Yeah, yeah. Of course I'm all right.
If it hadn't been for... whoever it was, you'd have been a goner.
- Town? - Town. Come on.
Bye, Tom.
[ Grunting ]
[ Thumping ]
[ Sighs ] Mornin', everybody. What's for breakfast?
Well, you can start... with this.
Couldn't I just have some scrambled eggs?
Tom, I have a notion to skin you alive.
Sneaking out 'til all hours! Worrying a body to death!
Yeah. Shall I get the switch?
I swore to your mama, my own sister, on her deathbed that I would raise you proper.
- And you're doin' a fine job. - No.
I know I am not doing my duty by you.
- I'll get the switch. - No!
I'll just be obliged to make you work tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Couldn't I just take a whippin'?
I have got to do something, and I ain't got the heart to hit you.
Now sit.
[ Chickens Clucking ]
[ Boy ] # Toot, toot #
# Toot, toot #
# Toot, toot #
# Toot, toot #
- ## [ Whistling ] - #Toot, toot #
## [ Whistling Continues ]
Are you feeling okay, Tom?
Hi, Billy. I was havin' so much fun, didn't even hear you comin'.
- Fun? - Whitewashin' this here fence.
Nah. That ain't fun. That's work.
Billy, if this was work, would I be doin' it?
Ain't every day a boy gets to whitewash a fence.
- Say, Tom? - Hmm?
Let me whitewash a little?
Aunt Polly's awful particular about this fence.
Just a little.
I'd like to help you out, Bill. Honest Injun.
But if you were to tackle this here fence, and anything was to happen to it--
I'll be real careful.
What'll you give me?
Oop! Oooh! [ Groans, Coughs ]
You're back! Where'd you go? Where've you been?
Well, I'm a traveler.
I go lots of places.
Go upriver, downriver. No place particular.
I'm bound to pass through here sometime.
You're the one who pulled me out the other night.
I felt like a swim.
Come on. I'll show you my place.
So how long you been livin' here, Huck?
About a month.
- A month, huh? - Uh-huh.
Last week, Aunt Polly whupped me for swipin' a pie that was coolin' on the windowsill.
But it wasn't me. Figured it was Sid.
- He wanted it, but I beat him to it. - I oughta punch you in the nose.
You're welcome to try.
Maybe later.
So, when you're not stealin' food and savin' folks from drownin'...
- what do you do all day? - Whatever I want.
Sure are lucky.
Yep. I'm a free man.
Go wherever I want when I wanna go there, do whatever I want when I want to do it.
It's as simple as that.
[ Snaps Fingers ]
It's good to see ya.
What's that for?
It's what friends do.
We friends?
It's up to you.
If your Aunt Polly catches you and me...
she'll whup you from here to St. Louis.
This has nothin' to do with her. We was friends before. Don't you remember?
Yeah, I guess we were.
Now we're friends again.
Yeah, I guess we are.
[ Man ] We won't do it again, will we?
- Will we? I can't hear you. - Uh-uh.
Thomas Sawyer!
Sorry I'm late for school, Mr. Dobbins.
Well, what's your excuse this time?
I stopped to talk with Huckleberry Finn.
[ Class Gasping ]
Thomas Sawyer!
That is the most astounding confession...
I have ever had to listen to.
- Yes, sir. - You are not unaware...
that it is forbidden to converse with that...
idle wastrel?
No, sir. I-I mean, yes, sir.
- You know, of course, that I shall have to punish you. - Oh, no.
No, Mr. Dobbins, please. You wouldn't make me sit with the girls.
[ Students Giggling ]
Once again, Thomas Sawyer...
you have outsmarted yourself. [ Chuckling ]
[ Giggling ]
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh.
Grade seven's green book.
[ Moans ]
"A Missouri Maiden's Farewell to Alabama. '"
"Alabama, good-bye. I love thee well.
""For yet, for a while do I leave thee now.
""Sad? Yes.
""Sad thoughts of thee my heart doth swell...
""and burning recollections from my brow.
""For I have wandered through...
""thy flowery woods.
""Have roamed and read here Tallapoosa's stream.
Have listened to Tallahassee's--'"
- [ Bell Ringing ] - [ Mr. Dobbins ] Who belongs to this peach?
Becky Thatcher, do you belong to this peach?
You will not abandon unconsumed food in my school. Do you hear?
- Whoa! - [ Water Splashes ]
Whew! Hello, Huck.
Hello, yourself, and see how you like it.
Whatcha doin' here?
Lookin' for jackasses.
Under a bridge?
