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Tomb Raider

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Not live rounds, Lara!
He's in a real pain right now.
This is a major remodel, you know! This is a disaster!
Was it programmed to stop before it took my head off?
Ah, well...that would be a "no".
- But you said, "Make it more challenging." - Hence, the live fire.
Live rounds again.
Poor Simon! What has she done to you?
- Very funny. - I'm trying to turn you into a lady.
- And a lady should be modest. - Yes. A lady should be modest.
Brothers and sisters,
today is the 1 5th of May.
The first day of the planetary alignment,
and we are still no nearer to discovering the location of the key.
It seems...we are running out of time.
This is not acceptable.
Mr Powell, your explanation for this, please.
I have no explanation. Certainly no excuses.
Except to respectfully remind the council that we are working from clues
based on ancient cosmological models...predating Aristotle.
But I'm happy to announce that we're almost ready.
And I am supremely confident
that we will have our answer in time for the relevant planetary alignment.
So, we will have possession of the key in...
- week? - Yes indeed. One week.
This is good news, Mr Powell.
But remember, we have only a single opportunity
to retrieve the two halves of the triangle.
And if we fail,
we must wait another 5,000 years.
Well, that's more time than I'm prepared to commit to this enterprise.
We shall be ready.
Trust me.
- We're not ready, are we? - No.
Good morning, Lara. And what a beautiful morning it is.
Back to work, I'm afraid.
It's adventure time.
Egypt again? It's nothing but pyramids and sand.
I know. Gets everywhere, in the cracks...
Spanish galleon?
Do you know what day it is, Hillary?
Yes, of course....
The 1 5th.
And that is never a good day.
I miss you, Daddy.
I wish we could get back the time that was stolen from us.
My father would love to have seen this.
Tonight Pluto and Neptune align with Uranus.
It's the first stage of the alignment of all nine planets
culminating in a full solar eclipse.
It only happens once every 5,000 years.
- When is the eclipse? - In one week from today.
But there is plenty to look out for until then.
I wish you could remember her. She loved you so much.
I wish I could remember her, too.
- I still have you, Daddy. - Yes, you do.
The exact alignment of the planets necessary to activate the triangle
only occurs once every 5,000 years.
But that will prove to be just long enough
for little Lara Croft to grow up...
...and to find it.
Hello, fellas. How's business?
OK, I'm coming. I'm coming.
We have 83 rooms. Can't you live in the house?
Well, I'm a free spirit, me.
- What's that smell? - 5 am. Let's go.
This had better be good.
- It's a clock. - I found it last night.
It was ticking.
Must be one of them "ticking clocks", eh?
It was hidden in a secret room.
- Don't start. - Well, Lara, it's a clock.
It ticks, it tells the time. It's wrong.
It started ticking last night, during the first stage of the alignment.
Well, I need some coffee.
OK, in we go.
It looks pretty ordinary to me.
Keep looking.
Your coffee, sir. Decaf latte with non-fat milk.
Oh, champion. Steaming sump oil.
- Wait, what did you do? - I don't know. What did I do?
- Where is that? - Don't know.
I just took my hand off the fibre optics. What is that?
- Oh, bugger! - Bugger.
Screw thirteen to quadrant four.
Screw fourteen to quadrant three.
Oh, please.
It's my map, so I know where they all came from.
It's camouflage.
Hidden within.
What is that?
The All-Seeing Eye.
Lot 121 , a Louis the Fifteenth Ormolu mounted bracket clock.
Showing on my left.
1 ,800,000. 1 ,800,000, thank you.
1 ,800,000... 1 ,900,000... 2,000,000 now.
2,1 00,000...
2,1 00,000 now. 2,1 00,000.
Any advance on 2,1 00,000? Any more?
2,200,000. Thank you, sir.
2,200,000. At 2,200,000... 2,300,000...
Lady's bid. 2,400,000 now.
Against you, sir. 2,500,000? No?
2,400,000 then. Iady's bid at 2,400,000.
2,500,000. And a new place at 2,500,000.
Any more at 2,500,000?
- Lara, my dear. - Mr Wilson.
Let's go to my study. Let me take that for you.
Lara Croft. I don't believe it.
I'll just be a minute.
You still pretending to be a photojournalist?
It's really cool that you still have a day job.
Even though it's obviously just for show.
So, Alex...are you still pretending to be an archaeologist?
Lara, do we always have to fight?
I mean, maybe we don't?
- Maybe we do. - Why?
- You stole my prayer wheels. - Stole? From you?
That's funny! It's not like you owned them.
Hey, you're the tomb raider.
- Mr West, we are ready for you. - I think your clients need you.
Go ahead, you're wanted on the floor.
