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Tomb Raider 2 CD2

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So much for easy.
What is that?
He's already decoding the orb.
You've got to get everyone out.
What do you suggest, the fire alarm?
Not bad.
But that's just the alarm.
There's no danger.
Do you think anyone here
is paid enough to take that chance?
Don't even think about it.
It's her.
I'm glad, Lara.
That would've been too easy.
Give me your best.
How's that?
I'm going off-line.
No, don't...
You're welcome.
Hello, boys.
Did you understand the medallion?
Yeah. Yeah.
The, uh, the markings are sound waves.
We've translated all the markings
from your images-- roughly half the orb.
Well, let's complete the set then.
I'll record the rest of the images
and send them to you.
Once you have them, finish the translation
and transmit the sounds back to me.
We need more backup.
Smart girl.
Don't shoot her.
Not until we're sure the computer has done its job.
Do you honestly believe you'll be able
to control what's in that box
and turn it into another one of your weapons?
Really, Lara, you disappoint me.
Have we received payment from all the buyers?
you don't want to control it at all.
You're using the buyers.
They'll release it,
thinking it's just another weapon
and the world blames them.
What's left of the world blames them.
Once I've got hold of the virus,
I'll make enough antidote
to protect the best and the brightest.
Heads of corporations.
Heads of state.
Life will go on.
Don't tell me you've never looked around and thought,
"Wouldn't the world be a better place
without some of these people?"
Well, I can certainly think of one person I could do without.
There it is.
I'm sorry, Lara.
You would've been welcome in my world.
Piss off.
Shoot her between the eyes.
No mistakes.
You asshole!
I'm going to get you!
Follow me!
You're mine.
Two one-way tickets out of Hong Kong.
Something a little faster.
Come on!
Our rendezvous point
is two and a half, maybe three miles.
You're aware that no one's ever gone further than one mile.
I am now.
This way!
Right, you go first.
No, you go first.
I'll go first!
Holy cow.
Follow her.
My friend!
Good to see you.
I suppose you want pay now, don't you?
So what did we agree on, $200?
No, 300.
So this...
...rock is the map?
Yes, it is.
I've never seen anything like it, have you?
And it's the only way to find that box?
And just think, you could take it now
and walk right out the door.
No, window's better actually. Off the ship faster.
Harder to track.
Oh, Croft, do you really think
I would do that to you?
You can break my wrist,
but I'm still going to kiss you.
Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but okay.
Why didn't you shoot Reiss?
He must have walked right past you in the lab.
Why didn't you shoot him?
I didn't have a clear shot,
and I had no idea where you were.
I'll inform Ml6 of the completion of your service.
You'll have your money
and your life.
Don't waste it.
Damn it, Croft,
this is no time to split up.
Yes, it is, before you make the wrong decision.
Okay, you want to leave?
Go ahead.
But don't pretend it's to try and save me.
You're afraid.
Afraid you might not pull the trigger.
Afraid of letting your guard down,
of letting anyone in.
I'm not leaving because I couldn't kill you.
I'm leaving because I could.
Hello, Bryce.
Hello, Lara.
Are you ready?
Right. Sending the last images of the orb...
Got them.
Send the sounds.
Sending it now.
No, nothing.
Oh, well, back to the drawing board.
No, wait.
The tones are being distorted.
Send me the file.
Look, Lara, l...
I really don't think that's gonna work, you know?
Yes, course it will.
Ever heard your voice on a tape recorder?
Same thing.
Why are we having this discussion?
Send me the file.
Sending it.
Thank you.
Africa. It's in Africa.
Somewhere near Kilimanjaro.
Great, Lara.
How long will it take Reiss to put his computers back together?
24 hours at the fastest.
Get in touch with Kosa.
Ask him to get the car
and meet me north of his village,
0800 hours.
Bye, then.
A bit faster than 24 hours, I'd say.
Africa it is.
How are you?
You had the jeep cleaned.
Of course.
I know how you like your equipment.
Where are you? I can't see you.
Don't worry. I can see you.
Okay, where are you coming from now?
Keep going straight.
Keep your speed steady.
Lara, welcome back!
Do you ever do anything the easy way?
And risk disappointing you?
Kosa, we've never been here, have we?
We didn't come to this area before. Why?
Because I've seen that mountain before.
The box is there somewhere.
The locals call it "The Mountain of God."
There's a tribe that makes their home on it
that might help us.
Leave this object and go.
Leave this object and go!
Never speak of it.
To trespass on the Cradle of Life
is to risk flooding the entire world
with death.