- I found one, didn't I? [ Laughing ] - [ Laughing ]
You gonna let her do that to you?
It's 'cause she likes me.
- She pushes you off a bridge 'cause she likes you? - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I think you're both crazy.
Hey, Huck, what you got in the sack?
A dead cat.
Wagon run over him. Guts come out both ends.
[ Coughs ] What's a dead cat good for?
To cure warts with.
I got one. How's it work?
You take your dead cat to the graveyard on the day somebody wicked's been buried.
When the devil comes, you heave your dead cat at him and say...
""Devil follow corpse. Cat follow devil.
Warts follow cat. I'm done with you.''
- That'll fetch any wart. - Sounds right.
- So when you gonna try? - Tonight.
Let me go with ya, Huck.
You might get scared.
I ain't scared of nothin'.
[ Wolf Howling ]
[ Huck Making Eerie Sounds ]
Dead seems kinda lively tonight, don't they?
[ Doc Robinson ] Be careful.!
[ Mumbling ]
- [ Huck ] Who are they? - [ Tom ] The two on the right ain't so bad.
The skinny one's Doc Robinson, and the fat one's Muff Potter.
Muff wouldn't hurt a fly. That third fellow there?
- That's Injun Joe. - Injun Joe?
You know him?
Let's just say I met him once...
and I ain't in a hurry to meet him again.
They're goin' for one of them old graves.
[ Grunting ]
[ Shovel Thumping ]
[ Doc Whispering ] That's it. That's it.
W-Would it be all right...
if we stopped for a... a little libation?
- What? - I need me a drink.
No! Haul it up! And hurry.
Yep.! C'mon, c'mon. Pry it up. Tip it over.
One-eyed Murrell? My God! [ Chuckles ]
Put the coffin back. Cover up your tracks.
- Hey, not so fast. - Get your hands off me.
- Gimme that box. - Doc,Joe, let's talk this over like gentle--
What'd you do that for? That's just not right.
Is it, Doc? Come here.
- Come on, now. I got ya. - It's a treasure map.
Oh.! [ Groans ]
Murrell's treasure? Murrell's lost treasure?
By glory, we're rich!
[ Doc ] It's mine.!
[ Groaning ] No.
[ Doc Whimpering ]
[ Mumbling ] What are you doing with that thing?
[ Doc Groaning ]
- We gotta tell the sheriff. - I ain't tellin'nobody.
Unless you're dumber than I think you are, you're gonna keep your mouth shut too.
But we seen a murder.
Yeah. And there's gonna be two more murders if we squeak on Injun Joe.
Killin' us would mean less to him than drowning a few cats.
[ Panting ] I guess you're right. We can't tell nobody.
You're damn right.
Just to make sure you don't change your mind...
we're gonna swear an oath.
We'll write it down and sign it in blood.
Our blood?
Unless you wanna go back and borrow some from Doc Robinson.
You do it. I ain't much good at writin'.
Damn! I lost my marble!
We've got bigger things to worry about.
Now, would you please write this down?
- [ Sighs ] - I'm sorry.
Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer...
swear they'll keep shut...
about what they seen.
May they drop down dead if they ever tell a soul.
And rot.
And rot.
Now we sign it.
""H'' is for Huck.
""F'' for Finn.
[ Thunderclaps ]
I'm gonna kill you, Tom Sawyer.
[ Growling ]
[ Panting ]
Bad dream?
Ow! Mother, Mother! Tom hit me with a pillow!
[ Excited Chatting ]
[ Man ] C'mon.! C'mon.! Right down here.
Hey, Tom.! School's been called off.
- Why? What for? - There's been a murder.
I didn't do it! I swear I didn't do it!
- What happened to your face? - I-I-I don't know, but I swear I didn't do it.
Look what I found! It's Muff Potter's knife.
- I sold it to him last winter. - I say lynch him. Lynch him now!
- You've gotta believe me! - No.
-[ Injun Joe ] I saw the murder. - [ Crowd ] Hang him up.
Oh. Oh,Joe. Thank the Lord.
You tell them now.
You tell them-- You tell them it ain't me.
Tell us what you know.
Yeah, I passed through here last night.
And I saw Muff and Doc Robinson, diggin' up that there grave.
[ Crowd Mumbling ]
Then in a drunken rage, I saw Muff stab the doc.
[ Crowd Yelling ] String him up!
That ain't the way it happened. I swear.
We found the map to Murrell's treasure.
- And then Joe and Doc got to fightin'. - Murrell's treasure.
You hear that, people? More drunk talk from Muff Potter.