After all, as you once said so memorably, "It's all just a business."
Right? So go do business.
Lara, this is a unique object.
Only one of the dials is working. It glows, like the eye.
Lesser, but it seems to be getting brighter.
And it's also running backwards.
Like it's not so much keeping time, but counting down to something.
- Yes. - And look at the back.
It's as though it fits into something, almost like a key.
Yes. Yes, fascinating. Incredibly beautiful.
My father told me of a magical triangle stamped with the All-Seeing Eye.
He said it gave its possessor the power to control time.
He called it the Triangle of Light.
- Have you heard of it? - No, I haven't.
He always steered his own course, your father.
He was a great man.
Would you like some port?
- It's really very fine. - No.
I can't help you, Lara.
This clock truly is a mystery.
- Hello? - Lara?
Hello, it's Mr Wilson. Yes...
Well, you see... I had a second thought about that clock.
There is a man who may be able to help you.
I gave him your number. His name is Manfred Powell.
- You should see him. - Thank you, I will.
- Goodbye, Lara. - You take care.
Thank you.
Forgive me.
- Lady Croft. - Ah, Mr Powell.
No, no, heavens, no. I'm actually his associate, Mr Pimms.
Yeah, like the beverage.
Yeah, she's here.
What does Mr Powell do?
He's a lawyer and I'm his law clerk.
A fairly recent appointment, but enjoying it, all the varied work.
- A lawyer? - Isn't it obvious?
Lady Croft, my pleasure.
- Manfred Powell, QC. - Good morning.
- You're an authority on things Ancient. - Well, I travel.
No, no. Mr Wilson said you were quite the archaeologist.
- Oh, he's very sweet. - He knew you father, I believe?
- Yes, they were great friends. - I had the honour of meeting him once...
in Venice.
I was so sorry to hear about his death.
This is the clock I spoke of.
Very interesting.
It's a shame you only brought photographs.
Nevertheless, it is fascinating.
You said it started ticking the night of the alignment?
- You said you were a lawyer? - Yes.
And the study of clocks is a hobby?
This is an obsession.
Really my specialty. My practice centres around antiquities.
But the origin of this clock completely eludes me.
I've never seen anything quite so beautiful that I know so little about.
This is a pleasurable torment.
My ignorance amuses me.
"My ignorance amuses me."
Yes, I've always found your ignorance quite amusing.
- Powell, however, is not ignorant. - No?
No. He's a liar.
- Anything you need? - No, thank you, Hillary.
- Don't you stay up too late. - I won't.
Alpha team, cover the front. Forward team, wait for my command.
We are in position, awaiting your order.
Bloody hell!
On the left!
Come on, Simon.
Come on!
Lara, are you there? Pick up!
Lara, are you OK?
Bryce, I'm in the equipment room. They're stealing my clock!
I know.
- Bryce, you have to be my eyes. - Right, are you armed?
After a fashion, yes.
All right, three bad guys. Number one, standing by the Aston Martin.
- Next. - OK, number 2,
crouched by the McLaren.
Oh, bugger!
- Are you OK? - I just found my car keys.
You are done, mate. Nice one!
- I think they have all gone. - Well, they got what they came for.
- Sorry about that. - That's fine.
What the hell happened here?
- Good morning. - Lady Lara Croft?
Yes. You have something for me?
I woke up this morning and I just hated everything.
Right. Thanks.
Who is Stribling, Clive and Winterset?
- Sounds like a bunch of lawyers. - The are a bunch of lawyers.
- Oh. Well, I'll shut my face again. - You are nosey.
I'm not nosey. I saw it was a funny name. I just asked what the name was.
- Lara? - It's from my father.
It was written before he died and delivered today as per his instructions.
- Blimey. - Holy shh...
"To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower
"Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour"
William Blake.
The All-Seeing Eye.
"My darling daughter, I knew you would figure this out.
"If you're reading this letter, I'm no longer with you
"and I miss you and love you always and forever.
"It also means I have failed
"and must place an awful burden on your shoulders.
"Lara, by now I'm sure you will have discovered the clock I concealed.
"The clock is the key, Lara.
"It will unlock the hiding place of two pieces of a sacred icon.
"This is the magical triangle I told you about when you were little -
"The Triangle Of Light. But it is no bedtime story.
"It was forged from metal found in the crater of a meteor
"that had fallen to earth at the exact moment
"of the previous alignment of the nine planets.
"The People of the Light built a great city in this crater
"where they worshiped the triangle for its ability to control time.
"It gave its possessor a power that could be used for good or great evil.
"Their abuse of this power led to the destruction of the city.