Men are coming for the box,
and unlike me,
they won't look at it with fear, or respect.
They will open it.
They want to use it.
And I'm sorry if I have to disturb your gods
to keep this from happening...
but I will do whatever I must.
Do you truly understand what you are doing?
Are you truly prepared
for what you're about to learn?
Some secrets
must remain secrets.
These are very heavy
burdens, very lonely burdens.
And if you find the box, you will have to carry them.
I am prepared, sir.
He warns that no one who has gone looking for the box
has come back.
He says the land beyond the canyon
belongs to the Shadow Guardians.
Shadow Guardians?
They do not sleep.
They never rest.
They move like a wind.
And anything that walks their land, will die.
And the Cradle itself?
Only with the orb can it be revealed.
Inside you will find a place of madness--
sky and earth are one,
direction meaningless.
He's going to give us 20 men
to take us as far as they can...
to the Cradle of Life, where the box is hidden.
We're getting closer.
He said you are right.
The Cradle of Life lies near the summit.
He wants to know how you knew.
The orb.
He says he will not turn back with the others.
He will go as far as we go.
He will fight the Shadow Guardians.
You're a very brave man.
What is... what is he saying?
That your accent is funny.
Get down!
Get down!
Back! Back!
Get back!
Thank you, Lara, for leading us here,
and for finding the orb in the first place.
However, you have seen the exact position.
However, you have seen the exact position.
You could save me hours, days even.
Help me; I'll make it worth your while.
But think of what I'm offering you.
Let her go.
The chance to find out how it all began.
Life, Lara, the origin of what we are.
Don't tell me you're not tempted.
That's what got Pandora into trouble.
They told me you wouldn't do it,
and I told them you would
rather than lose two of your closest friends.
Take us to the Cradle of Life.
I'm sorry, Lara.
It's your destiny to see what's inside.
He is right.
It's just beyond the canyon, remember?
Such a short walk might save your friends.
Well, if it spares my friends...
I'm up for a walk.
I'm sure she'd understand!
I have a plan.
You should have just told Lara we were hostage.
Reiss would never have found out!
I don't suppose either of you know how to fly a helicopter?
I can.
Yeah. I've got over 1 50 hours
between flight simulation games, models.
And in the real thing?
Well, you're only going to fly it once I'm out,
so I hope you remember your two hours well.
It's through here?
Move, baby.
What was that?
Check it out!
Keep moving.
What are you doing? Back in formation, now!
Holy shit!
Don't! They seem to react to movement.
They're gone.
I know we're close.
I've seen it in your eyes.
Take me to Pandora's box.
I don't know how.
Do it now!
Well, you were the one who wanted to go for a walk,
so start walking.
The next one will be higher.
Only with the orb can it be revealed.
All right.
I'll need the orb.
Do you want to see the Cradle of Life or not?
You tell me what to do with it.
Don't think you can outwit me, Croft.
Oh, do shut up.
So, this is the Cradle of Life.
Here we are.
She's all yours.
Time to be a hero.
There it is.
Perfect, isn't it?
All that power in such a banal container.
Legend tells that when Pandora saw inside the box,
she cried a pool of black acid for tears.
And as it was a woman who found the box,
I see no reason to break with tradition.
A woman should collect the box.
Go on!
It is impossible to reach.
Now, take it!
Take it!
I don't think so, Reiss!
You okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
There you go.
You come prepared.
Well, I know how clumsy you are.
Hillary and Bryce?
They're fine.
Thank you.
What was that?
thank you.
Let's get out of here.
What are you doing?
What? You're joking, right?
We're taking this with us.
This is ours.
You're not walking out of here with that box.
So, what are you saying?
We just leave it, when it's worth a fortune?
Put it back.
No, I don't think so.
It could kill
millions of innocent people.
Now you're being dramatic.
Put it back.
I've helped you keep this away from Reiss.
This is my reward.
I'm taking it with me.
So, it's come to this, has it?
Well, you do have
authorization to kill me.
Better do it, then.
'Cause if you think standing in front of me
is going to be enough...
You don't have it in you to stop me.
See, all your beliefs...
all your ideals...
they're not real.
I am.
And you've loved me.
I don't know how strong you think you are,
but you are not going to choose them over me.
Now move.
The box is safe now.
Some things are not meant to be found.
Can't you ever do anything the easy way?
I wouldn't want to disappoint you.
Lara, are you okay?
Lara, you all right?
This is... very touching.
You know us, always making friends...
having a laugh.
Getting married.
This is a wedding ceremony and you are the grooms.
Good luck, boys.
-Go! -Go!
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