Murrell's lost treasure is an old wives' tale.
I know the history of this entire county...
and I'm telling you it doesn't exist.
But I seen the map!
I say you're lyin'.
I say there ain't no map.
- And there never was. -[ Man ] String him up.!
Who all thinks Muff Potter's a drunk...
a liar and a murderer, raise your hand!
[ Shouting ]
I say hang him!
All right, folks. Let's just hold on here. Now, hold on.
Thank you.
Now, you folks wouldn't be trying to deny me the pleasure...
of presidin' over a trial, now would ya?
You all right, Mr. Potter?
After all, what would be the point of having a new judge in town...
- if you won't let me judge anything? - We all know he's guilty.!
- Ow! Hey! - We all know you're an idiot, Ed Dobbins.
Listen to me, you pointy-headed ghouls.
Muff Potter may be the scum of the earth...
but he deserves a fair trial, and I aim to see he gets one.
Judge, how soon can you get this business started?
I should be able to start hearin' evidence day after tomorrow.
Settled. Now, the rest of you good citizens, you be on your way.
Let the law do its job. Come on.
Let's go, Muff.
I didn't do it, Tom. I swear. I didn't do it.
[ Children ] # There's gonna be a hanging There's gonna be a hanging #
You wanna drop dead and rot?
Muff s innocent, Huck. We gotta help him.
We ain't gotta do nothin'.
You'd let him hang for somethin' he didn't do?
It ain't no skin off my back.
What if we could get the map?
We could prove Muff was tellin' the truth, and it wouldn't make us break our oath.
Only one little problem. That map is in Injun Joe's pocket.
- Well, if you're scared-- - Why should I stick my neck out for Muff Potter?
- 'Cause we know he didn't do it. - So?
- So not doin' anything about it is wrong. - Says who?
[ Sighs ]
- What if it was you in Muff s shoes? - It ain't.
- What if it was me? - If you was that stupid...
maybe you'd deserve what was comin' to you.
It's not what friends do, Huck.
I thought we was friends.
Maybe I don't know what you're talkin' about.
## [ Humming ]
- Hello, Tom. - Hey, Becky.
Sorry I pushed you in the creek yesterday.
You can push me in if you want to.
I would. I just don't feel like it right now.
Thank you.
What's the matter, Tom?
Oh, nothin'.
- You can tell me. - [ Sighs ]
I won't ever tell anybody.
[ Sighs ]
This is for you.
You ever been engaged, Becky?
No. How do you do it?
Well, you gotta tell the person that you love 'im.
Then what?
Well, then you're supposed to kiss.
- Really? - Sure.
- You first. - I love you. There. Now you gotta say it to me.
Turn your face away.
- And you can't tell anybody ever. - I won't.
I love you.
Well, I... guess everything's done but the kissin' part.
[ Gasps ]
Oh, Tom, it's, it's-- What is it?
- It's your engagement ring. - It's beautiful.
It sure is. Why, when I was engaged to Amy Lawrence, she--
What? You mean, I'm not the first?
Yeah. But, Becky, that was ages ago. Two months at least.
- I hate you. - What?
I hate you, and I hope you die!
What'd I do?
[ Boy ] Guys, that's Injun Joe. Run!
This here belong to any of you?
- Hah! - [ Gasps ]
- Uh, anybody come to see me, Sheriff? - Muff, don't be stupid.
Nobody cares about you. Nobody's gonna miss you when you're gone.
[ Sheriff] Here you go.
Thank you.
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Sighs ]
Injun Joe's on the move.
What made you come back, Huck?
I figured if you did it alone, you'd probably splotch it up.
Yeah, probably.
[ Man Snoring ]
[ Snoring Continues ]
[ Man ] You better watch your mouth.
[ Arguing, Fighting ]
[ Arguing, Chatting ]
[ Injun Joe ] Some kid dropped a marble in the graveyard.
- You see this here? - He's got my marble.
Eh, probably a drunk.
- It ain't Muff Potter. - [ Laughing ] It's so.
The only stumblin' he's gonna be doin' is at the end of a rope.
- Shut up-- - [ Clears Throat ]
Yeah,Joe... partner.
[ Man ] Come on, move.! Let's move.
Watch it. Watch it. C'mon, hit me.
[ Grunting ]
Nice little pirogue you got there.
Come on, Lefty. All right, Lefty.
Get it out. That's it, that's it.
[ Man ] Double hold. Now, c'mon.
All right, separate apart. Go ahead.
I guess we can use Muff s raft.