"To be sure no man would ever again wield this power,
"the triangle was split into two pieces and hid at opposite ends of the earth.
"Lara, do you remember the jasmine
"that only grows in one temple on the ancient Khmer trail in Cambodia?
"That is the entrance to the Tomb Of The Dancing Light,
"where the first half of the triangle is hidden.
"You must be there at the exact moment
"of the second phase of the planetary alignment.
"You must hurry, you have very little time.
"As the planets move into alignment, the world will be in great danger,
"from the secret society known as the Illuminati -
"devious dangerous men
"who seek to fulfil an ancient prophecy by reuniting the two halves
"and attaining the triangle's awesome and terrible powers.
"This you must prevent at all costs.
"So, Lara, I am asking you to complete my work.
"To find and destroy both halves of the triangle.
How are you gonna get to Cambodia and get the clock back in...1 5 hours?
I'll be calling in a favour.
What kind of favour?
Well, that is a secret. If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Lady Croft, are you on target? Over.
Right on target. Thank you, boys. Over and out.
Ah, Mr Powell. How predictable.
Alex West. What are you doing here?
We have 72 minutes to the next alignment.
We have to work faster.
Come on, guys!
Come on, guys! Come on, pull! Pull, it's coming!
- So, any sign of Lady Croft? - Not yet.
Lara is overrated. She is good, don't get me wrong,
but she's in it for the glory. Whereas I'm in it for the money.
- Into the belly of the beast. - And out of the demon's ass.
Remember, what we're looking for is hidden not only in space, but also in time.
The clock is the key.
My God.
"Return the eye into the stone's embrace...
"the wheel of heaven will turn.
"Exhume the light from its watery grave,
"to receive the gift of heaven
"as you are condemned to the depths of hell."
So touch anything and you get your head chopped off.
We have two minutes, Mr West. You're the tomb raider, figure it out!
Mr West, tempus fugit.
Yes, time flies.
It's the swords.
Come on guys, get up here. Give me a hand here.
That's it. Come on, coming down.
I want them all down. Carry them across the ladders.
Come on, let's hustle!
All right, now slide them into the slots over there.
We place the clock here at the exact moment of alignment.
Come on, let's go, move it!
Too slow, ladies, too slow. Come on!
- That's it. - Count it down.
- The timing needs to be exact. - No shit.
60 seconds to go. 59, 58,
57, 56,
53, 52,
51 , 50 seconds...
Cease fire! Hold your fire!
- Keep counting. - You are making a big mistake.
- Tourist visa? - No, I'm working.
Is there a good reason why I just kept you alive?
Yes. That's not the true eye.
- This is the true eye. - It's not, actually. It's a mirror image.
You're trying to cheat me out of my little ray of sunshine.
Why would I cheat you? I need you to get it so I can steal it from you later.
You're bluffing. Julius, make a mental note.
Kill Miss Croft, if she attempts any such thing.
Yes, sir.
We can do it my way, or come back for the next alignment.
You're welcome to try and kill me then.
In, say, another 5,000 years.
12, 1 1 , 1 0...
9, 8, 7, 6...
5, 4...
3, 2, 1 ...
I guess she was right.
The log must pierce the urn.
Come on.
It's slowing down. It's never gonna make it.
Pure light, fire and water.
- Get the clock. - Got it.
Hold it right there.
- Give it up. - Are you going to shoot me, Alex?
My phone is wet.
- Lady Croft, how are you? - Alive.
- And kicking, I hope. - Yeah, and you?
Superlative. Of course, I digress. You have my half of the triangle.
And you have my father's clock.
Listen, my dear, without each other we are quite useless at this point.
We should re-evaluate our positions.
You and I are in business together. We should have a business meeting.
You mean you love to have another opportunity to try and kill me.
Oh, that's harsh.
But perhaps. Wait and see.
Come to Venice, Via Dolorosa.
Wonderful. Bye, then.
Here it comes. Hide, everybody. Look out! It's some sort of machine.
- Hello? - Bryce it's me.
- Hello? - Bryce, it's Lara.
I found the temple. Ran into Mr Powell.
- Did you get the clock? - No, but I got the first piece.
Oh, beautiful, smashing.
Seems I'm level begging with Mr Powell.
- Won't he want to kill you now? - No, silly.
His problem is that he needs the piece that I have.
Until then, I'm his new best friend.
What about the other half?
The final alignment is in 66 hours and 53 minutes.
We've still got no idea where the second piece is hidden.
He's going to tell me where it is.
- He will? - Trust me. Pack for Venice.
Pack for where? Hello? Lara?
Bye then.
There is no rest for the wicked.
- You got what you came for? - I did, yes.
Too bad. Bad for the world.