Yeah. I doubt he'll be usin' it anytime soon.
We better hide the raft and camp out 'til first light.
[ Bird Squawking ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Snoring ]
He's drunk asleep.
Shouldn't be too hard to get that map.
Yeah. Let's get it and ""git.''
[ Snoring Continues ]
Ain't ya comin'?
One map don't need the two of us.
I'll wait here.
[ Snoring ]
[ Twig Cracks ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs ]
- [ Snoring Continues ] - Go.
[ Snorts ]
[ Sneezes ]
[ Pots Crashing ]
Them goddamn wild boars.
[ Sighs ]
You had to sneeze.
- [ Thunderclaps ] - Muff s raft must've washed away in the storm.
I guess we'll have to take the long way back to Hannibal.
But I'll tell ya, your ol' aunt's gonna tar the head off of you...
if she finds out you've been out with me all this time.
- It's the old haunted house. - So?
Ghosts don't come out 'til night anyways. [ Sniffling ]
- [ Clanking ] - Then what was that?
I don't know, but it's gettin' closer.
Then what are we standing here for?
[ Door Creaking ]
Tom. Tom.
- [ Creaking ] - What was that?
They say this place is haunted.
Ahh! With rats maybe.
[ Creaking Continues ]
[ Injun Joe ] Let's go to work.
According to Murrell's map...
it should be right next to the fireplace.
[ Injun Joe ] Hey, dig faster,you stinkin'hog.
I'm doin'all the work.
That's a damn lie! I'm diggin' like a chick on the beach.
- Move over. - Ahh!
Quit your bellyachin' and dig.
- [ Emmett ] You sure about the fireplace? - Ain't that what I said?
[ Emmett ] Well, if it's the right place, he sure buried it deep.
- I'm halfway to China. -Just keep diggin!
You see? Right here.
I think I found somethin'. Great snakes!
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ] I gotta get outta here.!
[ Screaming Continues ]
Shut up.!
You screamin' coward.
That wasn't ghosts. It was cobwebs.!
Now, c'mon!
[ Emmett ] Well, no need to hit me.
[ Grunting ] God, that's heavy!
Go ahead and knock it off. Quick.
[ Gasping ] Good Lord.! Look at you.
You beautiful money.
Hello, Texas and the good life.
- What? - We'll wait.
'Til after the trial. I've got to testify.
Make sure Muff takes the blame for Doc's murder.
- Where're we gonna keep it in the meantime? - Number two under the cross.
- Load up. I've got some things to take care of in town. - Number two under the cross.
[ Emmett Grunting ] Look who's doin' all the durn work.
Raining like pouring pigs on a rawhide. Well--
No more map.
No more Muff.
[ Tom ] Number two under the cross.
- [ Huck ] If you ask me, we're better off not knowin! - Why?
Why? 'Cause we're pushin'our luck messin'with Injun Joe.
It's the best way I know of to get killed.
Yeah. They say he's the best knife fighter on the whole Mississippi.
No. My pap's the best.
Taught Injun Joe everything he knows.
Your pap knew Injun Joe?
They met in jail.
See, my pap was always runnin' from the law, 'cept when he was beatin' me like a rented mule.
Anyways, he taughtJoe how to throw a knife.
He taught me too.
[ Bell Ringing ]
[ Ringing Continues ]
Huck, you hear that?
[ Ringing Continues ]
Them's church bells.
- Nah. It ain't Sunday. - Oh.
Them's funeral bells.
You're right.
[Joe ] He sold it to Doug Tanner-- No, wait.
Mickey Douglas got the marble from his cousin in St. Louis...
who traded it to Alfred Temple, who sold it to...Johnny Miller.
No, wait. Alfred sold it to-- [ Grunting ]
-Just tell me who owned it last, boy. - Tom Sawyer owned it last.
But it don't matter now 'cause now Tom's dead.
That's too bad.
I'm so sad.
Yeah, that's it. Run, fat boy.
Tom Sawyer's hat.
They found it in the wreckage of Muff Potter's boat.
The mighty Mississippi claims another life.
And while there's some comfort in knowing Tom's fate...
-he was so young,just a boy. - Hey, that's my hat.
- And a good boy. - It's me.
[ Laughs ] They think I'm dead. Can you believe it?
Boy, this is the best trick that's ever been played in the history of Hannibal ever.
They actually miss me. What do you think of that?
- I don't know. I ain't never been missed. - [ Becky ] I can't believe it.
I can't believe he's gone. I wish I could see him just one more time.
- I'd tell him I love him. - [ Gasps ]
And I'd hold him close, and I'd kiss him...
right in front of everybody.
- Hey, I'm still here. - Huck!
[Judge ] His spirit...
a bit mischievous.
We have to admit there's a little bit ofTom Sawyer in all of us.
I know I speak for everyone when I say...
I am going to miss you.
- [ Mourners Weeping ] - I'm beginnin' to miss me too.
- To accept this loss-- - How long you gonna make your aunt suffer?
What are you talkin' about?
[ Crying ]
She does look kinda sad, doesn't she?
- [ Sobbing ] - Aunt Polly, please don't cry.
You got all these people bawling their eyes out for ya.
- Go home, Tom. - [Judge ] Lord, we'd give anything...
to have Tom back with us right now.
[ Chatting In Amazement ]
[ Woman ] It's Tom Sawyer.!
[ Laughs ]
Tom! Tom! Oh, Tom!
Hello, Becky.
Becky Thatcher!
Now that you're alive again, Tom Sawyer...
you should set your mind to being useful.
Ayoung man doesn't want to waste his time...
foolin' folks and fallin' out of church ceilings.
She is absolutely right.
- Come on. We're going home. - Ow! Ow!
[ Tom ] Aunt Polly, I just fell 1 5 feet onto a hard floor. Ow.!
I don't say it wasn't a finejoke, Tom.
But to keep everybody suffering while you had a good time.!
Hang you, Tom! Can't you ever learn anything?
I've a mind to having you whitewashin' the whole town for what you did.
Shall I get some more soap, Mother?
I don't know why you're smilin', Sid. You're next!
[ Clinking Noise ]
- Huck, whatcha doin'? - I'm packing.
What for?
- It's time to move on down the river. - Why?
Why? 'Cause it's what I do. I never stay long in one place. I gotta keep movin'.
- What about Muff Potter? - We tried. It didn't work out.
But the trial's tomorrow, Huck. But, Huck--
Look! I don't leave places 'cause I want to.
I leave 'cause sooner or later they're gonna find me and run me out.
I'm sick and tired of it, Tom. I'm gonna beat 'em to the punch this time.
I thought we was friends, Huck.
You thought wrong.
I ain't got no friends. I ain't got time for 'em.
But if I did have one, I'd want him to be like you.
[ Gasps ]
[ Coughs ]
You lose something?
It-- It ain't mine.
Don't you lie to me, boy!
You know, that is my marble. Reason I didn't recognize it...
is I lost it two, three months ago in a graveyard.
fetch me the knife.
I said, fetch!
Give it to me.
You'd like to stick that thing in me, wouldn't ya?
You'd like to gut me good, wouldn't ya, boy?
Well, here's your chance.
Go ahead.
I dare you.
You didn't kill me, boy. Big mistake!
'Cause if you tell anybody what you know...
I sure as hell am gonna kill you!
[ Hammering, Men Chatting ]
- Hey, Muff. - Hi, Tom.
How you feelin'?
Not so good.
They treatin' you okay?
It's an awful thing that's happened, Tom...
and now I gotta swing for it.
- [ Hammering Continues ] - [ Man ] Give her a try.
Maybe not.
I'm innocent.
I didn't do it. I swear!
I done a lot of crazy, drunk things in my time.
- But I never killed anyone. You gotta believe me. - I do, Muff.
- You do? - Yep, I do, Muff.
How come?
Well, I know you, Muff.
I mean, sure when you get drunk, you're awful disgusting...
and you smell too.
But I know you wouldn't hurt a fly.
Oh... Muff, Muff, please don't cry. Please.
You been mighty good to me, Tom.
Better than anybody else in this town, and I'm not gonna forget it.
I swear I'm not.
Let me shake your hand, Tom.
You'll have to come through the bars. Mine's too big.
Little hands.
But I know they'd help Muff Potter a power iffen they could.
[ Aunt Polly ] Tom?
Tom? Tom.!
Why, Tom, it's not bedtime for another hour.
Are you feeling all right?
You don't have a fever.
What's ailing you?
Aunt Polly...
what if you swore an oath...
promising not to tell somethin'...
but the something you promised not to tell needs tellin'?
I guess you can't break the oath.
- You'd drop dead and rot. - Not good.
And on top of that, someone will cut your neck with a knife.
Not good at all!
But if you don't tell, somethin' worse will happen...
to someone who doesn't deserve it.
Tom, for as long as I can remember, you have been nothing but trouble to me.
Most of the time you are selfish and irresponsible.
But you're a good boy. You've got a good heart.