- The world is safe now. - A little bit safer, perhaps.
Because you will go on.
Your father said you will never give up.
My father? You knew my father?
Now drink. Finish your tea.
It tastes quite bad, but it's good for you.
Good evening.
You're with the Illuminati.
I beg your pardon? There's no such thing.
It's just a bedtime story.
- Illuminati. - The People of the Light.
Have you brought my triangle?
No. Of course, you haven't. You've hidden it somewhere.
Well, you can keep the triangle you have...
and I will keep your father's clock and we can be partners.
Who sits here?
We can be partners and go for the big prize.
- The Triangle of Light. - Yes, but who sits here?
It's an incredible dream. An awesome power.
- It could set right so many wrongs. - I don't think you sit here, do you?
I sit here... on God's right hand, as it were.
In fact, I now sit exactly where your father sat.
You're lying.
No, he mentored me in the order.
It was truly an honour.
I don't believe you.
My father was not with the Illuminati. He would have told me.
He had a great many secrets.
- Not from me. - Especially from you.
- I know what you want, Lara. - Oh, I doubt it.
Another life with your father.
A second chance.
It will be within my power to give.
The triangle gives its possessor the power of God... move back and forth through time, undo the past.
Help me and you will get what I know you want.
To have your father returned to you.
How do I know that once I gave you that piece
that you wouldn't try to kill me?
Would it make it easier for you?
On more familiar ground... if I killed you now?
Will you reconsider?
Hello, Alex.
You think I'm a greedy, unscrupulous sell-out who'd do anything for money?
- Yes, that's right. - Well, the money bit's true, I guess.
Is it, Alex?
If you cross me, we may not be able to remain friends.
Always a pleasure.
Now for a cold shower.
- We're in big trouble. - Hold this, will you?
They already think that we have Lady Croft's piece of the triangle.
Yes, they think it's in that box you're carrying right now.
Is it?
Why don't you worry about something else? Of course, it's not.
I don't understand. What chance of success do we have without the piece?
- Zero. Don't dwell on it. - But...
What a nice surprise.
Thank you.
Now, time to save the universe again then, is it?
Are we sure she is really necessary?
One tomb raider is good, two...better.
My bum has gone asleep again, all down the left cheek.
Really? That's fascinating.
- How much longer? - A few hours.
We have to take the last hour overland.
Helicopters won't fly near the ruined city.
It's a dead zone.
We take all doggies, da?
Mucho U.S. greenback, da? All doggies.
Welcome to the dead zone.
It's not a country, it's an ice cube.
Come on!
Right. Let's go.
Go on, get it!
Holy shit!
It's a time storm. Time is broken here.
We must find the Eye! All of you! Hurry!
We are running out of time! Hurry!
It's begun.
50 bucks says the piece is inside the sun.
For God's sake, hurry! The eclipse will be over in a few minutes.
Alex, give me the clock, I know what to do.
Has she got the piece?
We will now unite these two parts. The past and the present.
At last, we of the Illuminati
will control time and fulfil the sacred promise to our ancestors.
- Soon the entire world... - Enough of this twaddle.
Come on!
Not quite what you hoped for, Mr Powell?
Oh, Lara, I have a gut instinct about this.
After all, you are the daughter of a genius.
Let me test my theory.
You had to let him go. No more bubbles.
You show me how to complete the triangle
and we can change his fate.
If you deliver me the power of God, I will spare him.
It's only a little trip back in time.
But I'm pretty sure you've figured out the answer to the problem.
And then, of course, there's the loss of your father.
I can change that.
You'd better be ready for this.
- Unhook your laser sight. - Do it!
To see a world in a grain of sand.
Oh, God!
Is this real?
It is a crossing of my past and your present.
Why did you not tell me about the Illuminati?
You were only a child.
You could have written it in your journals. You never mentioned it. Not once.
I burst to tell you everything,
but in the fierceness of my own battles,
I told you only that which would inspire you and keep you safe.
I love you so much.
- I have missed you. - And I have missed you.
I know why you came here, why you took the power of the light.
- But this must not happen. - Why?
Why can't we use the power just this once?
- Why can't you stay? - We can't change time.
But time was stolen from us... and it's not fair.
No, it's not fair.
But you have stolen time itself and you must give it back.
You must destroy the triangle.
- Suddenly I feel so alone. - You are never alone.
I am with you always, just as I've always been.
Move out!
Wait! Your father begged for his life
when we caught him betraying us.
He pleaded like a baby.
He seemed particularly concerned that I should not take this.
Lara, no. The place is coming down!
- This is insane! - Get them out of here.
You just hurry.
There you go. Safe and sound.
No guns.
Oh, my God!
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