And I believe you'll know the right thing to do.
And you'll do it.
Just follow your heart.
[ Sighs ] Muff s a goner.
And you're sure...
beyond any shadow of a doubt...
that this is the implement...
upon which a transaction resulting in purchase...
between yourself and the accused, as vendee...
took place?
I, uh-- Could you repeat the question, please?
[ Gallery Laughing ]
[ Lawyer ] You're sure this is the knife...
-you sold? - Sure, I'm sure!
- Last winter. - Aha!
Last winter.
And, um, is the beneficiary...
of the aforementioned transaction present here today?
If you're askin'me about Muff Potter, I can tell you that he--
Could you, please...
point out the owner of this knife?
[ Chuckling ] Are you blind? He's sittin' right there.
[ Lawyer ] Say the name, please.
Potter! Potter! Muff Potter!
[ Witness ] Everyone knows it's Muff Potter.
Muff Potter!
Thanking you.
That will be all. Take the witness.
No questions.
[ Gallery Muttering ]
So I went on up to the cemetery.
I like to sit up there and watch the stars.
Anyway, I saw Muff drunk.
Real drunk and in a rage.
And he lifted the knife, and he stuck it in the doc.
[ Gallery Murmuring ]
Over and over and over.
'Bout four times he stuck 'im...
'til he was dead.
[ Lawyer ] Take the witness.
- No questions. - Mr. Aycock...
I would be obliged if you would at least pretend to defend Mr. Potter.
[ Loud Chatting ]
- [ Gavel Banging ] - Order.!
There will be order in this courtroom!
You may step down.
[ Lawyer ] Thanking you, Your Honor.
By the oaths...
of honest citizens...
whose simple word is above suspicion...
we have fastened this crime, this awful crime...
beyond all possibility of question...
upon the unhappy prisoner.
Muff Potter is guilty of the murder of Dr.Jonas Robinson.!
We rest our case... here.
- [ Man ] Well said. - [ Woman ] That's a gift.
[ Gavel Banging ]
Counsel for the defense.
Do you have a defense?
- Indeed we do, Your Honor.! - Good.
The defense calls to the stand Mr. Thomas Sawyer.
Wha-- Whatcha doin'?
Thomas Sawyer, do you solemnly swear to tell the truth...
the whole truth and nothin' but the truth, so help you God?
[ Tom ] I, uh--
- I, uh-- - [Judge ] Tom.
Do you swear to tell the truth?
- It would certainly be the first time. - Stop it!
I do.
Then have a seat, son.
Mr. Sawyer, where were you on the twenty-eighth of this month at the hour of midnight?
I was in the graveyard, sir.
- [ Murmuring ] - What were you doing there?
Tryin' to get rid of warts, sir.
[ Laughing ]
Were you close to the grave that Muff Potter was digging up?
[ Panting ] I-- I--
This is a waste of time.
Thomas Sawyer wouldn't know the truth if it kicked him in the teeth.
The boy's an outright liar!
I was there! I saw the murder!
Doc Robinson wasn't stabbed four times. He was stabbed three times.
He is right! And I ain't told that to a soul!
It wasn't Muff.
Muff even tried to stop it.
But Injun Joe took Muff s knife...
and stabbed the doc.
[ Sighs ] It was Injun Joe.
- [ Gallery Screaming ] - Stop right there!
[ Man ] Go get him.! Let's go.!
[Judge ] Tom-- Don'tjust stand there. Go after him.!
All right, all right.
[ Laughing, Crying ]
- All right. He's fine. - Tom, are you all right?
- He's fine. Sit down. Sit down. - Oh, my darling!
- Good job. Yes, sir. - [ Woman ] He's a brave boy.
[ Door Creaking ]
- Gonna do some diggin' without me? - No,Joe. I was, uh--
I was just gettin' these tools together in case you come back. Oh, am I glad to see ya!
I don't think you're glad to see me.
I think you was gonna go to number two under the cross...
and get the treasure for yourself!.
[ Yells ]
I wouldn't cheat ya!
That's right.
You wouldn't cheat me 'cause you're smart enough to know if you ever did--
[ Groans ]
I just might have to kill you.
[ Aunt Polly ] Injun Joe's far, far away from here. Believe me, Tom.
And Mary's taking the flowers as usual.
I'll need you and Sid to carry the jam. Tom, mind you don't eat any on the way there.
- I ain't goin'. - You're not going to the picnic?
- Shut your head, Sid. - Tom, now I know you're scared and rightly so.
But right now you're a glittering hero, and the whole town'll be wantin' to see you.
It's not your place to be worrying about that Injun Joe.
I hear a detective came up from St. Louis. They say he found a clue.
Yeah, well, you can't hang a clue for murder.
Did you hear that?
- What? - I thought I heard somethin'.
- Where? - Maybe...
at the front door.
Well, go see, Sid.
[ Sid ] One moment, please.!
Oh, Tom, there's an Indian gentleman to see you.
[ Laughing ]
Tom! Wha-- Tom! Sid!
[ Sighs ]
[ Leaves Rustling ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Panting ]
- [ Screams ] - Shh.
You scared?
You should be.
Huck, what are you doin'?
- Remember this? - Yeah. But, Huck--
According to this, you should be dead and rottin' right about now.
I had to help Muff.
Not helpin' him would've been wrong.
I know, but-- You swore an oath, Tom.
Don't that mean anything to ya?
Yeah, of course it does.
It's just--
It just felt like the right thing to do.
- Huck, it was the right thing to do. - No!
You swore an oath, Tom. You swore!
What was I supposed to do, huh?
Just lay back and let Muff Potter swing? You tell me, Huck!
You know you ain't never been in more trouble than you are right now!
- Injun Joe's gonna kill you. - You think I don't know that?
Just don't expect me to stick around and save your little neck this time.
I don't.
Good. 'Cause I ain't goin' to.
Then why'd ya come back?
I don't know.
To tell you to be careful.
I've been to your funeral once.
I ain't goin'again.
[ Sighs ]
Huck! Hey, Huck!
Muff Potter's my friend.
When a friend's in trouble, you can't run away.
If you go to the crossroads and you listen to the wind...
it'll tell you all the important things that are gonna happen to ya in the next twelve months.
Now,you may be wantin'to tell, you may be wantin'to fuss--
[ Girls Laughing ]
- [ Gasps ] - Hmm?
Come back here. I'm gonna get you!
[ Aunt Polly ] Tom, don't--Sid, now don't--
[ Tom ] Come back here! I'm not done with you yet!
I sow hemp seed: and he who is to be my husband...
let him come and harrow it.
Look into the mirror, and you shall see the form of your husband.
[ Girls Giggling ]
[ Man ] Come and get some pie, gals.
[ Tom ] Come on, Sid.! Come here. Got another spider for ya.!
[ Sid ] Na-na-na-na.
Hey, Becky.
Oh, no!
- What? What'd I do? - We're gonna be married.
- Huh? - You needn't look so disappointed.
I don't like it any better than you do!
[ Sighs ]
[ Muff] Every one of'em was dead.
And every one of'em... was smilin!
[ Children Gasp ]
Well, I run out of stories.
- How 'bout we go look at the cave? - [ Cheering ]
Come on, boys and girls. Let's go look at that cave!
[Judge ] Everybody stay together. No wandering off!.
So he said, ""Me?'"in a silly voice. So I said--
- Hello, sir. - This truly is a wondrous place.
- God's own cathedral, Your Honor. - Well put, Mr. Potter.
[Judge ] Be careful, Rebecca.
- I will. - You children stay to the forechambers.
[ Muff] You heard thejudge. Now, listen to him.
""Be careful, Rebecca. Stay close to the forechamber, Rebecca.''
I'll go where I please.
I dare ya.
# Ring around the rosie Pocket full of posies #
#Ashes, ashes We all fall down ##
It's beautiful.
I've been here a million times. Satan's Cathedral.
Well, I'll find a cavern you haven't been to, and I'll name it myself!.
[ Whispering, Mimicking Becky ] I'll name it myself.
- [ Muff] Come on, move it. Come on. - [ Child ] I'm here.
- Stragglers, move on. That's it. - [ Boy ] Good-bye, Muff.
Yeah. [ Clears Throat ]
- Yeah, that's the last of'em. - Looks like that about does it.
- [ Chuckles ] - Here, I don't mind if I do.
I don't mind if you do, either. [ Laughing ]
Excuse me,Judge. I was wondering if you'd seen Tom.
He was with my Rebecca. They were chasing each other around in the back of the cave.
I'm assuming they came out with everybody else.
What is it, Sheriff? What's wrong?
I was out makin' my rounds, and I seen the tavern door open.
So I went on inside, and there he was, lying there deader than a mackerel.
Emmett. Big ol' knife hole in his back.
[ Sheriff] Ain't but one man throw a knife like that.
Look at this one. This one's beautiful too. I'll name this one.
We call it Aladdin's Palace.
[ Echoing ] Hello.!
[ Tom ] Hello.!
- Hello! - Hello!
- Hello! - Hello!
[ Echoing ] Hello.!
- Hello! Hello! - [ Rocks Landsliding ]
- Hello! Hello! - No. No, Becky, stop!
- Stop, Becky, stop! - Don't tell me what to do!
[ Echoing ] Tell me what to do.
[ Rocks Landsliding ]
[Judge ] Gentlemen, my daughter Rebecca and Tom Sawyer are both lost in the caves.
And Injun Joe has come back to take his revenge on Tom.
Now, be on your guard. Injun Joe has already killed twice.
The sheriff and I believe that he will not hesitate to kill again.
Judge? Judge.
Judge, I'd like to help ya.
All right, Muff. Let's go!
[ Shouting ]
This way.
What's this cavern called, Tom?
I don't know.
[ Both Gasping ]
It's just rock.
- [ Muff]Judge.! - [ Man ] Any luck?
Over here,Judge.
- What is it, Muff? - There's been a cave-in.
There are other ways out. Okay? N-Now--
[Judge ] Becky!
I, I think we're gonna be stuck here forever.
Don't worry, Becky. I'm gonna get you outta here. I promise.
[ Rock Falling ]
Run, Becky, run!
- Hah! - [ Becky Screams ]
[ Ripping Sound ]
This way! This way!
Through here. Through here. Go! Go!
Hurry, hurry! Go! Go!
[ Tom ] Becky.! Go, go.
- [ Tom ] Hurry up. - [ Becky ] Tom.!
[ Becky ] Tom.!
- [ Panting ] - [ Tom ] I think we lost him.
[ Whimpering ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Tom ] It's One-eyed Murrell.
He must've been hiding here when the army came to get him.
Looks like he got lost and slowly... died.
Come on.
Please be careful.
- This way, Becky. - Not so loud, Tom. He'll hear us.
- [ Tom ] Number two under the cross.! - What are you talking about?
Becky, look!
Go on. I'm right behind you.
Tom, come on.
Find your father. Bring him back.
- It's dangerous. - Hurry!
[ Gasps ]
Looks like I got it all.! The treasure... and you.!
[ Screams ]
I know you.
You're Pap Finn's boy.
Your daddy was the best knife fighter on the Mississippi.
Did he teach you?
He taught me.
Then let's see what you got, river trash. [ Laughing ]
- I ain't river trash! - Come on!
[ Grunts ]
You got guts, boy!
And in a minute, they're gonna be on the ground.
Let's see you hit this!
[ Screaming ]
So, why'd you come back, Huck?
When a friend's in trouble, you don't run away.
I guess Injun Joe got his treasure.
No, no, he didn't.
The chest-- I couldn't lift it. It was too heavy.
I had to dump out all the coins.
[ Muff] Here comes our hero.! There he is.!
Gimme your hand.
[ People Laughing, Cheering ]
It's all right. Come on out.
- Bring 'em over here. - [ Laughing ] You're a good boy!
Three cheers. Three cheers for the richest boys in Hannibal.
Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!
Thank you,Judge. Thank you.
Young man, what's to become of you?
Have you begun to think about your future?
No, ma'am. I never really much had a future.
Well, you've got one now. And you best begin!
[ Woman ] You are indeed our hero, Tom.!
You're a hero, Tom. You made the front page.!
- Congratulations. - So proud.
Fine boy, Tom. Mighty nice.
Hannibal's proud of our fine young man.
[ Laughing ]
Huck! Hey, Huck!
Hey, who are you? What are you doin'here?
- Huck? - What do you think?
Well, I think one of us has lost his mind.
Widow Douglas is gonna adopt me.
The widow?
You're givin' all this up, move into town?
- Why not? - Why not? I'll tell you why not.
Huck Finn goin' to church? Huck Finn goin' to school?
- I start tomorrow mornin'. - I gotta sit down.
- Huck, say it ain't so. - I gotta get goin'.
I promised the widow I'd take her to the church social.
Church social?
All right, that's it! That tears it!
I ain't gonna stop ya. I'm stayin' here. Somebody's gotta carry on.
Suit yourself, Tom. I hope things work out for ya.
Nights out here get awful cold.
Well, you know where to find me if you change your mind.
And you know where to find me.
Huck, wait for me!
You comin' along?
I guess I got to. Somebody's gotta look out for ya.
Civilization can be a pretty dangerous place.
you ready to go put some gray hairs on your aunt's head?
Whatcha got in mind?
##[ HillbillyFiddles ]
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